Eritrea Accuses Ethiopia of “sabre-rattling”


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24 Responses

  1. erty says:

    Asmara would not sleep before Woyane is dead. I said a long time ago,Eritrea will wait for some kind of crisis to happen in Ethiopia for its military plan to attack Ethiopia. Eritrean politicians are in a dire political situation. UN will send Eritrea’s human right situation to the international court. Eritrean politicians are not going to sit and die without a fight. Ethiopia has 4.5 million people seeking food assistance. It is a perfect storm in Ethiopia for Eritrea to make its military move by first sending the oppositions and then its military. This has been brewing for years in Eritrea but Ethiopia has been complacence. If Eritrea makes the right move on the right time it can make a lot of dent to Ethiopia military which might shift the regional politics to Eritrea favors. Eritrea has commendable military hard ware and enough personnel in its military contrary to what the Ethiopian government telling us.

    • Solomon says:

      Please, it is time to destroy banda essays and band’s band Brhanu nega.
      Brhanu is the wife of essays.
      It is about time to bad to banda shabia.

    • Semalign says:

      Be realistic. Ethiopia has no interest in war but I am dead sure that we can defend our motherland at any cost if any aggressors come. Let alone Eritrea,the wicked state, Our fathers fought great powers like Italy and kept the Land for Us !!! By any standard, Ethiopia is stronger than it was before ! It is true that we have 4.5 million people exposed to food shortage secondary to drought, this figure is equal to the whole Eritrean People,…..hahah….Ethiopia has 96 million more peple with food self sufficiency. So we can help each other……!!! 4.5 million divided to 96million = ??? So simple !\

    • bb says:

      TRUST ME, Essays will be gone soon!

  2. bb says:

    Dear erty, which opposition you talking about? I hope not about the day dreamers, I hope not about the 18st diaspora who open only their mouths than action or the screamers.

  3. HBA says:

    Eritrea is a very minute country compared to the current mighty Ethiopia.

  4. ወዲ ሰብዓ says:

    How did we come to this? Why we(Ethiopians) wanted foreigners to decide if Badme belongs to us or to Eritrea when we could have just forced them to swallow what ever deal we want is beyond me. We won the war and forced them to retreat through the sacrifice of many brave young Ethiopians(two from my family), yet we are back to square one.

    The point of argument is no more Assab, which I think, we should and could have brought back.

    Eritrean government should be lauding and composing eulogy for TPLF/EPRDF who has made it possible for Eritrea to take the entire red sea cost from Ethiopia.

  5. Cherkos says:

    @erty, I most of the time read your comments on Tigrai online and Awrambatimes and came to understand that you are a gentleman with an up-to-date information pertinent to our homeland. However, I couldn’t point out what prompted you to write the following statement: ‘’ Eritrea has commendable military hardware and enough personnel in its military’’. If what you have written is what you actually believe to be true, you are wrong. Without the need to give you any data, I assure you that the militia of Tigrai Regional State would be enough to dislodge Shabia from power anytime. The ‘Eritrean military’ you mentioned is virtually nonexistent. What is a military hardware without the presence of the soldiers? About 40,000 of the military men are in refugee camp in Ethiopia. Many, many more are elsewhere in the west. Shabia is slowly but surely dying thanks to the no peace no war strategy spearheaded by Meles the great a decade ago. We should rather remain focused on rebuilding Ethiopia for Eritrea can never become more than an irritant to us. And that we can manage without invading the barren land of the mad dog, Isaias Afwerki.

  6. Asena says:

    Eritreans are leaving Eritrea in mass from all directions because of Shabia. Eritreans and the shabia cold war rebels are enemies. So, there is no reason to associate Eritreans what Shabia is doing in the name of Eritrea. It is an occupied criminal force created by the west during the cold war and they are looking to use them again this time too. Wake up, both Ethiopians and Eritreans. No one from us will benefit from our fight against each other including verbally but our common enemies from our loses because of our stupidity doing bad things against each other while there are peaceful solutions we all are getting benefit from.

    Ethiopia has 90 million populations while Eritrea has 4 million. Both people are having a 3000 years recorded history together. They are one and the same people. The racist English conspiracy from 100 years ago that created Eritrea in order to block Ethiopia from the sea has no any historical justification or legal right to declare Ethiopians and Eritreans as different people. So, there is no any reason to call them rivals but one and the same people affected by the English empire conspiracy started 100+ years ago. Don’t blame Italy but the English gave the matsawa port to Italy which was the begging of the Italy presence in the region.

    There is no what so ever problem between the Ethiopians and Eritreans but Shabia under the cold war western agent issayas they are hoping they can use him again this time, too. Ethiopians and Eritreans are the most closed and related people with each other than they have to any society. Eritreans are flooding to Ethiopia with thousands every day knowing Ethiopians are their brothers and sisters making them feel at home and welcoming them with open arms and warmth unlike the English are doing towards the refugees from the Middle East and Africa they are the main players causing the wars and destructions in today’s world together with USA.

    This is the Anglo-American propaganda games trying to create conflicts among Ethiopians and Eritreans that are the same people. Of course they are managing to make fighting Palestine against Palestine, Arabs against Arabs, Slavish people against slavish including in Ukraine and so on. The game they are playing between Ethiopia and Eritrea is part of it, too.

    But the Habesha people both in Ethiopia and Eritrea are more to each other than the enemies are cocking poisons to destroy all of them by making fight against each other which is the Anglo-American policy and best tactic for decades.

    We know they are wishing and doing their dirty tricks secretly and openly with propaganda lies in order to see Ethiopia and Eritrea fight and destroy each other for the imperialist English and USA agenda in both countries and the region as a whole knowing Egypt, Saudi, Iraq, Gulf nations, Pakistan, Afghanistan and so on are shifting towards China and Russia and they will be kicked out from the ME and North Africa except Israel in Palestine. War is the biggest business and ways of achieving their evil agendas in the world they are having. We know, they are planning to make the same against the Habesha people in Ethiopia and Eritrea to fight against each other with goals to weaken and destroy all of them and they will come in and take the leading roles in the countries and region, too.

    Ethiopia and Africa in general including the ME and the entire southern world having good relation with China, Russia and the likes is making them not only worrying too much and being too nervous but making them very sick and mad till they know nothing how to deal with it in responsible ways. That is why they are looking and doing anything bad to stop that and starting always in the places that are with ignorant and weak people and easy to target them for their goals. Lawless and desperate shabia in Eritrea can serve them as the ISIS, and other terrorist groups are serving them in the ME and all over the world for their plan in the region and world at large controlling the red sea.

    Ethiopians and Eritreans will not fight against each other for the sake of their common racist enemies that had intentionally divided the same Habesha people by invading and creating Eritrea as a corridor to block Ethiopia from the sea. The English empire that is still with us is the worst evil empire ever existed in human history worse than the Greeks, Romans, Byzantine, Arabs, ottomans and other empires.

    The Ethiopian and Eritrean people are not enemies but one and the same people, period. We will not divide and fight in the 21-century in order to fulfill the English-Americans Jews agenda they are cocking for us to destroy all of us in order to control the red sea and the region as a whole for their plan in the ME, Arabs and Africa as a whole. Israel is the main secret player here. England and USA are just here to do the dirty jobs for her with huge consequences against the innocents as it is going on in Syria, Libya, Yemen, Iraq and so on. .

  7. Bruk says:

    * 99 % the Ethiopian internal and external problems come from abroad are conducted by foreigners that are racists against all Ethiopians and black people in general.
    * 70% of Ethiopian problems caused by foreigners are coming from London/England, 29.5% from New York, Washington… and 0.5% from elsewhere.
    * at least 90% of the problems caused by foreigners are conducted by the Jews from England, USA, France, Canada, Australia and wherever they are living while 9.5% are by the Ethnic English including in those South Africa and 0.5% by their collaborators from elsewhere.

    So, as it is happening against all nations including the destroyed Middle East and North Africa nations, the Jews and English including from USA are the source of all troubles Ethiopia has been through and they will continue doing so until the world is raising up to stop them using any means necessary. 99% the world mainstream Medias are controlled, owned and run by the Jews including BBC the Journalists and decision makers.

    The Middle East and North Africa are gone forever thanks to them. The next ones in the line have to be Ethiopia and Eritrea. They are still colonizing Kenya and the colonial military force since 1907 is still there in central Kenya; didn’t leave Kenya ever since. South Africa is still an apartheid state ruled under the apartheid principles controlling and owning all eth nations wealth as it was back then including the land and mining.

    The Apartheid and colonizer children are on the move against Africa working together with their cousins from England, USA and so on. Media and propaganda is one of the weapons they are waging war on the native black population all over the continent.

    You can find them in Ethiopia predominantly in the Bole area engaging with illegal and semi legal activities not only doing businesses that have to be done by locals such as renting homes and so on but also spreading inhuman behaviors and damaging activities against the young people. 80.000 Jews are still running South Africa controlling everything including the Medias that are spreading propaganda wars against Africa including from Kenya.

    Don’t blame all white people because of these groups of whites and Jewry people are doing. The vast majority white people are nice people and the worst and longest victims to these criminals. There had to be the very horrible reasons why Hitler acted the way he did against them and millions all over Europe supported and collaborated with him.

    • Bruk says:

      * 99 % the Ethiopian internal and external problems are coming from abroad and are conducted by foreigners that are racists against all Ethiopians and black people in general.

  8. Bruk says:

    You know why they don’t like and trying to destroy the Ethiopia way of administration and government where the leaders are serving the nation paying unlimited sacrifices motivated by love to their country, respect to their people and internal and real satisfactions they are getting from the results they are delivering with hard work, responsibilities and commitments always looking to benefit their people and guarantee the safety and security of the country?

    This is one of the reasons why they don’t like the Ethiopian way of administration and serving the nation by the good leaders and actively participation millions of hard working citizens.

    The salary index between Ethiopian PM Ato Haile mariam and Kenyan President Ato Kenyatta who is more than 500.000 million Dollar capital rich owning lots of businesses including a TV station and hundreds thousands of hectares land.

    Ato hailemariam Ato Kenyatta

    Daily salary $17.00 $707.00
    weekly salary $76.00 $3,536.00
    Monthly salary $316.00 $14,73300
    yearly salary $3,798.00 $176,801.00

    When it comes to yearly income, Ato Haile mariam’s income remains the same while Ato Kenyatta’s income is in the millions because of his business empire. The huge difference is also the same between all elected officials in both nations.

    The Kenyan issue is mentioned just an example. What they are doing in Kenya is their own matter and there is no blaming or bad word against them. Because it is all the same with all governments in Africa and elsewhere that are getting a bright green light from English, USA and Jews rule against the world mass.

    They do hate deeply and trying to destroy the system and those part of it when are witnessing the citizens are benefiting including having peace and material gains instead of individuals like in USA, UK and so on controlling and owning the nation’s wealth, Finance, power, media and so on in the name of privatization and market rule.

    In England and USA so called officials, bankers, CEOs and so on are looting the nations with 7, 8 figures or more annually. When they get in troubles, the citizens have to bailing ou/.financing them with trillions tax payers money as it was/still is happening with their criminal banks after the few have stolen trillions from the banks they are owning and controlling. The criminal and failed system run by criminals looks like them not ours, Chinese, Russians and many many nations worldwide.

  9. Sol says:

    What ever, they might lose their independence and isayas in Europe like his people as a refugee, but we have found out that no matter what happen Eritreans are the source of instability around the Horne of Africa. Eritrea needs to learn how to live with others by giving and taking not by taking only.

  10. Comando says:

    Eritrea and it’s poor ppl are Suffering for the past 20Years Under the Brutal Dictator isayAss Afetanki so i hope the Agazian Army will move stree forward to asssMara and destroy the Dictator Army once and for all.
    @Erty AKA Hungry Eri pls STOP Day Dream and wake up from your deep sleep Qondaff Ansseba. Nezey Felto Meass Yetrito!!!!!

  11. wedinakfa says:

    ayet erty wow you are so maverick of dedbit uni, lol enjoy with your hallucination poor man!!

  12. change says:

    In a press statement they released today, Tigray People’s Democratic Movement (TPDM), Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 for Unity and Democratic Movement (AGUDM) aka AG7, Afar People’s Liberation Movement (APLM), and the Amhara Democratic Force Movement (ADFM) are now officiallymerged into one movement under one command and leadership that is tasked toliberate the people of Ethiopia from the looming danger.

  13. Be ewnetu says:

    Too much talk for 15 years. But what I wonder is Eritreans Officially elaborate 54 years anversary of shaebia in A.A conference centre. Which is not allowed for Ethiopian oppositions at all. Anyway I’m not worried about the drum. Instead I wish to see Eritrean- free Ethiopia for security guarantee.

  14. Visitor says:

    Didn’t you watch, feel happy and got admiration when china celebrated 70th years of….. ? Ooooo, it was nice.

    China is the savior to humanity and earth in general sent by the nature’s God understanding the Jews controlled and owned western so called governments and their greedy, racist and evil associates are in the position to destroy everything if they are not controlling everything and all the benefits go only to them as we are witnessing in USA, England, France and so on.

    China military might is beyond expectation and up to the 21-century highest and most modern defensive (not offensive) standard knowing china never attacked, invaded or did anything bad against any nation as the Jews controlled and owned west is doing for 500 years committing countless and horrible crimes against humanity and nature including the natives in the Americans, Australia, New Zeeland, Africa, Asia and everywhere they have been. They are destroying human dignities, values, Norms, cultures, traditions, customs and so on replacing by the inhuman behaviors they are having and using them for power, material, influence and money gains.

    When China celebrated the event, 35 nations’ leaders were present. 15 nations including Russia, Venezuela, Pakistan, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq, Serbia and so on participated with military parades coming from these countries. can you Imagine countries like Egypt that is getting at least 1.5 billion dollar Military gifts every year from USA for more than 35 years, Afghanistan that is in USA and west payroll and costs USA trillions Dollar so far and USA military is still in the country to fight for Afghanistan and Iraqi that costs USA trillions, thousands human Lives and its place in the world stage alongside with England, the three nations ignored USA and happily participated in the military parade with China.

    The Jews controlled and owned western media didn’t say about as usual intentionally hiding or discrediting news those are against their interests. But they all know it is the biggest blow they have got so far from china and Russia alliance working together with other nations that had been the so called USA, England and west alliance like Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq and so on. The international community has seen how China military weight looks like and how they are working with other nations. As a result many nations will join them. Only the few brainless and brainwashed corrupted Negros so called leaders and politicians -hahahaha - in Africa will remain with their centuries old oppressors and masters being happy and comfortable to be treated like slaves and less than human including in their own country manipulating them easily knowing how some dump and wild animal they are some Negro leaders, politicians and individuals in Africa.

    China is the answer with everything including militarily from the attacks and difficulties caused as usual by the Jews controlled and owned USA, England, France and so on. China Military might with thousands of different types of modern weapons is a big testimony how the world power is totally shifted and the Jews owned western propaganda lies media wars get no longer more power at all to counter or deny that. Because with china everything is open and practical you can see, though and use it unlike the west everything has to be done and finished with talks with no practical and useful actions at all like the Jews remote control and programmed Robot Obama’s light for Africa 10 billion Dollar propaganda joke.

    2 years have passed, nothing is happening but still they are talking about it in order to play their dirty games against the dumb negro leaders, officials and citizens thinking the money will come but will never as it was not intended the first place but being part of the games how they are playing against poor and weak nations to trap them for their benefits before they completely destroyed and left it like skeleton after the meat is eaten. They are saying too much while doing nothing good but all bad.

    China is the answer in the development, securities, military and any aspect the 21-century humanity deserves. Russia and China are the answers to any nation like Ethiopia to have open, close, deep and multi dimensional relationships based on respect, dignity, understanding and win win approaches. if a nation that still has dump and corrupted leaders continuing kneeling down and acting as weak, worthless and poor towards the Jews lead USA and England that are the source of all troubles in the world including Africa and Ethiopia, her future will be an endless and vey nasty hell destroyed by corruption, bribe, crimes, addictions, inhuman behaviors such as Pedophile and homosexuality and so on the Jews lead west is known with and infecting other nations with these kind behaviors and crimes.

    The answer is simple, easy and the right thing to do which is having the best relationship with countries like China, Russia, Germany, Italy and the likes that are not controlled and owned by the Jews and causing all sorts of troubles against the nations worldwide. USA, England, France and so on are owned and controlled by the Jews. Everyone knows that. Even the Trash TV channel called ESAT foreign Guests are all of them Jews that are cocking their dirty tricks in lines with their plan and agenda to affect Ethiopia. Because the political system and the economic policy Ethiopia is following is totally against their ways they are using to loot the nations causing all sorts of crimes against the population including fraud, corruption and manipulation telling the people how good and innocent they are.

    Smart and wise leaders and the citizens all together will do what is the best for them and that is having the multidimensional relationship with countries like China, Russia, Germany, Italy and so on rather than continuing committing suicides allowing the Jews controlled and owned USA, England and so on doing what they are known with in the name of aid and whatever name they are having including peace core to affect the society and stop the development activities. They know a society that has peace, unity, good leaders, human values, dignities, free from addictions, crimes and is on its own ways free from any bad foreign interference is hard to be controlled, used and finally destroyed by them.

    That is why they are busy continuing damaging the Ethiopian image by the Jews so called Journalists some of them are still in Ethiopia, undermining the people and coming in Ethiopia only for bad reasons in order to keep us poor, weak and ignorant unable to stop them what they are doing in Ethiopia, the region and Africa as a whole. Africa must come together and work on what is good for the continent and each country by having good relations with countries like China and others associated with china.
    The Jews controlled and owned USA, England, France and so on will be isolated and they will do nothing about it.

    England and USA are the two evils causing the refugee crisis. They are the two or three together with Israel looking capable of using Eritrea in order to affect Ethiopia because of the Ethiopia ways are not up to their benefits but to Ethiopians and Eritreans and they don’t like it. However, the three are the only nations particularly England refused to accept refugees when countries like Germany, Sweden and so on are cleaning the shit and dirt they are causing in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Libya and many nations that are having the poverty and refugee crisis. As the UN report said Israel was/is arming south Sudanese Military against the rebels and they are air dropped weapons, too.

    Ethiopia is sheltering about 300.000 South Sudanese refuges so far and the number is growing everyday by thousands. Ethiopia is also sheltering our brothers and sisters from Eritrea with more than 150.000. Yet, they are looking to create wars with the same people that are Ethiopians and Eritreans they divided them the first place in 1993 using UN as their own weapon to implement their agenda and plan in the world.

    England is spreading hates and lies against refuges including against the black Africans. Their foreign minister in Singapore tried to spread hate against the Africans using the refuges as escape goats with goal to create hostilities in Asia against Africa knowing England and USA do hate to see happening good relations between Asia and Africa. They see the Asians taking their own wealth and free market in Africa they had controlled for centuries. But it is gone and they will do nothing about it. Their PM called those African refuges most of them are Eritreans, Sudanese, Somalians, Nigerians, Senegalese and so on , in calie -France- Swap/invading insects like locusts. England is built 16 mille fence in France in order to stop refuges to cross the channel in to England.

    Yet, they are continuing bombing Syria, Iraq and so on and causing other conflicts including looking to see happen conflicts between Ethiopia and Eritrea. We know since long time that England, USA and Israel will be the ones behind any conflict between Ethiopia and Eritrea or other conflicts in the region. However, in the end they will lose not only the region including Ethiopia and Eritrea but also the whole of Africa. Keep it in mind. Ethiopia is not what they think she is and the people are how the Jews controlled western media is portraying them with racist, hostile and war style attacks for decades including them being in the country and even today they are there. We are the ones to blame allowing them to do the way they are against us.

    Remember: they are behind the creation and activities of all Sunni Islamic terrorists started in the 1980s with Mujahidin that gave birth to the Taliban and al-Qaida. Al Qaida gave birth to too many Sunni/wahahbbi terrorists such as ISIS, Al Nusra, Boko haram, Al Shebab and many more. ISIS attacked Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, UAE and occupying Syria and Iraq, But never against Israel. Why? You know the answer. You cannot eat the hand that is feeding you.

    Therefore, these three nations controlled and owned by the Jews are always in the position to do anything bad including allying with their own enemies to cause troubles against countries like Ethiopia in order to get what they want at the huge cost of the society as they are doing to other nations. That means, having a very close military and security relationships with China, Russia and many more alongside economic, education (the best education systems are nowhere but China and East Asia nations) and cultural ties is becoming the survival issue.

    We know, any nation that has been dominated by the USA and England is always end in division, hostilities, chaos, destruction, killings, addictions, crimes and so on. In order to avoid those things, it is essential to change the course walking safely and comfortably in the 21-century together with nations from the east where the sun rises and comes to Africa where Ethiopia is the main get way to the continent.

  15. Sam says:

    I believe war is costly and unnecessary. I am not a religious person but which side you bet if you ask between Jesus coming back to earth and walking the street of Addis or Eritrea for once refraining blaming Ethiopia for almost everything, I say Jesus will walk the street of Addis. I think the president of Eritrea might believe using the Ethiopia potential threat as a foolproof means to cultivate Eritrean nationalism. But I do not think it will work. People who live in police state with no bright future economic mobility do not have a shining national feeling. That is long gone. The sooner the leader of Eritrea realizes this glaring fact, the better his political survival would be. After all every political moves he makes weighs in his ambition first and the interest of Eritrea second. I do not neverthless think Eritreans are falling for that trap anymore.

  16. Selamta says:

    ጥቁርስ መቼም ነው ጥቁር ሰውነቱን ያጣ
    ዘረኛ በሆነ በነጭ የሚቀጣ
    ምን ነካው አበሻ የጥንት፡ የጠዋቱ
    እርስ በእርስ የሚጣላ በሱ ሲጫወቱ
    ኢትዮጰያ፡ ኤርትራ ሁሉም ኢትዮጰያ
    በአንድነት ሲሆኑ ጥቅማቸው ማለፊያ
    የአባይ ወንዝ፡ ቀይ ባህር፣ ከፍተኛው ምድር
    በሰላም ቢሆኑ፡ በጋራ ቢሰሩ …..
    በሀብት በሞላቸው፡ ፍቅር ባለበሳቸው፡ በሆናቸው ክብር

    ግን ምን ያደርጋል

    የውጭ ተላላኪ የሰው ውሻ መሳይ
    በውስጣቸው ገብቶ ሁሉም ያያል ስቃይ
    ኢትዮጰያ፡ ኤርትራ ሁሉም ነው አበሻ
    ሥራችን ሌላ ነው አይደለም ረብሻ
    ኢሳያስ አንድ፡ ሁለት ጥቂት ወንበዴዎች
    የችግር ምንጭ ናቸው የጋራ ጠላቶች
    የእድሜ ልክ ወንበዴ ፡ የቀረበ ለሞት
    በጋራ ትብብር መወገድ አለበት፡፡

  17. Visitor says:

    One of if not the one best state visit Ethiopian officials ever done in any country was the one they have done with China this week.
    China was, is and always will be the best friend, trustworthy ally, useful partner and close family nation to Ethiopia for centuries to come. The Chinese and Ethiopian people have lots in common including good manners, ancient history, developed culture, being proud people, using own creations including Alphabets and writing systems, always fighting back any foreign invader and so on. They are the two ancient and independent nations had no criminal record against any nation of society as we know what happened to the natives in the Americans, Australia, Africa, Asia and so on.

    Ethiopia has huge potentials and reasons capable of serving China with lots of benefits including economically, politically and strategically. China also have huge potentials and reasons capable of benefiting Ethiopia even more than what is she doing so far including transforming the nation overall situation in to the modern world parallel to the Chinese levels without affecting our society with bad and inhuman behaviors and situations coming from the west.

    When Chinese coming to Ethiopia, they are coming with missions to work in production and infrastructure sectors that are creating real economies and jobs. They respecting the country laws and ways and always are trying to adapt and learn the Ethiopian ways which is unlike the west that are always trying to impose their things on us in our own country including speaking their languages which is not even African let alone Ethiopian.

    As long as Ethiopians remain unique as Ethiopians being proud who they are and using what they have for their own developing it with parallel to the time, and society general situation and continuing working closely with the best nations like china that are respectful, hard working, never interfere in internal matters, never even try to affect the nation including creating and sheltering different rebels/ terrorists as USA and UK are doing, always willing to help with hard and good work and so on, Ethiopians will benefit lots from and will become the best. Ethiopians must reject and stop being brainwashed by the Anglo-American different wars including cultural and traditional with goal to destroy what Ethiopians are having for their own and what makes them unique and themselves including using their alphabets that is the only African born black people alphabet and keeping their culture as Ethiopians and so on.

    Ethiopia must copy and paste the Chinese and east Asian education systems in the Ethiopian school system. Ethiopians need to learn and look at the Chinese and other East Asians engineers, scientists, workers, scholars, students and so on as examples and need to behave that way. Ethiopia which is the best agriculture nation with huge farm land, abandoned fresh water/rain, fertile land and nice weather throughout the year can be the food and drink supply guarantee for china if the two are working together. Food processing can create jobs more than farming does with the farmers. So, the Ethiopian and Chinese alliance need to work together not only with farming but also food processing that is the best sector to employ huge work force, creating adding values and guarantee food and drink supplies in the country before looking for export.

    Ethiopians must be smart, brave, determine and confident having close relationship with china which is a huge and ancient country cannot be a danger to our society and nation but ally and friend benefiting together by working and doing things together as trustworthy friends and allies. Ethiopians need to learn mandarin as Chinese are doing with Amharic and many of them are communicating in Ethiopia in the Ethiopian ways which is unlike the west that are demanding us to be like them in our country for their sake at our loss.

    I case if you missed, this is the NEWS.

    “Ethiopian Amharic Eve News, Ebc September 09, 2015”

    As far as Eritrea concern, it is a matter of time before the two become together and benefiting together. The west will try to stop that but the people will not defeated by the enemies against both of them.

  18. Yared Seyoum says:

    Well said. The two brotherly nations will settle their diferances & avoid the idea of war. aye.

  19. the congo says:

    Eritreans never site and eat together. Never with AGAME.

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