Tanzanian Authorities Threaten to Deport Ethiopian Migrants


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3 Responses

  1. Tesfalehulum says:

    Was there any point in the history of modern Ethiopia where Ethiopians left their country to uncertain future in such a large scale seeking for a better life and avoiding prosecution? NONE.
    Weyane’s 25 year ethinc apartheid produces millions refugees and tens of thousands Ethiopians perish in high seas and hostile territories.

    • bb says:

      Dammy! If you want, yes you can live your country to be welfare recipient like you for those of us who live in our mother land life is good you like it or not I know why you always crying for JEALOUSY.

  2. ethoAsh says:

    when i see this kind of news i get mad because how in hell someone paid to be refugee 1000 dollar is a lot of money but i am admiring their drive their will power to beat poverty….this people who r returnee would be the best ambassador for anti refugee or immigrant wannabe

    look if one immigrant managed to pay human trafficker 1000 dollar that show the Ethiopian economy is growing the people purchasing power is growing so we can take advantage of this

    for example if 1000 would be immigrant paid 1000 dollar each and if we have 100 of them that would be 100,000 dollar that in birr 2 million birr if government give us land and tax holiday then we can start small hen egg production with in one years we can grow the business ten fold that means each immigrant become investor with 200,000 capital five to ten years they can go to South Africa as business person not as immigrant and they can see for themselves how other live in South Africa

    the government building industrial zone for attracting FDI but we forget our poor would be investor other industrial zone must be created to attract this kind of investment if u have 20,000 birr u should be investing in pool and create share company and make good profit this way instead of going to South Africa our people invest in our local industrial zone that gear to our people as i said we can start small industry such as hen production that only need 250,000 birr so it can be bought by ten would be immigrant each paying 1000 dollar for total of 10,000 dollar u get 250,000 birr investment in short we need business incubator

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