National Conference on Ethiopia’s political economy kicks off in Mekelle (Video)


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5 Responses

  1. Abegaz says:

    Waste of time.

    They even can’t communicate properly among each other let alone to the wider orients; Ethiopians. This shows how the situations are getting rotten from the top among those responsible about the nation important issues.

    Why don’t they use one language either Amharic or English instead of being confused and unwise unable to speak properly and clearly using a clean language whatever it is?

    How shame is this and how low can things getting?

    Awramba as a journalist should know the rule of the media, journalism, communications and similar matters related to using the language. So, how come Awramb is bringing this waste of time nonsense things on its blog despite no one understands what is all about because of they are mixing one language/word or phrase from Ethiopia and another language/word or phrase from far away which is not Ethiopian, African or black people?

    There is no wonder why things are getting down to hell including the quality of education and the capacity of the students. These are among the responsible and examples the country has which is HaHaHaHa…..

  2. WEYANE evry time copy from ERITREA ERITREA jast had its schoolar conference IT WAS atract alot of people so WEYANE have to do evry thing ERITREA dose this means ERITREA is WEYANES leader

    • Solomon says:

      Tesfaldetabrah ,Get out of here banda Italian cocksucker .
      You italian slave still colonized Brian.
      What is Eritrea italian given name a slave name you banda.

  3. shiromeda says:

    I’m longing to listen the complete of this forum without editing. Mix language uses is not new for our political discussion culture . we should focus on the substance of the discussion that helps in bringing better futurity to our country. Well ignorant from both spectrum does not like to hear genuine discussion rather they prefer cursing and killing each other. God prevents our country from all kinds of evil .

  4. Awel says:

    tesfadetalberaha; Thank you for your critical thinking! weyane and Eritria is ONE to protect themself from from both side.
    In one day… one of them (Eth or Eri) fail then they will join to back up the failer.

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