Eritrean Refugees Hold Anti-regime Rally in Support of Recent UN Report (In pictures)


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  1. us for us with us says:

    This is the best day to humanity particularly those regarded as poor, weak, ignorant, primitive, backward and less than them.

    Tiny England is voted to leave EU; not Scotland and North Ireland.

    The 71 years old idea and the 40+ years old English establishment biggest ever project in the post empire era which is EU is badly shaking and will be gone soon. France, Greek, Den Mark and many more will follow. Germany’s political as well as Economic systems that was designed and imposed on them by the Zionists/Jews and English establishments from USA and England is in a big trouble, too. Germany traditional parties such as CDU and SPD will be replaced by the new and 21-century German born Parties; elected by the German people without interference and influence by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment alliance from USA and England as it has been the case for decades. Germany will be independent for real meaning free from the USA and UK occupation for 71 years where tens of thousands of soldiers are still there having the biggest military bases causing fears, disturbances and interference in Germany’s internal affairs.

    NATO/USA and UK military presence in Germany and also other European nations is now in a great danger. Finally Germany and also France citizens will be free and independent from the Political and economic systems as well as social fabrics imposed on them after the Second world war by the Zionists/Jews and English establishments coming from England, USA and supported by Canada, Australia and new Zealand; all of them are occupied nations and created not long ago after wiping out millions of natives.

    This is the happiest and greatest day to Russia, Europe, Africa as well as the Middle East behalf the wahhabi barbaric and absolute Dictators created and Guarded by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment project for oil and petro dollar currency. Issayas would never been there from the start if the English’s and USA Embassies in Addis Ababa didn’t recruit him and they(west) supported him ever since to wage long and damaging civil wars against Ethiopia and continuing being hostile till these days. .

    EU gave him 200 million Euro which is about 230 million Dollars in 2016. It is like Giving Ethiopia 5 billion Euro or 7 billion Dollars. Why they did that? Where is their shit none stop stinking talks in other countries including Ethiopia about democracy, election, constitution, human right, refugees and you name it despite all these things are there including Ethiopia based on the her own situations and circumstances and the benefits of the people but none of it is existing in Eritrea? No wonder why the citizens no more want to be part of the EU.

    The Zionist/Jews and English establishment together with the criminals so called business people and investors have used EU to wage wars after wars, conflicts after conflicts, destructions after destruction…. and millions of refugees and displaced people which is more than 65 million today. The USA Zionists/Jews and their so called business people criminal alliance are using the Tiny England in the EU to continue casing all sorts of crimes against the world for so long including against the soviet back then and Russia today. Anything has happened in the name of EU against nations including Ethiopia is not coming from the European citizens but the few unelected in the EU parliament and elected national members; influenced by the Zionists/Jews and English establishments from USA and UK working together with the Zionists living in Europe and elsewhere.

    After waiting for so long and lots of damages have been done worldwide in the name of EU, the tiny cancer England that was the main script behind and actor in the centre is gone; thanks to the innocent, victim, ignored, and left out for decades mass English people. The people are now have enough with the Zionists/Jews and English establishment full scale involvement; running England from the base in London to make the citizens life in hell and causing lots of crimes against the world in the innocent people’s name.

    Go to London and elsewhere in England and look at who controls the wealth, businesses, politics, financial activities, FTSE, Banks, Insurances, Justice system, spy agencies, foreign affairs including diplomats, education institutions, think thanks, lobby groups entire media, entertainments and so on where the money, wealth, power, influence and domination is. It is the same in USA where the Zionists/Jews and those associated with the English criminal establishments are behind everything there. And on the other hand look at how the mass are living in England and USA?

    We are not only hoping but certain that the 71 years old Zionists/Jews and English establishment project in Europe post WWII is gone. It will not be the same again which is affecting the citizens life and social fabrics in Europe and none stop causing divisions, conflicts, wars, destructions, mass displacement, refugees and the ocean of poverty in Africa by creating divisions, hostilities, rebels, terrorists, criminals and spreading corruptions. This has to be the best day not only to Europeans and Russia but the whole world mainly Africa.

    We must not hope but we have to act fiercely and decisively to stop the Zionists/Jews and English establishment decades old hostile, racist, damaging, disrespectful, superiority and unfair interference and involvement in our country in the name of EU, UN, USA< WB, IMF, WTO or whatever country they are coming/calling using different approaches, tactics and tricks. This has to be the dead end and grave ceremony to all the damaging and criminal creations by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment to destroy the world for their benefits.

    So, death to all the Zionists/Jews and English establishment creations in the name of NGOs, Charities, aid agencies, development assistances, Think Thanks, institutions, right(wrong) groups including Human rights…., criminal lobby groups, law firms and you name it. All of them are designed by them to destroy the world while acting differently as that of the colonial missionaries had facilitated the damaging colonization, looting, enslavement, racism, exploitation, imprisonment, pedophile, homosexuality, destroyed languages, cultures, nations, institutions and you name it in the name of God/religion.

    The greatest fret and the worst enemy we are facing are not those created and financing them but those criminals and enemy of humanity working/making the blood living in the name of NGOs, aid agencies, charities and the rest mentioned above. The Zionists/Jews and English establishment propaganda war mass destruction weapons such as medias and entertainment are the first to be destroyed and the journalists are the worst to be eliminated in other countries certainly in Ethiopia. They are enemy number one created to serve the Zionists/Jews and English establishment damaging project in the world for their own benefits at the huge cost of the rest.

    From now on Globalization and NWO is heading down to hell. The Zionists/Jews project to destroy nations and Governments in order to create one world government, political as well as economic system and social fabrics is in a big trouble the first time ever since it is started destroying nations started in weak and poor nations using aids and trash money as weapons of spreading corruption and creating rebels, terrorists, activists, journalists, bloggers and you name it to use them against own government which is the Zionists/Jews agenda to destroy nations and governments by its own while they are dancing around fro happiness and using the mass benefit coming/created as a result.

    The mass English population that have been the worst victims for so long by the Zionists/Jews and English establishment alliance is now paying back against the enemies. They created a fake economy through mass toilet paper money printing and propaganda wars in order to get everything for their own while the mass left with nothing. 83% UK economy is service oriented. This means it is a kind of economy you can't see or touch it but it is on the air to feel it wrongly because of none stop lies about making the people think as if it is there and illegally motivating them to invest in something that is not there at all.

    When a country economy is more than 50% service oriented, that economy has to be declared a failed economy and the nation as bankrupted. But UK Economy is 83% service oriented meaning it is not there anymore but died and buried long times ago with no reason or vision to service and revive again but start the new one from the scratch based on the citizens benefits through faire share of the wealth and equal opportunities to everyone based on his/her capacities and abilities doing jobs effectively and creating the best results on time.

    Their economy is with stinky and dirty air filled empty balloon economy they are talking none stop about it in order to make the people believe as if it is true and is there. But it is not there. They even are trying to say openly and making the people believe that the Tiny England economy is bigger than France despite France has a solid and great economic foundations including heavy industries, farming and manufacturing. They also are saying their economy is bigger than Brazil, Russia and the likes. Everything what they say is a lie and misleading based on their benefits.

    But don't blame the people. The people are now spoken; finally and forever they destroyed the EU project that is working for few while against the rest including worldwide. The Zionists/Jews and English establishments and their servants including the Zionists/Jews owned, control and run medias are spreading lies about themselves and the rest.

    We are hoping from now on the damage interference and influence coming from England in the name of EU will stop. We also are hoping EU will stop its damaging policy against our nation including its damaging policy with Issayas/shabia in Eritrea. Giving 200 million Europe for a life time rebel and self imposed dictator that is making the tiny Eritrea a closed boarder open prison hell with no constitution, no election, no any democratic process, no any form of human right, no parliament and you name it is wrong. EU must reverse that and handover the money to the nations that are sheltering the mass Eritrean refuges such as Ethiopia.

    All in all this is the happiest day to all humanity on earth that is affected for the last 71 years and particularly 40+ years by the EU which is the Zionists/Jews and English establishment project to destroy nations back then in the name of cold war and after that in the name of NWO/Globalization where the Zionists/Jews are the brains behind, the leaders in front and benefiting the most being on the top.

    Good luck to France, Germany and others in 2017 for abolishing the old and damaging Zionists /Jews creation political system, economic policy, social fabrics and anything bad imposed on them for the last 71 years. This is just the beginning. New and home born political parties, economic systems and social fabrics without the Zionists/Jews control, interference and involvement will be emerging in Europe including in Germany and France followed by others including in Africa.

    Africa including Ethiopia must learn from these and be part of the new European society: working together based on respect, understanding and win win approach; avoiding the past bad and negative behaviors coming from them where most of them have been conducted by the few/Zionists/Jews as they are everywhere in the name of everything where the money, wealth, influence, interference and domination is.
    AU (African Union) must learn from EU and stop any move that allows the political unity with open boarder but work together with economic activities; trading together while keeping boarders intact, protected and closed. This is the main reason why the English people voted to leave EU. .

    No free movement between African nations knowing the citizens are still wild and savage animals good enough to bring crimes, chaos, destructions, diseases, corruption, backwardness, burden, poverty and you name it which is unlike within EU citizens.
    For instance having the Kenyans around for anything is worse than having the real Gorillas from the Rwandan mountains or Chimpanzees from the Congo. They are no longer welcome in Tanzania, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda and other neighboring nations knowing how criminals, corrupted, uncivilized and dangerous are including against the society.

    No free boarder or movement in Africa but free economic activities meaning free and fair trade while every nation stays within own boarder. Free boarder is the reason why UK is leaving EU and the rest will follow if EU is not making a quick and all out internal surgery moves. In Africa, it will be million times worse than what is in EU if free movement is introduced even for few selective citizens knowing how the differences are between the citizens in Africa among nations and how the damages catastrophically will be.

    Don't trust, believe or allow the Zionists/Jews anymore. They are now feeling the burn in Europe, North America and elsewhere. Their easy and weak long standing victim has been Africa. This has to end here. They are the ones having lots of damaging influences and involvements in the Africans matters operating in the name of USA, UK, France, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Benelux, UN, EU, IMF, WB, WTO and many more. They are now have a base in the most corrupted, lawless, with crimes and diseases including aids infested Kenya to affect the rest of Africa constantly targeting Ethiopia for decades. As long as they are around, be sure, evil is always there to lie, mislead, influence, cause troubles and destroy everything good.

    We are hoping new EU will behave differently than that of the old one still is there. When this happen, many problems in Africa will be solved by themselves including within the country and between nations. Foreigners in the name of EU, UN, USA and UK are the main causes of all the troubles humanity has been through. And we know who those foreigners are. They are not native English (except the few members of the criminal establishments and criminals in the name of business and investment), native French, 99.9% USA citizens or the likes but the Zionists/Jews operating in the name of the innocent and victim masses in these countries.

    Death to the foreign NGOs, Charities, aid agencies, MSF, Think Thanks, Institutions, law firms, lobby groups, peace corp. And of course above all the mass destruction weapons of propaganda machine Medias and evil and criminal journalists. All of them are working together for the Zionists/Jews projects which is NWO/Globalization with the mission to destroy governments, nations and societies in order to they become the leaders and on the top of the pyramids as they are doing in USA, UK, France and the likes controlling everything where the money, wealth, power, influence and domination is.


    ***The situation in Eritrea is not homemade or Africans from the beginning but USA and UK/EU creation supported by those serving them. Issayas is created and still he is there because of them. Eritrea is created purely to block Ethiopia from the sea serving them as a long and very narrow fence parallel between the sea and Ethiopia. They created Eritrea to revenge the defeat Ethiopia caused them in Adwa and fiercely resisted their colonization in Africa and affecting black people all over the world. So, Change in EU/UK and USA with President Trump in 2017, could solve many problems including the Eritrean issues.

    • Osayrese says:

      Us for us with us
      …… Did forget your medication.?
      Take you piles you are start acting crazy.
      Came down!!
      No more Tigray republic but Tigray is still up to worry

  2. Slick says:

    Mr Dawit (idiocy on its merit)

    So you let these displaced people to play a role for ETV drama? Haven’t you seen Eritreans who are living in a democratic countries came out in hundred of thousands in support to IsaiASS afrworki???

    The same kind of abuse is happening right now in Hunreds of woyane prisons. Can you tell us about the ill treatments the killing taking place up and dawn the country? Your journalism is jut a cunt or scum bag nothing else.

  3. ethiio says:

    Dawit, “Woyne” is doing exactly the same thing. There is NO difference between those two governments. So, where is your pictures when Ethiopians protest? Let me Guess…who cares as long as YOUR PEOPLE in charge. Journalism at its best!!!! kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. Be ewnetu says:

    The only supporter for this human right abuser regime is Gim6+1/ESAT. Because its the matter ofservival. The source of thier income is through Shaebia. If IsaYaAss is gone Gim7/ESAT might has no spot and money for bill. $70 000 a month for Russian satellite TV. Rent and utility also Salary for them is hard to offerd if IsaYaAss is gone. This is like ‘Nile River’ for egypt…..
    So, look how greedy they are.
    1. They don’t care about sinking of Eritreans.
    2. They don’t care about killed of captured Ethiooian soldiers in 1991 and 1998-2000.
    3. They don’t care about killed 17 members of Arbegnoch by col. Fitsum. And jailed hundreds Gim7/arbegnoch and OLF members in Eritrea.
    Just looking only MONEY or probably power…
    Those are not politicians. Business Men…

  5. wedinkafa says:

    Mr Dawit have you ever heard “yegorebt dest stamasil yerasuwa arerebat”

  6. Jaffar says:

    If TPLF stops being paranoid and see everyone with different views as no threats,their wouldn’t be hundreds of thousands of prisoners,extra-judicial killings and mass exodus.

    The pigheaded TPLF leaders , cadres and stooges are now nothing but targets for public hanging in public squares.there is no escaping that.

  7. Dagna says:

    The picture shows only that they are Eritrean solders in the heat of Ethiopian Capital nothing more, their leaders who sent them were also there before with with those who make Ethiopia land locked favouring friendship interest over the nation. Even when Eritrea one day hopefully soon becomes safe for their return, most will never return instead they will claim they have been in Ethiopia so long they have the right to stay and bleed Ethiopia permanently as a cancerous insect.

    I have no personal anger or hate toward Eritreans, but they must not and never be trusted at all, “not this generation of Eritreans”. Ethiopia is not a place for them they can go to Egypt and other Arab states.

    Their are many Eritreans now in Europe, Canada, Australia and USA who were refugee in Ethiopia, protected and given a safe place by in Ethiopia . Today many of them is still dreaming to destroy Ethiopia.

    ***** I have to admit their are also few Eritreans who heartwarmingly expresses their gratitude to Ethiopia and its people, Ironically all of them were never been in Ethiopia before. ****

    Awrabamba times , my comment is not to antagonize anyone or to create division but the truth and the fact must be told as it is.

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