Ministry of Education Declares Cancelation of Grade 12th Entrance Exam


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13 Responses

  1. billfree says:

    DONE. when the government refuse to postpone the exam for the students of Oromo thanks to Jawar Mohammed and his network in oromiya the exam is stolen and posted on social media. now the government should learn from his mistakes.

  2. Fekadu Germeskel says:

    Dear Mr dawite ,
    All the time you’re the first for current news.

  3. abe says:

    Who is responsible for this? Any one?
    Is there any tangible accountability?
    If there is any,the minister would have been fired on the spot.

  4. ethoash says:

    Minister Shiferaw Shigute

    the solution is easy

    1. reshuffle the question

    for example

    Student number one get exam number order 12345678
    Student number two will get exam number order 87654321 u see all u need is reshuffle the questioner but all the question remain the same but their number order reshuffled

    so Student number one cant cheat from student number two because both exam order list r totally different

    2. in America if u want to study for driver licence the exam r on line … u going to get the same exam but the order that appeared reshuffled so u have to remember all the question to get the answer right that means it is good enough if u remember the question that means u study it enough to pass ….so if 1000 question posted on the internet and if the exam come form those question by reshuffling them the student will study harder to know the exam that is what we want anyhow ….

    3rd it is hight time for Ethiopian government and Ethiopian embassy to sue ATO JOYWAR for criminal activity if not for copyright valuation even Ethiopian govt. lose at least we can show the oromo youth Ethiopia government still can drag JOYWAR to court ….if anything fail we can manage to destroy JOYWAR aura of invincibility

    LAST if the oromo student want to post pond the exam it is would be their lose because they already wasted 6 month now they going to lose another 6 month that means they going to lose one years in way they like it or not they are who going to lose

    as i said all the exam must be reshuffled and reprinted with barcode and the student write his number and the which exam he take because all the exam r numbered and they will matched once the exam done the answer sheet will be sorted by their codenumber using scanner and they will be corrected using their own answer by matching their barcode

  5. ethoash says:


    TO Minister Shiferaw Shigute

    the solution

    let say we have 9 region and 230 District village

    now if we have 230 set of exam that reshuffled for each district

    if we have leak we know who leaked it

    let say educational minister have one central place they print the exam and ship it to 230 location that means each location will get their own set of exam so if that exam leaked we know who leaked it then we can hold responsible the district that leaked it

    as of now we dont know who leak it because anyone could have leaked it and we have no way of know who did it

    the second advantage of reshuffling for each district even if x distract leak it we only have to cancel that district exam not the entire exam because none of them will be affected by leak somewhere else

  6. Kikiki says:

    ethoash, please go for English class. You are making so many grammar mistakes or go back home and take the English test with the students again.

    • AA says:

      Yes KiKiKi, you are quite right…
      We have to keep the grammar. All of us know that English is not our language. But,for the sake of safety we have to use it in the right way. Unless, it is better if we use Amharic instead.

  7. ethoash says:

    PART IIi

    TO Minister Shiferaw Shigute

    the solution

    i am thinking how to save cost of transportation of the exam to all district
    i heard it cost almost over 200 million birr so how we can save many by using digital technology

    the test can be printed at 9 regional state by sending digital copy to them ….

    based on the Educational Minister comfort level we can even use internet to send to all 250 village and printed with barcode that mean no one can reprint or copy the exam because all r have unique barcode
    i am not saying 100% foolproof but it is much better then what we r doing now

    we can study how other nation do it because exam cheating is every where even in japan and linida let see how they try to prevent exam cheat ….

  8. ethoash says:

    Dear KKK,

    I cheated in my English exam.. do u love my fix

    How about paperless exam .?digital exam?

  9. Equbay G/yowhanes says:

    How are You Mr. Dawit kebede ?
    I thank you for your valuable commitment and balanced forecasting news,in my understanding you give a value for your profession ,that is what we expect contribution from rational journalist. keep it up! I respect & appreciate You

  10. Habtamu S says:

    ሌብነት ነውር ነው። መቼም ከ17 ዓመት በሗላ ሌቦቹ ፊልም እንደማይሰሩበት ማረጋገጥ አይቻልም።

  11. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    Will anyone be proud of stealing? When did stealing become a virtue? How low some people with twisted mind get low?

  12. yosef says:

    Sorry guys! I am different to say: for me such kind of information for my country ,been exposed for unlimited bactrea, is a big crise, crises in skill or porfession and capital ….it couldn’t be pass enough this big event in as a shame one, individual says t

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