Tamagne Beyene faces strong protest as he receives SEED Awards (Video)


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35 Responses

  1. Borkenawonzu says:

    Dawit Kebede ( AKA the newly bapitized TPLF from Adwa and the boot leaker of Redwan Hussien ) is on a smear campaign .

    • Solomon says:

      Shabia Banda Telalake Brokenawonzu,why are you cring like a baby ,
      Let me tell you what Amarican say ,what goes around comes around ,
      Banda shabia Telalake high school drop out(donkoro) Tamagn Bayen thinks he is the only one can embarrass people . But what he is doing is so easy any body can do it.
      Even though he is so slow to learn .i hope he can lean from this.
      He start to work for Ethiopia not for shabia Banda .

    • bb says:

      Dear Broken…, instead of blaming Dawit for doing the right thing you should check the reality of who Tamag is, in the eye of the majority of Ethiopia Tamag doesn’t deserve what he received but no worries those who give him the award are the same as Tamag you can not diffrenciat this two .

  2. kiros says:

    That is crazy. Wusha beBelabet Yichohal. Dawit & TG are the same bandas.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      We salute you Tamage Beyene, Ethiopia’s true son!

      Thank you for the priceless contribution for your country.

      Ye Ethiopia amlak yebarkeh!!

      • Solomon says:

        Banda’s Banda shabia Telalake Tesfalhulu good to hire you.
        As always Banda loves Banda .Dergawin loves Dergawin .the red terror leader.
        No bady Ethiopian consider or takeyou serise

  3. Bisrat Daba says:

    Mesfin bezu (hodam) and Dawit Kebede (Zeregna) are useless.

    • Shimels says:

      yeqereh sidb ale Bisrat

    • Alex Tegegn says:

      Bisrat Daba aka Abebe Gelebaw don’t get mad. I remember your comment on Nazret.com about that girl who gave money for her parents birthplace school building. You got mad on the comments I made on your organization ESAT and you. You little skunk, your days are limited. Your lies about FBI and other fabrication didn’t work. And you want to deny the fact those youngsters right to exercise their right. Nothing happened to you when you were yelling on the great leader Meles eventhogh, you were saying you were told by Gabriel in your dream. Lier Gondere.

  4. Be ewnetu says:

    Dergue killing by RED terror and EPRP killing by WHITE terror. so what is the different of the colors. Dergue supported by Russia. EPRP by China. Dergue killed thousands by AKM and EPRP also killing Makarov pistol, so if Dergue10 Aleka /Eri-Ethio/ Tamagn is criminal what about the EPRP /donkorow/Birhanu Nega?
    and every one will be faced justice soon where ever they hide, hopefully the final distination will be Kaliti like Andy,

  5. Ali says:

    All those derg cadera they give awared each other it is so funy!!!
    Thanks to those Ethiopian Somalia community
    We Ethiopian are very strong no mater from Tigray,Amhara,Somalia,afar….
    Big thanks to Mohamed and his all friends.

  6. Visitor says:

    ቀይ ስጋ ብላት ጣፊያ አመጣችልኝ
    ሁሉም የከብት ገላ ስሙ ነው አለችኝ
    ሰው አምጭልኝ ብላት ሰው የለም አለችኝ
    የታማኝ አይነቱን በጣት ጠቆመችኝ
    እንዴት ሰው ያልሆነ ሚዛን የማይደፋ
    ታይቶ፡ ተገምግሞ በአንቅሮት የተተፋ
    ዛሬም እንደ ትናንት በአገር ስም ይቀልድ
    ራሱ ተዋርዶ ሀገር፡ ህዝብ ያዋርድ

    አባይ አይገደም ህዳሴ አይሰራ
    የህዝብ ኑሮ ይክፋ፡ ይጨልም አይብራ
    እያለ መፈክር ለማሰቆም ህዳሴን
    ምን ያልሆነው አለ የሆነው ምናምን

    የሀገር ባንዲራ ሲቃጠል የሞቀው
    ከዳር ዳር ኢትዮጰያ በወንጀል ያወቀው
    ከማያውቁት ቦታ ውጭ ሀገር ተሰዶ
    ያልሆነውን ነኝ ቢል እውነቱ ነው ባዶ

    ሰው ጥሩ ሲሏችሁ ማየት ነው ሰውነት
    የታማኝ አይነቱን አንቅራችሁ ትፉት
    እንኳንስ ለሀገር ለሱም የለው ፍሬ
    በባዶው ሰው መሳይ እያወራ ወሬ

    You have three types of Diasporas.

    1. Those well educated that are having huge potentials delivering results and making the best life in Ethiopia while they are not making it in abroad because of legal, illegal, right or wrong reasons waiting them or beyond their reach to solve/ pass them in foreign countries.
    2. Those dumb, joke and trash like Tamagn have no capacity to do anything practical and have any meaningful life if they were in Ethiopia while in abroad we see them the way they are acting as if they are….. which is the biggest sign when a society is cursed by them because of them being around and becoming the reasons the society could face a long term consequences including being in decadence.

    3. Those are the majorities that are doing any job and always busy trying to make the best life in Ethiopia as they are doing in abroad, too. These groups are mostly engaging with their own life far from politics but busy with their daily life as the mass are doing in any society.

    Just imagine what kind life Tamagn could have and Job he would/could do if he was in Ethiopia with no education, experience and most importantly with no willingness to work the real jobs having good manners that are facilitating the good of the nation including among the society. If he is now in Ethiopia, he would be even less than a daily laborer let alone talking about the people no one gives him the right to do so and about the country he left by himself running for survival in abroad without doing a real job instead of staying in Ethiopia (if really he does care about the people and country) and doing the jobs in Ethiopia that are all the jobs waiting to be done with quality, variety, quantity and on time by own citizens for the citizens benefit.

  7. Beza says:

    Good job mesfin, This kind of things are the Gonderes do. Those Somali Ethiopians did good. But they have to sue the person who touched them and the organizer seed. If they are fighting for freedom of expression why did push them out those young people for expressing their feelings. The person who pushed them must be sued. Dawit good you brought this issue on the public. ESAT didn’t report this yegna aynina joro.

  8. komche says:

    how shameful you are!!!! protesting dictator/DEVIL and protesting the HERO/ANGEL is like black and white! Specially with the paid protestors, funny!! you know what…..Tamagn is protected by the people not by gun, police or Agazi.
    Dawit and Mesfin, your ethnics minority complex and being arrogant make you barking so loudly in the desert! TRY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Shimels says:

    Dawitna Bezu ewnet eskehone dres ketlubet
    wshetin fru

  10. Hailu says:

    Tamagne drop out high school and start derge Kinet at his youth.Now he act as if he is highly educated and big politicians in Diaspora.

    • Gondar says:

      The so called Hailu TPLF Ass hole,May you tell us what is the measurement or category to be high skilled politician ?
      In Generally TPLF leaders Ware Politicians ?

      • Rezin says:

        How many EGIRES do you have? We all know how many. Watch your steps you could lose them to the lions.

    • komche says:

      you funny dude…………….do you even know educated mean?? do you think passing through college makes you educated? shame on you!!!!!!

  11. Dawit says:

    Truth be told Tamagn does not deserve the recognition if it is not to exploit SEED as a tool for political case. The other thing is the point raised by TG which is that the two guys have the right to voice their dissatisfaction. In doing so, they should even have to get support from Tamagn who has just been honoured for voicing the voiceless, instead of laughing while [in front of] him voice are being shut down. It is for this simple reason that EPRDF won and will continue to do so, so long as the opposition doesn’t reassess itself and their method of struggle [ which is nothing but bark, attack, and bite with toothless teeth].

  12. Gedif says:

    Don’t be surprised folks. These people will one day give award to Mengistu, for his fake unreserved love to his country and being a great leader.

  13. Lula says:

    Mengistu at least love Ethiopia, TPLF kill more Ethiopians than Mengistu & zero LOVE for ETHIOPIA , us both Bezu & Dawit kiss ass bands with no education.

  14. Lula says:

    Oh Mesfin wow , how much you pay for this Guy (ISIS) he is killer him self just like you , after I saw this video I confirm you are really kiss ass Banda. It is laughable.

  15. Seid Ali says:

    Have you seen the idiot Amhara. They have no stomack to follow the two young Ethiopian Somalies. See at them please how they stand for the door helples. Their ability is glaring and chanting slogans. Were was their leader Mesay Kebede or Abebe Gelaw. May be hiding inside the jelebia of their wives

    This is the begining. The Tigrians will come next and then the Southerners will follow. Please Mesay and Abebe Gela go some where were there is no Ethiopian living around.

    • Observer says:

      Do we really deserve the freedom of expression ? Do we understand right and responsibility ? I think it leaves much to be desired .
      Are we not yet to a level where we criticize people based on their ideas, works or ideology in stead of racial backgrounds.
      Dawit , I tried to give you advice not to post such comments if done unconsciously . Otherwise I am telling you that you are playing the role of ‘Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLMC)’ which led to the genocide of close to one million Tutsis in less than three months .
      And this act might cost you to stand in front of national / International courts . Beware , Beware.

  16. gobena says:

    It looks like Tamgne is a big figure. Are you so scared of him

  17. Bezihu says:

    please leave Taman Beyene alone? He is just doing a great job in entertaining those toothless diaspora idiots….LOL.

  18. Yilef Kenu says:

    SEED is a well respected and recognized unbiased society of professionals who have done their job flawlessly for the past 2 decades. To describe it otherwise is unfair and shows lack of respect to those who received the award over the years such as Prof Haile Gerima ( 1995 ), Tilahun Gessesse ( 2000), Prof Ephraim Isacc ( 2002), Poet Laureate Tsegaye Gebremedhin ( 2001), Richard Pankhurst ( 2005) and many prominent Ethiopian or non Ethiopian scholars or personalities with distinction. I am sure the executive commeettee has its own criterias to select honorees and instead of respecting and appreciating their choices, I don’t think it is appropriate, in my opinion, to try to destroy the one existing diaspora organization that is fair and balanced and again in my opinion has been doing a very good job. I think Tamagn deserved such recognition as long as SEED selected him among many to do so. Lets respect their works. Let us not choose and pick who to like and who not to like. I would rather forward names to SEED for consideration for the next award in 2016. I personally would like to nominate Ethiopian finance minister Sufian Ahmed for his tremendous contribution to improve Ethiopia’s economy.
    Take it easy. Tomorrow is another day.

  19. narye says:

    What’s this guys name…um…Dawit. Very cheap pauper… every time I open Awramba Times I find gossips only about a couple of people… Dr Nega … and Beyene…

    I officially hate this poor fella!

  20. Zewde Retta says:

    The fact that all Ethiopians know is that the Ethiopian people had a much better government in the last 24 years than they ever had in their entire history. I don’t know how anyone would be surprised if EPRDF wins 100% of the votes in Ethiopia. Educated diaspora oppositions need to realize that EPRDF is not running for election in the United States. It would be a surprise if EPRDF type of party wins an election in the United States but not in Ethiopia. We Ethiopians got better government than we ever dreamed to be true since 1991 thanks to EPRDF. I predict EPRDF will continue to win at least for the next 50 years.

  21. Rezin says:

    Dawit, Who told you Tamagn was the personal entertainer of the former bloody dictator, Mengistu Hailemariam? You should tell the truth about what Tamagn was. He was only Mengistu’s concubine.

  22. Anbesaw says:

    Hahahaha Mesfin….Don’t worry we will contribute some money for your lost and damaged cameras. Tell us your bank account…….

  23. Michael says:

    Dear Editor, you put the pictures of Neway, Ephrem and Tamage. But you didn’t write the date when the pictures were taken. Please. Is it before ten years, now or during this occasion. It is not clear , so pls write the date . Thanks.

  24. Tamagne Melaku Tefera says:

    I suspect Artist Tesfaye Gessesse is working with Ginbot 7.He come and back from Ethiopia frequently

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