Gadaa: The democratic and egalitarian institution of the Oromo People (In pictures)


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12 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    Wenderful ancient calture.
    Peace and prosperity for all.
    Equality and respect eachother with the rest,

  2. us for us with us says:

    Keeping, loving, respecting and using/exercising what is Ethiopian, African and black people are what Ethiopians must do. This is the matter of identity and who we are in Ethiopia and Africa. Don’t let the Zionists/Jews-English establishment secret as well as open agenda and plan to be implemented on us in our country/Africa to destroy who we are by imposing their things on us including the English language that cannot be Ethiopian, African or black people no matter how we accept and master it even better that they do.

    Look at Blacks in USA and elsewhere that have been the properties and trading goods/objects ever since after losing their African identities including languages, Alphabets, culture, tradition, names and you name it. No matter how they are called Sandra or John, or they are speaking the English language as mother tong or they are totally overtaken by their master’s personal things, they are still and always will be blacks treated them as enemies and worthless animals putting them with millions in jails, the police and system is killing them in day light every day without any consequences from the most racists justice system on earth and the way we see what is happening against them in many ways.

    The reason we had to learn English language in Ethiopia/Africa; a country owns the only African born black people alphabet, has own language and writing systems for thousands years is because of the leaders of that time were stupid and ignorant and the world was totally dominated, owned and controlled by the few racists and hostiles i.e. English establishment, western Europe where the Zionists/Jews were/are the brains behind.

    The reason to learn any foreign language let alone the far away tiny island-(England with lots of horrible and cruel history against humanity and nature where blacks are the first, longest and worst victims including in Australia, India and so on), has to be to get foreign education and knowledge from that country and to use that knowledge at home based on the country circumstances using own languages.

    Ethiopians must stop learning English to use it in their own country but to get education from abroad and bring the knowledge to home while leaving the foreign language beyond the Ethiopian boarder. Let’s stop and reject the English, USA and others with English language in their mind and feet coming to our country and telling us to learn their language and communicate with them let alone with ourselves with their language in our country. This is exactly how they did when they start to enslave, colonize, humiliate, loot, exploit, and destroy Africans and others they have been to while pretending to benefit them.

    What Ethiopians have to do is learning and copy everything good and workable from china and others from the east and apply it in Ethiopia based on the Ethiopian circumstances. For this reason learning Mandarin and the Chinese ways of dealing with the situation is a must. The western propaganda machine none stop talking about famine/hunger in china because of Mao policy including during the cultural revolution time mentioning figures between 20-40 million victims of famine which is a i.e. as they are doing none stop with lies against Ethiopia for decades continuing till today. Hunger/famine in China was the case for decades before Mao and he became the reason to eliminate it.

    Poverty, hunger and internal conflicts were among the main reasons why Mao became who he was. His main priority was defeating poverty with own capacity and efforts without any foreign interference or influence that was the main reason why china lost her world number 1 economic power she had been for centuries as India was the second one. The English/western Europeans were the reason why China, India and so on lost their leadership status. This is how the zero sum game works when it comes dealing with the west. They don’t believe and it is not in their vocabulary with win win relationship benefiting together fairly particularly when it comes with none Europeans and Africans/blacks are the longest and worst victims as the result is to see all over the continent.

    China managed to defeat poverty with own efforts, determination and dedication thanks to the powerful and visionary leaders that had always clean and clear heart, eyes and minds for china and the majority while eliminating the minorities that were/are causing troubles because of reasons that are not the interest of the Chinese people and the future of the country including corruption. Chinese people trusts and see the government as part of their family relaying totally on it fully for their security, development and prosperity.

    Chinese are known having powerful, smart, visionary and decisive visionary leaders with very much patriotic feelings and decisive actions when it comes to the country and its people and dealing with the enemies ice internal as well as external knowing external enemies are the reason for the internal enemies existence and activities supporting them secretly as well as openly if they are not exposed, confronted and stopped.

    They know they are the ones making or breaking about everything maters the nation while bad foreigners are the only reasons for anything bad and negative in the country including using Chinese against Chinese which is the goal being against all of them by using them to destroy each other for the racist and greedy evil foreign enemies sakes in own country against own people.

    Ethiopians needs to learn from china in this regard too. Ethiopia needs powerful, decisive, smart, fearless and visionary leader taking quick and decisive action to protect the country from internal as well as external forces. We also know who is behind the internal forces trying to use them to destabilize the country because of the country is doing well to benefits all its citizens and they don’t like it if they are not having it in the name of privatization, investment and trade

    The so called western medias and journalists in the country that are almost all of them the Zionists/Jews owned, controlled and run are the communication systems/ weapons they are using them for their agenda and plan in our country. It has nothing to do with free and fair media and objective journalism but part of the imperialists’ agenda in our country. They are enemy number one needed to be stopped long times ago no matter what the consequences are but the worst enemies like them must not allow in the country to affect us they way they are doing with media wars with goal to affect our nation in many ways which is not working for but becoming against them.

    Chinese do love, respect and use proudly everything belongs to them including their language, alphabet and culture. Since, 2004, Chinese have a policy to reject anything bad coming from abroad/west including English language to make them use it in their own country. Chinese do love and respect their own culture that is very interesting and useful to others, too unlike the imperialists’ are.

    Ethiopians must learn and copy everything good and positive from china and use it based on the Ethiopian ways including how they are doing with their own alphabet, language, culture, tradition and so on alongside with development activities started from young people at school, work and elsewhere. Ethiopians need to learn Mandarin, Russians, Japanese and other foreign languages in order to learn and copy knowledge and ideas from them while saying good bye to the far away English language that has one goal in our country that is destroying what is Ethiopians, Africans and black people while coming in the country in the name of aid, volunteer, NGO and so on using our weaknesses and hospitality as best opportunities to implement their imperialists and racist none Ethiopian and African agenda on us..

    Imperialism is becoming history soon. The fraud and criminal system is no longer in the position to continue as business as usual. The worthless Dollar being continuing as a hard currency seems left less than a decade. Its value is becoming less than a piece of toilet paper. Producing a toilet paper is becoming more demanding, challenging, worthy and costly than printing a zero value dollar paper ink on it, pound or whatever so called hard currency we are having because of they say so and coming from them. There is no doubt, soon china will take over the world with everything good and positive including being the biggest economy and the best contributors in the world mainly prospering developing nations without causing any problem as the west is doing for centuries including creating, supporting and financing rebels, terrorist groups and so on using them against the nations.

    All Anti Ethiopian elements in abroad are supported by them with goal to use them affecting the country. It is the same with internal situations where western embassies, so called Medias, Journalists, NGOs, Charities and so on are behind. . The Ethiopian government and people must aware of this and be brave and smart dealing with those sheltering and supporting the worthless Ethiopians against Ethiopia including with their so called investment in the country. Those in the country must be stopped long times ago.

    Ethiopia doesn’t need any western so called media and Journalist in the country for anything while we know who they are, why they are in the country and what they do. Death to the BBC and all the English establishment criminal medias most of them run by the Zionists/Jews and those in USA including Bloomberg, VOA(CIA),….., Reuters from Canada and so on where almost all of them are the Zionist properties/weapons of mass destructions.

    The Zionist/Jew- English establishment imperialism era will be over soon. AIIB (Asia infrastructure investment bank) acquires more cash and lots of knowledge, energy and hope right now and have the best vision and future than WB or IMF ever had since their creations. Chinese are playing the winning games with the west mainly USA/UK(Zionists) with currency and financial markets with vision to collapse the USA dollar in order to create a worthy hard currency for international market and development use. USA owe china more than 2.5 trillion dollar. Chinese foreign reserve is more than 3.7 trillion while USA debt is 19 trillion and growing with millions by a second while the tiny England which is the size of Eritrea is more than 2.6 trillion.

    So, any normal government and citizen know whom to choose, where and what to learn from and work with for mutual benefits by working together based on respect and understanding. and that has to be china, and others in the east and elsewhere that are respecting us and are not causing any trouble by interfering in internal affairs and influencing the nation with fear, manipulation and …..

    The china gift to Africa which is the African union headquarter in Addis Ababa will continue serving the Ethio-china and Chino-African long term relationship based on win win approaches while avoiding any interference of manipulation or influence of fear coming from the Tiny England and USA where the Zionists/Jews are the brains behind with goal to change us to be like them in our own country which is a dead game against us as blacks to hate and abandoned who we are in our own place, too as they are doing against black when they go to their countries.

    They are suffering from their own thinking this way thinking they can destroy us in Africa the way they do to blacks in USA, UK and so on by disfranchising them from the economy, education, jobs, politics, benefits while putting them in ghettoes, prisons, affecting them with drugs and crimes. This is in their mind when they are coming to us and telling us to learn their language despite we have own languages and alphabet using them for thousands years before England was even became a country but was empty covered with endless darkness, cold, snow and ice.

    Ethiopia must continue learning everything good, positive and useful from china and east in general. Keep the country important economy and development sectors under the government/people ownership and continue developing the government owned big companies in all sectors as the Chinese and Russians are doing. Keep concentrating developing the nation infrastructure which is the base for development. Totally commit to modernize the agriculture sector that is feeding not only humans and animals but also manufacturing and industry. Ethiopia is naturally the best agriculture nation for sure in Africa and one of the best in the world.

    Keep developing the energy sector while always keeping the hydro energy under the government ownerships and liberalizing the wind and solar energy sources where the Ethiopian citizens’ private ownerships must play big roles. Continue developing massive industrial zones all over the country knowing Africa is the last place for manufacturing and industrial activities and Ethiopia is the best place and location in Africa. Give the biggest priorities to empower Ethiopians to become the private ownerships by owning the nation economy under their ownerships as others are doing in their countries.

    Give the first and biggest preference to the china, Japan, Russia and so on when it comes with foreign investment knowing these nations are the best and always will be there with us particularly when we face difficulties and most importantly they are not engaging to affect us in any way/case as the west are including those coming in the name of investment and tourism.

    .Home grown and government ownership capitalism system where Ethiopians are fully participating for the nation overall activities are the only way defeating poverty, backwardness, crimes and joblessness. We must not allow even for a second the western evil activities such as drugs, gambling, prostitute, corruption and so on to have feet in Ethiopia. They are/will try to destroy our country this way, too. But we will not allow them. There are other bad and inhuman behaviors and habits they are suffering from including related to sex they are bringing them to infect us/children, boys, male, female if we allow them to do so. We must not see them to notice our weaknesses, stupidity, ignorance, trust, honesty, peacefulness and so on knowing they are using them as best opportunities to affect us while pretending differently as they are doing particularly for years in the highland against Christians.

    One thing is sure and that is capitalism/imperialism will be over/defeated soon thanks to the emerging of the strong and smart new nations and USA/England bad foreign policies including using rebels and terrorist to affect other nations and of course the evil nature and activities of their corporate medias and evil journalists most of them are the Zionists/Jews.

    Things are very much changing quicker and wider in Germany after 70 years of silence, hurt, humiliation, accusation, desperation, division/Berlin wall, and occupation. Germans are started questioning and demanding the USA military bases to be shut down and they become free and independent. They are also questioning and exposing the one sided none stop full of lies and fictional stories about Nazism, WWII, German citizens’ involvement and the accusation against them in the name of Hitler.

    They are now talking openly and demonstrating daily about everything done to them since WWII by the English establishment -Zionists/Jews as they are saying openly about. They are demanding a new policy from the new government they are looking to have and looking towards the east which is Russia while see and feel USA and UK as their main enemies referring them, the anti white/German people, Zionists/Jews controlled nations. The Anglo-American Imperialism is in a big trouble never been before this way too.

    Viva China. Death to the entire English language western corporate Medias and criminal journalists including BBC.

  3. Tolosa says:

    Ato dawit,why you want talk about gadda now? Your people army called AGAZI slaughtered over 300 innocent people that include childern,women(pregnant 9 months woman),men of oromiya. Why don’t write something about that? Is this some sort of game you play that you care about Oromo culture? How about respect Oromo life first? Sorry I forgot,you are a supporter of a killer that your life hood based on. 15 millions ethiopian are on verge of hunger, need immediate food assistance instead you ppl spread them with bullet. 25 years of killing,when this going to stop?

    • Hailu says:

      @Tolosa, If your name is really Tolesa, you should be aware of the Gadaa system rules and period of elections. This colorful ceremony tookplace every eight years and has its own unique procedures and calendar. The so-called question you forwarded to Dawit here shows not only your ignorance but also your fake character under a fake Oromo name with an amaterish intent to divert things. Shamevon you.

      • slick says:

        @Hailu…. If you have to talk about Ghadda let the Oromo speak about it, do it, Live with it. But its not acceptable for the Adwa Oromo Aka Dawit Kebede to come and divert our attention. Of course the Tigrian invaders wants you to count the color while they are sucking Oromia resources! Its time to talk about taking Oromia from the hands of these evil barbaric Agazi’s not time to talk about Ghadda.!!!! Ghadda has been there still there will be there forever, what the Oromo is missing is the freedom to implement Ghadda system in full !

        • wow says:

          Was it the Oromo people got freedom because of Tigray people believe in oneness and equality. we heard that OLF has been sucking the Oromo people for year with no single achievement to speak of . Tigray people did not call you names or degraded you except respect. Wise up who ever you are. by the forces of out side, you try to create animosity one people against the other. it will back fire on you in beg time. do not get excited with here and there bumps becuase you have no the slightest the truth nor the desire to make things better

  4. Beza says:

    Most of Oromia is peaceful. Where this jihadst Juwar is bringing his news? Look at the pictures.

  5. slick says:

    Ato Dawit are you saying the Oromos has been govern itself in a democratic way through “Ghadda” up until woyane comes and salved them? watch your headlines, your masters may not be happy with your move though you are trying hard to show your loyalty. However it seems this one is fair back!!! Finally let me tell you one things…. the struggle of Oromo has reached at the verge where no one can re-direct it !!! So let us leave the oromos experience their own system freely !!!

  6. Gemechu Dibaba says:

    Ahiiiiii Dawit, nice story but wrong timing. Oromia wants freedom from woyane, Period. The people of Ethiopia r tired of Agazi killing other Ethiopians. People r hungry and woyane has been talking 11% growth 4ever and becoming middle income country in a blink of an eye. The reality and fast talk do not match as the players r tired and the audiences knows the result before it ends. It is true that the 25 year old game will be over sooner than later.

  7. Danny says:

    I like this culture . I’m an Amhara like
    respect the Oromos but not the Jihhadist
    Jawar followers and their affiliate Extremists .

  8. Etetu says:

    it is beautiful culture - peaceful transition of power. But is not democratic in the 21st century, as it never included women.

    • Laloo says:

      @ Etetu At least better than any democratic system in Africa , not to mention Ethiopia+Abyssinian . even the word best democracy with its highly built institutions is still in progress . i guess your comment made you only jealous about Oromo , not even ignorant about Gada system . if your are Abyssina , plz take your time and learn, since you cannot see the befit of this ADVANCE political system by Ethiopian standard, even today.

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