Redwan Hussien: Government assisting victims of seasonal rain failures (Video)


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13 Responses

  1. Mame says:

    Redwan, the briliant and gifted political leader who always makes me proud

  2. Tsegay hadush says:

    This guy always amaze me with his extraordinary skills and deep understanding of overall political acquaintance of our generation

  3. Beza says:

    The brilliant work of Meles. He is amazing individual with extraordinary skills. Ethiopia is blessed to have such dynamic politician in its cabinet. Would anybody tell me who can match with this guy from inside or outside, from opposition groups.

    He is a nightmare for opposition groups

  4. bb says:

    One of the bright-minded officials in Ethiopia.

  5. Bruk says:

    Don’t see and take this as a problem but a challenge you can learn, get training and equip yourself from for future (Big) national disasters including caused by climate change that is going to happen frequently and violently with huge consequences all over the world.

    The rain season is late but not absent. We are in the middle of the rainy season. That means there is enough time, condition and possibilities to catch up and avert the consequences that would occur few months ahead if we are not dealing with the situation right now. Don’t make others like Egypt laugh about you watching you complaining or crying about the shortage of rain in some parts of the country.

    Rain is nature given while harvest is human creation. But both do need high skilled administrations how to use them based on the needs and necessities giving priorities for savings and storage. Ethiopia must give big priorities storing water wealth which is very easy to do under the hills and mountains building reservoirs thanks to the country landscape and climate.

    Food items like Potatoes do need the maximum of 2 and 3 months to be harvested and more than 70% the Ethiopian soil and climate is the ideal place to grown them for quality, quantity and variety harvests. Highlands in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador and other nations are known with very nutrition types of different potato plants. Ethiopia is the biggest Highland nation in the world in the tropic. She needs to work with these nations for long term plan.

    So, this is august which is the highest rain season month. Agriculture experts that are in cities and towns (wrong place for them) need to go out in the fields where farmlands and the farming communities are in order to facilitate the farmers adopting the current situation which are collecting and storing rain water with very low possible evaporation environment and causing diseases such as malaria and planting like potatoes that are easily to be harvested. Potato is the second or third if not the first food item in the world after rice and wheat.

    Countries like Ethiopia must not think for food aid in the 21-century while even the whole world knows it is the second water rich nation in Africa after Congo and producing the biggest harvest in Africa which was 280 million quintal or 28 million tons of grain and cereals in 2014. The country topography, climate and soil are the best for agriculture.

    This is the best opportunity Ethiopia can train and learn from how to deal with the worldwide climate change that is going to occur frequently in the future. That means the nation must organize herself starting from the highest levels down to the farmland where the farmers are dealing with the current situation for successful outcome using out efforts. Subsidies are good only when they are supporting the producers continuing producing. Therefore, concentrate increasing the agriculture products that are the real economies, not handing over money that is a means of exchange to buy products that are real values including food items created by farmers.

    The shortage of rain in some parts of Ethiopia is nothing to compare with other part of the world that is suffering from the total absence of rain for seasons or widespread flooding. Guatemala in Central America is right now badly affected by drought and hardly needs food aid to feed at least 1 million people which is about 7% of the population. The drought in North America including California, Indonesia where millions of hectares rice fields became desert dry, floods in Asia including India, Burma, Thailand, Bangladesh, china, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and so on are among the huge disasters the citizens are affected badly than the situation in Ethiopia. Floods at one part of Europe while drought on the other is what is going on in Europe right now. Many african nations including Kenya are suffering from drought for years.

    It is the same in Africa and other part of the world. The climate change is getting aggressive and out of control all over the world. Those know how to deal with it will not be badly affected as those are weak, lazy, suffering from can’t do mentality and being parasite on foreign support including for basic needs like food during the time when even the wild animals are feeding themselves by their own efforts.

    Therefore, Ethiopians must organize themselves right now to deal with the situation by themselves because of they are still in the middle of the high rain season and the situation is not as bad as others are dealing with their situations. Agriculture experts and the government need to work together in order to deal with the situation in efficient, effective and victorious ways.

    Don’t take it as a problem but an opportunity the nation can learn how to deal with such types of situation in the future knowing the climate change is getting out of nature’s hands and these kind situations not only drought but also storm, flood/too much rain are going to occur frequently than it have been before.

  6. Samrawit Tekle says:

    As we are marking the third annversary of the death of our beloved leader Meles, who has sacrificed his entire life for the good of the oppressed Ethiopian people, we don’t regret much. Thanks to the remaining courageous leaders such as Redwan who can manage and move the nation’s dream forward.

  7. Simret says:

    Redwan is well groomed politician. For the opposition groups he is Indeed a nightmare. To realize that tell to those people the recent televised debate he made. The bad thing is those oppositions are admiring people like Berhanu Nega, who betrayed Ethiopia

  8. Abay Hingidu says:

    WELL spoken intellectual man.
    very bright and visionary man.
    honest,realistic, practical and reasonable man.
    keep up the good work minster Redwan Hussen

  9. Solomon says:

    I want to say to Ethiopian government ,you need to get ahead of this prabelem and make my day .
    Don’t be like h/ selasse and mangestu.
    Don’t try to hide any thing and be frank with the good people of Ethiopia and solve the problems .
    Taker care the poor Ethiopian people.
    I know you can do it and make me proud.

  10. Solomon says:

    Let that Banda Shabia hide the starving Ertirea .
    When you open ,it is much easier to solve a problem.

  11. Visitor says:

    A free and sovereign country is much better than a look like rich one that is enslaved, controlled and owned by the greedy and racist imperialists and corporations in the name of investment (bad ones), privatization and trade. Private Equity funds (a toilet paper look like fund they are using to buy and own the nation) is one of the worst tools they are using to achieve their goals at the huge expense of the nation.

    When a country faces difficulties caused by nature such as drought or flooding or war and conflicts most of the time if not always caused by them, the time and situation become the best for them to come in for their own agenda and plan pretending they are there to help. On one side they are constantly praying to the devil to cause natural disasters while on the other hand they are thinking, creating and facilitating causes that are directly or indirectly badly affecting the nation(s) such as conflicts within or between neighboring nations using the terrorists and so called rebels like in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan (northern alliance) and so on.

    Being a totally free and sovereign country has to be the ultimate, none negotiable and always national agenda and commitment than even thinking about it for the sake of anything coming from abroad related to material gain or anything else. Working with useful and trustworthy nations like china and many others while striving to build the nation by own efforts using all abilities and possibilities is what Ethiopia has to do now and always in the future.

    Don’t give in because of you are facing temporary problems caused by nature or whatever. But be determined solving those situations with own efforts in the naturally gifted Ethiopia. We know they are looking any weakness and difficulty that is making us weak and unable to solve with own effort or capacity but asking them for help despite we know their intention and true nature when they come in this way including in other nations for the same reason.

    Their evil so called journalists, agencies and organizations that are camouflaging behind different names while working together for the same agenda and plan are like vultures and scavengers looking the dirty, weak, sick and dead in other country like Ethiopia while doing their jobs serving the greedy, racists and evils from new York, London, Washington and so on. They are hiring them to do these kind jobs and paying them more from the money and resources they are getting illegally and wrongly engaging with criminal activities at home and all over the world in the name of bad investment, Lobbying, privatization and free trade destroying the nations that are ruled by weak, ignorant and stupid leaders and the citizens are behaving like herd of domestic or/ and wild animals which is being against each other instead of being human and doing the 21-century normal human being things for own benefits in own country.

  12. Amdegion says:

    Death to the Mail & Guardian so called blog/newspaper run by the Apartheid and colonists children from SA while owned and financed by the criminals particularly beyond Africa.

    This is to minister Redwan, all Ethiopian journalists and patriotic Ethiopians.

    Why is a hostile and evil foreign media in the name of Mail and Guardian allowed for so long spreading lies after lies about Ethiopia it has nothing to do with talking about our own internal and personal matters? This is part of the English establishment criminal Medias located in South Africa operating targeting Ethiopia and some other African nations from its base in sold out Kenya.

    Those serving this criminal media are the apartheid/Jewish children from SA and the colonizer children from Zimbabwe, Kenya and so on. Zimbabwe criminalized it and expelled them years back. But they are continuing targeting countries like Ethiopia from the Apartheid SA for the sake of the English establishment/Jews agenda and plan while having base in Kenya. The worst things is that they are also allowed being in Ethiopia doing their dirty jobs against Ethiopia freely doing the Anglo-American Jews media dirty jobs working together with so called agencies, NGO and so on they are there for their evil agenda and plan against our people.

    Stop and expose Mail & Guardian that is not talking about any African nation without mentioning Ethiopia when it comes about bad things.

    Learn from Egypt dealing with these foreign racist criminals they are there for their own greedy and evil agenda and plan. No one needs any foreign so called media and journalist in the 21-century look like them. They have nothing to contribute but they are their acting the 21-century colonial solders, mercenaries and missionaries always changing their personality based on the games they are playing.

    Stop allowing any criminal so called journalist from Mail & Guardian. They are acting the same way there apartheid and colonists’ parents did against Africa and black people. Ethiopia doesn’t need any foreign media and journalist like mail and Guardian. Stop these criminals seem are at war against Ethiopia because of they are serving those hiring them.

  13. erty says:

    This shouldn’t happen in Ethiopia at all at this time. In all the areas where drought is recurring there is a lot of ground water but no one worried to drill to get out the water underground. Ethiopia is drought prone drought prevention should be always on the government agenda every budget year. These people are dependent on rain still. It is not the cause of the drought that is embarrassing but the failure of leaders to lead on local, regional, and federal level. If we can afford to build 6 billion dollar dam we should be able to dig dip wells for emergency in every community to provide water for an emergency. It is sad also to see leaders coming out and bragging about how they are facing the challenge but the challenge should have been eliminated a long time ago. If i were on the leadership would buy water well drilling machines every budget year on federal level and regional level until each and every region has about 100 water well drilling machine or build a factory to make these drilling machines for the time being and improve them to drill oil wells. I also build few factories to prepare ready to eat meals for emergency and store it in each kebele of the country while supplying the left over to the market. Each wored can farming a land and store food in each woreda every year . if every woreda does that when an emergency occurs the food can be transported to an area most needed. There are a lot of program the government can set up on micro level small programs in each worda which can have a cumulative effect on national level. Natural disaster prevention has to be set up and managed on woreda level that way problems can be solved right away before they become national catastrophe. The national Disaster prevention agency should be more innovative in solving this kind of problems Ethiopia Emergency preparedness Agency should plan such program rather than wait for drought to occur and start asking for food donations from NGOS. One small water bottling plant can be built to store water for an emergency and water can be stored in areas where drought happens reoccur. Weather related emergencies are not going to go away very soon in Ethiopia planning to prevent its effect has to be taken seriously

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