Why Did Ethiopia Become Focal Point for World Leaders to Come?


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15 Responses

  1. because ETHIOPIA is the only caountry in AFRICA live by USA HAND OUT AID so the world use it as apoor caountrys & it is the USA servant

  2. Samora says:

    Because we are the sons & daughters of Axum!!! We just don’t talk……talk….like Ginbot 7 & other opposition parties. We walk the talk……….& most importantly we know how to kick our enemies ass…….check ET military in Somalia.
    As a child we thought not to surrender to our haters & enemies. We will fight back! U better believe it!

  3. Bruk says:

    Don’t try to make something special out of nothing in it. It is just part of the game and you have to know how to play your game to win it with victory instead of being the playing ground and scoring point of those looking the situation to be that way.

    China – holding nearly US$ 4 trillion in foreign exchange reserve as of June 2014 – is eager to make better use of this huge pile. In a matter of months, it slashed its forex reserves to US$ 3.7 trillion by May.

    USA National Debt Tops $18 Trillion
    UK National Debt Tops $1.5 Trillion.

    So a nation that has a wise, competent and patriotic leaders and citizens knows exactly which nation is good for them and for what reasons, and that has to be china and others by far and always. Do we need to borrow money, learn and get good educations, have good investors, trade and other relations or are we seeking temporary aids/supports because of unexpected situation such as drought? Then go to nowhere but the people and nations where to find and get those things the way you are looking for.

    It is nowhere but in china and the likes together to get useful things with knowledge, fairness, hard work, empathy, sympathy and good will without out attacking and killing you using the Jewish lead western propaganda wars with intention to damage you as worse and long as possible while making them look …… where their evil and racist ego is telling them always to behave that way..

    Don’t be stupid trusting or relaying on something that is looking to destroy you ( as history is telling and showing everything about them) pretending they are there to help which is taking place for decades without results but the situation are getting from bad to worse because of them. natural or human made disasters that are causing hardships against the citizens and making the government weak and unable to coup with but asking their so called help are something they are praying to see happening and always in their mind wishing to see them always with the worst levels of possible.

    The worst thing they hate to see is patriotic and competent government, peace, unity, strong and wise society, development and benefits in any black country where Ethiopia is their main and easy target because of they are not getting the nation as private property in the name of privatization and so called free media using IMF and WB as best weapons serving them for decades but no more. Look how they are treating their own citizens including during when they are demonstrating for their rights. They are not only jailing including the activist but also killing them and the killers become heroes and getting rewards in position and with lots of money for doing so.

    you have to know who is who and what is what for real instead of being blind, brainwashed and keeping sleeping in the past that is not working but destroying in many ways. The world before the 21-century is no longer there and as a result don’t even try to stay there and behaving the same way. It is a very changed and continues dramatically changing world with very high speed transformation changes freeing itself from the very damaging past where the vast majority world population were victims because of the few were controlling everything and deciding about everything on earth based on their own benefits at the huge expense of the rest conducting including race based brutal international slavery for more than 300 years.

    • Bruk says:


      UK National Debt Tops not1.5 Trillion USD but British pound. It is $2.4 trillion or $2,400 billion which is a huge burdon to a tiny and old aged depreciated nation and geographically isolated UK from the far western corner of Europe.

  4. Bruk says:

    Before less than a year his death, there was a big rushing and competition to visit Gaddafi by the UK, France, Italy, USA and so on leaders, high ranking officials, multi nationals and the likes. They kissed him in every part of his body they could reach including his hands. He made them sitting on the sand and tents in the place of nowhere including teh UK PM Ministers Blair and Brown in two separate visits.

    However, we know who killed him. Who waged war against him and Libya? Who destroyed Libya that was the best place to live? UK, France, Italy, Qatar and others bombed Libya for months before USA came in and finished the destruction jobs where Libya is landed today. It was the same with the young and western educated Syrian leader who is a medical doctor before they decided to destroy him because of…. Putin was visited regularly with big expectation by many of them including Obama.

    So, don’t think even for a second, any of those foreign leaders, officials, investors, criminal(Jewish) so called journalists, corporate medias(Jewish and English owned operating in English as well as French languages), so called NGOs, Aid agencies, Think Tanks, Lobby groups(criminal cartels and corruption institutions on the highest levels operating freely and openly supported by the law), so called peace core which is not here to operate as it was case back the days, and the likes are not coming for the sake of Ethiopia but themselves. All of them have own agendas and plans benefiting themselves at the worst possible expense of the country and citizens particularly when it comes to the so called the west… leading by UK and USA.

    USA policy in Ethiopia is by enlarging designing and shaping by the Jewish leadership and involvements at least for the last 41 years since 1974. The worst enemy to Ethiopia like the Zionist Herman Cohen, his families, his generations and their children/followers are making foreign affair carriers involving in Africa targeting particularly Ethiopia coming in teh country camouflaging behind misleading names. A country that is strong and wise enough standing for herself thinking right about the nation and citizens short as well as long term benefits is something they do hate to see and the first they are targeting to destroy.

    They are (including being part of the Apartheid south Africa racist cult and today being the apartheid children) still playing in the African affairs acting as if they are real Africans do care about the continent but they are there and everywhere engaging for the implementation of the worldwide Zionist agenda in Africa (coming from new York, London, Washington and so on) as they were the ones plaid big roles in the slave trade and the colonization of Africa working together with the English empire and others.

    ….”In 1290, King Edward I issued an edict expelling all Jews from England. The expulsion edict remained in force for the rest of the middle Ages. The edict was not an isolated incident, but the culmination of over 200 years of increased persecution. Oliver Cromwell permitted Jews to return to England in 1657, over 360 years after their banishment by Edward I, IN EXCHANGE OF FINANCE. …..”.
    Thus they allowed them to come to England after paying lots of money and with agreements serving England with slave trade and occupation of the new world as they were doing with France, Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and so on..

    ….”Between the expulsion of Jews in 1290 and their formal return in 1655, there is no official trace of Jews as such on English soil…”

    However, today they are working together (uniting for benefits)as it was the case during the slavery, occupation of the new world including North America and Australia, Colonization, neo colonization, through IMF, WB, WTO, UN, Aid, NGO, Think Thanks, Lobbying and so on. They are controlling the world using corporate Medias spreading none stop propaganda lies based on their own agenda and plan in the world. the school system, the population, society and future of the world is already designed by them and those coming in the country hiding behind different names are there for implementation where Ethiopia is the weakest, easiest and first target at least in Africa if not the world.

    The Jewish from the west are on the mission destroying Ethiopia in the name of foreign relation including coming from USA wand UK where they are in control. LOOK at USA within including at Wall Street and all financial sectors, banks, Hollywood, institutions, Charities, organizations and so on. Look at how the vast majority its citizens overall situations are. Look at the 17 so called republican presidential candidates. Almost all of them are capable to start WWIII for the sake of money, wealth, politics, power, greedy and influence at home and abroad in any country starting from the countries like Ethiopia that are ignorant; trusting them and relaying on them instead of themselves and other good and useful nations from the East while avoiding them completely and never relay on or trust them for anything.

    Just look at what is going in USA and UK where the two nations are acting the as teh highest kings and queens of the world using military power, lies, dividing the citizens, sheltering and supporting the so called rebel groups, waging wars after wars causing millions of refuges while refusing, criminalizing and imprisoning the emigrants entering in their countries as the UK is doing.

    A Sudanese Citizen walked on foot the tunnel channel which is almost 50 KM. When he crossed teh channel and reached in England, they treated him as if he was teh biggest criminal and put him in prison. Imagine about his journey starting from teh remote area in Sudan and the long journey sufferings he has been through to reach there. However, they have no any sympathy in them or care towards any human being look like him.

    yet, they are playing their dirty games in Sudan today calling and facilitating hundreds of thousands refuges to come in to Ethiopia including creating refugee shelters 300 KM deep in teh country which is against teh UN refugee law. Keeping teh refuges close to teh boarder in order to make teh situation easy for them and teh host nations is what is happening in other nations including in Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran and so on but not in Ethiopia where teh English and some USA so called aid agencies are running teh show based on their own ways in someone’s country treating teh nation as if there is no government to take responsibilities what is going on in teh country including teh refugee situations and issues.

    Don’t think they are coming using any name for your benefits but themselves. They are coming at least for three major reasons.
    Some of them are coming to implement their secret and damaging agendas and plans (using weaknesses, bad events such as drought and epidemics and teh society being tolerance, ignorance, friendly and so on towards them as best opportunities as it is going on right now) most of them designed by the Jewish in New York, London and Washington. Some of them are coming for personal benefits related to material benefits as investors or social reasons where the Homos, pedophiles, child molesters, criminals and so on are using the opportunities to affect and infect the society with the inhuman behaviors which are the worst mental sicknesses they are suffering from.

    Some of them are coming for pure cooperation, investment and tourism reasons that are most of the nations and individuals coming from the east. China is the reason why Ethiopia has been the way she is since the last 5 or 10 years. China is the ultimate and continues long coming best friend, trustworthy ally, the right support and twin brother and sister to Ethiopia along side with other eastern nations. They are not coming to make the situation to be their ways by destroying the nations culture, tradition, language, Alphabet, way of life and so on as the west is doing particularly UK and USA.

    Their main secret plan is destroying the citizens’ abilities to make them, themselves and killing the national patriotism feelings by dividing them with religion, race or ethnic lines and destroying everything including an African or home born national language (other than English which is no African or black people) to unite and make them connected as the one nation citizens do. They are doing in other countries something they would never ever even think about in their country to be implemented for a second.

    Dividing the society under the religion, Ethnicity and race lines and destroying everything connecting them including speaking one national language was a doctrine designed in 1919 in Vienna by… who had a Jewish background. They are busy today to implement that idea in Africa and other nations while in their countries they are doing things uniting them including telling USA and UK citizens to speak only English while the citizens are representing all human races, Ethnics and religions speaking almost all human languages, exercising all human traditions, cultures, customs representing all human races, religions and Ethnics.

    So, don’t make a happy drama thinking the visit from USA, UK and so on is always a good thing (we are not talking about obama as an individual but he is representing those behind him looking to use him for their goals and agendas as the world is witnessing for the last 6.5 years). instead you have to know what is behind all these and closely following and understand the things some citizens from these nations are doing in Ethiopia for real rather than what they are talking about the reasons for their being in the country.

    The western type of Aid is designed to affect the nations in many ways not to help and make them free from the so called foreign aid. What china did to Ethiopia is million times useful and practical than what these people are talking about aids, NGO or whatever in Ethiopia for decades. They are the ones intentionally damaging the country image an d undermining its beautiful and ancient people until these days doing tirelessly everyday which is officially started in 1984 from London under the evil Thatcher racist regime using weaknesses and famine as best opportunities. They are pure evils(don’t doubt about that) always thinking bad and wishing negative while doing the worst things possible against giving the impressions they have no what so ever respect and understanding towards the innocent citizens.

    Don’t tell me about the story but show me the results. Any foreign visit has to be translated with practical benefits. The visit and relationship coming from china and other useful nations are something we have to appreciate and positively talking about. There are some useful nations in Europe too if they are engaging with investments producing useful products, creating jobs, protecting teh environment and paying faire salaries for the services and preferable opportunities they are getting; not in service sectors USA and UK are waiting eagerly and watching the situation closely until the fundamental national jobs are done to make them come in for harvesting and shipping them back home.

    Before being stupid and blind about USA, UK and the likes coming in Ethiopia; look, observe and clearly understand what is going on within these nations including towards the so called minorities. Look at their justice and prison systems where blacks/brown people are suffering inside with millions. Look at the daily killings the USA cops are committing; more than 700 police killing so far in 2015. The number of wounded, wrongly accused, sentenced in jail including with death penalties and so on are not making these nations qualified whether they really do care and have the willingness and capacity to do anything good to other nations particularly in Africa.

    The few (look at the republican presidential candidates and take the reflection from about those so called politicians in USA) are controlling the nation’s everything using gun, biased justice system, privately owned money making prison system, corporate medias, criminal journalists, and keeping the mass poor and powerless making them engaging working all days and nights as slaves which is the best tactic to disfranchise the mass from the national affairs and issues including politics and politicians that are the worst of all with no empathy and sympathy towards own citizens let alone any foreign nation and the citizens in Africa. .

    Meles Zenawi was great. He is the one created the historical jointly journey pathways between china and Ethiopia. He was smart and wise knew who was who and what was good or bad for the country always thinking the long term benefits or bad consequences. Since his death, things are not there anymore thanks to the amateurish and backward Ethiopian foreign ministry running the highest and best national office with lots of weaknesses including appointing or still is allowing some so called ambassadors that are sitting on the ambassador comfortable chairs behaving like trash and brainwashed corrupted criminals thinking they are there to serve the foreign governments agendas to be implemented badly and negatively in their own country.

    Ethiopia needs a new and totally cleaned and transformed foreign ministry office including by having competent ambassadors doing all the ambassador jobs particularly in nations that are having bad or influence towards Ethiopia appearing in different shapes and forms.

    Hoping the ambassadors in china, Russia, Japan, India, Germany, Italy, Korea and so on will continue doing the ambassador jobs representing their country the best ways having the deep feeling of carrying the nation responsibilities about everything coming from the countries they are ambassadors.

  5. D says:

    Insanity is writing articles 52 times a year, every year and expecting…..God knows what is in prof. Al’s mind. Just like LeBron James said, I hope pro. Al. Takes his talent to Addis University where he can really make a difference in people’s lives rather than wasting writing length articles, most of them are very depressing I might add.

  6. jhk says:

    Because of AU. (like NY and Brussels) no other reasons (s). Do not foul your self!. Addis need to thank the previous smart King .

  7. Observer says:

    The question would be more appropriate if stated as ‘ how can we keep Ethiopia -the focal point in the future sustain ably?
    The challenges the country is now facing seem to be given lip services .
    Political pluralism has given place to absolutism.
    In a recent meeting of EPRDF nothing serious/game changer action/ is mentioned about the ever increasing corroding level of corruption , rule of law , the poor quality of education ,exclusive extractive party institutions that led to imbalances among regional states and narrowing business spaces for private entrepreneurs ,dialogue with political opponents and so forth .Everything is business as usual .
    Rewanda has taken lesson from Ethiopia ‘s development model and implemented it with determination and now is leading Africa in prosperity . One distinct difference with Ethiopia is that they have much lower corruption level and higher rule of law .http://www.ethiomedia.com/102shows/6309.html

  8. Mohammed says:

    Africa gateway semaun kayachut menem yemireba ayer menged yelem
    Wedefit be monopoly yemiyaze new adakmewetal yewedefit africa export
    Betam bezu new tadia guroro tankual Djibouti kebew asamrew yizewal

    Yakalu yehe image cheger Ale export ethiopian coffe enkuan yerasun sem yizo
    Meshete alchalem engedi be 50 amet west africa industri enkuan endiaw
    Beteshale africa hager sem made in eytebal endaiweta kuteter west yegebalu

    Kezi hulu mesenakel tehonalech belew yemiasebut hager ethiopia nat
    Be geografi location enkuan.

    East africa yenesun yebet sera eyeseru new
    Yemifelegutn eyaregu new destraction.

    We paying the price.

    Weyane specialy melese foundation made it difficult for them
    I hope as His majesty ignored the inside problem coused him
    What we are now.

    We should focus inside problem carefully.

    Long live ethiopia.

  9. Be Yourself says:

    Name one so called third world(developing) country the west particularly USA and UK(English establishment) have been using aid (with different names including USAID, Oxfam, Child Care….fighting terrorism) as the best tools and that country is not politically, socially, culturally, linguistically and economically destroyed? The Zionist (Jews) Controlled foreign policies from the west particularly USA and England are the greatest fret, source of all troubles and difficulties in the world for many years.

    The reason why they are trying to stop Obama’s peaceful approach solving the differences with Iran is nothing but pure economic and politics knowing this would stop them from their agenda which is waging wars against Iran as they did in Iraq, Libya, Syria and so on. Making the great and ancient Iran the way they did/doing to the entire middle east and North African nations is what they stand for and their next move will be the rest of Africa they have no fear or respect what so ever towards the people but thinking they can do anything they want against them and win everything in any time and place they want.

    They already know they have already destroyed the Arabs forever making them enemies against each other within and among the neighboring nations. They created all the terrorists started from Al Qaida, Taliban and other from the Mujahidin they used them in Afghanistan against communism pretending they were fighting for Islam in Afghanistan making the Arabs to fight in the name of Mujahidin and the Saudis financed the costs. Look at Iraq, Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon, Palestine and Egypt today as the result caused by these and other terrorists created by the west. Look at how the situations are cocking and boiling to burst in any moment in Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Morocco and Algeria. There are deep hostilities and cold war feelings within where thousands are killed or languishing in jail including in Egypt, Saudi and Jordan.

    How was the situation in these nations let’s say 5, 10 or 15 years ago? Most of them had peace, unity and good life. Today, they are becoming the place of hell representing the world with millions of refuges within and all over the world. The Arabs that had started many wars against Israel for the sake of Palestine are no longer there to be even for themselves but have been destroyed forever. Who is responsible making them this way? The answer is known which is no one to blame but themselves.

    Making them fighting and destroying each other is becoming the best weapons to stop the fret they are causing against….. Arabs are damp like Negroes unable to see the causes making them suffer coming from the outside enemies that are evils with no feeling about human lives but money, resources, influence and power they are getting behaving the way they are known with.

    That is why they are concentrating on Iran arming with none stop misleading fictional stories and propaganda lies including telling the Arabs as if Iran is the worst enemy to them which is the tactic to get them in their sides knowing Arabs are already lost their mind because of the forces coming from USA, UK and other western nations. They know Iran is the only strong and ancient nation never been colonized and will fight together as a nation against any foreign enemy as the Ethiopians are. They also know, Iran being there is becoming as an obstacle making them unable to control the entire Middle East that is blocking them from freeways towards the entire Black Africa they always are feeling about the naturally rich continent is belongs to them while they see and treat the people not as humans but creatures deserve nothing to get, own or have for their own including country, land, wealth, position or power.

    Who knows they could be very busy right now searching evil ideas and wrong possibilities in order to create conflicts between Egypt and Ethiopia using the Nile as a tool and their so called experts that are the pure liars. Because making Egypt busy with wars and conflicts within and with other nations is the best tactic and job they are doing to destroy Egypt’s power economically, politically and socially knowing Egypt is the only nation can play some roles in the region standing for Arabs rights including Palestine.

    As it is known worldwide and we are witnessing for the last decades and this time it is getting beyond the boundary in Ethiopia is that not the Ordinarily USA citizens including black, white, Latinos or the rest, but the Zionist from USA and UK are implementing their damaging and hostile plan and agenda in Ethiopia in the name of UN, USAID, Oxfam, Children, women, population, diseases and so on. Including those Jewish females are using UN, USAID, Bill and Melinda foundation, development assistance and so on as weapons to come in the country acting as if they are part of the innocent aid agencies, Charities, NGO, peace core, journalism, Organizations, institutions and so on to do the evil things they are doing targeting Christians and churches particularly in the Highland.

    They even are started converting poor and ignorant Christians to Judaism and making them learn Hebrew and Jewish things in Gonder and so on despite the whole world knows how they are treating the Ethiopian Israelis with racism in the highest and worst levels secretly castrating and sterilizing them, putting them in jail, treating them less than human, making them suffer on daily basis with racism and lose themselves in a way soon they will be wiped out. Go to Gonder and in the highland and see what they are doing which is implementing their long term secret agenda and plan in the region coming from New York, London and Washington. Wake up, people.

    As it is known throughout the European history and recently in the Middle East and North Africa, no one but the Zionist/Jewish involvement in any country will destroy the society forever. Learn history and ask why they have been expelled from countries including in Europe for centuries? Ask also who controls USA, UK, France and so on, how and what they are doing as a result within and abroad in the name of USA UK and France.

    Lobbying is the worst and highest form of corruption operating openly and freely corrupting/buying officials within and abroad including presidents, PMs. Ministers and anyone that has influence to work for their interest and advantages such as getting contracts and investment opportunities- illegal privatization through corruption in exchange with money? The question is how are they getting that money? Is it through hard and clean work as many of the world is working day and night to make a living in the minimum or using the wall street, banks, Financial institutions, illegal trade, corporate medias, bad businesses and so on making the citizens work for them for billion return through lies, manipulations, economic propaganda wars and other evil behaviors sitting in luxury offices and behind the computers?

    Never forget even for a second about the greatest fret and very bad situation against Ethiopia being always coming from abroad and this time not from the Arabs or Europeans (white people) but those snakes and evils that are causing wars, conflicts and disasters all over the region attacking directly or using others indirectly making them fight against each other for their greedy interest and benefits at the cost of the innocents in their own country. The Zionist/Jewish will be the greatest fret to our nation in the long run if they are not stopped from crossing the lines and having their feet standing strong in the country.

    The worst and biggest corruption in the Ethiopian history related to any foreign company is caused by an Israeli so called investor. He corrupted 3 auditors (accountants) paying them 600.000 Birr each to while he got 42 million illegal Ethiopian Birr. This is one of and the biggest corruption case so far when it comes doing business with them. These is one of the many ways they are doing business and making lots of money and using it to cause other troubles including corrupting the officials and financing anything that is facilitating them including the agencies, right groups, propaganda medias and criminal journalists they are in control.

    Ethiopians must wake up and smell the evil nature of some foreigners. When we are talking about USA, 99% of the citizens are innocents and victims to those causing troubles all over the world controlling USA politics, economy, media, power and influence. It is the same in UK, too. The rest of Europe except France, things are not the same when it comes between the people and their leaders. Leaders in Germany, Benelux, Scandinavians and so on are the true example of serving and listening the citizens. But not in USA, UK and to some extent France where the politics, money, economy, media and so on are controlled by the few/Jewish and corruption is open and freely happening in the highest level including getting elected through lobbying and donations.

    if you want to have a stable, peaceful, faire, respectful, truthful, happy and united society with values and norms, then keep the Zionist/Jewry away and most importantly never ever trust them for anything and never allow them in the country for any reason no matter how they are trying to play in your head which is the known tactic they are known with. Having peace, unity and own domestic and home born systems and ways are everything the nation needs. Having good relations with neighboring nations is more than everything including the so called aid they are preaching for decades. Never give them any space and possibilities allowing them creating conflicts within and between neighbors and in the region as they are doing in the entire Arabs world, Ukraine and so on.

    Blacks are the last and worst human being they have what so ever respect, fear or understanding but always they feel they can do anything they want against them in any time and place and that will happen when they finished with the Arabs that had some challenges against them, but not more. Iran is the only nation remains united and strong they feel and think is able to challenge them in many ways from the plan and agenda they have for entire ME region and Africa.

    Creating conflicts and wars are the best tactics and weapons they are using for their best advantages and ways of life. This has to stop. The victims must resist and keep protecting their rights and benefits. The world is suffering from the shortage of investment opportunities and markets/consumers to sell the products the west is looking for badly not with the shortage of money, knowledge, good investors and experts. Foreign money is not making the nation better but indebting the citizens while useful and practical foreign knowledge and experts are the answer for knowledge transfer and long term benefits.

    A god Given nation like Ethiopia needs her citizens to work and own her with full responsibilities and ownerships while having good relation with useful nations instead of giving in to bad foreign so called investors that are coming to loot and milk the nation with illegal and huge harvest from the hard working citizens making them slaves and consuming herds in their own country using health risky and environmental damaging products. Ethiopia doesn’t need at all so called multinationals such as evil Monsanto, coca cola, Mc Donald, Bier factories, Wall mart types, tobacco companies and so on to destroy the nation health and damaging the environment knowing these companies are totally rejected by western consumers losing market shares and consumers everyday and soon they will be history if Ethiopia and others also rejecting them knowing they are nothing but looters at the cost of health, environment and so on.

    Ethiopia needs to use the huge and clean water wealth the multinational such as coca cola, Pepsi, foreign bier factories and so on are using while paying nothing as clean and healthy water market oriented products producing it in the industrial scales and form creating many jobs while providing clean and healthy water for own citizens and the money will remain in the Ethiopian hands, too. Ethiopia doesn’t need any USA, UK or France Jewish running type of banks, telecom, Insurances, markets, businesses, Medias and so on but learn and follow china and others from the east. China owns the biggest foreign reserve while USA, UK and so on are the biggest indebted. What makes the difference? That is the system and you know which system to follow or avoid.

    Therefore, avoid the bad so called investors that are using investment for their own secret and damaging agenda in the country and we know who they are. Continue having good relation with the Far East and other Asian nations. Having good relation with Germany, Italy, and other western nations that are not controlled by the Jewish is something to look at and work together based on own interests and benefits. It is very essential warming up the relationship with Russia knowing the two nations have many things in common and Russians are the most honest people what they are saying is most of the time who they are and what they are delivering as the Chinese, Japanese and so on are

    We wish the best for Egypt knowing they are in deep crisis because of influences coming from abroad reaching them in the name of aid including fighting terrorism and donating them weapons. We also are telling Egypt not to be hijacked and trapped by the enemies that are looking to make them having conflicts and wars with other countries including Ethiopia. They must know and follow the big pictures in the region in the short as well as long term outcomes and consequences. They also must aware who is playing them, the region and the world for decades with wars, conflicts and destructions that is creating millions of refuges and sufferings. So, this kind behavior is not the answer to anyone but peaceful approach and totally avoiding those are creating conflicts spreading lies and propaganda wars about the things they have nothing to do with.

    Obama has managed postponing from inflaming and officially starting WWIII the world enemies are looking to start it in the Middle East followed by Africa. This is the time to take the lead and responsibility to make sure it will not happen there including after his departure in the next USA administration.

    USA citizens must exercise the equal citizenship rights starting with the full participation in the election and voting process rejecting the lobbyists and donations running the entire election process and outcome with goals the elected officials have to work and serve only them in USA and abroad as it is the case for decades and currently it is getting at the worst levels happening openly and freely with no fear or respect towards the citizens and the world at large. Yet, they are preaching about democracy, election, human right, privatization and so on in other countries which is another justification they don’t care or have no respect towards any nation or human being by relaying on the money and influence they are getting illegally and by force using wars and destructions.

  10. Observer says:

    ወሬ ቢበዛ ባህያ ኣይጫን አንዲሉ ፣ኣንዳንድ ሀሳብ ሰጪዎች ሀሳባችሁን ሰብሰብ ኣርጋችሁ ብታቀርቡ የበለጠ አንማርበታለን ። ከይቅርታ ጋር።

    • Visitor says:

      People can no longer able to write or read giving times and putting additional efforts. Back the days, reading a one story written material for weeks or months was the best way widening the brain, get useful knowledge and spending valuable times.

      Face book, twitter and the likes that are created for money by the few are destroying the human behaviors and abilities in many ways. You must be the one has lots of time, energy and willingness being there all days along while none for other useful things such as reading long articles, comments, stories and so on putting additional efforts. If you are not able to “read as a good reader”, then don’t blame the writer but yourself.

  11. Bishaw says:

    Wow is this how people frustrated about ethiopia developement Wow
    atleast in one way or another that land made you who you are today
    whether you were poor or rich .
    if you born from poor mother you not going to hate her unless you are a monster!!!

    man!! get over it.

    if you have such long comment send them http://[email protected]

  12. Semhal says:

    Meles Zenawi completed the organization of the African Union .

    Meles Zenawi started the the African Union.

    If it was not for Meles Zenawi Ethiopians would have been another failed states like Eritrea , Syria , Somalia and so on without any doubt.

    Meles Zenawi single handedly lifted Ethiopia out of the poverty that plagued the horn of Africa. He

    Meles Zenawi made sure Ethiopians future is brighter than any other country . If Meles Zenawi was still alive we would not have 20 million people famine victims in Ethiopia. If Meles Zenawi was still alive the terrorists would not start winning in Ethiopia. We would have triple digit economic growth within the next decade if we continue to implement Meles Zenawi’s teachings . Ethiopians are living better life in their own country than anyother country in the world. Diasporas are going back to their country knowing that Ethiopia is at the level of any developed country. Religion freedom is practiced for the first time because of Meles Zenawi. Most Ethiopians are being proud to be Ethiopians for the first time in history. The Ethiopian passport is being considered a sign of greatness because of Meles Zenawi. We can say Meles Zenawi changed Ethiopia’s diaper which was left unchanged for centuries.

    Those that fought to leave Ethiopia’s diaper not changed were given time to think about their actions and most were starting to get onboard until the journalist Abebe Gellaw started saying Meles Zenawi is guilty of crimes against humanity which is completely false. As a concerned Ethiopian lawyer (not because I am daughter of Meles Zenawi) I researched Abebe Gellaw’s accusation and found not a single evidence that suggests Meles Zenawi committed crimes against humanity. I am ready to file a lawsuit against Journalist Abebe Gellaw unless he gives a public apology to all Ethiopians for accusing Meles Zenawi of this the mother of all crimes known as Crime Against Humanity.

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