Unites States provides $97 million to rescue victims of El Niño weather phenomenon in Ethiopia


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  1. us for us with us says:

    If this $97 million is given to the Ethiopian government to use it effectively without interference from them knowing no one but the Ethiopian government and people know what are their problems, the causes and the solutions including for the long term, then we have to accept it as it is named as “aid” and thanks to those doing this coming from their heart and soul with the feeling of one and the same humanity.

    If this $97 million is intended to use it worsening the existing situations in order to affect the nation in the long run using this 97 million dollar causing 97 million problems based on their agendas and plans in our country, then we have to reject it and find the best solutions from somewhere in the nations that are generous, honest, respectful, genuine, right and peaceful.

    USA lost more than 2 trillion Dollars during the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and it is continuing losing billions every month in other countries related with wars and military forces. They are financing Afghanistan economy and the society budget with more than 4 billion cash every year. Keeping one solder in Afghanistan did cost to USA 1 million dollar every year. That means this 97 million dollar would keep only 97 soldiers in Afghanistan and elsewhere in the ME. They lost thousands of young solders, tens of thousands physically as well as mentally injured. It is the same what USA tiny tail distance body part which is England was/is doing.

    The idea was to make the Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, Syrians, Yemenis and so on the way USA and UK wants them to be. However, that didn’t happen. Instead it backfired miserably including did cost them trillions in money wise and politically in international arena and at home, too. Very few citizens that are part of them/family members and cronies do trust and follow the USA and UK politicians. The whole world knows about this. The main reasons are the problems they are causing at home and abroad against poor and weak nations coming in the country in the name of democracy, human rights, open society, aid, NGO, Charities, Institutions, right groups, volunteers like peace core and so on. And we know the vast majorities behind these names are the Zionists/Jews.

    Getting Ethiopia under their feet and ownership in the name of aid spending only tens of millions of dollar is the cheapest and easiest investment comparing their material, human and political lost in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria and so on with no return at all for them. Getting the nation down and damaging the citizens as we are witnessing what is going on in the black communities in USA and UK are always what they are looking to achieve and preferring for. They don’t need to send their solders to wage wars, being killed and spending billions or trillions but sending spy agents and those trained to do the job in other countries which is getting that nation under their feet and ownership pretending they are there to help is enough for them to achieve what they are looking.

    So, this 97 million thing is not making anyone happy but worry about because of the unknown what could be their intentions, plans, agendas and damages behind this so called aid money. If really they mean it coming from their humanity and generosity, that would be seen as the first time ever USA and UK have done to any nation with no attachments behind to get in return. However, they are known to make profit and get their ways using the weaknesses, shortages and stupidity of others particularly the nations in Africa as their best opportunities.

    Ethiopia is sheltering 733.000 refugees so far which is by far the largest in Africa. There are about 1.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey. Most of those Syrian refugees do have lots of money and they are spending in Turkey which is good for the economy. But those coming to Ethiopia are totally dependent on the nation.

    Yet, Turkey is complaining and accusing EU for its little offer which is $3 billion to keep the refugees there. Those foreign refugees number in Ethiopia is half of those in Turkey. So, the aid Ethiopia is getting is tiny not enough to facilitate those refuges let alone to support those affected by the El Nino. They are just playing the known games easily, cheaply and quickly with the dumb officials’ brain and the people that do have enough choices elsewhere but keeping quiet despite we know the worst games against them are going on behind all this.

    It is the same with refugees in Lebanon, Jordan and so on giving them more money while in Ethiopia everything is happening when they are playing the talk games and finished after dumping the none existence story in some stupid officials’ dumb brain making them to feel the dream stories on day light despite none of them will be materialized solving the issues they are looking to solve. .

    Be sure, the 7 million dollar aid came from china last week will deliver results the best ways without affecting the nation than this so called 97 million. The 10 million dollar Rice research institute Japan is going to build (or is it already built? This is the question to the officials that are happily begging instead of asking for the delivering from those nations willingly promised to do so like Japan did to build the research centre) and teach the Ethiopian farmers and scientists in the rice sectors will deliver remarkable results with vision for long term solution than the 97 million so called aid we just see it on paper but not on the ground the way it is working and we are wanting.

    If I’m the Ethiopian government, first of all I will always trust, believe and relay on myself and my people while doing all the necessary jobs using all resources and efforts together mobilizing the nation. Then I will continue having close relations with those nations have no intention to affect us coming in the country in the name of whatever name they are having. Countries like china, Russia, Japan, Germany, Italy, India, Korea and many more are the nations saying what they are thinking, behaving the way they are feeling and doing in order to solve the problems and delivering practical benefits unlike those seem their brain, heart and mind are too far away from each other always looking only their sides and benefits at any cost.

    This drought has to be the best reason Ethiopians rising up together to defeat it forever by their own efforts while working closely with useful and trustworthy nations. The Ethiopian government needs experts and skilled workers from China, Germany, Japan, Korea, Italy, Russia, Benelux, India and so on in the agriculture, engineering, science, technology and so on directions hiring them for knowledge transfer than having any foreign investor in the sectors Ethiopians have to own and do the jobs which is the only best solution for the nation future.

    We know there are knowledgeable, experienced and skilled individuals in the above mentioned nations and elsewhere with international feelings and one humanity connections willing and ready to come in the country for knowledge transfer if their safety, financial securities and material benefits are guaranteed. Ethiopia needs to work on it and take the necessary steps to have skilled foreign experts, scholars and workers for knowledge Transfer based on the Ethiopian situations. Don’t send students abroad but hire the scholars and experts in Ethiopia. Even the best weather Ethiopia has throughout the year can keep them satisfied and motivate them to deliver the best results. .

    We are saying again and again. It is the only option to borrow the money than to destroy the nation and society handing over them to evil foreigners because of they are coming with money in any name including aid. A tiny nation Jordan is getting about 800 million dollar every year from USA since the Camp David agreement. Egypt is getting 1.5 billion aid/donation only for military purposes and they are getting additional millions for aid issues for 35 years. However, look at them after 35 years getting tens of billions from USA and UK every year.

    Egypt is destroyed thanks to USA and UK involvement using so called activists, bloggers, journalists and civil society. The majority of those had been part of this foreign damaging project are died including committing suicide, in jail, immigrated or became crazy. Jordan future is on the balance soon will be like Syria or Iraq knowing what kind role it plaid for the situation in these two neighboring nations.

    The point is known and clear. Any nation that has been influenced dominated or lectured by USA using aid and whatever reason they are coming up, in the end it will be a failed state. Look at Pakistan today and back in the 1980’s when USA and UK were there using aid as a weapon to be there and do whatever they wanted using mujahidin to attack Afghanistan from the Pakistani soil. Mujahidin that was created by USA/CIA and UK/MI6 is the mother of all Sunni Islamic terrorists including al Qaida, IS, al Nusra, Al Shebab, Boko haram and you name it.

    Don’t lose your brain because of you are hearing when they are saying it or reading when they are writing about mentioning 97 million. Focus on the results and the things that are behind it in order to defend the nation and citizens. The accidental problems caused by El Niño and short term efforts to solve them must not serve those are looking to destroy our country and affect the society in the long run.

    Watch out always and don’t be weak and stupid. You are human like them and everyone else. Don’t be cheated, weakened and defeated in your own place. You have no other place but Ethiopia is the only one you are having with 100% ownerships and full rights. Feel you are the one responsible about everything in the country.

  2. us for us with us says:

    Kenya: 10 Million Suffer From Malnutrition

    “Ten million Kenyans suffer from chronic food shortage and poor nutrition, FAO has said.

    A report by the Food and Agriculture Organization said two to four million people require emergency food assistance at any given time.

    Some 30 per cent of children are classified as undernourished.”

    10 million people in Kenya is about 25% of the population.


    However, did you watch BBC talking anything about it? Did you read anything about in any English language media including newspapers or on the internet? No. They will not do that as they didn’t in the past. Because that would take the world attention and their efforts away from the Ethiopian situation they are targeting, getting too busy about and investing all days and nights tarnishing the country image and undermining the people always referring famine, poverty, diseases and so on.

    Another reason could be because of more than 62% the Kenyan economy is privately owned by only 8000 people where the vast majorities are none Kenyans. So, the famine story in Kenya could affect them if/when the people rise up and demand Kenya to be fully independent in order to be owned and used by native Kenyans instead of the colonial establishment that is still there fresh and well alive.

    The situation caused by El Niño is the same in other parts of Africa including Tanzania, Malawi, and all southern part of Africa including South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia. Angola and Zimbabwe. The El Nino effect in 2015/16 is all over the world with drought or flooding.

    yet, the English establishment and Zionists/Jews union is as usual selecting and targeting only Ethiopia in order to tarnish her image as they are actively engaging with and happily doing for the last 31 years and they are happy and proud about that.

    What is the solution in order to stop these demons and evils against our country and people including being in the country coming pretending as if they are there for good reasons? As long as they are there and we are continuing tolerating them, their evil behavior will continue as it has been for decades giving them the feeling we are stupid and weak to stand for ourselves including confronting and stopping them using any means necessary including against the so called Journalists.

    We have to stop these demons and evils starting from our own country before reaching to Kenya where they are having basis and save heavens to attack the whole of Africa including Ethiopia.

  3. billfree says:

    Even though TPLF tried to change the attention of Ethiopians by publicizing the useless meeting on Good governance , BBC has exposed the current famine in ETHIOPIA .shame on TPLF. May GOD bless BBC’s journalist.

  4. Tesfalehulum says:

    The pathological liar, looter and vampire regime ends up begging wheat…..wechew gude! …kkkkkkk…..wedes ayseku alu……where’s the vison of the dead tyrant, Meles Kezenawi??? Keep saying there’s famine in California and Australia…..yetarik atela bamdawoch! LEBA!!!

  5. us for us with us says:

    Why are the interest rates in Africa so high?


    Summary of current interest rates of a large number of central banks

    United States 0.250 % 12-16-2008
    Australia 2.000 % 15-05-2015
    Chile 3.000 % 10-16-2014
    South Korea 1.500 % 06-11-2015
    Brazil 14.250 % 07-30-2015
    Great Britain 0.500 % 03-05-2009
    Canada 0.500 % 07-15-2015
    China 4.350 % 10-23-2015
    Czech Republic 0.050 % 11-01-2012
    Denmark 0.050 % 01-19-2015
    Europe 0.050 % 09-04-2014
    Hungary 1.350 % 07-21-2015
    India 6.750 % 09-29-2015
    Indonesia 7.500 % 02-17-2015
    Israel 0.100 % 02-23-2015
    Japan 0.100 % 10-05-2010
    Mexico 3.000 % 06-06-2014
    New Zealand 2.750 % 09-10-2015
    Norway 0.750 % 09-24-2015
    Poland 1.500 % 03-04-2015
    Russia 11.000 % 07-31-2015
    Saudi Arabia 2.000 % 01-19-2009
    South Africa 6.000 % 07-23-2015
    Sweden -0.350 % 07-02-2015
    Switzerland -0.750 % 01-15-2015
    Turkey 7.500 % 02-24-2015


    This is how looks like the interest rate, economic policies and level of economy in some African nations.

    Comoros 1.3%
    Congo DR 2%
    C. Africa 2.45%
    Morocco 2.5%
    Libya 3%
    Algeria 4%
    Tunisia 4.25%
    Ethiopia 5%
    Botswana 6%
    S. Africa 6%
    Rwanda 6.5%
    Mozambique 8.25%
    Madagascar 8.7%
    Egypt 8.75%
    Angola 10.5%
    Kenya 11.5%
    Zimbabwe 11.86%
    Tanzania 12%
    Nigeria 13%
    Sudan 13.3%
    Zambia 15.5%
    Uganda 17%
    Ghana 26%
    Malawi 27%
    What we are witnessing here above in Africa among the nations that are having above 7% interest rate is about to explode the economic disaster and social unrests in the near future. Look at Ghana. Lots of stories, predictions and fantasy were none stop written, talked and filmed about Ghana for the last 7 years. Ghana was seen by the west as the model of Africa, the East Asia of Singapore, and example of the third world.

    Here we are in less than 7 years witnessing how the situation in Ghana, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya and so on was overvalued and wrongly analyzed by so called western experts including the privately owned and Economists and rating agencies. The biggest problem for African development story is too much focusing on the manufacturing, industry and service sectors without developing the agriculture sector. Oil, Gas or any other natural resources are benefiting the nations only when they are used to develop the Agriculture sector, educating the citizens and creating an economy that is totally controlled and by own citizens capacities and abilities. This was the way how nations developed in the west or elsewhere before globalization is started invading the weak and poor nations in the 1980s and mainly since 1990 and turn of the century/millennia. .

    Ethiopia is the best place in Africa if not the world for the agriculture sector. There is nothing can’t grow in Ethiopia thanks to the country having different types of weather patterns and topographies. The country is fertile and rain is falling with abandoned if it is not affected by the el Niño as it is going on this is. The first thing Ethiopia needs to do is guarantee food securities to feed its people, the animals and industries. Manufacturing without developed agriculture to feed it with raw materials is nothing but a joke with no guarantee to grow faster and better with vision for long term existence.

    The Ethiopian government must give the biggest priorities to develop first the agriculture sector in order to guarantee the food supply and deliver raw materials to the nation manufacturing, industry and service sectors. Without developing the agriculture sector, there will be no sustainable and meaningful development in the country.

    Look at Ghana and others today’s and their dark future because of they are depending on oil, gas and so on that are free but not giving any guarantee for the next day as they are dependent on the international market that is totally corrupted and run by criminals influencing the prices based on their own benefits and hurts others.

    Why are the interest rates in Africa so high?

  6. Laloo says:

    I think you people are so quick to start bragging about double digit Economy and the noise become all over the world, Thank you to the wests who created the TPLF(http://mereja.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=106971&p=620661), cooked the data, and assisted to spread the news around the world. The doubled digit economy is not translated to wealth yet and TPLF need calm down now. This famine shows that the fastest growing economy needs long way to show the Ethiopia that the TPLF government is claim now when it comes to economy development. Building infrastructures are the foundation of sound economy if it coupled with good economic policy. I do not think developmental economy will take TPLF government to next level and it will be too late for this administration to change it is economic mode going forward. It is Ethiopia’s tradition to change government after catastrophic famine and this shows that time expiring for TPLF. Think of how Durge and TPLF came to power after the gruesome Famine in this poor nation. Yes, history is repeating in front of our eyes. Yes it is.

  7. hiebies says:

    Sisi Ismailia statement dated 11/29/2015 that Egypt adopted Airports in secret, a military airport in order to be close to the dam Renaissance and French aircraft using these airports and borders in southern Egypt

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