Grand Renaissance Dam almost at halfway completion stage, high ranking official confirmed (+Video)


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  1. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    6000MW Hedase hydro dam cost $5 billion.
    6000MW hydro dam= at least 6 middle size nuclear stations.
    Hinkley Point nuclear power in England:

    Construction cost=£24.5 billion= $37 billion at least.
    Therminal capacity 4,500MWt
    nameplate capacity 3,200 MW

    This means if we compare only the construction costs based on the amount of energy generated from, the Hedase Dam should cost at least $50 billion based on Hinkley point nuclear power plant in England. But we are building it with $5 billion which is 10% of the cost from the Hinkley power plant.

    So, even the low cost has to be our biggest motivation to finish the dam as soon as possible paying each and every sacrifice it is demanding while it is telling us how important is producing 6000 MW from the Hedase dam based on the efforts and costs England is doing in order to produce 4,500MWt or 3200 MW from the Hinkley power plant.

    6000 MW is a huge energy wealth for sure it has the power to transform not only the Ethiopian energy capacity but also the economy and society in general.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

  2. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    This is how looks like when normal, competent and wise leaders lead and the people do follow them.

    Building infrastructure is the fundamental and basic foundation to the overall economic growth and the main indication about the level of the leaders, society and the future of the nation. Energy particularly clean energy is the soul to the nation economy and day to day life of the society. It is like the living is alive because of there is clean and enough air to breath. Energy to the economy and nation is like body temperature to the living. Meaning the basis to life and the indication of being alive.

    Telecommunication (Ethiocom) is another very essential one any nation should have in adequate if she wants to function as a normal and useful nation in the 21-century. Another one is transportation which is building quality and long distance roads, bridges, tunnels which is essential in the Ethiopian topography, rail ways, airports and ports. Then, there is construction such as buildings (offices, homes…), dams, stadiums … stations and so on.

    When any nation that is giving the biggest priorities to the above mentioned fundamental economic activities alongside modernizing the agriculture sector mainly in the Ethiopian case( because of Ethiopia is the best place for agriculture), then there is nothing to stop that nation to become one of the best developed nations in the world.

    Hedase Dam in Ethiopia is not only going to benefit Ethiopia with 6000 MW Energy production that could bring about 4.5-6 billion dollar a year if it is sold in international market based on the price index with oil price above 50 dollar, but also serving the nation as a breaking point from the weak and unattractive past and present situations and the same times healing and making medicine to our future telling us we can become or make anything by ourselves while working together with useful and trustworthy nations like China, Russia and others.

    The 21-century Ethiopians are/will be totally different from the previous century’s generations. The present Ethiopians do understand and know very well that they can do anything in their own country the same way others do in their countries and even with the best division of wealth and relationships among the population.

    Look at the division of wealth, the relationship between the population, way of life, the society that is suffering from different types of addictions and the treatment blacks are getting in the west including USA. So, we will be better than them in many fronts (if we able to avoid their intentionally involvement in our country/society to destroy us the ways they are doing against blacks all over the places they are present including in their countries, too) when we develop ourselves by our efforts working together with useful nations like china while avoiding the bad ones that are known towards others mainly blacks including in Africa.

    Hedase Dam is like 6 medium sizes of nuclear stations. However, nuclear stations are the most dangerous to the environment and life while Hydro dam is not. When once the hydro dam is built, there is little or nothing at all demanding extra costs while other energy producing systems are demanding none stop additional coats and raw materials like oil, gas and so on.

    So, the Hedase dam being completed 47% is the best news giving additional energy and determination to complete it as soon as possible with high quality and best results. It is the biggest and long term national asset benefiting not only Ethiopia but also the neighbors. The energy produced from this dam which is 6000mw would bring Ethiopia at least 4.5-6 billion dollar a year. Ethiopia is looking this time about 400 million Dollar aid assistance to coupe the drought caused by el-Niño.

    And imagine what kind benefit this dam is bringing to Ethiopia when we finished it paying all the necessary sacrifices including material and life knowing it is the best making resource to our nation and guarantee to our future.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

    watch RT(Russian TV, CCTV and so on ) while avoiding the biased, liars and full of propaganda shit mouth English speaking western corporate medias including those having bases in South Africa and Kenya targeting Africa.

  3. Borkena says:

    Mr Dawit I think you heard the acquittal of zone 9 bloggers staying in prison ore than 500+ days for nothing.It is not worth news for you .Tatibo Chiqua Alu!

    • Abate says:

      They are only look like Ethiopians but designed, trained and hired by foreign enemies to affect our country with goal to stop development and our people benefits.

      That is why each and every media channel on the internet from the enemy sides are talking about them.

      So, any real and true Ethiopian would only always fight these kind trash mercenaries and bandas; not giving any media coverage. If you want something about them, go to those foreign English language blogs and Medias that are acting as if these trashes do belong to them and working for them for the devil plan and agenda they are having in the Black Country they have nothing to do with.

      You are one of the remaining few trashes going around while suffering from mental sickness always talking trash about Ethiopia and the best government she never had before.
      You need to give up the devil that is knocking you constantly from your head by being between you and Ethiopia.

    • bb says:

      Dear Borken, so what! Why don’t you create your own website so that your motives can be heard, let Dave do his job by himself I don’t think he needs your garbage dispora message.

  4. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    Nice video from Dawit and good explanation from minister Debretsion.

    We know how it is expensive the construction of energy power plant such as nuclear, oil, Gas and coal. But very few are realizing running and using them are the biggest task and none stop huge cots these type power plants are demanding.

    Hydro power plant is the best energy source any nation could have. Its main coast is only the construction cost. The Ethiopian topography and abandoned rain water do make the country the best hydro power plant location in the world. When Ethiopia materializes her Hydro Power energy potential which is between 45.000MW-60.000MW, there is no doubt the country would become the cheapest and cleanest energy power house with almost zero cost to run them.

    Compare the Ethiopian hydro plant construction cost with other nations mentioned as examples below.
    Compare also the difference between Hydro plants and coal power stations mentioned as an Example what Egypt is planning to construct.

    This will give to us how important is constructing the Hedase Dam comparing with costs and running it after the completion of the dam. We have to pay each and every sacrifice without being reluctant and time consuming this our biggest hope and bright reality dam is needed. Few years sacrifice paying by this generation would reward us and our children at least with 100 years cheap and clean energy guarantee alongside with so many other benefits.

    This dam will increase the flow and amount of the Nile water towards Egypt. There is no question about that. The energy will be produced based on the amount of water passing through rotating the turbines without losing any drop of water. After passing the dam, the water is no more in the Ethiopian territory.

    Look at and compare them with the Hedase Dam in terms of costs, capacities and benefits.

    *Xayaburi hydro Dam in Laos.

    Construction began 2012
    Opening date 2019(expected)
    Construction cost $3.8 billion

    Height 32. 6 meter
    Length 820 meter

    The total installed capacity would be 1,285 megawatts

    *Deriner Dam Turkey

    Construction began 1998
    Opening date 2012
    Construction cost $2 billion

    Height 249 meter
    Length 720 meter

    The total installed capacity would be 670 megawatts

    * Ayoun Moussa coal power station Egypt

    In March 2015 Egypt and Al-Nowais Investments Group signed a US$4.5 billion agreement with the Egyptian Electricity Holding Company to construct a 2,460MW coal-fired power plant in the Suez region

    Developer: Technimont (Italy)
    Gross Capacity: 2,640 MW

    Coal Source: Imported (India and South Africa)
    financing: Al Nowais will provide 70 percent of the capital, and said there were discussions with investors in Singapore, South Korea, China and Egypt to fund the remaining 30 percent of the plant. HSBC is the financial advisor for the project.

  5. Gebre says:

    I personally know Debretsion, his mother and all his brothers and sisters. Debretsion was born and raised in Shire, Tigray. Both his parents are from Shire. He was the best student in the entire Tigray region, when he finished highschool with an ESLCE score of 4.0. He was supposed to join AAU but abondoned his university studies and went straight to dedebit ro kick the Dergue dictatorial rule.
    During the struggle, he was sent to Italy by TPLF and he got training in communications technology. He led the team that launched Dimtsi Woyane back in the days from the bush. He is so much into technology and Debretsion along with General Santim were famous hackers during the struggle. They routinely hijacked, jammed and subotaged the dergue radio, TV and millitary communication system.
    After the 1991 victory, he joined Addis Ababa university while working full time as the second man to Kinfe Gebremedhin. He earned his first and masters degree in electrical engineering from Addis Ababa university. He got his PhD from Harvard university in Cambridge.
    Dr Debretsion is an exceptinally intelligent man. He has several publications in many leading technology journals such as connect-world.
    Dr Debretsion is also the developer and patent holder of a software called “Debretsion Gebremichael intelligence security software”. It is a software used by many state and private security agencies through out the world and it is sold at
    Debretsion is the man with the highest IQ among the entire EPRDF leadership. He is also a very firm and ruthless leader who will not compromise with his enemies. He has the full backing of the army and security apparatus. He is an exceptional leader with a very high IQ, highly academic, very swift and decisive and he is by far the one strong among the entire leadership of EPRDF’s inner circle.

  6. Hailu says:

    I love Debretsion, he is well disciplined strong man Ethiopia needs at this time

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