Enjoy Haile Gebresselassie’s Amazing Eskista Dance


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9 Responses

  1. lala says:

    15 miliion starving, few people dancing, Asgerami ager

    • Beza says:

      What are you doing here if people are starving? Instead of commenting here you should go and do some thing.

    • Gashaw says:

      You wish.
      Not a single person is starving, never mind 15 mil.. There are about 15 million who need temporary food assistance and every one of them are getting it. Had this drought happened 20 years ago, we all know what the fate of these 15 mil. Ethiopians could have been. Thank God our beloved Ethiopia today is a totally different one from 2 decades ago. No one, even the mighty USA, is able to stop drought from ever happening. But it is possible to break the link between drought and starvation and/or death. Ethiopia, finally, has joined the ranks of the successful countries category where drought and starvation/death are not conjoined.

      • Dawit says:

        TO GASHAW

        How dare you say not a single person is starving ?I don’t know what you are smoking . you must be living in fantasy land. It is either you are in denial or You are one of those spoiled brat woyane kids that had been spoon fed all their life living in luxury in mansions driven around with chaufeurs with no contact to the non-woyane Ethiopians whatsoever.
        Even the government admits people starve but they say very low number than the actual ..

        According to fact on the ground Ethiopians had been dieing from starvation not only now but for decades each day. Right now 10 million Ethiopians are starving in cities which are not counted so the exact number of starving people is close to 30 million not 15 million as lala land said above . Each day thousands go in exile out of Ethiopia to countries like Sudan , Somalia , Tanzania , Kenya , Yemen , Lybia and so on to escape starvation the result of political oppression they face in Ethiopia. The governments land policy and food for vote initiative is responsible for the starvation not lack of rain . Land grabbers produce food and take it to their countries so you cannot say el-nino is the only cause of the current starvation. It is illegal mob’s selling all resources to foreigners while borrowing from foreigners non-stop is high level. the 100 billion dollars TPLF deposited in their personal accounts worldwide could have fed Ethiopians without begging for centuries.
        About 21,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes, according to the United Nations so wake up and do your part to stop the hunger.


  2. DAGNA says:

    Hail to President Hile Gebre Selasie.

  3. Observer says:

    Ato Dawit,
    ዛሬ በሀግራችን በ 50 አመታት ውስጥ ታይቶ የማይታወቅ ድርቅና ረሀብ በተከሰተበት , የጎሳ ፓለቲካ የፈጠረው ቀውስ ቀላል የማይባል ወገን እየተጎዳ ባለበት ወቅት የሀይሌን እስክታ የምታሳየን በልባችን ያለውን ሀዘን ለማደንዘዝ ነው ወይስ ከህዝብ ሙሉ በሙሉ መነጠልህን ለማሳየት ነው ? ያሳዝናል , ያስተዛዝባልም.
    አሁን ሀገራችን በምትገኝበት አጣብቅኝ የታሪክ አጋጣሚ የሚዲያ ሚና በህብረተሰቡ መሃልና በመንግስት ህገራዊ መግባባት እንዲኖር ጥረት ማድግ ,የመህበረሰቡን ችግሮች ነጥሮ በማውጣት ለውይይት ማቅረብና መፍትሄን መሻት,ሀገራችን ወደ የማይፈለገው አብዮት እንዳትገባ….ወዘት ጥረት ማረግ በተገባችሁ ነበር.

  4. us for us with us says:

    Forever love, respect, admiration and everything goodness to Ethiopia, Africa and the world.
    Forever hate, disrespect, destruction, isolation and everything evilness and bad to the greedy, satanic, demonic and the curses to humanity Zionists/Jews that are badly affecting the world in the name of globalization and NWO they have to be the leaders and owner of everything.

    witnessing others enjoying life together with love, respect, unity, happiness, peace, development, culture, hope and future as we are witnessing here with the Great Haile Gebresselasse is something they hate the most and always behaving satanic to stop it using any satanic behavior possible only they have that Kind evilness.

    They think they are doing anything bad as they wish in Ethiopia, too as they are doing all over the places they are presence for generations where the white race is their main and long time target and worst victim. They are busy with propaganda wars telling the world lies about Ethiopians with goal to create civil wars as they are doing all over the nations where these savage satanic cannot get them as private property to control, loot and destroy the society/humanity.

    100% all so called MSM (JSM-Jews) is owned by them using it for their satanic agendas and plans in the world. They are controlling everything and having them as private properties nations such as USA, England, France, even Canada and Australia. In Europe like the Benelux, they are doing the same thing despite they are not even 0.1% of the population. Among the others they are controlling the Medias, politics/foreign ministry policy and international relations including in the name of development assistance, NGO, Charities and so on in these countries.

    The questions is how to stop them not only in Ethiopia but also in Africa as they are the one started and conducted the worst atrocity in human history which is 300 years long slavery and then colonization that destroyed Africa and black people where the damaging legacy is going on till today. All foreign so called Medias in Ethiopia since the last 7 years (with obama presidency-Zionists CEO) that are from the west are owned, controlled and run by the Zionists/ Jews. Almost all the so called foreign Journalists in Ethiopia including those ugly pig females are evil Zionists/Jews with the true identities them being such as spays, criminals, trouble makers, child molesters, pedophiles, and globalists servants.

    We also know USA, UK, France and so on foreign policy is totally controlled and occupied by them including foreign spay agents such as CIA, and other 15 branches of US spay agencies, MI6 and other UK spy agencies and so on. These agencies are using the Zionists monopolized criminal Medias as the main mass destruction propaganda weapons to wage civil wars in other countries for their agenda and plan. All USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia and so on medias in abroad are serving for the spay agencies and foreign ministry agendas and policies in the nations they are targeting.

    That is why the Zionists monopolized criminal Medias are none stop waging propaganda wars against Ethiopia with goal to create civil wars as they are doing for decades all over the world. AL jazera is a CIA and MI6 creation propaganda tool run by the Zionists and Ethnic English operating in the name of a tiny Qatar to hide their true identity. The economists, FT, BBC, Bloomberg, Reuters, Guardians, AFT, AP and hundreds of criminal Medias in the west are owned and run by the evil Zionists.

    Are they going to succeed the way they did in other nations or region in Ethiopia, too? No. Ethiopia will fight these evils back first by exposing them among Ethiopians teaching and telling about how evil are the Kikes against all Ethiopians that are Christians and Muslims. These savages that are the natural enemies of all Muslims will never ever care for anything to the oromos in Ethiopia that are more than 70% Muslims within but thinking they can create civil wars in the country in order to stop development and affect all the citizens.

    Even if they succeed that, they will start making the Oromos fighting against each other based on religion. If they succeed that, they will start making the Muslim oromos fighting against each other bases on the Islamic sects such as Sunni against Sufi, Shia against Sunni and so on. If they succeed that, they will start making them fight against each other based on Clans, tribes and other reasons that are existing within the oromos which is not the case among many other Ethiopians..

    However, their evil wish, plan and agenda is not about Ethiopia but to stop China and others in Africa targeting Ethiopia which is the centre of the African continent including by having the African union head quarters in the country which is the best building built by china for free as gift for all Africans. That is why Ethiopians must expose these savages behavior and plan among the Africans, too in order to create hostilities against them all over the continent including in Kenya and South Africa. If they don’t stop being against us, we will not stop but targeting them in every possible way including among the Europeans, Asians and all over the world citizens as they are doing against us. However, the world knows who is who and their evilness and also us being victims of these evils conspiracy for their agenda and plan in the country, region, Africa and the world.

    They are in a shit trouble they never been before because of the huge change in the world that would not accept their evil domination anymore including using the toilet types of dollar as the world main currency. USA central bank that is administrating and printing the world currency is privately owned by the Zionists. Do you know that? USA is their private property to these levels as UK, France, Canada and Australia are. But for how long?

    However, the world is rising up against these evils and the brain-dead elites mainly in Europe including Germany. No one but the great, hard working and innocent Germans have been the worst victims of the Zionists lies, and propaganda wars against them and white people in general for the last 71 years. The one sided of the WWII and Hitler full of lies story is now gone and the second side which is the truth and facts is taking its place exposing their lies about. They have used it for 71 years acting as victims; demanding special treatments from the world and that made them able to control and destroy the world as they wish.

    Western Europe is waking up from the deep sleep forced by them using lies after lies, portraying the white race as if they are evils and make them feel shame and guilt including about slavery, colonization and the WWII. However that full of lies era of them is gone. West Europe is joining Eastern Europe as north and south Europe do to stand up together against these evils that are affecting not only the white race but all humanity all over the world for centuries.

    Germans are now joining and enjoying the new Thinking, approaches, progressive parties and movements confronting the issues with the truth and facts on the ground. The Jews/Zionists manipulated and bribed so called elites in the west mainly Europe including Germany, France and England era will be over soon. They destroyed Christianity and European values. But this is the time for Europe and the world to restore it and deal once and for all against the devils that are treating white people as their servants and private properties while Arabs/Muslims as natural enemy animals, blacks as ugly and brainless monkeys and Asians as none humans while themselves as the “chosen ones”. But chosen by whom and for what reasons? By Satan to do satanic jobs as they are busy with and known for centuries?

    Ethiopians and the government must really waken up and take the nation situation very seriously and stop the evil Zionists conspiracy and evil plan in our country starting from those are in the country came/coming only to affect us. They are not what they are saying but part of the Globalists operating in the form of spy, journalism, media, investment, aid agencies, charities, volunteers and so on. Almost all members in the peace core in Ethiopia are the Zionists/Jews working for the Zionists agenda in the country. It is part of the foreign ministry/spays agencies/embassy policy using them in our country. Why don’t we stop them from being in the country to affect us based on the scripts written by the evil Zionists/Jews from New York, Washington DC and where ever they are affecting humanity?

    The people must aware about the evil nature of these curses to humanity. They are the root causes and main players about each and every bad things happened/ing in the world including for the last 71 years started from the Korean wars to Cambodia, central and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe. This is the best time to join the whole world that is exchanging millions of ideas on daily basis about/against them. We also know, their behavior against Ethiopia is the best tool to expose them among the 100 million Ethiopians and to make the people to be vigilant and hostile against them as all the Muslim nations are and humanity worldwide.

    Them being busy doing a daily propaganda war against Ethiopia using their monopolized criminal medias is not really about Ethiopia but to stop China, Russia, Iran, European nations like Italy, Germany and so on in Africa by targeting the countries like Ethiopia that is independent and they are not in total control despite the Zionists control USA, UK and other embassies are trying actively for the last 4/5 years targeting the Christians, Youth, females, children and so on and corrupting and bribing some officials calling them with code “our man/men”.

    The Ethiopian government and people must confront the hard way using any means necessary to stop them before expelling from the country including those acting as if they are journalists while doing the worst foreign enemy jobs against our country including those ugly Zionist pig females. Those so called aid agencies, charities, volunteers, peace core and others together with the medias including those in the name of France and Qatar are operating under the spay agencies from US, UK, and so on. We know that and the whole world knows that, too. Why are we still allowing them in the country when we know they are not journalists doing fair journalism but criminals busy against our country with no fear or respect towards us even in our own country?

    Another good thing that makes the evil Zionists bad and evil is Ethiopia having the best relationships with all African nations mainly Egypt. Everyone knows, the Zionists main agenda and final target to achieve in the region is Egypt. Strong, peaceful, united, rich and independent Egypt is the last thing they wish to see there. Nile River is their main weapon to target Egypt on one side associating it with Ethiopia in order to create conflicts between the two ancient and sisterly nations with goal to weaken Egypt militarily, politically and economically.

    Weak Egypt with isolation from the Sub Saharan Africa main stream influence is the strategy for final achievement to have Egypt under their ownership and authorities. According to the Zionists map from 1982, their long term agenda is for the creation of greater Israel from the Nile River in the west and Euphrates in the east as far as to the Persian Gulf Basra in Iraq and Kuwait. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Northern part of Saudi Arabia also have to be part of it as Egypt is from east of the Nile including Nile River itself together the Suez Canal and red sea.

    Ethiopia and Egypt having peace, unity and the best relationship ever in modern History together with Sudan and others in the region is becoming the biggest treat for their agenda and plan in the region, Africa and the world as a whole. That is why they are waging none stop propaganda wars against Ethiopia to create civil wars, the evils acting as if they do care about the oromos that are blacks and more than 70% Muslims, divided with 29 big clans, many sub clans and plenty sub-sub clans to the town and village levels alongside divided with Mecha and Tulema, Arusi, Negele and Jiru and Boren oromos.

    The good news is that Ethiopians are not like others in Africa, Middle East, Europe like Ukraine and Yugoslavia and so on killing each other and destroying the nations for the sake of evil Zionists agenda that is inflamed by their propaganda wars using the Zionists monopolized criminal Medias worth Billions of looted money from the whole citizens. If we were like others, we would never been the only free and independent African nation always fighting the foreign enemies together as we did many times in the past including at Adwa.

    This is the time to fight the evil enemies together knowing the truth behind they are having in our country is against all of us. It is not about anyone in Ethiopia but about them in Ethiopia, Africa, region and the world. These curses to humanity do know the entire world is talking together about them every day in the ways never ever happened before in their criminal history since the pharaohs’ era. We also know Germans are rising and the rest of Europe is following in a way their presence in Europe will be over soon as they are leaving by themselves from France, Benelux and so on because of hostilities against them. WE also know they are not only targeting African nations like Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan and so on but also taking over/colonizing the lawless and corrupted nations like Kenya.

    However, the Kenyans will become soon the second sub Saharan African nation expelling them from the country as Uganda was the first African nation ever expelled them from the country During Idi amin era. No one talks about it because of they are controlling the world media. But idi amin of Uganda expelled all of them from the country treating them as the worst enemies against the nation. Instead they are talking about expelling the southern Indians that came there during the colonization.

    Ethiopians must talk openly about the Zionists/Jews conspiracy and damaging plans and agendas and none stop propaganda wars against the nation using their monopolized criminal Medias and the evil so called journalist that are in the country doing criminal and hostile activities. The people must confront these evils treating them as enemies and expel them from the country. It is not about the USA, UK, France and so on citizens. But the evil Zionists that are badly affecting the 99% of all citizens in these nations. The vast majority white people are not bad or racists but the Zionists controlled medias none stop lies about them in order to create divisions and hostilities based on the race, or religion lines as they are doing based on ethnicity within the same race or religion differences including in the same religion such as Sunni against Shiia, Orthodox against catholic and so on.

    The best news is that they are in a great trouble never happen before. The whole world is talking millions of stories on daily basis about/against them every day and night. The eminent action against them will start soon; not only in Europe but also in North America, Africa, South America as it is going on in the Middle East for decades. For sure this will happen; the question is when and how it will be the end result. Their satanic behavior and action including against Ethiopia will fasten that making everyone awake and fight them decisively. CIA run yahoo and other Zionist Medias none stop propaganda wars against Ethiopia must be seen as best wake up call to expose and confront them before it is too late. The natural and long time enemy Zionists/Jews against all Muslims and also Christians have no what so ever the felling or idea of care or do anything good for the oromos that are more than 70% Muslims and divided within in many ways.

    So, Peace, love, unity, development and prosperity to Ethiopia, Africa and the world. Death to these curses to humanity and the root causes of all troubles in the world since long times.

    Don’t see or treat the vast, vast majority white people as racists or enemy of the blacks or others but the same people leaving normal lives as everyone does with hard work and decency being the worst and longest victims by the Zionists/Jews. No one but the white race is badly affected in many ways by the evils.

    Don’t allow yourself to continue being misled and victimize because of the Zionists evil behavior with divide and rule propaganda wars using race cards (despite they are the world known racists against all human races) , Ethnicity, religion or whatever evil tricks they are playing for the sake of their evil, greedy and Globalization agenda to destroy the whole world thinking the plenty Gold, diamond and all the good things comes out of it will be only to them in the end. They are evils and savages no normal human being even thinks about for a second the ways they are normally doing it on daily basis.

    Haile is the Greatest.

  5. Ephrem says:

    Those who are pretending as a concerned citizens about the draught are liars. Most of the
    politicians are bad people they would rather wish something
    worse to happen. They majority of the oppositions are prayers of bad situations.
    we know them very well. Shabiyas & Jihhadists.

  6. Charlie says:

    People in Bay Area California , USA say they have tried to send money to Ethiopia both in the 1984 and 1991 droughts only to learn the money ended up in the pockets of the middlemen. Amazingly both times in 1985 and 1992 not a single cent reached the needy people so now they are all planing individually to smuggle the food in without making it public knowledge and giving it to the needy individually.


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