Ethio Agri-CEFT to start supplying Amhara Brand Coffee to an international market


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  1. Viva the great China, Russia, ... says:

    Altitude has big effects among the others about the health, quality, quantity and variety of the living things including human, animals and plants. High attitude mainly between 1700-3000 are the best place in the tropic to live, work, produce and get quality products. Products such as flowers and coffee growing above 2000-3000m above the sea levels are the best qualities. Animals’ skins that are coming from animals living above 2000m are also the best qualities. That is why the Ethiopian animal skin products are called the best qualities in the world. It is the same with Ethiopian flowers and coffee qualities too,

    However, the real job is not yet even started to put these products from Ethiopia on the top of the list amongst commercial products in the international markets and consumers. We do lack not only how to produce them with quality, quantity and variety on time but also how to advertize and sell them effectively in order to get all the profits we do disserve.

    The so called middle men somewhere from Europe are getting the benefits because of we are giving them almost for free and they are selling them with high price directly to the consumers after adding values, creating jobs for their people and getting huge profits while we remains with empty hands as it is going on with Coffee, flowers and others products for decades. The Ethiopian wollo opals that are known with the best quality in the world and a very small stone is worth more than 7 thousands dollar in international markets is also continuing benefiting foreigners. They are getting these opals with few dollars illegally and smuggling them to abroad by being in the country as tourists and whatever name they are having.

    The point is that the Ethiopian highland that is with green hills, mountains, valleys, marshlands and flat savannah with lots of rainfalls, mineral rich fertile soil and nice weather has been always the best place to live, work and produce anything with quality, variety and quantity including coffee. But because of the citizens’ weaknesses, it didn’t happen as much for commercial reasons, yet.

    However, this is the time the Ethiopian highland including Gojam lives up to its natural gifts serving the livings with the citizens’ efforts based on the 21-century human beings working approach and handling the results effectively in order to get as much as huge benefits from. Mountains and hills in the highland are the best place for quality coffee plantation, honey production, growing very quality and variety commercial flowers, animal husbandry and other commercial oriented products.

    Good luck. But you have to know luck comes not by itself but it follows the best efforts individuals are making none stop to achieve something big and useful reaching somewhere as far as high and far.

    China and Russia are and will be the biggest nations and trustworthy trade partners to Ethiopia including buying the best quality Ethiopian coffee, flowers, animal products and so on directly from the Ethiopian producers and sellers unlike those in western Europe that are buying our product through middle men knowing the benefits goes to that middle men from Europe.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the World

  2. Tragedy says:

    “MJBI Ethiopia Messianic Jewish Bible Institute”

    Watch on YouTube what is MJBI Ethiopia Messianic Jewish Bible Institute is doing against our people under the watch of the so called Ethiopian leaders some of them are acting appointed by foreigners. Do we have anything else to say about the foreign ministry other than that and what people are saying silently about it ?

    Fack that dark and empty head so called Mayer of Gonder and the punch of so called Amhara leaders subjecting the people in the region for so many tragedies in the last 20 years coming from the west designed and operated by the evil and demon Jews.

  3. Tragedy says:

    Ethiopians must protect and save Ethiopia from the Jews conspiracy that is going on with full scales and no objections at all.

    Fight it back and completely stop the Jews well calculated and long term evil agenda in Ethiopia to destroy our society and cause lots of hardships and inhumanity the ways they are doing against the entire white race, Arabs and blacks (being the worst and longest slave traders during the African slavery by so called western Europeans while the most and worst part was conducted by Jews).

    If they want to have so called Ethiopian Jews to treat them the way they are doing against them in Israel, they can have them all in Israel but not in Ethiopia. That will never happen knowing what kind problems and difficulties any nation and society would face if the Jews are around and being part of the society. Ethiopia will never allow herself to be the place of the Jews, too. When it happen, that would be the end of Ethiopia and us the way we know us for thousands years.

    Jews need to stop trying to impose their evil things on Ethiopians and their engagements with converting the Christians. Does Ethiopia have so called leaders and officials that are taking care the nation’s job including stopping the Jews crimes going on in Ethiopia for years? What about the Ethiopians Muslims keeping quiet while they know their Christian Ethiopian brothers and sisters are targeted by Jews lead west different kinds of experiments for years?

    We are not only hoping but also very much waiting at least few wise, brave, intelligent and human Ethiopians will appear soon to lead the nation protecting the citizens from foreign(USA, UK, Israel…) attacks coming in different shapes and forms. The Jews conspiracies against our society particularly targeting the Christians in the highland is the worst thing happening and very damaging situation our innocent citizens are facing right now.

    What is the government and so called officials including in the highland including around Gonder, Bahir Dar and the likes are doing about? Never trust or allow the Jews in Ethiopia for anything. If they need Ethiopian Jews, they have to take them all but not in Ethiopia knowing what is going to happen against the nation and citizens when they are around.

    There had to be the biggest reasons why 109 nations including England in 1290 deported them and since 1948, the entire Arabs league and other Islamic nations did the same thing. That means all together more 150 nations deported them so far because of they became unable to live normal lives while they were around.

    So, what are we doing against our society allowing these evils playing their known inhuman deeds against us coming in different shapes, forms and names including acting as if they are Christians from USA, England, Israel, Europe and so on. Stop them. Learn the main and true reasons why Hitler did what his did….?


    ” …..As a result of MJBI’s medical outreaches in Ethiopia, a revival of Jewish culture and the spread of the Gospel followed. in December of 2008, the MJBI began a school in the capital of Addis Ababa among the Beta Abraham community. A new congregation was also launched to disciple the believers.

    In 2010, a second MJBI began among the Beta Israel Jewish community in Gondar, as well as support for the poor and needy there.

    In 2011, a third Ethiopian MJBI will begin among the Gafat people in Woliso, Ethiopia. The Gafat are from the Beta Israel community and have a strong sense of their Jewish history. A new congregation has been planted among them, as well as a fervent class of 120 quality students.”

  4. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    Don’t be totally dependent on nature if you don’t have to forced by nature itself.

    Tanzanian’s current power consumption is 870 megawatts but production capacity recorded as of Wednesday 7 october 2015 stood at 105 megawatts. The capacity can go up to 135 Megawatts when some generators are switched on.

    Ethiopian current power production is about 4.300 Megawatt including Giglel Gibe III that is already ready for production. Tanzanian population is about 75 million while Ethiopia has 90 million. So, 105 or 135 megawatts is very small amount to satisfy the huge population like Tanzania. We wish them the best hoping soon the situation will get better including for farming communities and animal consumptions.

    But this is not about Tanzania but all Ethiopians to make note how things are getting very bad and catastrophic when nature becomes the main reason. No matter how rich, strong and capable are humans, but when nature becomes punishable, nothing stops it. Water is second after nature essential to life, development and anything any nation needs first, foremost and always. When it is not there, there will be no life at all let alone having development and good life.

    That is why Ethiopian enemies so called Ethiopians and their foreign backers/master Ethiopian enemies are trying to blame the government and the citizens when every time Ethiopia faces some difficulties because of the shortage of rains as we are witnessing happening all over the world including this time in the Entire eastern, central, western and southern Africa, eastern Europe, USA, South America including Brazil and Asia including Indonesia and India.

    The current shortage of rain fall in Ethiopia is part of the wider situation happening all over the world where eastern, central, western and southern Africans are badly affected with while in Ethiopia it was moderate and the most part was the best season for agriculture activities.


    Ethiopians must take the notes from the following article happening among the others in Tanzania knowing that could happen against Ethiopia, too where she is getting her energy from Hydro powers.

    “Tanzania to switch off all hydropower stations

    Tanzania will switch off all hydropower plants because of low water levels that have seen electricity generation reduce by 80 per cent, the government said Thursday.
    The country has had no option but to take the unprecedented move, according to the Energy and Minerals minister George Simbachawene adding that present water levels are the worst since independence.
    Tanzanians will now have to grapple with debilitating power crisis but the government said it will turn on some gas plants in the next two weeks.
    “Since we gained independence we have never run out of water to the levels we are seeing today. We must make this most difficult decision of completely switching off the hydropower plants,” Mr Simbachawene stated. He said some power dams were in the brink of totally drying up.
    The country’s current power consumption is 870 megawatts but production capacity recorded as of Wednesday stood at 105 megawatts. The capacity can go up to 135 Megawatts when some generators are switched on.
    He said given the current situation, power shedding was unavoidable.
    The minister pointed out that Kidatu hydropower generation had now gone down from 204 to 27 megawatts, Mtera (from 80 to 9), Kihansi (from 180 to 45) and Pangani (from 68 to 25).
    He said the government had been forced to find alternative electricity supply to cushion the shortage of power.
    He said that the Kinyerezi gas plant will produce 70 Megawatts to go into the national grid.
    He added that low water levels in power dams including Kapunga and Mtera dams, were mainly caused by irrigation in rice plantations, saying there will come a time the country will have to decide to close down the plantations for reliable power.
    Tanesco switches off Mtera plant
    Tanzania Electric Supply Company (Tanesco) has decided to switch off its major Mtera hydropower plant after water levels needed to run the plant went down drastically.
    The current water level is 687.53 metres from sea level as one needed to efficiently run the plant.
    Speaking to reporters at the plant, Mtera plant manager, Mr Abdallah Ikwasa, said the facility has been switched off for more than a week.

    “We have decided to switch it off so that our power generators remain safe. This is because if we switch it on at this low level, air will flow into the generators, something which is sure to damage them.
    “We don’t expect to switch them until when the rains start falling, that’s why the government has decided to start counting on gas generated electricity and fuel turbines since water is not a permanently reliable source,” said Mr Ikwasa while showing the reporters how the water levels had gone down.
    He said when the Mtera Dam is producing at its full capacity of 698.5 metres, it can provide 80MW which are transmitted directly to the national grid.”

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

  5. ethiio says:

    “Amhara Brand Coffee” ? what is next? tigre bread , Oromo tea? you are the lowest of low. What happens to “Ethiopian Coffee?

  6. Eretwooo says:

    It’s very sad if you look today in the world the coffe names only ethiopian coffe called superately yirgachefe coffe, Harare coffe ,limu coffe, and in the bottom it says in Ethiopia,the other African coffe ,all are called,Kenya,rewanda,uganda,colombia,brazil,india,

    The only country in the world so confused in brand.
    Wake up people it’s getting seriouse.

    The next day the country falling apart’!!!!!!!!!

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