Ethiopia: Foreign minister slammed Human Rights Watch of stoking deadly protests through false reportage


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11 Responses

  1. Dagna says:

    The Government of Ethiopia must take the big chunk of the responsibility for the root cause of this problem, which is delightfully exploited by Ethiopian enemies and their diaspora Arab dogs like Ginbot 7. This is not new and sadly it will continue as long as the government refuses to address the public grievance and most importantly the burning question of illegal land policy.

    Land belongs to Ethiopian people not to the government. Government must accommodate citizens with land ownership. The people will never sale their land to Arab enemies. However shameless corrupt, current and past government official, who most of them never own a large piece of fertile land , which they now own illegally and wheel and deal in the name of government with foreign enemy Arab land grab agents are the worst enemies of Ethiopia than the Arabs and their slave dogs.

    The government must be out of real-state business, Ethiopian land ownership belongs to the people of Ethiopia, the people must be able to own their land, work on their land, sell their land if they wish as long as they do not sell it to foreigners and to a forever Arab enemies (unless they prove to us otherwise , which is nil. zero, nada because it not their nature when it comes to Ethiopia) .

    As for to HRW , nothing is new, one must be very naive to expect prais from the mortal Ethiopian enemy like HRW. As a proud Ethiopian I applaud, Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Tedros Adhanom official response to Human Rights Watch . HRW is a criminal entity funded by murderers, it is main objective is to see Ethiopia destroyed, nothing else.

    The government of Ethiopia is not saint either but a friend in crime with Arab dog Ginbot 7 when it comes to the freedom of the Ethiopian people. It is time to talk to the people and the people will never fail and let down an honest true Ethiopian government. But the people hate the” NET WORK’ , for the government the choice is very clear. Either be with, “THE PROUD “PEOPLE OF ETHIOPIA” THE INEVITABLE VICTORS,

    Did this fagot Felix Horne HRW researcher ever address the European Parliament’s Subcommittee on Human Rights with adequate information, about Saudi Arabia, US, France, UK killing armada of the Yemen people ? Just a naive question . Felix horn you are Ethiopian enemy.

    Well done Dr. Tedros, I wish you good luck on your effort to head WHO. I support you not because of your political view., I SUPPORT YOU BECAUSE YOU ARE AN “ETHIOPIAN.”


    • Yohanness says:

      You make me sick to my stomach when you try to blame Eritrea, Egypt, HRW, Ana Gomes, Felix Horne, employees of the US state dept,… You try to convince the world that these are the enemies working to burry Ethiopia. You’re turning away from the real issues. Because all you care about is how to save your ass today. You should be ashamed of yourselves. You’re whining everywhere you go. It’s always the other guy. You even had no shame to attack facebook in front of the whole world. You’re a disgrace to the Ethiopian people. You’re a laughingstock. What an ego!?

      All the people asking is simple. We say Enough. Step down and #PackYourBags. You better learn from Gaddafi and the rest of the tyrants. You better leave before Ginbot7 and Jawar Pull you out like a Bad Tooth.

  2. Yohanness says:

    Tell us something We don’t know; please.
    Both the international community and the Ethiopian people are well aware of your old tricks of deception. You always try to point fingers to others every time your outdated policies fail. You never want to examine and address the real demands of the people. The People Said Enough.
    Whatever name you use to diminize your oppositions, they’re digging your graves and are almost done. All the lives you cut short, all the women you raped, all the men you tortured, all the political prisoners languishing in your concentration camps, all of them will get Justice; trust me. You can’t wash hands and be free. You Tedros and all your cousins; You all will receive judgements. What you did so far will haunt you to the rest of your lives, if you’ve one.
    So, don’t try to blame others for your actions. You’ve to learn to take responsibility and accountability.

  3. Dergu temelese says:

    Dr. Tedros is top TPLF official. TPLF stands for Tigrians not for Ethiopians. So by default the genocide waged by TPLF against Amharas and Oromos is to keep the interest of TPLF. So, Dr. Tedros is commiting genocide too.

  4. Yohanness says:

    It’s always the other guy. እድሜ ልካችሁን ሌሎችን ስትወነጅሉ ትኖራላችሁ። እናንተ ፍፁማን ናችሁ። የምትሰሩትን ወንጀልና ኢሰብአዊ ድርጊት ያጋለጠን ሁሉ ወንጅላችሁ አትዘልቁትም። ቀጥላችሁ እኔንም እንዳትወነጅሉ ብቻ። Yeah, it’s always the other guy!

  5. In this old photo, Dr. Terdor looks healthy. On the new photos we have seen him lately, he appears ill. Is his health ok????

  6. Abel says:

    Response to Dagna- Sorry bro, you are a little confused about everything and are all over the place. Are you with TPLF or Ethiopians? Dr, Tedros just blamed an independent non-profit organization for reporting the truth and shining light on what TPLF is doing behind the talk of democracy and fighting poverty, etc. If they are doing the right thing they shouldn’t be afraid of the report any body writing about their activities and would have allowed the freedom of the press. However, TPLF is all about hidden agenda of working to build the “great Tigray” while destroying the rest of Ethiopia that it doesn’t want any one to tell the world what they actually are doing. That is why they created media blackout to hunt and kill their oppositions. So Dagna, don’t praise this killer and recommend him for WHO an organization that believes in transparency while Dr tedros attacks another organization that reports truth. He will corrupt WHO the same way he destroyed Ethiopia.

  7. New Approach says:

    Return the illegally occupied Amhara lands including wolkait to Gonder and Raya to wollo and you will see many problems are solved right away. This is the main and fundamental reason causing the current situation and will not get better unless this case is addressed based on historical facts and the truth.

    If you don’t agree with it thinking you have the case but want to solve the issue peacefully, then bring it in front of the Ethiopian people and independent bodies to talk about openly in order to solve it. TPLF knows it has no case but still thinking they can get away with it by force, though lies and manipulation which is not happening in the 21-century world and with the Amhara New, powerful and determine generation of this time.

    There is nothing new expecting from the old rebel minded TPLF members and their blind supporters that are unable to see the realities on the ground and make appropriate changes in order to solve the issues. They are still thinking as if this is 1975 when they started to wage rebel war and destroy Ethiopia in order to create greater Tigry having lots of hates against the Amhara and Ethiopia as well.

    They even don’t still get it the so called greater Tigry will never ever happen the way they planned but greater Ethiopia if they stop occupying wolkait and make it part of Tigry which is illegal and will never accept by Gonder/Amhara, stop targeting and affecting the Amhara the ways we have seen them for the last 25 years and instead become understandable, friendly and cooperative with the Amhara in order to live, work and benefit together in Amhara, Tigry, Ethiopia and the world as a whole.

    Islamic OLF is feeling the benefit from knowing because of TPLF hostile and hurtful behavior against the Amhara including occupying wolkait and make it part of Tigry is on the great move creating responding reactions from the Amhara to protect themselves and their rights including taking back wolkait to Gonder correcting the illegal dad caused by old and rebel minded TPLF that are still thinking the world is 40 years ago and their position is also the same.

    The main and most important and fundamental solution about the situation in Ethiopia depends on the TPLF behavior and responding actions towards the Amhara very important and fundamental issues including the wolkait case.

    If the wolkait case is rightfully answered based on its historical and natural facts respecting the Tekeze River as a border between Tigry and Gonder since the time of memorial and allow all the citizens live as they wish in the country including in Wolkait, the major reasons causing the current problems in the country will be solved by 80%. OLF is not capable by itself for anything except hateful talks, lies and some terrorists acts as they used to be but looking to benefit from the conflicts between Amhara and Tigre caused by TPLF such as occupying the Amhara lands and causing the crimes against the Amharas including the natives living in the occupied lands in Wolkaite and Raya.

    So, if anyone in the TPLF and its blind supporters has some brain thinks wisely, understanding the situation from all sides and have visions for long term benefits, the situation happening against the Amhara because of TPLF must be totally stopped and changed from that of the last 25 years or 40 years since they started as rebels having hate against the Amhara and written it on their manifesto. You like it or not, the Amhara are still the united, powerful, great, influential and to reckon forces for the unity, prosperity and benefit of Ethiopia. Affecting the Amhara is affecting Ethiopia but no more affecting the Amhara itself. With or without Ethiopia, the highland, water rich and fertile ancient Amhara will never allow wolkait to be part of Tigry. It is the same with Raya as well.

    The solution is simple, easy and the right thing to do which is returning the Amhara lands that are illegally became part of Tigry done by TPLF thinking they can get away just like that and can create Greater Tigry which is a myth will never happen. This means they have to agree and start solving the wolkait issue first and for most with open mind and free will for the sake of the future of both Amhara and Tigre.

    When the wolkait issues is solved based on the historical facts, truth and natural boundary which is the Tekeze river and TPLF stops the bad and negative things doing against the Amhara and instead becomes part of the forces to unite the two ancient and 99.9% the same people, then, almost all quarrels, conflicts and others bad and negative situations between Amhara and Tigre will start right away to disappear forever.

    Tigry must return all the Amhara lands it did make part of Tigry illegally by itself for the sake of Tigry, Amhara and Ethiopia. This is the main problem Ethiopia has together with the crimes done to the Amhara for the last 25 years. Islamic OLF is just profiting from the quarrel between Amhara and Tigre as TPLF has been making profits by making all sorts of crimes against the Amhara for the last 25 years. But all is gone. This is a new situation and era particularly with the Amhara.

    Amhara is survived from all that TPLF conspiracy and crimes against although suffered hugely in many ways. This is the time Tigrians must think about their future knowing the past will no more be in the future. And their future is in Ethiopia knowing there will be no greater Tigry by taking huge, fertile and rich Amhara lands as well as from Afar as well. That will never happen no matter what you try to achieve the impossible and never materializ

  8. ደቦል says:

    ምድረ ዴያስፖራ የሞቀ ቤትሽ ውስጥ እየኖርሽ እኛን ታፋጃለሽ። በቃ አገር ለቃቹና ዜግነት ቀይራቹ ወጣቹ፣ ለምን አዛ ሆናቹ ህዝብ ታፋጃላቹ፣ በቃ ተዉን እንኑርበት…..

  9. Dagna says:

    Thanks Abel, just to answer your question. I am Ethiopian I see TPLF as enemy of Ethiopia just like HRW.
    Do you think ethnic policy is Right? I will assume you you reject that just like me. But not HRW, they are not for unity of Ethiopia but for their Neo-liberal policy makers. I don give a shit who blaming the HRW . Read between the line my country man. I do not see any difference between Dr. Tedros of TPLF or Dr. Birhanu Nega of Ginbot 7.they both are for their own personal interest, they both rely on Asmara. If Dr. Birhanu Nega wants the WHO job I will wish him a very good luck too. some how you missed the point as I wrote it I support his ambition to head WHO not because of his political stance. I support him because he is and he says he is an Ethiopian. If WHO has a Corrupt agenda hidden against Ethiopia like HRW.. then you don’t have to worry about WHO.
    Ok bro thanks for your comment. I am an Ethiopian, and I am Ethiopian first, I believe on my country men and women including you together we will build the future Ethiopia .
    Any foreign government or their agents meddling in Ethiopian affair is not for Ethiopian interest, their agenda is only to serve their interest.
    Don’t be surprised if HRW reports the Gondar Amharas are attacking the Gojam Amharas. if they are told to do so.
    The point is we Ethiopians must stop killing each other and ask foreigners to blame one of us.
    Brother Abel are you with Ethiopians or HRW admirers?
    Don not worry for WHO if they choose Dr.Tedros.
    Worry for our homeland Ethiopia, and I am sure you do. No offence Bro I love you anyways for being my brother Ethiopian, to tell you the truth I took a point or two from your comment.

  10. Samakaab Cali Nuur says:

    Ethiopia Federalism: Ethno-linguistic Federalism works perfectly in Switzerland Confederation, why not Ethno-linguistic Federalism Ethiopia 😆😆😆😍😍

    ❤Oromo nation ❤
    ❤Somali nation ❤ 9 millions, 2nd largest region 👍👍👍✌
    ❤Tigrey nation ❤
    ❤Sidamo nation ❤
    ❤Afar nation ❤

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