Egyptian PM expresses concerns on impacts of GERD; Amid ongoing Assessments by Tripartite Technical Committee


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9 Responses

  1. Erta says:

    Egypt has been wrong, then, for the last 100 years waging war against Ethiopia by sponsoring proxy wars through Arab nations, helping insurgency in Ethiopia, and sponsoring any neighboring country to attack Ethiopia just because of the Nile water. If the Nile water was the main reason why Egypt has been destabilizing Ethiopia for years, how come it is not right for anyone to use the Nile water against Egypt now for political reason? Egypt does not have any moral ground to tell Ethiopia not to use the Nile water and the GERD for political reasons. It is Ethiopia’s discretionary to use the Nile for political reason or not. Besides, Egypt never had consulted Ethiopia how to use mange and use the Nile whatsoever in the past; therefore, Egypt should stop telling Ethiopian people what to do about a natural resources that is 100% in Ethiopia territory. Going forward, Ethiopia should not negotiate how to frame its political and economic advantage based on its own natural resources. Any negotiation and any agreement among the Nile riparian countries should come out of current international law, should not emanate from any advantage Egypt has, military, economic, or political. Telling Ethiopia not to use the Nile water for political reason could have been legitimate for Egypt to say if Egypt had abstained itself from such action against Ethiopia in the past.

  2. us for us with us says:

    This is a very different situation and era not only in the world and Africa but also in Ethiopia and Egypt. There is no longer only one part of the world or few group members of the human race are controlling, dominating and using the earth and its resources for their own advantages and benefits at the cost of the rest. This is the time where nations and citizens are fairly playing and equally benefiting or savagely fighting against each other and all of them are suffering.

    The Nile River has been used for many negative reasons and damaging situations for years by the outsiders to cause divisions, hostilities, conflicts and destructions between the Nile nations mainly Ethiopia and Egypt. The outsiders have been using and still are trying to continue doing so with these kinds centuries old evil behaviors against the people of Ethiopia and Egypt where both of them have been victims in different ways even though Egypt was thinking she was winning and controlling the situation with foreign help.

    The truth is that those the Enemies of Egypt and as well Ethiopia, Africa and the Middle east are using the Nile to get Egypt in their side by appointing and supporting dictators and puppets like Sadat and mainly Mubarak was. The Nile River was used as one of the main weapons to continue affecting the Palestinians people by making Egypt to turn her backs against the Palestinians for the sake of the Nile; the masters have been using for fake promises giving Egypt assurances telling them no one will use the Nile but Egypt despite they are too far away from the Nile and have nothing in their hands or any simple and single ownerships right.

    The so called 1929 Nile water agreement was done by English request as a bribe when it became clear even the English created Muslim brotherhood in 1928 wouldn’t able to stop the attacks against the English colonization by patriotic Egyptians. Then, they gave them the 1929 Nile water fake agreement to keep them silence. But that did work for the colonizers benefits only for a while till Egyptians took power by force in 1952 and expelled the English in the 1959 war against them that brought to the Egyptians the true and final independency and freedom.

    This kind trick using the Nile as a weapon was continued playing against Egypt actively and effectively till 2011. Even these days they are trying to do so despite the Egyptians people mainly the youth are no more to be cheated by the enemies that are looking and working to keep Egypt busy with the things dragged her down alongside with others in the region which is the best for the enemies to do the things as they wish including against the Palestinians and Arabs knowing no one is there strong and good enough to challenge and stop them.

    However, the none existence fret, all sorts of geo political fictional stories related to the Nile and their tricky involvement and interference in the nations internal as well as external affairs using aid as a weapon and right to do so is all exposed and passed away. The puppet Egyptian leaders and the corrupted demagogy so called politicians are all gone humiliated and exposed by the Egyptian people. The current Egyptian leaders mainly El SiSI and the young generation are mature and wise enough to understand and know about which is which and what is what related to their own matters and others in the region including in Ethiopia with her relation with the Nile she never ever even think to use the Nile water for a second in order to cause a simple trouble against a single individual let alone a nation including Egypt.

    The Enemies of Egyptians, Ethiopians, Arabs and Africans are no longer to play their satanic games against them by making them quarrelling, fighting, killing and destroying each other with no reason at all but fictional created, exacerbated and inflaming stories and reasons created and orchestrated by the enemies. These are the only reasons why the region remained poor, weak, in conflicts, chaos, death, hunger, backward and so on despite it is the oldest, richest and middle of the earth. If Egypt was peaceful, strong, united and really part of the African continent with positive presence and useful activities starting by having the best relationship with Ethiopia, there is no doubt the suffering of the Palestinians would not be the same as it has been and continuing to do so. If Egypt and Ethiopia; the two oldest and ancient nations become the best example of peace, respect, understanding, unity, co operation and working together for mutual benefits, the rest of Africa will follow them and for sure the entire Middle East situation will change to the better.

    However, the enemies against both nations, the ME and Africa do not want to see that happening. Instead they would do everything not only to stop it but creating new problems among them while exacerbated and inflaming the existing ones with fictional stories and propaganda wars with lies. The Nile issue is the best fictional weapon they are using to attack Egypt, Ethiopia, ME and Africa knowing how Egyptians are sensitive about it. The enemies are so evils have the abilities and powers to hide or eliminate the truth by spreading fears based on lies.

    Egyptians including the President knows the Hedase dam in Ethiopia will increase the amount of the Nile water and guarantee the flow of the water throughout the year in Egypt. They also know Ethiopia will not use even a glass of water for irrigation but lots of water to rotate the turbines in order to produce electricity. After passing the dam, the water will pass the Ethiopian boarder without losing a glass of water. Ethiopians in the middle of the country will not use more water for the sake of the dam that needs more water in order to produce energy that is vital for Ethiopia as water is for Egypt. If the dam is not there, people will use the Nile tributaries for small scale projects including irrigation that would significantly reduce the Nile water out of Ethiopia.

    There is no doubt any Egyptian scholar, engineer or even a common person couldn’t see and understand the importunateness of the Hedase dam to Egypt by increasing the amount of water and also to Ethiopia generating electricity. This is how works win win approaches and smart jobs benefiting both nations where the water that is reaching to Egypt is also producing energy in Ethiopia on its way towards Egypt without losing its amount but increasing including because of low evaporation in Ethiopia.

    Ethiopians knew since long times ago about the power of the Nile creating peace, unity, friendship, co operation and prosperity between Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan. This is the Time Egyptians have to change their mind and find the truth about that, which is there always telling them don’t listen and follow the enemies that are using the Nile to play you damaging games but the truth that is in the region. Ethiopia will never ever affect the Egyptian people using the Nile as a weapon but working together for better benefits in Ethiopia as well as Egypt.

    Egyptians must ask and answer by themselves anything coming from abroad related to the Nile. There are the enemies here and there openly and secretly trying to drag Egypt in conflicts or some kinds of disagreements with Ethiopia related to the Nile as they did for many years in the past. They are doing this not because of they do care about Egypt but using Egypt to affect herself and the region they don’t want to see being in peace and unity trying to make things working and get developing for own citizens benefits.

    There is nothing Ethiopia and Egypt cannot solve by themselves without having the trouble makers around to worsen the situation while pretending they are there to facilitate the solution. The enemies that are using Egypt to affect herself and the region must not get their ways in the 21-century ME and Africa that have been the worst victims conducted by the enemies coming from far away.

    The Hedase dam in Ethiopia is not benefiting only Ethiopia, Sudan and the region but more Egypt in many ways. What we Ethiopians are expecting from Egypt this time and Egyptians have to do is nothing else but helping Ethiopia as much as they could to coup with the situation she is facing because of El Nino that did cause the lack of rain/water.

    Egypt must not fall again to the enemies’ tricks to drag her in conflicts she cannot win and there is no reason to be that way for their sake at the huge expense of Egyptians and the region including the Palestinians. Imagine if or when Egypt decides to do the right things standing with the Palestinians sides and the rest of the Arabs doing so following Egypt. However, in order to stop that, they are attacking or dragging in to the spider nets the main players like Egypt and Saudis, too including making them fighting against each other and against Ethiopia as the Saudi did put 160.000 Ethiopians in concentration camps and subjected them to all sorts of humiliations, pains, sufferings and death. If the Ethiopian government was not reaching them and brought them back home using air planes, they would be all finished in the concentration camps in the middle of the desert.

    This is a historical mistake they had made against the people did lots of good things for them in the past. Oil and gas will finish soon. But the people will continue living on. There is no doubt the situation will turn upsides down and inside out when oil and gas are classified the worst positions and enemies of life and earth in general that would lead the down hell of the price substituting them with the sun, wind, water and other clean energy sources..

    We know this was orchestrated from the outside and foreigners living in Saudi Arabia. This was done to create hostilities and dark painting the Saudi -Ethiopia relationship that was started long times ago when Ethiopians were giving shelters to the Saudis including the Prophets families such as his sisters, wives, Children, nephews and nieces

    These regions including nations like Egypt, Ethiopia and Saudi Arabia need to work together rather than looking towards the far away enemies that are the causes of all troubles we all are suffering from while pretending they are there for good reasons. Look at Yemen. Hostilities and conflicts are not the solutions but disasters to both/all sides. Ethiopia and Egypt must not even think to solve their differences with disagreements or allowing the third party to become between them. But both are capable and good enough to solve their differences by themselves engaging in peaceful and useful ways with talks and agreements by being respectful, understandable, responsible and reasonable.

    Let the real and honest Egyptian engineers, technicians and experts take the lead about and work together with the Ethiopian counter parts. The answer will always remain the same which is the Hedase dam in Ethiopia will benefit more Egypt than it does to Ethiopia. This has to be always the fact and truth related to the Hedase dam. Egypt and Ethiopia need to work together in many levels including in Africa and the Middle East; not doing others things that are affecting not only them but also the region as a whole.

    Always remember; there are enemies here and there around both nations and the region operating openly as well as secretly trying to drag Egypt and Ethiopia in conflicts within, neighbors or between them. We must not continue being foolish and stupid allowing the enemies to play us for their interests and agendas with our huge costs. Ethiopia and Egypt will not and must not be used by the enemies of both nations as they did in the past using Egypt to affect Ethiopia while in reality Egypt was destroying herself by foreign appointee dictators that were doing against own citizens and nations for foreign sake.

    What Ethiopians are looking to get and waiting to see happening is not other things but Egyptians standing shoulder to shoulder with them in order to solve the accidental problems they are facing that is caused by El Nino which is related to water as Egyptians situation is totally dependent on the Nile water. There is no rain in Ethiopia means there is no Nile water in Egypt. There is water related problem in Ethiopia means, there is water related sufferings in Egypt. Anything that affects Ethiopia would/ could do the same to Egypt if not worst. So, the Ethiopia problems have to be the Egyptians problems as well and the Ethiopians benefits and happiness have to be the Egyptians too and/or vice versa. We are connected naturally by eth Nile water being like one body and soul.

    So, Egypt needs to show her best sides helping Ethiopia financially, materially or whatever assistance she can that include persuading the Arab nations to do the same thing knowing Ethiopians are the first people standing with them and their prophet during bad times officially started 1400 years ago.

  3. Solomon says:

    I am sure Bandas Banda shabia Telalake Tesflhulem hoping and praying Egypt would bombe Ethiopia .
    Are not you banda Tesflhulem ?
    That is the only hop for Banda Neftgna shabia Telalake .

  4. Be ewnetu says:

    I advice to Egypt to fund for planting seeds in the highlands of Ethiopia to get more rain instead of buying 400 fighter jets…..

  5. Sol says:

    Go the course continue building , we been helping Egypt and we are going to help them still because of humanities eventhough they been the source problems for us.

  6. Sintayehu says:

    Who cares about all false concerns Egypt lists? They were selfish and inconsiderate in the past. Today, there is no room for Egypt to tell us to do what it wants us to do. We only do what is necessary and important for our beloved people.

  7. lula says:

    Ethiopia keep building Nile forget about Egypt it is our water they use it for decay 84% of the water ,so now Ethiopia & our neighbors can use same amount of water ,our people is starving for long time Egypt SHUT UP & kiss Ethiopia ass that is the only option you have.

  8. Muller says:

    1) Egypt created ELF (Eritrean Liberation Front to drug Ethiopia into war. At the result, there was war for 30 years in Eritrea.
    2) At result of #1, Shabia is and was the running dog of Egypt as is Al Shabab.
    3) The last war in Badma wasn’t finished with Eritrea thanks to PM Meles.
    4) Egypt is arming itself to the teeth. However, fighter jets alone can not win war. If it did, America and Western countries might have won ISIS.
    5) No fear in Ethiopia, because Egypt is arming it self to the teeth. I don’t know what they are up to.
    6) Italians armed themselves to the teeth by fighter airplanes equipped with mustard gases against Ethiopian primitive weapons. But they never won the WAR. Believe it or not St. George or Giorgis was sent by GOD to fight by the side of Ethiopia. Having said that, Ethiopia should never spent time sleeping in arming itself. Get ready for any consequences as GERD is getting closer to be completed. Now we are almost there, the going might be tougher as GERD is becoming reality to our enemies, who regarded the dam be considered as “white elephant.”
    7) It is biblically written in the Bible, that Egypt is going to be punished and learn from GOD by Nile waters at the end of days. I think the time has come to its point. GOD never lied about his promises and it will be delivered and Egypt is going to learn the hard way and turn back to Christianity as it was before Muslims turn them around by the SWORD. GOD is not Evil or human to lie. May be GOD this time is going to use Ethiopians to teach Egyptians and Arabs. The end of the world is near as Orthodox Christians are counting 5500 b.c. plus 2008 a.c. equals to 7508 years total and subtract that from 8000 equals to 492 years left. Do you know what that means. It is very exciting time that our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST is going to come any time in these 492 years. It can be tomorrow or the next day. Who knows, even Adam doesn’t know about that particular day. Be prepared. Every soul and eyes are going to see in the sky when the LORD comes. The signs of his coming are well written in the bible and have been witnessed as we speak. My point is this: “It is time for Egypt to learn the hard way as Syria.” Do not mess with my beloved country “ETHIOPIA” or else.

  9. Yared Seyoum says:

    Our concern!! Can Egypt tell us what To do with our resources? When do they stop interfering with matters that don’t concerns them? GERD is the people’s dam. Ethiopian masses are it’s owners they are the only one who are intitled to say anything about their dam. It’s their only concern!! Thank you. Yared Seyoum.

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