Egypt, Sudan and Ethiopia agree to form a supreme council for mutual issues


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  1. Saba says:

    Hailemariam Desalegn is ethiopia’s first highly educated PM and he is doing a great job. However, i don’t understand why sebhat nega and his followers are trying to over throw him from his power?

  2. Albezam? says:

    “UAE corporation to invest $10 billion in agricultural land in Sudan

    June 8, 2015 (KHARTOUM) – The National Bureau for Investments (NBI) in Sudan announced that a United Arab Emirates (UAE) corporation specialized in crop production and animal feed expressed a desire to acquire 2.4 million acres of land in one of the largest valleys extending from Shall al-Batana in the east to the River Nile state in northern Sudan

    If the project in Sudan materializes, it will surpass in size the Gezira scheme in central Sudan which is the largest irrigated farm under one management in an area of 2.2 million acres.”

    However, Egypt and even Ethiopia itself are talking about the Nile water not to be used in Ethiopia even for drinking as we see how Ethiopians are suffering from the shortage of drinking water including in Gonder that is located in the region where the highest rain falls and longest rain season is happening. This is a big joke what is going on with these officials concerning the Nile water particularly from the Ethiopian side.

    Their own people are not getting their own water but the officials are talking about the sake of the Egyptian people water supply including they are using for fun. Why don’t they just become human first and work day and Night to satisfy their own people needs using own resources without asking any permission from anyone rather than running away from it and acting as if they do care about foreigners than their own people?

    The reason why the price of food including grains and cereals is getting sky rocketed is known and easy to solve it forever which is using the Ethiopian agriculture potential at least up to 50% in order to solve all the problems related to food and water supply forever. While they are inviting foreigners to take land in Ethiopia, they are disallowing Ethiopian farmers to get their own land after drawing an illegal and illegitimate so called Kilil where some of them are getting more than others because of they did it by themselves for their own advantage.

    Wolkite Tegede being part of Tigry is something no one would accept yesterday, today or tomorrow as long as they are continuing still talking about and doing illegal and damaging situation; disallowing farmers to farm reaching all over the country that would lead the nation to defeat food shortages and expensive markets forever all over the country.

    The so called aid agencies that are having easy but with high salary jobs and making lavish lives are loudly announcing these days saying next year Ethiopia needs more humanitarian assistances.
    First off all; next year means after 7 months from now on and that also would take till the end of 2016 which is 19 months away from now.
    Secondly, we all know it is about Food; nothing else. Food can be produced within two and three months. Instead of fret mongering, empty warning and acting as if they are God to solve it by talk and mischief approaches as usual making the situation keep going and become worse and worse for the sake of them continuing being there and having the best life they would never get in that depressed and naturally destroyed little England, they would support the people now and do their best to make the farmers producing their food using the best agriculture opportunity Ethiopia has which is water, fertile soil and good weather.

    However, they are there not to do the right things what the people needs and are looking to become free from any foreign support, but they are there to make the situation worst and keep going as long as it allows them to be there for the lavish life including enjoying the best weather they would never get in that evil little England. They are there making their(government) agenda pretending as if they are as none Governmental bodies while the government is financing and facilitating everything for them.

    The reason why they are talking including using the Jewish corporate medias such as Bloomberg, Reuters where Thompson Reuters is also part of it, Guardian and other evil medias is because of fear they will be unwanted and told to leave. They are warning the nation with nothing saying you have to treat us nicely, keep us in your country and rely on us because of next year you will need more food assistance. This is when they are pretending as if the rain and farmers activities and Government policies are under their authority. They are trying everything in many ways making the situation worse than before in the country in order they would be wanted and treated as Gods to save us. QQQQQ. This is the decades old trick and behavior they are known with towards us.

    The point is that the government must stop acting as a smallest and weakest member of the biggest group always following and accepting what others are saying and doing. Ethiopia must do her Jobs by herself using her resources including guarantying the water and food supply to its citizens no matter what others are thinking, saying or doing. It is a dead or alive situation within that would be solved by own effort using own natural resources that are plenty. Good government policy, competent leadership and officials are needed to make it working. .

    The Ethiopian highland is naturally the richest region not only in Ethiopia and Africa but also one of the few in the world. It is the source of abandoned water, Mineral rich fertile soil, nice weather and best landscape in Ethiopia. Yet, we are witnessing the people in the region are suffering even from the shortage of drinking water in Gonder and other areas. Whose fault is that? Is it nature? Stop talking about the Nile water for the sake of Egypt that its people are getting enough and free Ethiopian water while your people is suffering from reasons related to water.

    Is that backward and lazy so called mayor of Gonder still there? The questions is from where are they getting the lazy, incompetent and backward officials like him in the Highland putting them on the top of the people for 24 years in order to make sure nothing good is going to happen there by own efforts using the highest natural gifts the region has?

    The one who was once the so called leader in the oldest and most sophisticated region is now became even unable to function as an ambassador in Turkey. As a result they are hiding him in Azerbaijan giving him the ambassador title despite they know he is rubbish only good enough to throw him in the Azeri lake. The same group of people like him are now taking the responsibility of that region (which is bigger than England, Wales and Northern Ireland in combined and naturally very rich) working for the interest of the outsiders that are having own agenda and plan while using the innocent people in the region as experiment and research animals in the zoo.

    When the time comes, A. G. and others will be forced to admit and expose about what did happen to the people and region under their responsibilities secretly working with foreign powers that are having their own agenda without having any respect to human values and the future of the society in that region. We know what the so called NGOs, Charities, Aid agencies, foundation, member of UN organizations and so on are doing in the region for decades where most of them are the English and some USA citizens. And still they are there doing the same thing targeting particularly this region. Do you have any clue why they are targeting this region for so long and keeping it poor and weak despite it is naturally gifted with old civilization region in the country and having the ancient people?

    The Nile river in Ethiopia belongs to no one but all Ethiopians as Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopia being free from the illegally and wrongly yesterday created Kilil that makes the situation from bad to worse instead of otherwise allowing all Ethiopians became free exercising their citizenship rights reaching all over the country and doing the citizens jobs including farming anyplace they want all over the country. This is the only and best way to solve not only food shortages but also making them always available with quality, variety and quantity all over the country. Foreign farmers are not solving the Ethiopian farming which is the oldest in Africa answers but using foreign experts and own farmers with having any illegal and economic unreliable Kilil policy as boundary or obstacles. Kilil policy is not only an obstacle but also a silly joke in the 21-century where the world is not only talking but doing Globalization and free trades reaching any place all over the world.

  3. Albezam? says:

    —-The Nile river in Ethiopia belongs to no one but all Ethiopians as Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians being free and independent from the yesterday’s illegally and wrongly created Kilil that is making the Economical situation from bad to worse instead of being otherwise allowing all Ethiopians freely and fully exercising and using their citizenship rights participating in the economic activities reaching all over the country and doing the citizens jobs including farming anyplace they want all over the country. This is the only and best way to relay on in order to solve not only food shortages but also making them always available with quality, variety and quantity all over the country.

    Foreign farmers are not the problem solving medicines in the Ethiopian farming sector which is the oldest in Africa if not the world but using foreign experts and technologies by own farmers without having any wrong and economic unreliable Kilil policies as boundaries and obstacles which these kind behaviors are affecting the nation’s present and future in many ways.

    Kilil policy is not only an obstacle and limitation but also a silly joke (while on the other hand they are having policies inviting and allowing foreigners in the country) in the 21-century where the world is not only talking but doing Globalization and free trades reaching any place all over the world.

  4. Ashan Gulite says:

    Great News for Ethiopia and Africa, Africans should cooperate to to solve their own problems and I think this is good start.

  5. Visitor says:

    ጥቁር ሰው ነው ቢሉኝ አልሁኝ አልነበረም
    እንግሊዝ ይጠየቅ ይናገር ሌላውም
    ከመሬት ጫፍ ፈልቀው ከቀዝቃዛው ስፍራ
    በአፍሪካ ላይ ፍዳ ሆነዋል መከራ፡
    ሰላም እንዳይሰፍን አንድነት እንዳይኖር
    ዘረኛ የሆነ ይሰብካል በብሄር
    የእንግሊዝ አይነቱ የሚረግጠው መሬት
    መልካም አያበቅልም ጉዞው ነው ወደ እልቂት

    የእንግሊዝን ተንኮል በሀገር ጣልቃ ገብ
    በሰባ ሰበቡ አጀንዳውን በህዝብ
    ከመቋቋም አልፎ ይገባል ማስወገድ
    ይህ ዘረኛ፡ አረመኔ ባዶ ነው በመውደድ
    እሱ የሚመራው የምዕራብ አላማ
    ነቀርሳ በሽታ እርኩስ ነው አሳማ
    ከሌላው በከፋ በኢትዮጰያ ዘምቶ
    እንዳሻው ይሆናል ሊደሰት አጥፍቶ፡
    እሱን የሚቋቋም ወንድ የሆነ መጥፋት
    ትውስታ ለጥንቶች ሆኗል በአሁን ፀፀት

    እሱ ያልበደለው ያልጎዳው ማን አለ
    ሲያፈርስ የሚሰራ፡ መርዝን ማር እያለ
    የረጅም ተጠቂ በአንደኛ ደረጃ
    ሆናለች ኢትዮጰያ የሱ መቀለጃ
    ከነምናመኑ ቢወገድ እንግሊዝ
    ሀገር በተማረች ከአፍዝዝና አደንግዝ
    ጥንታዊው ቦታ ከፍተኛው መሬት
    ራሱ በራሱ በሆነ ምርት በምርት

    Africans solving the African Issues by themselves are the only and best answers Africa lacked them in the past and became the main reasons for the many sufferings of the continent for centuries by the none Africans using the weaknesses, divisions and ignorance of the Africans as best opportunities. Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan do have more things in common than each of them does have with any other African nation. These three nations do have thousands years of common history bonding naturally by the Nile.

    Therefore; they must continue solving their differences by themselves without giving any opportunity to those are looking any opportunity in order to create hostilities between them as they have been doing for centuries taking Egypt’s side against Ethiopia pretending they are there to help. if they stop any interfering coming from the Tiny England Establishment and the Jew lead USA joint policy approaching with different shapes and forms pretending for peaceful and useful reasons but to cause troubles including creating conflicts within or between nations; Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan will always find common grounds by themselves in order to solve their differences based on the benefits to all sides.

    That means first and for most avoiding each and every English involvement interfering that is widely, deeply and freely happening currently in Ethiopian internal affairs targeting the population they are having in mind to be targeted in order to destroy the millennia old own creation values, norms, culture, tradition and heritages with goal they would be able to impose their things on the natives in their own country as they are known with these kind evil behaviors and inhuman natures of them including against the natives in Australia, the Americans, new Zealand and all the places they have reached including all Africa except Ethiopia till 1991.
    The so called English aid agencies, NGOs(government security agencies and organizations), Charities, imperialists Foundations, organizations, religion missionaries(QQQQ-the pedophiles, child molesters and gays) and the likes are the 21-century so called missionaries that were part of the English establishment played big roles for the African colonization, looting, lost of the African languages, names, traditions and culture . The English establishment and corporate Medias are the 21-century mass destruction weapons worse than the colonial weapons while the English Journalists are worse than the colonial solders.
    So, what is the reason allowing them even to pass through let alone having them in the country and letting them do what every destruction plan they are having and are causing in many ways which is through visible and particularly invisible approaches?

    Remember: they are the once killed Atse Theodros and abducted his wife and son, looted Mekdella and destroyed it 150 years ago. They are the once behind each and every setback, difficulty, destruction and suffering our nation has been through ever since including giving the Nile water the right of ownership to Egypt with signing documents that was used for decades to affect us.

    Mussolini was allowed to Invade Ethiopia by the English that was acting the only supper power at that time while later on they decided to fight him because of the world war was broke when it became against them, frightened the English colony in Africa and elsewhere and her existence in general. The many facts about how the English allowed Mussolini to invade Ethiopia including how the greatest woman Silvia Packrats was mistrusted and accused the English government about the Mussolini action in Ethiopia and teaching, telling and advising the Ethiopians not to trust the English establishment for anything including that Hypo Churchill, are all there, you can read it and know the truth about that evil little island establishment that is still there action against us

    The game they played against Ethiopia using Eritrea as a fence in order to block Ethiopia from the sea and make her living in the Always locked and doorless prison camp created and owned by the English. The civil wars and the game that little England Played at UN permanent assembly voting whether Eritrea to be independent or not is also another crime to remember always.
    When China was totally against and the drank western puppet Yelsin Russia at the Time was abstain, USA had some reservations and the mistress/prostitute France that is always taking the English and USA side was doing as she was told; England was the one did what was wrong, bad and illegal which is intentionally blocking Ethiopia from the sea (being against the UN charter that allows big nations like Ethiopia having the sea coast rights) to affect her in many ways as long and worse as possible using Eritrea not as a country for her own but a fence, wall or guard serving the Arab’s interest where England was given the responsibilities to make it happen for lots of money and trade exchange.

    Having the English in Ethiopia is worse than having the Nazis/Hitler in Israel. So, think about it and do the right things when it comes to that evil, inhuman and hostile little island from the corner of the cold and damaged earth. They are always coming for bad reasons and damaging outcomes. The 21-century Ethiopia doesn’t need that little and economically weak far away island carrying lots of crimes in her shoulders happened for the last 500 years against humanity and nature all over the world/beyond Europe.
    What the above three nations’ leaders are doing is what Ethiopia needs alongside having close, good and useful relations with other nations that are plenty these days particularly in the East as far as to Japan and Russia, too.

    When you want to know more about what that little England was/is doing to Ethiopia, always look at the Eastern and North eastern part of the Ethiopian boarders after long efforts and very well calculated plans they managed intentionally blocked Ethiopia from her millennia old sea coast right with goal to affect her in many ways. Yet, they are telling us these days they are there to help us which is an insult undermining our understanding and ability at least to know and understand how bad and evil they are against us including affecting us economically, politically and socially by intentionally blocking us from the sea using UN as their main weapon and own private organization making them able to affect other nations for their own agenda and benefit

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