We Love Ethiopia; Land of the braves, Diverse in culture and united in brotherhood (Ibrahim Rashid Hassan)


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11 Responses

  1. MH says:

    well said i realy appreciated it. both the way you composed this precious piece of peom and the truth it is revealin about this sacred land ours. to those who gets chance to read it iam sure it will inspire them and sensitize hem toward the culturaly, historicaly and dicence enriched land, home of variety diversity with unity through tolerance

  2. MT says:

    Nice peom. we expect more from you, i hope u working on it.

  3. Be ewnetu says:

    The foolish community saying “we are the front-liner for Ethiopianism”, but it’s just saying. or i can say “just thinking”, talking and wishing is not valueble as an a piece of “ACTION”.
    these seller of their own countries for cash - ESAT/Gim7 decrees Jawar/Wahhabi/ and OLF as a OROMO brothers. the same as Muslim brotherhood of politices.;. while Jawar supporters stepping on the graceful Ethiopian flag, Esat/Gim7 never mention about it. while the killer Isayas proscuted and jailed Gim7 and patriotes members in Erittrea, always craying only about EPRDF arresting of citizens. at home. at least they apeal in court /undemocraticaly/ but properly.
    Isayas was masacred the 10 thousand Dergu era captived Ethiopian soldiers never ever mention it. instead telling as as democrat leader in Africa ever,
    while Tigreans never ever forced to displace other tribes in their history but standing against us which is the native of the land of Ethiopians.
    and saying “we are the front-liner for Ethiopiansm”
    these African banda elements working hard to dismantle Ethiopia by get supporting from Ethiopian enemies, and still hiding in the “iron wall” of US citizenship,. as a bully and terrorist group vandalize include the flag in the Embassy of the country in US soil. this trespassing violence on diplomat compound is criminal in US law and order. but the bully-license might not renew after Obama administration, what i wonder is they want to sue the Ethiopian regime for cyber hacking, while they personally inter to the Embassy illegally.
    any way the Somali and Afar region and others are aware what is Ethiopianism mean. and who stands for what……. that’s why Shukiry saying “black Africans are slaves and dogs” becaouse of Esat and Isayas the old-dog……

  4. Girmay beyene says:

    God bless you brother . having young people like you with positive outlook make my day cheery. believing that the next generation will be more tolerant and accommodating of divers view your poet foster a diverse culture that’s inclusive of religious belief and cultures . well done

  5. Sibhat G. says:

    Ibrahim Rashid: You are the Indigenous ‘Patriot’ and will expect more from you as exemplary. I love Ethiopia, the home of you and other patriots like Dr. Abdulmejid hussen. God bless Ethiopia and you.

  6. Ogadenman says:

    I can’t express in words how this piece has inspired and stirred up my nationalism sense. i hope it will do the same to all and i hpoe it will heel the trouled ones who their devil attitudes and selfish ideologies trying to to disrupt the our democratic federalism system

  7. Broudist says:

    I reaky kiked it, thanks to Mr. Ibrahim. second it leaves to me with big question WHY PEOPLE WHO’S ETHIOPIANISM FEELING IS THAT MUCH ARE CONSIDERED AS NON PURE ETHIOPIAN BY SOME OTHER HIGHLANDERS. To add more explanation to that question which just came in to my mind, if we frankly speak we know that some ethnic people believe that they are the only and true ethiopians than other ethnic groups, among those who are considered as least ranking in Ethiopianess are the Somalis the people from whom this nationalist peoter came from. So can please any one help me to answer, ” from where this iklogic of superior and enferior Ethiopian ethnic class formed and why ”

  8. Haileslasse Gebregziabher says:

    So enlightening poem
    Yes, our love for our motherland is engraved in our bones, blended in our blood, and implanted in our mind.
    Thank you Ibrahim

  9. abebe haregewione says:

    ethiopia mean not only the Gondar,the gojam,the kemant or the one ethnic group but Ethiopia means the lond where more than 80 nations and nationalities live together by respecting each other and by helping each other moreover the Ethiopians have a good habit for helping each other during the war time,during the worst condition comes to them .so that the ethiopian enemies should clearly know it.especially the terrorist group leader berehanu nega of may 7,jewhar muhamod of olf and all esat tv producers and journalists.i believe we will bring soon all of the terrorist groups and leaders into the court .

  10. bb says:

    Thanks a lot brother! You are a good example for all Ethiopians. We need more please.

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