Ethiopia rising: A bright spot in sub-Saharan Africa


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  1. us for us with us says:

    Elliot Kratt,

    This one is also from England. He seems too much interested and knows more about Ethiopia and doing lots efforts based on his own little England agenda than Ethiopians including so called journalists and scholars are about their own country.

    Who is he after all? His little England current neo-empire government is the worst of all among the entire developed nations making the vast majority English citizens life in misery and hopelessness. One of the reasons causing the peoples life in misery is privatization and the government policy taking sides with the greedy and evil few criminal imperialists that are part of the establishment started way back from their grandparents as the Prime Minister himself is.

    So, let him talk first and always about the mess, stinky and damaging situations happening in his little Island caused by the current inhuman government than about Ethiopia he has nothing to do with but cocking his meal there based on his government agenda and plan in our country.

    He even tried to say about trade between Ethiopia and England mentioning 37% while we know the volume is nothing but close to zero. Ethiopia will not benefit any trade deal with that little England (small and crowded market function with market propaganda playing with the herd animal look like consumers brain) knowing they are not to benefit but harm us in many ways including what the establishment criminal media BBC is doing these days feeling the time has arrived and the sick and dead bodies are there in front of the scavengers like them without protection.

    The near future Ethiopian export will be predominantly in the garment, shoes, leather products, meat, coffee, cement, sugar and other manufacturing products. We know the elite and middle class African consumers are getting these products from beyond Africa including Brazil and Italy because of Africa is not producing with quality, variety and quantity. So, If Ethiopia produces them with quality, variety and quantity, the African market would be one of the best with long term guarantee for her products including getting better prices than those foreign importers are offering taking the price down to the ground while selling it with 10 and 15 times more from the original price including cloths and shoes.

    Do we know those African officials, middle class citizens and rich people clothes, shoes and other quality products coming from and how much they are paying to get them? It is the same in the Arab nations including Saudi Arabia which is a neighboring nation but importing those products from far far away in Brazil, USA, Australia and Europe. Ethiopia must stop looking far away about something that is not there while her huge and future markets are around her in Africa, Middle East, Asia, Russia and so on. The proximity is the plus point playing roles with the selling and buying price.

    Arabs and Middle Eastern nations that are too close to Ethiopia are buying shoes and clothes from Brazil, Europe and South Asia while we know the Ethiopia animal skin (also meat if the animals are getting the best care and treatments) is the best in the world because of the nature of the highland in the tropic. That means Ethiopian future market will be close to her in Africa, Middle east, and of course Asia and Russia. When it comes to Europe Germany, Italy and so on will continue importing from Ethiopia.

    But not that Little England that are engaging 24/7 with talks and lies about others in order to get some notice about their existence. Their clothes, shoes and other so called third world nation’s products come from South Asia and some African countries like Kenya and South Africa that are still the English colony. There are more than 375.000 Bangladesh living only in London. They are more than million all over UK. Pakistanis are about 1.5 million. There are millions of Indians, Sir Lankans and so on. So, what Ethiopia is looking to export to England are produced with high amounts in these nations and they are the ones controlling the English market because of the millions of citizens there came from the above mentioned countries in south Asia.

    The point is that Ethiopia will not benefit from export in England because of the market is already crowded by the south Asian nations products. However, England is using this none existent market to get Ethiopia widely open and unprotected for her own benefits. The good deal with the English is the one that makes them stay away including their criminal Medias and journalists.

    From Europe, yes Germany, Italy and others that are known with hard and good work committed for knowledge transfer engaging with production sectors and science, Technique and engineering teachings. But not the English that are known with propaganda lies and brainwashing activities against the people and country they are coming by themselves like this one is doing. They are not capable and known engaging with useful and environment friendly production activities but always looking services sectors to harvest lots engaging with propaganda talks based on lies and manipulation the market and consumers. They are the propaganda talking people spreading lies after lies to make the situation working for them looting the benefits from the hardworking and innocent people that are engaging with production activities producing useful and practical products. Like the Chinese, Germans, Italians, and Dutch are doing when they are engaging in the agriculture, manufacturing and other useful and practical sectors.

    Let him Go back to his little Island and leave us alone. If he and others like him from that Tiny Island do that, that would be the best thing they are doing for us. No one needs them for anything in the 21-century when things are shaping and working the right ways and the little England place and position has to be down where she belongs stopping causing problems targeting nations that are easily to be targeted as they are doing against Ethiopia for decades.

    Not the ordinary and victim English people but the establishment and Jew/Zionists Union was /is and will continue being the biggest problems(if they are not stopped) coming in our places in the name of England/UK. In their place our position, situation and right is 100% in their hands and merci; they can do anything they want including deporting, jailing and so on because of being in their country. Imagine what would they do if we behave in their country against them the way they are behaving against us by coming by themselves and working with the embassy officials and others including spay agents pretending as if they are not which is part of the game and how things are working for them.

    What this one is painted not new but all known and our own issues have nothing to do with him. He must be something else in reality using this kind silly writing to camouflage about his real being and the reason why is here and what is doing in our country. In England there are demonstrations after demonstrations demanding the re nationalization of companies and services. In Ethiopia, he is preaching about privatization which is the end game of all about the reason why he and others from that tiny island are too much around.

    He mentioned the Standard bank. Why shouldn’t he? It is all about how his imperialists are still whishing about the new type of colonization and slavery continue being the ways for them benefiting from this time in the name of free trade, Globalization, investment and so on they have created and the rest of the world have to accept it.

    Learn more about Standard bank that was part of colonization and Apartheid in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa in general.

    “The Standard Bank was a British overseas bank, which operated mainly in Africa from 1863 to 1969. It merged with the Chartered Bank in 1969 to form Standard Chartered. The bank was incorporated in London on 15 October 1862 as Standard Bank of British South Africa.
    Today, the Standard Bank name is used by the South African group, which has expanded outside South Africa, including forming a subsidiary in the United Kingdom known as Standard Bank London.

    The original 1862 company changed its name in 1985 from Standard Bank PLC to Standard Chartered Bank Africa PLC, and is now named Standard Chartered Africa Ltd”

  2. Alem says:

    Elliot Kratt, What you wrote is crap. PM Hailemariam was hand-picked following Meles Zenawi’s death because Meles’ party could not agree on who should succeed him. It appears you are not aware of this. In election 2015 the ruling party won by 100% [not making it up]. Election 2010 was won by 99.6% [I am quoting government report]. May be you were away on a long journey.

    The news these few days is that 15 million are starving and need emergency food aid. Talk of “Ethiopia rising” is a cruel comment to make when there is so much suffering in the country.
    Ethiopian rulers say they are worried about “refugee crisis” when 15 million of their own population is starving? They have been telling the world of “fastest economy” and “peace and stability” and now using “refugees” to deflect from prying eyes. Or excusing it on El Nino. Know what? The root problem is the fact that land is owned by the state. Did you hear that? Yes, all land belongs to the state. The small farmer has no ownership of the land; just a tenant prone to evictions and to no access to credit or fertilizer IF he did not vote for the ruling party.

    That simple. The US and UK know this is the case but are willing to go along because Ethiopian rulers deliver soldiers to fight/monitor in South Sudan and in Somalia and have allowed a US Drone base in southeast Ethiopia. It is politics. Does the taxpayer know all this? NO. Will NGOs talk about this? No, because then they can not raise funds!

    How about explaining why Arab agribusinesses are allowed to evict farmers, deforest the land and produce grain for consumption in their own countries when Ethiopians are relegated to eternal beggary?

  3. ethiio says:

    Elliot, I suggest you do your homework before you write a useless article like this. millions of people are starving to death and you are talking about economic growth? what are you talking about? you need to start take your medications ASAP!

  4. fox tiger says:

    The new tactic of tplf is to pay foreign jornalyests like Elliot to write anything to paint that tplf is taking the country to prosperty.

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