Closing Ceremony of the fifth all Ethiopian games held in Hawassa


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  1. us for us with us says:

    Congra to Hawassa and the Ethiopian people for conducting such a nice game that is having lots of benefits to the nation beyond the game itself. Ato Redwan is great as usual.


    Ethiopia =0; 0 ; 0
    The criminal Multinationals= 100; 100; 100

    What is the benefit Ethiopia is getting from the multinational foreign breweries(from Holland, England and south Africa) that are monopolizing the 100 million consumers with double digit billions of dollars return beer market?

    -Is that creating jobs for the citizens?

    No. These old and international known looter and exploiter alcoholic companies are using machines instead of hiring people that was Ethiopia had in mind when she allowed them in the country. These companies are firing workers and instead using machines in order to maximize their huge profit by lootings in the country including during the time when she is seeking foreign aids.

    -Is that to sell them domestic produced Barely, water and other raw materials which is good for the country?

    No. They are importing Barely from abroad. They are using huge amount of clean water without paying any cent or even have care about the environment. Beer is water. They are using huge amount of water for free while it would be useful for the country if it was sued for irrigation and drink.

    -Is that paying tax based on the huge profit they are collecting by selling alcohols that is affecting the public health and society in general?

    No. They are paying almost no tax at all while their combined profit in Ethiopia is reaching billions of dollars every year. This kind behavior didn’t happen even during the colonization era in any nation or there is no any nation right now that is allowed herself to be fooled by these and other so call multinationals that are engaging with health damaging, environment unfriendly and none effective economic activities such as the bad foreign investors in Ethiopia are doing including by engaging in service sectors that are not benefiting the country but affecting the society badly while getting huge benefits from.

    We are hoping after returning from this an all Ethiopian games among Ethiopians taking full charge for and by themselves in their own country, the officials and people will start dealing with bad foreign multinationals starting from the foreign breweries that are monopolizing the 100 million people beer market while paying nothing in return including tax and creating jobs. This is scandal and shameful what the government is not doing which is protecting the country benefits, interest and safety and securities of the citizens and environment as well

    where are the investigating Ethiopian journalists? Why don’t they do the nation journalism jobs investigating and exposing the bad foreign individuals, companies and organizations that are in the country to loot and affect with no financial gain to the country including in the form of tax, job creation and so on?

    The Ethiopian government must solve all the issues related to the foreign multinationals breweries that did earn 100s of millions of dollar profit last year from Ethiopia while paying no tax at all but firing workers replacing them with machines, using no sellable domestic raw materials but free water and very cheap energy.

    Beer is water. The free water they are using for beer would benefit Ethiopia million times if that water was used for drink or irrigation facilitating Ethiopian investors by the government and experts. If it was done this way, by now it would create millions of jobs and the benefits remain in the Ethiopian hands. The Ethiopian government, scholars and the citizens must get some brain and start reversing the country beer market to the Ethiopians hands and ownerships for long term visions. It is now totally monopolized by evil foreign multinationals that are not paying even tax or hiring enough citizens but looting the nations as quick and bad as possible in the process badly affecting the Environment, too.

    Ethiopian graduates, business people, scholars, farmers and the government must work together in order to create new beer factories as low as in weredas and towns levels all over the country that would create millions of jobs directly and many more indirectly while the billions of profits generating in the process will remain in the country owned by Ethiopians. We must wake up, get some brain and do the best things for us. The evil multinationals like the beer companies are criminals engaging with lootings, bribes, corruptions and addicting the society while earning billions at the expense of the country.

    If the Ethiopian government get some brain and do the right things including by engaging the graduates and citizens, the Ethiopians owned beer investment sector would create millions of jobs directly and many more indirectly as it is the same if the government stops leasing lands to foreigners but create government owned commercial farming that would guarantee the food supply including during the time when drought is occurred. 4 million hectare farming land will create at least 4 million direct jobs and the same times will guarantee food supply while the profit remains in the country.

    I wish Redwan to become our closest man next to PM Hailemariam Desalegn rather than the bunch of …. that are acting as brainwashed and sold out foreign agents with no conscious or brain for their own in their own country.

    Look at what China is doing in Ethiopia including their best approach and relationship with the country and its people. And look at the evils that are in the country in the name of investment, NGO, Aid agencies, Charities, Medias, journalism and you name it. China is building Ethiopia from the scratch behaving and acting even more Ethiopians than some stupid and dump Ethiopians do related to jobs and vision to the future in Ethiopia. China is producing in Ethiopia products that are very essential, useful and replacing imports to the country.

    Among the others Chinese and Ethiopians investors are investing together this year alone in several sectors including big metal factory, mega Chemical factory, bottle and Glass factory and so on worth billions. That means they are engaging with production activities producing products that are in high demands but are imported from abroad with lots of hard currencies. They are not only creating jobs for the citizens, bringing new and useful work ethics and transferring knowledge but also the two great nations investors are working and benefiting together which is the best to see happening.

    What Ethiopia is getting from the criminal multinational breweries that are monopolizing the country beer industry and controlling the 100 million consumers? Ethiopia getting nothing from but all bad, negative and damaging activities. It is the same with some other small businesses and companies from the west that are there to loot the nations while benefiting no one even creating jobs to the citizens, paying tax, protecting the environment or using sellable domestic raw materials.

    Ethiopians really need to wake up and deal with this kind backward and unbelievable business practice they are suffering from related to these evil companies started from the criminal brewery multinationals that are totally owned by the English, Holland and members of the apartheid South African. Not having them in the country at all benefits the country million times than them being there to loot, affect the environment and infect the society without creating jobs, paying tax or using domestic raw materials including barely that cost money but plenty water for free and the cheapest energy in the world.

    China is the best and always will be in the Ethiopian heart and mind for generations to come. What we see the development in Ethiopia is the Chinese results. If china was not there with us for us, be sure, nothing would be there at all but business as usual as it was eth case for hundreds years under the western rule and permission to have peace, unity, security, safety, development and even existence in own country/continent.

    Ethiopia must and will continue working with the smart, hard working, respectful and practical useful Chinese at all levels based on joint ventures; Chinese and Ethiopian investors investing and working together. Italy, Germany and the likes companies that are engaging with useful investment activities are very much welcome and are useful. Italy is the best in Ethiopia for construction, farming, food processing, education, and many more. They are coming with respect, culture, history, dignity, Norm, values and life which is unlike with others from the north but to infect our people and destroy what is ours.

    The insecurity form the west must be replaced by the 100% guarantee security from Russia. They are the ones creating insecurities. Yet, they are acting and also demanding to work with them for security reasons.
    Is the 10 million dollar Japanese pledge to build the Rice research academy finalized or the government is just sitting and waiting them rather than asking them to do it right now which is very urgent and useful?
    It is million time the best approach and right thing to do asking Japan to build the Rice research academy and for more assistance in the rice farming than being brainless and stupid begging for aid from the west that is not coming but they are using it for their political agenda they are having in the country thinking it is 1984 again they can use it to damage the country image and overthrow the government they think is not working for their Globalization/colonization and NWO Jews/Zionists agenda in the world that is targeting first the weak and stupid brainless and less than human blacks in Africa including Kenya.

    I think Meles is very much missed right now witnessing our current government unacceptable behavior and loss for win activities against own nation interest and benefits. Some member of the government look like incompetent and stupid brainwashed and corrupted individuals while holding high positions but acting as foreign agents working for the Zionists/Jews agenda and plan in our country that are coming from US, England, France, Canada, Australia and Apartheid/Zionists south Africa.

    Dear Awramba:

    This might be out of your comfort zone. However, anyone that has a journalism license can do it. Because it is open and easy to find out the whole truth behind and you are Ethiopian and you know and feel it to your soul and bon. It is about investigating the foreign multinational activities in the country including the breweries, coca cola and Tobaccos effect and the huge profit they are looting without paying even tax or water cost and also the huge losses the country is suffering as a result.

    Multinational breweries that are totally monopolizing the huge Ethiopian beer market while benefiting the country with nothing, coca cola, tobaccos and so on activities must be investigated, exposed, shamed, fined and expelled them from the country or make them out of market by awakening the public against them and creating job intensive domestic owned companies which is the only and best solution in the short as well as long term rather than having the foreign white shark companies that are eating everything they find in the country with no respect or remorse at all.

    Ethiopians must actively engage with investment and production activities in order to replace/stop imported products by domestic products. This is the best one mathematically which is replacing imported products with domestic products. This is another form of reducing foreign trade deficits that is eating hard currencies by producing imported products at home including cars, TV, Mobile phones, building materials, wash machines, machines, medicines, domestic articles, cloth, shoes and so on. Agriculture must be the one getting the highest attention to make it the 21-century modern agriculture system in Ethiopia.

    Foreign investors must engage only with these kind activities producing useful products; not the kind of investments activities the criminal foreign multinational beer companies, Coca-Cola and so on are; badly affecting including the water supply, public health and environment while looting the country without paying even tax for the hundreds of millions profits they are taking away every year from the country including during the time when we are seeking for foreign aids because of el Niño worst effect.

  2. us for us with us says:

    Big respect and appreciation to Awramba and particularly Dawit for his commitment and determination doing the best journalism works he is busy with for years tirelessly in Ethiopia with Ethiopians for Ethiopia.

  3. Sanjaw says:

    Redwan my hero, you will always remain in my heart and mind as a best political role model of our generation

  4. Tariku says:

    Good job dear ato Redwan, betesemarahbet zerf endih wutetama endemehon min yemiyasdest neger ale

  5. Gashaw says:

    I respect both ato redwan and ato Getachew Reda. But when I think of the newly appointed head of the communication affairs office, Redwan always come to my mind. I don’t think the newly appointed Getachew did fill redwan’s boots

  6. jambo desta says:

    Thank U ato Redwan for your lessonful expression . U R the number one from our respectful leaders who R devoting & working day & night for the rennaissance of our beloved country . I would like to say thank U again ! !

  7. us for us with us says:

    This kind unity makes Ethiopians peaceful, happy, knowing and understanding one another, feel as one family living the same house which is Ethiopia, developed and in general benefiting them in many ways. This is what a country needs which is being herself, doing things that matters and benefits her by herself, respecting and relaying on herself, being confidence and proud on herself. When there is peace, unity, respect, happiness, hope, love and vision, there is nothing a country like Ethiopia cannot achieve by herself on time using her abandoned and important resources such as massive raw materials including water and best weather and human power. Ethiopia needs just visionary, determine, hard working, strong and good result hungry leaders and scholars that are responsible shaping everything in the country towards the best directions at all levels for the best outcomes/results matching the 21-century society.

    However witnessing Ethiopia doing things this way, would make the evil Zionists/Jews mad and bad because of its is against their damaging and destroyer Globalization agenda and plan in the world they are looking to become the leaders, deciders, masters and everything going on in the world. They are against anything good, useful and the truth in any country mainly Africa and Ethiopia as well. The rest of Africa is already destroyed by them since slavery and colonization they had been responsible for. That is why we are witnessing these days on daily basis their satanic known behavior engaging with propaganda wars against Ethiopia using the Zionists/Jews totally controlled, owned and monopolized criminal medias including yahoo, Bloomberg, Reuters, Economist, FT, VOA (CIA-run by the Zionists), AP, AFT, , WSJ, BBC (Zionists and English establishment that are the Zionists, too as the current UK government is), Guardian, Washington post, NY times and hundreds of other MSM (JSM) medias.

    They are the ones destroyed black people family life and good existence in USA savagely and actively engaging against blacks since the 1970s. Chicago which is another city run by them is the murder city in the western world with 3000 murders only in 2015. It is run by the Zionists and the leader is the Obama white house chief of Staff Jew. He became a governor there in order to make the city number one with murder. You know who is dying, not the Zionists /Jews but Blacks. Who is in jail, not the Zionists/Jews that are controlling the USA justice system too but blacks and Latinos. They are the reason why blacks in USA are suffering the way they are despite they are the citizen of the richest nation; although 1% of the citizens are controlling the entire nation everything matters to the nation.

    20 rich USA individual wealth is more than the 150 million USA citizens which is 50% of the population wealth in combined. 1% of USA citizens’ wealth is more than 99% of the entire USA population wealth in combined. There is the average of about 33.000 murder/homicide in USA every year. Thousands USA citizens are killed by the Police every year. About 350 million guns are in the USA citizens’ hands and growing alarmingly every day. Gun is becoming the most popular and best gifts between families, friends and colleagues. There are about 3 million USA citizens in privately owned prison systems jail in USA today where more than 53% are blacks. We are witnessing how the election process, politics and government works there. Yet, they are telling the rest of the world to be like them calling it as the best Democracy practice working perfectly which is a hahahaha joke. We also know who is behind all these. The answer is clean and known and that are the Zionists/Jews that are controlling and running USA based on their agenda, plan and benefits in the country and beyond.

    Who are those 20 so called rich people in USA but in reality are pure and world class criminals making the world being the place of hell? The vast majorities are the Zionists/Jews despite they are not even 2% of the USA citizens. You don’t see them engaging with real economy working hard to create use values free from crimes but monopolizing Medias to lie about everything and waging propaganda wars against the world for the sake of their agenda and plan. They are engaging with criminal banks, unfair trades, float financial activities, misleading insurance and so on activities because of these are the sectors they can lie, manipulate and doing all satanic activities in order to loot the world with billions everyday without doing any job. The white people are calling them parasites and blood suckers from the hard working and innocent people because of these evils don’t work hard but engaging with lies, propaganda wars, manipulation, creating divisions, conflicts, wars and you name it.

    The Zionists are the longest, worst, merciless and demonic enemy to humanity than anybody else in human history. They destroyed blacks; them being the biggest, worst and longest slave traders. They were the ones came up with the idea of scrambling Africa and organized the 1884 meeting in Berlin as they were controlling Germany that time (despite they were even not 1% of the population) as they are doing today in USA, England(not UK-because of Scotland hates them), Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Apartheid side of South Africa.

    They destroyed the white race, its Christian values and human norms. They didn’t only kill Jesus the Assyrian but they are in constant war against Christians ever since including against Ethiopia in the highlands they are actively busy with as we speak pretending differently which is the rule of the their game and is already exposed and known internationally.
    They destroyed the ME after decades of lies, propaganda wars, direct conflicts and so on. Their main target is now Africa that is already destroyed by them except Ethiopia. They are busy in Sudan for decades and also in Egypt. Egypt is their main target in order to finalize their agenda in the region which is creating the greater Israel from the Nile to Euphrates where the two rivers becoming under their ownership.

    However, the world is already woken up. The new generation of Europe is rising against its known and long time enemies which is the Zionists/Jews. USA citizens are the first time starting dealing with their enemies i.e. the enemy of whites, blacks, Latinos and Asians-Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buda and so on. They are no longer divided and engaging with hate or killing each other based on race but united against their common enemies that are controlling everything in USA including Medias, wealth, power and influence.

    We and the world are witnessing tragedies, racism in its worst levels and crimes against the bête Israelis because of they are blacks. They thrown away to the sea thousands of litter blood they happily donated for two years. They did the worst and highest levels of hateful things against the bête Israeli females and males with secret and well organized sterilization and castrations campaign took place for years. They gave them illegal and very dangerous birth control tablets and injections we think they are doing the same in the highland of Ethiopian Christians for years including the Zionists/Jews females’ direct engagement in the name of UN, USAID, Bill and Melinda gate, UK and so on. Bête Israelis that are 1.5% of the populations are delivering up to 40% of youth prison members. They are by far the leaders with solders imprisonments. 85% of males and 50% females have no jobs despite the jobs they are doing is the worst of all no one needs it. Bête Israelis are the worst form of blacks in USA where the Jews/Zionists are in control there, too including the white house.

    So, do we think they are in and around Ethiopia for our benefits? Noooooo. They are the enemy number one they must not get any sympathy, empathy, trust or anything for anything good and useful but bad and damaging. They are pure satanic and demonic have no what so ever feeling or respect towards any human being and nature but everything is about money, wealth, power, influence and domination.

    The Jews being controlling USA is becoming the day to day topics in USA today. The Jews are over taking the world is becoming the day to day world story on daily basis. Stop watching, reading or listening the Zionists/Jews owned and run criminal Medias they are using for propaganda wars, lies and manipulations but there are millions channels worldwide telling the truth mainly against them. The world is rising up and getting momentum every day against them knowing they are the root cause of all troubles going on in the world where USA, UK and the west they are in control are responsible for.

    So, what is the reason them having in Ethiopia in any form, reason or name? They are coming around to do satanic activities and to destroy everything for their sake. Living with poverty without them being around is the hopeful, happy and freedom life than living with wealth while them being around. When they are around everything good, hopeful and future will disappear and satanic activities, inhuman behaviors and hell on earth are over taking the places and environments.

    So, we don’t need the Zionists/Jews in Ethiopia for any reason knowing they are the enemy of humanity, culture, values, norms, respect, unity, peace, equality, togetherness, clean hands, hard work and they are also the know enemy to Christianity as well as Islam. They killed Jesus and they destroyed the Christian values in every country they have been including Europe, USA and so on. They created the mujahidin and Sunni terrorists to destroy Islam.

    We know they are running the USA foreign policy, state department, Senate, congress, pentagon, capitol hill, international relations including development assistances such as USAID, spay agencies and you name it. They are also running USA internal policies as they are controlling the democratic party white house where Obama is there to use his skin color in order to affect the rest of the world in his name; meaning they become free from the atrocities they are causing in the name of the obama white house including the wars in the ME, North Africa, Ukraine and so on.

    We also know, they are already chosen Hilary since long times ago to be their personal property white house worst satanic and Zionists/Jews next president to work together to destroy the world where Africa is in their satanic mind as ME is already destroyed. There is nothing left there to challenge them let alone to defeat or stop them. Nasser of Egypt, Sadam of Iraq, Assad of Syria, Gadaffi of Libya and Arafat of Palestine were the strongest and most feared leaders the Zionists/Jews where none stop getting shits under their pants because of fear. However, they killed them one by one and destroyed the nations. Now they are feeling totally free, untouchable, unstoppable and winning the battle forever thinking no one is in the ME and North Africa to challenge let alone to stop them for anything bad they do against the Arabs and Palestinians. They are looking to finish the jobs after elimination Basher of Sudan and El Sissi of Egypt and destroying the two nations the same way they did to other M. Eastern nations and affected Europe with intentionally created mass Sunni Islam refuges. The GCC absolute monarchs are created and protected from their own people by the English and USA that are run and controlled by the Zionists.

    B. Clinton is the one introduced the blacks and Latino mass incarcerations where millions of blacks are in jail as we speak. H. Clinton called blacks in 1994 “the predators” as if they are not humans but wild animals. She will be the greatest satanic white house leader ever causing the worst possible crimes against humanity and earth meaning WWIII. Those behind this that are planning for it since long times are the Zionists/Jews. Everyone knows that and the world is openly talking about it.

    As Europe is already rising up against them and the rest of the world is joining it, we must not continue being blacks and stupid as they are portraying us for centuries as if we are less than humans unable to defend, defeat, stand up or doing the right things for us. We must not trust, believe or relay for anything when we know the Zionists/Jews are around/behind it as we know they are behind each and every media outlet about/against Ethiopia that is going on daily basis for decades thinking this way they can create international momentum against Ethiopia with hope to create divisions, conflicts and wars among Ethiopians as they are known making the same citizens fighting against each other for the sake of the Zionists/Jews agenda as the Palestinian are between Hamas and PLO, Muslims are between Sunni and Shia, USA citizens are between races and so on.

    Stop the Zionists/Jews anything in Africa and Ethiopia. Work together with Europeans that are not racists or bad people at all but the Zionists/Jews are lying about them in order to create intentionally mistrusts and hostilities based on race differences which is natural; human being has nothing to do with. . The Zionist/Jews are the most divided and different one another within themselves than anyone else as they are united only behind a religion. So, all Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Budas and so on must unite together in order to confront their common enemies instead of being defeated by the evil Zionists/Jews that are not even 0.1% of the world population tricks. Judaism is not a race or nationality, but a religion like any other religion as Ethiopians, Italians, Greeks, Russians, Germans, Slavish people, Latinos and so on are all the same Christians worshiping the same God.

    Death to all the Zionists/Jews including the criminal medias and Journalists that are in Ethiopia and elsewhere doing none stop propaganda wars against the country with goal we know what they are looking and also secretly working to see happening in our country because of the country has lots of things to destroy by these evils and is also not allowing them to take over the nation for free just like that in the name of the Zionists/Jews Globalization, privatization and free trade doctrines against the world only they have to be the leaders and the owners of everything good while the rest must satisfy itself with the leftovers.

    Stop them in the country including the peace corp. that is one of the Zionists plans/weapons to affect us and our country. They are using the Zionists/Jews trained and brainwashed dogs to work for their agenda including those so called Ethiopians from USA and west in general. Ethiopians don’t need the English language or any alphabet but they have their own and they need other languages such as Mandarin, Russian and so on; not the Evil Tiny English that is already over taken by the Zionists including the current government top officials that are making the native mass English people live in hell with bad and inhuman policies intentionally targeting the weak, poor, sick and hard working people for their sakes and agendas.

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