Reborn Nation and Mother (GULED ALI KAHIN)


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32 Responses

  1. Birabiro says:

    Wow! what a wonderful analysis. Dear editor Dawit, let me kindly beg you to produce some documentaries about this in the Ethiopian Somali region as you regularly do in other Ethiopian regions.

  2. Daniel Kassa says:

    Ethiopian Somali region can be indeed a good example of many reborn nations of Ethiopia. Thumbs up Guled Ali.

    Daniel Kassa

  3. Hussien Ibrahim says:

    Dear Editor,
    I do agree with Birabiro’s suggestion. I remember those amazing documentaries you produced in Southern Nations Nationalities and People’s state. Would you please travel to the Ethiopian Somali region with the same passion to do so? Hope Guled Ali and his office will facilitate everything for you.
    Long live President Abdi Mohamed Omar

  4. Hailu says:

    @Hussien and Birabiro, Probably this was the only documentary Awramba times has ever produced about Ethiopian Somali region. Even this one is about Nations Nationalities and people ‘s day, as the region had hosted this festivity

  5. Biruk says:

    @Awramba times, article is not enough. We demand more audio visual productions about the region’s overall progress such as basic social services; developments, infrastructures, good governance and so on

  6. Abdulaziz says:

    Any body who want to do documentary film on mobile eye clinic will get a good support from z team . u well come

  7. amin says:

    masha Allah what a wonderful analysis dear editor guled

  8. Ahmed says:

    Oh what is better to see like this wonder full and immeasurable fruit full articles underling the tangible achievement of my people and these golden opportunity. Some times I feel tears my eyes when I saw a mother telling her history of blindness and this un expectable chance noking her door as well as how she surprised her new reborn and joining this new world. Thanks to Dr Abdiaziz who devoted his time to our societies, Guled Aw Ali the initiator of this enterstible article, H. E President Abdi Mahamoud Omar his endless though of the developmental aspects of this societies in general and in particular the establishing of this unique thankible mobile eye clinic and thanks the publisher web admin of the article.

  9. Adennor ugaas ( A.modrich) says:

    Masha allah somali region is now fastest growing region in any side thanks Mr gulled ali kahin

  10. Abdi muhumed says:

    Thanks Mr guled ali and let me beg you again and again producing like this amazing analaysis

  11. to biruk
    I don’t think that u have accepted what has happened there.there are a lot of audio visual documentaries done in different zones of the region of the mobile eye clinic activities.not yet translated to other languages.Please just say keep it up.

  12. Aden shine says:

    Thanks to the young visionary leaders all those suffering become history know we are on track change will not come with out sacrifice we face it then it comes so this is some of our achievements so as Ethiopian you your self don be specific visit the region and share what we did

  13. A. Musa says:

    I would like to thank the writer, Guled Ali, and the editor. Every thing that I wished to compliment was absolutely said by Guled.

    I would like to say ” Thank you Mr. Guled. You are a mentor and you shown us the road”.

  14. Abdilahi Dhagolaab says:

    Maanshaa Allaah, What a article Mr Guled you Did. I am proud of such analysis to see from our educated personal.

  15. Liban Mohamed says:

    Of those treated the most memorable one is Maryema Aden Dhuh a mother of 6 children whom has been blind for the last 37 years reside in Fik Woreda…….
    A heart touching moment was when for the first time she saw what her offspring look like! She identifies her children by their voices and newly introduced!…..Mashallah
    I have no words……..Great job for our people by ma people…..keep on & GOD bless you all who support this innocent people.

  16. jambo desta says:

    Long live to president Abdi Mohamed Omar & his partner leaders for thier great achievement in the Ethiopian Somali region . Thank U for your day & night effort to improve the living standard of the region & the country as a whole .

  17. Hassan Haji says:

    Wonderful . Thanks Guled Ali

  18. Awramba Times says:

    Dear all,
    we do appreciate your suggestions and we will definitely take this into considerations. As a matter of fact, It is our pleasure to produce several video productions on the region’s overall achievements. Let’s first try to reach out to those concerned officials of the region to discuss on the matter and I hereby promise to come up with some documentaries in the near future.

    Dawit Kebede
    Editor, Awramba Times

  19. Ahmed Redi says:

    Dear editor, thank you so much for your preparedness and willingness. Forward to watch your productions as per your promise.

  20. ABDI says:

    Thanks all in all specially those makes un forgettable Effort of People’s and Development of Whole region President Dr Abdi Mohamoud Omar and out of His struggle we never Do nothing and Other Drs are thank you for your help and makes changes ESRS will move Forward and Develop Rapid growth and development of the New World Viva

  21. ABDI CAARE UGAAS says:

    Thanks all in all specially those makes un forgettable Effort of People’s and Development of Whole region .
    MR President Dr Abdi Mohamoud Omar and we know 10 years Back what we are and out of His struggle we never Do nothing,
    and Other Drs are thank you for your help and makes changes ESRS were moved Forward and Develop Rapid growth and development of the New World ,Viva

  22. baashi jama says:

    infact it is a good article BUT you have to edit more before posting… i see so many errors.. ofcourse man is to error but your work should b free from any defect….
    continue man you have the potiential to do more.. i am very happy to have such languistic person in my region…

  23. Mohammed ordawi says:

    We do agree on says”let the editor prepare documentary like he did in SNNP ” on the topic of ethiopian Somali region re-born lastl we as the young educators will facilitate the program .

  24. AAA says:

    In my opinion there on typing error.
    That is “2023” (he did got his master )
    I think it is error it should be correct.
    Generally it is out standing Achievement. When you have a peace, you can do better than this.

  25. DAGNA says:

    “Ethiopia and the World Bank signed Thursday a 33 million US dollars loan.

    Ethiopian State Minister of Finance and Economic Cooperation, Ahmed Shide, and Carolyn Turk, World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia, Sudan and South Sudan signed the agreement.

    Ahmed on the occasion said the loan would be utilized for health, education, agricultural and safe drinking water development works.

    Carolyn Turk on her part said the fund would also be used for the implementation of the plans the country set out to defeat poverty.

    “More than $11 billion US dollar smuggled out of Ethiopia”
    Humm to which Arab investor in partner is that 33 million for?

  26. Semir says:

    Thanks to Dr. Abulaziz and others who participate in this development . I never been in Somalia region , but my first trip to Ethiopia will be Somali region , may the palms of Allah grows with you ,

  27. Dear AAA
    It was 2013- It’s is obviously type error

  28. Abdulhakim says:

    Good Job Brother Guled.

  29. Bukhari Shikh Aden says:

    Dear Editor. Congratulations really. This is a great site serving the nation and specially in building the great future by using the great past. Stories from Ethiopian Somali region that can support introduce who Ethiopian Somalis are really and to take part in healing the past wounds are very many as Guled highlighted well. I encourage you the Awrambatimes
    Families to consider these as the begining of a long journey that needs to be documented and shared to the rest Ethiopians and relevant communities in anywhere of this globe we live in.

    Thanks again to the editor and to writer.

  30. Ahmednur Sh says:

    “Don’t ask what your country can do for you.
    Ask what you can do for your country”. that’s our slogan till dreams come true & of course we can be what we wana be so let’s be the best figures of the new generations. Thanks Dr.Abdulaziz… you really inspired us.

  31. Homeless Somali from Washington DC says:

    most of the buildings in the HARAMAYA UNIVERSITY in Somali region BURNT DOWN today 4/5/16 .

    School is canceled for the rest of the year by the DEAN for safety reasons.

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