Healing the wounds of victims: Ethiopian Somali region opens boarding Schools for children orphaned by ONLF terror attacks (+Video)


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7 Responses

  1. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is an excellent news but this is a very, very bad news for that goon in Asmara. He has been fattening ONLF’s and OLF’s in all for decades now just to wreak havoc among peaceful people. This is also in-your-face to him. What a nincompoop ‘business man’ he is. He has been dishing up scarce resources from his meager coffers to feed these miscreants for years now just to end up empty handed on his ROI. I wish some of those parents and relatives of those young men who lost their lives in Oromia and Amhara regions file a lawsuit on those who incited them from their comfy homes in Asmara and USA to rush into a waiting inferno. Jawar is still munching down his Whoppers and a big chunk of missionary cakes while those mothers and fathers are incessantly crying for their dead children he recklessly aroused. He is fattening himself by the day. There are others like him who are equally reckless and gripped with such unfathomable hatred toward others and veiled contempt for that glorious people that reared us all.

    But this news made my day. I would like to express my huge congratulations to my Somali brothers and sisters for such an impeccable achievement. Kudos all the way!!!

  2. Dagna says:

    Thank you Awramba times , It just a beauty.

  3. Issa says:

    Ethiopian Government accused of arresting relatives of Australians who participated in protests.


  4. Abdiaziz Alibuur says:

    thanks for uncovering the news of Ethiopian Somali region…am a fan of your news portal for long time…..

  5. Together says:

    The Zionists/Jews from USA, England, South Africa, Canada, Australia and west in general have no idea about the people of Ethiopia but they are having only one thing in mind which is destroying the country using any means available including the evil and barbaric type of Wahabbim/Salafism. They managed to kill hundreds of millions in Russia, Eastern Europe (the Slavish people), Germany, Latin America, Africa, Spain, Vietnam, Cambodia, Korea and all over the places in the name of communism/socialism. Between 1919-1933; before Hitler democratically elected by the German people, they were destroying the German economy and the society morals and ethics greatly never happened before to any society. They did it in the name of communism/socialism.

    They are behind all illnesses happening in this world after the Second World War. All civil wars in Africa have been orchestrated by them in the name of UK, USA, France, west and so on including against Ethiopia supporting EPLF and TPLF militarily, politically and financially. They are the ones brought them to power, facilitated the Eritrean independency and land lock the ancient, greatest and oldest modern nation in Africa as well as one of the few in the world which is Ethiopia.

    Since the fall of communism/Berlin wall, they are waging wars against the world in the name of liberalism/progressive. They are the ones facilitating spreading of barbaric Islamism all over the world from the bases in Wahabbi Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Yemen, Kuwait and so on including ISIS, Al Qaida, Taliban, Boko Haram, Al shebab and you name it. They are behind all sorts of crimes, unrests, failed states, Islamic refuges and so on what we are witnessing worldwide in the name of democracy which is a lie but their evil agenda and satisfaction is to destroy nations and causing lots if sufferings among the citizens and they are making huge money and positions out of it. .

    In Africa, Ethiopia is on the top of their evil list to affect her in many ways with goal making her unable to have peace, unity, development and prosperity in her ways for her citizens. On one side they are hand and glove with the TPLF that is responsible about every evil things happening in the country including the Amhara genocide where these evil foreigners are the brains behind and the criminals facilitating to be done the way it is going on. On the other hand they are working secretly as well as openly with nomadic, fanatic and anti Ethiopians so called Ethiopians within Oromo and Ogaden where all of them are not only Muslims but the Wahabbi/Salafi types of Muslims getting orders and supports from the barbaric Arabs.

    What these evil liberals/so called progressives in the west don’t understand is how the oromos are divided within in many ways and pieces including based on Clans, religions, cultures, Traditions, customs and so on where some of them could be different ethnic groups than oromo. However, they don’t care about what is within Oromo and what is going to happen if they managed to destroy Ethiopia using the Islamic and ignorant fanatic savage Oromos but their missions is just to affect the nation as worst as possible.

    When the Zionists/Jews monopolized medias and the evil journalists including those in the country are painting none stop propagandas for the Oromo and oganden Isalmist benefits with their goal to destroy Ethiopia, they are not saying 70% oromo are Muslims, Oromos are divided among 29 big clans, lots of sub clans and plenty sub-sub clans to the town and village levels. They also don’t say about the Oromo history including the mass migration/invasion in to the highlands since the 1550s century following the Ottoman/Arabs savage and evil Islamic invasion of the Christian Ethiopia for 14 years (1529-1543) with the worst, worst and worst crimes than ISIS, Al-Qaida, Al shebab, Boko haram and all Islamic terrorists crimes are doing in combined these time. That Islamic invasion changed the nation forever. They also don’t say how oromos are culturally, traditionally even linguistically divided among each other.

    But they don’t care about that because it is not their mission to do things based on right or wrong; true or false but destroying the nations and affect the citizens’ life. They are supporting in many ways the Islamic oromos that are against Ethiopia thinking this way they can achieve their evil agenda in Ethiopia where they are free to be in the country since TPLF as they brought TPLF on power to facilitate them. They are against other Ethiopians that are working and also dying for the peace, unity, prosperity, benefit and dignity of the nation. They are working so hard to divide the society in many ways including with language usage in schools.

    The Zionists Medias and evil Zionists/Jews from USA, England, South Africa, Canada, Australia and also from France are the greatest fret this world is facing them today as it is going on for decades if not centuries. They are behind the spread of the wahabbi/salaffi evil Islamic cult all over the world including Ethiopia. Religion has to be private as they are also saying this way. But look at these innocent children wearing Islamic dress in school as if they are in mosque.

    Look at the Oromos in the name of OLF. All of them including jawar Mohammed (his father is a Yemeni islamist), Daud Ibssa, Waqo and so on all of them are islamists and are openly saying working to dismantle Ethiopia while freely and happily living in USA, UK and west where the Zionists/Jews monopolized criminal medias are doing propaganda jobs for them including Reuters, Washington post, New York Times, Yahoo.com, IBTimes, Guardians, BBC and you name it. The funny as well as saddest thing is that some of them are living in Ethiopia acting as Journalists but we know they are spay agents or with other missions doing propaganda wars against Ethiopia to destabilize the country and damage her images.

    One thing is clear and that is the evil Zionists/Jews together with some English will not destroy our nation using the Islamic oromos and Ogadens they are sheltering and supporting them. We have seen a Female criminal from them among the OLF in Egypt when they were announcing to destroy Ethiopia together with Egypt. Who is that woman with Glass? There are many of them doing the same thing secretly while acting differently in the open including those living in Ethiopia.

    Death to all the Zionists/Jews and English monopolized medias including Reuters, AP, Guardian, Washington post, New York Times, IBTimes, Yahoo.com and so many others that are waging wars against Ethiopia serving the Anti Ethiopians Islamic terrorists like OLF in the name of Oromo and ONLF; that are freely and happily sheltering in USA, UK, Australia, Canada and the west in general.

    While these evils are supporting the anti Ethiopian islamists, they are deliberately ignoring, undermining or even doing things against Ethiopians that are against the regime because of the regime is doing bad things against the country and society and they are wishing and also doing their best for the peace, unity, prosperity and benefit of the nation. The Liberals/so called progressives where the Zionists/Jews are on the throne don’t like those working for the peace, unity, prosperity and benefit of the nation but those are against such as Islamic OLF in the name of oromo, ONLF and the likes.

    No nation gets peace, unity, development and prosperity through the Zionists./Jews lead western so called aid, aid agencies, charities, medias, Journalists, institutions and so on. A big, green, water rich and ancient Ethiopia needs herself and then working together with useful and respectful nations like China, Russia, Japan, India, Italy and so on; not USA, England and so on that are run by these evil Zionists/Jews in the name of liberalism/progressive.

    They are already defeated in USA thanks to Donald Trump and they are dying about thinking Hitler is coming back as Trump father is a German and mother a Scottish. Trump is against the barbaric wahabbi/salafi type of Islam including Islamic OLF and ONLF while he is pro Christians. The liberals from USA, UK and all over the west are the reason for the spreading of evil Islam all over the world including Europe in the name of refuges while causing reasons for the suffering and diminishing of Christianity all over the world including in the Middle East such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, Egypt and so on.

    If Ethiopia needs herself in her ways in order to have a long standing peace, unity, prosperity and good future, the entire Zionists/Jews project and presence in the name of UK, USA, Canada, South Africa, Australia and west in general must be stopped, gone and eliminated from the Ethiopian soil. We know they are behind the so called oromo uprisings from the start with goal to stop Addis Ababa implementing the new map that is essential and useful for the development of the nation. They know it is a game changing plan about the future of the nation.

    They know the new Addis Ababa map would transform the country to the highest levels benefiting all the citizens and making the nation strong and economic independent which is bad for them because of they are using our weaknesses to come in and implement their evil plans and agendas on us. If there is EPRDF for real not TPLF in the name of EPRDF, then act as one strong, wise, responsible, determine and committed ruling party working for the benefit and future of the nation and stop the foreign criminals mainly those are coming/living in the name of media, Journalism, aid agency, NGO, Charities and so on mainly from west and South Africa.

    Most Importantly start implementing now the New Addis Ababa map knowing it is a very very important duty for the capital city of all Ethiopians as well as Africans. Implementing the New Addis Ababa map must get all attentions, efforts, resources, commitments and determinations than is given to all projects including the Hedase Dam.

    This is the TPLF created problem the first place by minimizing/limiting the Addis Ababa boundary in the name of Kilel. Since the Menilik era 130 years ago to the Hailesselase end era, the whole of Shewa was under the Addis Ababa boundary as it was during the Italian 5 year’s occupation, too. During the Derge era, the Addis Ababa boundary was beyond Debre Zeit/which is bisheftu since 1994, and with far distances all round the city.

    This is the perfect time to correct the mistakes back then and implement the New Addis Ababa map. All Ethiopians including the none Islamic OLF Oromos that are more than 90% of oromos are supporting it as it is about all Ethiopians including them. The Islamic oromos in the west such as jawar mohammed whose father is a Yemeni Islamic, Daud Ibsa, the converted to Islam since 1992 old criminal waqo and few other so called oromo ignorant and nomadic mind fictional activities on the Internet are causing the uprisings including in the name of against the New Addis Ababa map from abroad supported by the western so called medias and journalists that are in the country as we speak including BBC, Reuters, Guardians and so on. Deport these evil foreigners most of them are the Zionists/Jews and English to hell. Work with the new Trump government to eradicate the Islamic OLF and ONLF that are in USA including in Minnesota.

    This is the perfect time to implement the Addis Ababa New map if there is a government that is good enough understanding the situation and doing the right things with determination. Addis Ababa is the capital of all and the border to any capital city has to be the border of the country. That means Addis Ababa can/must expand as she wishes all sides in any time. Implementing the New Addis Ababa map is deciding the future of our nations including with development activities.

    The residents that are living around and will be affected by the expansion must be compensated with cash and also get assistances how to use that money in order to start a new and good life. The new Ethiopian air port that has to be built in Addis Ababa where the new map is located is one of if not the one playing big and long standing economic as well as human development roles for the country and to all Ethiopians.

    This is the perfect time and situation to implement the New Addis Ababa map. This will energize and unite all the citizens as the Hedase Dam did and is doing for generations to come. The people living in coming expanded New Addis map areas must be compensated rightfully and must get professional supports to use the money the best ways for their future which is good for them and country as well.

    But Implementing the New Addis Ababa map as wide as possible thinking about the long distance future of the city and country is a must do or die issue if we are looking a peaceful and united society and strong and developed nation which is Ethiopia for all. The Zionists/Jews and other foreigners in the west including those living in Ethiopia, Kenya and south Africa will not stop it this Time as they did last year by creating chaos in the country secretly as well as openly working with the Islamic OLFs and few other fanatic oromos. Ethiopia has 100 million people and different Ethnic groups.

    Addis Ababa is the capital of 100 million people with 80 Ethnic groups. So one or few can’t stop it from expanding as it which in any time and all directions. Those causing troubles without historical right as well as practical reasons are very few, weak and ignorant supported by the west and Arabs in order to stop development in the country. The Government was/is wrong stopping it last year because of unrests orchestrated from abroad by the Ethiopian enemies using the face book wars. The country need wise, strong, determine and committed leaders doing the right things including implementing the new Addis Ababa map.

    We all know how it was and who was living there in the area where Addis Ababa is and Shewa as a whole before the 1550s Oromo migration deep in to the country. There is nothing to stop the expanding to all directions as it wish in any time and implementing of the New Addis Ababa map but the weak, irresponsible and ignorant so called Government itself. This is the perfect time to start implementing it.

  6. Dureti megersa Gobena says:

    @ Together
    I read what you wrote, how what so ever it is rubbish and it smells like dead body. Are you still there? …I noticed that your capacity to learn from experience is extremely low unfortunately it looks like you are educated person simply because of your English. You only changed your name last time you were writing about wolkayt and raya now you came about ethnic politics by basically targeting Oromo and Ogaden. I think you can say whatever you like about Ogaden but about Oromo you are wrong because we are Christian and Muslim. Whether you fanatic reminant of Derg like it or not we Oromos, we are united by blood (be it Muslim, Christian or traditional believer) whenever you think of Oromo politics don’t think of religious difference. I think we have proved dying for common purpose while protesting against master plan and many more. Do you know that though the range of protest varies all over Oromia zones? The highest protest observed is Shawa (East,west, North, south west of A.A) absolutely for the right reason. Yes the Orthodox dominating areas of Oromo has been frontline to fight for Oromo cause, I think you can best understand this by the formation of Mecha Tullama self help association (initially established to preserve language and culture of Oromo) by observing the expansion of capital Addis Ababa as expense of jeopardizing Oromo identity (language, culture etc) latter transformed as national organization even attracted Oromos as far as Hararge and Arsi. MT Association office opened and closed two times during Hailesillasi and current regime. During Hailesillasie time its asset was confiscated and the organization was closed but the idea has attracted the top military officer General Taddesa Birru (iconic figure for Oromo national resistance) executed by Derg along with his three Oromo comrades and two tigrean for his being promoting ethnic issue, he was born and raised Selale-North shoa. MT reopened the second time in the current regime but again closed and its asset confiscated, the leaders were imprisoned while protesting against the change of capital city from Addis to Adama that sparked nationwide wide protest and triggered the controversial 2005 election.
    I found you very interesting person for being illiterate about oromo, you said Islamic OLF (you are so funny) next time you will say St. Merry/Jesus OLF. Yes again, I say it! You may be educated but you are politically immature, Is Daud Ibsa chritian or musilim? He is Christian (His name is Sisay) from wollega by the way what everyone does to harm Oromo is ever counterproductive. I support this with evidence, when western missionary came to Ethiopia Hailasile sent them to Wollega and sidamo (Sidama,wolaita and Gedeo) Hadia and Kambata areas, they promoted school and became one of the most educated citizens. Look specially, the Oromo case the Wollegas became the most educated citizens because of evangelical church to pay this dividend- this faith is increasing in unpredicted rate in Oromo region. The wollega Oromos formed OLF from womb of MT in AA that put the Oromo struggle in unfolding step. Whatever, who ever, wherever, whenever the Oromo politics is cultivated and promoted, it has nothing to do with religion (double underline) - I am Oromo first! Basically entails this concept. You are cheap to relate some activities to Islamic fundamentalist; I think you are trying to collect dung where there is no cow! The demand of Oromo is clear and bold not confused like you. True, we Ethiopian, we are not colonized by foreigners and as well we should not accept internal colonization too. The fact that Amharic as language promoted from Minilik to Dergue doesn’t mean the poor Amhara living in its own region benefit. I don’t agree with my Oromo brothers on this issue, except Minilk no Amhara has ever lead Ethiopia. We know the concept unity from own self, we know how to handle diversity from own self (islam,christia,clan,sub-clan)-true this all exist but what is wrong then?. As a person, I often wonder Ethiopia in general Oromo in particular if Macha tullama would not been established- because it promoted Oromo unity! I frankly tell you the truth when the Oromos are divided dangerous for Ethiopia than when they are united. When Abuna Phetros hawult put back to its original place, we know how Oromos (both Christian and Muslim) were promoting on social media and expressing their happiness, for that matter including Jawar Mohammed. We know the purpose of unity my dear! After all what is Ethiopia without Oromo? Politically, Economically, socially (look and study, we share everything! ), we have not only gave our forehead for bullet when our country was invaded by foreigner but also when during Tigray and Wollo starvation, we have given our land and home to settle from draught affected area of their respective regions. So what are you talking about? Why you didn’t say afan Oromo should be co-working language for A.A than you talk anything else unconstitutional. The issue of AA is written in the constitution under article of capital city, it is given full right for self governance (chartered city), accountable to federal. It is highly controversial from the very beginning chartered city in sovereign state. So the question of Oromo is absolutely right! What do you think, if AA is using Afan Oromo as working and even accountable to federal how do you think Oromos will react? Absolutely positive! Instead of Amharic, if Minilik had promoted Afan Oromo as national language of the country (to be precise No trouble!). We have nothing bad about Amhara, they are brothers and sisters but we are against language and cultural genocide. It is so interesting in country claiming not colonized yet the cities specially the capital city of the country killing the culture, language of native people. It is absolutely shame and we should not share to other part of the world. No more identity rape …if you are unable to shoulder self governance and stick unitary system- I think Oromo youth have proved it well –No way back. What is needed is strong, prosperous, sovereign Ethiopia. Abay became big because of the Supplier Rivers! Clean your home first!
    God bless OROMIA and Ethipia!

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