Ethiopia Chosen to host Universal Postal Congress in 2018 (+Video)


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4 Responses

  1. ABEBAW YILMA says:

    I am just wondering if there is no any body else other that Tigre leads department. postal department is lead by another one for instance. please do not get me wrong I have nothing personal against any ethnicity but what I am trying to understand when people questioning about balancing power in the country fairly means that is exactly what it means. I have no problem if job is done completely but do not interpreter people legitimate question.
    thank you and god bless ethiopia and its people

  2. bb says:

    Dear Abebaw, don’t tell us you don’t have any problem with any ethnicity. I think yes you do have problems like some extremist who happened to open their wide eye when it comes to Tigra but they never said anything to others. Yes, I know this ajenda has been there weapons but the truth is that will never accomplish anything other than loosing. If you really don’t have any issue towards Tigrians why not report what others ethnicity has this and that position you are calming you don’t have any problem as long as as long as the job well done that is a big lie.

  3. ABEBAW YILMA says:

    thank you for commenting my comment mister/ miss BB
    look the big indicator to this comment is every where in government offices you see on ashangulit on the top and tako at bottom. that is true my friend. the truth might hurt a little bit .the prime example look at the the Ethiopian military from top to the bottom. even the higher ranking chief of staff goes to Tigray comments that Tigre means woyane and woyane means Tigre. I do not think it is appropriate for a country’s chief of staff should even allowed to say such statement. the thing is they say what ever they want to say and get away with it but when someone else say it goes to prison. I do not want you to take it personal I want you to see it as big picture that all I am saying .
    thank you any way

    • bb says:

      Tanks again Abebaw, look let me answer the first one and yes said ” you see ashangulet in the top and tako on the bottom ” and you are calming it is true well, that is absolutely false this is the way of the extremist who tried to use it the last many years but didn’t work and it will never work in the future. They know what is happening in Ethiopia but as long as they are not in power everything is wrong and let them be wrong until they die abroad remember let alone to lead the country they can even lead their own home. Again remember I don’t have to say this person is belong to this trib since I don’t really care about that but since that is your ajenda and I really want you to look at the data of ministries position but the truth is you know unless you are blind like those extremist diaspora. Second what you claiming about the chief of staff saying that Tigre means Weyana and Weyana means Tigra. So what is the problem with that? I guess if you know the meaning of what Weyana means then you will understand but since you don’t know I recommend you to find out what it means. Generally speaking my brother/sister whom ever you are what you said in your comments are been used by the extremist diaspora for many years to let down specially the Tigrians but that didn’t work and will never work. What is working today in Ethiopia is what the majority believe in .
      Thanks again!
      Remember, never accomplish any those few extremist diaspora.

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