Ethiopian Parliament Approves Cabinet Nominees


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4 Responses

  1. Borkena says:

    Your darling Redwan is dumped because he is not from the “golden”tribe though he is good at lying and propagating .Whose ass you going to kiss?actually you have the pathological lier Getachew to depend on .

  2. Viva the great China, Russia, ... says:

    Let hope and also believe that they are going to serve the nation the best ways in the next 5 years than they have been the previous one(s). As we have been saying reputedly sounding like we are desperately and helplessly crying and warning about, showing the ways and telling them the reasons way not to do or behave the ways some of them have been doing, advising and directing the right directions and the things to do in order to fulfill the huge responsibilities they are carrying representing more than 90 million people particularly about some foreign nations involvements and interferences in our country in the name of NGO, agencies, Institutions, Think Tanks, peace core(no one but USA needs peace within first), investment, tourism and so on.

    We are not only hoping but expecting to happen the foreign ministry will do things differently than it has been in the past doing the foreign ministry jobs the ways countries like Ethiopia do deserve as others are doing perfectly the jobs for their countries. We are hoping the foreign minister will look back his past foreign relation activities and visits including in Israel and USA his action at the park in New York during the night time while loudly and repeatedly shouting when he was inviting the devils to come to Ethiopia in the name of investment, tourism… without knowing who is who and how dangerous they can be when they are coming without checking their true identities and allowing them operating in the country freely engaging with anything they want and get the benefits from instead of we have to decide about everything in our own country with our people and get benefits from first.

    The foreign ministry must behave differently the next 5 years including doing the total transformation changes starting from the its headquarter before moving quickly and decisively to the embassies. The embassies need to feel they are carrying the nation responsibilities and must think, work and serve the nation the best ways rather than feeling and acting they are on endless luxury vacation and their jobs is only issuing visas to anyone knocking the embassy door including giving permission to the illegal and dangerous devils and demons to come in Ethiopia legally and rightfully.

    The agriculture minister is doing the best. However, it has to fully and certainly guarantee the nation food securities. Ethiopia is the biggest and best farming nation in Africa and one of the few in the world. It is in the tropic which is the middle of the earth having the best natural gifts including huge fertile land, abandoned fresh water and nice weather thanks to the highland. Therefore, within the next 5 years Ethiopia must not only guarantee her food securities but also the neighboring nations before moving to the rest of the world.

    The quality of education, constructions, health services and so on must get the biggest priorities in the next 5 years. Ethiopia must continue at least 70% of the students enrolling in the science, math, engendering, technical and technological educations that are the best sectors creating real economies and values.
    Thanks to Minister Debretsion for keeping the Ethiopian telecom under the Ethiopian ownership despite there were lots of pressures from abroad to handover the nation most important sector in terms of securities and money making too. However, it is time to improve its service and expand all over the country to facilitate the nation development and also get more money from.

    Shame on to the Industry ministry that handed over to foreigners the nation very big money making sector which are the nations breweries. Breweries are selling water adding some barely and other substances in it. They are getting almost for free the most quality water from Ethiopia and also cheap energy. Ethiopia would benefit a lot and creating lots of jobs if she was bottling the water itself without adding anything in it foreign breweries owners are using almost paying nothing for it. Those plaid roles handing over the nation money making brewery sector to foreigners must be seen as criminals and traitors.

    The case must be investigated and those corrupted must face justice. We are hoping the next 5 years will play big roles reversing the nation breweries ownership in the Ethiopians hands by training, motivation and supporting small scale Ethiopian owned breweries than can be made including in small scale family levels with government close involvement including guaranteeing the public safety. Ethiopians must engage with Traditional drinks too like making Tella and Tej for commercial reasons till Ethiopians breweries becoming in the Ethiopians hands instead of consuming breweries produced by foreigners where the huge money is landed in the foreigners private pockets in abroad.

    Ethiopia is very rich with minerals within and above the ground. This sector needs to get more attention and it has to remain in the Ethiopians hands/ownerships. Don’t handover this very important sector in the long run to the known foreign looters and criminals. Instead work jointly with China, Russia and so on that are best known with mining. China must be always the first to get the rights and possibilities to benefit from the Ethiopian opportunities that are huge than anybody else as they are the ones making Ethiopia to be what is she today and looking the brightest future.

    Tourism is the most sensitive, fragile and dangerous sector if it is not handled well and know how to get benefits from. Ethiopian officials must stop shit talking about tourism and image repairing instead of identifying who is damaging the nation image and stopping him/her using any means necessary. The Ethiopian image is not destroyed by nature but evils and demons coming from abroad in the name of media, journalism and whatever name they are using to hide their true identities.

    They also must work the right ways how to develop the nation tourism industry with long term strategy and benefits without affecting our society by some bad foreigners that are coming in the name of tourism. Who is engaging with illegal opal and other items smuggling activities within and from Ethiopia?

    If Ethiopia wants to develop her tourism industry for long term strategy and benefits, she has to train her citizens first and improve the nation infrastructure in the Ethiopian ways with aim making foreigners feel good and safe to use them. Ethiopians must learn and speak Mandarin in order to communicate with the Chinese that will be representing the biggest numbers of tourists coming to Ethiopia if we know how to make the situation to happen that way. Ethiopia needs to work with the Chinese those are speaking Amharic or ready to learn in order to strength the people to people relationship in the tourism sector too. It is also important to learn the Chinese stile of cocking, presentations and treating guests.

    It is also similar important Ethiopians learning Russians knowing there are many Ethiopians speaking Russians. But the young generation need to learn Russians in the school levels as it has to be with Mandarin, German, Japanese and Arabic which is a Semitic language as Amharic is. Ethiopians must stop being stupid and stack in the past with brainwashed thinking and continuing as business as usual despite they are not getting any benefit from particularly in the long run. They must learn quickly and move together with the rest of the world based on their own benefits.

    They need to change their vision towards the world with long term strategy. That means, they need to treat English language as one of the foreign languages; no more if not less than that in the future. Mandarin, Russians, Arabic, Germans, Japanese and other foreign languages must be in the Ethiopian school curriculum while developing our own language for our own internal benefits.

    Remember: before the fascist invasion 70 years ago, some Ethiopians were speaking only French as foreign language. Almost no one was speaking English in the country. Therefore, the next Ethiopian generation must learn other foreign languages based on the benefit the nation will get from and the world is heading. That has to be mandarin, Russians, Arabic, German, japans and so on with goal to communicate with foreigners.

    The next government needs to calm down and have a new working policy for Ethiopia in the privatization and foreign investment sectors. We must not handover the nations important and profitable sectors to foreigners thinking that can create jobs for us. Instead we have to hire foreign experts and keep the nation sectors in the Ethiopians hands including privately owned by Ethiopians. Ethiopia doesn’t need any foreign investor in the service sectors but in the production sectors we cannot do them by ourselves. Ethiopians can do the farming sectors by themselves as they have thousands years experiences and they can be part of the modern farming easily and quickly including with foreign experts help and assistance for limited amount of time.

    Each and every Ethiopian media job must be done by Ethiopians 100%. We need no one from abroad to gossip and black mailing us in eth name of media and journalism. We must not allow any devil foreign media or journalist talking to us about itself in the ways it is doing all this to influence on us with goal to destroy ours. BBC one of them engaging with this kind evil activities. What do we get from? Nothing. But spreading its wishes of influence hoping to destroy ours and we become using theirs in our own places. That will not happen in a million year no matter how evil they are getting to make it happen. Their criminal era against the world is over no matter how hard they are trying not to give in to it.

    We are hoping the next cabinet will do whatever it takes to eliminate foreign Medias and journalists war stile attack against Ethiopia including criminalizing them. There is nothing Ethiopia is getting from any western foreign media and journalist but we know what they are doing against our nation for decades.

    All in all we are hoping after 5 years this cabinet will deliver remarkable results to our country and people starting its best jobs from day one. Ethiopia must look back in order to accessing, identifying, in detail looking and understanding the past activities in order to come up with the new and workable foreign relationships including those coming in the country in the name of USAID, English development assistance (operating with fear of influence), UN, EU, IMF, WB, NGO, Charities, agencies, right groups, peace core and so on most of them are from USA and England and the vast majorities are the Jews.

    No one will do our jobs but us. No one benefits us but ourselves. No one stands for us but ourselves. No one makes or breaks our situation but ourselves. So, we have to do our things carrying the nations full responsibilities and 100% rights to take the lead with high expectations and achievements and as much as less risks and losses.

    God bless Ethiopia, china, Russia, … and the world.

  3. Observer says:

    ኢህኣዴግ ራሱን ገምግሞ ጉድለቶችን ለማረም ቁርጠኛ መሆኑን ለህዝብ ገልጾኣል። ሆኖም ቁርጠኛንቱ በተግባር የሚፈጸመው ትናንት ለድክመቱ ተጠያቂ ሊሆኑ የሚችሉ ሚኒስትሮችን ይዞ ሳይሆን ኣዲሰና ኣቅም ያላቸውን ወጣቶችን ይዞ ቢቀርብ ተመራጭና ዉጤታማ በሆነ ነበር።
    የህብ ረተሰቡ ግማሽ ኣካላት የሴቶች ዉክልናም በጣም ኣንሶኣል።
    ለ ስርኣቱ ከጅምሩ ኣጃቢ አና ተካፋይ ክሆኑት የተቃዋሚ ፓርቲ መሪዎች መካከል አንደነ ፕሮፌሰር በየነ አና መራራ ቢካተቱ ግፋ ቢልም ኢንጂነር ይልቃል ቢያካትት የተካረረውን የፓለቲካ ውጥረት/ climate ከማርገቡም በላይ ለኣንድ ሃገር ተባብሮ መስራት አንደሚቻል ታሪካዊ ፋይዳ በኖረው ነበር ።Alas…
    አግዛብሄር መልካሙን ያስመልክታችሁ !

  4. Tatek says:

    With the gloss on the lips of the ruling EPRDF and its die-hard supporters applied following the so called ‘’100% electoral triumph’’ still so fresh, the Govt unveiled the carefully calculated and redistributed Cabinet posts and had them easily approved by the House lacking a single dissenting voice, thanks to the Electoral Board that acted as a ‘’fox guarding a henhouse’’. As we repeatedly heard from EPRDF heavyweights and as the so called ‘’electoral sweep’’ had made the public believe, even if it artificially seemed that the opposition’s wings might have been temporarily clipped by the Govt’s ‘’absolute victory’’ in the polls, the opposition’s influence on a lot of burning issues to the still somehow cynical electorate was yet to be wrapped up and put in a box. That’s exactly why the regime couldn’t afford to let the extraordinary opportunities it had been afforded by the so called ‘’historic victory’’ slip through its fingers. In complete variance to the regime’s trumpet that EPRDF was a Govt that based itself on the equality of all Ethiopians; Women, Youth, Minorities and remote sections of the nation were absolutely excluded from the nation’s Cabinet make-up. Except for Aster Mamo, who was reappointed as Deputy PM in charge of the powerful Public Service and the so called Good Governance, women were largely left in their own kitchen. After all, as my former friend at Yale correctly put it, Ms Aster was awarded the powerful portfolio by virtue of her ethnicity, and not because the Govt felt women should be elevated to one such top position in the cabinet. If anything, she was only a mirror through which the Govt wanted to carefully guard its most precious political capital (Adama) — though Arat kilo wouldn’t care if the public gave it the benefit of the doubt that EPRDF was the first Govt in the nation’s history to elevate a woman to the job of a Deputy PM. Nonetheless, the regime was so careful in trying to keep the Coalition members in the ship and there could be no argument that any effort was spared to make sure that the Cabinet wear the ethnic make-up that the Govt cared about so dearly, and furthermore, even in the wake of the so called ‘’100% Electoral sweep’’, the regime understood that it simply didn’t have the luxury to take voters for granted. Politics is an uncertain world and if there ever is anything constant in politics, it is only CHANGE itself, and the regime correctly understood that any defeat could be easily redeemed and any triumph easily lost in the next vote which makes complacency simply unaffordable. It is not clear if the regime felt they were doing a good job or didn’t feel like making radical changes following the election as several Ministers were left in their posts that they held prior to the dissolution of the last Parliament. Although the regime considers Economic Management as its bullet-proof asset, the unreliability of contracts, largely insufficient intellectual property protections and the non-existent application of the rule of law appear to hinder the emergence of knowledge-based economy in Ethiopia. For the so called ‘’Legal opposition’’ though, it is more than disappointing that they just seemed to be sleep-walking into a car wreck, and no matter how loud the public yelled —-or in the case of Yelikal’s Semayawi party, practically slapped them in the face — they just kept on going. Even as Ethiopian Scholars labored to put a very heavy dose of reality into the unreal political climate in Ethiopia and expected them to lean forward in the interest of the nation, the opposition just kept waiting for the ”apples to fall into the barrel”. I just sensed that everyone in the nation was far too engaged to get off the ship as it reached this historic stage in the voyage — and wondered how the opposition could put the ”Freedom” or ”Federalism” genie back in the bottle now as the reform in this front had gone way too far. In his recent interview, Yelikal appeared to somehow blame Oromo scholars and the EPRDF regime for inventing and letting the Oromo public to use the Latin figures to write the Oromo Language instead of the Ethiopian ‘Geez’ letters, but if the Oromo wanted to use Latin, who was the Govt to dictate what letters the Oromo public used? For me, Yelikal was only shooting himself on the foot and proving once again that none of the ‘’Legal opposition’’ parties could make any inroads deep into the regime’s golden political capital, and I am just sensing that the EPRDF wouldn’t harass their supporters in Adama and Asella if they heard Yelikal’s comments prior to the Election. Why on earth would the Govt harass someone who is doing a fine job for them after all?

    For the very few women put in the Cabinet though, I am so thrilled for you and could just feel that your respective appointments put you each in a predicament down the difficulty of ”juggling a lot of balls in the air” — wife, Mother, Cook, Cabinet official, Charity worker and Women’s advocate. As a son of an Immigrant woman born in Aksum who had had her purse searched every single day she came to work in case she had something to hide that she wanted to pass on to the ‘’Wenbedes’’ prior to her departure to the United States, I had always felt that criminalizing and/ or marginalizing people because of their sexuality or gender is a very heavy stain on the conscience of any civilized society. I came to realize that the majority of Ethiopians now firmly believe that political and economic liberty is the only road to their nation’s success; and furthermore, the central divide in the country was not between ‘’left’’ and ‘’right’’, but between freedom and tyranny. And to this end, it is transparently clear that Ethiopians saw the countless opposition figures as a bunch of bull-headed politicians who couldn’t see beyond their quest for elected office, and as the public couldn’t be happy with either the EPRDF or the so called ‘’Legal opposition’’, the citizens had no option but let elections happen and the ‘’chips would fall where they may’’; and if there is a lesson one could grab, the clock measuring Ethiopians’ urgency for a radical political liberalization and the one in opposition that was supposed to bring the desired change aren’t simply in sync.

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