Ethiopia: Hailemariam Desalegn Decries Use of Social Media to Spread Messages of Hate and Bigotry


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34 Responses

  1. Be ewnetu says:

    I strongly oppose the spread of hostality by media. Al qaeda was grow in US universities secratly. But like ESAT OMN TV and Ethi-review website Journalists and writters based in US to destablized the country.
    Obama administration protected. Political criminals to destroy other nation.. This dangerous policy will hurt the relation of US with the rest world.
    TpLF also uses media to devide the nation for many years. Not only state owned media. Like TOL are spread false Minilik history and hostilities. EPRDF also eruct wrong Minilik statue in Arusi, always speak silly words by Sibhat and Meles for long time by using media. So if there is no any action in the country EPRDF is more responsible than US.
    US cutizen is the great ‘IRON WALL’ to spread division and making chaes in othe poor countries. Now even the US media VOA amharic department also focusing on destablizing Ethiopia. Instead of conserning about US.

  2. Zuku says:

    አይዴቨ ይሄ ሰውዬ እና ጌቾ ለህዋት ሌያቢሊቲ እየሆኑ ነው። ፌስቡክ ከሁለት ቢሊዬን ህዝብ በላይ ተጠቀሚ ያለው እንደሆነ መቼም ታውቂያለሽ 1ሚልዬን ተጠቃሚ የሌላት አገር… ……… dave please finish it for me.

  3. Sam says:

    The Ethiopian prime minister is blaming the social media for the problem the world is facing. Am I exaggerating? Please reread the above article. Except in the first part of the first sentence, the prime minister did not say anything good about social media. Am I Wondered at the indictment of social media by the prime minister at the UN assembly? Not really. Ethiopia is in the news nowadays and not for good reason. Not only in Ethiopia but also in the world at large talk is going on that the Ethiopian government has killed its own people for just having demonstrations. The prime minister has needed a scapegoat for that accusation, and he found it in social media. True, some of those who use social media have not used it to advance democracy. They use it to advance their partisan aim. But why the prime minister spent his speaking time to accuse an “enemy” he and his government will not have control of? Just to say to the world what you hear about Ethiopia is what the social media want you to believe happening, but the reality is different. I use social media extensively to be informed. But I also do know what I read and hear on the social media is not always true. It is my own responsibility to differentiate the truth from fiction. Having said that it is important having social media existing especially in the world where there is no democracy. Ethiopia is one of those countries. The government sends journalists to prison, and shuts down the publication of newspapers. But the government has limited ability to control social media. Is the prime minister crying for himself and EPDRF in the US assembly for not having a total control of information in his own country? I believe so. The Ethiopian government has tried to control social media as well. Yes, the government has demonstrably managed some websites to not be available in Ethiopia. But still information is passing around despite the restriction. The Ethiopian government should try to grasp the new reality. The social media is here to exist. In fact, social media plays an important role in changing the world for the better. Those who hate the social media for promoting change are dictators. They are the rapidly dying species. That is not to mean the Ethiopian prime minister is a head of a dictator government. It is not my duty to pass that indictment. But the Ethiopian people do.

  4. ethoash says:

    dear Hailemariam Dessalegn,

    forget UN

    START hiring flaunt English speaker to represent Ethiopian AS public relation… and use the Media against them

  5. D says:

    Why don’t Ethiopia Government do the same thing as the Chinese government does. Block all foreign social networking and use only social network that works solely inside the country?

  6. Desta says:

    ሀይለማሪያም እና የእርሱ ፓርቲ ነዉ ተጠያቂዉ

    በዜጎች ግብር የሚተዳደረዉ የመንግስት ሚዲያ የህዝብ ንብረት ሆኖ የሃሳብ መንሸራሸሪያ ፣ የእዉቀት መፈለጊያ ፣የብሶት ማደመጪያ፣ የመፍትሄ መፈለጊያ፣ የሙህራን መሟገቻ፣ የተጠያቂነት ማሳያ ቢሆን ኖሮ ህዝቡ ወደ ሶሻል ሚዲያ ባልሄደ ነበር።

    በመንግስት ሚዲያ እምነት ስላጣ ሌላዉን እንዲያዳምጥ ተገደደ። ስለዚህ ሃይለማሪያም እጣትህን ወደራስህ ቀስር።

    25 አመት ሙሉ ስለአንድ አስተሳሰብ ብቻ ተሰበከበት፤ በራሱ የሚተማመን አስተሳሰብ ግን ሌላዉን አፍኖ የራሱን ብቻ አዳምጡኝ አይልም። ስለሆነም ኢህአዴግ ከምንም በላይ እዉቀትና ሃሳብ ይፈራል። ያለችዉ አቅም ሃሳብን ማፈን ነዉ። ሀሳብን ለማጥፋት ሃሳብ የያዘዉን ማጥፋት ነዉ (kill the messenger to kill the massage)። ሰዉን ለመጉዳት ደግሞ ትንኝ የበለጠ ስራ ትሰራለች። ሰዉን በመጉዳት ሃሳብ የያዘዉን ሰዉ ታሳምማለች ፣ ትገድላለች። ኢህአዴግ ከዚህ መሻል አለበት።

    25 አመት ሙሉ ስለአንዳንድ የህዉሃት መሪዎች አዋቂነትና መሳሂነት ተነገረበት። እነሱ ወደ ዚህ አለም ባይመጡ ኑሮ ዝንጀሮ ሁነን እንቀር እንደነበረ ተነገረበት። ይኸዉ የእነሱ አዋቂነት ዉጤቱ ታዬ። ሗላ ቀር ፊዉዳል የተባሉት አባቶቻችን ሀገር ሰጡን ፤ አዋቂ ነን ያሉት የጋራ ቤታችን ሊያፈርሷት ነዉ። እዉቀት በተገባር ሲተረጎም።
    ምንም ምርምርና እዉቀት በማያስፈልገዉ እነሱና እኛ በማለት ድሃ ገበሬዎችን ቸላትና ወዳጅ ብለዉ ፈረጀዉ ፣አናክሰዉ፣ የቋንቋን ልዩነት እንደፖሊቲካ የስልጣን መወጣጫ በመጠቀም ስልጣን ላይ ወጥተዉ ለግላቸዉ መኖሪያ እና መዝረፊያ በማደረጋቸዉ ፣ ሌላዉም የእነሱን ካርድ በመጠቀም ወደ ስልጣን ለመዉጣት እየተጠቀመበት ይገኛል።
    በዚህም ምክንያት ሀገሪቱ ቀዉስ ላይ ነች።
    የብሄር ካርድ ዘላለም ለእነሱ ብቻ የሚያገለግል ልዬ ጋርድ ይመስላቸዉ ነበር።

    ሚዲያዉ ችግር ከመጠቆም ይልቅ ሁሌም ሴኬት ብቻ እንዲነገርበት ተደረገ። አድርባይነትን የማህበረሰቡ እሴት እንዲሆን አደረገ።
    ሁሉም ሰዉ በጅምላ እንዲያስብ ተደረገ።
    የህዝብ ሀብት የሆነዉ ሚዲያ በራሱ ምግባር ታእማኒነት ስላሳጣ ፤ ሰዉን ሌላ ቦታ እንዲሄድ አደረገዉ። ሶሻል ሚዲያ ጥሩ የእዉቀት እና የእዉነት ምንጭ ላይሆን ይችላል ግን ሲታፈኑ አማራጭ ይሆናል።
    ስለሆነም የህዝብ ሀብት የሆነዉ የመንግስት ሚዲያ ለህዝብ ይመለስ። ሀሳቦች እና አማራጮች ይሰሙበት። ኢህአዴግ እዉነት ከኔ ጋር ነዉ፣ ጥሩ ፖሊሲ ስላለኝ ተሟግቸ አሸንፋለሁ ብሎ የሚያምን ከሆነ ቀፍድዶ ከያዘዉ ፍርሃት ይዉጣ። ዘመኑ የካላሽን አይደለም። This is the age of reason, enlightenment, and civil discourse in search of truth and facts.

  7. Tango Papa says:

    HD himself is resposeble for hate messages. The other issue is Australia become for tplf lies factory, last time Dr Tiwdros Adhnom lied 14 year young girl donated 20 million dollar and now the sex grade Ambassader Tirfu Kidanemariam said the Somail community donated 10000 dollar.

  8. Mehrai says:

    You are out of your mind, Be-wenetu! How can one blame technology, when it has been accepted globally as having liberating effect on the average citizen. You know what I call the PM’s statement: shameful act of “maiacopa”; statements of denials and excuses

  9. Frehat says:

    Weyane. Is the soirce of all hate If u have to blame any. One blame your party and yorself. By the way I adisgusted. aout your hipocracy.

  10. Tona II says:

    “We believe our ‘ TPLF’ vision is right” it is not and roundly rejected by the people.
    TPLF and its puppets EPDRF are bigoted,corrupt and ethnic fascists.
    Let’s hope this is your last appearance representing fascist TPLF,remember you have never represernted Ethiopians and were never elected by Ethiopian are the ugly face of your minority TPLF fascist regime.

  11. Beza says:

    The first ever peaceful power transition didn’t only shatter the prophets’ of doom and gloom’s dream; their only political race card was buried once for all when Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn was sworn in September 2012 he succeeded former Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, who died on Aug. 20, 2012 after short illness.
    They can’t say Tigrai this Tigrai that no more because the new Prime Minister and his deputy are not from Tigrai.
    Now the few Ethiopians they were fooling for years and using as cash cows are starting to wake up and notice the gigantic lie they were lied to.
    Desperate for their political and financial life, they are trying to spread yet another vicious rumor about Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn’s wife. The politically bankrupt and morally corrupted extremists are saying the wife of the new Prime Minister, Roman Tesfaye is an Eritrean and she is going to work for Eritrea. Here is what Ethiomidia the extremist website said
    Ethiomedia said “Hailemariam may set an EPRDF agenda for the parliament as Roman may set the agenda for Hailemariam. When Hailemariam and Roman had their first daughter, Ms. Roman called the baby girl Yohanna, a name Eritreans began to give in abundance to girls born around the time Shabiya [Eritrean gov’t] came to power in 1991. ‘Yohanna’ means ‘congratulations!’ In her early 20s, Yohanna for that matter is a close friend of Semhal, the first daughter of Meles Zenawi.” This is extreme even for the extremists, shame one you.
    What is ironic is Ginbot-7 the grand daddy of the extremist organizations is in bed with Shabiya working for the disintegration of Ethiopia. It wasn’t long time ago that Ginbot-7 sent Aba Menkarios to Eritrea to ask for help. Why are they acting now like they are allergic to anything Eritrean? These opportunistic cockroaches have no stand or principle or their own. If it serves their evil purpose everything goes.
    Roman Tesfaye was born in a small town near Wolayta soddo called Gacheno from a Wolayta father and mother. She attended her primary education in Gacheno, and soddo Comprehensive High school. After completing her High school studies she went on to study at Addis Ababa University and graduated with her first degree in Economics. Roman Tesfaye also holds Second degree in economics from an Indian university and An American Institution in Leadership.

  12. Sol says:

    Most of the so called oppositions are U.S citizens, why are they concerned about a country they do not even represent, or is it ok because it is a developing country, so who cares about the people, this people are not true Ethiopian, they are puppets of Ethiopia enemies and Ethiopians to tell you the truth, I personally do not like how the government is handling the setuation, but what the police can do when they taken their guns and kicked, beat to die,

  13. Abdurahman Suleiman says:

    Look who is lecturing the world body about Social Media,A TPLF,Puppet Prime minister of Ethiopia,who Owens And dictate the countyrs 100 Million People by only ONE Govt.Media out lets,and the Puppet PM party Won the last election by 100% of the Votes,this can happen only in Ethiopia,where TPLF Rules the nation in Absolute dictatorship.

  14. Beza says:

    Thanks PM Hailemariamn for bringing the issue of the threat which is coming from social medias. Those terrorist organizations are plotting their attacks via social media networks. If developed countries don’t encounter such attacks it is going to be disastrous for the whole world particularly developing countries.

  15. Good says:

    ንቃተ ህሊናው ላልዳበረ ፣ ዲሞክራሲያዊ ባህል ለሌለው ፣ በደመኛ ጠላት ለተከበበ መሀበራዊ ሚድያ የጥፋት መንገድ ነው ፡፡
    ቻይናን መመልከት ያሻል ፡፡ ምእራባዊያን ዲሞክራሲ የሚሉት የሌለ ብዥታ (የተረት አለም )ፈጥረው ይኮምካሉ ፡፡
    እኛም እንደ ጦጣ እነሱን ለመኮረጅ ስንጃጃል ለእግራችን ጫማ ፣ ለሆዳችን ምግብ ፣ ለልጆቻችን ትምህርት ማሰብን እንዘነጋለን ፡፡

    የኛው ቨርሽን (ethiopian version)መሀበራዊ ሚድያ ያስፈልገናል ፡፡

  16. funfacr, says:

    ባንካችንን ጊዜው ስላልሆነ አልከፈትንም
    ቴሌ ኮሚኬሽናችንንም አልከፈትንም
    ብዙ የንግድ ዘርፎች ለሀገር ውስጥ ባለ ሀብት ብቻ የተፈቀዱናቸው ፡፡ ሰላማችንንስ ለጨረታ ማቅረብ ነበረብን ፡፡
    ያለ ግዜው የከፈትነው በር የጠላት መፈንጫ ፣ የእብሪተት ማስተማሪያ ፣ የ ዘር ቅስቀሳ መሣሪያ ሆኗል ፡፡
    ጠላት በርቀት ሁኖ አትግቡ አትውጡ ፣ ግደለው ስቀለው የሚልበት ቀዳዳ ሆኗል ፡፡

    የቻይና መሪዎችን ጥበብ ያድለን፡፡

  17. funfact says:

    ባንካችንን ጊዜው ስላልሆነ አልከፈትንም
    ቴሌ ኮሚኬሽናችንንም አልከፈትንም
    ብዙ የንግድ ዘርፎች ለሀገር ውስጥ ባለ ሀብት ብቻ የተፈቀዱናቸው ፡፡ ሰላማችንንስ ለጨረታ ማቅረብ ነበረብን ፡፡
    ያለ ግዜው የከፈትነው በር የጠላት መፈንጫ ፣ የእብሪተት ማስተማሪያ ፣ የ ዘር ቅስቀሳ መሣሪያ ሆኗል ፡፡
    ጠላት በርቀት ሁኖ አትግቡ አትውጡ ፣ ግደለው ስቀለው የሚልበት ቀዳዳ ሆኗል ፡፡

    የቻይና መሪዎችን ጥበብ ያድለን፡፡

  18. funfact says:

    ባንካችንን ጊዜው ስላልሆነ አልከፈትንም
    ቴሌ ኮሚኬሽናችንንም አልከፈትንም
    ብዙ የንግድ ዘርፎች ለሀገር ውስጥ ባለ ሀብት ብቻ የተፈቀዱናቸው ፡፡ ሰላማችንንስ ለጨረታ ማቅረብ ነበረብን ፡፡
    ያለ ግዜው የከፈትነው በር የጠላት መፈንጫ ፣ የእብሪተት ማስተማሪያ ፣ የ ዘር ቅስቀሳ መሣሪያ ሆኗል ፡፡
    ጠላት በርቀት ሁኖ አትግቡ አትውጡ ፣ ግደለው ስቀለው የሚልበት ቀዳዳ ሆኗል ፡፡

    የቻይና መሪዎችን ጥበብ ያድለን፡፡

  19. funfact says:

    ባንካችንን ጊዜው ስላልሆነ አልከፈትንም
    ቴሌ ኮሚኬሽናችንንም አልከፈትንም
    ብዙ የንግድ ዘርፎች ለሀገር ውስጥ ባለ ሀብት ብቻ የተፈቀዱናቸው ፡፡ ሰላማችንንስ ለጨረታ ማቅረብ ነበረብን ፡፡
    ያለ ግዜው የከፈትነው በር የጠላት መፈንጫ ፣ የእብሪተት ማስተማሪያ ፣ የ ዘር ቅስቀሳ መሣሪያ ሆኗል ፡፡
    ጠላት በርቀት ሁኖ አትግቡ አትውጡ ፣ ግደለው ስቀለው የሚልበት ቀዳዳ ሆኗል ፡፡

    የቻይና መሪዎችን ጥበብ ያድለን፡፡

  20. funfact says:

    ባንካችንን ጊዜው ስላልሆነ አልከፈትንም
    ቴሌ ኮሚኬሽናችንንም አልከፈትንም
    ብዙ የንግድ ዘርፎች ለሀገር ውስጥ ባለ ሀብት ብቻ የተፈቀዱናቸው ፡፡ ሰላማችንንስ ለጨረታ ማቅረብ ነበረብን ፡፡
    ያለ ግዜው የከፈትነው በር የጠላት መፈንጫ ፣ የእብሪተት ማስተማሪያ ፣ የ ዘር ቅስቀሳ መሣሪያ ሆኗል ፡፡
    ጠላት በርቀት ሁኖ አትግቡ አትውጡ ፣ ግደለው ስቀለው የሚልበት ቀዳዳ ሆኗል ፡፡

    የቻይና መሪዎችን ጥበብ ያድለን፡፡

  21. Tiger says:

    Government need shutdown the Facebook .. what the use of Facebook for Ethiopia ?? The toxic diaspora they use Facebook to bring conflict among the people .. what need is peace , food , development , democracy .. social media comes at last .
    Facebook banned country list
    ** china since 2013 only work with a 17 square mile
    ** Iran since 2009
    ** Egypt since 1010
    ** Bangladesh side 2010
    ** Syria sinew 2011
    ** Mauritius since 2008
    ** Vietnam since 2009
    ** Pakistan since 2009
    ** Cuba for government use only
    **north Korea for life
    ** Eritrea for life include no YouTube no viber etc .. and

  22. ashebir says:

    Absolutely right if we use information for good we will do good ,if not viseversa . All what we witnessed from current as well as previous mob . It is difficult to break up the current federal system rather better to conform with it, but if the exterimist want to forcefully dismiss the current federal system the out come is ovious only good for shabiya. On side of EPRDF if you can not finish shabiya please stop crying . USA will not sleep unless EPRDF accepts neoliberalism it continues to give shelter for extremists, so the only option is continue developmental democracy and reduce corruption, then despite huge help from USA ,Egypt or shabiya the toxic individuals will not have space in the current Ethiopia.

  23. CCDC says:

    አሁን እብሪተኛው ደንግጧል ፡፡ የፌደራል ስርአቱና የፀጥታ መዋቅሩ ጥንካሬ አስደንግጦታል ፡፡
    የውሸት ቪድዮዎቹና የ ፌክ ሰበር ዜናዎቹን ዉሀ በላቸው ፡፡
    አሁን ወደ ትክክለኛ ማንነቱ ተመልሷል ፡፡ ወደ ደርግነቱ ፡፡
    እገሌ የተባለ ብሔር መርዝ ጨመረ ፡ እሳት አነደደ ወዘተ ፡፡ በነገራችን ላይ ይቺ በሽታ በ1997 ም ብቅ ብላ ነበር፡፡
    ወይ በሽታ ፡፡

    ልማቱ ግን ቀጥሏል ፡፡

  24. ABEBAW YILMA says:

    his is lecturing about social media telling them why we all monopolize media lets not give any chance to our people so they do not express them self so funny - he is lucky that Susan Rice wasn’t there she would explode laughing and embarrass him on the stage again as she did when she asked about 100% win in election. Look this government has no legitimacy any more step down before you found yourself like gadafi or mubarak.

  25. Kadir Mohammed says:

    Yes, your excellency Mr Hylemariam Desalegn.such social media are only useful for the war mongers extreme diaspora never help the brade winner Ethiopians

  26. Sanbaw says:

    Ppl who comments here are probably cadre of woyanne. The new slogan is “our people(Ethiopians) are not ready for social media because backwardness, or we don’t have democratic culture etc”.This thing been said from top dog ato abaye teshaye to internet warriors cadres like the one who write stupid comments.W

  27. ethiio says:

    Woyane NEVER admit its fault they always find someone or some party to blame. and now they are blaming technology? PM is a JOKE let’s just forget about him. I don’t even think he knows his own name. useless PM in history!!!

  28. Tesfa says:

    How foolish he is to blame mass media for the ills of Ethiopians. He should of told them it is the government that created the hostilities among the numberless Tribes and Ethnics of Ethiopia. TPLF is the core of the problem. Then again, his boss Dr. DebereTsion may send him to the dungeon if he utters anything related to the worthlessness of the TPLF and his government. The PM has no brain. He is a stooge of the TPLF. Does he not read and see how many people have been killed and imprisoned? I feel sorry for him. Outcaste from the wolf pack of the TPLF inner circle, yet still playing for TPLF’s survival. That is slavery of the mind and soul. The world and the Ethiopian people knows it is the TPLF minority Tigrean junta that is dismembering the Ethiopian people and its unity.

  29. Woyesa Wordofa says:

    Our ministry’s defend accusation of Ethiopian PM against social media
    It is undeniable reality these days social media such as Facebook seen reaching the entire world in connection of nations unbiasedly with wealth,i.e.everybody whether the poor or the rich can use Facebook,social media for it not costing over ability,not
    ” unreachable” in buying, satellite renting such as the EBC of Ethiopia govt of this PM.
    The social media,Facebook seen supporting men like me to minister God nowadays globally:it is obvious men the so-called Gospel ministers stayed bragging from their satellite TV channels before Facebook reached the world though most of them their the so-called ministry,Theology is not God-led but established for self fame,accumulation of wealth & the like;however,nations got social media to probate the truth in salvation.
    So this Ethiopian PM is on opposing this social media that made fortunate people like me to reach the whole world in “salvational service”,most of all,
    it is our God gave us social media nowadays “only” for soul salvation,disperse,witness the Gospel to the world for End Day is at hand,Matthew 24:14.
    Based on this,we observe his political advisors misled this Ethiopian PM to entreat the UN assembly to reject for him social media publicly though UN men work on truth,not hurt social media for he asked - it is plain humans can’t accept all wrong writings,posts on social media such as mistaken political views etc for God gave to mankind conscience to probe before accepting,that is,this Ethiopian PM fear of people may receive his Government oppositions views unfairly on social media is unacceptable if his Govt work honestly,so we unaccepted this his reason too on this for his fear of his govt politics in rejecting on social media by his govt oppositions.
    Depending on this truth,our a God-led ministry nullified this Ethiopian PM entreaty against social media at the UN Assembly,thank you - Woyesa Wordofa.
    General Overseer,Woyesa Wordofa Online Church International

  30. Molla Mitiku Ayenew says:

    It Is Time to Get Back To Basics, Determination of EPRDF to conduct a serious reform
    The back basics of EPRDF includes life devotion to public, democratic nature, ability to see towards itself, addressing public questions There are some people who doubt about the recent promise of the EPRDF to conduct an overall serious reform in a bid to enhance good governance and curb rent seeking activities; thereby, laying bases for another leap that could contribute a significant role in realizing the country’s renaissance. EPRDF need to go Back To Basics They argue that the promise is simply a political game and nothing new will happen. The people also question the extent the reform could impact their lives, bring them new opportunities, address their questions and eventually ascertain the renaissance of the country.
    In this regard, it is crucial to see the background history of the party to conclude either it is capable of doing that or not. The backward history could give everyone to develop a confidence whether EPRDF will manage to go back to its basics or prefer to remain the same position. This piece argues that EPRDF has only two options at this time.
    Back basics
    When EPRDF announced it will conduct a serious reform and need to go back to its previous basics, many people especially the young could ask about the back basics of EPRDF.

    The back basics of EPRDF includes life devotion to public, democratic nature, ability to see towards itself, addressing public questions, promptly analyzing country and global political and economic trends, respect to nations, nationalities and peoples, working industriously for equal opportunities, enhancing transparency and accountability, respecting ideological differences and the like.
    A large number of politicians within the EPRDF have already burned and others have been burning like candles so as to provide light for the Ethiopian people; to bring a bright future; realize the light at the end of the tunnel.
    However, it is undeniable that there are also a number of politicians within the EPRDF who have been persuading the public to burn like candles to get light for themselves. These politicians are also ignorant of the interest of the people and failed to properly address various questions posed by the Ethiopian people.
    Back to some twenty five years, EPRDF members were so kind, responsible and committed to give their lives, committed to enhance democracy in the country and ensure the equality of all nations, nationalities and peoples. They had never spared any effort for the betterment of the democratic and fundamental rights of the people.
    Therefore, back to basics means burning oneself like a candle to give light for the people. This is what EPRDF has promised the Ethiopian people while planning a reform.
    Challenges, reforms, achievements
    In the aftermath of the severe seventeen years battle with the military junta, EPRDF faced various challenges that compelled it to reform itself. EPRDF had to restructure the party so as to administer the country. Then, it effectively changed its entire structure and ways of administration from what it had during the war.
    The other key challenge was to bring all the armed forces to a round table and convince them to endorse a constitution that could accommodate all nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. In fact, there were many people who didn’t have confidence on EPRDF in connection to realize lasting peace and stability in the country.
    As a result, different political analysts had prophesized that Ethiopia would be disintegrated and the people would be engaged in an unceasing bloodshed. In deed, it was possible to guess that as the situation on the ground persuaded everyone to arrive at a similar conclusion.
    But EPRDF incredibly reformed itself to change pessimistic expectations. On one hand, it uprooted the anti-democratic dictatorial military rule that had deprived nations, nationalities and peoples of their democratic and fundamental rights. It incredibly changed the conflicting, disintegrating and challenging scenario to mutual understanding and respect to one another.
    Moreover the country was at a deteriorated economy. EPRDF got only about 33 thousand USD when it took power. It was hard for a country with more than fifty million people to stabilize the market with such a small amount of money. That was why some economic analysts prophesized bloody ethnic conflict.
    It was surprising that, the country’s economy was reviving from 1991-1999 as the government had designed and carried out Agricultural Development Led Industrialization, which mainly focused on harnessing the two available resources: land and labor as well as integrating it to industrial development. EPRDF overcame those two major challenges and it managed to alter the entire scenario of the country.
    The other challenge EPRDF faced so far was the unexpected conflict with Eritrea. When the rogue state in Asmara conquered, Bademe, part of Ethiopia in Eritrea’s border with Tigray, the government of Ethiopia was not well prepared and had no equivalent trained military with the army of the conqueror.
    When the country was compelled to engage in bloodshed war with Eritrea, the ruling party had designed a strategy successfully accomplished with a glorious victory. That could show the courage and capability of EPRDF in managing challenges.
    The country’s economy has begun to deteriorate in those years of conflict. Besides, there were some members of the party who had been engaged in corrupt practices. The civil servant had also serious problems in serving the society properly. As a result, EPRDF compelled to reform itself so as to address those problems.
    EPRDF designed a number of policies that could change the existed scenario. Agricultural, Industrial and Urban Development and Foreign policies were designed and carried out in the past fifteen years.
    The past fifteen years witnessed that the reform helped the country to meaningfully transform its economy. It managed to register significant political, economic and social achievements.
    So far, five national elections had conducted in which the people had exercised their political power that altered the scenario of coming to power by force. Nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia have got equal opportunities in their country’s political, economic and social affairs.
    From the economic perspective, the country has been registering 10.9 percent economic growth in the past ten consecutive years. According to the World Bank, Ethiopia has become one of the emerging leading economies in the world. The agriculture, industry and service sectors have been showing improvements from time to time.
    For instance, fifteen years ago the total cereal production was about 70 million quintals that reached more than 300 million quintals at present that meaningfully pulled millions of people out of starvation; a considerable number of farmers out of poverty as the government has trained and assigned more than 60 thousand agriculture extension workers. According to recent reports, the poverty level of the country has reduced to 22.2 percent at this time from 38.7 percent some fifteen years ago.
    There are also significant changes in social developments. For instance, the health sector has made a significant stride that there is a health post in every village at present almost from none some two decades ago. There is also a significant boost in infrastructure and investment of the country.
    Why deep reform?
    There are a number of politicians questioning why EPRDF need a reform? Some of them have also expressed it as a zero sum game. Therefore, it is advisable to justify why EPRDF has determined to conduct a serious reform.
    EPRDF has now only two options: either to reform itself or to disappear. If it prefers the later, the consequence will not only end with the disappearance of EPRDF but also it will lead the entire people to a miserable bloodshed and a ceaseless conflict that might not only disintegrate the country but also probably bulldozed the entire situation. But this choice is impossible for a party that had a democratic vision, a party that sacrificed tens of thousands of its members for the betterment of public lives that had paid a severe scarification for the equality of nations, nationalities and peoples.
    Obviously, the choice of EPRDF is the first alternative that is to coming back to its very basics. In fact, EPRDF is persuaded by the people to conduct a reform and address public questions.
    Why did the people persuade EPRDF to conduct a reform? According to EPRDF officials, the demand of the people and the supply to fulfill their basic needs have mismatched. They argue that the expansion of schools and universities in the past fifteen years let more than 30 million youngster to access education at various levels.
    This leads tens of thousands of youngsters to graduate every year in various fields. However, the created jobs are disproportional to the number of graduators. There is incapability of accommodating the large number of youngsters looking for jobs as there are also a lot of youngsters who couldn’t pass to preparatory classes and then to universities.
    Although the government created jobs for millions in the past fifteen years, it was not managed properly. There were issues connected with bad governance and nepotism that retarded the proper benefit of the Ethiopian youth. in this specific sector as well as other sectors there are problems of abusing public power to self interest and wealth.
    EPRDF announced that it has already evaluated its past fifteen years’ journey and identified the major problems and the officials who have been abusing their public power for their own interests in one or another ways. It concluded that conducting a serious reform will be the only alternative to maintain and strengthen the already ignited development, peace and democracy so that the renaissance of the country will come to a reality soon.
    What is odd? A number of people either in government or the party system have been using their public power inappropriately for their personal interests. This scenario paved ways for the rent seeking political economy to take the upper hand mainly in cities.
    Some individuals considered public power to lead their own lives, to accumulate wealth or to benefit their intimacies. As a result, network and nepotism have become rife and anti-democratic scenario has taken the upper hand than the democratic nature, which was one of the ‘back basics’ of EPRDF.
    These corrupt and rent seeking practices within the government and party systems coupled with individuals in the society who have intentions to collect wealth shortly paved ways for the widespread of narrow and chauvinist attitudes. All the aforementioned reasons have instigated EPRDF to seriously handle its reform and turn back to its basics.
    Previous reforms indicated that EPRDF was capable of managing challenges properly and conducting successful reforms. Therefore, there won’t be any reason at this time to be pessimistic on EPRDF’s plan for deep reform. There is a positive expectation that better situations will come in the near future following the party’s reform in contradictory to what pessimists have been propagating.
    Anyone who could learn from the very nature of EPRDF may not doubt about this as EPRDF has an ample experience in looking inward, identifying its problems, creating agendas, mobilizing and engaging not only its members but also the entire public.
    Therefore, there is no doubt for the ruling party to effectively handle the so called “deep reform’. The reform will not only meaningfully address all questions posed by the people but also create an additional energy to the party and the government in maintaining and strengthening their efforts in bringing lasting peace, enhancing democracy and realizing sustainable economic growth; thereby, achieving Ethiopia’s vision to be a middle income country in 2020.

  31. Tertaraw says:

    I know he ckuld not see properly, now i am sure he can not hear propery. Unless he did not say that there was no gunfire. We here it. Wby did not he? He is Deaf! PM HM the poor pupet. He should corect his speach not to be the dumy in the country. If he spoke in english, it was a disaster for him. Amharic konnen nur ethiopians. Luky PM HD!!

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