Ethiopian Aircraft wheel fall off after takeoff ; forced into landing (+Text, photo and Video)


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2 Responses

  1. Viva the great China, Russia,... says:

    Ethiopians are brave and smart people. They always come up with something to solve the problems they are facing including the expected but most difficult ones like this. This pilot and crew members are heroes. Who is the pilot? Name please.

    Car accidents cause lots of damages including killing and wounding lives and loss of materials than accidents caused by plane. So, the Ethiopian engineers, technicians and controllers must do their jobs with 100% Guarantee. This is a big and dangerous mistake caused because of negligent from the technicians and controllers sides. Those responsible must be fired instantly with disgrace from the position and job they are not doing with full responsibilities.

    This kind situation is among the worst cases that are damaging the over all Ethiopian airline and the aviation reputation that is the oldest, biggest and best in Africa. Human errors from the ground and on the sky must be always 100% eliminated with any plane and flight within the country and internationally.

    Not only those in the plane but also the Ethiopian airline are lucky for the safe and good end of the could be very damaging situation.

  2. Swazi says:

    Great job !! I greatly appreciate Ethiopian airlines pilots! Confident & experienced! Your great job has avoided otherwise would have been a catastrophic accident. Keep up with your good job!

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