Ethiopian Forces Send 245 Al-Shabaab militants to Hell in a Counterattack


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14 Responses

  1. us with us for us says:

    This is the best news to all Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia while the saddest day to the Ethiopian enemies including corporate criminal western medias and those so called NGOs, Charities, Aid agencies and the likes.

    “The Ethiopian base in Somalia overrun by Al Shebab. 30, 43, 60….Soldiers killed. Al Shebab spoken person told us….”

    This was among the many lies, misleading and as usual propaganda wars against Ethiopia none stop and all over the world vomited by the Zionists/Jews monopolized criminal medias including, BBC (MI6,) VOA (CIA), AP and so on without contacting the Ethiopian officials or independently verifying the story coming from a terrorist. Their evil action this time also telling they are working for the terrorists and having secret relations with them for common agendas. Of course the terrorists are created by the west (particularly USA and UK) where the Zionists/Jews Medias are coming from.

    They were acting as if it was their best day to celebrate and nice story to hear from a terrorist behaving exactly how evils and enemies are towards Ethiopia. Making it happen, hearing and witnessing the bad and worst stories and things about Ethiopia looks like the reason why they are around. We know how they are using the El Niño effect for their advantage and against our country including the corporate Medias and the dark forces such as so called NGOs, Charities, aid agencies and the likes where all of them are working together for the bad and worst of our nation.

    You see, they are none stop vomiting false stories about it mentioning an Al shebab terrorist had told them through phone. But when the Ethiopians including officials and solders came out and told the truth about including showing everything in pictures such as the dead terrorists including the none African one and all sorts of heavy weapons and equipments, the Zionists/Jews monopolized medias seem have no ear to hear or see what the Ethiopians are saying and showing about the truth and facts on the ground. They seem are feeling sad and bad about; way things were not happened the way the Al shebab terrorist false stories made them happy to hear that way about when it comes to Ethiopia.

    Death to all the Zionists/Jews monopolized medias including, BBC, Reuters, VOA, IBT, Guardian, Bloomberg, AP( An Ethiopian Banda is working for them), New York Times, Washington post and the rest that are thousands.

    CCTV must continue covering the truth as it was said by Ethiopians on EBC based on facts and realities supported by films and videos. Let’s boycott the Zionists/Jews monopolized criminal Medias and any filmed, written or spoken material coming from them. . It will happen this way worldwide. It is just about the matter of time.

    • TEO says:

      Hey you looser shabia go to Eritrean website and write your trash comment. Half truth isn’t the whole truth and you use this to create a false perception that Ethiopians have issues with the Jews. Get lost from Ethiopian websites!

    • Berhane says:

      You have a right to express your opinion but, why do you keep hating others? The Jews are people like everyone else. Try widening your horizons a bit. Most media corporations are owned by shareholders,run by board of directors.

    • ethiopia says:

      SO where was the Ethiopian defenece force when disorganized militia with Kalashnikov over run a dozen Gambella village killing and kidnapping looting and walks out with out a scratch like a walk in park……..i know you will remove this comment ….anyways awramba times lost its credibility long time ago

  2. Hager says:

    እንኳን አሸባሪ ፋሽስት መች ረታው
    የኢትዮጰያ ጦር ስመ ትልቅ ጀግናው
    በቀልድ መሰላቸው የኢትዮጰያ ነፃነት?
    ጀግናው ለዘመናት ከፍሎ ነው መሰዋዕት
    እሱ እንጂ መሳሪያው መች ተዋግቶ ያውቃል
    በጎራዴ ሲቆርጥ፡ በገመድም ያንቃል
    ልቡ ነው ተራራ፡ ዘዴኛና ደፋር
    ራስ የሚሰዋ የሚያልፍ በክብር

    እሱ የማይነካ ሲነኩት የሚፈጅ
    ለጠላቱ መርዶ ለወዳጁ ወዳጅ
    ተዋቸው ይዋሹ፡ ይመኙለት መጥፎ
    ንብ ነው ለወገኑ፡ ለሀገር ማር ቀፎ
    ዛሬም እንደ ሁሌም ጀገንሁ፡ ኮራሁበት
    ከደረጃው ሁሉ ከላይ አወጣሁት
    በደስታ ፈነደቅሁ፣ ዋጠኝ መልካም ስሜት
    ጎንበስ፡ ቀና እያልሁኝ ሰላምታ ሰጠሁት

    የኢትዮጰያ ጦር ሁሌም ታሪክ ሰሪ
    በራሱ የበቃ ከሱ ጋር ፈጣሪ
    ሌላው ሌላው ቢቀር አድዋ ይመስክር
    ነጭን ያሸነፈ የመጀመሪያ ጦር
    እንኳን አሁንና አለም ተቀያይሮ
    ድሮስ ማን ረታው፡ ታይቶ ያውቃል አፍሮ
    አሁንም እንደ ሁሌ ጀገንሁ፡ ኮራሁበት
    ህያው ለዘላም፡ ታላቅ ክብር ሸለምሁት፡፡

  3. us for us with us says:

    323 terrorists have been killed and many more captures so far.

    It is 248 during the failed attack and 75 since the heroic Ethiopian solders are starting mercilessly hunting down the terrorists following the attack. That means the total of 323 terrorists are killed so far and it is continuing while many others are captured. It is happened as a real and final suicide mission for its total destruction when al shebab is decided to attack the brave and heroic Ethiopian solders base. And it is now getting its total destruction with no place to hide in the region the Ethiopian army is presence. The Ethiopian army is continuing hunting them down finding them all over the places they are hiding like rats.

    Al Shebab and its backers had/have no idea about the true nature of the Ethiopian army and Ethiopians in general. The Ethiopian solders have nothing in common with that of the Kenyans that are engaging with criminal activities including contraband and black market treading such as sugar, charcoal, weapons and anything that is sellable while they are in the country to fight the terrorist in the name of AMISOM.

    We have seen how many heavy weapons and equipments alshebab had tried to use against the Ethiopian base and the heroic Ethiopian solders foiled it and disarmed and killed the terrorist before they caused damages the ways it did against others like the Kenyans in many occasions including killing more than 151 (200) soldiers in one attack and destroyed the base and got it under their control.

    Although they had military stile heavy weapons and sophisticated equipments and 400 hundreds of them were participated attacking from 4 sides, they didn’t succeed the ways they had planned and had succeed the ways they did to others in the past in many occasions. The heroic Ethiopian army didn’t only foil their terrorist attack but are now hunting them down all over the places the army is presence. Al Shabab is so stupid, they started the fire thinking Ethiopians are easy that of like the Kenyans and others. But that fire is now burning them to the end. Be sure, the Ethiopian army will never stop until it destroyed the entire terrorist networks that are fret to the army, our country, and the Somali people.

    Last Tuesday (7/6/2016) was a report saying “Amisom solders in Somalia are selling weapons, equipments, uniform and food to the alshebab.”

    -So, who are those AMISOM solders selling those things to the terrorists?
    -Who are those behind the terrorists facilitated them to commit this failed attack?
    - Are individuals/securities from the neighboring nation(s) or elsewhere involved with it for political reasons because of they have been attacked many times and badly defeated in the past but never happened to Ethiopia?
    -This is also happened days after the English Foreign minister presence in the area in the name of fighting the al shebab and the English solders presence in Somalia was reviled despite they have been there for long time and they have the military base in Kenya since 1907.

    The first job is done with heroism and with less sacrifices than the terrorists were anticipated despite they had made preparations and participation the ways they never did before against any force. They know all along how the Ethiopian army is hardened fighter and brave heroes unlike others that are badly defeated by alshebab in many occasions with few terrorists participations using simple weapons and retarded equipments.

    We know the Ethiopian securities, armies, government and even individuals are doing their jobs secretly to identify who was behind the terrorists including from where came those heavy weapons and sophisticated equipments. It is important to find out the truth behind knowing Al shebab is already isolated has no capacity to be that way. The situation is an indication telling about the existence of dark forces supporting it from behind/secretly to cause this failed attack. The west including USA and UK are in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Tunisia, South Sudan, Nigeria, Mali and all nations that are under attack by the terrorist. Their presence is not to defeat the terrorists and bring the ever lasting peace in the countries and regions but to make sure the situations continue as it is or making it worse based on their agenda, plan and benefits. .

    So, the UK presence in Somalia is not about to bring the ever lasting solution but to make sure Al Shebab and other terrorists remain active there in order to affect Somalia and neighboring nations including Ethiopia. The Ethiopian army is in Somalia for years including during the time when Al shebab was controlling almost all Somalia and had more powers than what is now. But it didn’t try to attack the heroic Ethiopian army even once but run away to escape.

    So, why is this happened this time which is few days after the English foreign minister visit in the region in the name of fighting al shebab and the presence of the English solders in Somalia is announced?

    The Ethiopian securities need to find out who is behind the terrorists and also must not trust, believe or relay on the English solders or security for anything including those in Somalia as well as in South Sudan. Their military base in Kenya and sera lion is really a fret to the Africans, although it is serving as a training centre for the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Mali and all over the places they are involved without invited but by themselves. All the nations where the west (UK and USA) forces are present will continue suffer because of the continuity of wars and conflicts that are giving indications the terrorists are created and supported by them.

    UK, USA and the west will do everything in their power to keep al Shebab alive and making the situation it possible the terrorist able to cause attacks time to time the way we see this week in order to stay in the country in the name of fighting terrorism. The reason why EU/UN didn’t support AMISOM financially is because of they don’t want Al shebab to be completely defeated and disappear for good and as a result Somali and the region become free from the terrorists. Terrorists are benefiting them in many ways while badly affecting their own nations and regions.

    Ethiopia, the region and Africa as a whole must aware the none African forces presence in Somalia as well as Kenya, Sierra Leone, and South Sudan and elsewhere in the continent. They are not there to fight the terrorist but using the terrorist for their agenda and plan in individual countries, regions and the continent as a whole.

  4. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    The same should be done to the other demon in Asmara. I am proud of these countrymen soldiers for such heroic counter attack. I hope they will repeat the same feat in the North and relegate to the dustbin this Dracula in Asmara who has been hatching every imaginable ploy to rip our harmonious people apart in a bloodshed never seen before. Now his demonic behind has been requested by the UN panel to be sent to The Hague. Singaporean Eritrea? My foot!!!!

  5. Sami says:

    Where is ESAT seber zena. ? They never talk about good thing about Ethiopia . Every time thier seber zena is bad about Ethiopia. ESAT is shibiya mouth piece ,and financed by Egypt .

    • Balageru Belete says:

      Dear Sami, give up on ESAT, since they are bought by Eritrea and Egypt. It is understandable that if they work 24/7 for their employers.
      I don’t mind if they don’t love EPRDF, but it is mind boggling that they willfully cooperated with the enemy of their country. It is incomprehensible that they are reporting the gains of terrorists but mum when it comes to their loss. That’s what we call it gutter journalism.

  6. Borkena says:

    How many TPLF soldiers are sent to hell by al Shabbatb ? And how many Oromos did your uncles killed in Oromia ?if you tell us these, that makes your news balanced and otherwise as I can see you will soon officially declare yourself woyanne which I think is better than you mock on the name of journalism

  7. Hager says:

    ጀግናው የሀገር ጦር

    እሳት ነው የጫረ እስከሚያር አቃጥለው
    አንተነትህን ይወቅ በደም ስሩ ይግባው
    አጥፍቶ ጠፊ ነው በህይዎት አትማርከው
    እራስ፡ ልቡን እያልህ ከሲኦል ክተተው
    በገባበት ገብተህ እያሳደድህ አጥፋው
    የጀግናዎች ጀግና መሆንህ ይረዳው
    አንተን መፈታተን እንዳይችል ዳግመኛ
    በጭካኔ ቅጣው ያን አጥፊ አመፀኛ

    የኢትዮጰያ ወታደር ምንድን ይሆነዋል
    ገንዘብ፡ ንብረት ሳይሆን ክብር ይበጀዋል
    ውለታው ነው ታላቅ በሰው የማይካስ
    ፍፁምነት ያለው የሚመስል ቅዱስ
    ጠላት የሚቀጣ ወዳጅ የሚረዳ
    አጣርቶ ሳያውቅ የማያምን ባዕዳ
    በኢትዮጰያ ቀናሁ በህዝቧ ተመካሁ
    ጀግና ሰራዊቷን በገድል እያየሁ

    ጀግናው የህዝብ ልጅ ጦር ፡ ጎበዙ ወታደር
    ከሁሉም በላይ ነው የአንተ ጥቅም ለሀገር
    የሀገር ዳር ድንበር፡ ሰላም ወጥቶ መግባት
    የተቆራኜ ነው ከአንተ ተግባር፡ ድርጊት
    ያለብህ አደራ ታላቅ የሀገር ጉዳይ
    ህዝብ በአንተ ተማምኖ ይፀልያል ለላይ
    ለጠላት አትራራ ጊዜ፡ ቦታ አትምረጥ
    እያሳደድህ አጥፋው እርፎ እስከሚቀመጥ

    እንኳን አሸባሪ የሚያመልክ በሰይጣን
    ሌላውስ መች ቻለ በጦር ሜዳ ረታን
    ምንም አትራራለት ጊዜ፡ ቦታ አትስጠው
    እንደ አይጥ እያየህ፡ እንደ በሽታ አጥፋው፡
    እንዳትዘናጋ፡ ለአንዴም እንዳትረሳ
    ታላቅ እንደ ዝሆን፡ ብልጥ እንደ ነብር፡ እንደ ሆንህ አንበሳ
    ደረጃህ ነው ከላይ ጠላትህ ከእግርህ ስር
    ጨክነህ ቅበረው በአንተ ስም ሲቆፍር፡፡


    በHager ስም አውራ አምባን ጨምሮ በማህበራዊ መገናኛ ድህረ ገጾች የሚወጡ ግጥሞችን ለመልካም አስቦ እስከሆነ ድረስ ማንም ለምንም ጉዳይ በሚፈልገው መልክ መጠቀም ይችላል፡፡

  8. ethiopia says:

    SO where was the Ethiopian defenece force when disorganized militia with Kalashnikov over run a dozen Gambella village killing and kidnapping looting and walks out with out a scratch like a walk in park……..i know you will remove this comment ….anyways awramba times lost its credibility long time ago

  9. Faith says:

    Ethiopian commanders himself report al shaaba death toll to be 120

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