VOA, ESAT and Ethiomedia under fire over reports about Ginbot 7 leader false claims (+Video)


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66 Responses

  1. Optimus says:

    I have said it all along, that the pathetic and pathological lier, Birehanu Nega; as well as his national inquirer newspapers and news media outlets were manufacturing lies and at work, trying to make the delusional Birehanu Nega for what he’s not.
    why is it we Ethiopians seems to be always indulging and up holding these unworthy Ethiopians and promote them to the label, in which they do not belong to be

  2. bb says:

    Dear Dawit! Thank you so much for your wonderful service but I have to say this to you please please don’t bring as a news about kezenam Berhanu, we have so many things we should talk about instead, don’t spend your time to this kind of news.
    Thanks Dave

    • Ermi says:

      Kkkkkk. Amed Beduket sisk, ……
      what happened to the discovery of huge natural gas reserves in ArbaMinch, Ethiopia? If you can remember your own “bere wolede” .

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • bb says:

        Metagel newa! Wend mehon newa! Crying under Ana Gomez’s skirt will never bring a solution. Be a man like weyana how they kicked out your master Mengestu didn’t get free ride it cost everything but the current so called Genbot 7 tried to get power by crying, by screaming in downtown. You like it or not they will never get that is going to be as yhelm injera.

  3. lalaland says:

    Awrambatimes, why you focus on Birhanu only, why not focus on the Kehadi Reesidongola woyane who landlocked us by gun? what did Birhanu did worse than woyane did? Awrambatimes? why is double standard? Did not woyane sacrifice 20 000 Tigreans youth to save Shabia during the Key Kokeb Zemecha? did not woyane fight for Shabia in Massawa, Hayelom Araya fought derg for Shabia in Massawa and defeated derg and handed Massawa to Shabia? did not woyane betray 100 000 souls and save Shabia at the last minute? what did really Birhanu do Awramba , Dawit? can you tell me what Birhanu did so far? Woyane held Ethiopia hostage for almost 20 years on bloody war in the name of liberation which displaced the entire Tigreans youth? caused the death of 70 000 Tigreans you and about 150 000 maimed. The entire region become refugee and no development for 17 years> Bridges blown out, schools burnt to ashes, buses burnt down to ashes, people forced to join woyane as young as 6 years old? Dawit Hawey, why you people do not take the log from your eyes before taking the logs from other Ethiopians? w hy do you Tigreans think you have a license to do whatever you want including landlocking, selling, ,,,, what is it a big fuss about Birhanu going to Asmara? is not the same game Dawit> why is when things done by woyane is okay? but when others do the same thing you cry? Dawit, Ethiopians belongs to all Ethiopians, it does not belong to the worthless, scumbag woyanes who landlocked our country buy gun and now our port is under the control of our enemies. Dawit, do you are serving the most kehadi woyane banda organisation? No woyane has moral to point fingers on other Ethiopians. If you have a gut Dawit? can you ask the hyena looking Aboy Sbhat why he landlocked our country? Otherwise, expecting other Ethiopias to follow your stupid, dedeb ideology of self-inflection is not acceptable. Why you do not leave Birhanu? he is as banda as woyane. Two wrongs does not make one right. In short, you better take out the log in your eyes before taking the speck on other people eyes. Time is against woyane, we are tired of betrayal,

    • bb says:

      If you are not happy what the EPRDF done or currently doing yes you have a rigjht to be like Berhanu Kezenam. I can tell you are one of those shentam diaspora who got no work and receive welfare and scream every weekend. What a man you are shento! I won’t respond what you wrote about EPRDF because I know how kezenam you are.

      • Revelation_666 says:

        It is better to be on welfare than to beg using 100 million people for 25 years. Remember welfare is only given for people with disability? Welfare is not given to healthy people. But you are healthy beggar and who beg in the name of 100 million people and live on it. You have no job, your job is to stick on power until you die like Gadaffi. You see, in every civilized country, leaders change every 5 years? but you have been on power for 25 years and you do not even mind staying more years? why? you have no life or income and you have to stick yourself on the back of the people like a leech or tick. You are human parasite if you were not human parasite you would not stick on power for 25 years. you Gadaffi. you will only leave power when Ethiopians drag you like Gadaffi and put wood into your anus. Gadaffi could not believe the wood sodomy until the last minute and he never gave up until the last second. This is for all despotics.

        • bb says:

          Tenagerhu mothal! Yes we see in civilized County leaders change in four years I agree with your statement. EPRDF also elected by the people the last twenty three years because of good governance and will be elected again if continue the job that they doing but people like you as long as Berhanu SHINTO is not in power then it isn’t democracy or one of your agent from the street of DC isn’t prime minister of Ethiopian then it isn’t democracy. Yes you can continue to be day dreamer diaspora wishing all this but you will never go an inch with this kind of principles. Generally here in Ethiopia we all doing fine relax have fun if you could do that please do so.

          • Yigermal says:

            ‘Pathological liar’ is absolutely the toughest individual to deal with as a psychiatrist. Because you can’t take anything they say at face value. And you can’t, you know, fill in their personality. You don’t know what’s real and what’s not”. Dale Archer

      • Trinity says:

        U said nothing except insulting
        Ya those who are idealy poor like u nothing to expect

    • Dagemwe Ras Alula says:

      r u out of your mind? think twice b4 u open your mouth. Truth hurt. aydel???

  4. Beza says:

    They never stop lying, those people are created to lie. Why he talked about his Move to Eritrea. I like Mesfin assessment about the blizzard of America and the lie of Esat. He has no gut to fight in the first place.

    • Ermi says:

      Kkkkkk. Amed Beduket sisk, ……
      what happened to the discovery of huge natural gas reserves in ArbaMinch, Ethiopia? If you can remember your own “bere wolede” .

      Peace to all but woyanes!


      • Beza says:

        Ermi Ereew, it has nothing to do with this lie, even though I don’t know what you talking about. Birhanu didn’t go to Eritrea for good. That’s a fact, he went to take a picture with Eritrean Army for the purpose of fund raising. He has no gut to fight and stay in the war zone, like Meles, Addisu, Tamrat layne, Tefera Walwa, Abay Tsehaye, Abadula Gemeda, Kuma Demeksa. This is a fact, what he was counting on was Mola Asge dom ‘ s army. When that army defected to Ethiopia, his dream was crashed. He was lucky not to be captured by Mola’s group and taken to Ethiopia as the plan was. I guarantee you that, it will be a matter of time, to get him and take him to Kaliti. I know it’s hard to convince knuckle head like you about reality, because you are not created like one. Ethiopia is full of natural gas. It is not only in Arbamanch it has all over the country. KITA RAS SHABIYA.

      • Dagemwe Ras Alula says:

        long live woyane.

  5. Woyanereesidongola says:

    Birhanu can do whatever he wanted the same way woyane did Why you never see your own fault or wrong things, but point fingers on others?

  6. what r u waiting for? says:

    Dr. Berhaun via. Shabia’s help said on his speech, he is working hard to dismantle Ethiopian Security service and Ethiopian military. What’s Ethiopian Government waiting for? I think it is time to march to Asmera and show them what Ethiopian militaries are really made up of.

    • satkedem kedem says:

      Ato Mengstu Hailmariam once said yetfu ways entfa that’s the question, Ethiopian government have to answer.

    • Revelation_666 says:

      There is no government, we what we have is mafia and even mafia does not betray his country, but woyane does which means Woyanes is more than mafia

  7. Woyanereesidongola says:

    Woyane keethiopia bicha sayhon, kelem metfat alebet

    • Mekdes says:

      Woyanereesodongola, the EPRP member Yohanis takele was saying at the meeting with Andargachew at Sheraton. Are you Yohane? You are Eritrean like Elias Kiflom. Kelem Metfat yalebet eyemote yalew Shabiya New.

  8. Optimus says:

    what are you talking about, Awramba supposed to be ignoring the fact that, the anti Ethiopian Arab financed and Shabiya TV station ESAT did not day after day read it’s usual preposterous propaganda and lies about Birehanu Nega’ s supposed childish venture to the godforsaken eritrea, to fight Wayne.
    which was the practical jock of the year in Ethiopia’s vicious political and social dilemma.

  9. Erta says:

    I am not sure why some Diasporas are so possessed with distractive politics. I think the leaders must been getting some financial benefits from some groups as well as funds collected from some of their members. I believe this is the only reason why they are doing what they are doing. EAST reporters are paid by Egypt. If the fund stops these people have no any other sources of income. Creating lies and misleading the public has become a sources of income for a lot of Diasporas. Unless they are doing what they are doing their life is doomed. Most importantly these people don’t understand the implication of what they are doing. For example, I am sticking with Woyne because, if woyne falls there is no any group as strong as woyne to hold the country together. The fall of woyne will be the fall of Ethiopia because our enemies make us fight so that both groups that are fighting to come to power will be weaken but at the end of the day the one a little bit better than the other comes to power with a very weak force where it will be hard for the winning party to defend the country to hold it together. This is going to be the result of infighting going that is going to bring to the country which is going to give a good opportunity for Ethiopia’s enemies to do whatever they want to do. Eritrea is not trying to promote infighting among Ethiopians without any reason the long term goal is to create two weak competing groups so that Eritrea can control the outcome as they did during the Derg fall. The result will make the fighting parties weak while Eritrea’s army remains intact to finish the job. There is the very reason for any reasonable person to see what infighting as a destructive force for Ethiopia. Any major infighting between two Ethiopian groups seeking to come to power will fragment Ethiopia and all Ethiopian should stay away from it. More importantly all Ethiopians should stay away from brash politics as much as possible.

    • Woyanereesidongola says:

      Why you cry about diaspora? Is it not your woyane that landlocked Ethiopia by force? Betrayed 100 000 souls in a battled field to save Shabia in a battle field in 1998? Is it your Woyane who signed EEBC, Alger’s agreement? is it your woyane is rotten by corruption, lies, nepotism, bribery, beggary, prostitution, lawlessness, prostitution, homosexual tourism? what moral do you have to talk about Birhanu or diaspora? It is funny, you people think you are right? no, the diasporas are patriotic Ethiopians They are not thieves like woyanes. They did not do anything bad to Ethoipia so far. It is amazing how you people think. You talk about Birhanu but you never see your own ugly history of betrayal. I must tell you diapora may have their weaknesses, but they are much better than you idiots who even sold Ethiopians girls for modern sex slavery in Arab countries. PM HD was shipping 45 000 Ethiopians teenages for sex trade to the middle east? You are people who even sell your own people in the name of domestic workers? You sell also people in the name of adopiton? you are morally bankrupted. You have no moral or conscience or HIlan to condemn diaspora because you are worthless scums of Ethiopian history. I wonder what type of brain you people. You even told us Ethiopians does not need a port because a port is a commodity or for camel drinking? you do not even know sea water can not be used for drinking camels? you are devoid of any human knowledge or enlightenment. All you have is a gun. You are the swear enemy of Ethiopia than Shabia, Egypt, diaspora alltogether. You are ruling Ethiopia to milk the poor people. Now the country is in danger. 15 million people dying of hunger, Egypt occupying Assab. GERD given to Egypt. There Oromo protest and Ethiopians in general are not happy about you. You are in a big trouble because you are myopic, shortsighted. You only understand things when you hit the wall itself. You always walk blindly until you find a hard wall that can knock you down. In short, you have no moral to condemn any Ethiopian. You are cancer of Ethoipia and you are the enemy number one of Ethiopia. Ethiopians in general hate you, but you never get it? you keep on forcing yourself on the poor people of Ethiopia? for how long are you going to rule the people by gun? It will only serve you for a certain period of time, people will stop fearing a gun at one point and you will be history like derg. What surprises me, you blame diaspora for everything you do yourself? why? who gave you the license to terrorize the 100 million people? for how long are you going to terrorize them? If there is anyone who has a brain, he must advise you to stop sticking your finger about diaspora because the diaspora are the real Ethiopians who love Ethiopia than the worebela woyane lebas who has stolen so far 16 billion dollars by financial laundering. This happens in the most poor country on earth where people starve to death by hunger. You are wothless scum bags of history. And yet you have the gut to point fingers on diaspora? what did the diaspora do?

      Let us check what the diaspoar did:
      1. Woyane sacrificed 20 000 Tigreans youth to save Shabia during Key kokeb zemecha
      2. Woyane controlled Shabia not to make peaceful agreement with Mengistu Hailemariam, source Aboy Sibhat told us he controlled Shabia not to make peace with derg
      3. Your visionary leader, Meles, wrote a book with a gun up side to liberate Eritrea from Ethiopian colonization? Read Eritrea key wedet by Kehadi banda Meles
      4. You fought for Shabia in Massawa
      5. You looted Ethiopia together with Shabia until 1998, you only quarrelled when stealing
      6. Your Meles lobbied together with Botros Gali for Eritrean independence? he recognized Eritrea as a country before anyone and convinced Sudan and Egypt to recognize as country. EU, and the then OAU rejected Eritrean independence but your visionary Meles insisted and forced Eritrean indepedence on shabia
      7. Jimmy Carter proposed to Meles and Issayas to share power instead of dividing the people because dividing Ethiopia is not in the interest of both people? Meles offered a Ministerial position to Issayas and Issayas rejected Ministerial position by saying he did not fight for 30 years for ministerial position and in short Meles did not want to share power and instead he would divide the people for his power only hunger
      8. Meles practically divided Ethiopia because of his un-satiable thirst for power.
      9. Then in 1998 Shabia invaded Ethiopia, bombed Mekele Air port, adigrat, kindergarten school with children inside? almost Tigrai was bombed? Your visionary leader did not want to do anything to protect the people? Siye and others did their best and launched a counter attack on Shabia. About 100 000 Ethiopian youth perished. The victory at that cost was terminated by your bana visionary leader and saved Shabia in the last minute?
      10. Then your visionary banda dragged Ethiopia to Europe to sign EEBC ,Alger’s agreement. Your woyane defended Eritrea instead of Ethiopia and gave badme
      11. Your banda visionary leader gave badme in real time after shedding 100 000 souls. This person talked to one of the EEBC personnel. Meles given an option to include in the EEBC agreement Ethiopia need for a port of its own? your banda visionary leader said Ethiopia does not need a port or never had one port even before and his government does not need a port?
      12. Meles was asked to give badme after the EEBC decision. Meles responded badme will be given to Eritrea but it has to be done later because Ethiopian people has not accepted it because the war is now fresh in their mind. He said the badme issue will have to be done a later time when people forget the war of the 1998. Now badme will be given anytime to Shabia. By who? by your woyane reesidongola
      13. Your woyane reesidongola said a port is for camel drinking? all the super power countries like USA, France, UK, Russia, … compete to control ports because they have many camels ? you are the most idiot human being on our planet.

      14. You started GERD? now you have been dragging Ethiopia to Egypt to beg its own water? you signed an agreement that says Ethiopia has to pay compensation to Egypt if Ethiopia uses the water or reduces the water? You also agreed to give the power generated with priority to Egypt? Poor Ethiopians building dam for Egypt ? you are the most stupid people on our planet.

      As such you have no moral to blame diaspora. It is true diaspora hates woyane. It is a valid hatred. I is not an irrational hatred. Woyane must be hated, rejected, outcasted as banda, rkash, warada people in Ethiopian history. The diaspora are much much better than woyanes. As such you have no any moral to blame or condemn any diasporas. You are dedeboch. The problem is you do not understand easily because you only understand when you hit a wall. You walk until you hit a wall. You are blind, stupid people Ethiopia ever had.

      What did Dr. Birhanu do? nothing, what did diaspora do? nothing compared to the what is being done by woyane. You need to leave alone diaspora, rkash, kehadiwoch, weradoch, leboch, koshashock, erkuch, ager atfiwoch, worebeloch, corrupt. You have no moral to point fingers on anyone. Our country will be free from the fascist woyanes.

      • Solomon says:

        Mr Weyanereesdogla way are scramming like a bich just like your Banda father .
        Your Banda Ertirea father who sold his ass to Italian and Arbes for laft over pasta.
        About the port which belong king Yohans and Alula.we Ethiopian get back soon afte that Banda denkoro Essayass die.
        You know Essayass days are numbered relax.
        About the blame if you know little history .
        Your Banda hero Minlke who sold the port to Italian and Djibouti to the French .so mr Weyanereesdogla Minlke sold not only the port he sold your fathe ass to the Italian .

      • hermi says:

        Weyanresidengola, Geazae H, AbbayRebel…..same hate full aliases.

      • bb says:

        Well, what is the solution? After all your statements what do you think the solution will be? I think none why? you are like the SHINTAM Berhanu talk talk talk if you are not happy then it is time to be like Meles or his comrades but the truth is that you all SHINTAM can’t do it while you are eating burger.

      • Alula Menilik says:

        Dear Writer,
        One thing, Thank You…!

  10. us for us with us says:

    Did you watch once or many times the ” AU Chair Robert Mugabe address: 26th AU Summit”

    ESAT, Ginbot 7, Semayawi party, Bloggers, Activists,…. and the recent unrest in some part of oromia are all the slave masters and traders, colonizers, racists, greedy imperialists, war mongers, bankers and in general the Anglo-American lead western slave dogs and projects and activities to destabilize the country as they did in Iraq using Iraqis, Afghanistan using the afghans, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt, Ukraine, Georgia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Russia, china, Pakistan and all over the none European countries doing the same thing dividing the citizens and destroying against each other for the sake of the western agenda and plan against them in their own countries.

    ESAT’s headquarter in Europe is located in Amsterdam- the Netherlands. Amsterdam was the greedy Zionists headquarter since the 17 century till the II world war. Anything happened in the world and also at home in the name of the Dutch people during that time was done by the Zionists/Jews leadership and brain. They had been in total control till the Second World War. They were the richest while the hard working and innocent Dutch people were very poor living in the age relaying on the small scale and undeveloped agriculture and small scale trade. That could be the reason why most Jews/Zionists were handed over to the Nazis during the II WW than any nation comparing with the proportion lived there. People had more than enough with them as it was the case in other places in Europe the same way what is going on in today’s world all over the world including in USA towards them.

    Yet today Amsterdam is once again controlled and ruled by them despite they are few in numbers as it is the case elsewhere in Europe including Antwerp where the blood diamond and Gold are controlled and traded by them. They are not only in total control the current UK government in the name of conservative party and also France but also they are all over west Europe doing the same thing they are good at such as controlling banks and financial activities, media, politics and soon. The EU parliament and policy when it comes to third world particularly Ethiopia is run by them as they are in the EU parliament in the name of some European countries. Norway is another cold and evil tiny nation in Europe behind the groups that are created by Europe and America to affect governments and nations back in Africa, Ethiopia and elsewhere.

    North America’s ESAT HQ is in DC. Almost all anti Ethiopian organized criminals are created in USA. And Europe is a US puppet always must agree with them to shelter and support the criminals that are in abroad but having jobs to destabilize the country and people they run away from for better life. When that better life is not there, then they become the cheap and silly organized criminals to serve the west the in exchange the west is giving them income supports to keep them alive in order to use them like animals against the country they left behind for better life in abroad. .

    That is why they are supporting those criminals to destroy our country as they are doing against many nations. Look at Libya back then and today. Today, there is no Libya. Look at Syria back then and today. Back then, there was no a single homeless person in Syria and today there are more than 13 million Syrians homeless while more than 5 million are state less. It is the same during sadam Iraq and Today. Look at Yemen during Selah era and Today. All these nations were lead by secular leaders and governments. USA and UK are supporting the absolute dictator Saudis and their clandestine desert little nations like UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahraini to affect the secular nations like Yemen where the Anglo-American lead west is looking to destroy her in order to control/colonize it again. No one even talks about the tragedy in Yemen where USA and UK are totally part of it from the start. In the end all Yemenis will lose badly despite they are making them to fight against each other by taking one side against the other.

    Not only that, there are hundreds of so called NGOs, aid agencies, Journalists, volunteers including peace core, institutions, representatives, missionaries and so on in our county to do the nasty and damaging jobs against our nation while pretending differently. These foreign enemy invading forces are working together with their Ethiopian brainless dogs and criminals like ESAT, Gin Bot 7 and some so called opposition parties and private Medias to damage our society and destroy our country with goal to stop development which they do hate the most to see in any black country as they don’t like to see peace, unity, prosperity and so on. Poverty, ignorance and being poor are the main tools they are using them to come in feeling they are the greatest Satans to do the known dirty jobs against the weak and innocents. They are evils and dishonest have no what so ever God’s feelings towards other human beings where blacks are their first and main targets for anything bad, negative and damaging. .

    The answer is simple and easy if there is a government that is wise, strong, determine and patriotic to protect the nation at any cost thinking for the long run rather than defeated by the wrong and false repeatedly propaganda war of famine, aid and so on they are doing it intentionally. Stop the Zionists/Jews and English establishment interference and involvement in our country. These two are the greatest fret against humanity for the last 500 years. Countries like Holland needs to stop sheltering criminal groups like ESAT for the sake of economic co operation with Ethiopia or else Ethiopia must stop having anything to do with her. The Zionists/Jews that are ruling Amsterdam is behind this as they are in UK, USA, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa and soon from Kenya.

    Almost all western so called medias and journalists are the Zionists weapons of mass destructions including Bloomberg, Reuters (E. Israel), VOA (CIA), Ditch wale (VAO/s part in Europe), BBC (English establishment), Al jazera (BBC) and all evil English, USA and other English speaking western criminal medias including South Africa are run and controlled by the Zionists/Jews together with the greedy and evil imperialists including the little England establishments.

    Let them do whatever they do from aboard. But keep Ethiopia clean and protected from inside from boarders to boarders. Clean Ethiopia from the Anglo-American well organized criminal groups that are in the country in the name of many names including NGOs, Medias, Journalisms, volunteers, diplomatic, investors, tourists, missionaries(like they used it to colonize Africa) and others that are there to cause troubles as we have been seen them many times in the past. Death to the BBC and all the tiny England criminal medias as it is the same with the Zionists medias such as Bloomberg, Reuters, VOA and many more as they are controlling the entire MSW all over USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia and the west in general as they do with banks, financial activities, wall street, London the city, Frankfurt and so on.

    Long live and flourish the inter African and the Chino/Asia-African all out cooperation with the long term vision. The AU headquarters built by China and Ethiopia is the greatest symbol and living testimony about the China-Africa strong relations and all out co operation that will live on for many years to come benefiting all sides.

  11. Al-Habeshi says:

    Shut the fuck up and get lost. The professor is immensely popular in the WEST despite your attempt to tarnish him. At least, he is not a sell our for a piece of land or business opportunities. It is immaterial if he has stopped lecturing in the university or not.

    • Beza says:

      Alhabeshi, yes he is popular with The ex derg members as we see on the video. All of them are criminals and old people, counting their days to die. People like Kassa Kebede if they gather to see him that doesn’t represent Ethiopians in Diaspora. Dedeb.

      • Revelation_666 says:

        Beza, woyane is dead now. You can not defend woyane anymore because woyane is now defeated by his stomach ( woyane behodu teshenefe, not by war ). Woyane is now known as leba organisation that steal money, land,…. and landlock Ethiopia, give badme, give blue Nile, … you can not defend woyane, too late. Woyane is walking dead now. Defending woyane now is futile attempt at the end of time. Remember, even the derg supporters never gave up supporting. They still believe Mengistu will be back to Ethiopia soon. They listen to his speech even now. He circulates his interview among his supporters. You are the same , a supporter of Gadaffi Ethiopia. Woyane is now Gadaffi Ethiopia. Gadaffi stayed on power for 35 years? Woyane is now on power for 44 years, more than Gadaffi. Woyane is recorded as leba now where 16 billion dollar is stolen from the Ethiopian nation and Ethiopia landlocked by force and at gun point and forced to buy ports from Sudan, Kenya, Somalia, a tiny Djibouti? 100 million at the mercy of 50 000 people in Djibouti? your woyane is dead, how can you defend woyane now? on what basis?

        1. Landlocking
        2. Betraying 100 000 souls in war field
        3. Dragging Ethiopia to Europe to sign EEBC, Alger’s agreement
        4. Giving badme
        5. Forcing the people to buy ports at about 2 billion dollar each year?
        6. Segregating the country based on race, black aparthed?
        7. Not able to provide clean water to the country ciities like Mekele , even addis with no relaiblee clean water
        8. Dragging Ethiopia to Egypt to beg its own water from Egypt and signing agreement that Ethiopia pays Egypt if Ethiopia uses any water? which is even worse than 1929 and 59 agreement?
        9. Signing agreement with Egypt to give the power generated to Egypt and Sudan? Imagine? Ethiopians, 90% have no electricity, but the poor people are building a dam for Egypt ? why? Your woyane has brain cells and all woyanes brain is dead. Otherwise, if they had brain they would not sign any agreement denying Ethiopians their natural and God given right. Your woyane is dead, but not buried. Your woyane will be buried sooner or later. But you will never give up so because supporters of despots never give up even after the fall of dictator. You will not help your dictator. You can check facebook, almost everyone is not happy. Buy you do not listen because you only see the milk you are milking. Woyane has moral to claim he is Ethiopian. Woyane is the one who called Ethiopian flag cherq and it is woyane who told us Ethiopia is made by Menelick and it is 100 years old? The truth is Ethiopia, the name is as old as anything on this planet, it is the oldest name on earth. Woyane did not read Ethiopian history because he was reading communism only because he believed civilization only comes from white people. Woyane did not care to read Ethiopian history and ended up telling us lies Ethiopia is 100 years old. Your woyane is morally as well as politically dead but not buried. You do not smell it. Woyane wasted 17 years killing people in the name of liberation and now ended up being the most corrupt regime where land is taken from people and sold to anyone. Ethiopia is now a country where people say education is not important but party membership is better than education because if your register as woyane supporter, you will have all the accesses to opportunities. As such your woyane is rotten but you do not smell it yet. If you live in a smelly house? you will get used it and you will not smell the bad smell. Your woyane house is rotten and smelly but because you live in it and you do not smell it .

        • Beza says:

          Revelation, I don’t want to write the number you wrote. I am very believer of superstition. I am sorry for you also writing that number. Let me go and tell you why I thrust this government than this Kalabay Leba Gurage. The government of Ethiopia has delivered so many issues as it promised. One and primary, it has stopped the war for Eritrea independence. That was the cause for bleeding the countries economy. It has promised to deliver self rule of the nation nationalities, no uneducated person who can not read and write, from Gonder will not go to Wollega and become a ruler or governor. It has vowed to eradicate hunger and hunger not to be the cause for Ethiopians to die. It has delivered that without seeing any body dying like 1980’s starvation, it has controlled it without any outside help. Militarily, it has deflected the attacks of Shabiya and Alshebab by giving them good lesson. Building infrastructures allover the country and making the country interconnected from every corner without coming to Addis Ababa. To go to Assosa Benishangul you don’t have to go to Addis because they build the road like 270 interstate highway between them. They have created peaceful coexistence between neighboring countries. Finally, I support this government because there is no tough opposition group to lead the country. You got it Kita Fit.

      • Al-Habeshi says:

        Derg is better than you and your masters. Given the choice, the Ethiopian people would choose Derg over your masters. There is no doubt about that.

        • Beza says:

          Meto Aleka Habeshi, for you it is but for millions of Ethiopians Derg is a blood thirsty Fascist. You might be one of them. Kita ras yederg cadre. Derg has killed millions of Ethiopians.

  12. lakew mitiku says:

    it is amazing to see woyanes propaganda against all its oppositions, calling them anti ethios, supported by egypt, eritrea,and others, sellouts. anti democracy, anti unity, who work day and night to destroy ETHIOPIA. it rings a bell, we did hear this propaganda in dergs time. nothing changes after all. very sad

    • ethoAsh says:

      lakew mitiku,

      in ur father time Dergs times, TPLF, EPLF, EPRP, OLF etc etc all outlawed while in TPLF time there is political space Dr. birr CUD got 89.999% VOTE they where begged to take over ADDIS ABABA TODAY blue party and other over 50 party working and struggling peacefully OPDO got more right and freedom for oromo people than OLF claim with GUN for the last 40 years … since peaceful struggle allowed armed struggle not allowed, it is simple logic but we all respect for ur 72 years of undying love for Ethiopia, we should learn from u after all u must learn something living in USA FOR 40 YEARS

  13. Revelation_666 says:

    Woyanereesigondola is I believe a devil. How can you liberate people by killing 70 000 youths? how can you liberate people by maiming 120 000 youths? how can you liberate a country by killing about 1 million Ethiopians who were perceived as enemies? Do not you think Woyane is the devil himself the 666 number in the bible. I think Woyane is devil and because woyane is devil woyane promotes homosexual, sex tourism, homosexual tourism? I believe woyane the devil 666 in the bible. How can you landlock your country of 100 million unless you are a possessed by devil? how can you stop a victory at the last minute after the death of 100 000 souls unless you are a devil? how can you drag Ethiopia to Euorpe unless you are a devil? how can you drag Ethiopia to Egypt to beg its water in its own land unless you are a devil? I believe Woyanes are possessed by devils like Yosef in this video. How can property in addis be the most expensive on earth unless something devilish is taking place? Woyane is devil, the 666 beast in the bible. Woyane must be wiped not only from Ethiopia, but from our planet. Woyane claims he is secular ? what is secular? how did Woyane become secular in a deeply religious country? Who elected woyane to be secular? There is no secular in Ethiopia how did the secular devil came about? 25 million belongs to Islam and the rest of 75 % Christians? who elected a secular government in Ethiopia since the majority are Christians how did the beast of 666 comes to power. https://www.facebook.com/1417318005209054/videos/1648086492132203/?pnref=story

  14. us for us with us says:

    “VOA, ESAT and Ethiomedia under fire over false claims”

    These are some of the trash Medias exist and functioning being totally under the foreign enemies payroll and control. VOA means voice of America created in the 1950s for imperialists propaganda war against the soviet blocks. I. e. Communists nations. It is a Zionists and an imperialist propaganda mouth shit still is here despite the soviet block was gone 27 years ago.

    Deutsche wale is part of the VOA created for German speaking communist/GDR because Germans don’t like or want to speak English including today. Then it started the English language coverage from Germany with different name while everyone knows Deutsche wale is created by VOA as Al jazera is by the Evil BBC.

    There is no one but BBC and all other Zionists and English establishment imperialists propaganda Medias to be first and for most at the hell look like under fires for none stop false coverage stories for propaganda reasons including being in our country.

    The so called scholars and scientists from oxford which is the first, worst and evil institution in the world and saying is the English empire main centre brain claimed once again they discovered lions in Ethiopia. How is possible they discovered lions in the national park that was created long times ago, administrated by the Government and people and visited by many every day including the lions?

    This is the same thing what they claimed about Australia 200 years ago saying they discovered Australia despite that was there at least for 30.000 years of continues human civilization. When they arrived there, there were black people speaking more than 475 languages. After 200 years, not only they destroyed their languages, cultures and took their land but they wiped out the natives as they did in other places and continents including the Americans and Africa. Their claim is always they discovered it/them in order to declare the ownership or names as the evil and racist oxford institution is doing this time with the lions as they are doing always for centuries.

    So, before the outside enemies, Ethiopia needs to stop and treat as the worst enemies the evil foreigners like BBC and other Zionists and English establishment criminal medias, NGO, Institutions and so on that are spreading lies after lies about Ethiopia where drought is becoming the satanic blessing for them. Down with these demons, racists and evil have only one goal which is affecting others for their greedy and racist agenda and interest in some ones country.

    Death to the BBC and all the Anglo-American (English speaking) evil corporate Medias they are using them as weapons of mass destructions against Africa and Ethiopia is their main target because of no one is still shows them the line not to cross or stops them completely.

  15. chica says:

    Remember we are powerless but God is not…all the things you Weyanais brought to our people and our country……. God of the poor he has seen all your doings so now your war is not with us your war is with God. Remember that! All you have done he has seen….Your war is with him, ,you kill his people you destroyed their land you starved his people you chase his people out of their land sold their land to others… your war is not with us as we have no power your war is with God. People why don’t you pray for your country. God will set us free.

    And the Guy I don’t know your name who is presenting this talk show please get some education.

  16. Revelation_666 says:

    The problem we have is the woyanes think they are smart. And everything wrong they do to the country, to the people has to be accepted as blessing from God? Remember, these people are not even believers. They do not believe God exist in the universe? They believe the world or the universe is random or authored, run by communism or Karl Marxs or Lenin or Mao? They do not understand the fact what ideology on earth is human ideology and human knowledge is too little on our planet. We are just like insets in the universe. Woyanes have the wrong image of themselves and they think they have cosmic power.

    Let me tell you , you did not defeat derg, derg was defeated because his time was up because people were tired of war, propaganda day and night. I remember I hated the TV of at that time. Everyone did hate the endless propaganda and to my surprise, when I take a flash back of those days as young man, there was some truth on the story lines of woyane as antiEthoipia. We have seen so far Woyane is pure antiEthiopia. There can never be more antiEthiopian than woyane. In short, you did not defeat derg and derg was defeated because people gave deaf to its propaganda. Once people are tired of propaganda? it will be over. Now we are tired of woyane propaganda. At least derg was nationalist, but woyane is antinationalist and weird people. You are running out of time now. You better invest your time reckoning on the bad things you have done to the country so far. You have been destroying the country so far. You have been using your ethnic to insulate and protect yourself. The people of tigrai can take responsibilities for all your national crimes.

    Now stop telling us about diaspora evilness, about Birhanu Nega and …. we all know everyone has weakness or failures and everyone of us have weaknesses. But you need to stop telling us propaganda that you are more Ethiopians than any Ethiopians which is not true. You are less Ethiopian than any Ethiopians. You have been against Ethiopia so far. Diaspora with all their weakness, they have not done any damage to Ethiopia so far. The real damage to Ethiopia to Ethiopia is done by woyanes. You do not see it, but we see it. You have done so much damage to the country so far than any one . That means you have no moral ground to point fingers on anybody. This is so stupid. You have to take the log from your own eyes before taking the specks from your enemies or would be enemies. In the first place, you must not have any enemies if you were really for the country? you must not have any enemies. The fact that you have enemies is you created them yourself by forcing your alien communist ideology on the 100 million people.

    Go and see Aiga website guys, there is a an article where AIGA Website asks for opinions of people? There is only five opinions posted? Ethiopia has 100 million people but only 5 people have given opinion on aiga website? Imagine of that? why? Opinions which does not match with Aiga woyanes are deleted. Only opinions that matched to Woyane aiga are posted there? The same is on Tigraionline. Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians and it does not belong to few Tigreans.

    And you can not develop a country by propaganda without the participation of the people because you think you are better than everyone. It is wrong and Ethiopian people are not the problem right now. You are the main problem. Many Ethiopians are asking for reconciliation? but you are propagating hatred, bias, lies, wushet, division, rivalry, defaming, name calling, .. as if you are better than Dr. Birhanu. I do not support G7, or Dr. Birhanu, but I see also his cause. He has been taking wrong direction but he has a cause. He is doing mistakes because of inherent human weakness because all humans make mistakes. There is nothing different he has been doing and he is just repeating what the woyanes did and they are the model of all the bad things.

    Trust me this universe is not random. There is a natural divine law and everything done the sun is being seen and there will be a day of reckoning. You have your own wrong reasons.

    But truth surpasses reason. You must know truth is transcendental which means human reasons nothing compared to the universe truth of the universe. Truth is wisdom and wisdom is beyond the reach of humans reasons. Wisdom is divine. You do not need to go to school to gain wisdom. You have to have faith in the creator to have wisdom. Human reasoning is too little to know or to be truth. You can not cure yourself from a terminal illness or you can not live or extend your life beyond its limit because you have no power and knowledge about it. Leave alone to be omnipotent, you do not even know how your body works.

    The whole theory of self-infliction copy from Maoism, communism that is destroying Ethiopia is trash. You can not prosper by accumulating wealth, not , it is rubbish. You do not what life means. Man can not live by bread alone. Life is more than bread. Life is more than a house or a car.

    In general what I wanted to day, woyanes you are destroying the country but you do not see it. Ethiopia is the poorest county on earth? You agree? There is no logic, reason, truth, philosophy, that says an apartment in addis ababa is the most expensive on our planet? This tells you that there is something rotting otherwise, in the country where 15 million people are starving to death you can not have a two bed apartment for 0.5 million ?

    You are totally isolated from the people and the day is coming you will pay for it. You promoting immorality, corruption, nepotism, racism, ethnicism, tribalism, bribery, sex tourism, …. you have rotten and you do not smell it. We are smelling it. Ethiopians expressing their discontent on social media, all Ethiopians, including your birth place. People are not happy with the way you have been running and are running the country. Your way of thinking is alien to Ethiopian people. We Ethiopianist, not maoist or Stalinist, Nazist, Marxist, liberal, neoliberals, leninst. You are all of them. We are Ethiopians There is a set Ethiopian ideology which you never studied in your entire life. Woyanes you are far away from the people. It is not going to matter if you build the tower of babble or what every high rise you will be building or with whoever. it is not going matter for us. When they day comes, you will shoved away. As I said man can not live by bread alone. You have no even bread for the people. All you have is propaganda, beggar, immorality, lies, bribery, corruption,… homosexuality or … I lived in addis during we never heard of homosexualism or leave alone movie of homosexual or kids being raped or sold for homosexual sexuality activity. You are rotten to the bottom. You have failed to different wrong from right. Why? because you are 666? what does 666 means ? 666 means complete evilness. You are biblical 666 , complete evil people in the holy land. Woyanes give power to the people and leave. Ethiopians are tired of your ignorance and arrogance. Did you not tell us a port is useless and it is a commodity or for camel drinking? your intelligence goes as low as such. You have the lowest IQ. You are ruling Ethiopia by gun. The fact you landlocked your country by saying Ethiopia does not need a port is a prima facie you have know the competence to rule 100 million people. You are trash of Ethiopia history.

    Not only that, Ethiopia is sitting on the liquid gold fresh water, Ethiopians must never starve while they are sitting on fresh water. Yet, you wanted to beg the water from Egypt? what? what type of brain do you have people? what do you need to do that? who told you must beg? beggars, professional beggars. While people starving to death, you wasting resources to conduct endless meeting with Egypt to use the water in your soil , in your Sovereign land? you love begging, old habit die hard, you were begging when you were living in the caves of tigrai, now you keep on begging everything? what a disgraceful generation? why u do love begging? why? why? why?

    Who taught you to beg ? shame on your beggars, shame on you beggars. People are starving, but you do not care, you just waste money running endless meetings .How many people could feed the money you spend on meetings and accommodations? come on you, do not you have any brain? okay, okay, you are studying now? what if the study says Egypt will be affected by the dam? what do you put yourself in a trap? no brain?

    Why you did not spend the 16 billion dollar stolen money on weaponry development ? why you did not spend money you wasted stealing on building the defense system; ? why beg beg beg,…

    In Mekelle, there is water ,but you go to Egyptians website argue with Ethiopians Egypt needs the water? oh my God, you trash, useless scumbags and I do not know where your came from.

    The diaspora is better than you idiots. I am sure the diasporas will not do what you are doing to Ethiopia.

    Shame on you and you think you are right and every Ethiopian is wrong? Shame lost generation , you are completely lost and separated from the people. It is a matter of time, the people will tell you fuck of when they time comes.

    Leave diaspora alone now. take the beam in your eyes before taking the specks on diaspora, dedeboch

  17. observant says:

    Yes, we see you are one of the sold outs and hodams. Why don’t you focus on the people starving if you know your priorities!

    • Revelation_666 says:

      Leba, it is not my responsibility to feed the people. Beggar, you have been on power for 25 years? why do you think you have to be on power if you can not feed people? It is your responsibility to feed the people. leba, corrupt, beggars, wusha, go and beg to Europe, beggar. You know nothing than begging, professional beggar, corrupt, rotten, balegie, worebella, immoral, wicked, insolent, devilish, you are dragon. What is dragon? dragon is a devil. You did hold the country hostage for 17 years in the name of liberation with no development? now after 25 years you tell us you have a problem corruption? dedeb, and you expect me to feed people? Shifta, leba, caveman

  18. Tulu Feisa says:

    Was Commander Birhanu Nega of the phantom army chief traveled to Ethiopia too with the help of some government officials to meet with Nouredin adam? Or was it because of Ethiopia’s security apparatus is being compromised?

    Nourredine Adam, second-in-command of the Seleka band of mostly Muslim rebels, was able to fly to Chad, Kenya and Ethiopia despite an assets freeze and a travel ban

    UNITED Nations officials are demanding the Chadian government explain why a Central African rebel leader was able to travel freely to Chad in defiance of Security Council sanctions against him.
    Nourredine Adam, the second-in-command of the Seleka band of mostly Muslim rebels, was able to fly to Chad despite an assets freeze and a travel ban imposed by the UN in May 2014, the world body’s sanctions committee said in a report obtained Friday by AFP.
    Adam also seems able to continue to travel freely to countries like Kenya, Chad and Ethiopia said the group, which is in charge of monitoring sanctions imposed on the Central African Republic.

  19. Gideon says:

    Birhanu Nega, a man who never believed in himself, searching for who Birhanu Nega is, hallucinating 24/7 and extremely dangerous to himself.

  20. Woyanereesidongola says:

    Dear Dawit, you delete my comment? Brother Dawit, I lost hundreds close relatives, and my own life was screwed by woyane so called liberation war and now our people selling their chickens to bribe Woyane cadres? it is disgusting and abominable. We stand for truth with no fear for anyone. In the first place, it was wrong to wage bloody war that destroyed the country in the name of liberation. But that is not enough, we have been forced to live according to Mao and Lenin because some bullshit, dick headed few Tigreans have distorted mind. You never see their own follies, but they keep on pushing themselves like an idiots and claim they are better than others. Truth surpasses reason because you can not believe and dwell in the wrong reason you create or you copy yourself, this time woyane maoist copied reason forced on Ethiopian people. We stand for the truth of humanity that all human need equal right, dignity, and integrity. We do not give shit if you are Tigreans or amara or x, y, z and we are tired of narrow minded people forcing themselves on others because they think they are even when they are wrong? why? Dawit, you can delete my comments, but the truth is that it will not change the truth. The truth prevail tribal, ethnic or racial bias, prejudice which is my myopic and narrow view of the world. We did not deserve all that war in the name of liberation and now we are expected to obey them and follow them like sheep, goat, and camels? why? we have brain. Everyone must live by working hard and sweating than by stealing, bribery, corruption. This is the most disgusting thing to happen in the very country. Everything is done by force brute force and there is room for innovation and room for exploration and hard work because corruption is rewarded, not hardwork.

    You can delete it, but woyane is disgusting ulgy. We did not deserve all that bloody war for this one. It is myopic from day one. The struggle must have been from the beginning from all Ethiopian, holding hostage one ethnic in the name of liberation was wrong and without cost benefit alnalysis, just war . We end up forcibly landlocked and forced to buy ports? No, wrong wrong wrong, enough is enough. Enough follies. They think everyone is brainless except them, stupids.

    • Dawit Kebede says:

      Dear Gezaee,
      We were forced to delete some of your comments after receiving serious complains from our Muslim brothers and sisters. I myself have reviewed your comments (without going into details) your comments were extremely critical of Islam as a religion. Beside that, your unwise characterization of prophet Muhammad was not helpful for any one who has a rational mind.
      Interestingly, you did this with a hidden pseudo name (even if you can easily be identified by the editors thanks to several technological methods).
      Brother Gezaee, you should rather apologize for that instead of blaming us for removing your comments.
      In general, we at Awramba Times strongly discourage comments that intended to erode religious tolerance not only because of our professional responsibility but also as citizens of a nation that nearly half of its people are Muslims.

      • Beza says:

        Dawit, I tell you this you are way better than all diaspora so called social media. All of them have no tolerance for critic against them. Nazret used to be one of them. But now they are changed and start entertaining different ideas. All of them including Voa are the same. I know that Gezae was the one looking to his lengthy and voluminous comments. Thank u for telling us. He want to make religion his another war front. You can attack the person but you can not attack their prophet whether you believe in or not.

  21. Kassa says:

    Mr. Dawit, how could one be away from work for months with out quitting his job. Never mind, you wouldn’t know that as you never worked. Even if he didn’t quit, so what? Are you disturbed when final day is approaching? No way weyane can stop people from retaking power. I’m afraid you’re going to be employed when they do so.

  22. Observer says:

    አቶ ዳዊት ,
    ሌላ የሚያወያይ ሀገራዊ ጉዳይ የለህም ?
    ፕሮፈሰሩ ሳባቲካል ሊቭ ይሁን ሌላ በግላቸው ማረግ ያለባቸውን በግል ፍላጎት ,ያለ ኮንትራት ለሀገራቸው ይጠቅማል በሚሉት መስክ እየተሳተፉ ነው . አንዳዶቻችን ያን ያህል የምንገበገበው ,የማናችንን መብት ነኩ ??
    ይልቁስ በያለሙ ፈሰው የሚገኙት ትላልቅ ምሁራን ,ፕሮፈሰሮች ረጂም እረፍት ,ሳባቲካል ለኢቭ ወስደው ሀገራቸውን በሞያቸው መጥተው ቢያገለግሉ ,መንግስትም አስፈላጊውን ቢያመቻችላቸው በጋራ ጥሪ ብናደርግ አይሻልም ? ኮሪያ, ቻይና አሁን የደረሱበት ደረጃ ለመድረስ ያለ ዲያስፓራ ምሁር የማይታሰብ ነበር.

  23. Dagna says:

    Kassa , you asked Dawit “how could one be away from work for months with out quitting his job?”
    Just for your information, you can leave your job even for more that a year or without quitting your job, if and only if your profession always is on demand or you are a not to let go employee of certain intelligence. It is called agreeable Leave of absence” . Saying that I do not mean and imply that, or know at all that if the commander of Ginbot 7 adventure has such an accommodation from his employer unless otherwise his employer is a knowing facilitator willingly or told to do so by governing bodies which has double standard towards Ethiopia. >>>>

    Dawit, your decision to remove Kasa’s coment is your and only yours, your written advise is also reflects a manner that comes from a social conscious, responsible citizen. However you statement of as you put it “Interestingly, you did this with a hidden pseudo name (even if you can easily be identified by the editors thanks to several technological methods).” is not necessary at all, since it sounds like more of a threat of black mail, despite the ill manner and lack of civility of the person who post it. I hope I did not offend both of you for my meddling in this manner. I will accept any forthcoming bashing from anyone of you.

  24. FuckDawitKebede says:

    Dawit human snake. You could not live with diaspora because you were a notorious woyane spy. Why other Ethiopians or Tigreans did not face what you faced in USA? The truth is you are human snake. You ate with them and welcomed you, but you were recording them and spy them. You are evil, selfish.

  25. DAGNA says:



  26. Addis says:

    Look at these opposition politicians family members, playing with cake while millions of Ethiopians are starving.


    • Woyanereesidongola says:

      Millions of Ethiopians starving because of you. It is no Ethiopian fault. No Ethiopia has responsibility to look after each Ethiopian. It is your governments responsibility to feed the people. The diaspora Ethopians can play with cake as they want , it is not your business. Woyanes wanted to control everyone? you have spend 2 billion dollars each year to buy ports by refusing and denying Ethiopia its ports and that money could have been used to harness the Nile for farming. You have no right to point fingers on anyone or you have no moral because you have been working against the country from day one. .

  27. Sami says:


    We don’t need all that jazz by Artists and millionaires . If each one of the Ethiopian origined residing around the world people send 1 dollar every week to the needy famine victims all would eat well. currently there are 20 million Ethiopians around the world. 20 million a week is 80 million a month 960 million a year. 960 million dollars plus what has already been donated would make sure not a single Ethiopian dies in the next year.

    PLEASE CLICK BELOW TO WATCH THE WORK BEING DONE BY THE BEST PLACE TO SEND MONEY TO . MONEY WELL SPENT said the website http://www.diretube.com which follows the effort closely.



    Even Daniel said ” I can afford 1 dollar each week ”




  28. bikila says:

    ayi doctor bre endih beteke erkibet ager tewardeh ende awure chak lechak mehed amareh. kikikikikiki yemigerm new min alebet yastemarneh eko lezih alineberm . please yedoro chueht linegaga sil new alu eski diro asimba tileh (ferteh) yehedkew tigil besterejina endet tasebeh bakih . gudna jirat kewede huala new bil neber ababa tesfaye. kikikiki ewunetim lik new. ketafi neger neh birachin sebisibeh hedeh temeliseh metah demo ere befetereh hafret yisemah?

  29. bikila says:

    yane bewetatineth keassimba tileh yetefahew sayanish ahun endegena min asayitoh yihon? kikikikikiki dinkem alu emama zenebu. ante bilo tagay yemastemar sirachewun titew mulu gizeachewun tiglun lememirat ertrea assmara gebu asibalik hahahahahahah lenegeru alitesasatikm assmara le isayasawiyan kalihone lezegochua ke berehanet alifa siolk kehonechi koyech. silezih assmaran ende bereha kotreh tigilun limera nerw maleth endaw tinsh ewunet asmesilolhal . biltu tadya minew temeliseh America estatoch lay mewezawez jemerek new tagayun yemimera lela brhanu aleh? kikikikikikiki lemangnawum bebole bekul wede kaliti yemitigebabet higawi wul eyetefetsemelih newuna beberha 4kilon masebun tewewu.

  30. thnx for sharing your amazing website

  31. Tigray in America says:

    YES it is true that the country has been developed a whole lot while Woyane have been in power… but they want to use this development and their fighting of terrorism as an excuse to continue to steal from and oppress the Ethiopian people. THE ETHIOPIAN PEOPLE WILL NOT STAND FOR IT ANYMORE. The seeds for a civil war were planted a long time ago, the Woyane oppression is not sustainable. Meles Zenawi was the devil but he was a smart devil who knew how to keep the people down. Now all they have left is a bunch of violent greedy idiots. Even Meles couldn’t stop the current momentum. I don’t want a civil war because that means so many dead Ethiopians. If Woyane cared about the country at all and not their pockets then they would remove themselves. A bloodless revolution seems impossible though. By any means this government will be no more I CALL ON ALL TIGRAYANS TO RISE UP WITH YOUR ETHIOPIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS TO STOP THE TPLF… good development is not an excuse for theft, murder, corruption, and overall oppression

  32. Selamseged says:

    አንገብጋብውና ወቅታውዉ ችህራችን ይሄ ነው ነገርን አጣሞ እንደ ISIS 25 አመት አይምሮአቸውን አጥባችሁ ብርሃን ባለበት በጠራራ ጸሃይ ወገኑን እየጨፈጨፈ ማየት የተሳናችሁ :: እስከ መቸ እንደዝህ በወገናዊነት ታዉራችሁ ትሮላላችሁ, ይህን መንግስት ለዝህ ያበቃው የአማራዉና የኦሮሞም ህዝብ አይደለምን?

  33. legesse says:

    uuuuuuuuuuu ye-woshet yaleh , lemin yewashal
    ante belo zena azegaj besterjena woshet tseru aydelem

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