[Must-Watch] Redwan Hussien Lambasts Western NGOs over Double-standards


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37 Responses

  1. Yoni says:

    Mr Redwanou you are mistaken when you said “America isn’t ruled by Apartied”
    Not to praise the house nigga South Africa but blacks in America are in more dire situation than blacks were under apartied SA.
    Check the stats all over the web

  2. Yoni says:

    “The United States right now incarcerates more African-Americans, as a percentage, than Apartheid South Africa did. The race gap in wealth in the United States right now between the median white family and the median black family is eighteen-fold, that’s greater than the black-white wealth gap was in Apartheid South Africa.”

    See more at: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/kyle-drennen/2015/03/30/new-daily-show-host-joked-us-worse-apartheid-south-africa#sthash.v1DgxKK6.dour

    Mr Redwan the administration has a responsibility teaching the public about the Western societies and their hypocracy whom we constantly ask for their jurisdictions over our matters.
    Teach our public about the neo liberals and religious fundamentalist and their ideology similarities in making the world under one control.
    This will make the battle at home simpler

  3. Bariaw says:

    Since the death of our great leader Meles, I have never got a chance to listed such extraordinary analysis from our leaders. Redwan, you are a gifted man who has a well understanding of the west hypocrisy

  4. Zemzem Hadish says:

    Thanks Awramba Times! You are becoming our voice from homeland. Ediggg beyi agere. Thumps up our great leader, Redwan

  5. Ademe says:

    @Dawit, I was the one among those who supported your decision of returning back to your home country hoping that you will continue reporting independently with full impartiality. But now, it seems that you are becoming loyal to the ruling party. ሬድዋን አንድ ስህተት ቢሰራ በድፍረት ለመተቸት የምትችልበት እድል ያለህ አይመስለኝም፡፡ እንደውም እሱን የሚተቹ ሰዎችን ስታብጠለጥል እያየን ነው (ቤን ላይ የጻፍከውን ማስታወስ በቂ ነው) አንተን የመሰለ የመርህ ሰው እንደማጣት ምን የሚያንገበግብ ነገር አለ፡፡ አንድ ቃል የተነፈሰን ሁሉ እንደ ጥጃ እያሰሩ ምዕራቡ አለም ከሚያደርገው የተለየ ምንም አላደረግንም ከሚሉት ጋር መድረክ ላይ ተቀምጠህ ልይህ…? ዳዊት ሆይ! ከሬድዋን ጎን ተቀምጠህ ጀርባችንን ታርዳለህ ብዬ አንድም ቀን ገምቼ አላውቅም ነበር፡፡ ነገ ጨለማው ሲገፈፍ መግቢያህ የት ይሆን… Shame on you!

  6. dude says:

    Dawit the woyane barking dog, you came to the usa to be an undercover agent and a spy on esat and diaspora. You were exposed. You had no choice but put your tail between your legs and ran to your masters. You even went on esat tv and told us that you could not work with woyane. I never believed you a bit. You were a woyane, you are a woyane and you will die a woyane. If you put a lipstick on a dog, it is still a dog. You blood sucking thugs!

  7. ተመስገን says:

    ለካ ሬድዋን አስሬ አሜሪካ የምትመላለሰው ይህንን ሊታጠና ነበር፡፡ እዚህ ዋሺንግተን ያለን አገር ወዳድ ኢትዮጵያዊያን ይህንን ቪዲዮ ለስቴት ዲፓርትመንት ማቅረብ አለብን Next time the US embassy in Addis should stop issuing his entry visa to the US

  8. Teddy says:

    @Ademe, your name tells who you are. Endante endiyadm neber yetebekew. If you really have genuine personality, just carefully listen minister Redwan’s analysis. Is there any factual error on his assessments? All he said are true. We all live here in the US and we know it eko. But none of us are in the position to confront them because we can’t survive.

  9. Ager wedad says:

    @Dawit, Redwan’s remark is awesome but where is your presentation? Eagerly waiting…

  10. Aynalem says:

    Dear Editor,
    Where is your journalistic integrity? Didn’t you say “we value impartiality”? Is this the value you are preaching for?

  11. Hadish says:

    Thanks ato Redwan. Your energy and performance always amaze me. I really enjoyed your recent debate on Al Jazeera. You are the real man that Ethiopia demands at this time

  12. Ashan Gulite says:

    Yes Mr. Redwan, thank you it’s about time someone has the got to tell the U.S media is not really free, because its business and business is all about profit.

  13. ethiio says:

    Dawit is officially woyane now but the question is what you gonna do when they lose power? sleep on that..

    • hermi says:

      His great grand kids will come to his grave site and say ” all is well dad you left us a prosperous respected and …..ethiopia rest in peace. ” how many years is that? U think about it too.

  14. mamo says:

    I like Redwan’s oratory skills. Obviously he is a very gifted man in that regard. However, his understandings of western democracy and media are very questionable. While there are hypocricies in their dealings with third world countries, comparing Ethiopian media to that of the west is very wrong. A journalist wouldn’t go to jail for praising a terrorist in the west. Besides, the people in Ethiopian prisons are not comparable to international terrorists in guantanamo. In genera, his presentation was full of factual errors, unaccepatable comparisons, and flawed assertions.

  15. Development says:

    Please read these posts
    Telegraph’s Peter Oborne resigns, saying HSBC coverage a ‘fraud on readers

  16. Visitor says:

    Western so called NGOs are not by any means none governmental but the well trained and prepared merciless Mercenaries working for the NWO(new world order) English-USA/ Jew agenda in poor nations in the name of aid and whatever reasons using weaknesses as best opportunities. Their government and embassies along sides with the corporations and racists are facilitating them with everything and they are totally relaying on them. So, how come they are calling themselves NGOs?

    Therefore, so called the name NGOs doesn’t exist but using as a misleading name thinking the 21-century humanity is still dumb unable to see, watch, understand and stop it when anything bad happening against them by them using misleading names. So, stop calling and identifying them with the misleading name “NGO” but openly and quickly expose them publicly with their true identity which is their action and confront them till they completely stop and leave by themselves as they are coming by themselves, too without invited by us.

    Do, we think they are doing this to us for free motivated by goodwill coming from far away for our benefit? Nooooo. It is all about their secret agenda and plan implementing on us including the very devastating ones against the nation causing the very long and irreversible bad effects. Destroying the society in many ways are among the first things they are having in mind knowing without normal and competent society, there will be nothing but ghettos, crimes, addictions, prisons, conflicts and so on the way we are witnessing including among blacks in USA and other western nations they (including so called NGO, Charities…..)are part of the plan making the situation to happen this way.

    If there is anyone needs any help from anyone, that would be the blacks in USA and England where millions are languishing in the hell on earth look like prisons locations and systems while others are isolated in Ghettoes getting killed by the police and the private corporate prison system is looking the survivors to use them as free raw materials for its huge profit as long as possible.

    Yet, they are getting nerves coming to Ethiopia and talking about us pretending they do care about the citizens well beings than their own people and government that is very, very close and totally part of the citizens from all course of life and background and is busy doing everything possible using the temporary obstacles very limited resources but with full and decisive unlimited human abilities in order to improve the situation all over the country. Hahahahahaha……. who do they think they are?

    if really they are up to helping the helpless and committed towards creating peaceful societies, so called aid agencies, NGOs, Charities, peace core, foundations, institutions, medias, journalists and so on particularly those form USA and England, first and foremost they have to do it at home before even thinking to other far away nation like Ethiopia an ancient nation doesn’t need them in the country in the name of the above mentioned misleading intentionally created names to do the things they are doing that are not acceptable anymore. Being free from them is the first and best thing to do in order to have own nations under own responsibilities and ownership and make it working for own benefits while working with useful and good nations based on our own choices and benefits.

    ይከበር ይመስገን ይህን በማየቴ
    ሩቅ የነበረው ደረሰ ምኞቴ
    የሚያስብ ጭንቅላት የሚናገር መላስ
    አሁንም አብሮን ነው አልቀረም በመለስ
    ዳዊት ጎሊያድን ደፍሮ ተያይዟል
    ብቸኛው አማራጭ መሆኑ ገብቶታል
    ይሁዳ ያለበት አሜሪካ፡ እንግሊዝ….
    ጥቅሙ ይታወቃል ጨርሶ ሲወገዝ

    አሁንም እንደ አምና ግልፅ ነው ወደ ፊት
    ራስን ይጠቅማል ራስን ሲረዱት
    በአንድ በኩል እንግሊዝ እረዳለሁኝ ሲል
    በሁሉም አቅጣጫ ሀገር ይበክላል
    ወንድ አገረድ፡ ሰላይ፡ ሌላው በሽተኛ
    የሚጠቅም መስሎ ፈራጅ ሆኗል በኛ
    እንደ ህዝብ እንደ ሀገር ራስ ለራስ መሆን
    ብቸኛው መንገድ ነው ከነሱ ለመዳን

    በነሱ ጥገኛ እስከሆን ድረስ
    እርኩስ ነው የሚሉን የሆኑት እርኩስኩስ
    ስለምንም ነገር እነሱን ከማመን
    በሰይጣን ይሻለል በግልፅ የሆነውን
    ለማንኛውን ግን ደስታዬ ነው ትልቅ
    ዜጋ እያየሁ ነው የነሱን ጉድ የሚያውቅ
    የሚያውቅ ያሳውቃል ፡ ሲታወቅ ይለኛል
    ለራሱ ለመሆን ህዝብ ይተባበራል
    ወዳጁን ያቀርባል ጠላቱን ያጠፋል
    በእንግሊዝ አይነቱ ቆርጦ ይፈወሳል

    Lots of appreciations to Dawit guessing you are one of if not the one taking the lead to make happen this interview/ press …. With the young and great Minister Redwan. We hope others also will learn from this great man and come out talking openly about anything important in front of their people using their own Medias instead of being stupid using the criminal western Medias that are coming in the country by themselves for bad and negative reasons against our people and nation.

    We know Al jazera is part of the Anglo-American/Jews Medias using Qatar just to mislead the world pretending as if that evil media is from Qatar, not them. Qatar’s native population is less than 300.000. This tiny desert nation is created 40 years ago by the English/USA as UAE does in 1971. During that time, these tiny little desert creatures were closer to camels and living on sands than being humans.

    So, is there any reason to believe Al Jzera is from the wahhabi Qatar where democracy is not allowed to be there even by its name, there is no election, no parliament, no human right including the right of females and minorities, no free press and so on is getting a gut or having any ability to run Al Jazera alone and talk about those issues in other countries? No, Al Jazera is part of the Anglo-American corporate medias they are using it targeting the region including Ethiopia pretending they are not part of it but a Tiny Qatar. But we know they are behind about everything going on, on Al jazera from the start. They are the one created and making it working based on their own agenda and policy the same line the English establishment and corporate USA Medias are.

    After 40 years, these tiny desert nations became up to their creation serving the Imperialists using them to destabilize the region/world including Africa using different kinds of approaches. Qatar airways, emirate air ways, Ethiad and other Gulf air lines that are created few years ago are aggressively on the very hostile and barbaric missions to bankrupt the native African airlines in order they be able to monopolize the continent aviation. These gulf air Lines are by far run by the English and some western European slave mercenaries working for money.

    The point is that Not only the Anglo-American corporate medias that are predominantly owned by the Jews and the journalists are also by far the Jews including at BBC but also medias Like al jazera and some in Kenya that are subsidize by them, but also there are many other corporations, organizations, institutions, foundations, Charities and aid agencies they are using them to affect the nations that are not kneeling down to them and allowed them to destroy the society as they are known with against the natives in any place they are reaching and allowed to do so.

    Ethiopians must love, respect and relay on themselves including using own Ethiopian/African Alphabet, languages, culture, Traditions, customs, habits, ways of lives and everything that is coming from them and they owns it together. they must not allow those are at war against them in many fronts to make them lose themselves by destroying what we Ethiopians have created, owned, used and enjoying in our country with pride and full respect as human beings. The society must protect itself from the Anglo- American inhuman ways of anything that is looking to infect and destroy the society that would lead the natives becoming foreigners in their own country while the foreigners will feel as if they are natives from the start using their own none African languages and alphabet and forcing us to use them in our own home.

    Be yourself, keep what is Ethiopian, be proud and protect yourself from foreign bad behaviors they are exporting for free with goal to destroy the society. In order to do that be self sufficient acting part of the ancient citizens of a great nation using the country gifted natural resources starting by developing the agriculture sector that would lead to manufacturing and ultimately industrialization.

    Redwan is great. Ethiopia is a blessing nation always has someone like Redwan confidently and decisively standing for her. One great citizen like Redwan is more useful and important than one million herd of animals look like Citizens that are looking towards abroad while their own country is calling at them loudly being totally ready to serve them with everything they are looking and deserving in life if they are doing the citizens jobs including being proud on themselves using own Ethiopian languages and alphabets rather than the racists from far away that has nothing in common to make them identify with because of they are Ethiopians, blacks and Africans not the English and will never become even in a million year.

    Remember: There is no democracy in USA but corporatism. There is no democracy in England but the English establishment. The so called Democracy is working there only to serve the corporate America and English establishments. USA and England best friends and allies are the wahhabi Saudis and other gulf nations where the word democracy is punishable including with life imprisonment and death.

    Therefore, anything they are talking, writing, filming, accusing, retaliating or whatever they are doing against other countries in the name of so called democracy, human rights, rule of law, free press and whatever name they are coming up is all about them, not to any other nation where Ethiopia is their main target for decades.

    They are dying watching Ethiopians are behaving bravely, doing the best for their benefit and real development is getting fundamental and deep roots in the country where the citizens are testing the benefit of it and will do anything to prosper that would make the nation really independent from any bad foreign cooptation, individual, group or government but relaying on themselves while working together with good and useful nations that are plenty in the 21-century.
    peaceful and united citizens; wise, smart, confident and determine leaders, hardworking, patriotic and hopeful society fully engaging about all the matters concerns the nation including development activities are the worst things to see them happening and last things to accept.

    When they are telling you they are there to help or giving you aid, don’t think it is as they are talking about but how it works and what kind benefit the country is getting. They are talking about those issues for decades while intentionally damaging the country image and undermining us as worse us possible behaving as if they are suffering including from hate crimes and race hunting. Anything and everything what they are talking, doing or telling you to do in the form of advice or whatever is always about them not you. They are always focusing on the last result they know it but the victims will find out only when after the damage is already done and they lost everything including their power to reverse it.

    The only answer is, never trust them for anything when they talking about but seeing is believing. Never relay on them for anything particularly during bad times. They are using these kind situations always as their best advantages and opportunities telling us they are working those things to happen while pretending they are there to help and improve the situation. As Ethiopians we know their true nature as we have been their main targets and victims since the 1984 famine they have created and doing lots of propaganda evil jobs about for decades.

    Don’t copy anything coming from them through their behaviors, talks or whatever they are …. but practical benefits that are creating real economic activities through production process and physical economic appearances. Relay totally on yourself as citizens together and declare the all out positive wars and nationwide campaigns against poverty, weaknesses, shortages, backwardness, being brainwashed by foreigners and so on believing on the unity and ability of the citizens together and the greatest Ethiopian natural gifts. Working with the great nations like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany and others is very essential and the best solution.

  17. Guest says:

    Thank you Dawit
    I am one of the follower of your website,it is very honest and professional.
    Don’t hear those who are failures in their life, they have deep grievance and anger from being mistreated by the Westerners and they want to pour their anger on you.
    I think Truth for them is to report any thing against the Government they are blind to see what is happening and they don’t want to come and see because they feel ashamed of their contribution.
    Ethiopia for them is a grave for their body because they can’t buried their. they will be throw like the empty bottle of water.
    any way I respect you and I am happy that you are becoming part of the history and you are one of our patriot not even for Ethiopia but for Africa, Now the time is for Africans to be independent economically and move toward development, a development that is Asian type fair and equitable not this neo colonial/ liberal development. the Western they never disturb the Asians when they were coming out poverty but they always became obstacle to any development in African and the Middle East , the reason is one and one, because of RESOURCE AND MISSION FIELD, where do you think they will get raw materials and oil and where do you think all those UN employee and so called Human right and missionaries will work so it really distablize their life so those two places are a victim of their selfish interest but thanks GO we have good Leadership who are able to design our own development Policy and Strategy and the fruit is appearing slowing which enable us to rise our Heads up that We can Govern ourselves according what is the reality in the ground.SO NOW DAYS WE WANT ETHIOPIAN NOT ONLY KNOWLEDGEABLE BUT WISE, because Knowledge and wisdom are different, wisdom is much better because it is the practical application of knowledge within your context. to me most of those knowledgeable diaspora Ethiopians are fool they are not wise. Africa has been suffering for centuries not because of lack of knowledgeable people but Wise people.
    By the way those people where were they, When you were reporting and going to prison in the election of 2005 even though I 1 support 100pc TPLF/EPRDF I appreciate what you contribute at that time because you were able to remind the gov’t to give attention to the urban development and I believe what is happing is part of that. and now you are reporting what is happening in the ground this to me is professionalism.

  18. Gudnew says:

    “Awramba times is a US based………”. Is Awramba times a free media? To sit on a stage with no attempt to correct Mr. Hussien misconception of free media seems an admition that Awramba times is truley ethiopia based extention of Government owned media. Mr. Hussien could have been beter of using The Shabeia media ESAT as an example instead of lecturing about media freedom in US which he has no clue about.
    Doubt you will post this comment

  19. Abay says:

    After lots of worrisome, cries, disbelieves and questions while waiting for so long for answers, finally we have got what we were waiting for. From now on we are living with lots of hope and confidence on the honorable ambassador to be a true and real ambassador of Ethiopia in Russia reviving and making it work the best ways the relationship between the great and ancient Russian and Ethiopian people that are having lots of things in common.

    Russia is one of the few greatest, strong, friendly, trustworthy, genuine and responsible nations on earth which Ethiopia must rely on alongside with China and others. The 21-century Ethiopia also will be the best place and partner to Russia with her relationship in Africa and the region as a whole.

    God Bless to the New Ethiopian Ambassador to Moscow while we are hoping he will restore and make it working as soon as possible the very important relationship with Russia as few other competent and brave Ethiopian Ambassadors are doing including in China.

    The government must continue rebuilding the broken and incompetent Ethiopian embassies that are there by name but are not doing the real embassy duties always serving the nation interest. Inviting bad investors, issuing visas without knowing who is who including in the name of Tourists and journalism and worse than that to those are known why they are heading to Ethiopia which is for bad reasons and generally being a worthless and stupid ambassador using it as an opportunity to make money and feel on vacations is nothing else but pure criminal activities.

    We are hoping the new Ethiopian ambassador in Moscow will not disappointed us dashing our new and full hope having good and close relationships with Russia doing all the embassy duties correctly and on time for the sake of Ethiopia. We also know (if there is any) there are only very, very limited Russian individuals, groups, companies, organizations, institutions or others that are even trying to affect Ethiopia for their own agenda and benefit coming in the country with different misleading names while doing other things including spaying as the known few others from other part of the world are doing widely and almost feeling freely for years now.

    Russia is the greatest as china is. We must have always the closest and best working relationship with them for long term strategies in the region and beyond.


    “Ethiopian Ambassador Seeks to Upgrade Dialogue With Russia

    Jun. 16 2015

    With his recent appointment to Moscow, Grum Abay Teshome, Ethiopia’s ambassador to Russia, has come full circle. Educated in Leningrad in the 1980s, the seasoned diplomat has returned to the country of his alma mater to energize its relations with Ethiopia.
    “I’m back again,” Grum told The Moscow Times during an interview at the Ethiopian Embassy earlier this month. “That’s what I told President [Vladimir] Putin the other day at the credentials ceremony. I also told him I had studied in his hometown of Leningrad. He was happy about that.”
    Grum, 54, was one of the 24,000 Ethiopian students who benefitted from scholarships to study in the Soviet Union. With no prior knowledge of Russian, he set off for the Moldovan capital of Chisinau to learn the language and familiarize himself with the subjects he would later study at Leningrad State University, known today as St. Petersburg State University. He graduated with a degree in political economics in 1985, before returning to Ethiopia to join the foreign ministry.
    Changing Times
    Grum returned to Russia on official business a few times after completing his studies in Leningrad, taking note of the profound transformations the country has undergone since the 1980s.
    St. Petersburg, the city of his alma mater, was making headlines a decade ago for a shocking series of fatal attacks on foreign students, including black people. He said he never encountered racism during his time in the Soviet Union, where he lived among students from a wide range of backgrounds.
    “The Soviet Union offered its students and those from the outside a sense of internationalism,” he said. “People got along together, they knew each other well. They [Soviet students] studied a lot and wanted to learn about the outside world. I don’t think this is as much the case now.”
    Grum said racism is a new phenomenon in Russia that emerged in the 1990s. During that turbulent decade, the country’s youth was marred by social problems and often struggled to imagine a future for itself.
    “As in every other place, when you have social problems, people look at the different guy, the outsider,” he said. “I think that a person who has a job and a meaning to his or her life will not go around victimizing people.”
    Weakening Ties
    The ambassador has also seen Russia’s relations with Ethiopia lose some of their vigor through ideological transformations and changing circumstances.
    Ethiopia, which established diplomatic relations with Russia in 1898, has always perceived Russia positively, Grum said. The Russian empire had provided medical assistance to Ethiopians wounded in the 1895-96 war against Italy, which had made claims over the independent eastern African state.
    A hospital established by the Russian Red Cross, the Dejazmach Balcha Memorial Hospital, still functions to this day in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.
    The countries’ ties grew stronger after Ethiopia’s long-standing leader, Emperor Haile Selassie I, was dethroned and replaced with a Marxist military government in 1974. The Ethiopian authorities’ socialist orientations appealed to the Soviet Union, which offered them financial and military support. Ethiopian students like Grum flocked to the Soviet Union on full scholarships.
    Today, Grum said there are only eight Ethiopians studying at the Peoples’ Friendship University in Moscow, an institute that built its reputation on educating students from developing nations. There are 163 Ethiopians and Russian citizens of Ethiopian origin living in Russia, he said.
    The ambassador said that Ethiopia’s development of higher learning institutions and Russian universities’ reluctance to offer full post-graduate scholarships that match Ethiopia’s interests have hindered cooperation in the education field.
    “The relations we have today do not reflect the traditional historical ties we have always maintained,” he said. “We really have to upgrade the level of political dialogue we have with the Russian government.”

    (There is a displayed picture to see here about the fine and pure Ethiopian leather products including shoes with goal to export them to Russia saying “leather goods on show as examples of Ethiopian exports at the embassy. Lagging Behind”)

    Although Russia and Ethiopia cooperate on a range of regional and global issues, their bilateral relations have stagnated. Among the 35 Russian companies that have been issued licenses to invest in Ethiopia, only two are operational, the ambassador said.
    “We feel that Russia is lagging behind [in terms of seeking business opportunities in Ethiopia],” he said. “I think that at the end of the day, they will be losing out.”
    Ethiopia is massively investing in infrastructure, building roads and railways, as well as dams to fulfill its energy demands. Its goal is to transform its agriculture-based economy into one focused on manufacturing. The Ethiopian economy — which experienced an annual average of 10.8 percent growth over the past decade, according to the World Bank — is broad based and not exclusively supported by the extraction of oil and other mineral resources.
    Positive Disposition
    Grum said Russia should take advantage of the positive disposition of Ethiopians and the Ethiopian government toward Moscow.
    Ethiopia was among the 58 countries that abstained from voting on a United Nations resolution on the sovereignty of Ukraine in March 2014, following Russia’s annexation of Crimea.
    “We believe that people of every country have the right to decide their own future,” he said. “And nobody should have anything to say about that.”
    Relations between the countries’ defense ministries remain cordial, as during the Soviet era. Defense relations, once centered around Ethiopia’s purchasing of Soviet military equipment, have become more focused on technology transfers and training programs, according to the ambassador.
    Russia and Ethiopia have an intergovernmental commission on economic, scientific, technical and trade cooperation, and Ethiopia’s minister for foreign affairs may come to Moscow this fall to take part in political consultations with the Russian government.
    Grum, who has also served as his country’s ambassador to Italy and at its diplomatic mission in Brussels, only sees opportunity in his new mandate.
    “There are a number of commonalities in the way Russians and Ethiopians think,” he said. “We have a relatively conservative society. We don’t like people interfering in our internal business. We are very proud of our history. And we appreciate strong leadership.”

    God bless forever the relationship between Ethiopia and Russia. We have to make it work the best ways for the sake of our best future by having additional good and strong ally like Russia along side with great nations like China is something that looks like coming from the Good God. People to people relation is one of the best methods to look at in order to strengthen it as we know the two nations do have many things in common that are making them bonding together for common destinies.

  20. Abel says:

    This guy is an idiot! How he compare America with the rotten TPLF system. Why don’t you list a single TPLF agent that come to Justice after killing the citizen. Idiot argument!!

  21. Dawit says:

    Good job, it’s about time to let’s this westerners know to mind their business. I thing ur a great man . Keep up the good work , expose the truth. Diaspora hates cuz they have nothing to offer , they just bark like s dog . Long live eprdf. He has to right to tell the trust , stop the name calling , expose esat and their loosing agenda

  22. tegadalay says:

    you morons who praised this D****

    if you think he is telling the truth then Ethiopia is the only country where freedom of press is better than USA or any other country.

    the main thing for me is to know
    1.he is bigger than his own shoos and unable to see the other side of the ocean
    2. he comparing Ethiopia with USA,France— so guys just wake up and kiss his ass so that he can go home and have nice sleep
    3. for Dawit i have nothing to say but for me u are like Abamela-and happy to be there where your u belong not by talent but by ur race- go on boy u should do this long time ago.

  23. Yacob ETH says:


  24. jegnanegh1 says:

    thank you Dawit. Please post the next part of the discussion that consists your presentation

  25. Biniyam Zenebe says:

    upload z next part pls

  26. TheFhdude says:

    omg dawit with redwan aka Joseph Goebbels? qiqiqi how low can dawit get? So no tigrean should be trusted in the opposition camp. that is what Dawit thought us all.

  27. Desta says:

    Redwan needs to check facts

    I guess Mr. Redwan need to check some facts, though big cooperation owned big media and enabled to shape the views of the public,
    There are tenths of thousands news papers, magazines, and tvs for choice.
    Besides , this is an information age where almost everyone get smartphone which they can get any information they wanted if they wanted to be informed. The problem is the choice of the information not availability and access.
    I do have a choice to listen NPR, public funded radio with the best quality program. Thus, the problem is Americans are so dump, far from critical thinking. They spend time for gossip not real issues.
    MR. Redwan ,YOU MAY TALK FAST AND NON STOP, BUT you need facts and evidences with substanc too.
    Finally, please Mr. Redwan stop those gossip TV programs in Ethiopia too, EBS ( eg,Josie in house, ) and some government programs. It makes societies dummy not smart. If we allow such programs, soon we will join American society, gossip consumer , reality shows. That is what neoliberalism wants, dump society but consumer, live just to sell labor. 1% wealthy rulers successed with such programs

  28. Tatek says:

    Dear Editor,

    Let me respectfully disagree with your partisan edition that the United States has abused its power by trying to act as the ‘World police’. History tells us that it has actually effectively exercised its military, political and economic power to stand-by those who needed security, safety, harmony, peace and freedom at times of their utmost need. From confronting, fighting and defeating Nazism alongside its allies to successfully standing upto and helping bring the Cold War to an end, the power and resolve of the United States has been unsurpassed in human history. Even when Ronald Reagan chose to engage the South African Apartheid regime through what he called ‘Constructive Engagement’, the Senate reversed this policy by overriding the President’s veto and urged the Apartheid Authorities to abolish Apartheid or face freezing isolation and severe economic and political sanctions. When humanity faced an evil from Nazism to Communism, Apartheid to terrorism, famine to drought, tsunami to earthquake etc., the United States has always been there every step of the way and I think to deny these is not only an insult to history, but also urinating on the face of reality. No wonder this rock-solid resolve and leadership of the United States hasn’t always been welcomed by all with open arms. To dictators, terrorists, Autocracies and Communists like your ‘wedy’s’ at Arat Kilo, this helping hand of the United States has been a big stick in the eye rather than an open arm extended to help. The world has been a living witness to the fact that major political scandals that the United States has successfully weathered from Nixon’s Watergate, Reagan’s Iran – Contra, Clinton’s extramarital Affairs at the White House and Bush’s controversial War in Iraq have all received very extensive, unbiased, uncontrolled and uncensored coverage from all media in the United States and those who think there was any censorship or control whatsoever should just re-read that New York Times’ famous frontline titled ‘Bush lied, people died’. Or perhaps the famous undercover CIA officer, Valerie Plame story, which VP Cheney’s chief of staff, Scooter Libby, made public to shame her husband who told the media that the administration’s story that Iraq purchased yellow cake from Niger was manufactured. We all know if any journalist in Communist Ethiopia goes to the air with something like ‘Meles stole $3 Billion from public coffers’, he/she would unquestionably be burned alive. As a simple testament to this, one may just revisit the plight of Eskinder Nega, Woubshet Taye, Reyot Alemu, Temesgen Desalegn and many others who remain the imprisoned consciences of Ethiopia solely for reporting stories that were not to the Communist Authorities’ liking, and whose sacrifice for liberty and freedom in their country will be remembered for generations to come. I’m not surprised by Minster Redwan’s remarks that his country’s Communist Govt has often been a victim of biased reporting from a liberal media, inconvenient Scholars, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Economist (which has been assumed to have been persuaded to write biased and one sided story by the OLF or may be Ginbot 7) and the list goes on. Sure, when you are a dictator, the line-up of enemies is endless and instead of selecting the core issue and confronting it head-on, dictators and losers usually engage issues by squarely placing a blame game. The regime is determined to fight tooth and nail against those who reject Communism by portraying itself as a victim of liberal media bias thereby turning public opinion against the free world and perhaps saving its face, but it is incumbent upon those who value humanity to deny it grasp victory out of the jaws of defeat. Ethiopia’s Communist media has long elevated itself from giving the regime more than the benefit of the doubt in such endeavor and started confronting any dissenting view head on by sharing seats with Cabinet officials as we saw Mr. Dawit doing at Adama.

    The United States ushered these same Communist totalitarians to Arat kilo hoping that by so doing they might help build a new Ethiopian nation that offers peace, prosperity and basic human rights protected by the rule of law to all who dwell within its realms, but if Communists at Arat kilo still dream of keeping wedded to Communism and jungle rule, they should take note that the free World led by the United States will lend a helping hand to Ethiopians as they keep wiggling loose from the grip of Authoritarianism and Communism.

  29. Tsegaye says:

    Interesting and impressive analysis & argument. God bless U for the dedication and committement u made to make a difference to ur people and country. You are one of the prominent and knowledgaboe politician our country needs to have at this critical time and journey. I wish u all the best. Keep going.

  30. Biniam says:

    For those who have the habit of swallowing anything without chewing may be the Minister’s analysis of the nature of a media could be like a bone in their throat , otherwise it is a plain a fact. The minister did not say anything that does not exist he is simply putting in clear terms some of the factors to show that media is class based in any country and any sensible person can feel it in his / her daily experience. Minister Redwan did not say what is invisible it is all visible.In my view, it is true.For example, has the Washington Post News paper said anything about the children mercilessly killed by Israel bombardment in Gaza and condemned it vigorously? Has the so called Human Rights Watch said any thing about the killing of innocent children in Gaza? No. why? Why did western medias tried to exaggerate a very little incident, a clash between the security police and violent groups that took place in Meskel Square last month,which was simply controlled within hours. Should that incident be given a very wide and repeated coverage over the Euro-news, Algazeera, bbc etc etc.? No! because that incident was simply minor incident should not be exaggerated. Any ways, that is it, if you are poor and economically handicapped and socially backward you will always be undermined by the west and their puppets for they are sure that you are within their and they can impose upon you what ever they feel like. The only solution to this is to try to eradicate poverty and get out of their grip.

  31. Bruk says:

    God Bless PM Hailemariam Desalegn. God Bless Dr, Debretsion. God Bless Minister Redwan. God please heal or take them away those worthless that are there but have no idea what their jobs are and what they must do in order to fulfill their duties.

    The Anglo-American leadership western companies, institutions, organizations, politicians and the likes are too fraud, fake and baseless existing and achieving results illegally and wrongly playing with mental sabotages with fake images based on fictional stories and full propaganda lies about them, saying how the best they are.

    The English lead western so called medias, scholars, institutions, organizations, groups and individuals are constantly at war and always busy intentionally damaging not only the individuals and companies achievements in other country but also fully engaging with intentionally image damaging and undermining the citizens spreading lies and bad images where Ethiopia is their first, longest, easiest and worst victim. Even those so called aid agencies, NGOs, charities and others that are pretending they are innocent, free, trustworthy and truthful are collecting money through lies including by presenting the worst possible situation about other nations and citizens Where Ethiopia is their main target and long time client.

    They even are creating fictional stories and making fake films in order to present the worst possible situations in other countries with goal to make that nations overall situations as complete worthless, to make feel their people better than others, and to collect more money in the name of those they are intentionally damaging their image where almost all the money is used by them for their own personal life.

    English lead western companies are paying up to 5 or more dollars per comment hiring individuals including from Bangladesh, India and so on for comments to write the best and nicest fictional stories about their companies; meaning lying about it in order to get more customers without delivering adequate services and quality products but only for the sake of profit at any cost. They also are hiring to comment negatively against their concurrent companies to make them lose customers and ultimately making them out of the market. They are deleting when some is commenting based on the facts and truth and accusing or exposing their companies.

    You see how important is for them image building and in order to get that they are doing including with lies, fictional stories and distorting of hiding the facts. But they are engaging with intentionally image damaging and undermining the ancient citizens targeting Ethiopia for decades motivated by race and greedy. The so called aid agencies, NGO, Charities, institutions, organizations and of course the evil English/Jewish journalists are working together for this purpose. And we know that.

    yet, they are still allowed being in the country getting permissions/ visas from worthless embassies like that of in London that deserves to be closed long since times ago. What kind job are they doing on daily basis in return the nations is paying their expensive expense with goal they are doing the embassy jobs with the highest standards including protecting the nation and its citizens from enemies that are fierce and racists have no what so ever empathy and respect towards us.

    Does the Ethiopia Embassy Know at least something about a Jew criminal with the name of Graham Peebels who is working for the Jew Soros agenda in Ethiopia? There is no doubt that worthless embassy will give him again a visa with hand shake if that evil Jew demands them to do so? They have no idea who is who when they are issuing visas while the English embassy in Ethiopia is not issuing visas even to those coming to England only for Good and positive things towards England. While more than 90% of those getting visas from the Ethiopian embassies are coming to Ethiopia for negative, bad and damaging reasons against our country implementing their agendas and plans on us.

    The Ethiopian foreign ministry is rotten. Some embassies are worthless and must be closed long times ago rather than allowing them to be used by the foreign criminals and enemies to get permission to come in the country to affect the nation in many ways. They are thinking their main job is bringing more foreigners in the country unable to understand how some foreigners are bad and dangerous and they must not allow going to Ethiopia but stopping them while exposing the crimes they are doing against Ethiopia including the one sided war they are waging against us interfering in our matters, image damaging and undermining the people as worse as possible.

    They even don’t have a clue, what kind benefit the country gets from tourism, from which country/individuals and so on. They also have no knowledge how tourism is bad and damaging the society and environment if it allows bad foreigners coming in the country. They even have no idea which country and people are the biggest and best tourist nations.

    China, Russia and Japan are contributing more than 75% of tourism revenues in the world. They are the really tourists looking good time, learning the nations while respecting the local people. Ethiopia has excellent relation and legitimate reasons to have good relations in the tourism sectors too with the above mentioned nations including Korea.

    Because of they are the real tourists with no other agenda like others are known with while pretending as tourists, they will not come because of you are calling them to come to Ethiopia as the Foreign Minister did in NW, Manhattan shamefully shouting saying ” Come to Ethiopia” calling and inviting the greedy, enemies and the source of all troubles in his country.

    Ethiopia must stop calling others in the country while she is not totally ready and in control to receive and handle them but having lots of problem at home including in the tourism sectors. She must be ready first by doing her jobs in a way that would never affect the citizens in any form or way but bringing benefits. When they see good accommodations, guarantee of safety, security, dealing with smart society that keep own things alive rather than brainwashed by the English… and so on, the real and genuine tourists do come by themselves. But, when we are calling them to come as tourists despite we know we are not good enough and ready for, only the criminals and those having own damaging plan and agenda will come and do bad and negative things easily and freely including infecting the society with bad and inhuman behaviors they are known with and are doing in public in their own countries supported by the law.

    Ethiopia needs herself very much in order to improve by herself and becomes competent and complete able to do the nations jobs by herself including protecting the nations from bad foreigners that are coming in the country as Journalists, aid agencies, NGOs. Tourists, investors and so on we know who they are from where they are coming.

    Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Italians, Germans, and the likes are more than enough for Everything Ethiopia is looking to have with foreign nations including tourism. Ethiopia must and have to be free from the English lead USA so called aid or whatever reasons they are having telling us how poor, weak, backward and lots of other problems we do have and they are there pretending to solve those things while we know they are there to worsen the situation that would allow them being in the country and feel powerful and at home can do anything bad and negative they want as they are doing for decades.

    God Bless PM Hailemariam Desalegn. God Bless Dr, Debretsion. God Bless Minister Redwan. God please heal or take them away those worthless that are there but have no idea what their jobs are and what they must do in order to fulfill their duties.

    Dr. Debretsion protected the Ethiopian Telecom form the biggest white sharks that were totally focusing to own it and control the nation very important sector not only financially but also securities. The Just inaugurated ICTET village in Ethiopia is one of the biggest national milestones if not the biggest shaping the nation future in the 21 and beyond centuries. This will happen only and only when ICTET is totally and fully owned and run by Ethiopians laying the foundation of the Ethiopian ICT specialists and development starting from the ground by Ethiopians feeling it is home made our own creation with lots of efforts and sacrifices and it will belongs to us for real and we always will know it from inside out that lead to improve and develop the sectors .to the highest levels with international standards

    Dr. Debretsion, you were great with the Ethi-Telecom keeping it under the Ethiopian full ownership despite so many pressures knowing how important it is keeping under the Ethiopians ownership. Important things are not achieving or making them working easily but paying lots of sacrifices. There is no doubt, Ethiopians are continuing making the Ethio- Telecom working the best ways for them while improving its services by themselves with cooperation with best countries like China and others.
    We are not demanding but supporting while very closely watching the ICTET village development believing it will serve Ethiopians giving the best opportunities and possibilities to become the best specialists in the ICT sectors. The ICT monopolies like Apple, Microsoft and Google will try to get it as the corporate telecom companies tried to get our telecom for their advantage at our huge losses. But, never surrender to them. If you do that, it will be like grass eater animal such as cows are giving up the fight against the Killer that is looking to kill them for food.

    Remember: having good and working relationship with Great nations like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, India, Germany, Italy and so on while doing our things by ourselves with confidence and determination being ready to pay any sacrifices knowing this is the only way to be good enough and benefiting from the right ways. These nations are good enough for anything we do need from abroad including in tourism, ICT and so on. When they know we are doing our things by ourselves and we have something to make them feel safe, free and enjoying the Ethiopian ways including good accommodations, fresh air, nice weather and breathtaking landscape including the fresh air and breath taking great Simien Mountains, the genuine and real tourists that are respecting the locals from the above mentioned nations will come by themselves and we also can get meaning full benefits from.

    But, inviting those are not really tourists but using tourism to affect us in many ways including infecting the citizens with their inhuman bad behaviors for economic reason is not really a good thing to do. Stop inviting bad tourists you know who they are and what they are doing but concentrate on the Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Koreans, Indians, Germans, Italians and so on while improving the accommodations with the Ethiopian style but serving the best ways the above mentioned nation tourists/nationals. If they know, we are already doing that, they will come by themselves. But without doing those things, they will not come even if you beg them but the bad ones will use it as opportunities to fulfill their agenda and plan on us pretending they are there as Tourists or whatever fake and misleading names they are having and that are plenty.

    Dr. Debretsion, keep the ICTET under the Ethiopian ownership forever while working with nations you know they are capable in the ICT sector and are good for us. Steady and Slow development with own capacity paying all necessary sacrifices while keeping it under own ownership is how the smart people do and the brave leaders are understanding the situation. Short term gain or indirect benefits are easy to get them and making happy for a while but the long term damage they are causing is fundamental and always enormous where the next generations would suffer as a result.

    Therefore, ICTET village must have a very long term strategy nationwide vision creating Ethiopian specialists from the ground up that would guarantee the long term huge benefit to the nation. Don’t give in allowing the white Sharks such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and the likes eating the Ethiopian people alive for generation by owning the nation wealth and resources where ICTET is the very important one in the 21-century world.

  32. Bruk says:

    The Ethiopian embassy in London, Ethiopian governmnet and people at home; what are you doing?

    ‘I know I’m too young to be a mother’: child marriage in Ethiopia – in pictures
    Early marriage and pregnancy are challenges faced by many teenage girls in Ethiopia. UNICEF’s(English establishment project based on their own agenda and plan in Ethiopia acting as if there is no government in the country but they are free to do anything they want against the society including targeting the Christians in Churches and ….) Girls’ Empowerment photo project aims to document the hopes, dreams and aspirations of young women throughout Ethiopia
    All photographs by Kate Holt for Unicef
    Guardian Global development is supported by:

    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Did it say Bill and Melinda gates? Ask among the others the Turks president about the Mission these… have including in Ethiopia?

    Did you also read Kate Holt?

    This mother fuc… is born in Zimbabwe from a white colonist father and black slave mother. She is part of the BBC and other English medias, institutions and organization projects in Ethiopia officially started in 1984(she was there) using famine as best opportunities. She is an evil ugly deported from Zimbabwe and never came back against and never will. But she is welcome in Ethiopia (because there is no normal human being there to treat her the way she deserves which is never ever allow her in the country) doing the evil things she is doing back then (1984) filming and today with pictures.

    It could be the case why she is in Ethiopia among the others because of she is deported from Nigeria she was there until few week ago. the reason could be as usual this evil might trying to damage the country images thinking it easy there as she is doing against Ethiopia widely and for so long and nothing is happen to her. She is moving all over the country with goal damaging the country image and undermining the people as worse as possible working for the English establishment personal and secret projects in Ethiopia.

    Is the Ethiopian embassy in London following very closely and on daily basis what the evil English Medias and others are doing against Ethiopia and doing the necessary embassy jobs including informing back home about?

    Are those in the pictures gave permissions their photo and story (which is not them but these evils personal opinions based on their own agenda and plan against our people) to be on the guardian which is an evil English corporate media predominantly run by the Jews so called journalists?
    Is the Ethiopian embassy made contacts with this corporate media seeking answers about who gave them the rights to publish the photos and writing fake stories about the innocent Ethiopians including those in the Picture?
    We are waiting eth answers about this and many other issues happening in England or by the English in Ethiopia against Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

  33. Zellalem says:

    Read Wikileaks including published on Friday(19-06-2015) more than 60,000 diplomatic cables from Saudi Arabia and said on its website it would release half a million (500.000) more in the coming weeks. Learn how others including the Saudis are doing the foreign policy and diplomatic jobs for the sake of their country and citizens where the native Saudis are just 18 million while Ethiopians are 90 million which means they are capable of doing all the jobs by themselves including the foreign ministry with victorious and successful results. Stop feeling less than others and you need them despite you know they are there to affect you in many ways but be up to your potential and expectation relaying on yourself while working with others you are sure about them.

    Calling someone with bad names make you quarrel and the victim will fight back including with physical fights. Accusing someone wrongly makes you criminal and the law will punish you. But when you do things that are not right or even are right but intentionally to affect against the nation and its citizens, the punishment would be none negotiable and merciless.

    However, in Ethiopia things are happening differently which is out of touch and beyond the realities. What is going on against Ethiopia for so long openly, freely and constantly intentionally damaging the country image and undermining its people by the Jews lead English establishment corporate medias working together with different agencies, organizations, institutions and so on coming in the country by themselves pretending they are innocent and are there to help/for good and positive reasons which is hahahaha and pat of the game is the worst thing to happen to any nation while the quickest, biggest and harshest merciless response is needed to stop it completely.

    The Ethiopian foreign ministry that is for sure already rotten and stinking all over the land affecting very badly the nation with its overall foreign relationship unable to understand how things are working in the foreign relations, being dumb and ignorant towards foreign individuals forgetting how they are playing games for their secret damaging agendas, unable to select and work with the good ones including China, Russia(a trustworthy and useful great nation like China), Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy and the likes while completely avoiding and exposing the bad ones that are known but are still in the front and on the top thinking they are in control in our country feeling free and plenty with numbers doing their damaging jobs against our nation; based on the plan and agenda from New york, Washington and London. And we know who are those few from these three locations. The Jews leads Anglo-Saxon greedy imperialists and racist establishments are behind all and everything bad and negative going on against us for so long.

    The Anglo-USA/Jew corporate medias that are almost 100% owned and run by the Jews are the greatest enemies Ethiopia is facing ever since the English establishment state owned media (BBC that was serving the colonial empire in the whole of Africa and Asia) officially and mercilessly started in 1984 intentionally and unreservedly damaging the country image and undermining its people in front of the world with huge ceremony using the junk, addicted, homo and lesbean depreciated English and USA so called singers including their agent Bob Geldof.

    He is still around because being part of the Anglo-American conspiracy/secret agencies is his only carrier and the way making him the lavish living. Do you know any music from him? No. But they just are calling his a “rock Star” QQQQQ to make his someone from nothing in order to get him place and position in others taught. If you find any meaningful song from him, then tell to others about. Because there is nothing. He is talking about Ethiopia using/serving the Jewish corporate medias including WSJ (Wall street Journal) with their plan to buy/colonize Ethiopia in the name of privatization using equity funds which are the big mountains of worthless toilet papers look like stinky garbage funds calling them associating with hard currency which a paper note like any other currency including The Birr.

    Stopping the Anglo-USA corporate Medias that are multinational companies doing criminal jobs against other nations ( in Africa they are targeting Ethiopia) coming in, in the name of free media while getting billions without paying any money or having business contracts and keeping the regulations as companies do while working in other countries, has to be the first job to start to any normal citizen before doing any job even for him/herself let alone the nation. Almost all journalists running those multinational criminal media companies including the English based Guardian are the Jews from England, USA, France, Canada, Australia while there are some brainwashed sold out ignorant slaves including from Africa serving their agenda and plan in Africa as it was the case during slavery and colonization where they are blaming the Africans today for the crimes; trying to distance/ declare as if they were not responsible about slavery, colonization and everything bad happened in Africa for 500 years.

    The Ethiopian foreign ministry need to have a total shake up and make over meaning must have smart, wise, brave, hard working, patriotic, confidence, determine and in general complete new generations of people that are capable doing the best jobs related to the foreign ministry. USA and England appointed foreign ministry cannot serve Ethiopia but them as we know how things were done after Meles’s death; the care taker foreign minister pushed down/aside knowing they knew him who he was when he was an Ethiopian ambassador in USA, Brussels and so on always doing the embassy jobs working for his country interest and benefit.

    However, in order to repeat their free, comfortable and easy highway during his ministry in the health sector particularly in the highland targeting the Christians, they appointed him to the Foreign ministry and we are suffering as the result including the ministry/Embassies and others related to it are not even trying to defend the nation from the Anglo-USA/Jewish corporate media wars against our nation but issuing visas and working together with those are all over the country implementing their agenda and plan on our innocent citizens while pretending differently and camouflaging behind different names but for the same reason.

    During the Time when China, Russia and many others are becoming the most respected, trusted and useful nations in the 21-century, smart and brave nations would do anything in order to be free from the old mentalities imposed on them by slave masters and colonizers that are badly affecting them in many ways for so long. So, be yourself and good enough as a nation together while having good relations with the useful and good nations including China and Russia that are going to rule the world not only politically but also economy and power, with huge responsibilities towards the earth and world which the only place to human and life in general.

    Being free from the nations that are indirectly or directly ruled by the Ashkenazi Jewish is what any normal nation has to do first and keep always that way. if not, no matter what they are telling you today which is part of the game they are playing, the end of the road will be always an endless hell as we see in other countries including in Ukraine; one of the stable and prosperous countries became the worst and failed nation in Europe. Who is responsible and to blame? who is affected by? Think about it for your own sake about what is going on in Ethiopia because of these people are around her in many forms and ways and for so long behaving like vultures flaying above the nation sky waiting to get her dead body for their own benefits.

    We are not against anyone or we have any hate towards anyone but we are saying leave us alone and let peace and respect to be with/between us. We are not attacking or affecting anyone but defending us and our country. They are the only reasons. We are just defending ourselves which is the nature of all living things where human being is on the top defending itself. They need to stop being against us and our country. We don’t need them for anything but they are coming by themselves to affect us pretending they are there for good reasons which is the game they are playing thinking the 21-century generation is still dumb and weak they can do anything against as it was the case in the past 5 centuries.

    They have to stop being against us knowing Ethiopians are not just blacks in the same line they are having in mind about black people. They must know we didn’t stay independent for thousands years just like that but always fighting for justice and paying lots of sacrifices in order to keep us and our country from any foreign invader. If they do that meaning leave us alone and treat us equally and with respect knowing they their position and place in our country of anything related to us as we do towards them, then we have no problem with them.

    if not, we will never surrender us and our nation to the Jews lead greedy Imperialists and corporations but will continue defending us with organized manners till we defeat and stop them from interfering in our matters and affecting us in any ways. The evil corporate medias and so called aid (spy) agencies, right groups, peace core and so on; most of them are the greedy and imperialist corporate Jews from USA, UK, France and so on will not defeat us and take our nations just like that after we managed to keep her independent for 3000 years fighting alone and with less abilities. Today is a very different world and is the best for us. We know they are in the mission to kill and destroy the old and ancient tradition, culture, society/family values and so on knowing this is the best tactic they are busy with in order to defeat and destroy a stable and strong society for thousands years like the Ethiopians are.

  34. Visitor says:

    ጠላቴ እንደ ወዳጀ መሰሎ እየቀረበ
    መርዝ በቤቴ ዘራ እባብ ተበተበ
    ዘረኛ የሆነ ቁጥር አንደኛ ጠላት
    ከኔም ቦታ ሆኖ….
    እንደ እቃ ያየኛል እሱን በጌታነት፡፡
    ጥፋቱ በማን ነው ማንስ ነው ተወቃሽ
    እንዲህ ሲሆንብኝ የማይችል በጭራሽ፡
    ይሁዳ ያለበት፡ በሩቅም የነካው
    ህይዎቱ ሲኦል ነው አለቀለት በቃው
    የምዕራብ ሜዲያ ፕሮፓጋንዳው ሁሉ
    በሱ እጅ ተይዞ አለም ጠፋው ውሉ፡፡

    ሀዘን ለአሜሪካ ለወደፊት እጣው
    መድረሻው ግልፅ ነው ይሁዳ የሚነካው
    ስንት መልካም፡ ጥሩ ፈረንጆች ያሉበት
    በነሱ ምክንያት ሆኗል የስቃይ ቤት፡፡
    ታዲያ እንዴት ይሆናል ይህ ለኔ፡ ለሀገሬ
    ይወገዳል እንጂ ስር ሳይሰድ በምድሬ
    በሰባ ሰበቡ በዚህ በዚያ ይምጣ
    ማንም አይቀበል የሱን ውሸት፡ ጣጣ፡፡

    We are hoping as a wise, brave and patriotic minister responsible in this sector, Ato Redwan would do whatever it takes in order to stop the multinational business empire Jewish control corporate medias from England, USA and other western nations illegal and wrong involvement against Ethiopia and the citizens that is going on for decades with goal damaging as worst as possible the country image, undermining her people and causing troubles within and beyond.

    It is the easiest and right thing to do which is stopping them at least in our own country than dealing with the causes they are intentionally creating for the sake of their benefits at our huge costs including being in our country such as Reuters, Bloomberg, Guardian, VOA and many more. They are not the free medias but the corporate imperialist business empires worth hundreds of billions.

  35. wedinakfa says:

    I don’t know what to say about TPLF people, their life and wages is paid by the NGO’s. now the romance wilting, Mr Redwan is hallucinating please call Bereket Simon to help you he is the master of lie!!

  36. camp says:

    Mr. Redwan Hussen put it like it is ! very realistic peresention. here in the US media and the church is an extention of the government. the church dont pay tax so they will help the govt by condtioning the people to the system.and if a media organization is hostile to the system there will be tax auditing or licence will not be renewed when its due…so they ve to comply !..many jornalists and new organiztion lost white house press confrence permits when become hostile to any adminstration.such. so dont see what the fuss on MR. Redwan’s comment …

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