Adigrat University Launches Media and Communication Department (+Video)


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4 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    We /Tigreans/ need free media at this time. Tigrai peaple is scramble by Eritrean TpLF. There is no free media, there is no free political and social activity. there is no free election for regional leaders to voice for the peaple theze wbo jailed and killed systematically.
    Tigrai is. Stranded from in and out.
    We need TpLF free media. And Tigrai flag…..

  2. Desta says:

    Another propaganda Office is added. University should have been a place of thinking, questioning, researching, innovating, and transforming society.

    EPRDF turned the society and the institutions , especially higher education institutions as parrot birds. The students will learn how to lie and make a living as opportunists…… That is what EPRDF produced for the last 25 years. The massive production of liers and incompetent opportunists put the country in crisis.
    They werenot trained to listen , think freely , and solve problems. They were programmed to be obedient, and responders as a parrot.

    Adigrat will be one more factory. Not sure this time if they will have enough time , given current situation the country is put by self-righteous and corrupt ruling club.

    Nation fails when the rulers abuse the power,act irresponsible way, lacks wisdom and visions. Then, innocent citizens pay the price.
    Good luck Adigrat

  3. ethoash says:

    i like the analogy of phd in swimming and never swim

    first we have to take the Media as war front hence we have to put million aside to finance it at least in the beginning

    let me give my own analogy let say Adigrat university started Animal husbandry

    now would the Adigrat university will keep the real life animal and show the students how to care of farm animals

    by showing them how to select the animals by their genetic qualities and behavior, considered to be advantageous to humans, are further developed. and showing them how to selectively breeding and raising livestock to promote desirable traits in animals hand on training

    the second part of this keeping life stock should be self supporting once the genetic qualities and behavior identified they should be sold to local to get the benefit by selectively breeding and selling to local Adigrat university self financed their own endeavor…

    what i am trying to say is Adigrat university should not start class that doesnt make money while they teaching their student for example if Adigrat university start media class this class must start making their own money by producing media product

    for example we can start very simple we can analysis VOA daily news even when ever VOA SAID the local government official are not present to answer their question the Adigrat media should ask the same official for their answer this way the VOA will not get free ride

    how would this Adigrat university media class support itself by advertisement by becoming full blown media outlet just like CNN OR al jazeera… AS i said all they have to do is answering those Western media bias….

    another think is by being very creative and making this media just like music industry owned by private company this way if we have few privately owned company the completion will make this media strong today our film industry and music industry is reached international stranded the media also could use the same business plan

    in conclusion

    EPRDF must not forget the power of media in diaspora… EPRDF embassy must hire public relation officer to reply to Washington post and other Western media

    this public relation officer must be young and flaunt in English …u should not hire someone with phd but who have accent who cant express himself well … it must be flaunt English speaker the mexico people hire American born mexico citizen to speak in behalf of the mexico govt. and people u will not even notice they r from mexico

  4. Gonder says:

    You kill all media in Ethiopia all great media personia are in Kalte , just keep killing we are coming after you all Ethiopians you time is UP.

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