Leaked Document reveals Ginbot 7 leadership rivals split over party’s unholy marriage with Isaias Afeworki


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20 Responses

  1. Begashaw says:

    Hope G7’s academic warlock, Al Mariam will say something about this issue in his ‘weekly’ unholy preaching.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      Why TPLF goons are very nervous ??……kkkkkkkkk….Professor Birhanu is the antidote for weyane’s poison!

      • Solomon says:

        Bands banda tesalhulum ,banda Brhand negs is bands banda listro of essays .
        he is just selling his ass to Italian slave essays.
        Get lost banda Brhanu and Tesalhulum.

        • Tesfalehulum says:


          Enka sar eski?….sente agases cadre ale bakachu?…kkkkkk

          • Solomon says:

            Tesflhulum, you just little band’s bands .you are Italian slave essayass’s listro.
            soon you boss bands essays listro Brhanu will be poison and dad by essays.

  2. Bekele says:

    miskin abebe,

    yene berhanu sewoch meslewtal….lemanem ayitazezum eko…. ke shabiya besteqer!!! lefa biloh new……yeleq le ato Isayas abet betel melsu wediyaw nebere.

    enji brhanu ema lerasum alhone….yihew temagede eko.

  3. Mohamod edris says:

    I am very surprised all the points that we blame for woyane are under practice by us we intimidated a journalist in front of the white house. The most surprising is we blame woyane for working with Shaebiya but we start to repeat that bad history. Now I am in doubt if we are struggling for freedom????????????///

  4. Samora says:

    That is what you get from Ginbot 7 hodam hula…….left over from derg. Keep on dreaming

  5. Kebede says:

    I am glad all these looser start hitting reach other…
    Let them kill each other…cause they have no objective..

  6. Sam says:

    I read the letter written in Amharic. I am not impressed. In fact, in this case I agree with Berhanu Nega. What choice does he have except kissing the … of the president of Eritrea if he opts to free us from the EPDRF governance as he claimed to do. Sudan is out of question. Somalia and Keny have good relationship with EPDRF. There is as well zero chance to wage armed struggle having a base in Ethiopia. Give him a break what choice indeed the wise doctor have? The write of the letter disagree in tactics, not in strategy. I believe the problem with Ginbot 7 is the party leaders see EPDRFas an enemy, not an opponent. It is ok to say we disagree wholeheartedly with the politics of the ruling party. Our political philosophy is what Ethiopia needs. To say EPDRF is an enemy which comes to destroy the country, and our party will throw away the blood suckers and govern democratically might appease the already converted. But the great majority of Ethiopians laugh at the very strategy of the party. It is a loser.

  7. Girma says:

    Believing, trusting, relaying and allying with issyas who is the most isolated life time terrorist against Ethiopia for 51 years(since 1964), must be coming from those have the same terrorism and hateful behaviors towards Ethiopia.

    The funny thing is that there are still the silly, backward and brainless lazy and failed in Life immigrants in USA, England and some other western nations allowing themselves being getting too low willingly milked by these Dergue criminals for the benefit of their own life consumption on the highest levels.

    The so called Ethiopians allying with issayas as usual soon will end up in a great failure. The disappearance of issayas by itself is the only solution and greatest benefit to all Ethiopians and Eritreans not him being alive.

    Just wait the maximum of six months. Then you will see the results including that stupid and never trusted Birr Ahun, will come back home which is USA that is sheltering and supporting terrorists against other countries thanks to USA that is already controlled by the Jews including all its foreign relations and other activities if issayas is not going to kill that mother fu*cer.

    The same times the DC lazy junkies and worthlessness will continue doing just the way they are doing relaying on issayas who is the only root cause and reason anything bad coming to Ethiopia since 1964 and particularly 1974. They are really trash even the Jews money and support from US and England will not make them human for a second making them able to do the real and competent human beings jobs based on the facts and realities on the ground.

    The realities and facts on the ground in Ethiopia are too different than these terrorists and their Ethiopian enemy greedy imperialists and racists are thinking about. Not only the life time terrorist Issayas but also any force will never hurt Ethiopia in any form let alone to overthrow the government in order to impalement the Jews Economic, politic and social doctrines in the world where Africa and particular Ethiopia is on the top of the list in the first page of their menu

  8. melaw says:

    Eritreans are now desperate even they don’t like to speak their own language the prefer to speak Amharic . I remember when I was in Eritrea student they said Amharic is expired and I remember they hit the Amharic teacher because they thought they are best and proud by being Italian slave.

    Eritreans are very selfish and moron only they can see own comfort if they are not comfort the come kiss your ass. embarrassing nation.

    I don’t understand they said independent and they got but still they are stick on Ethiopians .


  9. kewani says:

    Am not wonder of that. Because all of the diaspora opposition groups did not have interest to listen any idea challenging their ideology. They treat as Woyane and insult him/her as well their family. They never know the meaning of democracy. people have the same right to support the ruling and opposition parties. but if some body supports government they try to marginalize him/her. So where the principles of Democracy? when they will implement it? Did they receive from Issayas Afework? Am really shame on them.

  10. Selam says:

    Go hell with Egypt and katar salairy ! The peacefull God will give you a leason!
    Xx. Berhanu is born to be useless for himself and for his country !!! The new generation is vaccinated from this kind of mistake.
    Take this ” My country donkey driver is more productif than you do !

  11. tk. says:

    Very surprising, the way they think is completely ridicules . They simply marginalize people for having different idea. Look at them, Simply intimidating, labeling, insulting and soon is their typical ideology for having difference with them.

    How come they have the gut to talk about democracy? or the democracy want to bring is just to silence the Ethiopian people as the had grown up under such kind of governance. This is all about.
    I think, those people have to see doctor. otherwise they will end up in madness very soon.

  12. Who do you think buy your mambo-jumbo, Dawit? we are now in information era and deceiving people easily is not as such an easy thing. My friend, the time of obfuscation has gone.

  13. Girma says:

    Obama will arrive in Ethiopia today. The reasons to his coming would be:

    1. Human right in Ethiopia? No. Because the worst human right violations on earth are happening in USA and its allies like UK for so long where millions of citizens are languishing in the privately owned money making prison systems. Currently, there are more than 3 million prisoners in USA where the vast majorities are blacks. If USA is so perfect in human rights or better than any nation on earth with anything when it comes to the black people that are the oldest immigrants in USA, why is USA having the biggest numbers of gun violence, criminals and prisoners on earth?

    2. USA justice system and police organizations are functioning based on the race principles being biased and hunters targeting the blacks. USA police organization has killed more than 650 civilians in 2015 so far. The vast majorities those killed are innocent black men, women and children including a 12 years boy playing with a baby gun. USA police is like an organized criminal racist force targeting or hunting blacks on daily basis.
    3. USA which is the richest nation and also the most indebted nation on earth has the worst distribution of wealth where the few do own the vast amount of the nation wealth. Blacks are always the worst victims living in ghettoes in towns and cities look like abandoned and destroyed by war like in Iraq and Syria. But the USA banking system caused those abandoned homes and the suffering of millions because of bad mortgage and credit card indebting treating the citizens like enemies putting them intentionally with such terrible situations.

    4. USA and its ally UK are sheltering all sorts of terrorists including against Ethiopia. All terrorists against Ethiopia are sheltering there and also most of them do have a USA or UK nationality as Bir Ahun and Andargachew are.
    5. About 40 millions of African Americans (slave originated not those immigrated from Africa and they know from which country they came from) are not really part of the USA economy system playing their parts in business roles at least in the black communities but others are using blacks like herd of animals living to consume and cheap laborers including in the privately owned money making prison systems. .

    The point is that even before thinking he is going to preach about human right and democracy in Ethiopia, Obama has to do it first in USA saving the tens of millions of blacks that are the victims from different types of human right violations including the right to wealth, business, education, ownership, media and so on. If USA is a democratic and human right nation, why is it became the worst nation with murders, crimes, the gap between few rich and mass poor, addictions, race biased and wars, drugs, police brutality and so many bad things are happening there against the citizens? About 300 million guns are circulating in the hands of USA citizens which is look like the citizens are arming for big fight/war against each others that looks like eminent in the near future unless the few that are controlling USA including the Banks, all sorts of Financial activities, wall street, companies, power, lobbying (legal corruption in the highest levels) and media stops doing so. And the whole world knows who controls these things.

    He needs to do something about within USA particularly black community empowering them economically which is the key to empower all of them with anything else before preaching about entrepreneurship in Africa. The black communities in USA need the entrepreneurships unlimited support and activities than any human being on earth.

    Before talking about corruption in Africa, he needs to stop the very organized and huge money making cartels in the name of lobby in USA. Lobbying is the worst form of corruption committing crimes openly and freely supported by the law. The lobbyist from USA where the vast majorities are the Jews from the highest levels are influencing every decision going on within USA and USA relation with other nations including business relations corrupting officials in other countries in order to change their working mind for their people for the sake of benefiting the USA companies most of them owned by the same people and engaging with health risky and environmental damaging activities.

    African leaders at AU and African medias need to ask obama about the above mentioned issues and others including about the police mass murdering of the blacks, the millions of prisoners, the disfranchise of blacks from the economy, the existence of the worst criminal cartel groups such as the lobby groups, the gun law, the interference against other countries internal affairs including Russia, the existence of only two political parties where the system is not allowed other new parties to be part of the democratic process in USA if there is any because of USA democratic process is working with money for money where the few rich are maneuvering the show and outcome.

    If USA is a democratic nation working for the people benefits after elected by the people, why is USA congress and some in the senate do not respect USA president obama as an elected leader by the people? According to the survey, 79% of USA republicans do see Netanyahu their leader than Obama. Some of them see Netanyahu is their opposition party leader than their own republicans…. welcoming Netanyahu in congress by passing obama treating him as if he is nothing and he is not there and the applaud and stand ovation he got during the time when he was preaching the congress telling them what to do or not about USA foreign policy that is controlled by the Jews, was more warmer and often than Obama got within 6 years together from his own Congress. There is no doubt race was plaid/playing the as the main factor.

    The world also witnessing each and everything happening against obama despite he is elected twice by the citizens. As everyone knows the Jews owned Medias, think tanks, so called writers, scholars, banks, wall streets, lobby groups, all financial activities and so on including from UK, Israel and France are the main actors almost for everything happening there. Almost all bad and negative writing, talks and activities against Ethiopia including those being in the country in the name of media, journalism, NGO, Charities, foundations, organization, peace core and volunteers are the Jews from USA, UK, France and so on. They are the main causes and the brains behind anything bad and negative coming from USA, UK and France within and against other nations including in Ethiopia. Just check by yourself who are those in Ethiopia to cause troubles and implement the agendas and plans the evils are having for Ethiopia.

    Obama is welcome as a USA citizen. But as a USA president to preach about human right, rule of law, democracy and so on is not really a good welcome knowing USA is the worst place violating those issues. The so called Human rights and other groups where most of them if not all of them are the Jews from USA and UK are just part of the system they are working for their people agenda that are controlling USA and trying to do the same thing against the world where the weak and ignorant Africa is their main target. Jews owned and controlled USA, UK, France and other western medias, so called right groups and so on are nothing but bunch of criminals against the world hiding behind misleading names and mischief behaviors thinking the 21-century humanity is still dumb unable to see the crimes they are committing for so long and lately is getting toooooo much.
    Let, these criminals go to hell.

    Obama is very much welcome not now but after his term as a civilian. We know he is facing the worst evils no president did face before but he has to try at least making the situation better where the blacks are the worst victims. So far it looks like even Clinton and Bush were better than him for the black community because of the majorities of those in the government were from All USA citizens particularly during Bush time. But Obama leadership looks like speaking and implementing the Jews agenda and plan they had in mind for years till they found him to make it working for them hiding behind his name and position.

    The good news is that the world knows all about to the very detail thanks to the media is no longer in the hands of the few that are the enemies of humanity and the root cause of troubles all over the world for the sake of money, wealth, influence and power.

  14. Tesion Megersa Bari says:

    I found no interesting dish on his political menu all fishy and smells bad hence not useful. Dead rat!

  15. Tulu says:

    Dr. Berhanu Nega gave up all for a fight in the field for a what he believes. Well, he can’t be an everyday man for just such a deed. People like him are among the very few who are destined to big and better things. That’s why he is the talk of the town (I mean the country).

  16. Semir says:

    Any body who decide to work with shaibiya , they didn’t know the manifesto of shibiya since it creat in cairo. At that time they call them ” the Cairo boys” the only thing they want is to devide Ethiopia and distroy it. That is their masters Egyptians and Arabs told them . Askari is always Askari. Any Ethiopian opposition group work with this Askaris and bandas his hand is full of Ethiopian blood. Dr. Bethany didn’t underestand the nature is shaibiya . Issyass will fry him and he will say he died for his country. Good luck DR.berhanu.

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