Tedros Adhanom’s Candidature to WHO Post Backed by African Ministers


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12 Responses

  1. Observer says:

    Dr.Tedros has registered admittedly laudable efforts in the health sector and he deserves to be a competing candidate.
    I appeal to all compatriots to see this candidature not from political angle but from national perspective,beyond ethnicity and hate.
    He is not going to represent TPLF but our country and Africa at large .
    Best of luck Dr. Tedros.

  2. us we us for us says:

    What we are hoping, closely watching and eagerly waiting is the coming of the next wise, well informed, smart, confident, determine, politician and above all a patriotic foreign minister our big and ancient country deserves but has been lacking since the Great Meles’s death.

    Seyum Mesfin was appointed during the time when the political and economic situation in the country was bad and unstable and it was a very different world, too. However, he did the best jobs despite the circumstances were not ideal to us but otherwise. P.M. Hailemariam was appointed as FM during the time when the situation was much better and he did the best jobs; at least he didn’t act as if he was appointed by foreign powers to serve them as an agent in his own country.

    As we all know and it is not secret from the start but happening openly, freely and without any objections from our sides, the tiny England and USA (MI6 and CIA and many others in different names) are acting as if Ethiopia is under their feet and merci they can do anything they want in any time place in the country without fear or objections. The coming of the Zionists/Jews government in UK since 2010 has been playing very propounding implications in Ethiopia engaging in every course of life and activity the country is doing. The white house Obama who is the Zionists/Jews CEO is playing all sorts of games in Ethiopia working together with the Zionist/Jews UK government in the name of the conservative party. Others such as France, Canada, Australia, Benelux, New Zealand and the none native South Africans are following the England and USA plans and agendas in our country designed by the Zionists/Jews that are controlling the above mentioned nations. Among the others the embassies, NGOs, Charities, aid agencies and others that are in the country from these nations do run by them filled with spy agents, trouble makers, criminals…..

    The reason why they managed to behave and act the way they are doing in our country is because of the greatest Meles was dead as they were wishing to see him disappear this way because of he was standing between them and our nation. The wolves were waiting the shepherd to leave in order to kill and eat the deer in the cold without protection. The foreign ministry that is responsible about each and every foreign nation involvement including those coming in the country, has been doing the worst ever foreign ministry jobs our nation ever did in her long history. It acts as if it is serving the bad foreigners(UK, USA and west in general) that have been causing lots of damages including time to time riots such as Semayawi party(in front of 24 embassies speech the document written by foreigners) and slave wahabbists, Ambo violence and the recent violence in some part of Ethiopia that was getting none stop inflammatory and full of lies foreign media supports/coverage operated by the Zionists/Jews so called medias in the name of the old BBC which is the mother of all evil medias and run by the Zionists including the management, VOA(CIA), Bloomberg, Reuters, Guardian, yahoo.com and you name it and all of them are controlled, owned and run by the Zionists using them for their own agenda and plan in the countries and world at large.

    As many as saying the current Ethiopian foreign ministry is acting and doing the things as if it is appointed by the tiny England/MI6 and USA/CIA. We still have no answer why this one instead of the one who was experienced among the others being an Ethiopian ambassador in USA, EU and most importantly he is a wise, competent and patriotic Ethiopian was not appointed as foreign ministry. If he had been appointed by Ethiopians to serve Ethiopia, for sure the mistakes this foreign ministry did/doing would never happen and our Ethiopia would be saved at least to some levels from the constant attacks and all out media wars, influences and interference coming from the west but almost everything is done/happening by the Zionists/Jews some of them are in the country as we speak acting normal, innocent and peaceful which is not their nature at all but part of the game they are playing to score the goals the reason why they are there the first place.

    We are hoping this time Ethiopia will not get a foreign ministry appointed by the Tiny England/MI6 … and USA/CIA….. as it was the case in the previous one to serve them as an agent in own country. They are too demonic smart creatures keeping always watching and following closely every opportunity to act. They used the Meles’s death and the situation in the country as best opportunities to act for their advantages causing lots of problems ever since involving and interfering in the country internal as well as external affairs using manipulations, lies, propaganda wars, NGOs, Charities, aid agencies and of course their so called embassies that are not doing the embassy jobs but……

    Death to all the Zionists/Jews controlled, owned and run many making corporate Medias and criminal journalists including the mother of all evil Medias which is BBC that is the Establishment/state owned but run by the Zionists/Jews. There is nothing the Zionists/Jews so called Medias and Journalists to offer but everything tehy stands for and doing is bad, negative and damaging. They are the enemies worse than the Sunni terrorists. The self created era that is allowing them talking about others and worst than that coming in the countries in the name of media and journalism must be over. They must be seen as the worst enemies humanity is facing and Ethiopia is the worst and longest victim of these Zionists/Jews evils some of them are still in the country in the name of media and journalism, too. Their criminal era had to be end during the time when it was started.

  3. Aman says:

    Great man. I cross my fingers for you.

  4. Yo nas says:

    He is deserved to be a boss of WHO.

  5. Muchie says:

    “እባብን እግዚአብሔር ልቡን አይቶ እግር ነሳው።” የሚለው አባባል አሜሪካን አገር መሽጎ፣ የአገር ሉዓላዊነትንም ይሁን የኢትዮጵያ ሕዝቦች ለጉዳት የሚጥል ማናቸውም አደጋ በስመ ተቃውሞ በየዌብስቱና ለአላፊ አግዳሚ ሁሉ በመለፍለፍ በዓለም ታሪክ ውስጥ የመጀመርያዎቹ ለሆኑት ይበልጥ ይገልፃቸዋል። ውጭ ሀገር ሰለኖሩ ብቻ ራሳቸውን አግዝፈው፣ አእምሮአቸው ግን በጣም የወረደ ነው። “መሸጥ የለመደ እናቱን ያስማማል” እንደሚባለው። ከወቅቱ ወዳጅ ተብዬዎቻቸው ኤርትራውያን እንክዋን መማር አልቻሉም የሀገር ምስጠር እንደተነፈሰ ጎማ ይነዛሉ። ይህ ለማለት ያበቃኝ ሰሞኑን ዶ/ር ቴዎድሮስ አድሃኖም ለዓለም አቀፉ የጤና ድርጀት መታጨት እንደእግር እሣት እንዳንገበገባቸው በሚነዙት ፕሮፖጋንዳ ይመሰክራል። ለነገሩ ዶ/ር ቴዎድሮስ እንድነሱ በየካፈው ሀሜትና በሬ ወለደ ወሬ እያናፍሰ ሳይሆን ብዙ ሊቆች በተገኙበት መድረክ ራሱን ያስምስከረ ኢትዮጵያዊ ነው።

  6. seyoum says:

    Personal details

    1965 (age 50–51)
    Asmara, Eritrea

    Political party
    Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front

    Other political
    Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front

    His doctorate is not medical but PhD Only with Md can have a chance to be there
    University of Asmara (BSc)
    London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (MSc)
    University of Nottingham (PhD)

    • Beza says:

      One of dummy diaspora welfare collector opponent. What do you know about medical PHD and others. You heard this from that sick Radio of Artera, ESAT. He has doctoral in Tropical disease study. Always you are downing people if you think they are not going in your path. You will not succeed in this way. He is half Eritrean so what? Birhanu Negadew yiwedader satilu atkerum enante. He will be nominated, your negative campaign will help him. He is the most qualified person and capable doing it. Get a life you idiots.

    • Solomon says:

      Mr Seyoum,what it that means.
      Did you know any eritean have the right to be ethiopian. Because there were no such thing eritean before banda Minke sold tigray ethiopian land to Italian.
      Did you know there were no such thing eritean during the really king of kings Yohans.
      Unlike banda Minke, yohans died for his country.
      Did you know banda essayass Afwerk is pure tigrawiy ethiopian, ?
      What are you going to say about it now,I hope you have an answer.

  7. Muchie says:

    The so called toxic Diaspora intellectuals??? have never such a dream not alone to apply to and compete. Their strength is always hate, fabrication, denials, lies, disagreement on either Ethiomedia, ESAT or VOA Amharic.

    • Muchie says:

      The so called toxic Diaspora intellectuals??? has never dream and have such an objective to apply and compete for international positions. Their strength is always in hate, fabrication, denials, lies, disagreement on either Ethiomedia, ESAT or VOA Amharic.

  8. Muchie says:

    The so called toxic Diaspora intellectuals??? has never dream and have such an objective to apply and compete. Their strength is always in hate, fabrication, denials, lies, disagreement on either Ethiomedia, ESAT or VOA Amharic.

  9. yeheyis says:

    Teddy , he has really pleasant personality to fit for the post in the World health organization . i only know him in media and informal taks . he was very symphattic to people during ethiopians expell from soudi arabia with bad exprence and his contribution in well coming and treatement to deported ethiopians were so great !!

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