Ewnetu Bilata appointed Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (+Video)


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10 Responses

  1. billfree says:

    Reduwan hussuen is removed from the minister of Government communication Affairs office, and replaced by getachew reda (from TPLF) . now TPLF is leading every main parts of government office - the minister, the deputy minister and spokes person of Foreign affair are from tplf . defense force and intelligence office is also under the control of tplf. is it possible to find a totalitarian party like tpif in the world? by the way the current position of reduwan hussein (minister of sport ) -is it promotion or demotion ? AMAZING.

  2. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    We will see whether he is completely in himself as a patriotic, self (Ethiopian) respected, admired, confident, clean from any foreign powers corruption attacks and real human being or not like those few look like appointed by foreign powers.

    It is known what the foreign enemies mainly USA and England are doing for the last 20+ years and mainly since the Meles death. They are targeting weak and cheap brainwashed officials (particularly those getting education degrees or trainings from them) in order to work for their agenda and plan in Ethiopia including influencing the Good PM policy and decision acting as if they are useful and clean advisors while working based on what the foreign enemies want to see happen and get the benefits in our country at our huge cost.

    He did say about Ethiopia 200 years ago and today. But he didn’t say the root cause of our sufferings at least since 1868(the killing of Atse Teodros and destruction of maqdella) the English empire and its allies from over there are doing to us. They are the root causes of all the damages, troubles and setbacks we have been through ever since with everything caused by foreigners.

    Ethiopia would never lose her millennia old sea coast ownership if England and USA under the Jews rule (among the others does the Zionist name Herman Cohen says something) were not targeting her and worked for it. Look at the north eastern part of the Ethiopian map. It is clear the worst and racist foreign enemies intentionally blocked her from the sea using a worthless piece of land as a fence with 1300km long parallel between Ethiopia and the sea.

    Ethiopia would never face the things she has been facing for decades including the civil wars among the same Habesha people with Eritrea(that was always part of Ethiopia before they arrived there) if the above mentioned foreigners were not targeting her(both of them). Ethiopian image is intentionally and constantly continuing being tarnishing for decades by the Jews and English from USA, England, France, South Africa, Canada, Australia and everywhere they are from.

    We know currently these groups (mainly USA and England) are busy working for their own things secretly and also openly in Ethiopia. They are sending their people to work for their agenda in the name of peace core, aid agencies, charities, scholars, military officials; embassy, NGO, institutions, right (wrong) groups, Tourists, business people and you name it.

    What Hitler did first was destroying all the books and other materials written by the Jews. He also destroyed all films and related materials done by them. They are brainwashing and destroying the society from young age using books, films, radio, TV, news papers and so on. This is what is going on currently controlling the USA, UK, France, South Africa, Australia, Canada, Benelux and so on Medias and doing what they are doing based on their own agenda and plan in the countries and world at large. In Africa they are not only in South Africa and Kenya in the two remained African colonies and their main bases to destroy the continent but also they are in Ethiopia in order to affect Ethiopia.

    yet, no one is confronted and stopped them despite it is known they are there by themselves and delivering nothing for the country but they are there working for their secret things designed by their backers from USA, England, South Africa, France and so on they are from controlling those nations and the society.

    When we come to Africa, Ethiopia is their main target knowing the country has her own languages, alphabet, culture, tradition, and way of life and so on. They see there are lots of Ethiopian born and ownership to be destroyed and replaced by the English empire establishment language, none African alphabet, culture, tradition, inhuman way of life and behaviors and so on which is the best way soon that makes them declaring the land belongs to them and the natives are gone for good as they did to the Americans, Australians, South Africans and all the places they reached and succeeded.

    We will see if this man is clean and clear from the foreign enemies’ conspiracy to destroy our society by targeting the leaders and officials including using corruption. Ethiopian officials that are having education from England and USA need to
    re-educate themselves in the Ethiopian ways in order to serve their country. They need to heal their intentionally brainwashed and badly damaged brain with the best medicines from Ethiopia with new and working knowledge and experiences including from China, Russia and so on that would make them patriotic and understand the bad foreign enemies’ agenda and plan in our country.

    The USA, England and so on Economic policy, political system, the school/education system and levels and so on are not designed to benefit countries like Ethiopia but they are like weapons of mass destruction against the nation if we allow, accept, follow and implement them on us. Ethiopians need their own economic policies and political system alongside with the educations systems using Ethiopian born ideas and written materials based on the Ethiopian facts and realities on the ground and we know them intimately. Books that are written by the far away scholars and individuals based on their own societies, facts and realities would never work for Ethiopian school system and society but destroying them.

    We are too far away from and too different than them in many ways. You cannot make a lion or Tiger in the tropic to learn and educate itself with the polo beer way of life and behavior in order to live like a polo beer (from the North Pole that is accustomed to cold weather, ice and snow) in tropical Africa like Ethiopia is. The school system and written materials from England, USA and so on in Ethiopia are like imposing and forcing the polo beer way of life and behavior from the end of the earth to be accepted and implemented on the lion and tiger packs starting from the childhood in the warm tropic which is the middle of the earth.
    Ethiopians need to write by themselves all the school materials based on the Ethiopian facts and realities while translating from nations that are having useful and Ethiopian realities related materials, experiences and knowledge.

    After all, the best school system, 21-century knowledge and best scholars are in china and in the East. Ethiopians must see and understand a foreign language is an imported material like a second hand car to use it to get knowledge in order to use that knowledge based on the Ethiopian ways, realities and facts.

    English is one of the many foreign languages in the world and it has to be that way in Ethiopia too. Ethiopian schools must have the 21-century school curriculum, plan, agenda and goals based on the benefits Ethiopia is getting in the long run. Ethiopian students must learn Mandarin and also Russian as foreign languages knowing the 21-century society in not the same as it was in the past; shaped by force, enslavement, massacres. Wars and occupation. Ethiopians must use and develop what is Ethiopian including using own languages and alphabets that would keep them Ethiopians for generations to come. They must not give in for the Jews lead USA and English conspiracy to make them lose their own things that are making them pure and special Ethiopians.

    Being free from the Jews lead USA and English conspiracy attack targeting our youth, children and women is the must issue. They are there for their own agenda and plan on us, not even for a single benefit for us. Be sure about that. Judge them about how blacks are in USA, England, South Africa and elsewhere. They are targeting the fool, weak, brainwashed and ignorant citizens including officials using corruption as one of the weapons.

    if Ato Ewnetu is really up to his position, he need to show it always by doing the right things among the others when he speak Amharic he needs to speak only Amharic the same way when he speak English beyond Ethiopia he is not using any Amharic word. Some so called officials are pathetic have no idea what is right or wrong and good or bad including when they are speaking using one language they are damaging the story by adding some words beyond not only Ethiopia but Africa too.

    His second part was trash. He needs to stop using cheap and street English words from the far away tiny England while speaking Amharic. This kind behavior makes him and others that are behaving the same way cheap, stupid and ignorant noting else.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia,… and the world.

    #Learn Mandarin, get education and way of life from the East where the sun is rising and heading towards Ethiopia.

  3. Selam says:

    What about Shimeles Kemal? Will he continue as state minister of the Communication office?

  4. Asmamaw says:

    Ewnetu seems well informed about the concept of nations and nationalities in today’s Ethiopia.
    Good to hear that he is promoted for a better positio.

  5. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    Great Meles and those his age groups and colleagues knew from the start about the western (Anglo-American/Jews designed, controlled and owned) economic policy and political system deep fluid and criminal behavior that would never work in any African or developing nations like Ethiopia that has her own administration system, way of life and everything from her for her for thousands years before these two even became as nations not long ago.

    It is designed and operating in the ways destroying the nations by bringing back the legal slavery, colonization, exploitation, criminal activities and looting in Africa and the rest of the world by the same people. Privatizing very important sectors such as land which is natural and never ever been owned as private property by any human being, the 21-century Telecom that has multiple functions and benefits including security, Banks that are the brain centre and soul of the economy, media(national media’s), water, Energy(including hydro that is coming from water and water is natural and belongs to the nation), transport such as railway, air, city metros and busses and in general the very important and fundamental national sectors being in the private hands is the worst thing to do and main causes the end of that nation the way as she was known with good and positive and planning to become even better.

    Ethiopians together must owned Ethiopia as private property and common home while Ethiopians individually have to owned Ethiopian businesses, companies and other development sectors like the breweries that are bringing huge, huge and huge profits and sadly it is currently taken by foreigners that are benefiting the nation almost with nothing but getting everything almost for free including huge amount of water which is the beer itself is water. Do we really cannot do the brewery jobs and all activities related to it by ourselves and if necessary working with useful nations and workers like Chinese owning together eth companies as they are the main reasons why Ethiopia is becoming the way she is today with development activities?

    Remember; beer, coca cola and so on are in reality selling water using some chemicals to produce them and having skills to sell them for huge profit as the foreigners are doing with us for huge profit while we are dump doing nothing about it which is having small and family owned breweries all over the country that would create lots of jobs and benefiting the nations in many ways including barely and gesho farmers. Do really need foreigners to own our breweries or the biggest health risk money making companies like coca cola while we know 99.9% of it is water they are getting almost for free?

    Ethiopians and Chinese must work together and own jointly companies based on the private ownership which is the core Ethiopia could have stable and sustainable economic development and policy knowing Chinese and Ethiopians can work together and will remain in Ethiopia no matter what is happening with their company. But others will fly away like the vulture after eating the meat to the bone. The reason Chinese will remain in Ethiopia is because of it is not their nature destroying the nation for profit and run away when it dried out.

    Chinese in Ethiopia are coming bringing useful ethics and behaviors with them including doing jobs and also are adopting the Ethiopian ways including speaking the language that would make them part of Ethiopia like the citizens do. Never forget, china is the one we became the way we are today and heading towards the best future with our efforts and responsibilities while working together with win win approaches that are working both sides. Ethiopians also must learn mandarin and the Chinese culture in order to facilitate the business and people to people relationship including them being in china.

    Normal human beings, good leaders and competent citizens would never handover the nation sectors to foreigners in the name of investment but they will do the jobs by themselves. Instead of handing over the nation’s economy to bad foreigners because of those foreigners do have dirty and toilet look like money, Ethiopians have to borrow the money when it is needed and use that money investing in the sectors and branches we are handing over them to the foreign looters because of they have money. Instead of handing over the nation economy and consumers to foreign looters for the sake of experts and technology, Ethiopians must hire individual experts from abroad for knowledge transfer.

    The Anglo-American Jews designed, controlled and run economic system is a criminal system benefiting the few while destroying the rest. Wall Street and the city in London are the biggest criminal organizations operating beyond any law affecting the world in many ways including causing wars, conflicts, sabotage, fraud, and you name it. USA did spend more than 800 billion dollar since 2008 bailing out the criminals in the Wall Street including banks all of them owned privately. Tiny England did spend 500 billion dollar bailing out the city criminals including privately owned banks.

    The Anglo-American Jews designed, controlled and owned political system and economic policy is the greatest fret and cause of all troubles facing the world for decades. It is getting worst and worst by the day because of it is controlling the white house, senate, congress, pentagon, corporate Medias and so on. A nation that is engaging with unlimmited and out of control spaying activities including innocent and honest individuals like this writing is the biggest sign that nation is suffering from multiple troubles and is heading towards total chaos, civil war, destruction and disappearance.

    The Chinese way is the only way to learn from and work together while totally focusing what is working for Ethiopia based on the Ethiopian facts and realities on the ground. China must be the first and always nation getting benefits from the opportunities Ethiopia is offering to foreigners. China is and will be the very, very long time best friend, trusted ally, responsible partner, useful nation and with lots of good and positive behaviors and characters Ethiopia needs to learn from and have her with her.

    Ethiopians must learn mandarin and other useful Chinese culture, ethics and so on including doing jobs, learning or teaching at schools, keeping the promises, respecting the word/time and so on. The biggest asset and power to china is nothing else but the smart and disciplined people that are doing jobs the best ways and on time in each and every sector they are engaging with. Ethiopians must learn from doing jobs (practical or theoretical) the best ways like the Chinese and other East Asians are doing. This is what matters and bring practical changes in individual lives and as a nation in the national levels.

    Learn mandarin from the young age starting in the primary school (the time, costs and efforts given to the English language must be surgically revised and replaced by Mandarin, Russian and other languages from useful and future nations to Ethiopia) that would give not only a language knowledge but also philosophy, way of life, discipline and being a normal human being. Those Ethiopians speaking Mandarin and also Russian, Japanese and … so on will get the best future in Ethiopia and also abroad in those nations.

    Engage with science, math, engineering, technique and technology including in ICT in order to become useful engaging with real and important development sectors. The Anglo-American school system is broken and old doesn’t feet this time in any developing nation like Ethiopia. Let them talk 24/7 at work and in the criminal corporate Medias. But we need to create real values by getting education and knowledge from the Chinese and Far East Asian education systems and the ways how it works.

    How many of you know USA dollar is printed by privately owned company that is producing dollar the same way as a toilet paper producing company does?
    How many of you know USA government gets the dollar with interest from that privately owned dollar producing company(we cannot call it dollar printing because of it is just a paper like toilet papers with no any equivalent values like gold, silver .. as it was in the past)
    How many of us know USA debit is getting near 20 trillion and it will continue growing by millions every second until there is a huge change occurs in the political system and economic policy they are implementing at home and abroad/worldwide affecting everyone?
    How many of us know a tiny England debt is about 2.5 trillion dollar and is growing by day?

    Ethiopia is 9 times bigger than England or 5 times bigger than UK (England, Scotland- honest and nice people-, Wales and North Ireland). Ethiopian population is about 1.3 times of UK. But Ethiopian foreign debt is less than 20 billion which is the Tiny England monthly debt. Yet, IMF, WB and whatever name it has is talking about Ethiopians debit, economic policy, political system and so on while nothing about USA, England and so on.

    How many of us know Chinese foreign exchange surplus is with multiple trillions? How they became this way? Is it because of they have raw materials as the desert absolute dictators do? No. They are hard working and have the very best and workable political system and economic policies. The biggest asset to Ethiopia that will bring changes always is and will be the people as workers and consumers.

    Ethiopians must have the best political system and economic policy based on their own situation working for them and the people must understand entirely about only engaging with quality, quantity and variety productions on time by being always getting busy working quicker/faster and smarter based on the work ethics and rules are the things bringing better changes and guarantee the future.

    Chinese and other East Asians that are coming in Ethiopia to work are the good examples how to treat the jobs we are doing. Not only teaching but also learning is a very demanding and important job students have to do it the best way as the Chinese and east Asians are doing getting the basic and fundamental tools from the young age at school, home and the area they growing up. They are stopping from working after finishing the jobs with quality and exactly how it should be even before the planned date unlike Ethiopians are in their own country. This kind weak and none human look like attitude towards jobs or other important issues has to change in Ethiopia giving the absolute attention towards the quality of things we are making, producing, building and so on.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

    The reason way the Anglo-American Jews designed, owned and controlled anything is not working in any developing nation like Ethiopia is to see below as an example telling us how it is destroying another economy this time in Kenya.

  6. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    This is not about Kenya but Ethiopia she has to get big notices from thinking this would happen to her too if she is not avoiding completely the political systems and economic policies that are in Kenya imported from or imposed on them after corrupting the officials and leaders. More than 80% of the Kenyan Economy is not in the native Kenyans hands/ownership. It is like the new type of legal colonization going on there against the natives in their own country.
    Even the media that is working based on corporate Medias is controlled by none Kenyans as private property including in Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda and Burundi to some extent telling them how to think, speak, listen, behave and do the things in their own countries about issues matters/belongs to them.

    Investors lose Sh530b ($5.3 billion) in 7 months as foreigners pull cash out of NSE(Nairobi stoch exchange). That means it is about $ 10 billion in a year base.

    Investors at the Nairobi bourse have lost another Sh60 billion in the last one month, extending the losses to Sh530 billion since prices of shares started falling seven months ago.
    Latest data from the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), show that market capitalisation—the market value of all outstanding shares — has shrunk by 20 per cent from Sh2.43 trillion in March to Sh1.90 trillion by the end of Friday

    The losses have now wiped out 50 per cent of value of at least three companies listed on the NSE, bruised by a volatile Kenyan currency, inflation and high interest rate regime.

    Cement firm Athi River Mining (ARM) is the worst hit having lost 59 per cent of its value. This means that a shareholder in the cement firm has lost Sh59 since March for every Sh100 worth of shares in the company.

    Advertising giant WPP ScanGroup is the second biggest loser, shedding off 52 per cent of its value, followed by British American Investments Company (Britam) which announced a 77 per cent drop in profits last month has half of its value eroded.

    Athi River Mining has lost Sh25 billion of the stock value, while WPP ScanGroup has shed Sh10 billion and Britam (Sh28 billion).

    Other big losers are the Nation Media Group and Kenya Airways to complete the list of top five among the top 20 companies at the bourse by market size, that make up the NSE-20 Share Index.

    Wiped off

    The dip has wiped off about Sh435 billion from the top 20 companies among them the blue chips like Safaricom, Equity Bank and Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB).

    KCB, Safaricom and Standard Chartered Bank have shed off the biggest values cumulatively, with the market capitalisation shrinking by Sh52 billion since March, Safaricom by Sh50 billion and Stanchart by Sh48 billion.

    The sinking of Kenya Airways into a Sh25.7 billion record loss also hurt the share price of the national carrier, coming in as the fifth biggest loser in market capitalisation.
    These losses are likely to have a bearing on the economic growth of the country this year as well as reduce the number of jobs created.
    Analysts have described the situation as dire, attributing the losses to a stronger US economy that has seen investors take off from the Kenyan market. “We have never had anything like this. What is happening can be explained in two ways. One is the general performance of the economy, high interest rates and a collapsing economy,” Johnson Nderi, a manager corporate Finance and Advisory at ABC Capital Limited told Weekend Business.”

    When the economy and other important national matters including the media are controlled, owned and run by foreigners, the end of the road will be always like this. No matter how much money they are getting from abroad to bail them because of the affected companies are foreigners, it will never get better as long as the political system and economic policy of the nation are not changed together with the citizens attitude towards the nation belongs only to them and they are teh ones responsible about having all the rights matter the nation and them.

  7. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    We are expecting as an information minister he is following on daily basis and knows exactly what is going on in the country and abroad to the very detail particularly about the nations, powers and governments matter to Ethiopia mainly those trying to affect her in mainly ways while pretending differently which is the rule of the satanic games they are playing and good at so far working for them at the huge cost of others.

    No one makes Ethiopia to choose or change her ways in the country or her relationship with other countries. If she had to choose, there is no one replacing China from the first spot for generations to come while there is no dispute about Russia being next to China when it comes the Ethiopian foreign relationships and the trust she is having on any foreign power.


    Knowledge is power making you rule the ignorance. So, don’t be ignorant but knowledgeable running your matters by yourself without any negative or bad foreign influences or interferences the ways we have been through till this day coming from the so called west.

    The truth of the matter is that the sun rises every morning in the east while sets down in the west. Then you know where is the light and warmth or darkness and decadence everything is happening based on lies, manipulation, power, war, crimes, hate, division, greed, propaganda and you name it.


    “Russian Success in Syria Shows There is Alternative to US-Dominated World

    With the ongoing Russian anti-ISIL campaign in Syria, one no longer hears about US airstrikes in Syria; Washington is quickly losing its position in the international arena, while Moscow, on the contrary, is proving there is an alternative to a US-dominated unipolar world.
    The United States has long been the undisputed hegemon, who dominated international relations and was involved in most key affairs around the world.
    However, with the start of Russian airstrikes in Syria, it has become clear that the US-dominated unipolar world is falling apart at the seams, US political analyst and journalist Eric Best told Czech newspaper Parlamentnilisty.cz.
    “Russia intervened in Syria to prove that a unipolar world has an alternative, and those who want to act have such an opportunity. And this opportunity is Russia,” Best said, as cited by the Czech newspaper.

    Russia’s example that one could successfully act without the approval of the United States might become a wake-up call for other countries and regions, which haven’t decided yet whom to align themselves with. Previously, these countries were unwilling to go against Washington, as there was no real alternative to the US-dominated world, the political analyst explained.

    And now none other than Jean-Claude Juncker himself, the President of the European Commission, was heard saying that the EU shouldn’t allow Washington to dictate its relations with Russia. Political experts have already said that if the EU were to start closer cooperation with Russia, it would be a disaster for the United States. The question is now: has the EU finally realized that it could gain more independence from Washington by working closer with Moscow?

    Furthermore, Russia’s involvement in Syria has brought Washington’s controversial foreign policy into the spotlight. US political analyst Phil Butler noted that no less than the collective dignity of the United States is at stake in Syria right now. Meanwhile, life has been hard for ISIL terrorists after Russia began pinpoint airstrikes against them in Syria following an official request from President Bashar al-Assad. Russia doesn’t hide the fact that it supports the government of al-Assad, stating that only his government and troops would successfully eradicate ISIL on the ground.

    Although Russian airstrikes have been very effective in Syria, the US propaganda machine has portrayed the situation as if it creates a increased surge in refugees, Best continued.
    “American propaganda is way stronger than Russian…” Best said, adding that right now the world is going through a harsh information war and attempts to portray Russia as a party responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe is nothing more than another media lie created by US media, said Best, who is a renowned journalist himself.

    It’s important to remember that before Washington got involved in Syria, funding and training a variety of Islamic rebels to fight the government of al-Assad, there were no Syrian refugees running to Europe.”

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world.

  8. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    Ethiopia watch out!

    It is very dangerous. Never allow inequality more than it is happening naturally through its own nature. Fight it decisively and always the human interference that is exacerbated inequality among the society living in the same country having the same natural right in that land. Only good work and rewarding those doing the best based on their efforts and achievements must be decided who owns what, how much and for how long.

    The imperialism/Anglo-American-Jews way of political system and economic policy that is allowing monopolizing the nation’s wealth and resources under the few speculators and criminal’s greedy hands is the worst crime any nation could face. Banks, Financial Markets, stock exchanges, land, telecom, Energy, railways, Hospitals, schools, corporate propaganda Medias and the likes being in the private hands are causing illegal and unnatural inequality among the citizens living in the same country with equal rights.


    “Kenya’s inequality

    8,000 people are estimated to own 62 percent of the Kenyan’s wealth -

    This means 0.000002% of the population owns 62% of the nation economy or 99.999998% of the population scrambling 38% of the nation wealth. This is a disaster and the greatest fret to the nation existence as normal, peaceful and united citizens. There is no wonder why crime is sky rocketing and corruption is endemic there from top to down.

    Kenyan population is about 45 million.

    The World Bank says 43 per cent of people in sub-Saharan Africa lived in extreme poverty in 2012. That is a total 388 million people, five million less than the number reported in 2011. While the percentage of Africans living in poverty has decreased over time, the numbers have gone up, it said. An estimated 284 million Africans lived in poverty in 1990. -

    It attributes rising wealth to investment in services sector, with telecommunications the main driver of wealth for four of the 20 billionaires during the period from 2011 to 2014. -

    Africa posted the slowest rate of poverty reduction of all major developing regions, with the share of people living in extreme poverty, less than $1.90 (Sh195) a day, declining from 56 per cent in 1990 to 43 per cent in 2012. Extreme poverty fell to a projected 35 per cent in 2015. - ”

    First of all WB, IMF, WTO or whatever name they are having, all of them are part of the Anglo-American -Jews propaganda weapons and instruments. They are part of the whole picture from the base in New York wall street, all the criminal banks and financial institutions, Washington(politics) including white house, Senate, congress and pentagon, LA Hollywood and London having all of the above mentioned. New York Times, Washington post, LA times, Chicago tribunal and hundreds of them are also part of it working as propaganda machines against the world including Ethiopia.

    The funny thing to see happening is that some dumb and worthless so called Ethiopian journalists and bloggers are getting busy with copy and paste activities every time when the above mentioned or other English language propaganda machines are coming with stories about Ethiopia and we know it is always about bad, negative and full of lies; just for pure propaganda reasons.

    However, what is going on in Kenya ( could be the worst Inequality in the world) which is the result of bad political system and economic policy imposed on them from abroad and run by foreigners for their benefits must not get any place and single time in Ethiopia. Among those 8000 individuals, native Kenyans could be only handful. The rest are foreigners.

    We Ethiopians are doing so far well including with poverty reduction and wealth distribution. But we have to stop with in every steps we are making, getting calm, deep breathing and accessing what we have done/ doing and what is looking like our plan in the near of far future with foreign investors and privatization in our country particularly those engaging with easily money making activities like in the brewery sectors and are from the bad side of the world.

    We are hoping the respected PM Hailemariam Government is not going to repeat in other sectors the worst mistake (that could be seen as a crimes) done against our country in the name of privatization which is handing over the nation breweries that are the huge and continues money making machines like telecom and so on do practically just by selling water to our millions of consumers. Beer is 99.9% water and water in Ethiopia is free or the cheapest and best quality.

    We could benefit lots in many ways even if we are bottling the water itself by ourselves creating lots of jobs and selling it as clean and healthy consumption and the money remains in the Ethiopians hands. If we don’t do that by ourselves, what is going to be our jobs in our country? Is that building rockets or rackets being normal and capable human beings like others are doing? Think about it before taking any bad and damaging move like it happened with the nation breweries in the name of foreign investors and privatization.

    However, it is easy to reverse it by giving trainings including the graduates and some business supports to Ethiopians the nation beer consumption can be produced in local levels with family, individual and group small scale levels all over the country. This also will create thousands of jobs including the graduates from urban areas and farmers from the rural ones.

    Big beer companies that are not 100% owned by Ethiopians need to find consumers beyond Ethiopia or leave. They have no what so ever leverage in the country when they are buying raw materials from abroad and selling the beer at home with high price for the money that is leaving Ethiopia.

    We are not talking about Chinese here. They are part of the Ethiopia success and opportunities and also suffering. We know how they are suffering while doing the jobs supposed to be done by us but we are not capable doing them. Among the others look at the Tekeze dam how it was difficult and demanding to build the dam in that difficult topography and condition. But, they did it paying lots of efforts and sacrifices. This is how commitment, promises and determination look like in reality and how trustworthy and best friend like them do behave. You find very few behaving the way the Chinese do in Ethiopia.

    Look at the AU headquarters built by them for free given to the whole continent. Gaddaffi did what he did to take away the OAU headquarter from Addis Ababa and decided to build the AU in Sirte where he was born. Thanks to Meles that didn’t happen. The reason was the great Chinese hearing the meles’s call for support and answering it with practical approach building the AU for free making it one of the best building in Africa and the best in Ethiopia.

    Imagine, if AU was taken to Libya what it could be today? Chinese did save AU in Ethiopia together with Ethiopians stopping from moving to Libya because of they financed and built the head Quarter. The gaddaffi weapon to take the head quarter from Addis was he can built it by himself using Ethiopians vulnerability not having the money to build by herself as an opportunity. But, the great Chinese did the best thing to Ethiopia and mainly Africa saving the AU from the Libyan current situation by keeping it in the safety guarantee Ethiopia. If it was moved to Libya-sirte, by now, AU was gone and would never recover from.

    We Ethiopians will never forget those standing with us during bad times and making our situation better with their unlimited effort and generous approach as the Chinese are doing in/for Ethiopia. China was the one fought fiercely with arguments for the sake of Ethiopia at the 5 members of UN permanent assembly when the English decided to fulfill her long standing effort land locking Ethiopia in 1993 by creating Eritrea as a fence.

    If it was today, Russia would be like China standing for the truth and right supporting Ethiopia including at UN 5 permanent members decision where the 3 out 5 members are using it as their own private court with majority voices rather that doing the right things based on the truth and facts.

    When China was voted against with warning about the consequences and Russia that was in the very bad situation during that time because of the west involvement in the country to destroy her using that alcoholic and mentally sick yelsin and other dogs; England, USA and France (all of them run by the Jews), happily voted and land locked the oldest nation in Africa from the sea coast she always had before the colonizers arrived there 100 years ago.

    We also will never forget the demons and evils that are engaging affecting us in many ways including the Anglo-American-Jews direct and indirect war in multiple fronts including their media wars started officially by BBC some 30 years ago.

    Yet, BBC is still in Ethiopia and we are saying or doing nothing about that evil and savage the establishment weapon of mass destruction under the Jews operations badly affecting us for decades.

    God Bless Ethiopia, China, Russia, … and the world. #Knowledge is power and who you are.

  9. Daniel says:

    People’s Alliance For Democracy (PADF) is intended to be working closely with most kilil (district) top government officials within Ethiopia to bring Alemayehu Atomssa’s coup attempt back in motion . Ewnteu is supposed to have knowledge about Alemayehu’s secret conspiracy that is why he is put in this position his main responsibility being to dismantle the network of rebels among top kilil government officials all over Ethiopia.

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