Will it be so easy for Berhanu Nega to abandon this comfy life (AT Exclusive Video)


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30 Responses

  1. Gedif says:

    Dear Editor,
    This is the right time to have a clear stand on the citizenship status of Birhanu before the Ethiopian Defense force captures him together with his dying Eritrean masters. I am sure this will save us from all the mumbo jumbo debate among the diaspora similar to the case of his immediate comrade. We don’t want to waste our time and hear again all the laymen excuses like ‘He is a British, American or Eritrean when he stands before the court.

    • Bekele Hailu says:

      In your dream! Bullshit!

      • bb says:

        What do you think they will do? Genbot 7 will never do anything! even will never go an inches because they preach hate towards one ethnic groups, while they are taking welfare without working, screaming in front of white house for no reason, wasting money hours at coffee shops, talking irrelevant discussion, not having wena other than talking lies again and again. Please Mr. Dawit I have some advice for you don’t post as a news about Genbot 7 it is wasting our time and your time, there’s a lot of issues we should talk about. Thanks

    • Tegegna says:


  2. satenaw says:

    It depends on his devotion and commitment. For me I would like to see him in prison with Andargachew, Redwan hussen, Hailemariam, and you as well! EPDRF as well as Ginbot 7 are full of shit. Bright future for ALL ETHIOPIANS. THOSE WHO SIDE WITH OUR ENEMY ARE OUR ENEMY TOO. THOSE WHO KILLED OUR BROTHERS AND SISTERS AND MOTHERS AND FATHERS AT MAIN STREET OF ADDIS ABABA ARE KILLERS .

  3. dr. Dre says:

    and in addition to that,look how he juxtapose prof. Birhanu with a white woman! I It simply show how this bastards worship their white masters!!

  4. Bet says:

    ድዊት የሚሉህ ዘረኛ እስኪ አንተ እውነት ለኢትዮጵያ አሳቢ እና ጭፍን መሀይም ዘረኛ ካልሆንክ በህዝብ ሀብት ውስኪ የሚራጩትን ያጎቶችህን ብልግና ለጥፍ ፕሮፌሰር ብርሃኑ ሰርቶ እንጂ እንደ ያንተ ዘሮች ሰርቆ አይደለም ፈታ ያለው ደሞ የህዝብ ልጅ ዘና ሲል አይፈራም:: by the way i don’t get the point of posting this because for Prof Birhanu this is nothing ,he got everything. I mean he was rich while your Boss’s eating ANBETA KKKKK

    • Kinde says:

      Berhanu Nega, as far as I know, he was not and is not rich. When he was a student he was like anyone who depended on his family. Then he joined the EPRP and after two or so years of stay he deserted his Organization and fled to the Sudan, then to the USA. In the USA he got the chance to get education. He became a lecturer in one of the colleges in the USA. Then, after the demise of the Derg, he went back to Ethiopia and met his ex-comrades like Tamrat Layne, Tefera Walwa in Addis Ababa. He was friendly with all the EPRDF authorities and worked with them for a few years expecting he would assume a ministerial position. At last, when he found out that the doors of the EPRDF were tightly closed, he joined Kinijit a pompous opposition party, right after having formed his own group, Kestedemena Party, if I am not mistaken. In the 2005 Election, the allied opposition parties won all seats for Addis Ababa. Berhanu might have dreamed to be the mayor of Addis Ababa but to his dismay Kinijit did not accept the result of the election country wise and instead opted for street violence - a carbon copy of Ukraina. All those who were responsible for the violence were arrested and thrown into prison. Lastly, all were freed after signing a paper declaring that they were guilty.
      Some facts about Berhanu Nega:
      1.Berhanu Nega was a cowered person from the outset. His friends can provide his past accounts that describe him well - he was scared of mini battles fought between EPRP and the DERG. Many of his friends are still alive in the USA and Addis Ababa. The can tell about his true story.
      1.He was an opportunist - he came to Addis for power grab - he did every thing to climb to power through the support of his ex- EPRP combatant friends in ANDM. They knew him he was wishi washi and an opportunist. Therefore his dreams were shattered and remained nobody in Addis in the first few years.
      3. His cowardice was shamefully exposed when security men went to where he was hidden and arrest him after the street violence. He the security men approached him he was terrified and let his shit and pee in his pants. This was shame on the part of him. This was fact, but, thanks to the EPRDF, such information was not passed to the media to avoid public humiliation.
      4. I have heard him talking that he was the mayor of Addis Ababa. This was not true. It is a lie. At that time the allied opposition(Kinijit) did not assign or elect a mayor of Addis Ababa.
      If anybody has doubts regarding these facts, I am ready to expose him in detail for public record.
      Again, I am stunned to hear that Berhanu Nega was/is rich as opposed to ‘your Boss eating anbeta kkkk’… (probably you are referring to PM Meles). Amazing! Since you can not face any body from your creed with such rotten views and utter lies, let me assure you one thing. Berhanu Nega is a thief who squandered hundreds of US dollars a money he got from the Arab traditional enemies through his Boss EIsayas Afeworki. His comrades in terrorism spoke loud about this and therefore is not secrete. Berhanu Nega lives by lying to his naïve Diaspora supporters in America. Once, he promised to oust the incumbent from power in six months provided every individual would pledge to pay $500 dollars. He got the money but fooled his supporters and the rest - for he could not be found up to his words. The Ethiopian government is still there as strong as a rock is. How many times did Berhanu lied to his supporters and the rest of the Diaspora? Incredible! Another interesting thing I saw from the video clip is how Berhanu Nega behaved in the party. Since the party was supposed to end in accordance with the schedule, Berhanu came up to the podium and announced that the party would continue and told the rest to leave. This is not leadership, actually he was drunk and did not know what he was saying.
      Ato Bet, you have also mentioned about Tigreans eating anbeta. You must be either a chauvinist or a clue less person who lost his identity in the streets of Addis Ababa and borrowed such things that blackmail the integrity and pride of the people of Tigray. Ato Bet,you better talk politics than spreading lies and animosities among the Ethiopian people.
      And, as regards to the fate of Berhanu Nega , I hope he was in his right state of mind when he reached a decision to go to Asmara and lead his ‘forces’ to unseat the government of Ethiopia. Bone voyage! If he is not able to unseat the Ethiopian regime as per his plan, of course he won’t, then I advise him, to take a shortcut to join Andy. Give his hands to the Ethiopian armed forces at any event or will be taken by the Ethiopian security forces down in Tesseney.

      • Biruh says:

        Kinde, simin melak yawetawal,
        Truely you also have a kinde size brain, dirty wusha hodam
        Ke Dawit yebask

      • Bk wold says:

        I am pretty sure, this Kinde is the most arrogant and lier ever. I am not a supporter of EPRDF or Birhanu, but all he said was a lie. People like Kinde, ruin the country. Don’t you have a life instead of writing all this BS. Get a life fellow lier.

    • bb says:

      Dear bet, I shouldn’t respond for your garbage message but I have too anyway let me start by saying this if you are a real Ethiopian I can tell you are one of the looser welfare taker diaspora sitting and talking about politics at your nearest coffee house living in public housing the same time screaming in front of white house for the last twenty some years and planning to do in your life time but the truth the matter is you will end up without any accomplishment for the rest of your life. I know for sure you’re empty no have money let alone to invest in Ethiopia you can not even work here in US where the work opportuntis are every corner other than takin welfare and I can tell you are jealous of what other Ethiopian doing in their mother land blame yourself not EPRDF but if you are Eritrean sorry I don’t have to say anything other than good luck. Hate will never take you any where will put you down.

  5. alex says:

    Hoestly I hate the route he took, a land of ethiopia’s sworn enemy, but I can’t help but appriciate his gut to give it a shot…If indeed it is a genuine one and goes beyond being a PR stunt…I wouldn’t be surprised if Dr brish turns up back in US in a few weeks time for medical or operational reason….as for Eritrea, well it is only doing what any desperate state with no option but to find a way to loot another country would do…

  6. Atnafu says:

    Mesay hodo!!

  7. Samora says:

    Watch & see!!!! By the end of September 2015 but no later than October 2015, the Ethiopia gov will Isayais 72hrs to leave his country or there will be war.

  8. Girma says:

    Bunch of silly and trash criminals will achieve nothing but the way of life they are making money out of it living in Ghettoes like the drug criminals are in all over USA.

    They deserve nothing including life let alone attention.

  9. sosi says:

    Birhanu is making drama, foolish drama…..just to make money from the ignorant diaspora haters! uncivilized people who are living in civilized nations! shame!
    I think the Merkato man, must have bought the PhD thing, he is a low IQ person living on this planet, the way he think is even far below the mosquito! shame!

    Hope he be a prey of the eritrean idiot called Fisum, time will tell this

  10. Selam says:

    Eat Egyptian’s and katar’s salery with all your freinds in the name of shabia ! Eritreans are dying when Issayas play with you ! None sens ! my country donky driver is more productif than Birehanu !

  11. AntiSamora says:


    you are just a keyboard worrier who has never seen a fight in your life.

    There is a difference in moral when it comes to fighting for your country, family, and truth vs fighting for 500 birr a month and fat belly from cheese sent from the US of A$#0les.

    Besides no one likes Woyane anymore so this time the outcome will be different.and the soldirs will not continue to fight for 500 birr a month.

    And the US will change on Woyane because US of A only likes winners and not losers. Form what it seems, Woyane is losing popularity contest.

  12. AntiSamora says:


    Google the following and learn who the masters of Woyane are

    Sandy hook fake dad
    cnn fake news
    building 7 bbc
    sadam and rumsfield
    911 inside

    This is a fight about 100% fake election in ethiopia by dictatorships not about egypt.

    The masters of Woyane, the USA love fake elections, fake results, fake accusation.

    Just keep on the fake american dream while you are asleep

  13. John says:

    The US should strip this old man his US citizenship. How can a man who got his cite ship as an asylum seeker bring regime change to a sovereign country. President Obama should declare G7 aka Ginbot 7 political organization no different than Al Shebabe. These parasites are the ones against freedom and democracy. Human Rights Watch, Washington Post, ESAT should be over joyed to hear their so called “journalist” is ready to join Eritrea as a rebel fighter. The fate of Andi, another rebel claiming to be British citizen after he was caught in Yemen is now sealed. His wife is using Great Britain to fight for a lost cause The British have no interest or desire in Andy. it is ironic how these old men use the final years of their life to die for futile cause.
    This news is positive development for Ethiopians (aka ethiopian nationals with ethiopian passports) and Ethiopian government. FCC should confiscate the license for ESAT based in US to operate and expel those who use US soil for regime change in Ethiopia. US should review citizenship requirements for people like Berhanu Nega.
    The rebel leader, Berhanu Nega will be brought to court in Addis and sentenced for espionage, traitor. Time will tell…

  14. Wedi Tgray says:

    I called bucknell univeraity and also checked the class schedule for fall2015 semester. He is on schedule to teach a few courses. Go to their website and see it for yourself . Maferia shebba he can’t walk half a mile straight .

  15. Wedi Tgray says:

    He will be back in 3 weeks before his class starts .

  16. Neftegna says:

    Dawit I don’t have omment for your trash propaganda!. Thanks to Dr, You are with little insight. You joined Unity College with ESLCE result of 2.00. It is better for you to be silent, Banda, clan-minded hodader!

  17. Samora says:


    Re u lost ur mind? Et government will not fear hodam Berhanu. Do u know how long it took for Et troops to click al Shabaab out of Somalia cities ? If the Et gov has a fear about u r hodam leader, do u think will send troops to Somalia? Please get the fact before saying rubbish. ….that is the reason I said wait & see. When the time comes, I will see u again on Awramba Times with ur weak excuses. Just for the record, we hate people who underestimate our abilities & we will prove to u that ur dam ass uneducated taxi driver & 7-11 activities re wrong!!!

  18. Merdasa says:

    Dawit is so desperate and run out of lies. now he resorted to posting private videos where he was invited as one of the guests as something negative to tarnish Dr. Berhanus Image. You are the lowest of the low Dawit.

  19. gobena says:

    Dave it is not as lavish as you have in Addis. If people are determined it is the simplest thing to give. You can give also ypur life, for justice equality and freedom. I know you have paid a lot, and your subordinates are also paying for real. Was your sacrifice afake one. It gets me frustrated when evry body is crying agaunst the injustice of our government, you only changed your stand, The whole world is crying but not you. aRE YOU HEALTHY, OR THE LAVISH LIFE THAT EATS ALL YOURNESS

  20. Tedy Afro (TPLF) says:

    This right here is for Bet…
    You see what is different about the people of Tigray is they don’t talk rather they work. I know… I known its hard fact for a dumb ass like you to swallow this,but Guss what that is the realty bieach. Your ethnicity (zer) is our Ethiopia n brothers from another mother if you known what I mean,(Dingay Ra’s)…my point here is the people of Tigray don’t put ethnicity as a measurement to judge one Ethnic group is greater than the other,instead they respect their difference. You see this why it gets them greater respect from others except you and your likes.

  21. Daniel says:

    You don’t have to be a US citizen to fight TPLF (Sew belaw ye tigre gov’t)

  22. Ethiopiawi says:

    If I say this would you understand how frustrated and infuriated by woyane I am? for me it doesn’t really matter what kind of few political elites may came after the downfall( I am sorry if I offended some of you but know something it is inevitable because remember power belongs to the people not for the self claimed “neta awchi” hulum endeza eyale selacheger new ) I just hope will be able to provide basic necessity goods to the people of my country(yeserekewnem yesrek ged yelewom) because we have suffered way too much and the difference is CLEARLY visible driving V 8( value of more than 5 mill birr) while my own people die of a minor disease in rural areas bcuz of lack of basic health care services and watching people leaving Ethiopia as if their is war (kenake endatelugne) degmo diasporaw beteraw semeta gurachu mekera. Becha ESTI BEKAN BELU aybekachum enday? For get about the politics just talk sense for a minute 24 amet eko 24 seat aydelem estidego le mechew tewled lekekuuuu. Ena degmo it is not our culture to insult (at least not face to face ) so melkam weyeyet bty I am from addis so from most of the comments I have noticed you are from abroad ena let us unite degmo amahra,oromo, tigray,gurage ke mola godelu ekule tebedelwal ekulem bedelo lehone yecelal esti sele ager degmo enaseb. I know by now some of you are ready to insult me but try to raise your conscience after while.

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