Why Dr. Tedros Adhanom Of Ethiopia Should Lead The World Health Organization


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48 Responses

  1. Alem says:

    Tedros Adhanom is a charming fellow. He trained as researcher in malarial infections. He never was in charge of running an organization let alone the nations Health. He never trained as a diplomat; his only experience the time he spent in the UK as a foreign student working on his MSc and PhD. But he was appointed to Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His only qualification was he is a Tigrayan and politburo member of the ruling minority.
    Whether Tedros Adhanom qualifies for WHO presidency or not is easy to figure out. Under his tenure Ethiopia’s Health Ministry was racked by corruption unknown in its entire history. At present he has hired [according to sources] an American agent to lobby for more than a quarter of a million. He has contacted American politicians and business people to recommend him. As Foreign Minister and politburo member he oversaw mass deportation of Ethiopian women living in the Middle East and killings and imprisonment without trial of thousands for protesting. On two accounts of public health and human rights he does not qualify.. Need one look further than that to qualify for WHO?

    • Guest says:

      Please try to tell truth for please try to tell the truth for once! Spreading false allegations based on personal or ethinic hate is bad for any human being to get involved.

      • Remington says:

        ‘ethnic hate’ is the specialty of TPLF and I suggest you deal with it.
        This TPLF doctor has already put Ethiopia to shame .if you were to hear what the africans said you would not be blaming us for ‘ethnic hate’.
        ”Is he Ethiopia’s another Robel the whale?” was the comment,followed by laughter.

        • bb says:

          Please don’t tell us who you are! We already know who you are one of the looser diaspora who spend most of time talking do nothing, seating at coffee shop talking about politics that does not make sense and believe me you know you will never have a place in Ethiopian politics while you are abroad and have hate towards other ethnic groups, we seen that the last 20 plus years never accomplished while you are at 18 street.

    • D says:

      It’s obvious to see that you’re jealous. Well, jealous is a sickness. Use your energy and time to do something productive instead of hating.

    • Mebrahtu says:

      I am proud of being Tigrean in the presnt Ethiopia. You know why we are feared by you and your likes, it is because of the personal effort wherever we go. No one gave us anything rather we brought everything by our struggle. Try your best rather barking for the last 25 years tigrean…….
      without real change in the politics. This time it is not for those who believe their leader is nominated by God rather by the people. Waste your time by calling the name tigrean day and night. Tigreans are people who never waste their time in hate politics, because they know that hate politics is never cured disease.

      • Anyone should be proud of his/her identity! However, in you case, appears that you are proud of your origins for a wrong reason.

        Going back to Dr. Tedros’ qualifications to lead WHO, God safe not only the organization but also its permanent employees!

      • Remington says:

        Mebrahtu,,,,,,’I am proud of being Tigrean in the presnt Ethiopia.’
        in the future Ethiopia you might not be proud of being what you are now. it is always amazing how you lot think.could it be the air or the diet?

        • bb says:

          What do you mean? Are you deciding for Mebrahtu future ? Please talk about for yourself you proud or not talk about for yourself. Mebrahtu told you already is proud of who he is period. Or if you are one of the few garbage deaspora who happened to decide for others what to say and not to say then that is your problem but in Mebrahtu case he already told you what he believe in , that is what a man can do but for those who are SHENTAM wait what to say and not to say from 18st.

      • tesfamichael says:

        thanks mebrahtu, for you wrote the truth. some people are conducting a white lie propaganda campaign on this wise and kind people of tigray but no one can pulled back one span though this people need always aware and be unite.

    • wedinkafa says:

      Watching he video left me looooling for hours an end and when yout hink of it is form W0y-ane quarters you can not help it but loooool again and again.

      Alem naf said after the interview, god help Ethiopians and WHO!

    • tesfamichael says:

      Dr tedros is one the best a honesty, educated skill experienced and mindful leader needed for this world in order to solve global health issue. but some satanist people like you are always opposite to good activities of kind people. please train to telling the truth.

      • Ermi says:

        how could you say he is educated, experienced leader when he doesn’t know the meaning of north and south in reference to developed and developing countries. He was not able to explain his own prepared statement. His communication skill is terrible, at least in spoken English as exhibited in the UN panel (interview for the WHO position).

        So what is making you infer he is educated, experienced and a leader?

        peace to all but woyanes ISIS!


        • bb says:

          SHENTO! Yes you can say anything you want to say in front of your computer but the truth is that believe it or not you will never have a place in Ethiopian polices even your supporters. Don’t you be tired of the last 20 plus years seating 24 hours at coffee shop in 18th Street and talking garbage accomplished none by the way you will never gain any in Ethiopia.
          Wow crying 20 plus years because of hate is unbelievable I don’t blame you that is what you learned from your parents but trust me those who have hate towards others have no place will never accomplish anything like what you see in your own.

  2. Geta yawukal. says:

    That is why the country’s unfair andcorruptede government of TPLF was and is not discosed to the world or labeld as if Ethiopians are equally benefted from the country’s fortunes.
    God will reward every one according to our work.
    God Bless Ethiopia.

    • Mebrahtu says:

      God brought TPLF to lead Ethiopia for the last 25 years.

    • Tesfu leakema says:

      If your name is really as you put it Geta yawukal .i hope you not go back to your bible and read it carefully you wouldn’t be here to judge .i hope like I said you not the same person that I know thanks

  3. Jj says:

    Tedors Adhanom let me ask you something question please do you are thinking mind if you are thinking mind why you kill young 1000 over OROOMO ETHIOPIA studentS ?

    • Mebrahtu says:

      You never know how people killed when it comes to the worst situation. It is up to you to bring peaceful transition of power from the government to your likes.

  4. Jj says:

    Tedors Adhanom let me ask you something question please do you are thinking mind if you are thinking mind why you kill young 1000 over OROOMO ETHIOPIA studentS ?

  5. Jj says:

    Tedros adhanom not educational man because he killed 1000 overy OROOMO ETHIOPIA YANG STUDENTS

  6. Chala says:

    A fanatic bigot and hatemonger! I wonder what contribution you have made to Ethiopia besides denigrating people who have made remarkable contribution to Ethiopia. I guess you may not be an Ethiopian. Most probably, you are an Eritrean filled with jealousy and hate. Don’t you worry, you will have many occasions yet to go green with envy and jealousy.

  7. New Approach says:

    “Why Dr. Tedros Adhanom of Ethiopia Should Lead The World Health Organization”

    That is not going to happen unless they are having plans to expose the criminal activities happening in the name of WHO/UN, USAID, UKID, Bill & Melinda Gate and the likes , the criminals behind, how do they do and the reasons why.

    We know the Anglo-American/Jews projects and plans in Africa that have been tested in Ethiopia for years now Targeting the Amhara actively happening since they appointed Theodros as a health minister and then foreign minister to work for them. The Amhara served them under Theodros as the helpless and hopeless testing animals in the medical institutions to control/destroy the African/black population in Africa using new and dangerous vaccines, medicines, sterilization and castration methods that devastated the Amhara people and would be recognized as genocide when the time comes and the good international individuals get involvement to investigate and find out what has been going on and who was behind all those horrible and damaging crimes.

    They seem are satisfied with their project and plan in Africa to wipe out blacks is working after testing it on the Amhara since Theodros was appointed as health minister and then foreign minister by them to do their jobs on Ethiopia targeting the Amhara. This is not about him doing the right jobs at WHO but to use his experience on the Amhara on the rest of Africa against blacks. Those evil and criminal Jew females from USA/New York hiding behind USAID, Bill and Melinda gate, UN and so on are among the Anglo-American known criminals committed crimes against the Ethiopian citizens under the TPLF/Theodros watch and support based on their secret agreements targeting the Amhara including through churches bribing and frightening priests.

    We know who is behind this idea him to become the leader of WHO. It is the English/MI6, USA/CIA, the Jews, the so called aid agencies, NGOs, Charities and individuals from England, USA, Canada and the likes. They are looking to use him in Africa the way they have been using him in Ethiopia for years targeting the Amhara committing genocide in peaceful ways using modern and silent methods.

    Even If they put him there to do their dirty and criminal jobs in Ethiopia as well as Africa knowing it is not about the world but Africa targeting the black population that would give them multiple benefits including their drug companies making billions out of it selling poisons while calling it medicines, he will never get a peaceful welcome in any country he is going to visit. Ethiopians will make sure, the whole of Africa as well as the world do know what he did in Ethiopia as health minister as well as foreign minister being the Anglo-American trusted agent and about the mission him being the leader of WHO.

    let him be there in order to triggered all the things happened to Ethiopia because of TPLF where he is part of it targeting the Amhara working together with the English/Jews will come out to expose not only him but most important the English/Jews that are behind and the brain about using individuals like him against own citizens and nation.

    “My best friend. Well come to your second home in London; England”

    This was said to Theodros Adhanom by the English Ambassador to Ethiopia (2011-2015) who is a Jew when he was speaking in London in 2015 at the so called Ethiopian and England/UK trade and whatever relations where more than 70 Ethiopian/TPLF officials were present for nothing but bad and negative outcomes as it is always like this coming from that tiny and far away evil England which is the Ethiopian long time enemy started 150years ago since the killing of Atse Theodros and many Ethiopians, destroying Mekdella and looting everything served by Yohannes and his Tigres…. .

    As reward they made him King and stayed there for 8 years before the Sudanese did to him what they did. TPLF is also got power because of them as they were giving them all supports when they were rebels which was waging civil wars. They are working together as we speak but this time not the white English but the Jews in the name of England as it is from USA and elsewhere in the west they are the majorities and front runners thinking they are the chosen people and can do anything they want for money and their evil brain satisfactions.

    Look at those in our country causing all sorts of problems and damaging our nation images for decades the name of media, Journalism, aid agencies, NGO, Charities and whatever name they are using from England, USA, Canada, South Africa and so on. Most of them are the Jews.

  8. Guest says:

    Please try to tell truth for once! Spreading false allegations based on personal or ethinic hate is bad for any human being to get involved.

  9. Gonder says:

    He doesn’t understand what to be WHO represent.This guy is Dr. He doesn’t understand even the question they ask shame on you where did you bought your doctor degree maferia Tigray.

    • Mebrahtu says:

      You called him Mafia, because you know that your father will never have chance to be judged thereby. You shamefully hate Tigrean, because of their history and present contribution to the renaissance of the country to era of Axumite Kingdom. ታላቅ ነበርን ታላቅ እንሆናለን።

  10. Osyres says:

    The agame biology teacher Tedros Adhanom embarrassed 😩 the whole Africans who watched the testimony in UN session.
    The minister who claimed to have phd turnout to be a dump high school biology teacher from dry land Tigray.
    How embarrassing

    • Mebrahtu says:

      Now we have already witnessed what some eritreans superficially stood in sand founded house after the removal of Italy colony.

  11. Ymb says:

    Yap in the corrupted and twisted world of so called world organizations, Tewodros is a perfect fit for the job. Cause he is well used to corruption. In other regards such as qualification, moral and ethics he is no where close to being the right man for the job.

  12. Ermi says:

    superb ability on display by ethoash :

    • PatrioticEthiopian says:

      Clarification is important in many situations especially when what is being communicated is confusing .The Brazilian guy actually doesn’t know how to ask a clear question, when asked to clarify he repeated the same thing, and he had to be an A-hole about it….Why are we Ethiopians disrespecting each other? Whether we support the government, or not is irrelevant sometimes…just respect your country!!

      • Mebrahtu says:

        Believe or not almost all Ethiopian have well grounded culture of respect irrespective those remnant of derg and their likes.

  13. Cheru-Amlak says:

    He is ill fit to lead a global organization. Whatever experiences he has on his reseume obtained with no structural challenges and full support from a political monopoly that he is a member of. The WHO is one of UN’s 15 sprawling autonomous agency, with its autonomous funds and programs.
    The cumbersome structure under the UN was recently blamed for the delay in recognizing the Ebola epidemic. The WHO’s country directors in Africa report to the Africa regional director, not WHO headquarters in Geneva. And the WHO’s director in Geneva does not report to the secretary-general in New York and at each stops there’s semi-autonomous regional agencies that operates with democratical and horizontal structures, not the good doctor used to such checks and balances, unvertical structures. Because he lacks an international working experiences with vast democratically structured organization. I think things would be a bit sophisticated to his test and there’s such things called accountability and no TPLF there to cover his back for him.

  14. I would be curious about the aledged disappearance of 5 million Amaharas in Ethiopia, supposedly due to unsolicited distribution of birth control injections under his watch. I loved the man as a caurismatic minister of my country, however, with over 1000 dead in a single year by bullets ordered by Dr. Tewodros’ minority led government, I am beginning to pay attention to the cries of the tens of millions of Ethiopians.

    • Mebrahtu says:

      I have been in amhara areas for long time, but when it comes in to the social media it is very pity ti hear word, which does not reflect the amhara people. I am sorry to hear personality, which are very strange for the existence of the elite.

  15. mebreate says:

    Now days between Ethiopians everything has become just problems. Dr. Teodros is one of the best Ethiopian politician. And just human being as anyone of us whoever I see him also as an humanitarian that he was responding when issues were raised in many corner of the country for the last many years. Dr Teodros has contributed a great leadership efforts inside out of the country. I wish him all the best in his next journey.

  16. tewodros says:

    @osyres: u r simply stupid & arrogant. What is more bad is having dry & dizzy mind like u. U z son of pitch, enquoye mesk.

  17. Amhara Saint says:

    Theodros Adhanom to WHO?

    If he is up to the job, first he needs to solve the mental and spiritual life time sicknesses within TPLF that are the responsible about everything our nation and citizens have been through for decades. He is not fit even to think about any international body let alone to be there. He needs to disappear from each and every public arena and live quietly as if he is not there anymore. His era is over. His future will be totally different that of from the past as it will be to all TPLFs and its sick, Liar and crazy so called supporters.

    WHO is not Wolkait they can come in as they wish crossing the natural border which is the Tekeze River and its difficult canyon to occupy the Gonder/Amhara historical land while committing all sorts of crimes including genocide against the natives. WHO is not Raya in wollo which is another Amhara land occupied by them where Theodros are the core member of it and responsible everything done by TPLF.

    43% of Tigry’s territory today is the Amhara land occupied by them. It is bigger than 2 times Israel, bigger than Holland, 1/3 of England or half of Scotland. These occupied territories are the most fertile, water rich, with lots of minerals and best weather lands particularly Wolkait. Wolkait which is a common name to Qafta Humera, Wolkait, Tegede and Telemt have been always the Amhara historical lands part of Gonder while never been part of Tigry even for a day. It is the most useful and rich land can benefit the Amhara/Ethiopia greatly for generations to come. There is nothing can’t grow there. The best quality and different assortment of sesames, peanuts, cotton, maize, all sorts of fruits and vegetables, Animals, wood and you name it are available there in abandons.

    Yet, they are occupying and looting this useful Amhara land for the last 25 years acting as if it belongs to them and they are powerful to do anything they want against anyone including occupying the lands like Wolkait and Raya Amhara lands. Because of the English/MI6 and USA/CIA support to them started since they have been rebels and brought them to Addis to take power and are working together ever since the English being in Ethiopia free as hell and evil as Satan to do the satanic activities against the citizens they have been busy ever since these TPLF took power by force.

    Theodros Adhanom is the leader of the pack in the TPLF being the English/USA/CIA agent. The idea of him being at WHO is not coming from him but them. They know how he served them in Ethiopia against the amhara and they are looking to use him the same way the rest of Africa against Blacks. The criminal pharmaceutics companies from UK, USA and west in general are using WHO and so called NGOs, aid agencies and charities from the west to make huge profits while making the population sick/dead in the name of vaccinations, family planning, and so on in Africa.

    Read and watch facts how they are polluting drinking waters, food, the air and making intentionally wrong diagnoses against blacks in USA in order to make money by criminal doctors, pharmaceutics companies and so on. The reason they want Theodros to be at WHO is to implement their projects and plans in Africa against blacks in the name of population control where the Jews are taking the lead and other racists are happily part of it.

    However, no matter how much they are looking to use him against Blacks, Theodros will not allow by Africans to implement their genocide plans on blacks and making billions out of it selling poisons calling it vaccines, birth control, medicines and so on. Ethiopians will make sure the whole world knows about the true nature of this English agent history in Ethiopia and his TPLF gangs as well.

    One thing is certain and that is the TPLF era is over in Ethiopia as well as Africa. He needs to move to England to live luxury using the looted money and property where England/ London is the comfortable place and safe heaven to the criminals that are stealing their own nations and committing crimes while acting as leaders, officials and business people serving them.

    Free wolkait and Raya in order to have a long lasting and real peace, unity and prosperity in the country.

    Tigry cannot cross the Tekeze River and never had the ownership of any centimeter of land in Gonder Crossing the river. All the Amhara territories taken by TPLF in the name of kilil from wollo never had been part of Tigry throughout history. Learn history including maps made and books written by international scholars of history and geography from the west including Belgium, Spain, France, Portugal and Scotland since the 16 century. The plenty maps and writings from them are saying and showing the same thing which is wolkait and Raya had been always part of Amhara and never ever been part of Tigry.

    Wolkait and Raya will never remain part of Tigry. This has to be clear to everyone particularly TPLF and its sick, liar and crazy supporters. They are the occupied Amhara lands and illegally part of Tigry for now because of they are controlling everything in the country also for now.

    • Mebrahtu says:

      First, ask your father what was before 25 fears ago in Ethiopia and then you will chance to falsify what TPLF had done to Ethiopia. Otherwise, I am sure that you will never understand the merits and demerits of TPLF in this country.

    • Mebrahtu says:

      What about Eritrea, it was part of Amhara and now, it is very simple to bring eritrea rather raya and wolkait, because you are intending to bring the strategic areas in the Horn of Africa. Hence, Assab is by far more strategic than raya and wolkayit. Indeed, also, it is very simple to clean tigrean from the earth instead of taking raya and wolkayt from Tigray.

      • zena says:

        Eritrea never had been part of Amhara; but Ethiopia. It is now an independent nation and the Amhara do accept that fully while looking to work and benefit together in the future. Wolkait and Raya are the fundamental and historical Amhara lands since the time of memorial.

  18. girma says:

    I support any Ethiopian regardless of his/her ethnicity or religion who have ambition to lead the world like the WHO. i don’t really understand why people has been becoming so malicious toward their own citizen . leave the domestic political difference aside. don’t let your judgement overshadow by hate it will eat you alive. Can you understand this guy whether he got the job or no he can still live comfortable life wherever he wants to live. For reason that defy common sense people are busy with the smear-campaign that doesn’t bridge our difference. i only ask our heavily father God to give us redemption and salvation to come to our sense

  19. Stophate says:

    I don’t like woyanne policy but if the guy elected as WHO Secretary, we should support him. I wish him good luck and make us proud. I don’t care he is Oromo or Amhara or Tigray etc. I do see him as ethiopian.period.

  20. New Approach says:

    Did awramba watch the 6 candidates’ presentations and the Q&A sessions including Theodros adhanom’s? If the answer is yes, is this the right Title about the Theodros’s presentation, Q&A sessions and his future at WHO?

    O, boy. It was not only shameful but painful to watch it. WHO is one of the few international organizations where highly qualified scholars, experts in the medical and health activities and world politics and society are the only individuals can manage to lead and make it working.

    What the painful thing to him and shame to our country was him unable even to understand the questions let alone to give the right answers the best ways possible as it should be.

    “Sorry, I don’t understand, can you repeat the question?” This was happening the Q&A sessions with Theodros instead of giving them answers asking them back to repeat the questions, every time when they did ask him questions.

    The funny thing is as usual the Ethiopian criminal masters and false kings TPLF behavior related to this matter trying to make his weaknesses as if it was a language problem and that is Okay.

    First of all it was not a language problem as he is saying he got his Doctor title from UK. If he really is a doctor from England, how he got it if he doesn’t understand the questions and matters related to WHO he is looking to lead because of he is not speaking English, well?

    It is not about language but he didn’t understand the simplest questions because of he don’t understand the substances. If he/they think he has a language problem, then why did he want to lead WHO? Does he think there should be special treatments for him within WHO to explain him word by word, sentence by sentence and phrase by phrase repeating until he understands it? This is the most advanced, very challenging, highly demanding and fast moving world; not the TPLF world still from 40 years ago.

    This is not the TPLF play ground but the world where knowledge, competency, justice, fairness, respect and hard work are the decisive factors about who get what. Among the others the French candidate is million times capable of leading WHO than the TPLF agent; they are thinking about because of they are getting their ways in Ethiopia as they wish in any time for anything, it could be the same elsewhere, too. Do these people have any normal humanity remaining in them telling them they are wrong and lower that the lowest?

    He is the true reflection in the TPLFs that are ruing and destroying so many lives and families for the last 25 years by accusing, jailing, disappearing, killing, massacring and forcing to leave the country many many innocent Ethiopians which is still going on as we speak. The world is witnessing how they are bad and understanding how capable they could do in order to get their ways in Ethiopia as we see Theodro’s failed attempt to get at WHO.

    If WHO doesn’t drop him the first round being the last by far distance, then the problem has to be in the WHO not the TPLF…. Theodros. One thing is certain and that is he will not get any job at WHO let alone to be the leader. Just watch his presentation that was written by others and particularly his Q&A session that was exposing him badly and naked who really he is; good enough for nothing let alone to be the health minister and foreign minister in Ethiopia as he was.

  21. zena says:

    Some facts about Theodros Adhanom:

    -Born in Eritrea. His father was a solder from Ethiopian born in Tigry and mother is from mendefera in Eritrea which was back then part of Ethiopia.
    - After finishing high school in Eritrea, he attended nursing school in Asmara. Then he worked as nurse/Thena Mekonen in Eritrea.
    - during end of 1980s, Dergue sent him to Bulgaria together with others students all of them had lost their parents in the war as Theordos father was killed by ELF when he was young.
    -Then he joined TPLF in Tigrai traveling from Bulgaria directly to Sudan and mekele as mekele was under TPLF since the end of 1980s.

    The question is

    when and how he became a Doctor?
    Him being not a doctor at all had been exposed by himself when he couldn’t understand any question they asked him at the WHO. This is strange, shameful and difficult to explain when someone like him don’t understand the questions let alone the answers when he was there as candidate to lead an organization like WHO.

    Theodros Adhanom made Roble Kiros who is an Olympic joke a genius and better person understanding something and also representing Ethiopia with less shame than Theodros did.

    Man, what is wrong with these people. The problem with them is not because of they have no idea about the right and workable answers but they don’t understand any question the public and nation are asking/demanding them for the last 25 years. The only thing they are good at is holding guns, power under the power of guns, ,being full of lies, dividing the society, creating conflicts among the citizens, killings, locking up, lootings, theft, corruption, occupation huge Amhara lands and acting as if they all that.

    Shame, Shame , Shame. All of them are like him. England has lots top answer how he got his Doctor Title from them when he even don’t understand simple questions about the health issues let alone the answers.

    • bb says:

      There’s nothing you can do! Jealousy is what makes you to write all this so I don’t blame you I can only blame your family sorry to say that you just exactly how you brought up

  22. It’s quite remarkable that an author who claims to stand for human rights can ignore human rights abuses on a massive scale by a regime that Dr Tedros Adanhom was an “elite” member of, as a key TPLF Executive Committee member. Aside from this, if we stick to healthcare issues, there are at least three major areas that should absolutely disbar him from being Director General of WHO.

    Theses are: (1) His silence about, and complicity with, huge tobacco deals in which he and his government were involved, including a $510 million deal with Japan Tobacco International, at a time when 15 million or more Ethiopians were suffering a drought and risk of famine. (2) Whilst he was Minister of Health, he refused to acknowledge, against international recommendations, cholera outbreaks. Ever since, Ethiopia’s government has refused to call “cholera” by its true name, instead using the euphemism, “acute watery diarrhea.” (3) Health extension workers were (and still are) used as spies to strengthen government oppression, not simply as health care workers. Read all about it here…

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