Eritrea Admits Border Battle with Ethiopia in Tsorona Front


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63 Responses

  1. Henock says:

    mmmmm. This is a mock that dictators use it to divert any pressure from in and outside. Ethiopia has to made a historical change in policy over Eritrea– just remove it.

    • Yirga says:

      First off you illiterate unethical twine, before you go talking about a subject that is none of your concern I suggest that you get educated on grammar. Second if you are able to provide hard core facts that this is a “mock” as you say before you make any suggestions that are again none of your concern maybe just maybe people would take your illogical opinion into consideration! Awet N’hafash

      • solo says:

        lol where is the ebst grammer then? amed be duket yisikal alu ,,damn fat monkey

        • bb says:

          SHINTO, let me tell you something if you can understand me, your master Shabia and Genbot 7 will not exist anymore soon.

      • AW says:

        Ha! Ha! May Ka! Ka!. Yirga do you say you have spelled it well. Punctuate you essay first before advising Henock to learn grammar. Any way English is not our culture.

  2. 2-Cent says:

    I am certain there was credible reason for Ethiopia to take military action against the shabia regime. But what I don’t understand is the deafening silence from the Ethiopian side. Didn’t they learn from the 1998-2000 Ethiopia Eritrea war that silence could mean guilt.

  3. Jumbo says:

    Weyane terrorists need to be dealt with, once and for all.

    • Solomon says:

      Shot the fuck up banda jumbo.
      Go sell your ass to Italian just like your forefathers.

    • bb says:

      Jumbo, here is going to happen soon:
      1. Our Ethiopian defense force will eliminate the terrorist Alshibab
      2.Our Ethiopian defense force will eliminate the terrorist Genbot 7
      And most of all
      3. Our Ethiopian defense force will eliminate Shabia
      God bless Ethiopia and USA

  4. Isayas says:

    They will give their reason when the attack fails miserably as always.

  5. Jumbo says:

    They are trying to deflect from their crimes against the Amhara and Oromo people

  6. mguss says:

    we will see for feuhcer.god help tgrina speker

  7. wedinkafa says:

    Woy-ane is preparing for its grave.

  8. Be ewnetu says:

    At least block the Tesanay-Kesala road to hhalt Gim6+1 terrorists. And also cut the road from Massawa to Ti’eo /just 20 km in side/ to support Readsea Afar movemet. plus Bomb Sawa training camp to smell the smoke for Egyptian commanders…. No turn back like before. Assab is in the hand of Arabs. You never know about Djibouti stance. What does Saudi base mean for Ethiopia outlet for future? It’s life treatment or threatened.. .. this issue is secondary of for defend our selves….

  9. daruma says:

    I do not think Tplf will have the full support of the whole Ethiopians at this time. Tplf is on its own.

    • mirach says:

      Mr.Daruma ,the mouth piece of ESAT,no body as fool as you who plays with fire..the unity of Ethiopians is ever as strong as a stone .

  10. Amor says:

    TPLF regime credibility online. All TPLF leaders have been telling their supporters that if shabia started a war, it will be the end of shabia! Walla, your dream have come true! Shabia started the war, will you fight it out or hide behind the skirt of non government websites and rema8n quite! There is no going back now eit her fight it out or your threats were empty bravado….your tarnished credibility is online…
    And will the Amharas and oromos who have been used as canon fodders by respective Ethiopian regimes say enough is enough or keep shed their blood for war lords who oppresses them…so many credibilities online…as G7 supporter this is a windfall for us…the two groups that destroyed ethiopia are now at each other’s throat…yessssss!!

    • mirach says:

      You are pure stupid man or woman.There is no regime in Ethiopia other than EPRDF.

    • Agame says:

      Mr.Amor, Ethiopia will not fight with failed country.You are going to colonized by Areb counties. You have nothing. Ethiopia will not get any benefit fighithing with your Asmera gang leaders. Are you happy 5000 people are escaping every month from your country? Did you forget the Badme war your humilated by Ethiopian Army. By the way I don’t belive war is a solution if your leaders were civilized it was better to solve on table. Eritreans you have to wake up your long strugle is taken by a few Asmera Gangsters.

    • bb says:

      Dummy foolish Shabia or Genbot 7 you will be history soon.

  11. Flipos Kidane says:

    Distraction by the Stupid Eritrean gov’t..!!

  12. Yonas says:

    I am Eritrean and we are getting to get ride of the dictator. Ethiopia needs to restrain itself and help the real opposition that’s is on the ground, you know who it is. The dictator is trying to use this war with Ethiopia as a way to justify all the abuse he has been causing against Eritrean youth and anyone that challenges him. He is using the threat against Ethiopia for the iron grip. Now Ethiopia should not walk in to his game. Stay away and watch him get hung by Eritreans and International organization that support human rights. If Ethiopia counter attacks, then he will use the show to get the tiny support he has. He is playing a game, we all know his game. He is not fooling anyone but himself now. He made his own troupe week, he divided the people because he use force and conning means. He has no support from the true Eritreans, he has the some regional and bunch of idiots behind him so he can’t possibly win. Ethiopia pls don’t attack our youth only target him and his little puppets, the youth are serving by force, so it would be injustice to order full military attack, you have to give the soldiers a way to scape from this dictator. Ethiopia and Eritreans are descendent of the same people so we always have to remember that. Let’s just get ride of the cancers in our societies.

    • AW says:

      Are you sure? why wait so long then. It was Eritreans who fought for liberty. We were not such bad people for our brothers. When will Isayas die? I wish him death soon.

  13. Tedros says:

    They thought sanction make us weak , but we don’t need war, b/c Eritrean people and the government knows the result of war , is nothing . Unless for the death of innocent people . Learn from ’98 -2000 weyane they do not care about their people

  14. tesfa says:

    no war for this poor nation!!!!

  15. Gezaheng Lemma says:

    no one will be benefited from War ,Eriterians are our brother , we have seen how much seriya has been destroyed ..we have to learn from them ‘ bilt lijje ke mongoch Tifat yemaral,Esayasm Bilt new blom degmo Hailemariam endihum lelochu.

  16. us for us with us says:

    -How many terrorist groups are sheltering in Eritrea supported by Shabia?
    -How many times Shabia sent terrorist groups against Ethiopia and all of them are killed or jailed by the brave Ethiopian security forces before causing any damages?
    -How many Eritreans are flooding the country everyday through every corner of the country despite there is a shoot and kill shabia policy against own citizens?
    -How many thousands Eritrean refuge mothers, children, youth, farmers, solders, laborers,…. and so on are in refugee camps in Ethiopia, Sudan and all over the world including in Europe 47.000 only in 2015?
    - The lists that contain the type and number of shabia crimes within and neighboring nations is long.

    So, for how long Ethiopia(the primary target), Sudan, Djibouti, the region, Africa and the world as a whole is giving time and keeping silent towards a life time terrorist who became a kind of Government despite there has been no what so ever election, no constitution or parliament in Eritrea? Europe and the rest are suffering because of the mass Eritrean refuges which is number two in the world despite it is a tiny country with only 4.5 million people.

    The Ethiopian people must listen and answer the Ethiopian people question and call to confront and stop each and every terrorist attack shabia is doing directly or indirectly including supporting the Islamic terrorists like Al shebab.

    Issayas is now in UN wanted criminal list to indict him to the ICC as UN declared him and his shabia retarded criminal group with crimes against humanity. The Ethiopian military has so many legitimate reasons and international supports including UN and AU to confront Shabia. Use Eritrean refuges in Ethiopia where about 41.000 of them are solders and x. solders in the endless and harsh Eritrean forced military system for 18 years.


    This is not 1998 or 2000 or even 2010 but 2016. Shabia has never been so weak, lonely, isolated and hated including when it was a rebel as it is today. The whole world is witnessing how Eritreans do hate and run away from Shabia choosing being refuges or dying in the Saharan desert including with Organ harvesting in Egypt Sinai(more than 4000 of them passed away this way) or dragged in the Mediterranean sea while trying to reach Europe.

    If Ethiopia make some efforts using media to tell Eritreans that they are not alone and the Ethiopian force is determine to confront Shabia, issaya’s so called Eritrean force will desert him massively within days and the people will rise up against it. The people know Ethiopia is not their enemy but country. That is why they are flooding to Ethiopia massively everyday opposing and exposing the shabias lies using Ethiopia as a case to stay in power.

    The Ethiopian government must listen and answer the Ethiopian people question and call to confront Shabia decisively in order to stop its terrorism activities against our nation and citizens which is going on for years with no success but all failed attempts.

    • abel melese says:

      I am glad if the Agazi terror group are wasted on the war. This time the war will be between the Tigray and the Ertirean people, Ethiopians never fight for Tigre fascism. It is not 1998 any more, it is 2016. For sure most of the Ethiopian will support the Ertirean government to abolish the worst Tigre fascism in our life time. But, I doubt the TPLF will take that risk!!! TPLF knows what kind of crime it has been committing in Oromia, Amhara, Ogaden, Gambella …etc. One way or the other TPLF will not survive the people uprising. This is just to sooth some Tigre hardliners that are pushing to see the war. As I said, after two days, we will se the usual phrase from the Tigre fascist saying “Tematategn ermga wasdanal?. We used to this phrase many times. I don’t expect otherwise this time. I wish if the war broke, it will be the end of Tigre fascism on Ethiopian soil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Usama says:

    Please we need peace.
    The war brings only nothing except all bad.
    Let we save our young people life, let we think how our people bring them
    out from poverty.
    When the other world thinking to reach a moon or mars we destructed our country and our region by the weapon which we don’t made it. So
    Please we need peace…….!

  18. Mulugeta says:

    Dear Eritrean Brothers & sisters ! I am an Ethiopian. I oppose any war in any corner of the world. But sometimes war is nessesary when you are living under brutual Diktator like issayas afeworki. I believe no people in the world have suffered like Eritreans.This war is not only about peace for Ethiopia & neighboring countries , it is also very important for the freedom of Eritrean people. This devil must be killed.
    God bless the people of Ethiopia & Eritrea !

  19. ethoash says:

    we cant prove beyond the reasonable doubt who started the war if both say the other started

    but Ethiopia have benefit of the doubt for the following reason

    1. Eritrea took our helicopter this by itself ground for war

    2. Eritrea support and hosting Ethiopian domestic enemy AGE77, AND OLD

    3. Eritrea support ESAT

    4. Eritrea support Egypt over Nile river what is Eritrea business to support or not to support

    5. Eritrea rat on Ethiopia when it was accused of human right abuse what is Eritrea business to rat on us

    6. Eritrea should cease and desist

    now the solution

    1. return our helicopter arrest the captain who stolen the helicopter and face justice in Ethiopia by his lawyer and if he lose his case arrest him and jail him in Eritrea once he finished his jail time he can apply for refugee

    2. close all AGE77 AND OLD office

    3. stop supporting ESAT

    4. cease and desist

    5. for damage cause by supporting Egypt over Nile and rating on us pay kassa then cease and desist never even call our name

    • Behalebe says:

      … and your inferior complexity is killing you too! Sorry you are malnourished Tigre, not Eritrean. Go and kill the poor Oromos and Amharas, not the sons Eritrea!

  20. us for us with us says:


    you was wrong saying “Isaias Afeworki Launches Full-scale Ground Invasion of Ethiopia, in retaliation to recent UN report”

    However, no one has the reason to accuse you for doing that. Because it is impossible to say you are having in you that is making you capable of being intentionally laying for anything that would have any bad or negatively implication against our country knowing you are a street forward true and hard working Ethiopia always thinking positive and doing the best for the nation.

    You have the right to say anything you want about your own country (of course responsibly and with care) and people you belong to them and they belong to you, as well. The problem is the far away strange, deep rooted racists and greedy evil Zionists/Jews monopolized criminal Medias are now happily using your unverified story under the title “Isaias Afeworki Launches Full-scale Ground Invasion of Ethiopia, in retaliation to recent UN report” thinking their harvest time is coming as usual following wars, killings, displacements, refuges and destructions in other countries because of their direct as well as indirect involvements including their media propaganda war to inflame it.

    When they see the situations would reach that way, they have no time to rest or mind to think other than doing the propaganda jobs to make sure the war, killings, sufferings and destructions continue and making billions from and become the centre of the story where the medias are theirs, the journalists are them, the so called experts and gusts are them while talking about others they have nothing to do with including white people that were once committed Christians with useful values, norms and ethics before the Zionists intentionally destroyed them religiously, morally, culturally and you name it through intentional mass migration from the Middle east and Muslim nations along sides using medias and entertainments.

    This way they are killing and destroying all sides including the Middle East and Muslim nations, too as they do to Europe/white people and the rest of the world. When others are fighting and hating against each other because of the reasons the Zionists/Jews are intentionally creating them, they become free to do anything they want and benefits from both sides. This is the game they are playing for centuries and in this era they are using corporate medias, journalism, entertainment, Trade, banking, finance, hedge/equity funds, UN, EU, IMF, WB, WTO, politics and you name it. Go to USA, England, France, Benelux, Canada, Australia, even Germany and other nations and look at what is going on there because of them and they being in total control in all aspects.

    Any Ethiopian journalist, media including social media and entertainment industry must no learn anything from the way how the Zionists/Jews are doing in these activities, too as they do with others including in the name of banks, finance, Trade, investment, NGO, Charities, Institutions, Think thanks, lobby groups, law firms, IMF, WB, WTO, UN, EU and you name it. They have thousands media channels talking about all development sectors and human activities talking about others and making billions from while having criminal jobs like these.

    They are controlling the entire western entertainment industry including Hollywood, in London, France, Benelux and you name it. They are talking about others and telling them what to do or not which is intentionally damaging the human social fabrics and traditions in the west among white as well as black peoples’ lives and existence. They are the ones intentionally inflaming the race issues between blacks and whites despite the two groups have many things in common than any of them having with the Zionists/Jews including religion.

    .Look at North America, Europe and every country where the white people are. Their Christian religion, culture, values, norms, tradition, and uniqueness is intentionally destroyed by them using media, entertainment, money, politics, influence and domination and now they are in total control there while looking to do the same all over the world targeting weak and ignorant nations allowing them to be there and trusting or believing them for anything including when they re sounding they are innocent and doing eth right things which is the rule of the game during the early stage until they get their two feet and hands in.

    The point is that don’t follow any media coverage or journalism work the way the evil Zionists/Jews are doing while always talking about others being the media owners, so called journalists, experts, guests and everything related to it. It is the same with the entertainment industry and the likes. They lie about everything and playing trick games based on their agenda, plan and benefits; they are spreading inflammatory and misleading self created and subjective stories about others. The reason is that they are always looking to destroy others. But, you are talking about your own nation serious matters and you have the responsibilities to be sure about the things you are covering or talking for the benefit of the nation including yourself.

    What the evil Zionists/Jews criminal medias are saying today is the same as your true story is saying which is “Eritrea Accuses Ethiopia of Unleashing an Attack in Tsorona Front”

    However, we don’t know the truth what is going on there unless the Ethiopian government which is our government is telling us the truth about own country; not the evil Zionists/Jews criminal medias that are acting like vultures flying all over the world searching the dead, weak, ignorant, naive, wounded, sick, destructions and … in order to land and eat it which is spreading all sorts of bad and negative stories about and selling it with billions while they are talking about free media and speech but not fair medias and talking the truth doing it objectively.

    After all who gave them the right to talk, write, film or do anything about others they have nothing to do with including about what is going on between Ethiopia and Eritrea that are the same people and are brothers and sisters unlike the Zionists/Jews are but the known slave traders and masters, colonizers in the name of UK, France, Benelux… are deep rotted racists, … making the lives in hell for so many people all over the world where blacks as well as whites are the first, longest and worst victims of their century old conspiracies.

    Ethiopian Medias and Journalists must not learn anything from and follow the types of media coverage and journalism the way the Zionists/Jews are doing by monopolizing the entire western media and entertainment channels. They are talking shits and illegally spreading none stop lies about others. We have the legal and natural rights and duties to do our media coverage and entertainment activities by ourselves based on our benefits.

    It is better doing nothing than doing something that is wrong and false can have bad and negative consequences. They (the Zionists/Jews criminal Medias that are thousands) don’t care about anything bad and negative happens to anyone because of them but the money they are making from and the goal they are achieving and that is always bad and negative for others. But we are the only one to protect us and our country and have our situations under our total control including the media coverage.

    ***There will be no an all out war between Ethiopia and Eritrea (despite the enemies to both are looking to see it happening and they are tirelessly doing their satanic bests to cause it) knowing Eritrea has no ability to do. The day that kind war starts between them, the mass Eritrean solders will desert the army feeling free at last from shabia while others will start fighting against the regime and the people will rise up. However, Ethiopia will continue responding taking appropriate measures about anything caused by Shabia including using terrorism activities to affect Ethiopia as we have seen recently in Arba Minch.

    Tigrigna Eritreans that are one of the 9 Eritrean Ethnic groups need to wake up and stay awake this time while doing the right things. They are making grave mistakes knowingly but fatally and blindly by continuing supporting issayas/shabia despite it is badly affecting Eritreans, is not elected, the country has no constitutions, has no parliament, is internationally isolated, accused by UN for crimes against humanity (Eritreans) and has no power left at all which are indications it has only few time left to stay in power before disposed by Eritreans by themselves.

    The TIgre, Afar, Beja, Saho, Kunama, Liben, Nara, Rasheda, and the likes Ethnic groups in Eritrea are no longer in the position to see Tigrignas as part of Eritrea but against/enemies being part of the regime. Tigrignas must wake up for their own sake and stop being part of the criminal regime that is going to disappear soon while Tigrigna Eritreans will remain in Eritrea in the environment that would be very nasty to them because of issayas and their support for a criminal regime like shabia.

    All bad and negative comments against Ethiopia in the name of Eritrea are always coming from Tigrigna Eritreans. Everyone knows that and it is their old nasty habit. They must wake up and stop doing so for their own sake in the future including in Eritrea after issayas who is their God /shabia-their private owned criminal organization is disappear which is eminent but the matter of when and how not if or never.

    • AW says:

      Please send this essay to press brothers!! We let them go with our sea and now we want to build blood sea. Stop war storytelling.

  21. abel melese says:

    I am glad if the Agazi terror group are wasted on the war. This time the war will be between the Tigray and the Ertirean people, Ethiopians never fight for Tigre fascism. It is not 1998 any more, it is 2016. For sure most of the Ethiopian will support the Ertirean government to abolish the worst Tigre fascism in our life time. But, I doubt the TPLF will take that risk!!! TPLF knows what kind of crime it has been committing in Oromia, Amhara, Ogaden, Gambella …etc. One way or the other TPLF will not survive the people uprising. This is just to sooth some Tigre hardliners that are pushing to see the war. As I said, after two days, we will se the usual phrase from the Tigre fascist saying “Tematategn ermga wasdanal”. We used to this phrase many times. It don’t expect otherwise this time. I wish if the war broke, it will be the end of Tigre fascism on Ethiopian soil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Osayres says:

    The Agame qomal people of Tigray should be learn this time
    In this time there will be no Amhara,no Oromo or Ogaden on your side . You are going to learn how to walk by yourself.
    Remember you qomal people there will be no empty or smepity among us just strictly business just we want to kill each other .good luck!!!!
    Kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill kill

  23. Abebaw Techan Mengistu says:

    ohhhhh GOD please.. I don’t want to see the death of 70000 solders again.

  24. Osayres says:

    When the most illiterate regime in the world fails to feed half of the Ethiopian population, waging a war becomes an economic necessity for the regime in order to reduce the number of the population, hence less mouths to feed through begging.

    The warmongering Tigray Talibans, due to having the lowest IQ in the world, they tend to believe that if they send the unemployed, poor, destitute and starving young Oromo and Amhara men to their imminent deaths, both famine and poverty will go away.

    I sincerely feel sorry for the Eritreans for they have to defend their country against such illiterate and subhuman enemy.

  25. GetachewMT says:

    Both countries have lost many things from the previous war & we had enough, I believe no one has benefited on either side. we don’t need to mark any group or ethnic & inflamed the haterage among people. We have to learn from Syrian war,
    1. Can you imagine how much that country has destroyed,
    2. Do you think it will be easy to recover that country again,
    3. Can you imagine what will be the cost of reconstructing that country; in-terms of human psychology reconstruction & infrastructure reconstruction.
    Everybody need to stop and start thinking as human-being, not as an group member of one party or ethnic. or Ethiopian or Eritrean, Let us think as human-being.

  26. Binyam says:

    We Ethiopias no problem with Ertirian government & people as well,we love Ertirian people our dictionar government trying to fulfill their interests.

  27. Ephrem says:

    stay calm no need to panic. we are one blood nations the dispute will be lasted by negotiation and by peaceful settlement.

  28. Abay says:

    What is funny is what the worthless and retarded that are the last class kind of human beings in abroad only good enough in the garbage are behaving as if they have some brains to talk about Ethiopia; the country doesn’t belongs to them and she will never ever accept them to destroy her again.

    Just look at the comments they are painting without knowing anything about but as usual acting as if they are somebody while in reality they are nobody and finished for nothing in abroad being in the bottom even within the immigrants communities.

    No matter what these worthless say about Ethiopia, Ethiopia doesn’t care and only the facts and realities are speaking themselves. Shabia has no much even for a second against the portion part of the brave Ethiopian army that is located in the North and north east, let alone all together. Ethiopia is good enough to fight more than two or three fronts with different enemies, let alone Shabia that is now in its original position which is being a rebel fighter as it used to be.

    one thing is clear which is Eritreans are running away from Eritrea and flooding to Ethiopia everyday because of they know they are safe there and their life would be better than in the lawless and terrorist nation Eritrea. There are more than 4000 Eritrean university students including post graduate programs getting education for free in Ethiopia right now while none in Eritrea but everyone is forced to the military.

    So, wait to see the result within few weeks, months or years what is going to happen in Eritrea even without Ethiopia doing any military attack against the dead rebels that are there to kill Eritrea and destroy before they disappeared to hell.

  29. Abay says:

    This is the truth what is going on.

    ስለ?ርትራ መ??ስት ት??ሳ በመ??ስት ?ሙ??ሽ? ጉዳዮች ጽ/ቤት የተሰጠ መ?ለጫ

    ሰ? 06 ቀ? 2008 ዓ.?

    የ?ርትራ መ??ስት ??ድ ሰ? 5 ቀ? ጠዋት በጾረ? ??ባር ጥቃት ለመሰ?ዘር በመ??ሩ ጀ??? የመ?ላ?ያ ሰራ?ታች? የ?ጻ? ?ር?ጃ ወስዷ??? የ?ትዮጰያ ሰራ?ት በወሰደ? በ?ህ ተመጣጣ?? ?ር?ጃ? የ?ርትራ ጦር ጥቃት የማድረስ ?ቅ? በ???ተ? ??ታ ??ዲዳ?? ተደርጓ??? በመሆ?? የ?ርትራ ሰራ?ት ያሻ?? ?ድር? ማ?ለጥ ??ደማይች? ት?ህርት ??ዳገ? ይገመታ???

    የ?ርትራ መ??ስት በራሱ ህ?ብ ላይ የ???መ? ?ስ??? ጭቆ?? የመብት ጥሰት በሰ? ዘር ላይ የተ??መ ወ?ጀ? መሆ?? የተባበሩት መ??ስታት ድርጅት ያወጣ? ሪ?ርት ማሳወ? ???ተ? ቀ?ስ ?ስጥ ??ደ?ተተ? ይታወቃ??? ????ባት? የትላ?ት ጠዋቱ የት??ሳ ሙ?ራ ??ህ ጫ? የ?ርትራ? ህ?ብ? የዓለ? ?ቀ?? ማህበረሰብ ት?ረት ለማስቀየር ያሰበ? ይሆ???? ይ?? ??ጂ በ??? ሰዓት ሰራ?ታች? በወሰደ? ጠ??ራ የ?ጻ? ?ት ለጥቃት የተ?ቀሳቀሰ? ?ይ? ሙሉ ለሙሉ ተመቷ??? የመ?ላ?ያ ሰራ?ታች? ቀጣይ ?ር?ጃ? በ?ርትራ መ??ስት ቀጣይ ??ቅስቃሴ የ?ወሰ? መሆ? በጉ?ህ ?ሰመርበት ይገባ??? የ?ርትራ መ??ስት ?ለ? ባሀሪ ??ጻር ጉዳዩ? ?ማባባስ የማይቆጠብ ?ሆ?? የመ?ላ?ያ ሰራ?ታች? ተመጣጣ?? የሆ?? ?ሳ?ሪ? ?ስተማሪ ቅጣት በተጠ??ረ መ?? የ?ቀጥ? ይሆ???? በ?ህ ?ጋጣ?? የ??ድሪ መ??ስት ??ደተለመደ? ?ሉ ስለጉዳዩ በየ?ዜ? ለ?ትዮጲያ ህ?ብ በቂ መረጃ የ?ሰጥ መሆ?? ያሳ?ቃ???

  30. chuv says:

    The useless and hopeless Eritrea gov should be over….more over the so called G 7 ll be evaporated soon.
    Long live Ethiopia/EPRDF

  31. Garta says:

    Ethiopia is in trouble, It has been along time coming, Oromo forward!

  32. gj says:

    Ethiopian & Ertirian Brother’s & Sisters it’s very important to pray The Lord he’s will be done both Countries psalm (46):9-11 & 2 Chronicles 20:1-13 The only way we can pray
    to seek the will of God for both of countries Matthew 6:33 & Jeremiah 33 1-3
    Peace of the Lord for Ethiopia & Ertirian !!
    God bless you. !!!

  33. Daneal Sisay T says:

    One fact you should all know is after the recent
    protest organized by G 7 in front of Ethiopian Embassy
    that targeted to demonize Ethiopian Artists in particular
    the legend Dr. Tilahun Gesesse and his spouse many
    supporters of the groups whom I personally knew have quitted
    their supports to G7 due to the shameless act that is happening
    by so called supporters the movement ( The task force )
    but in actual fact they are hired agents of Shabiya .

  34. Teshome says:

    I am an Ethiopian and believe in God. Eritreans an Ethiopians are one people in God and brothers and sisters. But the main enemy of the to people is devil may The Lord rebuke him in Jesus name/. Also I rebuke him in Jesus name. I love Eritreans. those authorities from the two sides then and now are making the peoples innocent blood to shed for their earthly benefit but not for the benefits of the two nations please all Christians in the world including Ethiopians and Eritreans let us pray to God for the peace of the two people as then God bless you and the nations

  35. በለ?! says:

    ” የተባበሩት መ??ስታት በ?ርትራ ያለ?? የዜ?ች የሰብዓ? መብት ዕረገጣ ሪ?ርት ባወጣ ማ?ስት የ?ርትራ መ??ስት በሕወ?ት/ በ?ህ?ዴ? ላይ ጦር??ት ጀመረ”

    ***?? ቤት ሰብዓ? መብት ??ቶ ተትረ??ር?? ማለት ??? ¡¿… ??? ?ጅሬ?ች ??ራ? ?ቀ??? የ?ያ?ዱት ተቀ?ቃ??? የ??ድ??ት ?ይ? ሲበዛባቸ? ለመመ?ጠር በመ?ቃቀር? በመ?ቃቀድ የ?ትቀ??ባበር የተለመደች ጥ?ታ? የ?ለት ቤተሰቦች ወ? ?ት በለ?!
    ??ያማ የድሮ?? ??? ?ዲሱ? ?ሬሳ ?የቆጠሩ ድራማ መሥራት? መቼ? ይህ የ?ረደበት ድሃ ሕ?ብ ??ቅሶ? ጨ??ሮ? ያመጣ? ?ሳት ?የለበለበ ?ያቃጠለ?? ?ለ?? መ?ራ? ??ቂት ?ይማር???
    ዘ ይገር?

  36. Tetesfaye says:

    Fuck Eritrea once for all destroy this country our hero ethiopian soldier

  37. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    What happened to my comment? All of a sudden taken down? Why? Censorship? Don’t do it. Just don’t!!!!

  38. Gedif says:

    By the way what did General Birhanu say about the conflict? At least he has to give order to whistle that ‘ fishka’ again and open a cyber counter attack from abroad.

  39. us for us with us says:

    They are none stop talking about their so called independent struggle from Ethiopia and celebrating it for 25 years while they are flooding/massively migrating to Ethiopia everyday including with their families, animals such as dogs and donkeys and tools running away from Eritrea to save their lives and have better livings. This is bizarre what is going on with this people.

    They declared so called independent from Ethiopia to hurt her including blocking her from the sea although Tigrigna are not bordering with the red sea and have nothing to do with it as those 3 Ethnic groups bordering the sea are talking about them this way. We also know anything happening in the name of Eritrea particularly towards Ethiopia including terrorism and none stop talks is conducted by Tigrigna while other 8 ethnic groups are captives and considered to be second or last class citizens with no equal rights and opportunities.

    Some facts about Eritrea:

    -Her name before the colonization against her 100 years ago was Bahire Negash.
    -The name Eritrea is her colonization name given to her by Italy the same way like the salve master did to his slave.
    -Eritrea has 9 Ethnic groups namely; Tigre, Tigrigna, Beja, Kunama, Saho, Afar, Liben, Nara and Rashida.
    -Ethnic groups living close to the red sea are; Afar=800km long, Saho= 50km and Rashida= 350km long.
    -Tigre Ethnic group is the largest while Kunama Ethnic group territory is the only fertile land Eritrea has.
    -70% Eritreans are Muslims.
    -There is a big cultural, traditional, … differences among the Ethnic groups and there is the ocean of animosities within against each other exacerbated by the one Ethnic group dictatorial and savage rule which is Tigrigna where Issayas and most shabias belong to.
    -Eritrea is the only nation in Africa and one of the few in the world has no what so ever any form of democratic process, rule of law, never conducted an election, has no constitution and has no parliament.
    -Issayas who is Tigrigna as his Entire Shabia criminals are was recruited by the west (USA and UK) in 1964 which is 52 years ago when he was a student in Addis Ababa. The reason was to counter ELF that was predominantly Tigre and Muslims created by Egypt and supported by Arabs.
    -After 1974(the coming of satanic dergue), the west (this time not only USA and UK but all of them) started to unite the two (EPLF-Shabia and ELF) to wage wars against Ethiopia together as strong forces. However, it was a trick to destroy ELF and strength EPLF. Thanks to the cold war and their hate against the dergue criminals, the west supported EPLF with everything. USA alone gave to Sudan 1.5 billion dollar every year for years for sheltering, giving safe heaven and supports to the rebels that were against Ethiopia as they did including in Pakistan to those were against Afghanistan. Particularly the UK and some western nations were using Sudan as a base to affect Ethiopia and also supported Sudan to kill up to 1.5 million south Sudanese. We also know they were behind the war between Ethiopia and Somalia in 1977 together with Egypt and Arabs.

    EPLF destroyed ELF and became the only force doing crimes in the name of Eritrean independency. The west was behind Shabia all along including eliminating ELF. Shabia would never ever fight even for a day against Ethiopia if the west were not/are not these days too there from the begging. Few months ago which is in 2016, EU gave to Issayas more than 200 million Euro which is 230 million dollar. This means it is like giving Ethiopia 5 billion Euro or 5.75 billon dollar based one the population proportion living in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

    And issayas is now using that money for war against Ethiopia. We also know how some western diplomats are doing in Eritrea for the sake of issayas to keep him on dictatorial power chair as a one man’s show rule in order to affect Eritreans the way the whole world is witnessing them dying and suffering while running everywhere and direction to escape issayas and its shabia cadres.

    However, no matter what and how they do to keep issayas on power because of he is serving their interest in the region, they will not stop the coming eminent dramatic events in Eritrea. Issayas and Shabia that are representing Tigrigna Ethnic group will/couldn’t not continue ruling Eritrea alone while other 8 Ethnic groups are suffering as a result in many ways. The only and long term solution Eritrea has is being part of Ethiopia again, federal system within or being the failed state worse than what was/is Somalia for more than 25 years.

    Eritrea is created by the English(giving her to Italy to make friendship with Italy in order to counter France as the two-English and France were the arch enemies for centuries despite Italy and France are the same Latin people) in order to block Ethiopia from the sea. Look at the Eritrean map and eastern part of Ethiopian map as well and you can see easily and quickly how and why Eritrea was created by the colonizers and racists against all blacks being like a fence parallel to the sea to block Ethiopia from her millennia old sea coast rights and ownerships.

    And we stupid blacks are still fighting in the 21-century for the reasons intentionally created to affect all of us by the racists, slave masters, colonizers and those did lots of horrible things against all blacks including the situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea that were always one nation before the evils arrived there to colonize the territories and enslave the people in own places.

    Italy colonized Eritrea officially since 1902-1940 which is 38 years. Then the tiny English evil empire colonized her for 12 years (1940-1952) and this time the worst things happened to Eritrea and Ethiopia as well. The English destroyed everything good done by Italy thinking Italy would remain there for ever and they had built Eritrea the ways they did for themselves using Eritreans as slaves deserve no own country, ownership of wealth or human rights. They were allowed/forced them to learn up to grade four using Italian language in order to use them as slaves and also to keep them ignorant and uneducated. Eritreans were getting education in Ethiopia that time as they are doing today despite Eritrea was/is used by the west/enemies against Ethiopia all the times.

    When fascist Italy was defeated in 1940, Eritreans and Ethiopian were certain to reunite again. But the English had another nasty plan she is always known everywhere she had/has been. England not only blocked Eritreans to be reunited with Ethiopia in the 1940s after Italy was gone but they created a new mind sets among the Eritrean population to create independent feelings, ideas and reasons.

    Everything bad and negative between Ethiopia and Eritrea was created within 12 years English presence/colonization in Eritrea (1940-1952); brainwashing Eritreans to be independent; creating forces to fight for it and dividing the population within. However, Eritreans voted to reunite with Ethiopia and became part of their mother land till 1993. Issayas/shabia that was recruited and supported to wage long war against Ethiopia based on the west agenda and plan particularly UK and USA that are under the Zionists/Jews rule, managed to divide the same nations again based on the western agenda and plan in the region and blacks as a whole.

    Who is now benefiting from the Eritrean independency? For sure not Eritreans. Asab that is Afar’s territory was the fast growing Ethiopian commercial and economic city with the biggest port, refinery, military base, trading centers, tourists destinations and so on which is a ghost and desert place now ever since Eritrea was illegally but intentionally declared independent by the west(UK, France and USA-the three are under the Zionists/Jews ownership and control particularly through monopolizing the entire western media, entertainment, finance, wealth, politics, banking, trade, foreign policies, securities, NGOs, institutions and you name it) without considering the Ethiopian situation and the long term consequences. But they did it knowing this would affect both of them badly and for long times to come which is their evil known actions against others particularly blacks/Africa.

    If the west is thinking they would get their dirty feet and criminal hands in Eritrea for their strategy and interest benefits and everything would be okay, they are wrong and very much mistaken. Eritrea is not a one man or one Ethnic group show as it likes and the world thinks wrongly that way but the country of 9 Ethnic groups and more than 70% of them are Muslims. When we are talking west, we all know in Africa and particularly in East, Horn, North Africa and ME are the Zionists/Jews running the show in the name of USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, Benelux, and so on. So, the majority Muslim Eritrean population will never ever allow the Zionists to have any influence in Eritrea as it is the case in any Muslim majority nation towards them.

    The solutions is clear and easy to implement if the Zionists/Jews involvement in the name of west is stopped not only in Eritrea but also Ethiopia and the whole of Africa, ME and everywhere where there are conflicts and always caused by the western Zionists including in Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, Sudan….

    1. Eritrea must have any form of democratic process based on the whole Eritrean citizens/ethnic groups benefits. That means the country must have constitution, election, and parliament to start with.
    2. The relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea will be improved only when Eritrea is becoming a state with responsibilities; not being as a dangerous and nomads land fence to block Ethiopia from the sea as she (Eritrea) was illegally created by the west(English) from the start to block Ethiopia from the sea the same way they did with Djibouti despite the territory in the name of Afar and Isa was given to France in the form of lease to have a military base there for 99 years and then the territory had to be back to Ethiopia the same way macaw, Hong kong and the likes did to mother lands after 150 years under English rule in Hong Kongs case.
    3. The case between Ethiopia and Eritrea must go back to UN(although it is no more UN but western union run by the Zionists/Jews ), AU or the two by themselves starting the talk from where it had stopped in 1962 deciding with declaration saying the two must be reunited again based of federal systems. Ancient and big Ethiopia will never ever accept Eritrea to be used by the enemies as a fence to block her from the sea decided by the slave traders, masters, colonizers, criminals and racists coming between the same people lived for thousands years together before they arrived there hundred years ago and caused/-ing tremendous crimes we all are suffering from as a result.

    UN Charter supports big nations like Ethiopia to have a sea coast line. look at Jordan, Iraq, D. Congo and many more how they got sea coast lines despite they are too far from while Ethiopia is too close to the sea with more than 1000 MK long but they blocked her intentionally by creating Eritrea as a fence parallel to the sea. This will not be accepted by any Ethiopia, never. Instead it will continue reminding how the west (English) are evils creating Eritrea this way just to affect Ethiopia.

    One thing is clear. Issaya’s era will be over soon. All 9 Eritrean ethnic groups will start claiming their human rights at least in their own territories. The country will get constitution and parliament or will be disintegrated. The relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea will improve at least with some ethnic groups in Eritrea. But the Zionists/Jews that are playing the whole game all along, will never ever get what they are having in mind in Eritrea because of more than 70% Eritreans are Muslims.

    This is not too late issayas/Tigrigna to wake up and stop the crimes they are doing within and against Ethiopia. Their era will be over soon and they will be the worst victims within Eritrea. Ethiopia has no more stomach to carry on taking care of them while they are suffering from hate against her while other Eritrean ethnic groups are having deeply hate towards them within Eritrea.

    We can talk, agree, work, benefit and live together happily if issayas/Shabia stop their decades old criminal activities and start doing things the right ways without any foreign involvement but the two together- Ethiopia and Eritrea. The Ethiopian fertile land, abandoned water wealth, best weather and hard working huge population together with Eritrea and red sea can make the two together the giant nation with quality, prosperity, power, influence and respect.

    Isaayas and shabia need to stop what they are doing because they are making worst own situations and damaging the Tigrigna future in Eritrea. No other nation but Ethiopia is the closest nation does care about Eritreans and benefiting them. The rest that are under the Zionists/Jews lead being around is not to benefit Eritrea but to hurt badly including the neighbors using Eritrea as a fence and proxy as they have been doing ever since they arrived there 100 years ago to colonize, loot, exploit and enslave African/Eritreans in their own place as they do to the rest of the continent and elsewhere against with none white races.

  40. AW says:

    Blesslings brother! But I disagree with logic you are offering. For one minute think back to the time of creation. Was the bullets made at that time? the missiles you should not for get too. I think the devil is man himself and no one else. Man is the best evil. the best liar and an armed beast.

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