The success is not crisis, Ethiopian Somali region is unlike Somalia/Somaliland where clan has strong political influence (Ahmed Deeq Hussein)


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47 Responses

  1. Mahmoud says:

    Ahmed, get out of your illusion. No one will buy your cheap propoganda.

    • Yusuf says:

      kkkkk realy amising we are a position to argue about this issue bce facts and falacy cannot be on the same boat.what Mr.Ahmed has articulated in response to Olads biaseles and so called article as result of his poor knowledge about even how that word originated os fact and cannot be on a boat.rather it is olad’s one which need your suggestion that his cheap propaganda wil not bought by any one whose mind is healthy

  2. Abdulahi G says:

    Are you denying the privileges of those Ogaden clan members in today’s Ethiopian Somali region? Poor Ahmed, we are not kids.

  3. Abdulahi Osman says:

    Hey mr. Presidencial advisor, what else do we expect from you as long as you are from the same clan

    • ethoash says:

      dear Abdo,

      if clan is the litmus test then u will not find one AGE77 OR OLF supporter. so be careful what u say

  4. Oumar G. says:

    Look, you are defending the indefenseable. We know who is in control of every thing in that region today

  5. Mansour says:

    “I saw webpages posting articles that badly blaming Ethiopian Somali region President which are more biased and away from the reality but simple looks like to against the rising bright hope & prosperity of eastern region of Ethiopia so called—Ethiopian Somali region” Hahaha what forced you to add the word “so called”. You know what, when people try deceiving, they miss something which expose their wrongdoings

  6. Mame says:

    You all are losers. Are you denying the achievements of president Abdi on the ground? Or what is your claim

  7. Olad Guled says:

    Dear my fellow brothers and sisters, I know who Ahmed Deeq is and how close to the current president he is. What i can assure you is that he definitely belongs to the president’s clan. There’s nothing we can expect from people like him

    • Yusuf says:

      Mr.Olad firtly let me ask you a you know HOW WHERE WHEN AND WHY THE BRITISH USED THE WORD MAD MULAH…realy if you knew it you did not even include your worthles article rather to be in its headline..on the hand Ahmed and president are from same clan cannot be a something that a person can argue to defend his i suggest you not to repeat again abusing our leaders at the expense of your clan based interet otherwise history will not be with you

  8. Abdiwali D says:

    Dear Ahmed Dek I read your article, I appreciated professional and ethical article that can display facts of Somali region and don’t hear barking dogs, you did great job. thanks for posting relevant articles for Somali region of Ethiopia

  9. Dear. brothers.
    Am hussein ahmed Diiriye. hawiye clan living in Eth somali region babile woreda Dadamane town, Am taling u what ahmed says is what our majority of our people is belifing, our political ideology is not based on clan is the based on the party. tks for ur understanding

  10. Abdiwali D says:

    Very surprising Olad guled its shame on you to agitate clan, I read your writing which is very unethical & shameful to be stressed Ogaden clan its meaningless & pointless in genuine critiques. To oppose president administration does not matter, he is president and people can oppose its nature of position but clan has nothing with that. To tell you Ahmed Dek writing is absolutely wonderful, professional and ethical. He never mention something about the clan even your clan one time. He presented his arguments very polite, very coherent and factually testimonies. I personally I appreciate Mr. Ahmed and I would to suggest you Mr. Olad Guled. Excuse to all Somalis people around world. My conclusion both of you are not two people comparative because in my personal evaluation Ahmed dek is high level & professional but Olad Guled law level too extreme with clannish mentality as Ahmed said. To tell you personally I don’t know who is Ahmed dek but who is he? His writing dictates. About some clan with president does not make any sense, even let him younger brother of president his argument is sound scientific and attractive. Brovo Ahmed Dek

  11. Dear. Ahmed Dek
    Many thks for your smart article and name of article it self is very interesting. keep it up, also many thanks to Awrambatimes for posting.

  12. Axmed Deeq.
    Tks for ur disclosing different between somalia political ideology and Ethiopian somali region polical ideoplogy, I am sure many people will understand more if they read curryfully this article.

  13. Abdimalik Abdiwali says:

    Someone who is not Ethiopian Somali citizen and out of Somali regional state cannot even talk the situation of Somali regional state of Ethiopia due to the standard rules and rights of borders .

    Somaliland our neighbor regional state of Somalia claims that they have peace and good progress especially at the side of education and knowledge , but now I realized that it was a great propaganda , because their community at all from top to down they have no any concept about the standard rules of borders .

    They are mixing together the clan system and government as they does , and if that was being a legal internationally ,we where the one who benefits it , since you knew that we include the population of 3 different countries in Africa Which are Ethiopia,Somalia and Kenya .

    So no one can interfere the issue of Somali regional state of Ethiopia , only their citizens and executives , because every single metre in Somali regional state of Ethiopia is under the administration of Somali regional state of Ethiopia not any given clan or else .

    Finally I am suggesting here those who are talking about the issues of Somali regional state of Ethiopia they should study deeply the internationall constitution of borders , because empty thing make more sound.

  14. Yusuf says:

    Realy something amsing to see in 21 first century which informaion age people writing about who they dont even have one evidence or even justification but wanted to diverty the attention of those who knew the reality about the achievement of Ethiopian somali regional state and of course the fruits of development made by presient Abdi.M.Omar for the last decade.on the other hand what Olad tried to say is baislea and just illusion.firstly he used the Word Mad mulaha..but he even dont know WHY WHERE AND HOW THIS WORD WAS USED AND ITS that sense, his article ,is clear that it is baisles and he failed.

  15. Abdimalik Abdiwali says:

    Someone who is not Ethiopian Somali citizen and out of Somali regional state cannot even talk the situation of Somali regional state of Ethiopia due to the standard rules and rights of borders .

    Somaliland our neighbor regional state of Somalia claims that they have peace and good progress especially at the side of education and knowledge , but now I realized that it was a great propaganda , because their community at all from top to down they have no any concept about the standard rules of borders .

    They are mixing together the clan system and government as they does , and if that was being a legal internationally ,we where the one who benefits it , since you knew that we include the population of 3 different countries in Africa Which are Ethiopia,Somalia and Kenya .

    So no one can interfere the issue of Somali regional state of Ethiopia , only their citizens and executives , because every single metre in Somali regional state of Ethiopia is under the administration of Somali regional state of Ethiopia not any given clan or else .

    Finally I am suggesting here those who are talking about the issues of Somali regional state of Ethiopia they should study deeply the internationall constitution of borders , because empty thing make more sound.

    Here I have to thank mr Ahmed Deq .

  16. Ahmed shukri says:

    no one can deny the fast broad based multi sectoral development and the peace and security that Ethiopian somali Regional State has achieved during the last 8 years. So, I would like to tell Olad Guled that your Article that u have posted was simply explaning the narrowism clan based politics of somaliland and it was far from the reality in somali region of Ethiopia. I would like again to tell u that you are incapable and have no capacity to differentiate the clan based leadership with no prerequisite to lead with the Ethiopian somali leadership that are currently sharing their Experience and high performance with the federal Somalia government

  17. Dear all you I appreciate your points of concerns both supports my points and those of you against including My Friend Mr. Olad Guled the one I reacted his writing with this article. I thought when I see this article that he would re-think better and improve his way of thinking but I can see still he is talking about clan some the like that. Please I want to tell you here in Ethiopian Somali region has no room for tribe ideology. And is not like your home Somaliland or Somalia where government bodies and power shared 4.5. and people of Somali region is not as you think. I don’t bother about clan/cline but what I’m talking is what I do believe. But I would like to advise you as intellectual person please forget about clan and make your point of view something rationale that you can attract views of others. And let you know if you don’t think before liyu police is part & parcel of Ethiopian arms full stop. Regional state administration is determined by ruling party ESPDP full stop. Somali region is Holistic region for all Somali people residing in the region. Gashamo Is Somali region, people of Gashamo Jamac dubad, Bododhere & gorgor are people of Somali region of Ethiopia and they are not people of Somaliland or Somalia. Come to the reality and live with it. Yesterday is not today and today will never be tomorrow wake up from delirium and hallucination. You can speak with me when you make your Home free from international terrorists but until your home is center of international terrorist in the horn of Africa shut up, don’t speak Mr. Olad Guled.

    • yusuf says:

      Mr.Ahmed Dek you left us no room for advising to Mr Olad’s concern.i do mean that you have taken into consideration what is needed to be pointed out with regards to Olad to re think and act as intellectual person who is guided by principles of facts rather than the narrow concept of tribe. again Mr Ahmed i thank you so much for your good approach of polite based way of reacting to those proposing baseless information about Ethiopian Somali region.great people think wisely and you are among those.

  18. Ahmed shukri says:

    The President of Ethiopian Somali Regional State His Excellency Abdi Mohamoud Omar is a young educated and committed leader who have changed and improved the living standard of his people with effective leadership capacity and political maturity. so, I think the one who u mentioned in your an ethical and professional lacking article was faysal Ali Warabe

  19. Yusuf says:

    Olad Guled (colaad). you are in the dark with identity crisis. tell us your nationality first then we will reply on your subjective, biased and inclined articles. You better abstain and withdraw from personal as well as clan attack
    Here for you to learn the consciences, integrities and ethics of writing from this article by Ahmed Dek and unmistakably that there is no account for clan in this region.

  20. Ruunsheeg says:

    I am Somali Ethiopian and I would like to express my neutral view on the subject matter.
    Abdi Iley is eccentric regional leader, who rules Somali region through a mix of fear, torture, enforced disappearances, and arbitrary executions — these are just a few of the favored tactics employed by his notorious Liyu police and intelligence services.
    Tensions have been slowly building in the region since he come to the power as a result of his repressive security environment, widespread corruption, chronic food shortages, and terribly mismanaged economy by dispatching all the money intended for the improvement of basic services to Harar military generals to prolong his tenure as president.
    But in truth, the tide had begun to turn against Abdi Iley as his administration set their compass in the wrong direction. The people of the region are not dumb and fool where he can deviate their attention on these skirmishes he opted to start at the border areas.
    All learned elites in the region have turned against his regime. And it’s time we all should move beyond rhetoric and expose Abdi Iley’s regime for its clear record of abuse. There is aneed to campaign and advocate on imposition of travel restrictions on Abdi Iley and other individuals implicated in grave human rights abuses and freeze the assets of Abdi Iley, his immediate family, and members of his inner circle.

  21. ethoash says:

    the whole world know TPLF

    Looting poverty they try to take away over poverty

    our people lived with poverty and backwardness for 1000 years but this tplf try to take away what is belong to us in over night

    poverty and backwardness is our right but TPLF TRY to take it away even willing to kill us over our belonging to take away our poverty and backwardness’

    the whole world knows our people have the right to remain poor and backward it is our human right

    we should stop tplf and any one who support them to loot our poverty should be denounced and told that in polite manners or in other word insult

    today TPLF making million rich that is not acceptable… million become rich over night and suffer form luck of poverty and backwardness to speed up this looting of our God given right to be poor TPLF introducing road, drinking water, school , hospital and the worst of all industry to make us work can u imagine in ur own country u work i understand if u work in GOOD USA as taxi driver and door man but in your own country can anyone understand this level of embarrassment… million of Ethiopian forced to work and earn income million suffering form earning income and try to run away form Ethiopia when ever they get chance and come to USA to freedom to drive taxi here in dc and demonstrate freely on Sunday because Monday to Friday is work day

    Ethiopian people getting fat form eating 3 times… the farmer is number of victim they r selling their teff for almost 2000 birr form 40 birr the farmer suffering form becoming rich …. even the sheep and the hen that they sale bring them a lot of money they dont know what to do iwith it they are blaming the TPLF for all this richness without their consent

    take a look in Gambella they are suffering form dressing in hot weather they were nude and happy but TPLF come and dressing them up and make them uncomfortable in hot weather no body can deny that u can see it in your own eyes

    this is not enough TPLF brought 6 i mean 6 mega sugar factory… mind u who is going to suffer by working this sugar factory and make an income no other then the Gambella people they start driving big tractor and improving their live and out of poverty… tplf Taking WAY their way of life poverty is their tradition even the white people agree they would stop coming to photography them lost of tradition forever

    part ii will come

  22. Yusuf says:

    Firstly I high appreciated Ahmed Dek Approach which is examplary.he wrote his article in a very polite,smart and really free from any clan related perceptions which can be example about what he has ariculated in his writing is fact .I think Mr Olad Didnot give much time about how his baiseles article will be reacted and that is why he missed meaning ful arguments rather than proposing clan based ideology.
    On the other hand,all people who infavour of Olad’s Baisles article are using clan based ideology and I highly appreciated how this has been taken into account by Ahmed Dek before things start to happen.bce Mr.Ahmed Dek already mentioned that clan has strong poltical influence in somalia/somaliland. so we are saying Mr Ahmer dek we practical sow it that clan has strong poltical influence in somalia/ sum I agian really appreciated your examplary approach and how you always focus on fact once you develop article.

  23. Idris Guled says:

    Dear Dawit Kebede
    Editor, Awramba times
    First and foremost I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your efforts to promote the reality in our region. My second appreciation goes to Ahmed deeq, the dedicated son of Ethiopian Somali who is tirelessly working for tje better future of our region.
    Having said this, I have a question to the editor Dawit, a few months ago You have promised to come up with several documentary films about the region. What happened? I know you were there few weeks ago I was quite sure at least to see one video production about the mobile eye clinic. One video about fruits of Ginbot 20 and another one about Kebridehar Airport is not enough. Would you please tell us the reason why you weren’t able to do that? Did those local officials weren’t’s cooperative? or have you faced any obstacles in any way? Forward to hearing from you.

    Idris Guled

  24. Yosef says:

    I was in Ethiopian somali Regional state from 2005-2007 Ec as civil servant. and I’m neither Ogaden clan nor other in the region . let me me tell you what I observed .As you said there are many changes in the region. I know that Mr Abdi Omar has excellent leadership quality and bring about radical change in the region especially peace and security. nowadays money investor are investing in the region, factories are building road and construction including asphalt road , good network coverage , Military camps are are transforming into schools. Thanks Mr Abdi Omar for your successful leadership. “Liyu Police was projected to include all the stakeholders in the regional state, “the Liyu Police is at present completely dominated by the young people from the Ogaden Somali Clan.” this is totally false and baseless idea .I know many higher official liyu police including from “Dube” . finally in my point if view almost 98% of Mr Olad article is baseless and fabricated . the only thing I agree with his article is that “The policy the regional state carries out in these districts is the policy of transfer of civil servants from one district to another. On the face value, this policy seems right and perfect. Somali Regional State suffers from tribalism and nepotism. ” this is true the region is suffering from multifaceted corruption and mal administration . besides Officials in the woredas including zone are not accountable for people. they are chew chat hours . Offices aren’t open at working hours. everything is difficult for example to get a kebelle ID card you should have minimum of 200 Birr.there isn’t clear financing system .The budget system in the region is vertical from Region …zone…. woreda .There is no transparency at all. civil servant in the region cant ask their right .They take their salary Evey 2 months sometimes every 3 months with out their willingness. no one can hear and understand their problem. due to this many civil servants resign leave their job and the region is suffering from shortage of man power .

  25. Osman says:

    I have the same concern.
    I was thinking the editor went to Addis Ababa for a short break and he will be back to the region to do more productions. If these two videos that were mentioned by Idris are the only ones Dawit has to offer to those of us who live abroad, that is so sad. Is that true, Mr. Dawit?


  26. Masresha says:

    Dear Yusuf,
    Thanks to the regional president, the region is undoubtedly on the right path of progress. The region’s special paramilitary force (Liyu police) is also doing an amazing job in making the region more peaceful. But I have heard some shocking stories of the liyu police in my recent visit 8 months ago. I have a niece currently attending at the University of Jigjiga her friends told me that the liyu police regularly do sexual abuses (wven sometimes gang raps) against highlander female students of the university when they found them on their way back to their dormitories at night.
    I was told that the liyu police regularly order the students to show them IDs and when they notice that their identity in non somali they forcefully kidnapp and took them to their camps and they will be rapped by three or four officers.
    I don’t think such inhuman acts are fair


    • yusuf says:

      Dear Masresha thank you for your question and i want to assure that the for securty purpose it is sometimes ordered the police to make checkup points particular when there national celebration days and just it is for the sake of the safety of the people and it is not in and around the campus.. again i want to assure you that sexual abuse on neither the students nor people is totally false. again I want to assure you that we dont use the concept of HIGHLANDER we,police and community respect them just on basis of Ethiopian,we don’t discriminate them by calling highlander .thank youaa

  27. Olad Guled says:

    Many thanks to those of you who are witnessing the reality on the ground. Apparently, those who defiantly speak out in favor of the puppet President are Privileged and beneficiaries of the current ruling clan.
    Mr. Ahmed Deeq, my poor privileged son of Ogaden, why didn’t you disapprove those 75% of key regional posts which are being held only by one Somali clan of Ogaden. It is a day light fact that you made the regional state an Ogaden State. Why don’t you talk who dominated the regional media, ESTV which you sadly made a voice of Dhanto, folklore dance of Ogaden clan.
    Let alone the killing, torture, extra judicial arrest, injustice and mass eviction against non- Ogadens and non somalis, as my brother Masresha used to claim in his comment, didn’t you openly declare that Ogaden Clan is the representative of the Somali region and people, during the Nations Nationalities and people’s day, which was held in Jijiga two years ago?

    Get out of this cheap propaganda and face the truth, if you have the guts.

    Olad Guled

  28. Olad Guled says:

    Listen, I am not that much obsessed of talking about a clan issue but the most funniest thing here is that, those netters who every now and then blaming me for singling out the “clan” matter are those who belong to that specific clan.
    By the way, I couldn’t figure out why Awramba Times, the media outlet widely considered as the voice of highlanders, is being that much concerned about Somalis to post this garbage article on its website.

    Olad Guled

    • Yusuf says:

      Olad.please dont run from the reality because you not only more concerned on clan but you belief it as guiding principle as well please read back what you have been writing till now if you are not what Ahmed said that means if not your mind setting is functioning well? if you have to be on what you definitely argued if what you wrote is from the realty path.

  29. I’m not Somali but I am from other Ethiopian ethnic who care about good happening of Ethiopian Somali region but I’m wondering when outsiders talk about inside issues, we know tremendous progress of Somali region for few years since President Abdi Omar take the lead of regional state leadership that we all Ethiopians proud to him. In fact President Abdi Somali region was not considered even part of Ethiopia, people of Somali region themselves were not think that they are Ethiopian citizens. Thus all these trends brought by President Abdi Omar and his leadership framework. We don’t have ears to listen someone else none-Ethiopian citizen to criticize the great leader of Ethiopian Somali region. On Other hand, I’m here to inform very simple Formula that Mr. Olad Guled does not known about Ogaden clan. When we are talking about Ethiopia we are talking about Ogaden Jagnaw and when we are talking about Ogaden Clan likewise we are talking about Ethiopia. So please Olad Guled sit back don’t get confuse about Ogaden clan. It is better to speak off Barbara, Hargesa and issues of awdal and sanaag what you call. Somali region leader is model leader in Ethiopia who has great influence countrywide.

  30. i realized Olad Guled you don’t deserve my respond, what does it mean Mr. ahmed deqq, my poor privileged son of Ogaden ? if this is your critiques. i think you are mentally retarded person, its big problem if you could not able to control your emotional hate but i tell you i have any problems to any of somali sub-clans. let your desire beyond clan. this is my brotherly advice.

  31. Yusuf says:

    #Olad I have asked a very critical question which is the heart of what you wrote but you ignored and it is a sign of failure.never try to be what you are not because it is problem of lack of confidentiality..we are trying til now to confes you assuming you as intelectual person but dont think that we need an approval from you that there is democracy,devt,good leadership and good governance in Somali region. but be beyond the narrow concept of clan in which we have burried for the last halve decade.

  32. Yusuf says:

    #Olad..In addition, you generalised
    and you informed your friends
    and fellow that Mr Ahmed and Presidemt
    are same clan and no more room for debate.on this course speaking logically you have concluded your defence using YOUR CLAN THEORY OF STATISTICAL ANALYSIS stating people.of same clan goes same line as you argued.Again now you are saying i am not more concerned on clan so are you right now and wrong last night or vise versa???????

  33. Abdiwali D says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk he make me to laugh, Olad now are you crying or having professional argument on subject matter. Don’t you know is an international website run by international journalist is not like that of run by khat sealers (maqawad) that does not evaluate what does mean article but simply posting garbage writing like yours’ but do doubt editors of evaluate before they post article and those article fit with maximum standard requirements are only be post like that of Mr. Ahmed Deeq professional writer that everybody appreciate his articles.
    For sure you are barking like dogs kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Olad you are dog, you were blaming huge tribe and you started to blame editors. Crazy man Walaahi you are too crazy sory sory Maqawad Olad Guled. Do know the number of people visited this particular, Ahmed Dek article, only for last 24 hours, 79000 person visited. This it is an indicators of meaningful & quality article that people are interesting but not like your garbage idol.

  34. farhan says:

    dear friends, you surprised the clan based idelogy, lie and falsified critics of Olad against the uncover changes in the region made by HE president abdi mohamud together with the party led the region but I’m not surprised due to that his name is ”Colaad” which means ”hostile” and if we further look for his father’s name it may be “nabadiid” which means”against peace” so, his name is enough for what he is. let us not fritter away our precious time such a Barking dog. the reality peace and development in the region need no witness from barking dog rather it is clearer than sun’s breakdown. let this guy unmask his eyes wide open to the reality since we are in the holy month of Ramadan.

  35. farhan says:

    Ahmed dek, you really hit the nail on olad’s head. well done, but no more advice such a clan oriented olad

  36. Zaki heban says:

    Iam focusing the reality ground of ethiopian somali region and the leadership of president abdi mohamoud omer. One decade ago the region was illeterate poor health coverage and low access road. After HE Abdi Mohamoud Omer become on power the regional reached different achievement such as Education sector, low schools intermediate seclndary and high schools tvet colleges boarding schools Health sector health post health center district hospital zonal hospital and refferal hospital

  37. teshome melese says:

    hhhh ahmed never be ingnorant killing of 23 Somali Ethiopian citizens have no place to accept our country of Ethiopia we federal government higher officials have ever things so don’t blame your responsible Somaliland and Ethiopia has long and deep relationship then 8 yts of Ogaden clans it’s a first country keep out onlf from Ethiopia we will waiting for your apology

  38. Abdiwali D says:

    Teshome melese what you are talking about man ? don’t claim what you are not if you are federal government higher official you would not speak such arrogant speech, if somaliland & Ethiopia has long & deep relationship then 8 yrs of Ogaden. where they have been Ogaden before 8 years do you mean Ogaden is Ethiopia Or you Ogaden Is ONLF ? Its very clear such message from Ginbot 7 typically your statement is directly came from what is posted Zehabasha website. what is actual situation of somali region was told HE Ethiopia Prime Minster On july 5 2016 during annual meeting for House people’s representative. somaliland is known center for terrorist. Thus Somali region & Ethiopia in Generally will never allow terrorist and illegal traders to pass cross border. is the federal police & Ethiopia Military are Ogaden Clan who are attacked by the somaliland armed militia & killed Ethiopian solders inside Ethiopia Border. we know Ginbot 7 ideology & does not work Ethio-Somali Region. narrow minded does not deserve respond.

  39. Ahmed Deeq says:

    Its illusions of people/inhabitants of northern region of Somalia, your name is not Teshome Melese don’t mask your identity, we are Ethiopian and Ethiopia has one constitution, one objective, one goal, one policy, one direction, one interests & one people. People of Ethiopia.

  40. Abdala Mo'alin says:

    I want to emphasize the article of Ahmed Deeq Husein for his commitment to show the world communities the boom development going on entirely Ethiopia especially Ethiopia Somali Regional State in different perspectives not only Kebridehar Airport

    And I want to tell those with compact ideas, that there is federalism based government led by EPRDF party with collaboration of other parties in respective regions with one constitution, …….. on the other side the terrorist groups like Gimbot 7, OLF(ONAG) ONLF(UBO), AL-SHABAB(AL-QUSHASH) and those with compact ideas and fundamentalist couldn’t do any influence to affect the good development of entire the country, ………. what they can do is only spreading the propaganda which has no fact but will have effects to themselves

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