President of the Gambella region expresses condolences over the Shooting of Ethiopians by South Sudan refugees; 30 suspects arrested


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19 Responses

  1. Beza says:

    Those that killed the refugees with a car accident should have turned themselves in to the authorities rather than fleeing the scene. They might be one of the Melaku Fanta & Co. that were carrying controband items running from tax customs authorities that hit the refugees with a car and left them to die.

    • annonymes says:

      what are you talking about? you don’t care about the Ethiopian who lost their life. you want to maximize your “political profit form every incident”
      let’s think as a human being…as an Ethiopian!!!

      • Beza says:

        I think somebody who likes my name is the one using my name who has a share with these contraband ring leaders. I agree to some extent they shouldn’t flee the scene and make the refugees to get up set. But that doesn’t give them a right to kill innocent civilians because they are high landers.

  2. ZMS says:

    What is this nonsense , why are refugees are allowed to carry weapons? What’s going on ?

  3. sol says:

    it wasn’t Save the Children owned car, better to correct it with ACf

  4. Gedif says:

    It is really very sad to be brutally killed in your own land. This wild rebels should learn a very hard lesson not to even touch any of my people. Cry my beloved country when your children are slaughterd in their own house by those savages.

  5. messi says:

    They should send them back to their country.

  6. us for us with us says:

    Guess who is dropping/delivering weapons in South Sudan to the Kiir regime to prolong the civil war and destabilize the region despite Kiir’s presidential mandate was finished in 2015.
    Is it about the sake of south Sudan? No.

    If USA can’t handle or satisfy them, no one can accept confronting them the hard way as they used to be for centuries including WWII.


    “US officials: Israel requesting $5 billion in annual defense aid

    Congressional sources say Jerusalem’s ‘shopping list’ to top $50 billion over decade; negotiations in preliminary stages
    BY TIMES OF ISRAEL STAFF November 4, 2015, 11:40 pm 15
    Israel is asking the United States for $5 billion in annual defense aid for a decade, beginning in 2017, US congressional sources told Reuters on Wednesday.
    The request — a total of $50 billion — is a significant increase from Israel’s current aid package, which stands at close to $3 billion per year( $ 8 millions per day). The sources estimated that the White House and Israel would ultimately agree on a sum between $4 billion and $5 billion (roughly 14 millions per day).

    That in addition to $2 billions on loan grantee, which often Israel after taking the loan, it claims it can not repay and the US has to step in and picks up the tab.
    It estimated that Israel, since it is establishment in 1948, received nearly one trillion dollars form the US. Worse Israel lends the money back to the US and collects interests and use the interests instead of the original grants., which will continue to bear interests increasing US debt to trillions.. Ridiculous isn’t it?
    Israel is one of the biggest holder of US TREASURY SECURITIES, though it has no debt. In addition to millions of dollars on emergency basis to develop the iron Dome missiles defense which amounted last year alone to $ 750 millions and another $500 million annually for Jewish immigrants settlement in Israel (American Jewish citizen, English Jewish citizen, french Jewish citizen or any Europeans Jewish citizen who is making thousands of dollars in america or Europe and who wants to immigrate to Israel gets two year welfare payment just because he immigrated to Israel or made an aliyah and america only has to pick up the tab). In addition to $2 billions in privet Americans citizens donation to Israel annually and a lose of $ half billion on tax on those donation because any donation to Israel is tax exempt though the money goes to a foreign country.
    Israel has free higher education with free room and board and personal expenses, free and universal heath care including free and unrestricted abortion rights for women and subsided housing.”

    They are using some of the money to destabilize other nations where black Africa is becoming their next target after destroying the ME and North Africa. However, the world is already waken up and following them to the very detail what they are doing which is as usual affecting others.

    What Ethiopia has/must do is continuing the way she is doing including having good relations with neighboring countries and work hard and pay all sacrifices in order to build own military capabilities which is making own weapons including guns, bombs, tanks, drones, missiles and so on alongside with high IT capabilities.
    The time is demanding more and more to work closely with trustworthy, reliable, strong and responsible nations like China, Russia and so on in the military and security issues, too.

    Be sure; USA is facing a very dangerous and uncertain situation ahead never happen before even during the civil war era. Those criminals that are less than 1% of the USA citizens are no longer in control to destabilize and affect the rest of the world as they wish while they are treating 99% USA citizens as herds of animals they are owning and allowing it to live for their benefits. Not only Europeans but also many USA, Canada and other citizens with millions are getting angry and talking loudly everyday against the Zionists/Jews controlled west that is affecting the whole world. It is like 1930s Europe in repeating again in the 2010s but this time not only in Europe but all over the world including USA, Canada Asia, Africa and Latin America, too.

    Those none Africans that are racists against all blacks but supporting Kiir to prolong the civil war and affect the region including Ethiopia through mass refugees, bandits like this and so on must be exposed and stopped. Everyone knows who is dropping/delivering weapons to South Sudan.

  7. us for us with us says:

    Gatluak Tut Khot is responsible about everything the refuges are doing in Gambella town which is more than 300 KM away from the South Sudanese Boarder. There is no nation in history that has allowed tens of thousands of mass refuges to penetrate deep in the country 300 KM and make refugee camps like those in Ethiopia.

    MSF and other so called NGOs and the likes from Europe, USA and Canada fooled the trash so called officials mentioning flood to bring the refuges deep in the country knowing that would create big and long term problems against Gamebella and Ethiopia at large. They brought these backward and primitive refuges because they don’t want to go there which is far away with no facilities. Instead they brought the mass refugees deep in to Ethiopia 300 KM away from the boarder knowing this would create lots of problems including tension among the locals and damaging the environment.

    Solution: expel those so called NGOs and the likes from the camp. Ethiopian must take the full control. Then take them back close to their boarder which is easy for them to go back to their homes in order to start their normal life in their own country.

    Why is Ethiopia allowed/ing the mass refuges coming in the country and using them to commit a nationwide suicide. Not only in Gamebella but also they are doing the same mistakes in Assosa and elsewhere in the country. Those stupid and fool responsible with this kind crime must be punished and immediately fired from the position they are holding to affect the country.

    Foreigners that are taking charges in refugee camps must be expelled and the jobs have to be done by Ethiopians. Keep the refugees close to their country boarders. Don’t bring them deep in to the country. Most of them never had light, water, sanitation, bed or anything else including proper homes when they were in their own country. So, don’t even try to give them the facilities they never had and our people are not getting.

    Western NGOs and so on are behind this conspiracy including MSF Zionists/Jews organization in the name of France to affect our nation. It is the same with mass Eritrean and Somalian refugees.

  8. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Dear Editors:

    I can understand your conviction and opinion about letting everyone post his/her opinion about an article you post website(forum). I commend you for that. But I think sometimes you let your guard down by letting haters and bigots(veiled or overt) have a field day on groups of people or a nation. I remember once before a comment by one of our deranged fellows who spewed around rubbish diatribe and downright anti-Semitic fulmination commenting on your article about Sebhat Nega’s claim that Israel participated in the massacre of Tigrayan brothers and sisters in 1988. I profusely protested that and you took it down after that. Now I am afraid you are doing it again by posting somewhat similar tirade listed above by the name ‘us for us with us’. He/she is demonizing a group of people and a nation wholesale. He/she must have read one of those books or rubbish ant-Semitic posting on one of those Neo-Nazi websites. What is the benefit of that to the readers of your website? I hate bigots. I despise them and stand up to them in any which way I can. The facts are right there on the ground. Name any Middle Eastern country where an Arab has democratic rights as he has in Israel. May be Tunisia now but still way far away behind. Almost everyone of them are holders of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters in bondage as modern day slaves. And they have been doing that for millennium. When they are in our country especially among my ethnic group, they say to appease us ‘neehnaa muslimeen’ and we go to their countries for work they call us ‘khaddaameen’ with ‘nigger’ equivalent ‘al-abeed or abd’ in short form’. Name one of their countries that came out and tell its people to call black(African) people such derogatory name is wrong or even a crime. Name one. Please show proper self censorship. Bigotry is poison and blinds even careless sensible people. The recent massacre in the Gambella region is one fruit of bigotry. Such hateful articles have nothing but undesirable consequences. Our glorious people, name any ethnic group, are known for their harmonious qualities and they all disdain for fanatismos.

  9. Observer says:

    ጠ/ሚኒስተር ሃይለማሪያም ! ጄኔራል ሳሞራ !
    ወገኖቻችንን የገደሉ , ልጆቻችንን የዘረፉት ላይ ምን እርምጃ እየተወሰደ ነው? እባካችሁ በየጊዜው አሳውቁን !

  10. ethoash says:

    this is a great teaching moment…. Ethiopian should not react instead of crank up the teaching moment and teaching those who r remain this kind of act should not be tolerated to this end we need local tv and radio that teach the people this topic could have discussed in public with public input if they have local tv and radio in their own language if they dont have tv and radio then this is a good time the Ethiopian government invest in this information age all u need is not more then 10,000 dollar u will be in business

    u can teach public in may way doing dram the same reality could have been dramatized and presented to the public to see in their own eye what happened is wrong

  11. us for us with us says:

    South Sudan as a state is short lived only for 2 years and 6 months. This is the only statehood period and experience the worst primitive people on earth ever managed to administrate their own affairs as human beings and miserably failed. They have had no statehood experience ever, no normal and settled human life, no normal human norms, values, religion, culture or tradition. They are the worst of all humanity this time with no experience how to live, behave and act not only as human beings individually, in groups but also society as a whole in a nation being part of the 21-cwentury humanity.

    How come anyone expects them to behave humanly and doping the human things in the 21-century, when these ugly and backward Nuer refugees from south Sudan are savagely attacked and mutilated Ethiopians that are delivering them with aid including accommodations, food, school and so on including the things they can’t have/get them in their own country? If Ethiopia had a functioning government and doing the right things for the sake of the nation, they would never been allowed to come in deep to the country with huge numbers that are 270.000 so far in Ethiopia. Instead they would be stopped from crossing the border the same way how the English are doing against refugees entering UK including patrolling and building fences in France’s territories to keep the refuges away from UK. Or if they were allowed to enter Ethiopia, they would be kept very close to the boarder which is the only why how to handle the situation the best ways with the mass refugees like them.

    However, because of the western conspiracy, they allowed hundreds of thousands of backward, primitive and ugly savages so called refugees coming deep in to the country 300km which is never happened this way to any country ever. Go to Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq or elsewhere and witness how they are keeping the refuges close to the boarder. But not in Ethiopia with this foreign ministry that looks like working for foreign powers agenda and plan in our country with the exchange of….

    Eritreans left Ethiopia saying blatantly and happily among the others;

    “we don’t want to be part of Ethiopia. We want to create own country called Eritrea. We don’t like you; Ethiopians. We don’t need you; Ethiopia. We waged wars against you for independent thanks to foreign powers supports. The reasons we want our country is because of we have been told to block Ethiopia from the sea and keep the oldest and ancient nation locked and poor forever. This way we will use Ethiopia to build and prosper Eritrea for us making her like Singapore.”

    No only that, after they left choosing between slavery or freedom, they started war against Ethiopia in 1998 despite they were in control in Ethiopia between 1991-1998 including Eritrea became among the top coffee exporter nations far ahead of Ethiopia although there was/is no a single coffee plant is growing in Eritrea. It was the Ethiopian coffee totally overtaken by Shabia as they were with other commodities and products in/from Ethiopia. And since 1998, they are doing everything possible on daily basis to affect our nation and citizens. The Zionists like Herman Cohen and many more from USA, UK and so on are still supporting Shabia to affect Ethiopia as they did in the past

    Yet, the Eritreans are running away from the country they created after saying to Ethiopia “we don’t need you and we don’t be part of you” and are flooding our country with mass every day. They left Ethiopia because of they want Eritrea for their own and the same time to block Ethiopia from the sea meaning to hurt her as bad and long as possible. Yet, we are welcoming them with open arm and stupid head without knowing who is who or having plan to work with them for long term solution between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Issayas is using any Ethiopian he find in Eritrea or abroad to affect Ethiopia while the Ethiopian so called government is sheltering 300.000(some says 500.000) Eritreans(200,000 refuges + other Eritreans living, educating and working in the country) but not working with them to topple the weak, isolated and toothless Shabia or at least to stop him affecting Ethiopia.

    Not only that these Eritrean refuges mainly Tigrignas are demanding many things in Ethiopia(the country they left her because of they don’t want her for anything but attacked and affected her in many ways for decades) including the things Ethiopians don’t have in their own country because of Ethiopia is not rich and so on as the westerns are. we also know the so called aid agencies and others from west are telling them to demand the kind of refugee status these so called rich people are offering in their countries because of they are rich and strong enough to do so and have all the matters under their authorities.

    We have seen some demonstrations from the Eritrean refuges in refugee camps demanding the rights in Ethiopia despite they are the ones left Ethiopia and abandoned their birth and citizenship rights in order to have own country called Eritrea but they are leaving her with mass through all directions. We know who is behind this kind behavior; not the refuges but those acting as aid agencies and … from west using those acting as refugees with goal to affect our nation with mass migrations while other nations like Kenya, Tanzania and so on are jailing when one or few Ethiopians are entering in their countries and announcing it as if it is the biggest breaking news.

    This is the best moment the Ethiopian authorities removing the refuges from Gambella town and elsewhere in the country and take them back close to the south Sudanese boarder where their homes and right are. They are savages with no human experience, conscious and future but will remain the way they are. Their numbers being more than the natives living in the area is telling how we are committing suicides because of our stupidities unable to know the evil nature of western NGOs when they advised the officials and finance the mass refugee camps deep in the country.

    South Sudan will not be in peace again in the near future. South Sudan as a nation with peace, unity and prosperity will not come in any time soon but gone forever. It is a never existing statehood before but created just like that without understanding what is going on among the 70+ Ethnic groups that are primitive and savagery within and against each others. Sudan is lucky for being free from them. Oil that was financing 97% the country budget is no longer significant and no more being seen as the greatest hope to keep the nation united and functioning normally.

    South Sudan being a peaceful, united and properly functioning nation again is gone forever only after two years and six months existence. The mistrusts, hostilities, divisions, theft, cattle rides, , children abductions, conflicts, massacres and destructions will continue as most of them don’t know better than these including against neighboring nations as they are doing in Ethiopia including savagely massacring and mutilating those delivering aids to them. They are pure savages and wild animals with no human brain or soul the way we know humanity including ourselves.

    Therefore, the Ethiopian government must have a new policy and strategy how to deal with the South Sudanese refugees knowing they are savages and wild animals and also the conflict will never stop anytime soon but will get worst for many years to come and will cause the dismantling of south Sudan as a nation. Be sure about that. So, don’t allow the refugees coming deep in the country or close to the natives including the Eritreans, Somalis, Sudanese and of course the savages and wild animals that are the south Sudanese.

  12. muleta says:

    Gambela peoples needs there own government and there own country …they have nothing in common to the rest of Ethiopians..! obang metho should work to that front separate his own people and live in peace..! ….i have witnessed mistreatment of them in addis…they need to go there own way !

  13. selass says:

    enough is enough let us raise our voice all together…Deport all S.Sudanese refugee NOW!!!!

  14. Hagos Seyoum says:

    The Root of all this Problem is EGYPT and President Isaias Afewerke through their SO call Ethiopian Opposition Messengers, Most the Ethiopian knows , we know Thousands of Ethiopians Around the world they don’t work , but they are more Richer than the hard worker Ethiopian, Because they get easy free MONEY from EGYPT and Isaias Afewerke to destroying Ethiopia, the more they disturb Ethiopia the more money they get.

  15. kurazz says:

    us for us with us,

    ‘Therefore, the Ethiopian government must have a new policy and strategy how to deal with the South Sudanese refugees knowing they are savages and wild animals and also the conflict will never stop anytime soon but will get worst for many years to come and will cause the dismantling of south Sudan as a nation. Be sure about that. So, don’t allow the refugees coming deep in the country or close to the natives including the Eritreans, Somalis, Sudanese and of course the savages and wild animals that are the south Sudanese.’

    This is what the EPRDF government should focus if Ethiopians to live in peace.It is high time Sudan and Kenya should be compelled to send back Ethiopians too.allowing Somalis and eritreans to roam freely is also a big mistake.
    extremists are hoping to ignite conflict with the help of shabia in Gondar,tigraye,gambella and wollega,all making their bases among bogus refugees in Kenya , sudan and Eritrea.

  16. THURBIL REATH says:

    thank s for you comment ato GATLUAK


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