Gibe is not Gila: Anti-dam activism gone awry (Fetsum Berhane)


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  1. us for us with us says:

    You have to know who is who by identifying, exposing and fighting those responsible instead of being all over for nothing.

    ** 99.9 % of all bad and negative media propaganda wars against Ethiopia happened since 1974 and officially since 1984 with no fear, respect, sympathy or empathy towards us is done by the Zionists/Jews corporate medias and criminal journalists. All so called western medias in English language that are at a long standing propaganda war against Ethiopia including they being in Ethiopia are owned, run and controlled by them. 0.01% so called journalists are the lost souls, slaves and brainwashed animals including the ugly Bantu monkeys from Kenya and Uganda serving the Zionists criminal Medias including those having base in Kenya and South Africa.

    **100% all so called right (wrong) groups, save the planet, earth mater, think thanks, aid agencies, charities, institutions and so on from USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia and so on are created, run and controlled by the Zionists/Jews with the US, UK, France, Canada, Australia, south Africa and so on citizenships.
    So called HRW, CPJ, OXFAM, Save the children, international development including USAID, DFID, foreign spays, foreign ministries and so on are controlled and run by them; using it for their evil globalization and NWO agendas they think they are going to control the world entirely as they are doing in USA, UK, France, and so on.

    One true and simple example how they are behaving is the so called HRW. HRW (HR) is one of the many Zionists/Jews personal creations they are using it for their personal agenda and plan in the world. A Jew who was part of the B. Clinton white house, became the leader of so called HRW during the Bush era because of he was no longer in the white house. Then during Obama, he became part of the white house since 2013. The one who was part of the so called HRW is now an Israeli PM spoken person having dual citizenships; USA and Israel. It is the same with all of those criminals operating in the name of HRW. This shows how these evils are using the name HRW for their own political agenda and other purposes in the world while acting as if they are neutral which is as usual disrespecting and undermining the world human population they are not getting a single minute rest but none stop causing divisions, hostilities, troubles, damages, wars, killings and destructions against.

    All of those none stop tried to blackmail and stop the Gibe dams are the Jews from USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia and even South Africa; they are still controlling the nation as they did during the apartheid era. That evil so called journalist from the 2009 BBC propaganda war against the dam was an Australian Jews; thanks to Egypt he was jailed for long period in Egypt because of he was waging propaganda war against Egypt this time working with the BBC/western created and run Al jazera for their agenda while pretending it belongs to a tiny Qatar with less than 300.000 native population and has no desire or capacity to run it. Al jazera is another CIA and MI6 project.

    Sandra Postel is another Jew waging wars to stop development in Ethiopia if that development is not for her fake tribe’s benefits at the cost of us while camouflaging behind another Jews financed and run so called NGO/Charity. Don’t blame the vast majority white people including in England and USA for anything bad and negative done against blacks and the rest, but these evils are behind everything operation in the name of USA, UK, and France and so on.

    The worst human tragedy in human history which is the 300 years long slavery was totally run by them. Slavery made them the way they are today. As Brazil was the main centre of the slave trade, Saturday which is they call it Sabbath was the only day a week slave trade/market was closed. The reason was because of the slave trade was totally run by them. If they are not there, there is no slave trade not only in Brazil but also all over the world including from it source in Africa. They are the brains behind the scrambling of Africa in 1884 which is 2 years after they forced to abolish their main slavery business monopoly empire in 1882 in Brazil.

    “We will never forget or forgive the whites that are tirelessly campaigned and exposed the crimes and inhumanity against the slave trade we, the Jews invented and run it as the best business empire ever happened in human history.”
    This was said in 1882 against the white people because of the white people stopped the Zionists and English empire joint crimes against the world in the name of slavery. That marriage is still here with us going on for centuries. Almost all important cabinet positions and other institutions, organizations and business in the UK are run, controlled and owned by the Jews/Zionists. Any policy, idea, group, or whatever coming to Ethiopia today from England, USA, France and so on is based on their agenda in our country against our society and nation for their long term plan and agenda in Ethiopia and Africa as well. All bad and negatives against Ethiopia for the last 41 years are done by them. OXFAM, save the children, international development … and all those trash and criminal so called NGOs, charities, thinks thanks, institutions, volunteers (that have relations with their embassies) and so on are totally controlled by the Jew using them for their evil agenda against our society; targeting the long standing home born and grown follower Christians as they destroyed Christianity in Europe and turned the society with no moral, dignity, value, norms or normal human behaviors.

    Any bad and negative propaganda war against Ethiopia appears on the Zionists/Jews owned and controlled criminal corporate Medias including at, Bloomberg, Reuters, Guardian, and so on, is part of the all out wars they are waging against us. BBC is owned and controlled jointly by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment. If there were/are not the Jews, the criminal English establishment would be history long times ago as all kings, Queens and royals from Russia, Austria, Germany, France, Italy and so on are gone. But, thanks to the evil Zionists/Jews that are controlling England (not Scotland), the worst criminal empire ever from that tiny England is still there acting as if it is normal and innocent. The Jews do need this criminal empire to use it for their agenda in the name of the innocent and victim white English people that are the closest, longest and worst victims of them including the Zionists/Jews current conservative government.


    We have to stop accusing or praising entirely but identifying and targeting those responsible. Each and every bad thing and activity against Ethiopia from abroad or in the country especially in the name of USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia and none black south Africa is done entirely by the Zionists/Jews. The Gilgel gibe situation and others happened against Ethiopia are the creation and product of the Zionists/Jews. They will not stop unless we are exposing them and make them stop. As long as they are around for anything including that sounds good and positive, there will be always divisions, inequality, lies, crimes, stealing, immorality, pedophile, theft, bribes, corruption, cheating and you name it in the country.

    However, the white people that had been forced to be dormant particularly since the WWII are getting awaked. the international community is now know who is causing all the tragedies, holocausts and so on for their greedy, Globalization agenda and NWO they have to be the leaders. Thanks to Donald J. Trump, things are getting cracking and started exposing the criminals that are controlling the USA and the world at large because of they are controlling the criminal corporate medias, politics, money and wealth using it for crimes against humanity and the world.

    D.J. Trump who is the son of a Scottish immigrant mother and Ethnic German father, is not what the savage enemies are portraying him but million times better than they are for the poor, mass and world. He is not a racist or whatever they are lying about him but a good person standing for the truth. The truth is what they hate the most because of it stands against the crimes they are committing in the world. They are pure criminals and demons controlling the USA, Europe and world with lies and crimes using the looted money for bribe, corruption and rewards to those serving them including against own citizens and nations.

    No matter what they are trying to do against Trump, the innocent and brave mass US citizens and the world at large are already woken up. Any move they are trying to stop it, will fasten and widen the eminent civil war in USA and the world. They are thinking they can use the brainless blacks against Trump using race card which is in Africa they are using Ethnic, Clan or religion cards to affect Africans in Africa. The Trump movement is terrifying, frightening deeply worrying and destroying them because of it will bring back the truth and justice in USA and then the rest of the world they are destroying none stop and with happiness for their greedy benefits and evil agendas.

    Normal black person needs to feel shame, less than human and hope and helpless witnessing how the worthless Negroes in USA are behaving towards Trump and his supporters. They had to be the first to start fighting the injustice and crimes in USA as they are the longest and worst affected of all. He is telling them to bring jobs back home in order they can get jobs. yet, the Zionists/Jews that are controlling USA are using these brainless negroes as usual for their agenda to stop the USA citizens to get their country back from the Globalists, corporations, wall street, corporate criminal medias and so on all of them controlled, owned and run by the Zionists and their few allies with benefits from both political parties.

    Obama was their project. But he was also someone with some human feelings and conscious doing things based on right or wrong, bad or good. They used his administration to destroy the ME, North Africa and Ukraine as they did with B Clinton presidency for the balkanization of Yugoslavia. However, he resisted them to invade Syria in 2013, based on false flag which is chemical attacks done by the terrorists but Assad was accused for which is how the west are doing when they are looking to attack other nations including Iraq in 2003. He managed to have peace deal with Iran and now he is in Cuba.

    If H. Clinton becomes a president, o boy, prepare for WW3 in 2017 while civil war in USA the day she took power. She is their long time project with no human conscious but totally being part of the demons that are looking to destroy the world in the name of Globalization, privatization and free trade instead of fair trade. So called medias, NGOs, Charities, international developments, volunteers (that are part of the embassies), assistances, advises, Thinks thanks, peace core and so on from the west mainly USA, UK, Canada, France, Australia and so on are part of the damaging plan and agenda projects against the naive, ignorant, weak and poor world these evils are using them, thinking the world is still dumb have no idea to know the truth about or have no abilities to top them.

    The reason why they are against Gibe dam, state owned capitalism system, political and other activities Ethiopia is following based on her own benefits is not new but to stop development in the country, the united and prosper society having patriotic and strong government and useful and happy life. Because they know, when the society develops, becomes united, getting wise, strong, confident and becomes independent from any bad and criminal foreigners in the name of aid like them, they cannot control it or behave the way they are doing against Ethiopia with no fear or respect whatsoever towards the citizens but always looking reasons to undermine and humiliate them.

    The good news is that the great China is here to save the world from these greedy and inhuman monsters. The best news is that Germany is getting new party, leaders and mentalities including AFD party. Germans are looking to become independent nations again from the Zionists control and run USA and UK they are having military bases and thousands of soldiers in the country for more than 70 years. Germans are looking to normalize their relation with Russia while to see a free France, UK, Benelux and so on in Europe from the Zionists/Jews control.

    The current UK conservative party is now in a civil war within because of the Zionists/Jews UK government is badly affecting millions of innocent British people for the last 6 years. Many people are in desperate situations, have died or committed suicide as a result because of the policies these evils are taking; intentionally targeting and badly attacking the poor and hard working citizens for the sake of the few rich. This is the government only 25% of the vote eligible population voted for it but the decision it takes badly affects 90% of the population. More than 1 million people are living from food banks which is feeding the hungry from the feeding centers, but they don’t see it that way while they are using the el Niño effect in Ethiopia for their political agenda in the country calling it none stop famine with bad pictures for propaganda war reasons.

    So, don’t give a shit about anything coming from these criminals including about Gilgel Gibe III or IV and V soon will start the construction. They already know Gilgel Gibe IV is soon will start of construction and that is why they are talking about Give III which is already completed and generating clean energy but their aim is to stop Gibe IV.

    They are in big troubles all over the places they have been in total control for at least 70 years including causing troubles in other nations like Ethiopia from the base in the west or within Ethiopia as well. Don’t accuse or blame the vast majority white people in the west and 100% all white people elsewhere they have nothing to do with anything done against blacks in the name of white people including slavery and colonization; that was run by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment joint marriage still is going on.

    The vast, vast majority white people are genuine, innocent, hard working and nice people. They are willing and ready to give the right assistances including their knowledge and experiences to others. But, they don’t know how and they also are not allowed to deliver any necessary and right benefit particularly in Africa including Ethiopia. But pretending while being there in the name of aid agencies, NGO, Charities, Think Thanks, medias, peace core and so on for their agenda and plan in our country that is designed to affect us in many ways as long as and worst as possible.

    Fuck the Ethiopian officials and sheep citizens that are allowing the Zionists/Jews and English establishment crimes to be imposed on them and affecting them badly in many ways. It has to stop by stopping them at least in the country. Confront them; not treat them the way it is going on. They are the enemies number one we are facing them for years and they need to be eradicated from our country since long times ago. Ethiopia is the ancient nation of the Christians and Muslims, not the fake Zionists/Jews they are always the reason for bad and negatives in the countries when/if they are allowed to be there.

    The Ethiopian government and wise citizens need to find and contact those young and educated individuals in west/Europe and have close friendly and business relation for peace and development reasons working together using their high practical skill and rich experience in Ethiopia. Individual scholars and business people with practical skills and experiences are needed and essential rather than their money. These kind individuals from Germany, Italy, Benelux, eastern Europe and so on are million times useful having them in the country for development, peace and security reasons than the Zionists/Jews control and run Europe involvement in the government or corporate levels for any reason including international development which is the best tools they are using for their agenda and plan in someone’s country and society they have nothing to do with or have anything in common.

    Chinese, Japanese, and so on practical scholars, skilled workers and real business individuals are the way to work with while having good relation which the Chinese, Japanese and so on leaderships. But not the west mainly those from English speaking countries. Italians business people and farmers alongside with French, Germany, Benelux and so on that are engaging with real economy such productions is the way how things must work in the future in Ethiopia.

    But, never ever expect anything good or positive from the west mainly USA and UK Jews/Zionists control and the shadow forces are ruling and ruining from behind when things are done by their governments, embassies, including those in the name of NGO, Charities, and so on. No nation is built by charities, NGOs, aids and so on when they are from abroad mainly USA, UK and so on that are entirely created, controlled and run by the Zionists/Jews and dark forces that are controlling the world corporate media propaganda wars and businesses operating based on their agenda and plan.

    Shame on to the USA stupid negroes that are against Trump while supporting H. Clinton who was and always will be their worst nightmare as her husband destroyed them including by introducing the mass incarceration and created the privately owned corporate prison system where 53% of the privately owned money making prisons today are filled by Blacks despite they are not even 20% of the population. There is a big injustice happening in USA at all levels happening including by the Jews/Zionists that are less than 2% of USA citizens but are controlling almost all the branches where the money, power, influence, wealth and dominations are. It is the same in UK despite they are about 0.4% of the population, France 0.9% and much less in other European or none European nations where they are in full control and totally in charge as they are controlling the medias, banks, financial activities, politics and so on.

    Negroes in USA need to have another brain from this time to make them see the realities on the ground. They must stop being against Trump but do the right things for them. H. Clinton is very bad and dangerous not only to them but also Africa as they (Zionists/Jews Globalists) are looking to do the same thing in Africa as they are doing to the ME and elsewhere if they are not getting total control without fight as they did during slavery and colonization. They are now in the process taking control Kenya as they are doing in South Africa thinking with the H. Clinton rule, they will do to the rest of Africa. We must stop them by stopping that woman. Elisabeth Warren is the woman certainly not Hilary. Learn the truth about her by knowing the things related to her at least for the last 41 years.

    Blacks need to have some workable brain that could make them behave and act as normal human beings do including in Africa they are fully and totally responsible and have to be in control about everything going on there. The Jews/Zionists influence, crime and plan in Africa and against black people must be over and totally stopped in the 21-century world started within Africa.

  2. us for us with us says:

    “Ethiopia and Russia have agreed to cement their bilateral ties and cooperation on continental peace and security issues.

    A high level Ethiopian government delegation led by Ethiopian Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen is on a working visit to the Russian Federation.

    The Ethiopian delegation has discussed with Russian officials on current bilateral ties between the two countries as well as on cooperation on continental and global issues, including peace and security. ”

    This is what we are asking, demanding, begging and doing everything possible to persuade the government to restart and warmth the very important relationship with the great Russia that has lots in common with Ethiopia including Orthodox religion. Russia is the biggest and Ethiopia is the second biggest Orthodox religion nations in the world.

    Not only that Russia is by far the most reliable, trustworthy, useful, respectful and peacemaking nation in the world together with China. There is nothing to substitute China. However having Russia together with China is the biggest thing any leadership has to do in order to achieve sustainable development, security, unity and being totally free from any foreign interference, influence or conspiracy that is coming always from the west mainly US, UK, France, Canada and the likes that are totally dominated, controlled, rule and run by the Zionists/Jews despite they are not even 0.5% of the population in the west.

    Ethiopia must have the best relationship with Russia as she will always with China for generations to come. There is and will no be any foreign nation to substitute China with Ethiopia. But Russia is no less than China when it comes to the Ethiopian foreign relations at present and mainly in the long run.

    If Russia was not there, Syria would be totally finished today because of the Zionists/Jews west evil agenda there. China is and always will do the same thing to Ethiopia as Russia did for Syria when/if we needs her knowing the Zionists/Jews are on the mission to destroy Africa in the coming USA new presidency era they are hiring her/him as CEO to work for their projects, plans and agendas at home and all over the world.

    The world have seen how the 4 presidential candidates from both parties jobs interview was in front of the AIPAC (the worst ever criminal cartel group that is none stop lobbying for Israel). It is the worst criminal organization humanity ever witnessed. yet it is operating freely, legally and openly having lots of powers in own hands including the USA government, FED, wall street, media, Military, security, foreign policy and so on.

    There is no doubt a very big change is going to come in the west. Because things will no longer continue the way they are. It is becoming unbelievable bizarre and demonic everyday including witnessing when the so called USA presidential candidates are doing job interview in front of the Zionists/Jews AIPAC in USA, and all other western institutions(dominated by the Zionists) to allow them to become a president. Just watch how the bunch of 4 evils candidates so called speech at AIPAC gathering few days ago. It was unbelievable and the same times telling the world how the criminal elites that are run by the Zionists/Jews are getting too rotten and out of any form of humanity in any standard. They have no what so ever respect or fear towards the 300+ million USA citizens and the rest of worldwide.

    So, don’t trust or believe the monster creatures like them. Don’t rely on them for anything good but expect always for the worst they are causing including when they are pretending differently which is going on as we speak them being in Ethiopia including in the name of media, NGO, aid agencies, Charities and so on where almost all of them are the evil Zionists and their agendas and plans targeting Christians, women, girls and Children.

    Having the best relationship with Russia as it was back then including during Atse Minilik and Atse Hailesellase era is a must. We also know having the best relationship with Chine is a must while warming it and intensifying it on daily basis for all out relationships at all levels knowing China benefits us greatly without affecting us in any type or form.

    Big thank to the deputy PM of Ethiopia and his delegations for making an important visit to Russia. However, this has to be the best start for the future very closest and longest relationship. Don’t trust or relay on for anything the Zionist/Jews control west mainly USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia and so on. They are the root causes of all the crimes and damages black people have been through for the last 500 years. There is nothing now to make them change and behave differently for different and better outcomes but they are behaving differently for the worst possible outcomes against blacks including in Africa in many ways such destroying the family values by targeting Christians, women, girls and the youth.

    Does anyone think the reasons why they are doing things the way they do because of they do care about us? NOOOO. It is about implementing their satanic and demonic damaging agendas, plans and projects against us. We also know who is behind and that are the Zionists/Jews including those evil females in the name of UN, UK, USA and so on.

    Egypt is getting the total of more than 1.5 billion dollar worth military gifts/donations from USA every year for 35 years. Yet, Egypt is now building the best relationship with Russia. They are working together at all levels including security, economy, military, tourism and so on. Ethiopia must not miss the best opportunity and benefit she is going to get from Russia in many ways without affected by her the way the Zionists/Jews west is none stop doing on daily basis in many ways including its evil Zionists monopolized media and disrespectful criminal so called journalists(spy agents).

  3. OMO/OROMO says:

    98% of all farm lands in South Omo zone , Ethiopia is currently owned by TPLF officials. 2% of the land is owned by locals which is almost nothing. So do not tell me the locals are benefiting from this dam. It is all built by borrowing money from the west then TPLF wants to steal all the benefits.

    Country name 2011 2012 2013 2014
    Ethiopia 8,603,553,000 10,462,401,000 12,556,584,000 16,585,085,000

  4. jambo desta says:

    OMO/OROMO U R one of the mentally retarded persons in this 21st century . By the way U can’t represent the innocent peoples of Omo or Oromo . U R the representative of the terorist groups /G7 & others as we can observe from your suggestion . U R the number one liar from the world . U R not true Rthiopian . Shame ! ! !

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