Ethiopia: EPRDF wins by landslide in general election


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14 Responses

  1. wedinakfa says:

    I beg to differ on the Ethiopian election, EPRDF simply stol ethe majority not won it!! clear and Simple

    Awramaba boy stop deluding yourself, go back and read history perhaps your history!!

  2. Beza says:

    Congratulations EPRDF. This is a reward for your great work and dedication to lift the country from deep poverty. Most of all to keep the country free of terrorism. Terrorists like Andargachew would have been giving the country for that desperate Shabiya, Esayas.

    • wedinakfa says:

      Beza His Excellency President of Eritrea has said, he would do election’s like Ethiopia every year; Beza I doubt you understood what he meant by every year!!!

  3. Borena says:

    Wedi Nakfa, this is our domestic issue and leave us alone. Why don’t you advice your president for life, isaias afeworki to conduct such peaceful elections instead of barking here.

  4. Borkenawonzu says:

    It is North Korea as its finest! in the country where being an opposition me member will make you killed , jailed or fired , a military and security apparatus affiliated with the ruling party,all institutions do not exercise their constitutional right,no strong civic society ,absence of credible observation mission ,a state propaganda machine demonize oppositions dawn to dusk , no one expects fair and free election,I bet you if Ethiopian conducts real elections,woyanne only wins in Tigray . That support also fades

  5. Observer says:

    ያገሬ ሰው ” ምቀኛ ኣታሳጣኝ ” ይላል ይህን ሲል ያለ ምክንያት ኣይደለም ተጠንቅቆ አንዲኖር ስለሚያስችለው ነው።ተቀዋሚዎች መኖር ለሁሉም ይበጅ ነበር ። መድበለ ፓርቲም ስር ኣት ቀስ አያለ ይሰርጽም ነበር። alas!!
    The second generation TPLF/EPRDF members ( the old guards were brought up under Marxist /Leninist doctrine where ” my way or high way “was the order of the day ) should strive to include prominent opposition party leaders in the council of ministers and enjoy the diversity of ideas and be able to pick and choose the best ideas to lead the country forward. By this act you may pave the way for future reconciliation and brotherhood among citizens.
    ጆሮ ያለው ይስማ!! ልብ ያለው ልብ ይበል!!

    • hagerawi says:

      Your name exactly reflects what you said in your comment. At the end of the day, we all are Ethiopians. So, the government should be inclusive of different views and contributions from the oppositions to get rid of our exterem poverty.

      • Observer says:

        Thank you for your understanding .
        Let us change for the better the political arena of our country by evolution but not revolution as it is destructive for all.

  6. Bruk says:

    Ethiopians are spoken clearly and loudly making clear only they are in control but no one including from abroad; no matter how rich and powerful he is thinking. It is our country and matters we (the people) are giving full mandates to the elected officials warning them always behaving as the true children and part of the people and doing only the things that are benefiting the nation. When the people and the elected officials are working together for common benefits and destination, there is nothing left untouched, they cannot reached or achieved and also no one would affect them within or from abroad although almost all the nations bad and negative situations are the direct or indirect results from abroad.

    The people are also telling the officials that they have been elected to work hard and good to benefit the nation being like competent, happy and determine Slaves serving without looking the material benefits they are getting but for the sake of the highly price benefits they (also their children) are going to get for many many years from the people including good names.

    The Ethiopian people are spoken and the leaders are elected to serve the nation working hard and good without feeling tired but with full of hope and lots of achievements that would make them happy and proud for ever for doing the right things with open mind and clean hands.

    So, move on with the nation building all out efforts doing all the necessary national issues/ matters by ourselves together including the issue of…..

    Obama is coming to Ethiopia. But why know? What for? Who told him to go there? Who is coming with him?

    Are they Sure, this is the harvest time in Ethiopia and they have to be there to collect it including by force playing the carrot and stick kind of games? They are not engaging with useful production and building activities that are creating the real economies but waiting in the corner while others are doing the real jobs. And when the wealth is created, they come in and taking over others efforts in the name of Globalization, investment and privatization targeting service sectors including in the banking, financial and internet/telecom services or engaging with environment damaging and health risky companies including in the food and drink sectors such as breweries, coca cola, Tobacco and other fatty, salty and sugary products using the nation clean and abandoned water wealth and labor force cheaply and without paying the real prices and damaging the environment.

    What is funny and damaging the same times is that they are buying raw materials like barley and others from abroad while Ethiopia is the best place to grow anything through the year including barely. However, if they do, the Ethiopian farmers will get benefit from while their people back home/abroad will lose. And they will not do that and they are not up to that. Clean water is natural and 100 healthier and better than such as the multinational coca cola that is using huge water and damaging the environment with devastating health damages among the citizens. Use the water for drink in the commercial ways coca cola is using massively and paying nothing or little while selling it with high price including damaging the public health.

    Obama is coming to Ethiopia? Why know? What for? Who told him to go there? Who is coming with him?

    -is he going to say, command or frighten us about the things what we have to do or not in our country while no one is telling him what to do about the millions of victims in USA under his “presidency”?
    -Is he going to preach how democracy( corporatism), free media( corporate medias), freedom(among the others massive surveillance as far as worldwide including this comment), equality(USA, Israel and England are the top three with inequalities), peaceful society(USA is number one in the world with prisoners number while England is number one in Europe where Israel is not far way- who is inside in these three nations jails and who is controlling the justice system and corporate prison companies), race equality( the most racist nation in the world is USA orchestrated by the corporate medias that are having in mind to keep the mass population(black and white) mistrust against each other while the few Corporate imperialists(by enlarge the Jewish) are getting the benefits from at the huge cost of the population(black and white) and other issues that are happening in the worst situation in USA are working perfectly and others like Ethiopia also must follow USA as an example embracing those things in order to destroy herself? Is he going to talk about that for real?
    - Is he bringing with him the evil Monsanto, Coca cola, Mc Donald, Wal-Mart and so many other corporate companies responsible damaging the environment, health and damaging the economy while exploiting the workers, looting the nation wealth and treating the mass consumers as herd of animals? We also know who owns those evil and dangerous corporate companies as it the same in the corporate Medias.
    -is he going to bring the “Great” White Sharks from wall street that are his best friends and masters bringing him on power the first place and pretending as a black person while giving them Ethiopia as a free gift with signing document in the name of agreements allowing the Great white sharks treating Ethiopia the way how the real hungry and angry sharks do towards their victims?
    We are very much aware about his visit this time with a kind of decision look like coming from nowhere but just decided by themselves with a hurry without announcing earlier as it was the case his visit to Kenya. This announcement is done with reaction look like coming from panic caused by the racist/terrorist shooting against the 9 Americans in a Church that leads more and more blacks towards anger towards the president knowing since he took power, blacks became the worst victims in many ways including economically and socially.

    One thing is clear, the next 18 months of his remained term is going to very bad and game changing to the worst in sub Saharan Africa where Ethiopia is the main target because of 9 out of the 11 his advisors are Jews and others around him taking the highest positions are also them. His ideal person is Soros who is an evil person living in the 20 and 21 century. Almost all MSM (main stream Medias) that are controlling and shaping the national and international propaganda news are them. Wall Street and other financial sectors and multinationals are also controlled by them.
    So as they call him “the Jews remote control or Programmed Robot” they are going to use him for bad reasons in Africa and the world including the war in Ukraine and Russia using the neo Nazis to do so as they are destroying the Middle east using the most evil and extremist Sunni wahhabi terrorists including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, al Qaida, IS, Al Nusra and so on.

    We are hoping while watching very closely from the Ethiopians side that our elected officials that are part of the people will not give in allowing the evil and merciless USA/Jews owned corporations taking over our nations with signing document sounding as if it is also working for us while buying the nation for ever ownership with the toilet paper printed look like money they are calling it hard currency because of only they are saying so about and it is from them.
    Is USA a democratic nation working for the sake of its all citizens? Is USA a peaceful nation its citizens are feeling safe? Is USA a nation to look at because its citizens are feeling as equal citizens including having jobs and resources while looking the best future with hopes? Is USA police/military can be an example in order to keep law and order and safety? There are millions reasons USA cannot be seen as an example to follow but to avoid while having good relations with others including in Europe of course except England and those technically ruled by the Jew including France being on the top of everything.

    Race issues between blacks and white is a lie and intentionally created being part of the game and their main weapon in order to create mistrust and disunity among the mass that are all victims of the system controlled by the few. The vast majority white people in USA and all over Europe and elsewhere are not racist at all. They are normal people struggling to make the living as all other races are everywhere.

    However, the few that are controlling power, wealth and propaganda corporate Medias are none stop playing the race cards intentionally creating mistrusts among the victims which is the best game strategy they are achieving so far making the victims disunited but distrusted and affect against each other allowing the few getting illegal and wrong benefits from both of them.

    Few PM advisors that are the English/USA brainwashed agents must be careful with their so called advice to the PM making him to make very damaging mistakes in the name of international relations with signing papers. The FM needs to go to vacation during the Obama visit or the new FM is needed to be appointed with the new parliament approval.

    if you want to know more about Obama as a president Just read the Black Americans that are getting angry and fading away from him massively and every day no one would left having any sympathy and trust on him after 18 months when he left office. His is there serving the wall streets, corporations and all the criminals in the Trade, financial and banking sectors including equity funds. Democrats stopped him his trade agreement with the pacific… with vote when he was decided to give away the Jobs opportunities and benefits of ordinary USA citizens for the interest of the corporations working together with the republicans. AU represents all Africans. But his visit and presidency looks Africa differently dividing between North and Sub Saharan Africa. Why? As the Jews that are his advisors and brains about everything he is doing nationally and internationally, he even doesn’t know why but it all about them.

    if we are not continuing being vigilant, smart, brave, self confidence while working closely with other useful and trusted nations like China, Russia, Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany and so on, the next 18 months Obama presidency is going to affect our nations with very long term consequences ending just like that the 3000 years of freedom, independency and being ourselves in our country. Just avoid the Jews and English establishment and everything is going to be okay. Obama is part of them they brought him to power using his skin color in Africa, the world and between races in order to create race conflicts in order implementing their agendas and plans in USA and elsewhere if they are allowed.

    Don’t be optimistic about his coming visit that is announced just like that look like coming from panic caused by the church massacre where blacks and whites are blamed him knowing his presidency is making the situation worse than before. But keep yourself together, discuss about everything to the very details relating to with them while keeping open to the public and act as government officials on equal term as they are.

    Any nation Obama has been, became in trouble or failed nation after his departure. We will see what is going to happen in Ethiopia after his visit, too. He is not in himself but the people behind him holding everything while using him as a weapon to achieve their goals pretending they are innocent or not responsible but him as it is going in Ukraine and other wars and conflicts all over, USA/UK/Israel are causing. They will cause a lot more damages in the next 18 months worse than before knowing he has left little time and they have to be hurry. And in the hurry they would even try to start officially WW3 that is happening in the cold war style since Bush. However Obama is the champion and will be the main responsible for in the history book that would not make him proud at all.

    My vote was for H. Clinton, not him. And I was right. It is not about race but the whole issues. Race is not a human made but natural. There are human made issues where individuals or groups are responsible for which is I ‘m always concentrating on talking about including this time, too. Obama is not going to bring anything good to Ethiopia with his visit but the things that are making too much worry about every since his coming is announced.

  7. Visitor says:

    ህዝብ ድምፁን የሰጠ ሙሉ እምነት ይዞ ነው
    የመረጠው አካል እንዲያገለግለው
    የኢትዮጰያ ችግር ከውጭ ነው ምንጩ
    እውነቱ ይፍረጥረጥ ይነገር በቅጩ
    አሜሪካ፡ እንግሊዝ አሽከናዝ ይሁዳ
    ከጠላት ሁሉ ጠላት ከባእድ ሁሉ ባእዳ
    የሚጠቅም መሳይ ሰላማዊ ወዳጅ
    በዚህ በኩል ሲዘርፍ በዚያ በኩል ሲፈጅ

    Congratulation to all Ethiopians.

  8. Gemal says:

    ያገሬ ሰው ” ምቀኛ ኣታሳጣኝ ” ይላል ይህን ሲል ያለ ምክንያት ኣይደለም ተጠንቅቆ አንዲኖር ስለሚያስችለው ነው
    Yes I agree with and that is why EPRDF ie working hard day and night .

  9. dude says:


  10. Chala says:

    I don’t want to anything about the election because we known its not conduct in free and fair manner. But I would like to congratulate ato dawit. Now it’s clear that he has been a mouth peice of the government all along. Individuals like him pretend to be real journalist did the shame dids of spying on their colleagues and others whom believe them as journalist.

  11. foxtiger says:

    Genbot7 is advancing to addis abeba the first person to be panished will be dawit kebede by citing his tung.

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