Ethiopia to Build 11 New Universities in GTP II


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17 Responses

  1. Almaz says:

    11 university’s Dawit that is a lot. It can Handel every one in eritria if there is any one left who knows their ABCD now Isayas is going to start menze liberation front, wolait liberation front etc EPRDF need to stop pissing shabia with 11 unobersty

  2. us for us with us says:

    “Ethiopia to Build 11 New Universities in GTP II”

    Is it all about the number of something including universities or the purposes and benefits produced/coming out of them based on the contribution they are delivering and benefits the nation is getting which is producing quality and competent graduates?

    Are the students still learning history from the books written in England or USA telling the them lots of lies and misinformation among the others:
    “We discovered Africa, Australia, China, India, the Americans, New Zealand, Asia, the oceans and so on?”
    How come they discovered something that was there for hundreds of thousands years before Europe was free from ice and they became the last member of the human race?

    200 years ago, there was no a single person other than the native Australians that are blacks. It was the same in the American, too. Yet, when they reached there while looking for land, they declared the world that they discovered Australia despite it was there for more than 30.000 years of continues human civilization and activities speaking more than 375 languages.
    Discovering implies the right of belonging and ownership. This is/was the reason, they have used that word in every place they reached in order to own something that was there and it doesn’t belong to them at all.

    -Presenting slavery, colonization and everything horrible related with them as if it was good for the victims and the right thing to do from their side is still part of the history book curriculum?

    Are the students still learning from the English written history book saying England finished/abolished slavery after conducting for more than 300 years brutal and evil slavery based on race against blacks and she has to be proud of it and admired instead of accepting responsibilities and the guilt the worst evil crimes she and her allies did for starting and conducting slavery for so long and all the crimes they have committed?

    As long as Ethiopian scholars are not using Ethiopian and independent and honest world scholars written study materials in the Ethiopians schools system, the whole school establishment will continue being the main centre of brainwashing the entire generation with bad, wrong, negative and laying foreign ideas intentionally written and presented by the racists and colonizers that are having the same plan and agenda to continue business as usual as long as it takes against the blacks and Africa.

    Ethiopian school system must function with ideas and works coming from Ethiopian scholars. Do we have Master and PHD holders and professors? How capable are they to be up to their names in the academic Ethiopia? Do they behave and function up to their names and titles? If yes, how many of the academic books in Ethiopian are written and presented by them? What is the reason calling them doctors and professors if they are not doing the academic works in Ethiopia fully and independently as others are doing in their countries?

    Bees and flies look like the same including both of them can fly. But what make the differences are the jobs they are doing and the behavior they are having. So, Ethiopia needs to give the first and biggest priorities about the quality and usefulness of school materials and system including avoiding theoretical books like history, philosophy, politics and the likes from abroad mainly England and USA. Ethiopian students and the nation are not the same with the students in those countries. Ethiopian students need to get education based on the Ethiopian situation in order to build the nation economy and the society from the scratch.

    What Ethiopian school system needs is how the 21-century society needs and capable of doing and achieving things that matter them in real term. Ethiopia needs mathematicians, scientists, engineers, technicians, wise and smart economists, quality builders, 21-century farmers, IT specialists, financial specialists, wise politicians, qualified traders and so on producing them from the kind of schools in the East such as China, Japan, Korea, Russia, Germany and so on.

    Be free and independent from the decedent and brainwashing English school system and study materials written by them for them but we are using them as leftovers. When they are throwing them away in England treating them as depreciated and valueless, they are becoming like new and best school material in Ethiopia.

    We have to know and must not forget, they and we are not the same in many ways. Something that is working for them cannot work for us including the school system, material and anything related to it. Ethiopia needs something that is working for Ethiopia based on the facts and realities in the country.

    Our so called professors, PHD holders, Masters and so on need to be according to their titles and positions doing the jobs the nation is expecting from them for best results. What they did and are doing to make them getting those titles and positions if they are not doing the nation academic jobs according to the titles they are caring and positions they are caring including writing schools materials and running the education system based on the Ethiopians situations and benefits only they can understand and do it the best ways, not the known mischief and dishonest English from far away their behaviors and true natures are known towards our country and Africa in general. Ethiopia lost her millennia sea coast right and ownership because of the English establishment/Jews long standing efforts and conspiracy against her.

    Therefore, the number of universities or students alone say nothing but the results coming out of it. The bees are always getting busy making honeys while the flies are flying from dirt to dirt to multiply and infecting with diseases. We need our school system and the students behave like the tiny bees are. Quality has to be always the decisive factors measuring the realities and facts on the ground. The school buildings must serve like Hive to the bees by having brave students instead of being the place of flies where the results becomes nothing but being like lots of life time parasites and being worthless.

  3. Tesfalehulum says:

    Cheap propaganda as usual. Weyane universities = stone and cobble stone expertise factories !

    • Beza says:

      Why don’t you be reasonable you Moron when you suggest. Coble stone is old and the pillar of the ancient development. I am sure that you are not well educated person depending your comments. Ethiopia is registering this growth because of the performance of this universities. Dedeb Shimagle EPRP. Way to go Ethiopia! !!

      For you the youths who are joining the universities are dummies but the fact is, they are the caretakers of Ethiopia. Anyways, you are the dying creature. So your comments are irrelevant.

      • Tesfalehulum says:

        Reasonable ?…kkkkkk…I thought your bosses openly said the education system is a failure. An accounting graduate or a sociologist working in a daily labor job, is that the success ? Why to begin with that much time and resource spent to “educate” them if their destiny is working on cobble stone or as a butcher ?….by the way, do you know the ranking of Ethiopia universities in a global scale?….you can’t comprehend this because you’re a stone from the stone factory aka Civil Service Colege.

        • ethoash says:

          re: Tesfalehulum
          ” Why to begin with that much time and resource spent to “educate” them if their destiny is working on cobble stone or as a butcher ?”

          education is a key if u r not educated u start with cobble stone and u died with cobble stone u will not improve nothing without education but if u had education when u start making money then u will use machinery to cut the stone u will improve the production and u will use the same stone for roofing and u use accounting and internet to get improve ur work … if u have no education just like our farmer who farm using oxen for 1000 years the technology r not improved but if u put collage educated at farming job he might start farming with oxen and soon when he get money he start improving his farming method and in short time he become highly modern farmer that is the big difference the begins might be the same but the end is totally different

          • Beza says:

            Ethoash, this retarded EPRP, old dude doesn’t understand what education is. All he needs to brag about is, the agendas which is given from well known educated beggars like Tamagn beyene Aka lemagn and Neamin Zeleke. The Coble stone skilled person will not be hired at seven eleven and gas station or parking, he will make money by doing that job. Ethio needs working youth not talking youth.

    • Solomon says:

      Shut the f—- up ,Bandas Banda shabia Telalake Tesflhulem Banda essyass listro ,
      Wary about you banda country Ertirea which created by Banda minlek,

  4. Paulos says:

    ፍትሃዊ የሀብት ክፍፍል ማለት ይህ ነዉ። በጣም ደስ ይላል!!ጅንካ ላይ በተለይ መከፈቱ የአርብቶ ወገኖቻችንን ከቴክኖሎጅ ጋር ለማዋሄድ ያለዉ አስተዋጽኦ በጣም የጎላ ስለሆኔ የሚንስቴሮችን ምክር ቤት ላመሰግን ወዳለሁ።

  5. meron says:

    The fact that there are more than 44 universities does not make a difference! what makes a real difference graduates that these universities are producing. I think the number of universities we have today would transform the country if they had libraries with books, teachers with required knowledge,laboratories with equipments.

  6. Desta Gebregzeabher says:

    Good job keep it up thank you Government

  7. najib says:

    dear friend,
    while the “Article”presents articulate and motivating idea: #1.critizing other people or countries arenot justifiable #2 .All the blames comes back to us. why? #1.every civilization comes from the past experience,and this accounts from what your history was. Did we use and utilize and develop what our for fathers used to cultivate their farm…No,””Europeans, they pass the donkey/cow usage for their farms long time ago”…They have developed machines(different) for different usage…Look their land is smaller than ,the climate is so harsh sometimes but they manage every step they took the europeans to develop their countries centuries ,their fore fathers never stop working(thinking) for their people,thanks to the Europeans they show us the way.therefore ,its up to us to continue learnig from them(using their idea),its up to us whether we continue blaming eachother or other countries.
    My Suggestion: I think the first thing to all kinds of Development is “”””PEACE…PEACE…PEACE””””
    then, “”Education”…..,can we achieve first PEACE is the key to every human development..

  8. surafel menkir yasin says:


  9. Tsehaye says:

    ሁሉንም መሰራታቸው ጥሩ ነው ነገር ግን ደባርቅ ከመስራት ይልቅ ሰቆጣ ቢሰራ ይሻል ነበር ምክንያቱም ደባርቅ ለጎንደር ቅርብ ነው ለዛውም……… ከሁሉም ማለትም ከ11 ቅድምያ ለሰቆጣ ይገባው ነበር

  10. AL-HABESHIY says:

    @ ethoash, u have used a long sentence structure looking: (and u use accounting and internet to get improve ur work … if u have no education just like our farmer who farm using oxen for 1000 years the technology r not improved but if u put collage educated at farming job he might start farming with oxen and soon when he get money he start improving his farming method and ……), But what`s at the point is that thinking of the fucken politics the woyyane is deriving behind that all political strategizing, look if don`t believe me why don`t you look at the dirty legacy of melese which is after all ending in driving our females to dirty respectless life of bitchhood are not females being aboused by woyyane officials where are officilas like the Univewrsity president of the Mekelle University and the other whose is not remembered guy whose is a TPLF central committe and polite bureau official and one zonal administer passing their night at Mekelle,you don`t know ….. but let me say that word it`s at GEZA GERELASE whilest your and my mother suffer of the sevior woyyane administration`s bad policy of capitalism may be my or my friends sister or that of your friends or your own sister who might be attending at Mekelle University should be obliged to pass her some nights being fucked by this guys who are said to be leading this countries highly educated guys and others in the government services sectors and who are said to be leading their respective commands, do you take positive the idea that woyyane merely brought (in the country) about only the fall of the dergue bassi. But who is the real beneficiaries of this fucken ethnic politics the woyyane kadres and their relatives and others from females those whoa re born beatiful and who are willing to show their pussy to the ill-trained and propagandist work force of the EPRDF. IF I AM MISTAKEN I AM READY TO TAKE CORRECTIONS.

  11. it is better to say these newely opened university in different part of Ethiopia will produce competency individuals who might capable in encouraging the development of our country through utilizing his or her wisdoms that gain in the educational arena, even if Ethiopia still laging behind such progress, There for, we should work to gether to ensure the progress of ETHIOPIA and to gain the good harvest at the end….

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