Genzebe Dibaba smashes new world record for indoor mile


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7 Responses

  1. Abe says:

    Very soon the Oromia will smash the TPLF

    • aka says:

      Dear Abe ; it would happen in ur dream u better wish good instead of hate. this is 21st century u domma kneftegna jealous. I don’t understand how u manage to have family or friends with kind of closed heart

  2. us for us with us says:


    This is how Ethiopians are doing when they are doing their jobs by themselves relaying on themselves knowing they are the ones making or breaking their situation in their own common home-Ethiopia. Ethiopians are not like others that are accepting slavery, colonization, racism, domination or defeats and live happily with it. They perfectly know and it is in their gene telling them they are the only free and ancient people in Africa and they are also the ones to change their bad or weak situation for the better paying any sacrifice necessary as we did many times in the past including against foreign invasions/enemies such as in Gundet, …., Meqdella and Adwa during the time we were very weak, isolated and with no foreign ally which is not the case this time. This time, we are very much on the top and in front for lots of good reasons and positive situations mainly in Africa engaging with visions, plans, reasons and potentials including beyond Africa.

    Abebe Bikila became the first human being/athlete in modern history ever won marathon with bare foot and the first black African won the first Gold medal in the Olympics. Derartu became the first African Female winning Gold in the Olympics. Fatuma and Kiki became the only two females won Marathon from Africa. Ethiopia has won with double digits Olympic Gold medals in Africa in middle and long distance races. All marathons, 10,000 and 5000 meter Olympic female winners from sub Saharan Africa are Ethiopians. Except in 1996 and 2012; marathons, and 10,000 and 5000 meters male winners from sub Saharan Africa are Ethiopian males. Kenya has win not more than 4 Gold in the Olympic history despite they are associated with using drugs and cheatings.

    It is known how some nations are systematically cheating the supposed to be free, faire and happy sport games including athletics feeding and injecting their athletes with drugs, chemicals and own blood. Kenya is one of them. Corrupt officials and western/English so called promoters and scientists are to blame for not only in their own countries but in Kenya; a country that has no well developed scientific researches to produce illegal drugs or cheating mechanisms for athletes.

    What Ethiopians achieved so far in any athletic event is pure, clean, free and faire which is unlike from others including the women marathon record that is many are saying many things about? L. Armstrong did cheat the world for 7 years long wining the tour France race by cheating. So, it is not difficult for them to cheat the world with few times marathon or other races making those with less achievable history to achieve results with in short period before disappearing from the seen with the results they are achieving with lies and cheating making them record holders and winners because of they were not caught for reasons they are in control including in the doping control bodies/systems.

    The point is that Ethiopians are very responsible, genuine and hard working people. Athletic is one of the hardest jobs anyone has to do. Yet, our athletes are wining time after time on world stages by their own efforts and huge supports from their people including in the government levels.

    However, there are big gaps and unbelievable behaviors in our country by not doing the nation jobs with quality, quantity, variety and on time starting from creating/producing basic needs. Ethiopia is the biggest and oldest agriculture nation in Africa. The nation has the best climate thanks to the highland in the tropic, mineral rich fertile soil again thanks to the highland and abandoned rain fall making the country the second water rich nation in Africa after the D. Congo.

    In 2014-2015 Ethiopia produced almost 300 million quintals (30 million tones-) of grain and cereals during the Meher season which is by far the biggest in Africa. South Africa is second by producing lots of corn but Ethiopia produces lots of varieties thanks to her best climate and thousands years of agriculture tradition although it is still lagging behind in its primitive form. Although corn/maize is not her primary harvest, Ethiopian maize/corn production is more than Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi in combine. Ethiopia produces more wheat in sub Saharan Africa and had lots of potentials to be one of the biggest in the world. Ethiopia produces the largest amount and more variety of barley in Africa and the country has the potential to become the biggest in the world thanks to her best highland climate. Ethiopia produces the biggest amount of honey in Africa and fourth in the world with potential to be one of the top three with in less than 5 years. There are many human made and natural facts and realities making Ethiopia to become one of the few best nations in the world with good and positive human activities and achievements starting first benefiting herself by her efforts and choices without any bad and negative interference and influence coming from the known racists and enemies that have only bad and damaging things in their evil mind, dark heart and lost soul. .

    However, it is not yet materialized despite Ethiopians are brave, winners and hard working ancient and beautiful people as we see with our athletes, too. Our government is getting busy and finding easy to kneel down and beg for food from those the main and only root cause of our troubles and setbacks for decades. How on earth a government and people like Ethiopia that is ancient, proud, patriotic, undefeated, determine, brave, and with lots of natural as well as human made potentials is continuing being out of the nations her and humanity continuing naked exposing herself to the racists and main enemies like the Little English establishment to destroy us in the name of aid that is there by name but the delivering is happening based on their agenda and plan in our country and that is to destroy us who we are including systematically by imposing their things on us. We are not from that tiny, pathetic, misery, cloudy and stinky island which is England but Ethiopians, Africans and blacks from the centre of the earth-Africa. What that evil island has doesn’t reflect or describe us in any way or form but ours as Ethiopian and Africans.

    The Ethiopian government needs to stop the English well studied, programmed and planned agenda on us in our country with goal thinking they can destroy and control us in the long run as they did to any other nation they have been after destroying the natives’ language, Alphabets, culture, and way of lives. England is almost the size of Eritrea. Eritrea was one of the 12 Ethiopian provinces before the English establishment and Zionists/Jews created her as an independent nation with goal to block Ethiopia from the sea because of it was serving them and their petro dollar wahhabi dictator Arab servants.

    So, how is possible Ethiopians became out of their being reaching to the level of losing themselves when they allow that tiny and criminal England continuing playing games against them in the name of aid, assistance or whatever name they are having with goal to affect us in many ways thinking this will serve them in the long run as it did in other places including in Australia. Ethiopians must stop begging for food or whatever from that tiny and indebted with more than 2.6 trillion dollars England and her looks likes where the Zionists are the brains behind and fire starter being in our country, too.

    Ethiopia needs to learn a lot from china and others in the east including India how they are doing with the education, agriculture, Manufacturing, industry, telecom, IT, construction, medicine and other important sectors. Japan, Korea and others are the best example how Ethiopia must become true and real Ethiopians without infected, affected and destroyed by the English lead Zionists damaging…. they are busy doing on us since USA and England regimes are controlled and ruled by them particularly since the Obama election and Zionists being in control in the down streets dreaming and working for the neo empire doctrine targeting Africa thinking it is still the dumbest, weakest and goal scoring helpless and hopeless continent for its people because of them.
    Ethiopia is working on more than 2.7 million hectare irrigation farm land right now. The country had huge potential to maximize the summer/dry season irrigation farming all over the country. yet, instead of fully and totally engaging with it producing own food in the country that is very suitable allowing farmers to produce throughout the year without any additional costs and efforts as others are doing in the cold or hot weathers, our so called leaders are begging for food allowing the racists, evils and demon English establishments continuing damaging our images and undermining our people. So called save the children, Oxfam, and whatever name they are having are part of the establishment created and financed by their establishment government as BBC is to implement its agenda by disrespecting and undermining the people making them to feel weak, ignorant, helpless, hopeless and need helps and assistances from them despite they are there to worsen the existing situation while creating the new ones.

    If PM Hailemariam has a vision, wisdom, quality and humanity, he must free himself, the few corrupted around him acting as if they are the English/US agents working to implement the foreign agenda on us, and the people from the English establishment and Zionists USA and others damaging agenda against us and brainwashing activities. Ethiopia doesn’t need anything from them particularly from that Tiny and evil Empire England that has committed lots of crimes against humanity and nature for centuries. Ethiopia needs herself by engaging with hard and good work while learning from the good and best nations like China and others and work together at all levels.

    Even the BBC (that is one of the English establishment weapons using to attack/affect others nation as their so called NGO and charities are including the so called safe the children and Oxfam,) and their criminal so called journalists most of them are the Zionists / Jews recent behaviors and activities related to the el Niño effects and unrests in some part of Ethiopia is clearly telling the reason way they are in our country and what is their daily job/secret activities and to achieve what. They are there to make the situation worse than it is and creating unrests using anything that makes them able to do so including to see us suffer the worst possible ways. They are evils and racists have no what so ever good feeling towards us but to see us always with shortage, weaknesses, under poverty and all illnesses and sect backs as they are doing with blacks in their own countries. The worst thing they don’t like to see in any black country including Ethiopia are many including development, peace, unity, prosperity, strength, knowledge, bravery and so on while using fully, happily and proudly own languages and alphabets in Africa as Africans.

    A Zionist/Jew female from USA/New York recently told the bunch and worthless few Ethiopian immigrants in USA that they are using the English so called NGOs, Charities and so on to pressure, influence and … the Ethiopian government for the sake of the agenda and plan they are having in our country. She said representing the CPJ which is one of the many self created Jews/Zionists organizations, institutions, charities, NGO … to affect the world where Africa mainly Ethiopia is under their evil wolf eyes lens.

    Why Ethiopia is because of the country is marching on the development paths by her choice based on her people benefits committing for peace, unity, prosperity and happiness in Ethiopia, the region and Africa at large. Another reason is because of Ethiopia has the best and unstoppable relation with the best, useful, genuine, hard working and strong nations like chine that was/is and always will be with her all the time including bad times to assist her the best ways unlike they are using the bad and negative situation to score their points and affect the nation as bad and quick as possible. Their imperialism system that is making them able to them have and control criminal banks, insurance, financings, IMF, WB, WTO, UN, Mass destruction media, hard currency and so on is an eminent under fret where many nations are switching from dollar to national and other currencies including Brazil as china, Russia, Iran, India, Europe(using euro) and so on are.

    As Genzebe is doing her job the best ways on international levels, all Ethiopians must do their jobs the best ways at home started from the government. Ethiopia must openly and totally expose the English and Zionists/Jews agenda in our country and stop them doing so starting from their evil medias that are serving them as the criminals communication tools, so called journalists most of them are the Zionists/Jews and of course there so called aid agencies, NGO and charities. Death to BBC, Oxfam and so called save the children that are there for decades to worsen the situations.

    Ethiopia needs herself first and always getting very busy and active doing the jobs the best ways using her natural gifts and human potentials to the maximum. Death to the so called aid, charities, NGO and whatever names they are having coming from that evil tiny England and Zionists control USA and others. This is the best time Ethiopia to become fully Ethiopia with no interference and influence from that Tiny England Establishment and Zionists/Jews in eth name of aid and assistance using weaknesses, shortages and so on as best opportunities. .

    The El Niño effect must be seen as the natural gift and best challenge serving the country to learn and acquire the skills how to deal with the situation like this with our own efforts taking fully in charge without any bad and negative involvement and influence coming from that Tiny England and its ally/friend for bad and negative reasons while working and benefiting together with the best and reliable nations like china, Japan, Russia and others.

    Stop the tiny and racists English influence and interference in our country they are doing with goal to affect us in many ways for the sake of their long term agenda in our country. However, no matter what they are trying, in the end they will never succeed even if they think at this point they can. They are the enemy number one we are facing them for decades in many ways including with media wars intentionally and reputedly damaging our images and underling our people thinking this would make us weak and isolated as it was the case between 1974-1992 because of them.

    This is the very different world under the responsible, reasonable, respectful, peace loving, hard working and genuine nations’ leaderships from the east where the sun is rising and Russia. This is no longer the war mongers, racists, looters, exploiters, colonizers, slave masters/traders, cheaters, liars, dishonest, soulless, faithless and greedy imperialists irresponsible and criminal empire era. That is over officially since 9/11 done by their criminal/terrorists allies created by them against others but turned on them the way it destroyed them from their main and only foundations created with crimes against humanity and nature since 500 years ago.

  3. ethoASH says:

    Bravo.and Wonderful doesnt pay the bill

    here is the problem

    Genzebe Dibaba doesnt make million yes she might make 100,000 for winning the race and for breaking the record but to make million dollar she must work with advertisement in Sweden VOLVO could have use here had she good self promoter

    to self promote it is very easy

    1. learn the local language go to school in Sweden and learn their language
    doing this have two advantage one u established residency without giving up ur citizenship… if u do this u become Sweden local hero and they will pay u in million for advertisement

    2. even if u dont speak the local language say few world in local language

    3. choice on country and train in that country
    u can do this in two way u can choice one country permanently and train in that country or if u have up coming run in USA IN TX for example setup training camp in TX and start running in that locality and invite local to run with u to train and give a lot of interview

    3. for this u need to learn English language to do that u must stay in America and learn English for one years u become expert at it speaking and u dont need translator so u can prompt yourself good … again this have two advantage if u choice NY to study ur language they will pay u big money to promote u

    4. flag waving this is tricky one everyone wave his or her country flag but u can start new tradition… in this case u wave Sweden flag and Ethiopian flag this way u will say if u r asked u love Sweden and u thanking the Sweden people for their support and the fun after all if not for Sweden u would not win the record so as guest country they should be respected and that is why u flying their flag

    now the good part of this is if u run in Germany u can fly Germany flag and Ethiopian flag the same respond but u will see how u would be promoting yourself

    5. everything u do must be promoting yourself for example if u running in Sweden u should drive VOLVO but if u run in Germany u drive BMW in fact if u r asked u should say u love BMW and in Sweden u love VOLVO

    6.Every interview should be practiced for example if someone ask you what kind of food you eat this is million dollar question u should prompt Ethiopian product…. i eat teff dont stop here give the advantage of teff drink i drink Ethiopian coffee the best coffee there is without coffee in the morning i cant run now Genzebe Dibaba might not drink coffee that is not the point the point is promoting Ethiopian coffee …also meet product and tell the world Ethiopia have the number one in cattle population ….instead of saying anything i get i eat no u have to promote Ethiopian product dont even forget Ethiopian honey white honey , organic meat

    • sara says:

      Well said i wish i was a runner like dibaba’s i would take ur advice and become a millionaire and who knows what i would do with the money other than the obvious

  4. ethoAsh says:

    Thanks for posting my input i was thinking u would not like my suggestion sharing our athlete with Western country

    here is my part II self promotion

    6, Genzebe Dibaba should prompt T shirt that read Genzebe Dibaba 4:13.31 and designed by Nike…. Dibaba can have the whole set of dress for running in. the clothing line can also incorporating Ethiopian traditional” talat ”

    dont underestimate world record that mean no body run like her so u challanage everyone to run against her world record number and see where they fit in

    if Doina Melinte of Romania’s standard of 4:17.14, set in 1990. for last 26 years then

    Genzebe have to sale sporting clothing for next 26 years

    7. translator…. this is what is over looked very important part of the job

    as soon as they win our athlete they must give interview just what football start doing for this to happened we need very good translator..not only English but North Germanic language which s the official language of Sweden …. lucky we have a lot of Ethiopian origin Sweden who are born in Sweden … u cant just use ur husband or a person who have accent or broken English if u want really want to promote urself u have to use the best translator which is native speaker … this volunteer translator can be arranged before hand and must traveled with our athlete and set at front set and ready to translate when need be ….dont ever short change on translator we need even Chinese language translator who speak without accent if possible

    8. what is in the number … Genzebe Dibaba have a random number on her back to id her but this number also chosen by design for example 46 8 look a random number but it have a meaning and it is unforgettable number because 46 8 is Sweden phone area code 46 stamd for Country Code for Sweden and 8 landline in Stockholm phone area code … now choosing this number have a lot of advantage one the Whole Sweden know this number because it is their phone area code second after many here if u see this number photo Genzebe Dibaba rnning ans wining u can tell where the place is by just looking at the number now if she run in

    now if she run in Germany 49 - German country code for inbound calls
    69 - Frankfurt city code …. so her number in Germany would be 49 69

    8. this is not be enough his number should be promoted must do tour in every school, in Sweden promote her world record number by challenging the student to run an record their number against her by showing them her world record number in their back of T shirt …

    9. Genzebe Dibaba should run only few run in one year the rest of time she should prompt her business Michael Jordan have his own shoe named after him only for that reason he sale one shoe for 3000 dollar … so as i said this sporting clothing line can be promoted everywhere as i said the T shirt might read 4:13.31 on the back or in front so every wound be runner have world record that he or she can run against

    10. this is very personal in marketing there is such thing called Mass become habit for our athlete to flash cross… as soon as they crossed the finished line that would be okey for western world but we try to mass appeal for the whole world one billion Muslim …most of our runner run in Oil rich Arab country do u want to sale million dollar of ur sport clothing line or u want to flash ur cross and lose mass appeal… this goes to our Muslim athlete too they flashing allahu akbar …. yes u might have freedom of religion or u might feel u r selling ur sole by not thanking the Almighty God my question is which is more powerful getting million in advertisement and helping the poor Ethiopia by open business or losing million just to flash religiousness sign no body understand

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