Obama’s Upcoming Visit to Ethiopia Recognizes Country’s ‘Enormous Importance’


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8 Responses

  1. Beza says:

    President Obama’s visit shows that, the country has made big jump toward, becoming one of the most important ally of USA. This can be seen in Economy, Military and science. Ethiopia has become a beacon of hope for African countries people, most of all, for its Ethiopian citizens.

    It is big blow to the cab drivers, who became politicians, in western country. At one time they had even went further, by calling their supporters not to elect Obama. The opposition groups, in Ethiopia should disassociate themselves fro those DOMA DIASPORAS.

  2. Sam says:

    Well, Ethiopia is important to America for security reason. The bad guys pretty much operate close to where Ethiopia is located, so Obama might see a staunch ally to fight terrorism for good reason. But it is unwise to discount the American interest to counteract that China is having in the continent. right now. The potential for American businesses to do business in Ethiopia
    right now might not be substantial. But in the coming decades Africa might be a lucrative place to do business- Ethiopia being prominent. Countries with foresight could not chart their friendship with another country based what is happening now, rather they see far in the future. If Obama thought leaving the continent to the Chinese unchallenged is unwise policy, he is right.

  3. Bruk says:

    I don’t like the copy and paste articles on Ethiopian blogs coming from foreigners. But this one is very much welcome and thanks to Dawit for doing that knowing and understanding the article before allowing it on his blog. Others need to learn from rather than doing so called journalism jobs engaging with copy and paste activities including the articles that are bad, dangerous and pure propaganda against own country and people.

    __ _

    Mr. Pham with the Vietnamese name did say the truth but not all the truth that could be not intentional motivated by reasons but he may not know what all about is.

    Is there any so called developing country particularly in Africa where England (the empire is still there) and USA (the English extended empire) have been there and that country is not badly affected? Name one. There is none.
    When Ebola was announced by them as an epidemic using their corporate Medias, Cuba sent immediately more than 300 doctors and nurses. Other nations also sent medical officials including Ethiopia more than 200 health experts.

    USA under obama sent to Liberia 3000 solders with Tank, bomb, Jet, Gun and other military equipments to fight the Ebola virus. England sent the same thing to Sierra Leone while France to Guinea. As the international community is saying from the Start, it was all about creating Military basis based on the three have agreed on secretly. England has now two Military basis officially in Africa; one in Kenya since 1907(Kenya never been independent as the colonial army is always being there till today in central Kenya) and the other is Sierra Leone. USA Military present is almost all Sub Saharan countries Thanks to Obama as France does in the Franco colony African nations.

    This all is happening in the name of aid/help using weaknesses as their best opportunities while most of the time they are the main reasons creating those weaknesses and spreading it all over the world with none stop propaganda using the corporate Medias owned by them and created for these kind purposes.

    Obama presidency is became the biggest disaster not to the ordinarily Americans but also internationally including in Sub Saharan Africa. He promised 10 billion dollar for electrification in Africa. Where is that money today? It is all about the game they are good at against the dumb and corrupted backward African leaders that are the main responsible about the bad situations in the continent despite its is naturally the best continent on earth and its is also the oldest with human civilizations.

    Let’s take Ethiopia as an Example. Ethiopia is 9 times bigger than England. A tiny country England has 55 million people which is tooooo much while Ethiopia has 90 million. If Ethiopia has the same number of population as England is according to the size of the territory, the Ethiopian population has to be 500 million. Ethiopian natural resources and gifts are thousands time bigger and better than the cold and isolated island; England. The amount of fresh water in the Lake Tana is very much cleaner and bigger than the Entire England Fresh water wealth. But they are still talking lies after lies how Ethiopia is dry, hot, desert and countless other negative and bad names they are doing it intentionally for evil reasons they are having in their evil brain.

    yet, when they are telling us how things are the best in England, how they are rich and capable and how genuine they are to help and so many lies they are vomiting none stop knowing blacks are dumb unable to see and understand even the facts that are easy to see and on the grounds, we believe them. We are telling ourselves to admit and accept anything they are telling with lies not only about them but also about us which all about in a way we are surrendering not only ourselves as individuals but the nation and citizens, too.

    we are trusting, accepting and agree on with anything they are telling to do or not to do in our own country despite we know it is not working but badly affecting in many ways for so long. There is something serous wrong going on with us that is not look like from a human being and as a result we become having lives and behaviors looks like less than human in any standard. We are allowing another human being to run and over run us doing anything he/she wants against us coming from far away from the places with less natural gifts. We (as African-not Ethiopians) are allowing ourselves to be dominated, described, ruled and destroyed by another human being for centuries. Even in the 21-century we are not still able to stop it by doing our things by ourselves as all human beings do including them. They are not better than any human being naturally but in Africa blacks are better and stronger than them because of it is their place and environment where the sun which is the centre of existence including the earth is the best friend to them, but not to those from the snow and cold areas.

    One thing is clear, Nothing is coming from England, USA and some others look like them for free but together with very damaging long term consequences according to their short and particularly long term plans. Instead of being trapped and remain weak and poor by relaying on bad foreign powers that are using weaknesses and stupidity as opportunities to make the situation worst and keep it as long as possible for their interest and benefit, why don’t we totally changed our mind sets and fully relay on ourselves engaging with essential and important human activities in order to become ourselves in our ways in our country?

    The current Ethiopian cultivated land is about 14 million hectare. Ethiopian arable land reaches up to 80 million hectare. If we develop our agriculture sector effectively with 20 million hectare, we can feed Ethiopia and all the neighboring nations. This also can lead us to the development of manufacturing and industrializations alongside improving the society way of life and thinking. The only best way where the Ethiopia future always relaying is on her best agriculture potential including having the best weather, abandoned fresh water, mineral rich fertile soil and landscape with different topography including high attitude that is the best to grown some expensive and useful agriculture products.

    As usual Obama will start his talk how they are giving aid and how they are ready to do so for long times to come. But he will not say why they are doing it mentioning the truth behind it they are having in mind and doing in reality for years. He is also going to talk about democracy, rule of law, human right, free press, election and whatever we all know about. But his first visit was in Egypt talking about those issues at Alagazar University. Within one or two years after his visit, so called revolution came to Egypt. Then Egypt elected the first freely, openly and democratically elected president in her history. Where is that president and his government today? What kind role USA, England and Israel did play with that? What are these nations doing with the current Egypt Government? How the situation looks like in Egypt after the Obama visit and so called historical speech (for sure he is going to talk the same thing at AU to all Africans during his coming to Addis)?

    His visit is not qualified to be seen as an Ethiopian visit but AU that is located in Ethiopia with plan his government is having in the sub Saharan Africa as they are calling the visit this way despite AU is for all Africans and at last we are trying and managing to come together and do the African things together. Is this part of Divide and rule doctrine they are known with for centuries? Hmmmm.

    It is not opposing the current Egypt president. In my View he is a true African comparing with any Egyptians former presidents or officials but the USA and England position about democracy, election, free press, human right, rule of law and so on in other countries as it is the case in Egypt. Obama and others from England and France are visiting Saudi Arabia frequently. What are they doing there and about what they are talking? Is that about democracy, rule of law, election and human right including the right of women and minorities and so on? Nooo. If they do, the lucrative weapon trade with tens of billions will be gone forever.

    We have said before, we are saying today and will continue saying always as long as things are not getting the right directions by us when it comes with so called foreign relations related to so called aid from England and others that are having the same …. With that known … Tiny Island. Ethiopia doesn’t need to be cheated again and again with the idea of foreign aid that is not working but using as a weapon to affect the nation in many ways. Look at those foreigners coming from these nations in Ethiopia. Do we really need them to treat us the way they do and to do anything they want against us implementing their plans and agendas on us mostly if not always are bad with long tern consequences.

    Ethiopia as the ancient and only independent nation in Africa deserves to be seen and treated differently than the rest of Africa. The current Ethiopian territory is created in 1855 after Zemene mesafints 300 years disintegration (while working together for ….) caused by the Ottoman lead religion war between 1528-1543. Modern Italy is since 1861, Germany since 1877, Norway is since 1919 as Ireland is. All central and eastern Europeans are after 1918. Turkey is since 1918. Saudi Arabia is since 1933. All gulf nations are since 1960s including UAE 1971. Even modern Egypt is since 1889 created by ottoman colonization before France and then England colonized her till the 1950s she got full independent. Except China, Japan, Iran and Korea, all Asian nations and Middle Eastern nations became as nations after 1945 including India, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and many more. USA is a new Nation after confederation.

    The point is that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are not the same as the rest of others that are created by the colonizers and slave masters based on their benefits. We are more than that. Therefore we mustn’t allow ourselves to be treated as worthless, trash, weak and we need their help that is not there for real but….

    They are intentionally on us in many ways for so long in order to achieve the evil goals they are having including about black people knowing Ethiopia has lots of things representing Africa and black people and that has to be black painted or destroyed with lies making it worthless or none existence despite it was and is there and will be always knowing we will not allow them to get their ways on us.

    Enough is enough. Ethiopia needs co operation, win win relationship and development based on respect again always respect, understanding and friendship with useful and important nations like China hoping soon with Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany, Italy and others, too; not the Obama rhetoric preaching how USA and the west (England) is wonderful portraying themselves with lies in the ways the rest of eth world has to follow them. The vast majority Western citizens are victims to these greedy and imperialist elites while so called aid agencies, Charities, NGOs, foundations, organizations, institutions, peace core and the likes from these nations are part of the problems serving the imperialists and greedy agendas and interests. The western corporate Medias and journalists are the worst part of them always working together for the same agenda and goal in other countries where Ethiopia is the main target, the longest and worst victim for their atrocities and merciless propaganda lies.

    There are citizens there who do care about humanity and earth in general. Dutch citizens have won a court case against their government plan reducing the carbon mission. The reason they have done this is not because of them but the rest of the world. They even know, this kind move would affect them materially with energy coasts and others coasts related to energy. But the justice system accepted the people concern and is from now on the Dutch government is going to use less and less dirty energy resources every year while increasing clean energy sources that is going to be the best energy sources in the future and is going to benefit them in many ways including leading the world with clean energy technology that could bring them billions annually. On the other hand England is started with franking by damaging the earth from inside out for the sake of oil.

    The point is that we have to stop believing with anything the politicians and elites from USA, England and so on and those serving them are saying. Only seeing is believing when it comes to them. Hearing and reading are nothing but all lies and misinformation. But having good working relation with useful individuals and groups like those really doing the right thing to earth and humanity as those Dutch organizations and individuals are, is important the 21-century humanity has to do together for common destiny which one humanity on one small earth.

    Free yourself from the evil idea of so called aid, help or whatever name they are calling to keep you the way you have been for decades. The worst thing they don’t want to see is being peaceful, united, hard working, development and stable society with values and norms that are all the result of good leaders. Meaning they hate good and patriotic leaders the most that are not corrupted or ready to be corrupted in order to serve them as agents in their own country which is the colonization or slavery stile of treatments happening among blacks.

    The reason they are around is all about to stop those things including good and patriotic leaders knowing any society that is living with the above mentioned best situations is no longer their servant and slave they can do anything they want but they will be forced to behave normally or leave the country which is the fear the most knowing going back to England is like go back to hell missing the things they are getting in Ethiopia including from nature with the best weather and equal day and night clock throughout the year. The so called aid agencies and corporate media agents and others from England, USA and other nations are busy doing anything in order to prolong their stay in Ethiopia despite we really very much happy not to see them around for any reasoning they are coming up for their own benefit including when they are saying they are doing the right things that looks like a small investment for huge multi dimensional profit at the coast of the people.

    Don’t be optimistic for the Obama visit. He is coming to deliver/plant the greedy and imperialists plan and agenda in Ethiopia that would allow them taking the country in the name of investment (bad investment), Free trade(one sided trade), Globalization(only they can travel anytime and place they want while refusing visas to others to go to their country) and privatization(colonization) looking only the sectors that are easy to use them to lie, manipulate, and commit crimes for the sake of profits as they are doing with banks and other financial sectors, insurances, telecom and other sectors. He also will bring the evil Monsanto (GM foods and dangerous Chemicals), Mc Donald(fatly and salty GM food), Sugary Coca cola (that is currently fully campaigning all over Ethiopian schools telling the children to drink as much as possible while in Europe the people including the government and parents are campaigning all over schools and beyond not to drink it) and other health risky and anti environment companies to be in Ethiopia in the name of investment to affect the nation in many ways.

    Ethiopia has exported only 12 million Dollar worth products to USA in 2013 under the trade preferable term Agoa. This is a shame when a country with 90 million people reached to this low level. yet, USA including its embassy are talking about how it is important and successful which is again another tactic they are using pretending how USA is important for the nation including economically and they must be allowed doing anything in the country for the sake of this worthless so called Agoa. Africa needs free, faire and open relationship including with trade and human movements not like this one. Africa is losing 10 times to the west than it is getting from them including in the name of aid. This is the fact going on for long time including in 2014 and 2015 also will be the same if not worst.

    If Ethiopia exports her known best quality flower, shoes and other leather products, fruits, meat and other products to Russia keeping the high qualities, she can earn 12 million dollar with in less than a week knowing how Russia is looking to buy those things because of sanction with Europe in both sides. . What Ethiopia needs is visionary, smart, determine, brave, hard working and patriotic leaders that are understanding how the 21-century politics works and with whom. The relationship between china and Ethiopia will live on for long long times to come knowing we Ethiopians are taking care all our nations matters in our hands while working with any foreign nation based on respect, understanding and benefit while we are treating them in Ethiopia the way they are treating us in their country.

    We are hoping the new Ethiopian ambassador in Moscow is going to restore the very very important relationship with Russia as soon as possible with long vision and brave approaches. Russia was and always will be a very very important nation to Ethiopia and this time Ethiopia must take the first move restoring the relationship making them believe we are genuine and serious about that. The people to people relationship is also important knowing there are lots of things in common making the two nation bonding for the same reasons.

    Japan, Korea, Italy, Germany, India and others are also important nations in order to have good relation not in the name of aid or help that is not there or working but the English side west is using like best bad weapons nicely working for their secret as well as open agenda and plan.

    Always remember:
    Ethiopians are not the same as the rest of Africa that is created by the colonizers the last 50 years but the oldest nation with ancient people always having their own administration, government, Alphabet which is the only African born in use for thousands years, culture, traditions and so on. They must stop treating us the way they are doing intentionally damaging our country image and undermining the citizens with lies based on the sick agenda and evil mind they are suffering from including the hate and jealousy caused by Racism.

    President Obama is very much welcome to Ethiopia. But his visit is making us to worry because of the issues coming with him. we are hoping our leaders will go back to Adwa to learn more about the reason of the war and our fore fathers bravery and sacrifices for justice, right and self righteousness even during the time when black people were seen less than animals including dogs and cats, when they (Ethiopia) were very weak, isolated, alone and the balance of power was one sided. This is the 21-century and be the main part it doing the right and best things for your county and people benefit paying any sacrifice is needed

  4. John says:

    Obama’s visit to Ethiopia is to learn how to win election 100%, so the next election will go to the democrats.He is a toothless and talkative president with grandiosa speech about human right and democracy,but in reality he has nothing to show.

  5. kumsa says:

    Lolol….yes it proves how Barak Hussain Obama likes totalitarian regims like the one in Ethiopia as long as Ethiopians are fighting the proxy war in Somalia. Participate in peace keeping missions in the region , be the police of East Africa and it sure does not hurt to donates millions to the Clinton foundations. No one should be surprised if the most powerful man in the world visits the poorest country in the world.

  6. Be ewnetu says:

    The Obama visit at the end of his term is looks like CondLisa Rice, ex-state depatement of G.Bush, when she visiting at the end of her/his term was supporting huge money for Ethiopia, specially for the Defence Army. Can Obama do that kind of? if helping Egypt with sophisticated weapon in the name of Anti-terrorism, /Muslim Brotherhood protesters/, what about for Ethiopia anti-terrorism support against Al-shabab well armed and the threat of whole East African nations??????
    anyway we get one more advantage, that’s to hear the third new “barking Album” from Abebe Gelebaw in soon future…….. hope fully the main distributor of the Album might be “Awrambatimes” …..

  7. t says:

    enkon desyalehi

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