US calls on the Ethiopian government and protestors in Oromia to address legitimate grievances through constructive dialogue


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17 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    Ha Ha. US can middle? Do accepted like before? Have to removed first from Washington /save heaven/ the terrorists. Who knows time will come to hide US terrorists in front of 4 kill. By the way where is Kiros from 9th St /satire/?

    • zdavid says:

      Z USgov’t must know that there is a state .which sponsored terrorism.that is EPRDF found in always refers the past to kill today.Please teach them history is a dead information.ethnic apartheid down

    • zdavid says:

      You aree number one dictator b/c you want to live upon z shoulder of ethnic politics.that doesn’t work.foolish head.

  2. Observer says:

    I appreciate The US government has expressed its ‘ deep concerns’ over the clashes but am not sure what number of deaths they have on hand .I believe they took the number from the government communication ministry . So far five deaths are recorded!
    I am wondering at what death level or toll they will express their condemnation.
    Dissent views have no way to be expressed , the Parliament is fully occupied by ruling party cadres down to the lower level of government offices.
    The military is brought from borders and busy muzzling dissenting voices by what ever means available.
    The US government should play the role of brokering workable deals among competing parties/ social groups in the country so that a lasting peace emerges from within and around the Horn.

    • Della Reta says:

      Observer, the government gave the right number. The numbers which was given by OROMO FEDERAL CONGRESS is their combatant who were fighting the security forces by the mission which was given by Bekele Gerba and Merara. The image they were showing that beheading of the soldier was their mission. You might say that image was by the government. If they start beheading the security forces like Isis what they will do to the ordinary people? They are barbarians. Birhanu Nega on his words he said we are in this movement. So if they are there why they cry? They are in the war, his armies are not there to give a hug for security forces. They are there to fight and what you get is what you want.

    • Be ewnetu says:

      U bandit y u care about us? Do ur job about exedos eritrean to Ethiopia. Time will came to kick of you and Shaebia messages from 4 killo

      • Observer says:

        Dear Brother , I am perplexed by your comment . Are you addressing to me or what ??? . If it is so, please elaborate so I can get something out of it . Thanks

  3. me says:

    l lived in oromia region for long time. As it is known,oromia has long lasting desputes and “complexities”. oromia was most likely building it’s muscle expecting independence one time .eg,OLF was fighting for that for long time. despite their number recently it doesn’t seem that they have significant influence in ethiopia but they are boasting in their number,languages,huge geographical ocupation including ethiopias and africas capital addis abeba . How ever their usual concern is about northern ethiopias who are also “malignant cancers ” hated by almost all ethiopians. there are >56 indiginous nations and nationalities each speaking their own languages but oromos undermined these populations because usually they are said minorities. How ever due to the influence of protestantism,globalization a.nd stronger language english, better freedom they are exercising ,the best confidence as indigenous to ethiopia,better acceptance by negros in other part of the world,due to beauty of diversity now Zey are becoming powerful thus the vission of oromos tp separate may fail b/c of diffusion of northerns and southerns to centrally located oromos, the most prominent towns of oromos are dominated by others that is why eg. they oppose expansion of addis abeba that is oromos capital adwell to nearby oromo region by mastter plan b/c it is also dominated by other language,culture,finger prints…national deffence dominated,politically they remain young…b/c of globalization almost all”we are in the community” are hopeless and terrorist. lastly anyhow peace is the best.

  4. Dagna says:

    The Ethiopian government must tell US to stop meddling in ethiopian affair instead the US must deal with and address its own severe barbaric human right violation and its centuries old racism against blacks, and genocide of native aboriginal americans. The US has no business in ethiopian affairs and it must also stop, hosting, supporting and funding anti Ethiopian terrorist groups based within its territory including in its crime capital Washington city.

    It has no use for US to anger Ethiopians just for the sake of pleasing anti ethiopian Arab and Arab dogs it nurtures within its border, Ethiopia and Ethiopians are not US enemies please do not make us one for no reason.

    The Ethiopian government must be brutal in dealing with traitor politicians and must immediately abolish Ethnic federalism and go back where it was and bring back Assab.

    For Ethiopia government “Do not listen to US or any anti Ethiopian policy preaching foreign governments”, they are the one who orchestrated and the driver behind this do wait any longer bring Russian and Chines air defensive systems before it is too late like Syria.



    God bless Ethiopia and true Ethiopians and ordinary God loving untainted Christian US citizens.
    God bless Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

    Danga Zera Ethiopia.

  5. James Mulugeta says:

    Did US ever held constructive dialogue why it failed to give all slaves the 40 acres of land and a mule to the slaves as promised on the day of their freedom?

    We’ve all heard the story of the “40 acres and a mule” promise to former slaves. It’s a staple of black history lessons, and it’s the name of Spike Lee’s film company. The promise was the first systematic attempt to provide a form of reparations to newly freed slaves, and it was astonishingly radical for its time, proto-socialist in its implications. In fact, such a policy would be radical in any country today: the federal government’s massive confiscation of private property — some 400,000 acres — formerly owned by Confederate land owners, and its methodical redistribution to former black slaves. What most of us haven’t heard is that the idea really was generated by black leaders themselves.

    The African Americans that tried to hold a dialogue regarding their 40 acres of land are in prison . Approximately 12–13% of the American population is African-American, but they make up 60% of the almost 2.1 million male inmates in jail or prison (U.S. Department of Justice, 2009).[2] Census data for 2000 of the number and race of all individuals incarcerated in the United States revealed a wide racial disproportion of the incarcerated population in each state: the proportion of blacks in prison populations exceeded the proportion among state residents in twenty states.

    • SISAY says:



  6. us with us for us says:

    Congratulation to Ethiopia for clearly, publicly and unreservedly showing and telling the world about who Ethiopians are for real and no one could come between them in order to make them fight against each other creating reasons that are not relevant in Ethiopia anymore as they are already solved but not in many other nations including the enemies that are not only divided with Ethnicity but also race, religion, wealth, politics, power, influence, domination and so on. Ethiopians must celebrate this event happened recently for sure caused by outside enemies that are racists against all Ethiopians/blacks but using Ethnicity to affect them.

    Their goal is known and clear which is stopping Ethiopia from her for development campaign and make her destroy against herself using the ignorant and backwards feeding them poisoning reasons that are not reasons in Ethiopia anymore but in other countries including the enemy nations.

    Take for instance USA. All human Races, Ethnics, Religions, languages, Cultures, traditions, customs and so on are living together as one nation. All of them are speaking the English language as a common language despite there are less than 4% Ethnic English with USA citizenship. It is the same in Canada, Australia, New Zealand and many other nations. Ethnic Irish and Scottish that are Gallic people speaking Gallic languages as the Walsh are, Ethnic Germans, Italians and so on are the biggest Ethnic groups from Europe in USA. There are about 55 million Blacks (African Americans+ Black Africans) in USA. There are about 75 million lotions in USA. The list is continuing with significant number Chinese, Philippines, Koreans, Indians, Arabs and so on.

    However, who controls USA Economy, wealth, politics, influence and power? How many Senators, Congress, CEOs, Billionaires and so on are from the so called minority groups despite they are almost 50% of USA citizens? The Jews/Zionists are less than 2% in USA. Yet, they are dominating USA at all levels together with Ethnic English that are less than 4% USA Citizens. It is the same in other English speaking nations, too.

    The same thing in Egypt. The Arab descendent Egyptians are less than 5% of the Egyptian population. The vast majority Egyptians are none Africans or ME came to Egypt from central Asia and other part of the world including Albania during the ottoman colonization took 500 years. There are 5 different Ethnic groups of Nubians living in southern Egypt. There are Bejas with different Ethnic groups living in south eastern Egypt. There are Berbers in western Egypt’s oases. Egypt is divided with many reasons and issues including with different races, religions, Ethnicities, cultures, traditions and so on. But all of them are speaking Arabic despite Egyptians with Arab descendents are less than 5%.

    yet, Egypt(as many Ethiopians do think is among others foreigners behind the recent unrest as the previous government told us openly in front of the world how to create chaos in Ethiopia using the Oromo Ethnic group despite Ethiopia is the home to 80 Ethnic groups), USA, England and some others are talking about Ethnicity in Ethiopia while they are the ones divided with many reasons and issues among each other not only with hundreds and thousands of Ethnic groups but also many races, religions, division of wealth, power, influence and so on. These nations are the nastiest racists against all blacks. Look at jails and prisons in USA, UK, Egypt and so on. Who is inside? Who controls the police force and justice systems there and how it works?

    USA policing establishment is hunting and targeting blacks and minorities ever since its establishment with impunities, false accusations and planting plots such as drugs, guns and influencing the court decision despite the court itself is designed to be against them. There is no justice system in USA but court system meaning the court is functioning without justice. Just look at USA jails and prisons systems and the over all living conditions 99% the citizens are struggling with dividing and making them quarrel and distrust against each other based on race and so on.

    We know who is behind this recent situation in our country against the innocent and peace loving citizens. Who is sheltering, supporting and doing anything nasty for the backward and primitive terrorists that are having one life which is being against Ethiopia relaying on foreign enemies including those pretending they are innocent and friendly towards our country?

    The good news is that the Ethiopian people know perfectly who is behind the backward and ignorant creatures that are dumb unable to see the reasons behind the damages they are causing serving the enemies that are enemies against them, too. The Ethiopian government can learn lots from this and get well prepared in the future to eliminate any subject or objet causing any damage against the nation orchestrated by the outsiders while manipulating the situation as if it is from inside.

    How many blacks are in the USA senate, congress, mayors, governors, commissioners, CEOs, billionaires and so on despite they are more than 50 million? How many Latinos are in the same situation despite they are 75 million? Do they have the right among the others to use their own languages including at schools?

    Yet, they are talking about Ethnic Oromo in Ethiopia that is using own language, administration and everything participating fully and equally in the nation buildings. Curds in Turkey are 1/3 of Turks territory. In Turkey are living many Ethnic groups and races including Armenians, Asians and blacks -Turkey says 900.000 but the blacks are saying more than 3 million blacks are living in Turkey. Yet, Curds have no right even to speak their language in their own territory let alone to use it at school, having own media or administration. They even don’t have the right to be seen as different Ethnic groups but Turks.

    Yet, USA and the likes are not saying about that when Turkey is waging an all out wars against them including right now. However, they are talking about Ethnicity in Ethiopia which is a none existing issue anymore comparing with many other nations related to it including USA. The reason behind is known and clear which is stopping Ethiopia from her development path and having good relation with china and others that USA and the west in general are becoming too frightened and hostile against her and Russia.

    Even the common citizens of Ethiopians are talking right now about Egypt’s involvement in the recent unrest while looking and searching for prove to find out the truth and expose her. We did read one Egyptian official declaration recently about using every channel and possibility to pressurize and if possible stop Ethiopia from building the dam. It was written few weeks ago when he was talking about Egypt was using including UAE for the Nile matters happening between Ethiopia and Egypt.

    The good news is that from now on it became clear to the outside enemies that are using the human dirt and wastes from inside to affect Ethiopia using Ethnicity or religion differences will not work in Ethiopia now or anytime in the future. It also became clear to the Enemies that Ethiopians are different and smart people unlike many others and they will not destroy each other because of reasons created by their common enemies in order to affect all of them. It also became clear that any outside enemy would never affect Ethiopia with the so called Arab style uprisings that destroyed nations like Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Egypt, too.

    Two Egyptian presidents including the first ever democratically elected president in Egypt’s history, the entire cabinets, tens of thousands political members, and so on are languishing in the notorious Egyptian jail and prison systems since the so called the Arab springs orchestrated by the outsiders using the insiders including those so called activists, bloggers, Journalists and students most of them are not there anymore. They were taught about democracy when they started but in the end the radical Islamists and wahabbists took power before the power taken back and totally dominated by the military. In the process huge human and material damages occurred in Egypt caused by own citizens supported by outside enemies.

    So, Ethiopians know that and are totally rejecting and fighting back anyone that is trying to cause any problem in the name of anything including ethnicity. Because the ethnicity issues in Ethiopia are already solved. USA, UK, Egypt and many other nations need to follow the Ethiopian example and give equal rights to all their citizens’ regardless their race, Ethnicity, religion, background and so on differences.

    This is not caused by Oromo protestors but dumb and backwards happened to be Oromo used by the Ethiopian enemies including against the Oromo. They are not representing even 0.0001% of the Ethnic Oromo that are one of the 80 Ethiopians Ethnic groups. So, USA and anyone else need to stop saying Oromo protestors implying as if all Ethnic Oromo are behind it including Muslims and Christians while the Oromo are on the ones badly affected with and are on the front fighting these foreign mercenaries and anti development terrorist forces.

    The Ethiopian government, securities and agencies must do their cleaning jobs that are the human dirt and wastes from our institutions, systems, streets, cities, town and villages. This must not happen again, period. 99.999% of Ethnic Oromo from all sides are against it and asking the government to work with them in order to clean the terrorists that are serving foreign enemies against all Ethiopians.

    USA, England and the likes are the ones leading and teaching the world with hypocrisy, being with double standards and tones while playing back stabbing games pretending they are friends and innocents. Don’t trust them for anything but tell them to look at themselves first about what is going on among their citizens within including Blacks, Latinos and others so called minorities despite they are on the way to become the majorities, soon.

    They taught Ethiopia is getting weak and desperate because of the famine caused by El Niño and they can achieve their nation destroying goals by creating unrest in the country on one side while putting different kinds of pressures with carrot and stick game playing approaches against the government they think is getting weak and less responded because of the drought. This is how they don’t know about the Ethiopians particularly when things are getting tough and serious as it was the case during Adwa despite the pest killed millions of cattle that were the only wealth the nations had.

  7. Ana says:

    To me it’s shame on US to blame the Oromias’ students peaceful protest against the regimes trade on Oromia land’s illegal expansion by means of development and human rights should be respected

  8. Visitor says:


    She is another Jew causing troubles in Ethiopia in the name of media and journalism as they are known doing the same thing all over the world. They are controlling the world at all levels including with misinformation and propaganda wars making the naturally created beautiful world to become the place of hell; satanic and barbaric.

    AFP is a French corporate Media owned, controlled and run by the Jews including against the native French people such as the Political parties and members including FN. This evil is in Ethiopia for so long doing what they are good at and known with always smelling for blood, destructions and chaos. And then other Jews that are controlling the nations entire medias and information including in South Africa, Canada, USA, England, Australia and so on are using this female rat fake and evil full of lies story about Ethiopia spreading all over the world for one thing and that is looking to see fighting, destructions and killings in order they could get job guarantees and lucrative benefits from.

    What is she still doing in Ethiopia? What kind benefit is the country getting from this little female pig being in the country in the name of a foreign corporate media reaching all over the country and doing anything she wants without any objection or confrontation? The Jews are becoming the only greatest fret and organized forces towards this world involving in all conflicts, wars, fighting, economic crisis, political unrests and you name it.


  9. Alula says:

    Abay Rebel, I came to this website after may be three or two years. Tigraionline is DDOS down, Aiga is DDOS down.

    I use mostly, because Aiga and Tigraionline, awramba times are the most unwelcoming websites if you do not belong to their ethnics. Dawit may delete my comments because people from Tigrai do not like dissent or opposition because they believe you have to follow them blindly because you speak their language.

    The current problem is caused by woyane because woyane protects Shabia and shabia works day and night against Ethiopia. I have spoken out over the wrong policy of woyanes:
    1. Landlocking Ethiopia by force by sayiing a port is a commodity, for camels
    2. Aborting victory over Shabia in 1998 and giving second life for Shabia
    3. Instead of finishing Shabia going to Somalia, fighting war in Ugaden, now war in Ethiopia, all because of Shabia
    4. Allowing Egypt to have a say on GERD

    5. Ethnic Federalism, racial aparthied which created now a new country called Oromia with flag

    All these is not Ethiopian people problem. All these problem are caused by woyanes. The Oromo people are innocent because they can be fooled the way Shabia and Woyane fooled Tigreans and Shabians.

    To be honest, very frank, Woyane is the enemy of Ethiopia. Becauuse all these problem exists because woyane protects Shabia even at the cost of Ethiopia. Not only that, woyane number one is no one but woyane itself. I wonder how they think. They are very rigid. One of stupidity is they display what they do online. No country displays its technology but woyanes does that. Blame yourself

    About America, Americans have no power to do anything in Ethiopia. Their country is fucked up. People are killed everyday in mass in USA. USA is unsafe to live. Ethiopia is more safer than Europe, USA. Muslims are destroying Europe and USA. On top of that, it is true we love the American people. But the Americans government is corrupt because they trained, funded, armed ISIS and caused too much suffering in Syria. As such USA has no moral to teach Ethiopians anything, I mean Americans politicians can not teach anything good because they can not even protect Americans citizens who are killed in mass daily. On top of that America or USA has 3.5 million prisoners. If I was Woyane, I would finish Shabia and control the red sea now and buy s-400 Russian and Chinese air defense system. I would do it in secret. I have sugggested 4 years ago to go nuke in secret place in Ethiopia. But now one listens, I suggest to woyane now. Finish Shabia, control the entire redsea, buy s-400 by borroring money from China. USA has 16 trillion loan. If Ethiopia borrow 1 trillion from china, finish the dam faster, by- s-400, control redsea, then Ethiopia will be safe. You can immediately start programming in figher jet development programme, nuke programme. Never rely on any foreign country except mutual business.

  10. Fiorina Worku says:

    ha ha ha !! Alula your suggested strategy of controlling Red sea reminds Idi Amin Dada’s interview with french journalist (available online ) the part where he talk and demonstration of his strategy and plan on how to liberate the Golan Heights from Israeli occupation. Funny!

  11. Dagna says:

    Well well here you have it
    Ha, ha ha, Fiorina worku no offence but sorry to tell you that ” Alula “is right but he is still a bit soft and candid, but I will tell you more and this is what I will tell you what will happen and must happen. First do not compare you story of Idi Amin with that of Ethiopia’s, even though Amin was right in his ambition, however Golan hight is too far and he has no reason, means and motivation to accomplish his wishful thinking. Golan hight belongs to Syria, but the Red sea cost belongs to Ethiopia
    as you and some within Ethiopian government believes that and think that only Ethiopia is divisible, and will stay like that, you are dead wrong, Ethiopia will always be Ethiopia and the Red sea belongs Ethiopia on the contrary Eritrea is divisible, it will be dismembered as it has never been, the rise of the Greater Ethiopia is not only will become reality, even Djibouti and somali-land will join Ethiopia to form the inevitable larger the United dominions of Abyssinia.
    You might say again ha ha ha, I don’t blame you as one can not blame for the fascists believed once Abyssinia belongs to them before history thought them otherwise, Ha ha ha.


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