Discussion on Current Political Events in Ethiopia (Video)


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79 Responses

  1. Dd says:

    Very interesting discussion. If our government takes the necessary action the country is heading in to chaos . When the clearly know what the ppl are asking instead of answering the question they blame others for their shortcomings. Eprdf lucks up some of their officials here and there but they be out in 2 years after embezzling millions. If I know I will be out in 2 yrs after embezzling millions I will do the same thing every time. They need to stop playing this games .things r getting serious , ppl r feed up with this nonsense

  2. Abegaz says:

    Why is TPLF afraid to death talking openly about Wolkayit, Tegede, Telemt and Humera (called as wolkayit) and also forcing a nationwide Media as well as public conversations blackout about it? Do they think we are living in the 1960s and 70s when they started a civil war and Wolkayit became their main and first target because of it is very rich with everything and the media was almost none existence and as a result they managed to hide from the public as well as international community for decades the genocide, ethnic cleansing, immense sufferings, looting including lands and property they committed against the native Amharas?

    The international community knows more than Ethiopians do about the wolkayit issue because of TPLF is still trying to hide the crimes it did there for 37 years including made it illegally and unilaterally part of Tigry since 1994 crossing the river which is the border between Tigry and Gonder. You can see even Fanuel was uncomfortable to talk about openly and passionately but about Russia, china and you name it walking around in order not to touch the wolkayit issues acting as if he forgotten Dawit’s legitimate and right Question regarding to it.. Is he afraid as the rest do because of TPLF or he knows very little about as the rest of the public do because of TPLF is declaring a nationwide blackout to hide …..?

    Hi Dawit, Good job.

    Fanuel is another person today than he was during the previous one. We are expecting more from him in the future. Any responsible person should behave accordingly based on the situation we are facing internally. Why Internally. Internal problems are the source of external ones. A society that is doing its home work (the Ethiopian jobs) well would face very limited external enemies/challenges. Bad and negative internal issues and activities are the source of failures in the country caused by internal as well as external forces.

    We know Saudi Arabia is cocking Wahabbism poison to feed us. However, we are not doing our part to counter and defeat it before entering in our society. This has to be the government Jobs. But do we have really a government good enough doing any job which is essential and relevant?

    EPRDF is the union of 4 Ethnic based groups created by TPLF which is the smallest among the 4 collation groups. I cannot call them political parties but Ethnic representatives based on the TPLF nomads land policy they designed when they were engaging with civil war against Ethiopia and its solders and people.

    Let’s talk about Woklayit. This issue needs nothing else other than internal to solve it including any foreign experience. It is intentionally and illegally created in 1994 by TPLF. Why did they made it part of Tigry crossing the broad and hostile canyon river despite it was always part of Gonder? If it doesn’t matter whether it is part of Tigry or Gonder, why they started the first place and continuing claiming as part of Tigry despite it is geographically and naturally connected with Gonder?

    Any Ethiopian who cares about his nation and people must not make a lip serving case about the Wolkayit issue knowing the Amhara/Gonder will never ever allow it being continuing illegal being part of Tigry done unilaterally by TPLF holding power and gun by themselves. This will never happen no matter how the consequences are. No one cares about anything else when their own home is illegally taken by force by TPLF and supported by sick Tigreans. This issue is going to be the biggest volcano in the country if it is not solved soon based on the pre 1994 TPLF kilil policy map between Tigry and Gonder.

    As far as I know, Dawit is the first journalist and his media Awramba mentioning the wolkayit issue this way among the Ethiopian Medias in the country. They are damp and herd of animals not talking as the hottest and breaking news the wolkayit issue and TPLF involvement which are the main reasons for the Amhara uprisings. Yet, they are talking about the material lost or deaths as a result.

    The incompetent Prime minister needs to resign right now and leave the whole issue to the TPLF openly as they are controlling everything including the PM position. They are talking about good governance, rent seeking and blah blah for years while they are the ones swimming with these kind criminal activities. Look at all the TPLF elements and their supporters including those have high positions and their wealth and the wealth of their families.

    The Ethiopian people see everything and know who are the corrupted, rent seekers and looters. They are the TPLF elements down to the office levels holding all positions. The PM who is serving as the Tigrians symbol they are using him to control the nation, needs to act as a prime minister in control or leave the office.

    Does he know anything the truth about wolkayit including when it became part of Tigry, how, about the genocides, massacres, ethnic cleansings, lootings including their lands and animals against the natives, the natives objection against wolkayit being part of Tigry since 1994 including they requested Meles who was a president back then and the paper they presented to him about their rejection wolkayit being part of Tigry instead of remaining with Gonder, 11 times with federations and so many requests? He knows nothing but the TPLF are telling him all lies about. He is their mouth talking their interest including about Wolkayit.

    We are hoping other Ethiopian Medias in Ethiopia will start talking openly and frankly the truth about the wolkayit issues instead of the results such as uprisings, demonstrations, deaths, material losses and so on. Some of them think it will go away if the public do hear or talk about it and things will be okay. No. the wolkayit issue is going to determine how our future is going to be. This will never go away as it was always there for the last 25 years but boiling under the carpet among the 30 million Amharas in the country and worldwide. .

    Therefore, for the sake of all of us, we must talk openly and frankly the truth about wolkayit how it started since 1969/72 EC and afterwards including the crimes against the natives, the mass Tigrean settlements and so on. What that Kassa Teklebirhan and naive PM said simply saying “the wolkayit issue is solved” is something no one expects from any normal human being let alone those in the responsible positions. It was clear that they were not talking their own minds but being mindless suffering from fear not to talk differently than they have been told and allowed by TPLF maters.

    Their response became another fuel to inflame the situation because millions of people know the truth about. No one hides the truth from the people. The wolkayit issue which is the other side of the Tekeze River in Gonder must be openly and frankly talked among the Ethiopian population including the PM office in order to solve it knowing this will lead solving lots of issues we are facing right now.

    China has a two term leadership period. Ethiopia has a life time period despite they are talking differently. TPLFs are ruling the country for 25 years changing only chairs but not positions always on the top where the money, influence, power, dominations, businesses and so on are. They are having the very important as well us less important positions under their control from Top to down by the TPLF and Tigres. Look at the wealth they are having including their family members. Look at them now and how they were 25 years ago. From where came all these huge wealth?

    Pm Hailemariam Desalegn is the only person they allowed to hold a foreign minister and PM positions for the last 25 years. All important positions are totally under their control including security, military, police, finance, banking, investment, advisers and you name it. What is the reason they allowed only Hailemariam Deslaegn to hold these positions? Is there something we don’t know what is going on behind between him and them?

    • ethoash says:

      Dear Abegaz

      i support Wolkayit, right to article 39. my question is would u support the oromo right for article 39

      about term limit i support that too but does this logic apply to AG7. and OLF DR.BIRR look like king for life

      i also support ur call for TPLF leader to resign but do u have any replacement in mind can u name ur leader name list

      about corruption i also agree with u but if WE HAVE AG7 OR OLF do u think we will not have corruption… if your answer is No it is like changing flat tire with another flat tire then i understand u otherwise without giving solution for corruption accusing people doesn’t cut it form me

      • dangla says:

        ሕገ መንግሥቱ ለወግ የተቀመጠ እንጂ የሚሠራ አይደለም
        article 39 is TPLF’s sinister plan which we are all hoping Tigrai put to practice.

        ”i support Wolkayit, right to article 39. my question is would u support the oromo right for article 39”
        typical TPLF dolt. wolkyte is part of gondar period.all you need is to stop your lies.

        • ethoash says:


          okay do u support the oromo in wello (in Amhara region )to join the oromo

          second u said ሕገ መንግሥቱ ለወግ የተቀመጠ እንጂ የሚሠራ አይደለም
          i think u misunderstood how constitution work … it is not Xbox that work out of the box USA constitution is over 200 years old but it took almost 140 years for the black and women to get their voting right but the black did not dismissed USA CONSTITUTION as useless paper instead they used it to get their freedom…

          to me Wolkayit, forfeited their Aritcle 39 right when they use violence so to OLF AND AG7

          • dangla says:

            you are simply out of your depth.just you typed few English words you thought you are smart.
            article 39 (written by TPLF doesn’t worth the paper it is written on) wolkait is part of Amhara (gondar). Tigrai has no natural resources and the land is degraded hence stealing fertile land is a necessary requirement for TPLF’s republic of Tigrai.this is your ‘wonbeday” history.

            ‘”to me Wolkayit, forfeited their Aritcle 39 right when they use violence so to OLF AND AG7″” what does this mean??

            We are sticking to the Truth,you and your likes are trying to get away with your fabricated ‘wonbeday’ history.
            it is not gonna happen. mark my words.
            The truth always wins a lie.

    • gold tigray says:

      Dear Tigray people its time to stop being very kind to our enemies that had left no stone unturned to harm us.Shabia or egypt is not the one killing innocent tigreans and destroying their properties but most amharas are the one doing it.Egypt or Shabia is not putting guns on Amhara heads to kill innocent tigreans.This is caused by century held Amhara jealous, hate toward our tigray people.It is no question shabia is less a threat for tigray then Amhara or oromo because they are still within the frame work of Ethiopia and they will never dare to fight tigreans in war.So as coward they are they will make noise protesting and conspiring with foreign enemies.As long as we the Tigray people are united like during the struggle all our enemies will evaporate into the thin air .Tplf leaders may have made many mistakes by neglecting Tigray and spending their invaluable time developing Amhara and oromo who are doing their best to harm Tplf leaders and Tigray people.The protest of Amhara and oromo is not about democracy or corruption but deep rooted hate for us tigray people.And it is high time for all Tigray people to unite and defeat the enemies and change tplf/eprdf development policy that actually harmed the long suffered Tigray and Tigray people.No Tigray person should waste his/her time to appease Amhara or any other Ethiopian.Time to appease and serve our Tigray people and Tigray.King of King yohanes and his Tigray army sacrificed them selves to protect Amhara’s and Ethiopians but Amhara kings and Amharas ambushed him by collaborating with the invaders.During and after the sacrifice of aste yohanes and Tigray power amharas sold 50% Tigray to Italy for weapons and to weaken the powerful tigreans.And amharas did everything to keep Tigray in poverty and underdeveloped systamattically. While they educated their own Amhara children and Addis Ababa .What a ironic is not what tplf leaders being doing the last 15 years developing the banda land of Amhara like the garbage king minilik????
      This is not time to point finger on any tplf leaders yet. We have enough time to do that.It is high time for all of us to stand together and speak for the innocent Tigreans who were hurt in the banda land of Amhara .Tigray regional government must protect and provide support for the victims immediately. It is also crucial for us tigray people to organize and support the victims and families providing clothing ,food ,shelter and housing. Any Tplf leaders who failed to protect and support the victims do not deserve to hold public office and they should be purged from the party and face jail time.

    • Delila Reta says:

      Abegaz, where is wolkait? It is not in Gonder it is in Tigray. We have seen them when they were saying Wolkait Tigray, and our language is Tigrigna. Are there confused people and who ar paid Gonderes like you are talking about this. The Amhara people don’t ask this stupid question except few Gonderes.

    • Sol says:

      This is none of your business, stay out of it, cancer!’

  3. Abegaz says:


    Some of them think it will go away if the public don’t hear or talk about it and things will be okay. No. the wolkayit issue is going to determine how our future is going to be. This will never go away as it was always there for the last 25 years boiling under the carpet among the 30 million Amharas in the country and worldwide. .

  4. Observer says:

    ኪራይ ሰብሳቢነትን በትክክለኛ መንገዱ ያስረዳ ሰው ቢኖር አኔ አስከማውቀው ጋዜጠኛ ፋኖዔል ነው።
    ክራይ ሰብሳቢነት ዋና መገለጫው የመንግስትን ኣመራር በመመርኮዝ ለተወሰኑ የህበረተሰብ ኣካላትን ለመጥቀም ሲባል ደንቦችን፣ህጎችን መጠምዘዝ፣የተመረጡ ድርጅቶች በልዩ ድጋፍ ሌላው በማያገኘው መልኩ አንዲመነደጉ ማረግ፣ ተገቢውን ታክስ አንዳይከፍሉ ማድረግ፣ የማይገባቸውን ብድር አንዲያገኙ ማደረግ …etc so that
    ሀንቀኛ ደርጅቶችን ከጨዋታው ዉጭ ማደረግ ነው።
    I would recommend for any body to read ‘ The price of inequality ‘ by Joseph Stiglitz to understand what is meant by ‘ Rent seeking ‘ which ,deliberately or not. treated wrongly in local media /press releases and so forth
    As a result ኢኮኖሚው በተመረጠው ይህብረተሰብ ኣካል ቁጥጥር ስር አንዲውል ማድረግ ነው።
    በሌላው ሀገር የታየው ኣድሎኣዊ ኣሰራር በገዢው ቡድን ቤተሰቦች፣ ጉደኛ ፣ ማህበርተኛ and the like በመሆኑ ገዢው ቡድን ሲወርድ በነው ይጠፋሉ.
    በኛ ሀገር ከሌሎች ሀገሮች የበለጠ ዉስብስብና ኣደገኛ የሚያረገው ያድሎው ዘላለም ኣብሮ በሚኖረው ዘር/ጎሳ ላይ የተመሰረተመሆኑ ነው።
    ጋዜጠኛው የተቆጠበው በሀገራችን ያፈጠውን አውነታ በዝርዝር ሳይገልጽ ማለፉ ነው.Who are these individuals and whose organizations ?
    In my view,as long as we follow ethnic politics as practiced now ,the problems will only change hands from one ethnic group to another .We will never go out of this vicious circle unless we do something to go out of this archaic mentality and grow up and believe in Ethiopian citizenship whereby every body is equal before the law irrespective of its ethnic backgrounds . No more ልጅ አና አንጀራ ልጅ treatment !
    Any reforms ,reorganizations and whatsoever are doomed to failure unless they consider the above cardinal points.

    • ethoash says:

      dear Observer

      r u saying during king haile selassie and mengistu haile mariam time their was no corruption or rent seeking r u saying EPRDF INVENTED rent seeking+?

      i love ur solution believe in Ethiopian citizenship is that the code name for being pure and good Amhara speaking Amharic and believing in one nation and forgetting ur ethnic and culture and background how it going to work this so called believe in Ethiopian citizenship are u taking us pre king haile selassie and mengistu haile mariam time where all ethnic groups fighting for their right to be independent how in hell u going to stop them or force them to believe in your kind of Ethiopian being if they refused would u give them referendum and peacefully depart or are u going to force them i thought we crossed this river before 1991

      • Observer says:

        ኢቶኣሽ ፣
        ያለው ስር ኣት ስ ኢተች ለምን ከኣርባ አና ኣምሳ ኣመት በፊት ክነበሩት ኣገዛዝ ጋር አንደምናወዳድር ኣይገባኝም። ኢሃዴግ ስልጣን ከያዘ ወዲህ በርግጥ ብዙ መልካም ነገሮች ተሰርተዋል ፣ይሄን መካድ የሚቻል ኣይመስለኝም።
        ጥያቄው ከተጋገርው ኬክ የሚጋባኝን ደርሻ ኣላገኘሁም ፣ መብቴም ኣልተጠበቀም ነው። አዚህ ላይ ነው ኣንድን የህብረተሰብ ኣካልን በተለዬ ለመጥቀም ኮራፕሽን፣ኪራይ ሰብሳቢነት ፣ኣድልዎ አና መሰል ኣስከፊ ድርጊቶች የሚከሰቱት/ come into play/።
        በኛ ሃገር የሚያሳስበኝ መሪዎቻችን ላጠፉት ጥፋት አንወክለውለን የሚሉት ህዝብ /Tribe / ኣብሮ ስለሚወገዝ ነው። ለዚህ መሰረቱ ሀገራችን የፖለቲካ መዋቅር በጎሳ ላይ የተመሰረተ መሆኑ ነው።
        ለጊዜው የተፈለገው ዘር / Tribe/ ተጠቅሞ ሊሆን ይችላል ግን ዘላቂነተን /sustainability/አንድማይሆን ከጅምሩ የታወቀ ነበረ።
        የኔ ወንድም /አህት ዛሬ በኣለማቺን በዲሞክራሲያዊ ስርኣት በሞዴልነት የሚጠቀሱት ሀገሮች ,አንደኛ ብሄር ብሄርሰብ ሳይኖራቸው ቀርቶ ሳይሆን በኣርቆ ኣስተዋይነት, የፖለቲካው መሰረታቸው የግልሰብ ነጻነት የተመሰረተ ነው።
        ዛሬ በሌላው ሃገር ቀርቶ በኣፍሪካ በዘር ላይ የተመሰረተ ፓርቲ በህግ የተከለከለ ነው።
        Like or not, Ethiopian ism will flourish based on equality ,liberty and freedom.
        It is up to you guys to be part of this process or be obstacle and thrown away in the dustbin of history.

        • ethoash says:

          DEAR boserver

          i will come back to u but for now tell me who opposed ethnic federalism beside the Amhara … if Amhara want the old province why not divided the Amhara in to Gojjam,. wollo and Gondar i have no problem but telling the oromo or the Ogden what to do is something else

          even i am so confidence i will allowed the Amhara to count the vote it u guys agree the whole Ethiopia vote on this ethnic Federal system

          by the way don’t try to misrepresent ethnic federalism as something negative

          Ethiopian have 80 ethnic groups in your understanding or misleading if Ethiopian had the ethnic federalism then we would have 80 ethnic federalism but what we have is 9 ethnic federal system

          by the way all ethnic groups must be represented in parliament i will come back to explain to u for now deal with this

          by the way what is ur Ethiopian citizen speak

        • Delila Reta says:

          Observer, we should compare the past govts to the past ones to know what they are.

          • Observer says:

            Does it address the current pressing issues facing the country now ? We are now in disarray ,we have no time to look backward but act proactively by looking forward.

          • Delila Reta says:

            Observer, of course we need to compare the previous ones with the current ones. Why yo don’t need to compare, it is obvious yo have big shame on you. Ethiopia was the prison of its nations nationalities. They were not considered as individual as the history of Ethiopia showing us. Americans they will compare their Republican party and democratic party. Do you remember this? “Are you better of now than 8 years ago? ” you hate this kind of questions? Don’t you? Ethiopia has registered great economic growth in its history by the policies of EPRDF. The peace and stability of Ethiopia has never been like this comparing of the previous governments. This was done because the government has given a chance the nation’s nationalities to rule themselves by their sons and daughters.

          • Observer says:

            Dear Delila, I did not mean to address to people like you but to those mature enough to think about the looming dangers and seek solutions responsibly.

    • yeshiemebet says:

      People are forced to become rent collectors because every other single field of work is monopolized by TPLF & Co. No business that tries to work honestly without bribing had been seen surviving one year in business except real -estate (rent collecting) types of business that got no contact with TPLF & Co. in the last 25 years.

      You cannot invest in any sector and earn an honest income except rent collecting. All other fields of business you have to be corrupt with TPLF & Co. orelse they will put you out of business.

  5. Sam says:

    Dawit And Fanuel still seem to believe corruption must have been the major cause of the recent unrest in Ethiopia. That corruption might play some part is a reasonable assumption. But to assume it is the only one is misleading. The current political unrest root cause is the monopoly of power by EPDRF. When one party believes to know it all, it is in a very difficult position to understand its failings, as EPDRF really is. By definition people who are in the same party think alike politically. EPDRF’s major concern should not be of its members. Rather the party should focus to answer the demands of the vast majority of Ethiopians who are not party members, even those who have a totally different political stance than EPDRF has. EPDRF thinks those people do not exist in Ethiopia. Because they do not exist, the EPDRF politicos think, they should not have representatives in parliament. But those people do exist. They have no one to talk about their interest, demand, and aspirations in government. When they are fed up, they come to the street in hundreds to be heard. The EPDRF politicos could argue we have the interest of all Ethiopians. That could be a good slogan. But in reality no party represent the interest of all Ethiopians, unless it is in a national question, defending the nation from aggressors.
    The corruption issue itself should be seen from the prism of EPDRF’s monopoly of power. Corruption strives in one party system. In fact, being an EPDRF member is a means to rob Ethiopians. If one checks the party membership of those accused of corruption one could find it difficult to find one who is not an EPDRF member. When one prepares to rob Ethiopians, one should do is to build up his credentials by signing to EPDRF, after that robbing Ethiopians is a smooth sailing. To make smooth the robbing for the robbers, the EPDRF membership is sweetened with ethnic identity. If the EPDRF member is determined to rob Ethiopians, he has two powerful entity to fall back in time difficulty. One is EPDRF. The other is the ethnic party which one is from.. EPDRF cannot contain corruption. In a culture where every minister office, civil servant office, courts, political office and so is breathing corruption, where does the government starts to weed out corruption? It cannot because EPDRF itself is corruption. Corruption cannot fight corruption.

    • ethoash says:

      dear sam

      u didn’t give us alternative if EPRDF is corrupted then what ? replaced it wth AG7 OR OLF and all the corruption go away is that what u r saying if not what is ur solution

      • Be ewnetu says:

        Gim7 and EPRDF/TpLF has almost similar aim. Now war is business in the world. Gim7/ESAT Rob money from out and diaspora as EPRDF Oficially LOOTING the country wealth in day light.
        Gim7 piecemouth ESAT and ERI- EPRDF’ts media TOL officially fuel tribal conflict in the nation. So both of them implimenting Shaebian strategy in Ethiopia.
        You can’t choose from fox and dog. Just domestic and wild….

        • ethoash says:

          dear Be ewnetu

          i know this people try to exchange me fox for my dog …. but i want to hear it form the horse mouth it would be magical … u dont want Snake oil salesman in action doing their art telling us how life would have be better if we only had to remove TPLF THIS IS like human trafficker telling his victim how life would have changed only if they had paid him to take them to LIBYA AND SYRIA ….u dont want to hear honey and milk story … that is why Ato Sam and other who i checkmate them run away they will never answer this direct question and exposed themselves

      • dangla says:

        TPLF /EPRDF sees every political party as its enemy and members of these parties must be jailed ,exiled or killed.

        we can’t go on patching an old tyre with too many holes.it is time we get a new one.

        provisional administration will replace TPLF/EPDRF and an election will be conducted comprising different political parties to form a government .

  6. Almaz says:

    Thank you guys, intellegent discussion hope other will learn from you guys. Mr Sendk news wher can we fin your news paper on the Internet

  7. Dagna says:

    The public never accepted this government as a government to start with. The public sees those who are in power now as occupiers who are their to steal land, auction the countries resources to foreigners and will do anything to stay in power including going against its own phony constitution. The ruling group is loyal to itself and pleasing crook foreign false investors and money laundering agents.
    Dawit you ask a simple question to your guest , which is the issue of Wolkit and you did that at least two times, and he on the other hand seems dancing around as if it is a ritual trying to fog his answer. He simply could have said I don’t know, or too early to tell.
    The Wolkite issue is created by the venomous ruling groups and forced on to the citizens of the region who have lived together as one and in harmony for centuries .
    Now blood of Ethiopians is spilled. The ruling group and its supporters will never care to spill more, because the current rulers are well aware that the problem will not stop at in Begemder or Showa , they know their dirty work and their “Agenda .”

    The question is we Ethiopians what can we do to stop this bloodshed, save our homeland Ethiopia from an Arab initiated civil war, not to be the next Yemen, to be prepared to destroy any country who ever have any military base in Assab.
    - First we have to be one and demand the Front ruling group to respect the constitution despite it is full of rubbish and anti Ethiopian.
    -Wolkite must be an autonomous and protected self governing region free of wannabe militia thugs, and if not let the rooted citizens minus those who comes after EPRDF is in power and decide to which regional government they choose to stay with. after all we all are Ethiopians not like one part INDIAN the other PAKISTAN with international border markings. Yes it is very clear that is the “Agenda” but we are Ethiopians.

    We must be one, we are alone , we have only one homeland and one Ethiopia. We must wast no time now because our enemies are at our door knocking for the traitor within to open the destruction gate.

    No time left now to point fingers at each other. A dark cloud of uncertainty hovering over Ethiopia now . A very changing History is upon us, Ethiopians now than ever, we must take control of our home land our only Ethiopia , the land of Sheba, Yohanes Tewedros, Minilik. Ras Gobena, Ras Tona, Belay Zeleke, Zereai deres , Abdisa Aga, fire spiting and roaring Ethiopians of Affars and Isas and Ethiopian Somalians.

    We will be victorious as one Ethiopian.
    God bless Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

    Awrambatimes, good job.

  8. Tiger Fox says:

    Reporter and Awerabatimes always represent tplf policy ,because of this it is a good start.

  9. D says:

    Dawit betam tiru discussion new ketulbet but I want to see more journalist to join you guys. I want to hear more diverse point of view.

  10. shiromeda says:

    This time you have touched peripheral of the problem of the country and ruling regime. Hope next time you will have with other guests who have position in the party and other from non party affilatedl. I liked the one you had with Drs’ Mesaay & Tekola by Yared moderator

  11. ethoash says:

    here is my solution for rent seeking and corruption

    “you get what you pay for” a white man saying

    we pay our meles 3000 birr but expected him to be like Obama
    we pay our minister peanut and wondering why they r corrupted

    what is the solution the solution is start paying our political official the real money that they deserved
    when we start paying them their real value then we will see improvement… some even suggested killing them jailing them all doesnt work because u replace one full stomach hyena with another hungry hungry

    once i remember mengistu haile mariam killed sugar hoarder and come MELES he solved the problem by building sugar factory …my point all we need is simple solution but this simple solution over looked because they r simple

    here is how it work let say oromo government collected one billion in tax he get 1% that tax as salary that would be ten million now if u know u r getting 1% collected tax then it would be in your interest to increase the tax base if u collected 2 billion u going to get 20 million birr as salary so u have skin in the game u will not be corrupted because it would affect your own income u will not ask for bribe because at the end of the year is u preformed u going to get rewarded

    let us try one example land registry and title deed

    to solve this problem we can use computerized system and finger print registration and drone mapping

    each problem can be solved one by one with simple yet smart solution hope this is helpful

  12. Mellon x says:

    Hiding welqait issue will not going to bring stability but by addressing it.
    But Weyane is weak and collapsed so only Ethiopian people can solve it

  13. Abey Zewde says:

    Admirable analysis. thank you for presenting the discussion. It has shade light for my understanding
    keep this kind of lovely discussion often

  14. kassa says:

    From the photo we do see the PM and deputy PM holding hand in hand and seem are talking about something between them. Both gentle men are born and grown up like any other Ethiopian peacefully doing efforts to get education in order to contribute for the sake of their country. On the other hand you have TPLF that are born like any other Ethiopian but grown up differently to become the way they are doing throughout their life time till these days.

    PM and DPM never hold gun to kill people. Never threw bombs to destroy property and kill life. They never engaged in any crime against the nation in any form which is unlike TPLF that is controlling the nation for 25 years and causing so many hardships including civil wars getting foreign supports.

    The saddest thing is that these evil TPLF are intentionally creating divisions between the PM and DPM as they do between the people by having too close to them the PM to control him entirely while isolating the DPM knowing they cannot control and use him the way they do with the PM. The PM and DPM jobs is totally control and run by the TPLF elements such as Debretsion being a deputy PM as well as the communication minister, Theodros Adhanom who is not in a position to be a nurse but calling himself a Dr and responsible for the millions Amhara sufferings and genocide as a health minister (working secretly with that half human Meles and foreign elements Targeting the Amharas) as well as foreign minister is running the Ethiopian foreign relation as he wish which is the TPLF agenda.

    Arkebe Equbay, Abay Tsehay, Brhane Teklegristos and many other TPLFs are surrounding and totally controlling the PM while acting as advisors. These three are among the many TPLF elements running the Ethiopian internal as well as external policies operating behind the PM acting as advisors. We all know who controls and run the Defense, security and police services and institutions. All of them are TPLF including that hateful, sick and ugly Samora; he didn’t even finish grade eleven.

    So, these two innocent and educated PM and DPM are toothless and victims of the TPLF crimes in our country. They will not allow them to become closer and work together but dividing them and take the PM as private property with them while isolating and make insignificant the DPM knowing they cannot do the same thing to him the way they do to the PM. PM is no longer himself but under the TPLF total control. He needs freedom and independent from the TPLF total control against him more than anybody else in the country. He is not talking his mind or doing the things he believes in but the TPLFs.

  15. solomea burukie says:

    This tigrey government killed over 8 millions amhara and over 14 million Oromo..the us already knows everything Obama gave the tplf government guns and money so that specially they can kill so many children and students and everybody obama you will get your karma in hell and the tplf which is all tigrey people we won’t live on this earth forever idk why people think they are gonna be in this earth like a thousad year you will all go to hell never-ending that’s when you rethink everything you have done..

  16. missile boom says:

    TPLF must remove the people it settled in gondar/wolkyte hand over the land to the rightful people.the idea the people of gondar/wolkyte and ethiopians jn general will gradually forget about the illegal (annexation) of wolkyte by TPLF is foolish and dangerous to tigrays.it is not something TPLF/EPDRF sweep under the carpet.

    በዚህ መንግስት ጊዜ እኮ የማይባል ነገር የለም። ደግሞ የወልቃይት አማራዎች ጉዳይ አወያይ ጉዳይ ሆነና አረፈ። ወያኔ የሚጠቀምበት ፕሮፓጋንዳ እንዲሁ ሳይቀየር ይኖራል። ከፕርፓጋንዳው ዘዴ አንድን እውነት ችክ ብለህ በሃሰት ከለወጥከው ሰው ትንሽ ይከራከርና ደክሞት ያምንሃል ወይም ኣሳቡን ቀይሮ ይከተልሃል ይላሉ። የወልቃይትን አማራ ትግሬ ነህ ብለን ችክ ካልን ቢያንስ ግራ እናጋባለን አንዳንዱን የዋህም እናታልላለን የሚል ነው። ይሄ ታዲያ አይሰራም። እንዴውም አድሮ ሲያጋልጣቸው እናያለን። ዋናው መታወቅ ያለበት ነገር የወልቃይት ህዝብ እያለ ያለው ጨዋታው በየብሄር ህ ከሆነ እኛን ለምን ከብሄራችን ትነጥሉናላች ሁ ነው። ይሄ ደግሞ መብታቸው ነው። ቋንቋቸውን ባህላቸውን ለመጠበቅ ወደ ክልላቸው መመለስ አለባቸው። የወያኔ አስተዳደር ስምምነት ይሄው ስለሆነ የወልቃይት ህዝብ ማንነቱን ከመሬቱ ጋር ኣያይዞ እየጠየቀ ስለሆነ መመለስ አለበት። ወያኔ አልተረዳም እንጂ የትግራይ ህዝብ ድንበሩ ተከዜም ወልቃይትም ኣይደለም። ድንበሩ ከኢሉባቦር እስከ ኦጋዴን እስከ ሞያሌ እስከ ባድመ ነው። ነገር ግን አገራችን በመጀመሪያ ወደ ስምምነት መምጣት አለባት። ሁላችን ወሰናችን ይሄ መሆኑን መስማማት አለብን። አለበለዚያ ወያኔ በአንድ በኩል የቋንቋ መንግስት አምሮት በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ ትንሽ ለም መሬት ሲያይ ከቤንሻንጉልም ከአማራም ቦጨቅ ማድረግ እያማረው ኣይሆንም። ትክክልም አይደለም። ይህ አድራጎቱ በብዙ መንገድ ይገለጻል። ስለ ኢኮኖሚ ስናወራ በአንድ በኩል ኤፈርት የኛ የትግራይ ህዝብ ነው ይልና በአንድ እጁ ይዞ ይታያል። ንብረትነቱ የኛ ነው ይላል። በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ የጉጂዎችን ወርቅ የሁላችን በማለት አብሮ ይበላል። ሁሉንም በአንድ ገበታ አርገን እንብላ ኣይሆንም። የራሱን በጁ ይዞ እያደለበ የሌላውን ያጫርሳል። ይሄ ጥሩ አይደለም። ለሃቹ ለሃገራችን ኣይበጅም። ብንገነጠልም እንኳን ለጉርብትና አይሆነንም። ታሪካዊ እሴቱም ጥሩ ኣይደለም። እባካች ሁ ስሙኝ። የሚሻለው አገሪቱን ወደ ተሻለ ማህበረ ፖለቲካ ስርዓት መውሰድ ነው። በቸርነት እንኑር ወገኖቼ። በቋንቋችን ስም ተሰብስበን የኔ የኔ ከሚለው እንውጣና የኛ እንበል። አገራችን ለሁላችን በቅታ ትተርፋለች። ስሙኝ።

  17. Cheru-Amlak says:

    The EPRDF’s executives press release is the same propaganda and political talking points, full of platitudes and lacks the much anticipated policy reform deliberations as promised by Some cadres and the so called the regimes loyal websites such as: Aiga Forum and Tigrai online. These websites even seems to be confused as they were promising their loyal readers that EPRDFs closed door meeting will come up to an earth shattering new directions but they were visibly unable to spin the press release as it lacks any new substances.
    I think it’s only a matter of time now but we all know that the EPRDF is a dead party. The party is more and more resenting to force to rule the great majority, it is losing the few legitimacy it has on the eyes of the great majority the Oromos and Amharas, where they’re witnessing their children being slaughtered by the Agaze force. This by itself will have a lasting repercussions and huge consequence that will threaten the country’s future survival and existence as we know it.
    The irony of Meles’s legacy: while he did good work on the economic front, in my opinion he killed both TPLF and EPRDF on the political front. His reluctance stance on the succession issues where he hand picked someone very weak and unarticulated, not too smart leader to succeeded him goes to show you the very nature of the TPLF without me nothing shall exist. The current prime minister can not address the country’s complex questions independently. He is subservient to his masters, as he admitted himself he enjoys the life in the Arat Killo Palace.
    Bottom line: EPRDF need to open up the political space and do the talk but walk the walk as well. EPRDF talks all day about how it brought ethnic equality but hopes Ethiopians will never notice the domination of one ethnic over the rest.

  18. kassa says:

    Agazi, Meles, Samora,….. and the name of 12 TPLF criminal generals.

    Watch and follow the name of 12 TPLF criminal generals named in the video. This is the best testimony Every Ethiopian should watch and listen entirely.


    ” ESAT HR- AGAZI’s incrimination by its ex-founder and leadership - 28 Aug 2016.”

  19. Sam says:

    Ethoash, I do not think I have an answer for your question, neither does EPDRF. The corruption has gone for long and it become a culture. It is very hard fighting against culture. But there is still hope. Creating a multi-party system is the only means to combat what ills Ethiopian politics.

  20. Cheru-Amlak says:

    To the Moderator: I want to add few things on my earlier comments. According to AigaAiga forum: ” One of the key decision reached was in regard to the Amhara region disturbance. Word is, some people with power have admitted their weakness and have been identified as part of the problem. It is expected those blamed and those who have admitted guilt will be disciplined.” Just look how contradictory EPRDF is, and how it’s not abiding by its own constitution. It is specially interesting who these people with power in the Amhara region who “admitted” their guilt and soon would be thrown to the wolves are. I think if these Amhara officials who deemed weak are people who’re elected then the people who elected them ‘be it fake or legit’ should challenge the federal government’s unconstitutional over reachment to their regional affairs. Dismissing or disciplining a people representative without a due process is illegal according to the EPRDF constitution. So, it’s very interesting to see who these Amhara individuals are…people who are TPLFs subservient like Addisu Leggese may even come back to the scene and start calling Amharas racist and this and that…very interesting to see. And, the Oromos deemed less threat to TPLF so I suppose there will be no one admitting guilt over there. Nevertheless, the empty rhetoric of rooting out corruption within will go unabated with still top officials continue to build their empire and the old ones coming back big in the scene…

  21. Desta says:

    ጉጭ አልፋንግግር ለአለፉት 50 አመት የተኬደበት ባህል እና አስተሳሰብ ሆኗል። ለሀገሬ ገበሬ ኪራይ ሰብሳቢ የሚባል ቋንቋ ባእዱ ነዉ። እናም የካድሬ ቋንቋ ከመሆን አያልፍም። ስርአቱንም በደንብ አይገልጽም።

    በስብሰናል ማለታቸዉ ብቻ ይበቃናል።

    ዋናዉ ሀገሪቱን የገጠማት ችግር በብሄር ስም እዬነገደ የመንግስትን ተቋም ተቆጣጥሮ ዘረፋ ላይ የተሰማራ ቡድን መኖሩ ነዉ። አብዮታዊ ነኝ ይበል እንጂ ልክ እንደእነሃይለስላሴ ቤተሰብ ቤተመንግስቱን ይዞ ልጆቹን ዉጭ ማስተማር ( ከገበሬዉ ልጅ ጋር ሳይሆን) ፣ ቪላ መስራት፤ ለብልጭልጭ ነገር እራሱን ማስገዛት፣ ስልጣንን ተጠቅሞ እሱንና ዙሪያዉን መጥቀም ነዉ የተከሰተዉ።

    ስለዚህ የእነአቦይ ስብሃት ጠብ ከሀይለስላሴ ቤተሰብ አኗኗር ነበር ማለት ነዉ። ይህን ለማግኘት ነበር ይህ ሁሉ የድሃ ገበሬ ልጅ ዋጋ እንዲከፍል የተደረገዉ። አሁንም የሚከፍለዉ። ( በሚገርም ሁኔታ ፤ ከሰባዊነት በወጣ መልኩ የሰዉ ህይወት እየጠፋ እናቶች እያለቀሱ በሚገኙበት ሀገር አቦይ ስብሃት መቀሌ ላይ ሲጨፍር ይታይ ነበር። ምን አይነት ሰብእና ነዉ? የሀገሩ ዝጎች በምንም ጉዳይ ይሁን ሲሞቱ የሚጨፍረዉ? ደስታዉን ለመግለጽ? የሀገር መሪ አካል የሆነ ሰዉ ዜጎቹ ችግርና መከራ ሲገጥማቸዉ ያስተዛዝናል እንጂ ይጨፍራል?)

    ይህ ቡድን ለዴሞክራሲና ለእኩልነት ቦታ የማይሰጥ ፤ ሀገሪቱ ለጻፈችዉ ህገ-መንግስት ዴንታ ቢስ የሆነ፤ ዜጎች የሀገራቸዉ ጉዳይ ቀጥተኛ ተቆጣጣሪ እንዳይሆኑ ተቋማት እንዳይኖሩ ያደረገ፤ ዝም ብላችሁ እመኑኝ የሚል መሆኑ ነዉ። እንዳናምነዉ ግን የተያዘዉ የኢትዮጵያን ህዝብ መዝረፍ ትልቅ ማስረጃ ነዉ።
    የነገደበትን ብሄር ይህይወት ምስቅልቅል አድርጎና እንደሰሜን ኮሪያ አፍኖ ፤ ከሌሎች ወንድሞቹና እህቶቹ እያጋጨና በጠላትነት እንዲተያዩ እያደረገ ፤ ትላንት ከኤርትራ ዛሬ ደግሞ ፍጹም ቅርብ ከሆኑት ቤተሰቦቹ ጋር እያጣላቸዉ ይገኛል። ከዚህ የበለጥ በደል እና ወንጀል አለ?
    የሚያሳዝነዉ የዘረፈዉን እንኳ ይዞ የሚኖርበት ሀገር እንዳይኖረዉ እያደረገ ነዉ። ለዘመናት ችግር እና ደስታቸዉን ተካፍለዉ በጋራ የኖሩትን ህዞቦች በማናከስ የአገርን ደህንነት አደጋ ላይ ጥሏል። የዉጭ ሀይሎችም አጋጣሚዉን እንዲጠቀሙትና እንዲያፈራርሷት ሀገሪቱን አዘጋጅቷታል። This is unworthy and soulless life,

    • TT says:

      አቶ ዘባርቄ ፡፡
      እኔ አንተን በሆን እንደ አዲስ ት/ቤት ገባ ነበር፡፡
      “ኤርትራን ጨምሮ ” ቂቂቂቂቂቂቂቂ

      • Desta says:

        If you had explained to the readers on the points that was raised above by dicing and slicing, intellectually and analytically, we all would have learned, and see the value education. Next time, try to explain issues, supported by evidences, then advice other people to learn

        • TT says:

          አቶ ደስታ አመሠግናለሁ
          1-የኤርትራ ጉዳይ ከኢህአዴግ በፊት ስለመሆኑ(የዘውዴ ረታ ጥልቅ መጽሀፍን ያንቡ)

          2-ኢትዮጵያ ችግሮች ቢኖሩም አስደናቂ ለውጦች ላይ መሆኗ
          3-ሰሜን ኮርያን በተጨባጭ አለማወቅዎ
          4-አሸንዳ በየአመቱ የሚከበር በሀላዊና ሃይማኖታዊ በአል ሲሆን ፖለቲካዊ ይዘት የለውም
          5-አብሮ የሚኖርን ለማጣላት ማን እንደሚሠራ የሻእቢያን አማርኛ ጣቢያ ይመልከቱ

  22. Good says:

    በርቱ ፡ ሃገር ማስተዳደር ከባድ መሆኑን እንረዳለን ፡፡
    ማውራትማ ሴቱ በየ ወፍጮ ወንዱ በየ ቀንዶ ቤቱ ያወራል፡፡

    አንበሶች በርቱ ፡፡ ሁሉም ፍሬ ፈርስኪ ትምህርት ሲሰፋ ማመዛዘን ሲሰፍን ይበናል፡፡

    በስራ የተጠመደ ወጣት ለነ ዶላር ቀለቡ አይመችም፡፡

  23. Abegaz says:

    EPRDF which is another name to TPLF must stop playing that the time is already up game again. This is a very serious time and you need to understand it and you have to change your attitude completely if really you are committed for solutions acting as a real and competent government dealing with some serious issues as the wokayit case is.

    In the name of TPLF, EPRDF is making announcements look like coming from desperations intended to buy sometimes instead of solving the problems through the right approaches.

    Wolkayit is the decisive factor here. They know it they were wrong to start with making it illegally and unilaterally part of Tigry using force and power disrespecting and undermining the great and well established Amhara people but still they don’t want to show it. Meaning they are not ready to solve it facing facts and realities but looking something else because of they have something in mind rather than solving it right now easily and quickly by giving the utmost necessary time, energy and efforts.

    You know what they are saying

    1. “The wolkayit issue must be solved as soon as possible between TPLF and the TPLF created ANDM.”
    Let’s say this is possible because of this Time the people are following each and every step happening in the ANDM in their names and the TPLF interference and slave master approach against ANDM will not be tolerate anymore by the people and some members of ANDM working for the people they are representing instead of being secret agents and servants for TPLF as it has been for past 25 years.

    The main jobs between TPLF and ANDM related to Wolkayit has to be how to restore the historical and natural boarder between Tigry and Gonder which is the Tekeze River. This is what the people from the other side of the Tekeze River in Gonder and Amhara in the country and worldwide want to see happening as soon as possible. Is it difficult to say Tekeze River is the border between Tigry and Gonder and respect that as it was the case for thousands years? This is not happening because of TPLF don’t want to see happening this way but getting illegally and by force lands don’t belong to them. Even the English colonization ended and they have to know their colonial type behavior in Wolkayit is also becoming to an end.

    2. There is another point from the declaration saying “Tigry kilil has to solve the wolkayit issue unilaterally based on the constitution. KKKKK. Which constitution are they talking about? Is that not a TPLF personal constitution where no one from the Amhara people was allowed to participate on the process and/or ratifying it?

    This is how they are making things from bad to worst. Tigry/TPLF has no what so ever right to say or do anything about Wolkayit as it was illegally and by force made by TPLF part of Tigry crossing the river. What Tigry kilil/TPLF has to do is apologizing for the grave and very damaging intentional mistake against the Amhara by making wolkayit part of Tigry crossing the river which is the boarder because of the region is fertile and very rich. What about the Amhara?

    Therefore; there will be nothing acceptable other than respecting the historical and natural boarder between Gonder and Tigry. Gonder and Amhara will never accept other than respecting the Tekeze River as historical and natural boarder between Tigry and Gonder.

    Knowing this, EPRDF which is another name to TPLF needs to stop walking around rather than facing the reality and make Tekeze as a natural boarder between Tigry and Gonder as it has been for thousands years including during the Axumite era. Wolkayit is the Amhara land and Tigry has nothing to do with but Tigrians are as citizens of Ethiopia it belongs to them and the rest of Ethiopia as well.

    *** EPRDF which is another name to TPLF must stop pretending or trying something else that will not work thinking in case the other side is still sleeping, dumb, weak or stupid. No. This was not the case even in the past but just waiting the right time to act while making the decisive preparation and we are on it right now.

    When the Tekeze River broad and hostile canyon is respected as the natural boarder between Tigry and Gonder as it has been the case for millennia, then the situation is solved easily and quickly just like that. TPLF started it alone and it must correct it by returning it back and respect the red line they can’t cross no matter how strong, powerful and killers they can be as they were this way during the time when they plaid with wolkayit started in 1972 but officially happened in 1994.

    That was one of the worst mistakes TPLF ever did. And this must be corrected as soon as possible knowing everyone knows the answer which is the Tekeze River as the natural and historical Boarder between Tigry and Gonder/Amhara. The value of peace between the two is more than anything including wolkayit to Tigry. It must be solved the ways nothing is left unresolved and becomes the reason for disruptions and uneasiness between the two. Solving the wolkayit issue is more Important to Tigry than the Green and big Gonder/Amhara.

    We all wish our deepest possible peace, unity, development, progress and good future in our country to all the citizens. TPLF is the biggest problem we all are facing.

    On one side they are none stop talking about the rights of the minorities while the minorities in Tigry have no what so ever right but in Debub and Amhara. Raya Azebo, Irob, Kunama, Afar and of course Amhara have no what so ever right in Tigry including having own administrative zone, using own language including in offices and school and exercising own culture.

    Yet, they are talking about the successes where the minorities rights being respected in the country because of TPLF. Lets judge TPLF how it threats the minorities in Tigry including the Raya Azebo, Irob, Kunama, Afar and Amhara. They are hypocrites, liars, narrow minded and racists towards the rest including within Tigry.

  24. Mereja says:

    ወይ ጎጃምን አለማወቅ

    በእውነት ወያኔ የጎጃምን ህዝብ ፀጥ ለማሰኜትና ለጥ አድርጎ ለመግዛት በማሰብ ነው የትግራይን ልዩ ሀይል አጋዚ የሚባል ህዝብ ገዳይ ጦር አባይን አሻግሮ ወደዚያ የላከ? ዝም ሲል ዝም ሳይሆን እያሰበ እንደሆነ፣ ሲናገር ውሸት ሳይሆን ሀቅና እውነት እንደሆነ፣ ሲሰራ መልከስከስ ሳይሆን ከልቡ እንደሆነና ችሎ ችሎ ሲነሳ ደግሞ ከግቡ ሳይደርስ ምንም ነገር እንደማያቆመው የማያውቅም ነው ልክ እንደ ወያኔ እየሆነ በጎጃም ህዝብ ለይ በጥላቻ የተሞላ ገዳይ አውሬ የሆነ የአጋዚ የግል ጦር አይነት በማዝመት በእሳት ላይ ቤንዚን በመጨመር ምን ጊዜም ይቅር የማይባልና በብቀላ የሚመለስ ቂም ለመትከል የሚሞክር፡፡ ወያኔ ስልጣን በጉልበት ከያዘ ጀምሮ በአማራ ህዝብ ላይ የተፈፀመ በደል እያንዳንዱ በዝርዝር እየተለየ በቂም በቀል መዝገብ ተመዝግቦ የተቀመጠ እንደሆነ ባለማወቅም ነው አሁንም ሌላን ወንጀል በአማራ ህዝብ ላይ ወያኔ እየፈፀመ የሚገኝ፡፡

    እውነትም የጎጃምን ህዝብ አለማወቅ፡፡ ቅማንት ማለት በሁሉም ነገሩ አማራ ማለት ሆኖ እያለና የሚሰባበር ቅማንተኛ ማውራት የሚችሉ ከ430 ፡አራት መቶ ሰላሳ፡ ሰዎች የማይበልጡ ሆነው እያሉ ነገር ግን ቅማንት የተለየ ብሄረሰብ ነው በማለት በብአዴን ያሰማሯቸውን የአማራ ህዝብ ጠላቶችን ተጠቅመው የሌለን ነገር በመፍጠር ለማጋጨት ሞክረዋል፡፡ ቅማንት የሚባል ህዝብ አለ ቢባል እንኳ ቁጥሩ በጣም ትንሽ የሆነ ሲሆን ሁለመናው ከአማራ የሚለይበት አንዳችም ነገር የለም፡፡ ልዩነት ለመፍጠር ከሆነ ግን አላማው በአናትና በልጅ፣ በእህቶችና ወንድሞችም፣ በጎረቤትና በሰፈር እያሉ የቆዳ፣ የፀጉር፣ የመልከ፣ የቁመትና የመሳሰሉትን እየጠቀሱ ከአንድ ቤተሰብ ጀምሮ ልዩነቶችን መፍጠር ይቻላል፡፡ ወያኔም በቅማንትና በአማራ በኩል ይህን ለማድረግ ነው ውስጥ ለውስጥ ሲሰራ የኖር፡፡ በብዙ የተቀላቀለንና ለዘመናት አብሮ የኖረን አማራንና ኦሮሞን በማጋጨት ያን ያህል ሰቆቃ በአማራዎች ላይ ለረጅም ጌዜ እንዲፈፀም ያደረገም ወያኔ ራሱ በዚህ መሰሪ የሆነና ተንኮል የተሞላ ባህሪው ነው፡፡

    በጎጃምም ይህን አይነት በመፈፀም ተቀላቅሎ አንድ ህዝብ ሆኖ በሰላም የሚኖርን ህዝብ አገው በሚል ሰበብ ለማለያየት በማሰብ በብአዴን ቅጥረኞቻቸው አማካኝነት ሲሰሩ ኖረዋል፡፡ ይህንም ያደረጉ በአማራ ክልል ውስጥ ልዩነትን በመፍጠር ግጪትን ለማስፋፋት ነው፡፡

    ይሁንና በህወሃት አማካኝነት በጎንደር ግጪት ከተጀመረ ጀምሮ አማራና ቅማንት ወያኔ በውስጣቸው የፈጠረባቸውን ልዩነት ሙሉ በሙሉ በማምከን እንደ ሁልጊዜ አንድ ሆነው የህወሃትን በወልቃይት ጉዳይ፣ የበላይነትና ብዝበዛ በጋራ አየተፋለሙት ይገኛሉ፡፡ በጎጀምም ለነሱ ይሰራል በማለት አስበው በውሸት ሲሰብኩለት የኖረ ነገር ግን በብዙ ጎኑ ከአማራ ጋር አንድ ህዝብ የሆነ አገው ዛሬ ከአማራ ጋር በመሆን ዋነኛውና ጀግናው የወያኔ ጠላት ሆኖ በትናንትናው እለት የወያኔ ብአዴንንና ሰንደቅ አላማውን ጨምሮ ሁሉንም ከወያኔ ጋር ንክኪ ያለውን በድፍረትና ጀግንነት አስወግዷል፡፡ በምትኩ ደግሞ የኢትዮጲያን ተክቷል፡፡

    በሌላ በኩል ደግሞ በህዝብ ብዛት በጣም ትንሽ የሆነ የትግራይ ክልል ውሰጥ በቁጥር ብዙ የሆኑ የራያ፣ ኢሮብ፣ ኩናማ፣ አፋርና አማራ ብሄረሰቦች የሚኖሩ ሲሆኑ ለአንዱን ምንም መብት የሌለው ሲሆን ሙሉ በሙሉ በትግሬ ቂጥጥር ስር ሆነው ተገደው የሚኖሩ ናቸው፡፡ ከ50 በመቶ በላይ የራያ አዘቦ ህዝቦች አማራዎች ሲሆኑ ራያወች በብዙ ጎዳቸው ከአማራ እንጂ ከማንም ጋር ግንኙነት የላቸውም፡፡ በዘር የተቀላቀሉና እንደ አንድ ህዝብ ሆነው ለዘመናት የሚኖሩ ናቸው፡፡ ወያኔ ግን ይህንም ከነሱ መሀል ለማጥፋት ሲል ለ25 አመታት እየሰራ ይገኛል፤ አይሳካለትም እንጂ፡፡ በሚቀጥሉት ሳምንታትና ወራት ውስጥ የነዚህ በትግራይ ውስጥ የሚገኙ ብሄረሰቦች ጉዳይ ግን በራሳቸው አነሳሽነትና በኢትዮጲየ ህዝብ ደጋፊነት ፈንድቶ በመውጣት ከህዝባቸው ጋር ሆነው በወያኔ ላይ የሚነሳና የሚያነጣጥር ነው የሚሆን፡፡

    ሁሉም የአጋዚ መሪዎችና ትዛዝ ሰጪዎች ትግሬዎች እንደሆኑ ማንም የሚያወቀው ጉዳይ ነው፡፡ እያንዳንዷ የትግሬ አጋዚ ህዝብ ገዳይ ወንጀል በያንዳንዱ የትግሬ ህዝብ ላይ ቂም የሚያስይዝ መሆኑ ታውቆ በጎጃም ህዝብ ላይ ትግሬ ወያኔ ያዘመተውን ገዳይ አውሬ የግል አጋዚ ጦር መልሶ ማስወጣት አለበት፡፡ ይህ ሁኔታ ወደለየለት አዘቅት የሚከት ነው፡፡ የጎጃምን ህዝብ ባህሪ አለማወቅም ነው ይህን ያስደረጋቸው እና በያዙት የጥፋት ጎዳና ከመግፋት በመታቀብ ቆም ብለው ስለሚያስከትለው ከባድ መዘዝ ሊያስቡበት ይገባል፡፡

    የህዝቡ ጥያቄ ግልፅ ነው፡፡ ይህም ከተከዜ ማዶ ያለን ቦታ ለጎንደር መመለስን ጨምሮ የህወሃትን የበላይነት፣ ጣልቃ ገብነትና ዝርፊያ ጨርሶ መቆምንም ይጨምራል፡፡ ይህን በመናቅ ግን በጉልበት መሞከር ሁኔታውን የሚያብስ ሲሆን በሚሊዮን የሚቆጠር ሀይል እንኳ ቢኖራቸው ሊሳካላቸው የማይችል ጉዳይ ነው፡፡ ይህ የ1997 ምርጫ ወቅት ሳይሆን እጅግ የተለየና ለህዝብ ምቹ የሆነ ሲሆን የፈለገውን ያህል አጋዚ ያሰማራ በመጨረሻ ላይ ግን ዘመኑ የወያኔን ፍፃሜ ማብሰሪያ ዘመን የሚሆን ነው፡፡

    • TT says:

      ጅል አይሙት እንዲያጫውት፡፡

    • tewodros says:

      @ mereja: u fucking nefetegna. Do u know realy tigray? That is ur problem so called nefetegna neftam. Where is Raya Azebo? When was Raya Azebo were Amara? Wt u listed kunama,erob have zero own administration developing zero language & culture & for this they have sacrify zer life. No one gave zem & live in harmony & ready to defend zer region from any nefetegna aggressor. Do u know z real border of tigray is aleweha melash. Wt does Adi remetse mean in Amharic if u claim welqite is Amhara? May GABA? May leaders bahaha “Ass gorguari zendo yawetal” endayhonebachu? As zer is more we can claim? Adi Arqay? Gebah u aggressor? Buy z way u have forget “Denberachen key Bahre new” Now u have become good friends with shaebia. It shows u r standless. In this occasion z nations &nationlities r ready to defend zer right not to become secondary citizens again. Became full. Today is not tomorrow.

      • no nonsense says:

        Here is another uncouth woyane. TPLF will disappear tomorrow and we shall see where all the criminal woyanes gonna hide.
        you can go on with your fake history and dig your own graves.no mercy for fascists.
        secondary citizens again???? you guys are delusional and suffer from inferiority complex 100%.

  25. desta says:

    Abegaz , I think U R one of the few slaves who bought by the shaebia and egypt by million of dollars to destabilize and to spread uncountable hates among Ethiopians and to creat bloodshed in Ethiopia . U R thinking as U R present in a safe place and enjoying a luxurious life by the expense of the innocent peoples of Ethiopia . Believe or not U can cheat for a few time it is a matter of time U and yourlikes couldn’t escape as your boss terrorist andy tsige to come with a tie in your neck to be asked for the uncountable sin U make over the generous people of ETHIOPIA . IT IS A MATTER OF TIME .

  26. Gamada says:

    Ethiopia =Oromo+Amhara+Tigre+SNN+Gambela+Somale+Benshangul+Afar+Harari for true respect,true security,true growth&Dev’t,true mutual benefit …all of the region must own their self-determination until sesession referendum and unit by their own will. Until this all are false.

    • no nonsense says:

      Go on form your own mini state aka abye tigrai.we are sick and tired of you
      being nothing but pain the butt.
      Go, disappear and no more talk of ”’mutual benefit” ,vermin .

  27. kassa says:

    The other three members in the EPRDF requested many times to transform the party to another level from the current composition. It was to dissolve the Ethnic base EPRDF to a one and nationwide party the same way as we see in all civilized and well mannered nations that are plenty except Ethiopia. Ethiopia under TPLF is the only nation on earth having Ethnic based political system and kilil based on languages although this is not working for TPLF because of they are taking lands from those speaking different languages than Tigrigna such as wolkayit from Gonder, Raya from Wollo and Afar from Afar just to mention.

    The reason why TPLF rejected the other three parties despite it is a smallest one in the coalition is because of fear it would lose power domination and all the lootings, corruptions, rent seeking and you name it, it is engaging openly without fear for decades. EPRDF is rotten to death. It stinks badly reaching the nation all over the places including in offices, work places, on the street and at homes.

    Look at members of EPRDF and their criminal associates. How rich they had been earlier? How rich and powerful they are today? From where is this immense wealth came from? Of course they are stinky corrupted, engaging with public theft, signing foreign contracts and investments with less while take the money from the back side.

    As long as EPRDF is not totally transformed within openly and publicly exposing and severely punishing its corrupted and capitalist criminal members using office to steal and loot, and confiscate the stolen property including the money and property in abroad, the people will never allow to be ruled by it. EPRDF must start cleaning first from TPLF that is the mother and father of all corruptions, thefts, lootings and you name it against the nation. Look at each and every TPLF, their family members and collaborators how rich and criminal they are.

    EPRDF is a TPLF dead body has no future unless it is totally transformed from Ethnic base to a nationwide party cleaning all criminal and bad members from Top to down starting with TPLF and it’s Tigreans that are in front with corruptions, thefts, lootings and illegal big practices.

  28. dodu says:

    This site probably is not going to post my comment.
    I think the main issue every government supporter doesnt want to talk is the obvious corruption. Until it is addressed, this protest is going to engulf the whole country. Lets talk seriously. We know it, where the money the likes of EFFORT operating came from. Dont tell only individuals corruption. We know there are corrupted individuals but also huge corruption at party level. Can any one courageous enough to tell me where the money owned by EFFORT came from and how it end up being the biggest company in the country?
    Unless we addressed these kind of genuine issues, it is like putting lipstick on a pig.

  29. mirach says:

    Amhara talks much but does less

    • dangla says:

      Amhara will give you a marching order to mekelle. you’ve been playing with fire and now you must burn.
      zip up and go to your Tigrai. end of story.

  30. Mereja says:

    ማንኛውም የለውጥ እንስቃሴና የሚከፈል መስዋዕት አላማው ካለፈው የተሻለን ለማምጣት ነው መሆን ያለበት፡፡ ይህም ሰላምን ከማስፈን፤ አንድነትን ከማጎልበትና እድገትን በሚሰጠው ጥቅም እየገለፁ ማምጣትን ይጨምራል፡፡ መንግስታዊም ይሁን ህዝባዊ ወይም ሌላ አይነት አስተዳደር ለነዚህ አበይት ጉዳዮች ተገዢና ብቃት ያለው ከሆነ ሊደገፍና ሊበረታታ ይገባዋል፡፡

    ከጣሊያን ወረራ በኋላ ላለፉት 76 አመታት ገጥሞን በማያውቅ ደረጃ ሀገራችንና ህዝባችን በከባድ ሁኔታ ላይ ይገኛሉ፡፡ መንግስት ነኝ የሚለው ደግሞ አልችልም በማለት እጅ ሰጥቶ ስለራሱ ማምለጫ እየሰራ፣ አላፊነቱን በመካድ ደንታ ቢስ ሆኖ ወይም በጭንቀት በመያዝ ተደብቆ እንደሆነ ግልፅ ሳያደርግ ምንም ነገር እንዳልሆነ ማስመሰልንና ያው የተለመደውን ውሸቱንና ድስኩሩን ተያይዞታል፡፡

    የወልቃይት ጉዳይ ዋነኛው እንደሆነና ሁሉም ነገር በዝርዝር እየታየ በትክክል አስካልተፈታ ድረስ ብቼኛው ምክንያት በመሆን ለከፋ ችግር የሚያጋልጥ ስለመሆኑ የውጪ ዜጎችና ምሁሮች ሳይቀሩ እያስጠነቀቁ እያሉ ነገር ግን ሆን ብሎና በማን አለብኝነት ከ20 አመታት በፊት ራሱ በመፈፀም በዚህ ብቸኛ ተጠያቂ የሆነ ህወሀትና እሱ የሚየሽከረክረው መንግስትና የሚቆጣጠረው ኋላ ቀር መገናኛ ግን ላም ባልዋለችበት ኩበት ለመልቀም በማሰብ ስለሌላ ጉዳይ በባዶ ሜዳ ሲንከራተቱ ይታያሉ፡፡ ከተከዜ ማዶ ወልቃይትን ጨምሮ ምን ጊዜም ጎንደር ሲሆን በታሪክ ውስጥ ለአንዴም ትግራይ ሆኖ አያውቅም፡፡ ትግሬ አንጂ ተከዜን እየተሻገረ ለስራ ሲመጣ የኖረ ትግራይ ግን በምንም መንገድ ስለማይቻለው አስቦትም አያውቅም፡፡ ህወሀት ነው ትግራይ ሳይፈልግ የተከዜን ሰፊና አስቸጋሪ ሸለቆ መሻገር አለብህ እያለ እያስቸገረው የሚገኝ፡፡ ይህም ችግር ከአካባቢው አልፎ የሀገር ችግር እየሆነ ነው፡፡ በመሆኑም የወልቃይት ጉዳይ መፈታት ለአካባቢው ብቻ ሳይሆን ለሀገርም ሰላም፣ አንድነት፣ እድገትና ጥቅም መሆኑ ታውቆ ሌላ ሌላ ማለታቸውን ትተው ነገሩን አፍረጥርጠው በማውጣት በዝርዝር እየታየ በህዝብ ፍርድ እሰከሚፈታ ድረስ ስለወልቃይት በግልና በተጠያቂነት በመንግስትና በህዝብ ደረጃ መወያየት ይገባል፡፡

    ሆን ብሎና አምኖበትና ሳይታይ አየተጠነቀቀ ከሌላ ቦታ በመሄድ የሰረቀውን የሱ ያልሆነን ሀብትና ንብረት ሌባ ይመልስ ዘንድ ራሱ ሌባው ይፈርድ ዘንድ ዳኛ አይፈርድም፡፡ ህወሀትም የአማራን ህዝብ በመናቅ፣ በመጥላትና በማዋረድ ሰበብ ተነሳሰቶ ለራሱ ጥቅም ለማድረግ በጉልበትና በህገወጥ መንገድ የወሰደውን ቦታ በተመለከተ ራሱ ህወሀት መወሰን እንዳለበት የህወሀት ኢህአዴግ በመግለጫ መልክ ለህዝብ ማሳወቅ ምን ያህል ብቃት የሌለው፣ ራሱን ያጣና ለሀገር እደጋ እየሆነ መምጣቱን የሚያመለከት አሳዛኝና አሳፋሪም ነው፡፡ የወልቃይት ጉዳይ ህወሀትን ወንጀለኛና ሙሉ በሙሉ ጥፋተኛ የሚያደርግ ሲሆን ቦታውን በተመለከተ የሚያገባው ጎንደርና ኢትዮጲያ ናቸው፡፡

    ህወሀትንና ጭፍን ደጋፊዎቹን ጨምሮ ለማንም ግልፅ መሀን ያለበት ግን ከማንም ጋር ሳይነጋገርና ሳይስማማ በራሱ ትቢትና በአማራ ህዝብ ላይ ንቀት ተነሳሰቶ ወንዝ ተሻግሮ በመምጣት ለምና ሀብታም የሆነን የጎንደር ተፈጥሯዊ አካል ወልቃይትን ለራሱ ለማድረግ የሚሞክር ህወሀት ይቅርታ በመጠየቅ ወንዝ ተሻግሮ ወደ ትግራይ ከመመለስ ውጪ ሌላ የፈለገውን ይናገር ወይም ያድርግ በምን መንገድ ተቀባይነት እንደሌለው ነው፡፡ በሰላም መንገድ ካልፈለገ ግን ስንፋጅና ስንጎዳዳ ኖረን እሱ በጉልበት እንደወሰደው ሁሉ ከነወለዱ በጉልበት ይመለሳል እንጂ ከዚህ ውጪ ስለሆነ ግን ማንም ጊዜም ሆነ ቦታ የለውም፡፡ ደንጋይ የለበሰችና የሞተች የምትመስልን ትንሸ የሆነች የባድመን ሁኔታ መመልከት ይገባል፡፡ በህጉ መሰረት ነገ በኤርትራ ስር መሆኗ የማይቀር ነው፡፡ ለም፣ ሀብታምና ሰፊ የሆነ በጣም ጠቃሚ ወልቃይትም የወደፊት እጣ ከዚህ የተለየ አይሆንም፡፡

    ያለው አማራጪ ህዝብ ራሱን ማደራጀትና ከፊት ለፊት የተደቀነበትን መዘዙ አስፈሪና ግልፅ ያልሆነ ለመታደግ ሲል ከአሁኑ ራሱን በተለያየ መንገድ በማደራጀት ሀይሉን ሊያጠናክርና አቅሙን ሊገነባ ይገባዋል፡፡ በአማራ አንዳንደ ቦታዎች ይህን አያደረጉ እንደሆኑ እየታየ ሲሆን ተጠናክሮ ሊቀጥልና ብዙ ሊሰራበት የሚገባው ነው፡፡

    በመሆኑም “ህዝባዊ አስተዳደር” በሚል ስያሜ ብቃትና ችሎታ ያላቸው ፍትሃዊ፣ ሰራተኛና ጀግና የህብረተሰብ ክፍሎች በዋነኛነት የሚሳተፉበት መሆን አለበት፡፡ ግርግር የፈጠረውና የልጆች ወይም የወንጀለኞች መሰብሰቢያ በመሆን የከፋ ጉዳት እንዳይደርስ ከባድ ጥንቃቄና ያላሰለሰ ጥረት መደረግ ይኖርብታል፡፡

    የህዝብ አስተዳደር መዋቅር በስሩ ሁለት ዋና ዋና መቆሚያ ባላዎች ሊኖሩት የሚገባ ሲሆን አነዚህም፡

    1፡ ስላምና ደህንነት
    2፡ እድገት
    በሚል ስያሜ ሊታወቁ ይገባል፡፡

    1፡ ስላምና ደህንነት ለአንድ ሀገርና ማህበረሰብ ከሁሉም በላይ የሆኑና ለእድገትና መሻሻል ወሳኞች ናቸው፡፡ በመሆኑም ሰላምና ደህንንትን ማስጠበቅ ከሁሉም በፊትና በላይ ትኩረት ሊሰጠው ይገባል፡፡ ለራስ መገልገያ የሚሀንን ንብረት በማውደም አይደለም የመንግስት ለውጥ ማምጣት የሚቻል እና ይህ አይነት ራስን አጥፊ ድርጊት መቆም ይኖብታል፡፡ ለህዝብ ተወካይ ነን እያሉ ነገር ግን በመንግስት ስም ህዝብ የሚጎዱትን እየለዩ ማስወገድ ነው ለውጥ የሚመጣ እና ስራን አለመስራት ማለትም አድማንና ንብረት መውደምን ጨምሮ ማህበረሰቡን የሚጎዱ ድርጊቶች ሙሉ በሙሉ ሊቆሙ ይገባል፡፡ ሽማግሌዎችም ሆኑ ምሁሮች በዚህ ጉዳይ ላይ ትኩረት በማደረግ ስሜታዊ የሚሆኑ ወጣቶች የህዝብ መገልገያ ንብረት መሆን የሚችልን የሌላ ነው በሚል ሰብብ ከማውደም ሙሉ በሙሉ መቆጠብ አለባቸው፡፡ ከማፍረስና ከማውደም ይልቅ ደህንነቱ እንደተጠበቀ ለጋራ ገቢ በማድረግ ለህዝብ መገልገያ ማዋል ይመረጣል፡፡ እኛ እንደሌላው አለም የመስራት አቅም የሌለንና የምናፈርሰውን በቀላሉ መልሰን ማግኜት የማንችል ገና የሆን ነን፡፡

    የጎበዝ አላቃ ማለት ከስሩ ብዙ ጎበዞች ያሉት ማለት ነው፡፡ የጎበዝ አለቆችን ከበላይ ሆኖ የሚመራ ብቃት ያለው አለቃ በመሰየም የአካባቢው ሰላምና ደህንንት ሙሉ በሙሉ በጎበዝ አለቃወች አማካኘነት መጠበቅ አለበት፡፡ የተደራጀና የበቃ ቆራጥ ሀይልም ሲኖር ነው ሰላም ሊሰፍንና ደህንነት ሊረጋገጥ የሚችል፡፡ ይህ ካልሆነ ግን በተንኮል የተካነችና በጥላቻ የተሞላች ጨካኝ ህወሃት በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ መንገድ ሰላምን ለማወጅክና ደህንነትን ለማጥፋት ያላሰለሰ ሙከራ ነው የምታደርግ፡፡

    2፡ የሰላም መጠበቅና የደህንነት መረጋገጥ ዋነኛ አላማ የህዝቡን ህይዎት ሰላማዊና ደህና ለማድረግ ነው፡፡ ይህ ግን የሚሆን በሰላምና በደህንነት በራሱ ሳይሆን ሰላምንና ደህንነትን በመጠቀም በርትተው ሲሰሩና ውጤት ሲገኝ ነው፡፡ ይህም ማለት ዕድገታዊ መዋቅር በህዝባዊ አስተዳደር ውስጥ ዋነኛው አካል ሊሆን ይገባዋል ማለት ነው፡፡ ካልተሰራ፣ ካልተመረታና ውጤት ካልተገኜ ከግለሰብና ቤተሰብ ጀምሮ በሰፈርና መንደር እንዲገሁንም አካባቢው ሁሉ ከረሀብ፣ መጠማትና መታረዝ ጀምሮ በተለያዩ ችግሮች የሚጎዳ ነው የሚሆን፡፡ ራሱ በተደጋጋሚና በአደባባይ ለዘመናት እንደሚለው የአማራ ህዝብ ዋነኛ ጠላት የሆነ ህወሀት የአማራ ህዝብ ሁሉም ዛሬ ቢያልቅ ደስተኛ ነው የሚሆን እና ዛሬ ባለመስራት ነገ ከችግር ተጋልጠን ይህ እውን እንዳይሆን ከአሁኑ መጠንቀቅ ይገባል፡፡

    ከተከዜ ማዶ ያለውን ሁሉንም ጎንደር ጨምሮ የአማራ ቦታ በኢትዮጲያ ብቻ ሳይሆን በአፍሪካና በአለም በተፈጥሮ ከፍተኛ የሆነ የምድር ወገብ መሬት አካል ሲሆን በውሃ ሀብት የታደለ፣ የተጎዳውም ጭምር በቀላሉ ማገገም የሚችል በተለያየ ንጥረ ነገሮች የዳበረ ለም አፈር ያለው፣ በጣም ተስማሚ የአየር ፀባይ ያለውና አስደናቂ የሆነ መልክአ ምድር ባለቤት ነው፡፡ በመሆኑም ዘመናትን ያሰቆጠረ ልምድ የተካበተበት፣ በቀላሉ መሠራት የሚችልና በጣም ወሳኝ የሆነ የግብርናው ዘርፍ ያላሰለሰ ትኩረት የሚሰጠው መሆን አለበት፡፡ አሁን ወቅቱ የዝናብ፣ የእርሻ፣ የዘር፣ የአረም፣ የአበባ፣ እሸት፣ የአጨዳና መውቂያ ነውና ከማንኛውም ጊዜ በበለጠ ገበሬውን ማበረታታትና ማገዝ ይገባል፡፡ ይህ ሳይሆን ቀርቶ ግን ይህን ለእድገት ብቻ ሳይሆን ለህይዎት ወሳኝ የሆነን የገበሬን ስራ እደ ቀልድ በማየት በአመፅ ስም ራስ በከተማ ስራ ፈትቶ ገበሬውንም በገጠር ስራ ማስፈታት ነገ በኑሮ ውድነት መቃጠልና በረሀብ መሰቃየት ነው የሚሆን፡፡ ይህም ሲሆን ወያኔ ደስተኛ ከመሆን ባሻገር የሚርበውንና የደከመን ህዝብ ማንም አያከብረውምና አይፈራውም፤ ወያኔም ይህን ነው በደስታ ስሜት ተውጦ ሊያደርግ የሚችል፡፡

    በተመረጠና በተመረቀ የአማራ ቦታ ላይ ሆነው ከአሁን በኋላ በእንደ ወያኔ አይነቱ መገዛት ቀርቶ ለአንዴም ቢሆን ስለምንም ጉዳይ መጠቃት አይገባም፡፡ ይህ ይሆን ዘንድ ግን ራስን በደንብ ማደራጀትና ማሰራት ግድ የሚል ነው፡፡ ውሃን በማጠራቀም በመስኖ ከመገልገል ጀምሮ በርትተው አመቱን ሙሉ መስራትና ማምረት ለራስ ብቻ ሳይሆን ለሌላውም የሀገራችን ክፍል ጥቅም የሚሆን ነው፡፡ መንግስትን መቃወም የሚቻል የራስንም ስራ ባለመስራት ሳይሆን ካለፈው በበለጠ በርትተው በመስራትና በብቃት በጋራ በመደራጀት ጠላትንና ወዳጅን እየለዩ በመንቀሳቀስ ነው፡፡ በማንም እንዳይጠቁ ራስን አየጠበቁና አየተከላከሉ ሁሉም በየተሰማራበት በርትቶ እየሰራ የራሱ በሆነ ህዝባዊ አስተዳደር መመራት መቻል ለብቻው በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ መንገድ የህወሃትን ተፅኖ ሙሉ በሙሉ የሚያስወግድ ነው፡፡

    ስለሆነም ህዝባዊ አስተዳደር መመስረት ግድ የሚል ሲሆን ይህ ግን መሆን ያለበት ብቃትና ችሎታ ባለቸው ታታሪ ሰራተኞች
    ነው፡፡ አላማው ውጤቱ ነውና ብቃት ያለቸው ሰዎች የሚሳተፉበት መሆን አለበት፡፡ ለህዝብ መሆናቸው የሚረጋገጥላቸው የብአዴን አመራርም ከቻሉና ከፈለጉ ሊሳተፉበት ይገባል፡፡ ጊዜው ይቅር የምንባባልበትና ለጋራ ጥቅም በጋራ የምንሰራበት መሆን ይኖብታል፡፡ የወያኔ መጠሪያ የሆነ ኢህአዴግም ከአሁን በኋላ አካባቢውን በተመለከተ በህወሀት ብአዴን በኩል ሳይሆን በህዝባዊ አስተዳደሩ በኩል ነው ስለአካባቢው ጉዳዮች ግንኙነት ማድረግ የሚኖርበት፡፡

    የህዝባዊ አስተዳደር ዋነኛ መቆሚያ ባላዎች የሆኑ የሰላምና ደህንነት እንዲሁም የዕድገት አውታሮች ወሳኝ ናቸውና ጥንቃቄ ባለበት ሁኔታ ጊዜ ሳይወስድ ሊቋቋሙና ስራ ሊጀመሩ ይገባል፡፡ ሰላምና ደህንነት ከሌላ እድገት የለም፡፡ እድገት ከሌለ ደግሞ ጨለማና ሞት ነው አማራጩ፡፡

    የገበሬውን ነገር አደራ፡፡ ከማንኛውም ጊዜ በበለጠ በስራው መበርታት ይኖርብታል፡፡ ባለፈው አመት በረሀብ ምክንያት ሀገሪቱ ምን ያህል በደል እንደደረሰባት ይታወቃል እና ዛሬ ካልተሰራና ነገ ካልተመረተ ከነገ ወዲያ ችግር ሲፈጠር ህወሃት የአማራን ቦታ ከውጪ እርዳታ የሚያገል እንጂ ሌላ አይሆንምና ዛሬውኑ ሁሉም በእጃችን ያለና የሚቻል ስለሆነ ሁሉም በያለበት በስራ መበርታት አለበት፡፡ በስራ የሚበረታና ራሱን የሚችል ህዝብ ምን ጊዜም አሸናፊ መሆኑ ታወቆ የስራ ማቆም አድማው የበለጠ በመስራት መተካት አለበት፡፡ ነገር ግን ተገዢነቱ ለወያኔ ብአዴን ሳይሆን ለህዝባዊ አስተዳደር ነው መሆን የሚኖበት፡፡ ይህ ነው ዋነኛውና ጠቃሚው መንገድ አንጂ የራስ ግልጋሎት ጭምር የሚሆንን ንብረት የሌላ ነው በሚል ሰበብ በማውደም፣ ስራ በማቆምና ረብሻ በማስፋፋት አይደለም፡፡ የሚሆነው ሁሉ ጉዳቱ በአጥፊዎች ላይ እየሆነ ጥቅሙ ለህዝብ ሊሆን ይገባዋል፡፡

    ገበሬውን አበረታቱ፡፡ ካስፈለገም ከቦታው በመገኜት በስራና በምክር እርዱት፡፡ ዛሬ እሱ ካልሰራ ነገ ሁሉም ይራባልና ይህ እንዳይሆን ከአሁኑ ቅድመ ጥንቃቄ ይደረግ፡፡ እሰከ ታህሳሰ ወር ድረስ ወቅቱ ዋነኛው የገበሬ የስራና የምርት ነውና ስራ እንዲያቆም ሳይሆን የበለጠ እንዲመረታ ምክርና እርዳ ሊቸረው ይገባል፡፡

  31. Kassa says:

    Gold Tigry!

    What a name. You must be out of your mind. You are like a typical Tigre; crazy, uncivilized and out of reality.

    You are now on Ethiopian blogs. What about Tigraionline you are none stop spewing hates and spreading lies after lies about Amhara and Oromo? You are sick have no life but suffering from stupidity and ignorance. We know this is your desperate time and you are suffering dearly because of the time is over and things are now becoming normal and on the right paths. You will get mad when the 25 years long crimes by your… is becoming open to everyone to see them and those responsible will be accountable for.

    Do you think anyone cares or takes any notice what you and your stupid TPLF criminals and their trash supporters none stop lies after lies on Ethiopian financed Tigrian so called blogs, selectively targeting Amhara and oromo? The saddest thing is witnessing how immature and incompetent are those so called Tigry intellectuals painting all nonsense shits on Tigrai blogs financed by Ethiopia because of TPLF is in total control about everything related to our country. .

    Gold Tigry: Soon you will wish to be called with your right name called Tigry dry and sand. Because this is what it is in reality.

  32. Helen says:

    In Ethiopia representatives of various privately owned insurance companies are expressing serious worries if the insurance companies will be able to stay in business if the recent protests do not get real solutions quickly.
    Promoting effective corporate governance in the financial sector contributes immensely to the soundness of the financial system, disclosed The United Insurance Company SC, better known as UNIC-ETHIOPIA.
    The United Insurance Company SC, better known as UNIC-ETHIOPIA shareholders said “even though in the past the country has made remarkable progress to build corporate governance practices among companies, enhancing the nation’s financial system currently the ability to keep insuring is being highly challenged due to the recent protests in many parts of Ethiopia.”
    The International Finance Corporation (IFC) also indicated that corporate governance will create more sustainable political environment and foster economic development in Ethiopia.
    IFC and The United Insurance Company SC, better known as UNIC-ETHIOPIA jointly organized a workshop on corporate governance in Addis Ababa, the workshop discuss flaws in the current Ethiopia government that led to the protests and share good practices that advance the country’s insurance system.
    “The role played by the financial system is essential to realize the country’s mega development plans as such a system helps mobilize and pool savings, among others said The United Insurance Company SC, better known as UNIC-ETHIOPIA” shareholders which called on actors in the industry to contribute to strengthening of good corporate governance so as to add value to shareholders wealth, improve competitiveness and ensure safety and soundness.
    According to IFC Country Manager for Ethiopia Adamou Labara, corporate governance is becoming an essential concept to boost investors’ confidence as well as their business environment.
    IFC has been implementing corporate governance with many African countries to end extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity in the continent.


  33. ethoash says:

    when ever people talk about Wolkayit it remaind me story of Cinderella


    After her father aste yohanes unexpectedly dies, young Welkait finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother (Amhara ) and stepsisters, who reduce her to scullery maid. Despite her circumstances, she refuses to despair. An invitation to a palace ball gives Welkait hope that she might reunite with the dashing stranger (PM Meles ) she met in the woods, but her stepmother prevents her from going. Help arrives in the form of a kindly TPLF who has a magic touch for ordinary things.

    TO me Welkait case very simple..

    first understand the human nature called jealousy

    Let say u get 400 million dollar NY lottery guess what most of your friend hate u because of human nature called jealousy … to balance this Jealousy u should share the money otherwise they will not rest until they kill u

    anyhow what happened in Welkait everyone be it the Amhara and the Tigray lived in peace for 100 years but one day the Tigray got their lottery they invested billion dollar in sugar factory the Amhara thought they will be left out in poverty so they start their evil work against the Tgiray

    just imagine someone come invested 500 million dollars r in your area u should be happy for that as normal people u thought they would have supported TPLF over Gonder .. now ask urself what would the Gondar will give them at least TPLF give them 500 million dollar investment what would in God name Gondar will give them they want to join Gondar then the answer would be only one jealousy if they dont get the lottery they dont want the Tgiray to get the lottery so they want to mess it up for Tigray so no body get rich while they stay in poverty

    in way EPRDF misread the Welkait, Gambellara and the oromo people

    the other time the EPRDF try to develop AA surrounding area but they meet with resistance
    the other time they want to develop Gambellara they meet with land grab slogan

    then what is the problem the problem is very simple when EPRDF go in to investment to other region the simplest thing to do is ask the permission of the locality and get their blessing second share the wealth

    now let go back to the Welkait case

    i know the sugar factory has nothing to do with Waldiba Monastery but just imagine for one second before starting the sugar factory if the EPRDF learn how to do PUBLIC relation and invited the Waldiba monastery priest and ask their blessing after they bought the cow and cloth and promised them to give them light or any thing they want they will be their for them and give them money or anything they want to improve their life say drinking water do u think we will be in this mess

    how about Welkait public also must get something out of this investment therefore little money spend on housing and drinking water would have gone long away

    if 500 million invested if they kept aside 10% of this amount for public relationship we will not be in this mess

    10% of 500 million dollar would be 50 million dollar that would be 1 billion birr it would have gone long way….

    i know ten % of 500 look big number but what is worst losing everything or paying 10% and keeping the rest in fact 50 million dollar would be spend slowly as need but the idea if investment come to Welkait all Welkait should share the wealth how u going to share the wealth if you dont want to pay 10% the investment in fact this goes even the government award tax free investment the investor must pay 10% local development tax

    more investment less tax …if ten company come instead of one then 1% tax might work so that more investment will be attracted

  34. Kassa says:

    Afar is demanding its land from Tigry for 25 years as wolkayit is.

    ESAT Radio 30 Min Tue Aug 30, 2016

    Listen from 25:50

  35. tewodros says:

    @ Kassa; u stupid. W/c land was taken from afar &, included in tigray? Razer as all & z afar people in specific knows previously in afar were included in afar. U deded. Whom r u to deceive nefetegna aggressor?

    • Delila Reta says:

      Tewodros, this is new fabrication to open another front by Afars. They are jealous, because Afar didn’t join Gonderes. The fact is Tigray has given Afar land for Afar which was taken from them by force. The capital city of Afar is much better than Gonder if nor better than Bahir dar.

  36. tewodros says:

    @ as z brozer afar people knows, previously mean in z derg time, thus areasvw/c were in included tigray eg. Sheket, dalol etc were made to in afar region. But z nefetegna like Kassa r trying to deliver false information. This people assumes afar people in specific & z nationalities of Ethiopia in general as hu can’t analyze things & z really problem. No more derg in Ethiopia.

  37. awlalo says:

    I wonder what the next thing our PM says.for now he has done a serious mistake that is received in the US with dismay.I was hoping he will come up with a far better alternative than allowing the use of force. he messed it up for good.
    Recently USA has invited Ethiopian opposition party leaders,both from home and abroad,to formulate ways of establishing a care taker government. this by itself signals the apparent rejection of EPDRF as a reliable partner in the region.
    TPLF is heading into becoming irrelevant as it has no support for the action it is taking .the army will not stand idle when push comes to shove.
    Let’s hope everything will be sorted out soon. farewell EPDRF/TPLF

  38. Abay says:


    “After her father Atse yohanes unexpectedly dies, young Welkait finds herself at the mercy of her cruel stepmother (Amhara) and stepsisters, who reduce her to scullery maid.”

    What do you know about Yohannes whose real name is Kassa before he became so called king? How he came as a king and by whom? What he did to Atse Theodros? For how long was he on power? Where is your proof wolakit was part of Tigry during his short ruling years?

    Have you any idea where was wolkait before and during the Fasil era since 15-17 century? Do you think a powerful Gonder that time was without Wolkait that is naturally part of Gonder like your hands and legs to your body? Tigry is from the other side of the river has no what so ever historical or natural connection with Wolkait.

    Have you any idea how it was before and during Zemene mesafint, Atse Theodros, Yohannes, Minilk and the way till TPLF (Tigry people liberation front) took power by force and became the Satanic God of the nation for the last 25 years since 1991?

    If you think Yohannes was killed in Metema fighting Sudan and as a result wolkait belongs to Tigry, then the entire Tigry as far as to Adwa must be the land of Atse Minilik who defeated the Italian invasion in Adwa where thousands Ethiopians died including many high officials from Amhara, Oromo and others while many Tigres were as usual Bandas working with foreign invasion forces including in 1935-1940 fascist Italy. Back then was Yohannes with the English in order to Kill Atse Theodros and as reward they made him king. Then during the fascist invasion was his Grandson. Right now we know which foreign forces are behind and who are the usual Bandas as well.

    As far as wolkayit Concern, you have no case at all and it will always remain as the main body part of Gonder this or that way. Do you remember what happened in and with Badme which is a tiny and stony worthless land? It is legally an Eritrean land decided by the International community despite there is no natural boarder between Tigray and badme and the people are speaking Tigrigna. And soon you will handover it after losing so many innocent lives and property because of your lies and ego; refusing to accept the truth as it was always an Eritrean land.

    By the way even if Wolkait became part of Gonder since Minilik as you are lying about which is not but it was always part of Gonder, then based on the badme rules, it has to be legally part of Gonder. Because the boarder between Eritrea and Tigry is created by Italy after minilik. When fascist Italy managed to invade Ethiopia for 5 years, Tigry and Eritrea were ruled as one region or kilil as TPLF is calling. During this time Wolkait remained as part of Gonder/Amhara as Italy was calling it. Because Italy had divided the nation in 5 regions based on its own history and the people assessments. Shewa remained as one region together with Addis Ababa. So, if Wolkait has anything related to Tigry, why Italy didn’t make it part of Tigry when it did with Eritrea because of historical, natural and human reasons?

    This means the walkout case is clear and easy to handle by ICC or other international bodies than badme as we see Eritrea and Tigry were under one administration during Italy and also the boarder between them is created after Italy and Minilk while the border between Tigry and Gonder is created naturally and was always there since the time of Memorial.

    Therefore, you have no case at all but all lies and most importantly you are in charge in the country holding all positions including defense, security and policy targeting the citizens this time waging the never possible wining wars against the Amharas.

    However, in the end, the truth will prevail and you will lose not only Wolkayit but many things. We will see what the future brings. Until that day, it is your day and continue doing what you are doing which is the best education and motivation to others in order to …..

    • ethoash says:

      Dear Abay

      to use article 39

      u must follow this criteria

      1. u must fight for ur right peacefully

      2. understand peaceful means it doesn’t mean u get ur right next day it might take u 25 years or 40 year peaceful struggle is not a short cut it might take the same amount of time just like armed struggle ask AG7 and OLF it take them 25 years and 60 years and still they did not win one inch of land …. so dont take peaceful struggle for short cut ….

      3.in peaceful struggle the worst thing can happened is EPRDF arrest u …. mind u if u had engaged with armed struggle EPRDF would have kill u therefore if the govt. arrest u … dont revolt being arrested is part of a peaceful struggle….

      once u understand the basic let me tell u how article 39 work

      let take Walkayit got article 39

      this doesnt mean only the Amhara in Wekayit vote …. all residence in Wekayit have equal right that means their is no first and second class Wekayit if u lived in Wekayit for last five year u r Wekayit regardless of ur ethnic

      now we can few choice

      A. if 51% vote to stay Wekayit the Whole Wekayit stay
      B, if 51% vote to join Gondar the whole Wekayit join Gondar

      this is one clear choice

      the second choice is

      We divide Wekyit in two part

      the first part stay with Tigray
      the Second part stay with Gondar

      now the people who want to join Gondar they go to the second part
      those who want to stay with Tirgray stay with first part of Wekayit

      3rd choice

      the land will be divided by vote

      if 75% want to join Gondar then 75% land would be given to Gondar and the remaining 25% land will stay with Tigray

      now u might think this is unfair because Wekayit is Amhara no Tigray should vote that is fine by me then we have to apply the same rule every wehre

      Addis Ababa must also get Article 39% and only OROMO by birth should vote to return Addis Ababa to oromia

      another point is Amhara federal region doesnt mean only for pure blooded Amhara region and also oromoia doesnt means only for pure blooded oromia in fact oroimia is home to many ethnic groups therefore trying to purifying Amhrar region doesnt work because Amhara region is home of many ethnic groups

      if ethnic Federal system work based of your ethnicity then we should have 80 ethnic federal state instead of 9 only

      one last thing all history u tell me if u r not present when history made to me it is tart tart

      what i base my argument is based on the new deal Ethiopia got the new deal in 1991… all my argument is based on our constitution and our constitution said everyone is equal Ethiopian there is no first and second class Ethiopia or ethnic therefore all Wekayit who live there equally wekayit there is no first or second class wekayit in other word the Amhara in Wekayit should not think they r first class Wekayit even “if they were native to the land ”

      if the wekayit agree with the basic rule of our Constitution and want to vote on article 39 i say bring it on

  39. Abay says:

    Wolkayit is not only wolkayit!

    When we are talking about Wolkayit, we are always talking about Tegede, Wolkayit Humera, Metema, Telemt, Telello, Lalibela, Raya Azebo and some part of Wello regions as well. Wolkayit is just a short cut name to mention all the Amhara lands illegally and by force taken by TPLF since 1994.

    • ethoash says:

      dear Abay

      if the TPLF find u they will dam u and make u produce hydro

      by the way what does that mean in Amharic Walkayit mean or it is Tigray word

      second ask your father mengistu haile mariam he was responsible for all land lost because he try to captured the whole Tigray and lost the war had ur father won the war by now he would have taken the whole Tigray … so it tIGRAY took small land here and there it doesnt matter because when they win the war in 1991 the own the whole Ethiopia if u dont remember the whole Ethiopia surrendered to them at that point the game is over u surrendered everything

      if we had not surrendered and saved our life ur father tart tart would be reality he would have been the only Ethiopian remain on earth

      my advice is if u dont want to lose land dont start war the Amhara starting new revolution if they lose this time they going to lose more land mark my word

      winner take all rule apply in war time

      Ethiopia lost war we lost Eritrea and Assab
      then When Eritrea lost the war they lost Badme
      so when Amhrar lost the war this time u going to lose more land the oromo in Amrhara land will get their own article 39 so to other smaller ethnic if they want article 39 it would be given to them more land will be lost from Amhara region if u playing the war game dont lose it it would be game over for u

  40. Sema says:


    “Durbete Uprising ጥቂት ጸረ ሰላም ኃይሎች ሲል መንግስት የገለጸው የዱር ቤቴ ሰልፍ ፤ ጎጃም”

  41. Abegaz says:

    These two gentle men i.e. the prime minister and deputy prime minter are victims and the biggest lost for the nation. If they were not hunted down by TPLF to use them for their fascistic and Nazism project in Ethiopia, they would benefit the nation greatly as professionals and professors teaching the young generation.

    However, sadly the PM is already became the TPLF mouth saying or doing anything against the nation and citizens in any time and place when TPLF tells him to do so including declaring war and genocide against the Amhara people on August 30, 2016. He said ” I gave order to all forces including the Tigrean private killer force Agazi, defense, security and police to wage wars, tortures, disappearances, imprisonments and anything they want against the Amhara people”. This is what he said happily acting as if he is a hero and everything is under his control.

    But as everyone knows he is not talking his mind about something he is freely thinking through and believing in but acting as a TPLF/Tigre microphone, they are speaking through his mouth from behind. TPLF/Tigre is now officially declared war against Amhara and we will see how the end result will be. 30 million Amhara from the green and highland VS 4 million Tigre from the bold and stony Tigry or 96 million Ethiopians VS 4 million Tigres.
    I’m not saying all Tigres are with TPLF but TPLF is saying TPLF means Tigress and no one from tigress is denying or rejecting that publicly so far..

    When these two gentle men who were born and grown up like any other Ethiopian peacefully and with patriotic feelings to serve their country, bunch of TPLFs had been in Tigry Dead Mountain to wage civil war against the nation. As the result, they managed to take power by force.

    The PM and DPM who were best students attending education as far as higher education levels being presence at schools everyday in the country to get first degree and in abroad to get second/master degrees. Both of them are master degree holders with own efforts and results.

    However, look at the TPLF rebels grown up waging civil wars but are now holding PhD, MD. Master and you name it despite they never attended education at any education institution being present at least to get the first and also second degree. If they become, commanders, lieutenants and generals we can try to accept their titles. But TPLF rebels being PHD, MD. Masters even BA holder is really a joke.

    Dr, Debretsion, Dr. Arkebe Equbay, Dr. Theodros Adhanom, …. Master x. master y… and so on holders like Samora even he didn’t finish grade 11, and all the TPLF members and supporters degree is not real but given to them for political, investment and similar reasons and also bought with Money as Arabs are doing from UK and USA. When they asked samora how he got his degree despite he even didn’t finish a high school, he had no answer but told them to ask….. That person is one of the TPLF men arranging free Degrees and rewards for the TPLF members and others related to them in the country and abroad.

    Theodros Adhanom who has not any capacity and experience to become even a nurse is calling himself Dr. He became a health Minister (we all know what he did during that Time working together with foreign forces and agencies particularly against the amhara people) and foreign minister. And now he is looking to become director of WHO which is not going to happen.

    The point is that these two men are victims of the TPLF plot as the rest of the Ethiopia people are. TPLF is trying to use them to paint all the blames on them for the crimes it is doing thinking the people don’t know the truth. Not only the Ethiopian people but the whole world know who is running the nation and controlling everything including from the PM and DPM positions. Not that means they are innocent but TPLF is behind each and everything happening in the country including the recent massacre in oromia and Amhara and the all out war against the Amhara going on right now.

    This is a TPLF worst and final war against the citizens relaying on the Tigres. Are Tigres still relaying on TPLF?

  42. Dawit Tesema says:

    The Prime Minister urged Addis Ababa youth to ensure that they are beneficiaries of the sustained development in the country amid the challenge of rent seeking.
    Hailemariam Desalegn’s is saying rent seeking is unethical .Hailemariam says he is ready to let young people move in the palace to live in the Addis Ababa Palace rent free on a first come first served basis to force rent seekers in Addis Ababa start converting their properties into tourist hotels and tourist restaurants generating highly scarce foreign currency .

  43. Ameberber says:

    EPRDF/TPLF wants to rob us from our lifestyle. TPLF is wiling to commit any human rights abuse in order to achieve it’s intention of decaying Ethiopians next generation morals like EPRDF does, which is not possible for most Ethiopians to accept… TPLF wants to dictate Oromos and other ethnicities for that matter to be living a morally decayed lifestyle like most TPLF officials do if they don’t accept that lifestyle TPLF ants them to die. The low level Ethiopian federal police officers mostly are addicted to khat that is not the main root of the moral decay of the TPLF junta. The high level TPLF officials mostly are heavily addicted to alcohol and/or hardcore expensive drugs such as cocaine , heroin and methamphetamine. That is why you see them sweating more than a normal person. They are also gays and lesbians too. By the way in Ethiopia the number of gays and lesbians grew in a faster rate than any other country in the world in the last two decades under TPLF rule WITH Addis Ababa being the fastest Gay and lesbian contamination city in the world during that time..

    Noone that is not Tigrayan in the right mind would keep on working for TPLF unless they are possessed by some drug or is practicing homosexuality. Redwan Hussien Rameto (born 1971) is an Ethiopian politician, current member of parliament and minister of youth and sports who is practicing all the things I mentioned above.Redwan Hussien Rameto (born 1971)worked hard to possess by pressuring the Amhara and Oromo youth to introduce them to the moral decayed lifestyle which fired back at him heavily currently. The Adids Ababa expansion master plan main target was to turn Oromos to the decayed lifestyle of TPLF officials as for example President Of Oromia named Muktart Kedir whose age is unknown is currently practicing these decayed lifestyle. .


  44. abebe haregewione says:

    ethiopia has come back to its previous peace path and line of development after the application of state of emergency so we are proud of our government and our peacekeepers .and we want to thanks to our government and all police members ,all soldiers and milica.

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