Gilgel Gibe III begins power generation; what did Meles say about critics of the dam (+Video)


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19 Responses

  1. Hailu says:

    My eternal hero.

  2. Ermi says:

    If 1870 mgw increases the total generating capacity by 234%, then the country was only generating 799 mgw till now. But the woyane 5TH GRADERS and their dogs continuously claime woyane generates 4000mgw of power during the last 24 years since seizing power. So, what can be concluded from this?

    And the midget in the above clip was saying if Americans could build environmentally damaging dam, then so could he. He never defended the dam as environmentally friendly. what does that say? His yardstick Is as midget as he is.

    Anyways, no wonder there hasn’t been reliable electric supply in the country for the last two decades. And it will be the same in the future as long as fifth GRADERS rule the country.

    Peace to all but woyanes!


    • Solomon says:

      Ermi ,your hate killing you but males was the smartest person in Africa if isn’t in the world .
      Even though I disagred with meles on his Ertirean polices .
      Now he isn’t shorter than that Banda dame miget H/selasses and the ugliest Ethiopian king Banda Minlke who sold Ethiopian land to Italian and French .
      Ermi I am sure you have the miget Banda H/selass and Banda ugly Minlek pictures in you house .
      If you hate miget please through Banda h/selass and ugly Minlke pictures from your house.
      Your hate isn’t miget your hate is directed to where males come from topical a naftnga Banda shabia Telalake prabelem .
      Pece to all Ethiopian !
      Death to Banda neftaga shabia Telalake !

    • Ashan Gulite says:

      I say give me few Woyanes I will show you a miracle, give me 1000 Ph.Ds I will show you the poorest country in the world.

    • bb says:

      Dear Ermi, jealousy will never take you any where just stop thinking negatively and work on your own life. You like it or not Ethiopia is going forward and will continue to do so.

  3. Michael says:

    Thanks again my dear Meles Zenawi. Your work will be alive for ever!!!

  4. Tagash says:

    Etiopia’so main man, the hero, the visionary, a juel of Ethiopia….we miss your
    May your rest in peace !

  5. Be ewnetu says:

    I always admire him by his intellectuality and heroism. except according Eritrea and corruption.

  6. bb says:

    A visionary leader!

  7. Alula says:

    only fools idiots and zeregnas hate Mele the great.

  8. TARIKU says:

    የአፍሪካ ኩራት የድሆች አባት፡
    የፍቅር ተምሳሌትደግሞየ ጀግንነት
    ለምን ትሙትብን ለምንስ ትሄድ?
    ህዝቡ እርር እለ በሃዘን ንዳድ፡
    እረ ያንተ ሞትስ አለ አልለመድ።
    በኢትዬጵያ ህዳሴ ሁሌ ትነሳለህ፡
    እስከዘላለሙ በልባችን አለህ።

  9. TARIKU says:

    የአፍሪካ ኩራት የድሆች አባት፡
    የልማት ተምሳሌት ደግሞ የጀግንነት ።
    ለምን ትሄድብን ለምንስ ትሄድ?
    ህዝብኮ እርር አለ በሃዘን ንዳድ፤
    ኧረ ያንተ ሞትስ አለ አልለመድ።
    አገር ማለት ህዝብ፡ ጠላት ድህነት፤
    :::: ድንቁርና ጠፍቶ፡ ይስፋፋ እውቀት፤
    :::::: እያልክ እየሰበክ ያለምንም ረፍት፤
    ለህዝቦችህ ብለህ፡ ሆንክ መስዋዕት ።
    ታዲያ እንዴት እንርሳህ ፡እንዴትስ እንተውህ?
    ባለዳ አደረከን ህይወትህን ከፍለህ።
    ይህንን ውለታ እንዴት እንረሳለን?
    ዛሬም ወደፊትም መለስ እንላለን።

    ባለዳ አደረከን ህይወትህን ከፍለህ።

  10. TARIKU says:

    የአፍሪካ ኩራት የድሆች አባት፡
    የልማት ተምሳሌት ደግሞ የጀግንነት ።
    ለምን ትሞትብን ለምንስ ትሄድ?
    ህዝብኮ እርር አለ በሃዘን ንዳድ፤
    ኧረ ያንተ ሞትስ አለ አልለመድ።
    አገር ማለት ህዝብ፡ ጠላት ድህነት፤
    :::: ድንቁርና ጠፍቶ፡ ይስፋፋ እውቀት፤
    :::::: እያልክ እየሰበክ ያለምንም ረፍት፤
    ለህዝቦችህ ብለህ፡ ሆንክ መስዋዕት ።
    ታዲያ እንዴት እንርሳህ ፡እንዴትስ እንተውህ?
    ባለዳ አደረከን ህይወትህን ከፍለህ።
    ይህንን ውለታ እንዴት እንረሳለን?
    ዛሬም ወደፊትም መለስ እንላለን።

  11. muleta says:

    He was a real visionary …we miss him…i wish he lived long enough to see a bay dam..he was genius…

  12. Abeqa says:


    First of all; thank you for having this blog with aim to serve Ethiopia engaging with the activities and jobs you are good at and have respect for. That means you are giving platforms to Ethiopians to talk, discuss and participate on your blog with ideas not necessary accepted by individuals for some individual/personal reasons but about the common country and citizens.

    However, disallowing or deleting comments (that are having wider ideas and understandings about in the Global world talking about big consequences if we are not handling the issues the best ways), is not really expecting from someone has been seen as progressive, determine, patriotic and hardworking understanding the issues related to our country including those coming from abroad for bad reasons.

    What is wrong with the comment below your blog is not allowed to be appeared on it? Do we really look like we are here because of we are dump and have no place to spend our time? It is about our country and the eminent situation she is facing if we are not working together from all sides and stop it before it is taking us under its total control and domination coming from abroad in the name of….

    This was the comment related to energy which is your article here is talking about but disallowed to be seen on your blog the same way it is happening with other comments here and there, too.

    Is there something going on beyond your will and reach? This is not really your nature we know so far.

    “The biggest change in the world never seen before with this kind magnitude in the living memories is going to happen soon. The main player is and will be energy. OPEC will be history soon.

    Meles giving the biggest attention for energy production was one of the best decisions and achievements in the country. Energy i.e. electricity is an engine and fundamental power to any nation. In the 21-century, energy coming from electricity is the way how things are going to work and function. Soon, all machines, equipments, tools, engines and motors will run and function using electricity.

    The era of coal was in the 19th century. The era of oil was in the 20th century. The 21-century is and will be entirely the era of electricity generated in the clean and cheapest ways using hydro, solar, geothermal and wind. Ethiopia is just doing that and she is just starting using her huge natural potential making her able to produce lots of energy.

    Thanks to Russia, the era of OPEC that is controlling the world energy sector for decades will be broken and gone soon. The same time the era of petro/fiat dollar will be gone as a result.

    OPEC is a cartel group among nations with Saudi leadership and USA/west deciding factors about the price and who get what. However, the era of OPEC as we have known is coming to an end soon.

    Russia that is not only having the biggest oil and Gas reserve but also the biggest oil and gas producing nation with more than 10.3 million barrel oil a day, is going to create a new type of OPEC. Russia, Iran, Iraq, Venezuela and the likes are going create own energy cartel with aim to destroy the OPEC we have known till this day. These powerful nations oil and gas deposit is huge and the abilities to produce and sell it in international market is stronger than the OPEC that is controlled by the petro dollar and used as a weapon for political reasons against nations and governments.

    Countries like china and India that are the biggest oil and gas consuming nations will get their entire oil and gas consumption from Russia, Iran and Iraq that are the border nations than looking from far away nations as it was the case till now.

    Ethiopia must give the biggest priority producing clean electricity using her natural potentials such as Hydro, solar, Wind and geothermal. ”

    The leader of the Ethiopian military force during the Adwa war (caused by foreigners) told his solders:

    When you found out I was shot and killed from the back because of I was retreating or running away from my own duties, leave my body to the hyenas and vultures and never ever remember me again. No one deserves to mourn about my death including my family. Don’t tell them about my death but only the shameful thing I did and let them feel shameful the rest of their life because of my coward behavior.

    But when you found out I was shoot and killed when I was fighting the enemy face to face, then give me the necessary ceremonies the heroes do deserve. Retreating means giving in. Giving in to the enemies or foreigners your own country is not a solution but the worst thing to happen to individuals in the personal and family levels and citizens in the national levels. Never ever think foreigners particularly those known slave masters and colonizers are coming to your country to benefit you but it is all about them at your total cost and losses.

    Only the weak, defeated and coward are foolishly thinking foreigners will do their own country jobs while they are sitting and talking nonsense instead of organizing the citizens and do the jobs as humans do elsewhere. Those foreigners are also naturally humans like them. Only the human behavior and activities do make the differences between nations and citizens as it is happening between individuals, as well.

    So, don’t be trapped by the enemy tactics and tricks using including fear, intimidation, manipulation and corruption. But you have to fight them back and be a human being in your own place doing you jobs by yourself while working closely with useful and trustworthy nations that are plenty these days if you know how to approach and deal with them.”

    Are we giving in for the pressures and other kinds of … they are doing to stop us talking and discussing the right things openly among us about our country in order to protect her from foreign…. and guarantee Ethiopia remaining totally Ethiopians?

    Think about it. Soon or latter we all die. only those doing the right things with no fear or cowardness about the issues they have the right and believe in will feel in the end they had a good life doing what their internal feeling was telling them to do defeating the tricks, dirty games and the likes the enemies were using including money which is a piece of dirty paper.

    After all you can do anything you want including deleting or blocking my comments 100% is about us, the people and common country, Ethiopia. . This is your blog.

    *if you don’t know I was commenting in the name of “viva China, Russia, ….”

  13. Tewodros says:

    መለስ አንተ ትምት ለምን? የጌታ ሰራ። አትዬጵያ ሀገር
    ሙሉ ይቅርታ ከጌታዬ አለገኝችም ነበር .በቀሽብር በጦርነት በረሃብ ጌታ ፈተነን .
    መለስ ዜናዊ የመስለ መሪ። ችግር የፈተናው። አስተዋይ ሩቅ አስቢ ጌታ ስጠን ተመስገን አላለም። በጌታ ተቀማን የባስ አታምጣብን
    መለስ ያላትን ሁሉ እያይነው መጣን የምይስዝንኝ። ሀልት ነገር አለ
    1። የእውቀቱ ቀሪ ለማንም ሷይስጠው ሄደ
    2። አባይ ተገድቦ ባልማይቱ።
    አንተ ትምት ?ስንት ጥቅም ሳይሰጥ ለሀገሩ ዋሽንግተን ተጎልቶ ጫት ይቅማል
    ይህም አትዬጵያዊ ይባላል.

    • Visitor says:

      እባክህ ሰውየ እጥና ፊደል እወቅ
      ሁሉም በአንተ እጅ ነው ጥረት የማይጠይቅ
      ራስህ አንብበው አንተ የጫርኽውን
      ፊደል አገጣጥመህ ሰራሁት ያልኽውን
      ስለማንነትህ ሲገለፅ በሥራህ
      ጥራት ከቁም ነገር ሁሉም ነው የሌለህ
      ከማይምነት ውጣ ኪቦርዱን አንጣጣው
      ቃልን እንደ ራሱ በፅሁፍ ግለፀው፡፡

  14. Tibebe says:

    That is victory over those who denounce the Meles vision. Please remind them that there was nothing Meles wanted to do but develop his beloved nation.

  15. ethiio says:

    Woyane thinks every thing is Meles’s even if he passed. what is that tells us? the only person left in power now is 5th graders so no matter what they build or create he takes credit. That to me is stupid! move forward let others to come up with new ideas instead of going backwards. if everything is Meles’s what do they do?

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