Ethiopia confirms defection of Eritrean pilots to its territory


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21 Responses

  1. Appears that the command post is neither a command nor a post! Saraj Fegessa as a head of the command post? Give me a break! He is a marionette, Gen. Samora, Dr. Debrestion and Getachew Asefa are the puppet-players.

    Bahirdar, Tolay, Yirgalem and Awash, wait a minute, none of these are in Tigray??

  2. ጉድ ነው! says:

    የሚገርም ነው!
    ሻብያንና ይህንን ጉዱን ሊያስተባብሉለት እንቅልፍ ያጡት አንቆላጳሾቹ አሁን ምን ይዋጣቸው?

  3. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    The next war with this demonic Eyal Al Souq in Asmara should not stop at the border but rather following him to every wood work he will try mole himself into. He should be sought out and blown up to smithereens. This product of satanic verses will not leave our harmonious people alone until he sees them at each other’s throat. He opted to going it alone not because independence will bring prosperity and good governance for Eritreans but he just had this deep seated hatred for our ever generous people of Ethiopia. That is why he has been incubating this or that groups of vagabonds and shameless sell-outs to light up an inferno just to watch it from his balcony in Asmara. Again, if he opts to pick a fight, there should not be stopping at the other side of the Mereb River. He is a menace to the entire neighborhood and must be relegated to the dustbin of history. There will not be a full fledge and certified good governance in Ethiopia as long as this hoodlums is left to his devices burping at his joint in ‘Piccola Roma’.

    • The “demonic Eyal Al Souq in Asmara” has successfully taken the fight into your heartland. Wakeup and smell the gun powder!

      Good luck surviving it!

      • Ittu Aba Farda says:

        In your dreams!!! The same ‘SWAG’ed dream that has afflicted the Ibsa’s and Nega’s ‘n all!! You don’t know what SWAG stands for? Grief!!! Just call APICS and ask them. I feel ‘sorry’ for Al-Toweel Isaias. He thinks his is an Italian but the Italians say he is the same damned nigger!!! He also thinks he is an Arab but El-Sissi and the Wahhabis in Riyadh say he the same ole kaddam, al-abd. That means he is the ‘niggerest’ of all niggers. Oh poor boy!!! But I can boldly tell you this and you better take it to the bank. He will never see an inferno on our legendary harmonious peoples. Fascist Italy had tried that and failed. Egypt has tried that many times since the dawn of history. It even tried to hire battle seasoned ‘nigger’ hating bigots among the former soldiers and officers of the Confederate army after the American civil war of the 1860’s. These were the best of the best the military world could produce at that time. One of such officers could have been telling his wife, “Honey, this damn Lincoln will never allow me to shoot a nigger. But I am going to the source and will shoot me a thousand niggers whenever I feel like it’. That is what he told his wife before departing for Cairo according to my artistic liberty. But when he got to Gura he found all of a sudden the heavens and the earth laminated behind him. on top of him and around him. You and I can comfortably say he had met his real masters in the field. Those who he called niggers were lethal lightening rods in the sky that he never saw even in the tornadic states of Georgia, Alabama or Mississippi. H was lucky he managed to sneak his ass out of there in time. Otherwise, John was waiting for him with fire emitting eyes. I am not lying to you. All of you have to do is hear it yourself from the man himself, William W. Loring. More than 150 years later, another Egyptian messenger by the name Isaias was very lucky to escape the wrath of our harmonious but fiercely warrior people in the 1998-2000 war he recklessly started. He was said to call the then US President Clinton during the wee hours pleading to save him after his ‘The Best Trained Modern Army’ was over run after a half day engagement. Chicken!!! This time he better cool it. He may not have the same chance. Hillary does not like him and Trump hates niggers like him to death.

        • Seems like you skipped mediation today! You mumbled incoherently.

          Again, wish you survive the mayhem. I think you need it more than I thought at first!

          • Ittu Aba Farda says:

            I think you are in want of reading ability. Why don’t you instead keep on enjoying the prosperity of your new ‘Singapore On-The-Horn’ in ‘Piccolo Roma’? You don’t need to day dream about Ethiopia. You are in the wrong house here. Just bug off!!!

  4. wedinkafa says:


  5. Osyres says:

    Still hanging on that with no proof at all

  6. Mek1 says:

    Where is the proof? because H.E. Saraj Fegessa said it, the world has to buy it, give me a break!!! we are living in twenty firs century even a baboon has cell phone with a camera, show us the planes, interview the pilots show as the video recording taking form the ground, I am sure you knew when they cross Ethiopian air space and you should be ready to record the occasion, given you are ruining short of good news theses days you must have captured every minute and second of it.

  7. kale says:

    Why the ethpiya ledars laying in front
    100 milon people

  8. elias says:

    guys!!!! where is the proof,but many say this is spilled out as propogand and fell shame to say sorry to the great ethiopian people who are seeking new government.

  9. ethoash says:

    Siraj Fegessa, Ethiopia’s minister of defense…. should declare if Eritrean doesnt registered their lost with in reasonable time frame this warplane would be given back to the finders those two fighter jet pilot should own the war plane … since they cant own war plane they could sale to use at 50 million dollar which is brand new war plane price this is because the plane is historical plane this end the Eritrean air force

    • Getachew Reda’s kinds are still on microphone. Trust me, Siraj is a liability and you should get rid of him as soon as possible. After the next couple of press conferences, you will clearly see his “talents”!

  10. T belew says:

    Everything is over for TPLF.
    Shabia isn’t coming back to save TPLF.

  11. abebe haregewione says:

    we are ready to defence back against any terrorist action but we are ready to accept any peace like peoples and groups including from we grouped them like terrorist .so i want advise the ginbot 7 ,oromo liberation front and other terrorist groups to leave their previous work and rather to join the peace way other wise no body in the world ,no country in this planet can shelter and prevent the terrorist group .long live to ETHIOPIA FEDERAL DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC MILITARY .

  12. Wedi Adi says:

    “A friend in need”, those aircraft are gift to TPLF from old friend EPLF (old friends).
    Those pilots are just delivering those aircraft. TPLF is in trouble, they trying to go back to oldies (Tigray-Tigring).

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