IGAD Report: Eritrean diplomats involved in human smuggling


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24 Responses

  1. Erta says:

    Not to mention Illegal ivory trade and charcoal trade with Alsababi. Eritrea has been buying charcoal from alshbabai to supplement Eritrea’s energy and to help alshabai gain fund for its operation. Eritrea still did not make from gorilla fighting state of mind to a statehoods that operates under normal international laws. Since Eritrea has been struggling economically it has to supplement its economy in any means to survive.

    • Tesfalehulum says:

      More than 300 our Oromo brothers and sisters massacred by weyane, and here you are talking about another country Eritrea. What a disgrace!

  2. DAGNA says:

    What eritrea does with its own citizen whether it to europe or else where even to the moon is Eritrea’s business. The Eritrean government intentional send its loyal supporters to the rich western world to funnel money back to Eritrea. AT THE SAME TIME THE ERITREAN GOVERNMENT IS KIDNAPING ETHIOPIANS TO ENSLAVE THEM TO DO ITS DIRTY JOB THAT IS USED TO BE DONE BY ITS LOYAL CITIZENS WHO ARE NOW WONDERING, AND MILKING EUROPE . ….
    The Ethiopian government is also does it by sending its citizen legally to Arab nations hell as long as they send money back to Ethiopia, the truth, the fact and in reality their hard earned currency never makes it to Ethiopia, it is always redirected to the Ethiopian hard currency smugglers bank accounts in Dubai, India , etc.

    I hope you post this bro.

  3. you are anidiot whay are report this if you know there was evidence

  4. if you have areport when the human right acuse ERITREA whay do you shut your maouth

  5. Mahmoud says:

    GOD knows how many of those victims are from Tigray!!!

  6. Muchie says:

    The European Union has rewarded Eritrea with millions of dollars for its involvement in human trafficking. Surprisingly, the tooth less UN sanction imposed on the Eritrean regime doesn’t bring difference instead the rich GULF countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates attracted to offer millions of dollars to the tyrant EssyASS Afeworki. Therefore, no one shit gives attention to the mention IGAD report. The only guarantee in this world is strong military and economy like Israel and Iran.

  7. Be ewnetu says:

    Dr Dawit. Now almost to loose Ethiopian identity. The chaos in the country is shadowy.
    Why you worry about other country regime instead of the corrupted and Shaebian Arat killo regime putting the country in chaos?

  8. Mek1 says:

    Here we go again!!! Matt Bryden, the untacheble! Do You have to pick him from the garbage can! why do you guys have to go to great length to paint this country and its people bad color? Weather you like or not you are blood and flesh, siding with Sudan, Djibouti and Kenya might bring you temporary benefits but in the long run it will leave you in the middle of no where, the direction of the tide in Ethiopia is changing think hard before it is to late, manipulation have been giving you instant glory and you are following it blindly if you don’t change you ways it is a matter of time to see your hard and shattering fall.

    • wedinkafa says:

      Oromo is breathing on Woy-ane neck to the extent that putting them on death raw, now they can not come out and claim this that of Eritrea instead they send their CHILLO BOYS like the Awra amba to sooth their night mare, what is new pussy cat is befitting!!!
      as ever the mad mercenary dogs bark the camel marches.

  9. Observer says:

    ሀገራችን አሳሳቢ ሁኔታ የምትገኝበት በአሁኑ ወቅት ለችግሩ መፍትሄ ሁሉም የራሱን አስተዋጽዎ ማድረግ በሚጠበቅበት ፈታኝ ጊዜ ስለ ኤርትራ እና መሪዋ የምንጨነቅበት ምክንያት አይገባኝም.
    በሀገራችን በተለይም በኦሮሚያ ክልል የሚካሄደው እንቅስቃሴ ,የሚፈሰው ደም መድረሻው የት ሊሆን እንደሚችል ማንም መተንበይ የሚችል አይመስለኝም.
    በሀገሪቱ ያሉት ተቀዋሚ ፓርቲዎች በተደጋጋሚ ከመንግስት ጋር ለመነጋገር ተደጋጋሚ ጥያቄ ቢያቀርቡም ሰሚ ያገኙ አይመስለኝም. ብዙ ሰው በተለይም ወጣቱ እየተቀጨ ነው,ስንት ሰው ሲሞት ነው እስኪ ለጋራ ሀግራችን እንነጋገር የሚባለው ?
    የሜዲያ ሰዎች ታርካዊ አላፊነታችሁን ተወጡ !

    • bb says:

      Well which opposition parties you talking about? To me those the so called opposition parties are haters never have good ajenda for the country to be sit and talk to those parties are wasting time to begin with how do you sit with this garbage while what ever development they see in their own eyes and said no development example the roads are wrong, the dam is wrong etc a bunch of lies trust me thus why they never accomplish anything so I completely disagree with the government to sit and talk to them what the government has to do is put all this individuals where they deserve.

      • Observer says:

        Are you confirming the 100% election victory or deny the existence of dissenting voices in the face of mounting public discontent shown in Oromia, Amhara ,Tigray and so forth ?
        Please open your eyes and mind.

  10. Gideon says:

    As fore me and as a citizen of Ethiopia, it’s infuriating to hear all these international, continental and subcontinental organization talk about this subtle, small country lead by a monotones dictator Issayas Afeworki and mafia criminal circles are not dealt with. All these organization such as United Nations, African Union and wester countries keeps talking about this tiny godforsaken country eritrea (that is with small “e” not capital “E”) and there is no legal action being taken to stop the egregious criminal and terrorist activities of the bloody dictator Issayas Afeworkie and his mafia gangsters.
    it only shows how these international organizations, specially the UN and AU are so impotent and not worthy of having, except for the sake of existence and in just names.

  11. us for us with us says:

    Which one is the worst, dangerous and damaging?

    Is it Eritrean diplomats being involved in human smuggling”
    The greedy and merciless Ashkenazi Jews/Zionists and English establishment open and secret wars to destabilize the region/Africa targeting nations like Ethiopia from the base in Kenya and South Africa working together with the Apartheids/Zionist?

    Why is AU and IDAG not talking openly about, exposing them in African as well as international levels started from AU, UN, Black American organizations, Arab league, Latin America and so on these criminals that are committing none stop crimes coming in the name of UK, USA, Canada, Australia and France, too pretending as journalists, human right groups, NGOs, volunteers, Tourists, Investors, diplomats, representatives of… and so on?

    The Zionists and English establishment criminal organization and the way of life and living which is imperialism is getting rotten and soon they will lose it forever. When it happens, the cheap and worthless dollar printing economy functioning with none stop economic propaganda lies and the criminal billionaires (most of them are the Zionists) 500 years era will be over. They are printing valueless paper Dollar in the Zionists privately owned printing company and telling the world to use it as the world reserve currency. That means, the privately owned dollar printing company is having free and open worldwide markets and consumers that is handing over them back trillions of profits every year without doing any meaning full jobs or delivering worthy products but just none stop mass printing worthless paper money unit with ink on it.

    However, its end is becoming eminent because of these criminals crimes are reaching very damaging and getting out of hands. They even can’t control themselves for their own sake but continuing thinking and behaving the same way as if we are still in the 16, 17, 18, 19 or 20 century they have been the greatest evils and cruel on earth against humanity and nature in general.
    They are so evil and criminals traded the innocent and naturally strongest Africans and continuing making their existence to become none existence for profit treating them as goods and dangerous products for centuries. We know how they caught them from Africa, transported them, sold them used them and treated them in the occupied Americans and Caribbean as well as in their own continent in Africa.

    When the good citizens of Europe including in England that were/are the vast majorities and victims of these criminals managed to stop them officially in 1882 in Brazil, the Zionists/Jews that were the main slave traders and brains behind about all the crimes happened/ing to the Africans as well as native Americans including in Brazil, came up with another idea which is to colonize Africa and they managed to organize the scramble of Africa meeting in Berlin in 1884.

    It is known they are behind each and every disaster, war, destruction and setback happening in Africa for centuries as they do to the rest of the world including Europe for centuries. They were the main players in South Africa during apartheid as they are today too, keeping blacks the ways as it was back then before 1994. They are behind the crimes happening against Africa and the poor in the name of IMF, WB, WTO, Wall Street, hedge and equity funds and so on. They are the main players behind UN coming in the countries including as aid agencies, volunteers, representatives and so on.

    Divisions, conflicts, wars, killings, destructions, crimes, slavery, colonization, cheating, manipulating, distorting facts, denying realities, propagandas and all sorts of mental wars, lies, market speculations, selling weapons and so on are the only reasons for the creation and existence of the Zionists/Jews and English establishment Imperialism/capitalism. Peace, unity, development, prosperity, strength, knowledge, patriotism, honesty, integrity, hard work and so on are the enemies of their imperialism system and way of life they are having with billions cash ownerships in the ocean of poor and poverty including in USA and UK.

    Other continents are already overrunning them and they are no longer in the position to challenge them let alone to stop and affect them. That is why they are doing the life and death types of efforts of wars against Africa knowing if they lose Africa, they have nothing left to make them continue the crimes they are doing affecting the blacks life in Africa and elsewhere for their greedy and evil benefits.

    That is why the Zionists/Jews and English establishments spay agents, so called diplomats, greedy imperialists, racists, and the likes are none stop attacking Africa targeting Ethiopia to stop her from the best development path she is confidently moving by being certain for best outcomes for her citizens benefits working together with the best and useful nations like china and others. These criminals and racists are waging propaganda wars and doing all sorts of crimes against our nation in the name of media, journalism, Human right, NGO, advisers, visitors, scholars, Think Thanks, volunteers and so on trying all sorts of tricks to create divisions, hostilities and conflicts among the citizens that are all blacks and the worst and long time victims of the racists like them.

    So, IGAD and AU must not only silently accuse but openly talk about and expose these racists and imperialists from UK, USA and other English speaking occupied nations under the Zionists/Jews leadership and UK current Zionists/ Jews government as the white house is run by them, too. IGAD and AU must stop Kenya and as well as South Africa being the base and nomadic nations for the racists, greedy imperialists and enemy of Africa and black people that are there to affect the continent targeting nations that are doing their things by themselves for their own people and African benefits like Ethiopia is. Racists, colonizers, looters and slave traders like them are trying to create conflicts among the citizens in the name of Ethnicity while we know how they are treating and making the blacks’ life in their countries as deep shit whole hell as possible.

    Before Eritrea, IGAD and AU need to accuse, expose and stop the Zionists/Jews and English establishment secret as well as open agenda and damaging activities against the continent targeting nations including Ethiopia from the base in Kenya and South Africa. They are pure evils and war mongers creating wars after wars against nations including in ME and Europe such as Ukraine and Georgia in eth name of democracy, religion or ethnicity causing millions of refuges in Europe, Africa and Asia while UK is closed its door for the refuges and USA is taking almost nothing. England (not UK including Scotland and Wales) are looking to leave EU because of EU’s interference in their little nation internal affairs.

    Yet, they are the leading the world and becomes the long time enemy against nations including in Africa none stop interfering in internal affairs and engaging with fear of influence causing all sorts of problems. They are doing against others the things they don’t allow others to do to them including EU they are part of it. They must be stopped using any means necessary. This is the 21-century not anything else from the past.

    Death to BBC, Guardian, VOA(CIA), Reuters, Bloomberg, and all English language so called western medias ; most of them are owned and run by the Zionists/Jews in UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, France, Australia and so on generating them billions. Don’t think those behind are real journalists but pretending to be as journalists which is the rule of the game while their true identity is….

    we know the best answer to defeat and stop them forever is coming from Asia and ME including China, Iran, India, and others like Russia, Latin America such as Brazil that is recently switched from dollar to own and other currencies dealing with Iran and others. What we have to do is continuing defending ourselves from their none stop attacks coming in many shapes and forms for the same goal which is to create divisions, conflicts, wars and destructions in order to stop development and continue affecting us and the continent using weaknesses and poverty as best opportunities them to be there and continue behaving as Gods as they have been for centuries affecting us in the form of slavery and colonization.

    IGAD must condemn Kenya for sheltering the racists, greedy imperialists and enemy of Africa/black people racists and merciless enemies including G. Soros and his servant Zionists/Jews dogs and pigs to affect Africa by targeting nations that are doing well to benefits own citizens and the continent as a whole. AU must condemn Kenya and South Africa for allowing the racists, greedy imperialists and criminals to behave the way they are doing including in the name of democracy, journalism, media, Human right, CPJ, right groups, Think Thanks, NGO, volunteers, Institutions and so on; almost all of them are created and run by the Zionists/Jews from USA, UK and so on.

    Africans/Ethiopians must wake up, make their brain working, understand the enemies intention and activities and fight them back fiercely starting from within Ethiopia, Kenya, Africa and everywhere they are coming from. Working together in African as well as with blacks world levels including with African Americans and Latin American black institutions and organizations has to be the priority in order to stop these known and centuries’ old black people and African enemies.

    Don’t trust them for anything. Don’t allow them for anything. Don’t give them space or reason for anything. But fight them back till they are no longer around for anything even when they are pretending for good reasons knowing nothing good is coming from them but the end result is always disaster and damaging.

    Most importantly tell and teach the citizens about these racists enemies true natures towards Africa and blacks and about their intention when they are around interfering in internal affairs we know what they are doing with goal to create conflicts within which is the known and old tricks and tactics they are using the citizens against each other in order to destroy their nations including ME and Africa. They are the ones behind sheltering, financing, supporting and doing daily propaganda wars for all sorts of worthless rebels and terrorists to use them destroying the country because of they are not in control.

    Ethiopian medias, scholars, teachers, politicians, citizens and everyone must know about the true nature of these enemies that are waging propaganda wars to create conflicts among the citizens in order to stop us from development which is to drag all of us back to chronic poverty and weaknesses which is the best for them to control and use us for their own greedy and evil limitless benefits.

  12. Semir says:

    Eritrea is failed state. Since independence more than 20 years even the Governement didn’t have yearly badget or plan. Every thing they do is smuggling contraband . Just they done it when they were shiftas . They get coal from Alshebab and they smaggle fuel from Sudan .ans some teff and Shero Berbere from ethiopian.

  13. Fuckwoyane says:

    Yeraswa Eyarerebat Yesew Tamaslalech , all these are created by woyane tigrai. This Kondaf Dawit and Tigraionline tell us about Eritrea day in and day out, but they never understand these Kondafat Tigreans, it is the Kondaf woyane have saved Shabia and gave it a second life. The fact the Kondafat woyanes think UN, AU,… will control Eritrea is a manifestation that the Kondafat woyanes Shabias do not know about UN.

    The Kondafat woyane Shabia landlocked Ethiopia and betrayed 100 000 Ethiopians souls and saved Shabia, now the Kondafat woyane crying about Shabia? Do not the Kondafat woyane have brain of their own?

    Kondafat woyane, you are destabilizing the country by inviting Arab or Islamic countries including Egypt to invest in Ethiopia? Your the most rubbish people on our planet. Kondadat woyanes. You love crying and you never look into your own face. You love crying, crying, crying, crying crying ,… most of the things you cry about you created them yourself. You have been saying Shabia from day one until today. Eti Kondaf Aboy Sibhat told us he is Eritrea and there are half and full Eritrean in the Ethiopians government? Eti Kondaf Aboy Sibhat told us Ethiopian is landlocked? He said so what? Eti wediza kondaf Aboy Sibhat leba he tell us about him being Eritrea? Eti Kondaf Aboy Sibhat even tell us he will go and fight for Eritrea?

    Ata Kondaf dawit you are working for the kondafat Shabia woyane. Ata Kondaf Dawit, you are a burden to Tigrean particular and Ethiopians in general because you are working with the Kondafat woyane Shabiatat.

    Death to Kondafat Shabia woyane who have bleeding Ethiopia by saving and protecting Shabia from day one until today.

    Kondaf Dawit, Reesi Yeblkan dieka? otherwise, how you can support eti Kondaf woyane that believes the people of Tigrai has to be landlocked? Any person who support the Kondafat woyane is Kondaf himself.

    Kondaf woyane anti Ethiopia

  14. Muchie says:

    The ruling Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPRDF) and coalition parties has generally governed the country effectively. The spectacular economic growth has been enabled by the relative peace and stability it has enjoyed since the downfall of the brutal Derg regime.
    As the first causality when conflict comes is TRUTH, all the good things the ruling party has brought to this country are disregarded by the historical enemies.
    The EPRDF were not beaten in the battle field in history but didn’t take the danger of propaganda war declared against them by the remnants of the Derg, Diaspora extremists and the so called free media seriously. Now it looks that, they are defeated in the war of words.
    Every conflict is fought on two grounds; the battle field and the minds of the people through propaganda. The extremists prefer to use the second strategy and are misleading the people of Ethiopia with distortions, exaggerations, subjectivity, lies and even fabrications in order to receive support. All of those were used during the G-7 chairperson supporters’ campaign in the USA recently. Messages of extremities, hatred and combined with emotions were reflected.
    No matter how it’s spread propaganda comes in different varieties:
    1. Big lie: ESAT and the Eritrean media outlets (Meskerem net, Dehai, EriTV) in cooperation have been spreading big lie against the government of Ethiopia day in and out.
    2. It doesn’t have to be truth as long as possible. ( non-existed battle history, blackmail, one sided news, lie etc)
    3. Tell the truth but hold the other sides’ point of view. Tongue-tied whatever good news come from Ethiopia.
    The ruling Ethiopian People’s Democratic Front (EPRDF) and coalition parties has generally governed the country effectively. The spectacular economic growth has been enabled by the relative peace and stability it has enjoyed since the downfall of the brutal Derg regime.
    As the first causality when conflict comes is TRUTH, all the good things the ruling party has brought to this country are disregarded by the historical enemies.
    The EPRDF were not beaten in the battle field in history but didn’t take the danger of propaganda war declared against them by the remnants of the Derg, Diaspora extremists and the so called free media seriously. Now it looks that, they are defeated in the war of words.
    Every conflict is fought on two grounds; the battle field and the minds of the people through propaganda. The extremists prefer to use the second strategy and are misleading the people of Ethiopia with distortions, exaggerations, subjectivity, lies and even fabrications in order to receive support. All of those were used during the G-7 chairperson supporters’ campaign in the USA recently. Messages of extremities, hatred and combined with emotions were reflected.
    No matter how it’s spread propaganda comes in different varieties:
    1.Big lie: ESAT and the Eritrean media outlets (Meskerem net, Dehai, EriTV) in cooperation have been spreading big lie against the government of Ethiopia day in and out.
    2.It doesn’t have to be truth as long as possible. ( non-existed battle history, blackmail, one sided news, lie etc)
    3.Tell the truth but hold the other sides’ point of view. Tongue-tied whatever good news come from Ethiopia.

  15. us for us with us says:

    Watch: “EFF debates President Zuma’s SONA 2016”

    This is one of the many crimes they are causing in Africa including in South Africa.
    Many South African schools, universities, mining companies, institutions and so on are experiencing nationwide unrests and demonstrations because of inequality, racial discrimination and all sorts of causes caused by the very much alive Apartheid system. Many schools and universities are closed right now because of blacks are demanding their rights in South Africa.

    yet, the racists, greedy imperialists and enemy of Africa and black people including so called medias and journalists in South Africa that are controlled and run by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment from England and elsewhere are waging none stop propaganda wars against Ethiopia acting as if the racists and greedy imperialists like them do care about some Ethiopians against others which is the old and known tricks and games they are playing to destroy and control all backs through black on black satanic games they are known with and good at made them able to enslave, colonize, loot, exploit, humiliate, disfranchise and doing anything worst they are doing against blacks including in Africa.

    The racist and evil greedy imperialists and Zionists from the base in South Africa are causing troubles in Africa having another base in the technically still colonized Kenya. The Evil Jew/Zionists Soros and others evils and greedy imperialists are causing troubles and doing none stop propaganda wars against nations in Africa that are doing well and benefiting their own people as Ethiopia is doing. They are talking none stop about others with full of lies and misinformation while they always fear and hate very much about the truth to be told about them. They love none stop talking and spreading like wildfire none stops lies and misinformation about others doing as jobs and earning billions from while they do hate very much and always hiding the truth about them.

    They (greedy and evil imperialists) are so desperate and very much ready and capable of doing anything including worse than they have done so far against blacks in order to stop development in Africa fearing that would expose their lies about blacks being unable to rule and develop the nation by themselves but they have to continue colonizing, humiliation and destroying blacks including in Africa.

    It is known spay agents from the imperialist nations that are ruled and controlled by the Zionists/Jews including USA, England, France, South Africa and so on are on the mission to destroy nations including in Africa by causing unrests among the population which is the old game but not working in the 21-century society with the outcome they are looking to have for their own benefits. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Tunisia, Egypt and so on are the testimony of that. They destroyed them but they didn’t get them under their ownership. Instead it backfired on them with lots of consequences coming from all over the world.

    The evils/Jews projects in the name of NGO, HRW, CPJ, media, Investment, Tourism, institutions, scholars, diplomats, volunteers and so on having a free ride and save heaven in the corrupted and lawless Kenya in order to affect the rest of Africa including targeting Ethiopia (knowing Kenya is already under their colony and the rest must be part of it as they did in west Africa during slavery from the base what is Ghana today after destroying the Ashanti Kingdom with crimes against humanity), will not be allowed and repeated in the 21-century Africa and humanity.

    Leaders and the citizens/youth in Africa including Ethiopia must be tough and merciless against those ignorant and animals serving the racists and fascist that are against all blacks. Those collaborating with the enemies must be the first to be stopped and eliminated in order to keep law and order in the country. Without internal help and collaboration, these known enemies achieve nothing as they are doing in Kenya because of corrupted and ignorant Kenyans are serving their own enemies that will eat them all in the end after using them to destroy Africa.

    The situation in South Africa is right now is what the Africans make to worry about and find the solution together once and for all to free blacks from racism and humiliation in their own country/continent. yet, the evils(African enemies) from the base in South Africa and Kenya are talking nothing about what is going on in South Africa but none stop spreading propaganda wars about Ethiopia with full of lies and wishful thinking based on the horror film script they already have got from the top as far as USA and England.

    However, they will never ever succeed but exposed and defeated. Colonized Kenya must be free from the African enemies. There is no doubt it is about the matter of time Kenyans will rise up to take back and finalize their country independent struggle that is not completed but seems they are heading back for new and total colonization where the country economy and property are owned and controlled by the English and others including the Zionists/Jews.

    North and North eastern Kenya, Eastern Kenya, Mombasa nation and so on will not allow the Zionists lead west is controlling Kenya and from there continuing affecting the rest of Africa targeting Ethiopia with goal to keep Africans poor, weak, under developed, ignorant and under the greedy imperialists and racists feet as long as it takes.

    Just watch how things are in south Africa where they do have bases there while they are waging propaganda wars against Ethiopia with plan and agenda to create unrests within through blacks against blacks based on lies, inflammatory stories and being directly part of it including doing the propaganda jobs.


    YouTube. Com: “EFF debates President Zuma’s SONA 2016”

    This is not about Zuma or EFF but what is going on there against all black Africans. They are looking to do the same thing in all African nations because of some corrupted and brainless blacks like the few ugly monkey Bantus from Kenya, Uganda and so on are serving them, too. The Ethiopian government and especially the people and youth must see and treat the Zionists/Jews lead English speaking western so called Medias and Journalists as enemy number one and must treat them that way till they disappear from the country and then region and continent as well. They are worse than any terrorist group including IS and al-Qaida facing humanity.

    AU must worry about these merciless and evil racist and greedy imperialists enemies activities and find solution before it is getting late.

  16. Habtamu S says:

    ወንድሜ ዳዊት፣ ወንበዴ ወንበዴ ነው፤ ሻዕብያ መንግስትም ሆኖ ውንብድናውን ልቀጥል; የኢትዮጽያ መንግስትና ህዝብ ደግሞ አትቀጥልም እኮ ነው ትልቁ ፀብ። እንጂማ ምንም የመግስትነት ባህሪያት የሌለው ከውንብድና ሌላ ምን ያስባል።

  17. Henock Temesgen Zewde says:

    Most Ethiopians who were married to an Eritrean were forced to divorce their significant other by Ethiopian soldiers during the 1998 Ethio-Eritrean war. All Eritreans were deported whether they voted or not but Roman Tesfaye;Prime Minster Halemariam’s Desalegn’s wife was not touched and currently she is the first lady of Ethiopia now.How does Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn expect to live in peace while he is sleeping next to an Eritrean each night who had been caught stealing 3 billion dollars from Ethiopia each year for the last two yeaRS sending it to Eritrea by using African Union Diplomats .

  18. us for us with us says:

    Finally white people are awaken up in Europe, USA and elsewhere including Germany after more than 70 years of silence and all sorts of wars and destructions against them. We know the vast majority white people are not racist or bad towards black people despite they are none stop bombarded by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment medias and scholars with education materials to brainwash them from young ages with fictional, distorting and lying stories about black people making them as if they are naturally less than human and are monsters despite they have been victims for centuries including under slavery and colonization by others including in their own continents still is going on by the same people i.e. Zionists/Jews and English establishment alliance and unions for benefits.

    We can be best friends, colleagues, good neighbors and honest companions with the whites but never with the Zionists/Jews except when they are around acting as if while always playing their secret games in order to get what they are looking to get and we know what that could be. Look at in UK. Natives (whites) in England (except those part of the establishment and the confused and brainwashed ones), Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland are behaving as normal and responsible citizens do towards their follow citizens and the rest of the world.

    And look at the Zionists/Jews government that is on power since 2010 and its behavior towards the oppositions, citizens and the rest of the world. There is a big demonstration in London today by the native English (Whites) with the great and honest human being “Jeremy Corby leadership, the great Scottish people and Wales leaders together with the citizens against the Zionists/Jews lead English establishment government damaging behavior at home and abroad.

    The Zionists/Jews damaging behavior in Ethiopia since the coming of this Zionist government in 2010-2011, is getting out of hands; affecting us in many ways because of they are here to implement their agenda and plan on us in the name of aid, NGO, investment, volunteers, of course the evil and demons medias and journalists that are their weapons of mass destructions in the process bringing them billions and giving them jobs like this which is dirty jobs for inhuman and demons as they are. They are not doing only in the name of UK but also the Zionists all over the world including USA, South Africa, Canada, France and Australia are joining them for the kills and destructions. Almost all so called western Medias and journalists causing lots of damages and continuing doing so in and against Ethiopia are the Zionists/Jews owned, controlled and run. .

    So, don’t blame the white people or race about what is going on by those coming from England, USA, France, Canada, South Africa and Australia but those badly damaging and hurting white people, too. There is no wonder why they have been expelled from more than 109 countries plus all Islamic and Arabic nations and the many bad situations happened to them for centuries including by Egyptians, the Romans, P. Mohammed, in Spain, England, Russia, Germany and so on. There is no doubt because of their behavior towards the nations and citizens.

    So, we are asking and also demanding them to stop interfering or doing anything bad they are doing against Ethiopia including using the Zionists/Jews owned weapons of mass destruction weapons against humanity while they are calling it free media, which is hahahaha. If they do that (which is unlike unless they are stopped the ways others did to them in the past working in the African, ME, and world levels together), we have no problem with them. if not, we will successfully defend ourselves using lots of tactics and tricks as they are doing to attack and affect us as bad as it gets which is always in their evil mind and hateful dark heart.

    Issayas is not the problem but those demons and Satan i.e. The Zionists/Jews part of USA and England that are the main and worst enemies of black people and Africa for the last 500 years. They are using him to cause troubles in the region including in Eritrea and Ethiopia. The evil Zionists/Jews pack is behind all the troubles including the current unrests in some part of Ethiopia pretending they do care about some Ethiopians than Ethiopians among each other which is the known centuries old game they are playing against the world.

    In USA and the west in general, they are using race cards between whites and blacks, Muslims and Christians, poor and rich, immigrants and citizens and so on. In the Middle East, they are using religion, sectarian within the same religion, race, clan with in the same ethnicities and Ethnicity as they are doing elsewhere in Africa, too. The known enemies to Islam i.e. the Zionists/Jews none stop propaganda talk and war against Ethiopia mentioning Oromo is telling who really they are and about their true nature towards the rest of the world.

    More than 70% Oromos are Muslims. About 73% Ethiopian Muslims are oromos. yet, the evil and greedy satanic Zionists/Jews that are controlling the world propaganda media outlasts are spreading none stop propaganda wars about them with goal to cause conflicts within because of Ethiopia is not allowing them to take the nation economy and destroying the nations human dignities, cultures and ways of life as they are doing against the rest of the world started destroying Europe/white people. We know what happened to the Middle East Christians that are the oldest Christians in the world since the Zionists/Jews USA, England and France started causing destructions in the Middle East making the citizens fighting against each other in the name of western Democracy, freedom, rule of law and so on.

    These evils that are the known enemies of humanity and its believe such as Christianity and Islam talking about Oromo is not new but they see it as one of the best ways to destroy the nation as they are doing in the Middle east, Ukraine, Georgia and so on, too using the same tactics and tricks. . We know the evil Zionists G. Soros and his satanic and dirty pig packs (Zionists/Jews) from USA, England, France, South Africa, Canada, Australia and elsewhere are now having permanent and very active base in the very corrupted Kenya for their plan to destroy and control Africa for money, wealth, influence and ownership as they were the main slave traders and brains behind colonization in Africa and occupations in the Americans and Australia.

    Issayas is not the problem but the satanic and demon Zionists/Jews that are none stop causing wars, killings and destruction all over the world where Africa is becoming their last and remaining frontier after destroying the Middle East they have been working and preparing for decades. They are using him for their agenda and plan in the region and Africa as a whole. When a Jew/Zionist acts does have any care about Muslims, Christians, blacks, whites, Arabs or anyone else other than him/herself, that must be seen as a trick and part of the game to score the injustice and unfair damaging goals.

    Them talking too much and NONE STOP ABOUT oromos in Ethiopia using their mass destruction propaganda weapons of media is nothing new but the way how they are destroying others including those pretending are in their sides. How come they are talking the way they do about Oromo that are true Ethiopians and most of them are Muslims (worst victims of Zionists/Jews) when they are holding the top positions in the country. They tried everything in the past and actively since 2010 Zionist UK government and USA and UK embassies are becoming their properties to make Ethiopia the way they did in the ME, Ukraine and elsewhere. The Oromo thing in their sick brain and hateful hart must be another way of trying to destroy the nation including the oromos. They are the once behind all the worthless and dirt so called Ethiopians in abroad using them to affect the country giving them lots of assistances as they are doing to the Iraqis, Afghans, Libyans, Ukrainians, Georgians, Syrians and Yemenis to destroy their own nations the way it is happening there.

    Blacks/Ethiopians must wake up and stop the damaging conspiracy the evils are busy cocking and inflaming with goal to destabilize our country. They see Ethiopia as an obstacle for their greedy and damaging plan in Africa to re-colonizing, looting, exploiting and humiliating the Africans again in the name of democracy, privatization, investment, Wall Street, hedge and equity funds, banks, insurance and so on that have to be always owned by them in our own country. These evils will not stop easily with talks but continue doing so till they achieve destructions and killings but when some forces like Hitler are facing them.

    There is a big hope that the victimized white people including Germans by these greedy and evils are getting awake feeling the damages, destructions, losses and pain caused by them. There is no one but the hard working and brave German people have been the worst victims because of these demons for the last 70 years; spreading lies after lies one side’s stories about them and ww II. Germans as well as other Europeans including French, Scottish, central and east Europeans are now know what is happening to them and the rest of the world because of these evils that are the only and main cause of troubles and problems against Ethiopia for the last 41 years since 1974.

    They are behind the civil wars and media wars intentionally and none stop damaging the country image and undermining the citizens with war stile going on till this hour. Oromos and other Ethiopians know perfectly about the Zionists/Jew crimes against the world, Africa, Ethiopia and about their intentions they are busy in the country with aim to destroy and create conflicts within playing religion, ethnicity and clan differences as they do against the rest of the world including in USA with race, religion, Ethnicity, citizenships, class and so on. The final goal is always about them to control the situation that allows them to control the nations and society for their greed satisfaction.

    Hoping Trump will win. Hilary will and must lose for the sake of USA and humanity. Instead she must answer her involvement in the wars in the ME including Libya. The blacks in USA must get some brain and reject the Zionists/Jews private club which is the Democratic Party and choose Trump or no one else. The world is also are hoping the German people will rise up and continue demanding the withdrawal of the USA and UK military occupations that is there in the name of NATO (as they are saying so) and claim their independency and sovereignty they have lost since 1945. Hilary Clinton in the white house as president will be worse than the Obama white house that is controlled by the Zionists including evil Soros from day one. She is their first choice they are working and investing on her for the last 15 years making her to be elected as senator in the Zionists controlled New York.

    Hoping Trump, Chris Christie, Juliani and many more Republicans joining together and stop the Zionists/Jews controlled USA through white house, congress, foreign policy, CIA, media, wall street,…. legal corruption in the highest levels such as AIPAC, lobby groups, law firms, NGO, Institutions, Think Thanks, and so on. Ethiopians mainly oromos that are with Muslims majorities must aware what is behind the Zionists/Jews propaganda media wars against Ethiopia; the country the Zionists cannot get her in the name of democracy, privatization and so on to destroy her and the citizens as they are doing the rest of the world including USA, Europe and so on. Hoping white people in Europe and North America will quickly and all over waken up and confront these evils to stop them affecting the innocent white, black, Bruin and native people that are the longest and worst victims of these demons.

    For the sake of USA and the world including Ethiopia and Eritrea, Trump must be in white house. Anyone or anything that stops the Zionists/Jews none stop and limitless activities badly affecting others in many ways including Ethiopia is the best one and very much welcome. We are saying them to leave us alone and we have no problem with them. if not, we will continue fighting them and in the end they will lose as it was the case many times in the past against them including in Europe happening for centuries because of their own behaviors being bad and nasty against others for the sake of… we know the answer what it is.

  19. Abraham says:

    Blackmailing Eritrea is becoming an old fashioned way the world knows it, I urge u to try the opposite which is establishing peace with Eritrea and reap the peaceful solution to the Ethiopian crisis, I mean Eritrea is a role model for Africa which is independent of the Western policies and believes only on matual respect and dignity, and the West are starting to look it this way unlike weyanes Ethiopia!

  20. Abraham says:

    You have the people speaking ur language next door to you but u r so dumb to keep dumping every problems u have on those people but let me remind u choose a better way to start back and build on the linguistically and culturally connections u have, u have been so stupid to close Ethiopia from using Eritreans ports, U were the primary victims so stop this stupid Propaganda and start to solve ur problems by setting peace with Eritrea!

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