Ethiopia: Prominent Opposition Leader Arrested Over Trespassing State of Emergency Decree



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42 Responses

  1. Adiyo bono! What and who is next??

  2. ahoo says:

    You agamino are riding Ethiopian to the worst. What ever you do the Ethiopian people have enough and will panish at the end

  3. Ermi says:

    kkkkkkkk. Woyanes still shi..on their pants. Gonderes and G7 are punishing you and you are taking it on the defenseless and peaceful Merara.

    peace to all but woyane ISIS!

    • bb says:

      Ermi, I shouldn’t respond to you but when you said “Waynes still shi. on their pants” then I have to. I think you you know who SHENTAM by now , your muster Berhanu and the few loosers diaspora are SHINTAM who never gain none other than talking to much. You said G7 are punishing Weyana, you must be dreaming or you are one of those few individuals diaspora who take advantage of taking money in the name of G7.
      Day dreamer

  4. Mulugeta says:

    To begin with that’s what he wanted, but what the hake lock him down and that’s what he deserves, he is wishing blood shades in Ethiopia, especially in Oromia state, but it will never happen because the Ethippian people already know what the consequences are with a civil war, especially Rwanda style massacre of humans. This will be avoided with our gallant weyane army. It’s without doubt this will be done but it’s time to clean up the extremists with the agenda of distraction . Finally, I want mention that all Ethiopians deserve peace, freedom, equal opportunity, access to the country’s wealth. This should be the core principle and law of the land of Ethiopia. Every nationality should have equal chance.

  5. Mahmoud says:

    በስድብና መረን በለቀቀ ንግግራቸው የሚታወቁት ዶ/ር መራራ ጉዲና፣ ብዙ ኢትዮጵያውያን መንግስት ራሱ ተናግሮ ለማናገር ፈቅዶላቸው ይሆናል እንጂ ሰውየው እንዴት ይህን ያህል ዘለፋና ቅስቀሳ ያደርጋሉ? በማለት ስጋቱን ሲገልፅ ቆይቷል። በተለያየ ወቅት በኦሮምያ ለደረሱ ሁከቶችና ጥፋቶች በቀጥታም ሆነ በተዘዋዋሪ የእጅህ ሰው እጅ አለበት ።

  6. Jiffara says:

    The sanity of TPLF is really in question..Dr merara was invited by EU,so were the two guys sitting on his sides.GOD help us if EU invites known terrorists for discussion. Oromos rebellion with guns ablaze.

  7. Deregu Temelese says:

    Merara Gudina the true son of Oromos has made a unique step towards self freedom. I hope others will follow his exemplary political approach instead of moving their tails for the warnings of the fascist TPLF.

    • Beza says:

      dergu temelese you are such amazing creature, you are encouraging othrs to trespass the law. good luck you get what you wish. about the doctor, it is long overdue, he should have been thrown to jail long time ago. He was giving wrong information to the media.

  8. Slick says:

    The idiots wants to silence 90 million people. One should ask himself weather professor Merara Gudina was seen in the office of Ginbot 7 office or in the European Union special hearing. Unless the European Union is regarded as a terrorist organization by the Ethiopian idiots authorities. Professor Merara has no control over where to sit except taking a seat arranged by the organizers.
    Let us imagine tplf wants to negotiate with Ginbot 7 and one of its delicate shook hands and took a picture with Dr. Birhanu. Will they arrest him on his arrival at bole? The idiots are getting idots.

    • Beza says:

      slick calm down, you shabya, worry about Eritrea.

    • Mahmoud says:

      Insulting others over their race or political stand, or because of a handicap they may have shows not only lack of intelligence, but lack of respect for themselves as well as the person they are insulting. It also shows that person is just a flat out jerk with no regard for the feelings of others. No class, no dignity and undeserving of any respect in return.

  9. Kedir Mohammed says:

    Yes this crazy Merara will leak his urine under his pants. He the full terrorist Merara doesn’t know even his level. He had been in Brussel to see his Aunt Anna Gomez with her husband that mad guy Berhanu Nega another killer & terrorist of ower modern day
    We will see who will suffer most, idiots

  10. Jakuma says:

    I will be happiness if i see Ethiopian government clops. And what western countries invested and feeding Ethiopian by religious by missleading the word we are Christian country surrounded Muslim country we need help. Help western is nasty be african. Believe you are african you are Ethiopian. But i gaurentee Ethiopian clops next 3 years and same as somalia and Libya iraq and Afghanistan. Oromo is animal of Ethiopian they are majority of the country but they are nothing. Is zero righ. It has same righ. Must be oromo christian

  11. Benyam says:

    today’s is great Day because we seen the Ethiopian LAW , judicial system is working,no one can’t be above the law,Merara Gudenaa,passed yFenge 💣wereda ,he is deserved the maximum penalty.the country LAW must be respected.

  12. Sam says:

    I am not a lawyer. But my very common sense serves me well more than the law books do quite often, especially in Ethiopian politics. Is professor Merrara “linked” to terrorist groups because he and the one labeled terrorist addressed the same organization? That is what the Ethiopian government and its cheerleaders media want us to believe. But this is very insane. And arrogant. I am not a fan of the professor. I detest any political leader who believes primarily to stand to his ethnic groups rather than the whole of Ethiopians. I do despise village politics. But I am aware compared to other politicians , he is the better one. I am not writing not because he is the better one. I do not care much about that. I write this because the Ethiopian government as time passes believes itself to be the whole truth. Say the Ethiopian bible. The professor is invited to speak, and he did. The leader of Ginbot 7 was invited to speak. And he spoke. Does the Ethiopian government expects
    because Berhanu was speaking Merrara had to decline the offer given? If a seventh grader answered yes to that question I wonder about his future standing in society. If a government answer yes to that very question I really feel real sad for the people that government rules.

  13. Robel says:

    No one is above the law. Not a politician, not a priest, not a criminal, not a police officer. We are all accountable for our actions.

  14. ethoash says:

    dr. marrarra

    the 60 year old virgin who have no kids or wife meet his end … the question is what ESAT exposed dr. marrarra he was living in the closet but thanks to ESAT they exposed his photo knowing he will be in trouble but they did not care for his safety now what kind of people this guy is dealing with … the other day someone told me ESAT AND TPLF working together otherwise why would exposed theis virgin guy only to send him to jail to lose his virginity this is not fair

  15. Geytse Siyum says:

    it is useless to imprison such mad guys because they can do nothing except barking like old dogs

  16. Sabo says:

    Merera guddina is a democracy leader and Ethiopia peoples love him why this dictator fuck wayane government is arrested him? Merera is fight of right.

  17. New Approach says:

    Oromos are the enemies’ Gold mines to fulfill their agenda in our country.

    The oromos are seen as the best Gold mines (not as gold) by those are tirelessly and daily working and making lavish lives from to destroy Blacks including in Africa using different methods and tactics such as civil wars by creating divisions among the society. This is the best strategy they are using for decades to keep blacks weak, stupid, primitive and poor. Racists and greedy like them are acting as if they do care about certain black groups than blacks within themselves and this way they are creating divisions and hostilities before starting supporting them in many ways including with weapons and lots of propaganda wars to wage civil wars that lead to failed states.

    Why Oromos are best servants to the evil liberals and Globalists Zionists/Jews and greedy western racists among the rest of Ethiopians?

    1. Oromos are divided religiously where more than 70% are Muslims, 27% are Christians and 3% are traditional believers.
    2. Oromos are the most divided and diverse Ethnic group(s) where more than 50 other ethnic groups are living in the so called oromia region as well.
    3. Oromos are divided in 29 big Clans, lots of sub clans and plenty sub sub clans down to the village and town levels.

    All Arabs in the gulf are Muslims, speaking the same language and thanks to oil and gas they are rich. However they are living under clan system. Each clan has own way of dealing with the situation. Tiny UAE is the union of 7 different regions divided based on clans.

    The whole of Somalia has only 5 clans and more sub clans and lots of sub sub clans. They are all Muslims and are speaking the same language. Yet, they are divided based on clans and sub clans as well as sub sub clans. Clan and religion differences are the cause of failed states in the Middle East as well as Somalia.

    That is why the Zionist/Jews that are preferred to be associated with their religion instead of the country they come from or race they do belong, are relaying on the oromo knowing they can destroy our country using the oromo first to destroy Ethiopia and then chaos and destruction within oromo because of many differences among oromos. If things are done correctly Oromo could be classified at least with 7 or more different Ethnic groups knowing the huge difference within.

    Amhara and Tigre are 99% with the same tradition, culture, customs, dressing codes, food, 100% origin and history and so on. Yet, they are divided as if they are two different Ethnic groups while oromos from bale and oromos from Welega are seen as one Ethnic group despite there are huge differences between them.

    The Zionists/jews Globalists/leftists and their evil propaganda Medias and evils journalists knows that and that is why they are getting busy doing business against Ethiopia using the oromos. Yes, they destroyed Europe using the millions of Muslim migrations which is now backfiring and orchestrating the rising of nationalism, fascism and Nazism in Europe blaming the Zionists/Jews for all this including the wars in the Middle East and elsewhere in eth name of USA, UK, France and so on.

    Look at the none stop propaganda jobs they are doing selectively about Oromo while the worst and longest victims in Ethiopia for the last 25 years are the Amhara. But they are happy with it witnessing the Amhara suffering and hurt by TPLF as they supporting TPLF from day one including the Zionists Herman Cohen.

    The Amhara are the biggest obstacle for the Zionists/Jews projects to destroy Ethiopia and Africa as a whole and then they move in to do the nasty business they are known with.

    1. The Amharas are always for the unity, safety, security and prosperity of Ethiopia and all the citizens.
    2. 95% Amharas are Christians where Christianity became a state religion since 333AD which is for about 1700 years. They accepted it by choice; not through colonization 100 years ago or invasion or domination as Islam is.
    3. Amharas are not divided with clan, religion or region but one and the same people.
    4. The Amharas are the centre of the Ethiopian history together with others.

    So, the Zionists/Jews lead fascists and racists that are tirelessly working to destabilize and divide our nation have no reason to use the Amhas for this but others. Where are living the Islamic terrorists and criminal OLF members such as Jawar Mohammed, Daud Ibsa, waqo and the likes all of them are savage Oromo Muslims? They are in USA, UK and west to use them the way they are using the terrorists in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Libya and so on.

    We know they will fail in the end with their evil project against Ethiopia using oromos as weapose. Those to blame are the Zionists/Jews from USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Canada and South Africa. Those in the country in the name of aid agencies, NGO, charities, peace corp. media and journalists are all of them using these names as covers to be there while they are spies, criminals and so on being there to implement their secret agendas.

    TPLF is also helping them by quarrelling and waging war against the Amhara and continuing occupying the Amhara historical lands that are wolkait and Raya. But in the end, they will be defeated knowing the most divided Oromo in many ways will not serve them but against them. How come the majority Muslim Oromo would serve the Zionists/Jews after it get what it is looking with their help as they are doing for years now being part of CIA of USA and MI6 of UK. 40% UK spay agents are females and you know who are those females in the country are for real.

    We are hoping the Christian nations including Europe that have been victims since the end of second world war because of the Zionists/ Jews conspiracy against it are waking up and reviving the international Christians solidarity against the enemies and we know who are those enemies. Russia, China, Eastern Europe and new Western Europe must and will be the answer for the world problems orchestrated by the Zionists/Jews lead west political and economic system since 1945.

    Death to the Zionists/Jews liberal fascist and their monopolized evil propaganda Medias that are waging wars all over the places including Ethiopia. They must stop or at least take some rest from none stop doing propaganda lies about Ethiopia using only the oromo case while the worst affected are the Amhara that are 95% Christians and always for the safety, security and unity of the nation.

    • darese says:

      I think you are only dead gangster crazey of hashish. Belive me you are addicted to certain (alchol or hashshi). First gather the information before you write to be eligible to convince your idea. You said 99% of Amhara christian what about wollo how so ever their culture do not fit gonder or gojam but they speack amharic with a lot of words from oromiga like dubarti,gufta 99% of wollo in Oromigna that is why they constitue proportion of amhara population like 15%

    • Duressa says:

      ok that is good! but how do u understand about the recentely celebrated nation and nationality day? Have you seen the wave of nations and nationalities that engulfed Harar town. Every nine states were thier flag …so what is different about Oromo? I underestand the ormos have been the challenge to your like minded …what gain what we lose if the current regime goes down. Simply we want to guard the constitution *at least so far, besides, please support with evience for what ever you write and maintain logical coherence. Suppose if you tell me 1+1 EQUAL 2 SIMPLE to understand but dont search for very long formulae.

  18. Medfin says:

    Weyane has lost his common sense soon or later will pay the price

  19. this is my aspiration,we all are under umbrella of the law and no one above the low,so he is deserved maximum penalty,please search others who violet the law and Ethiopian enmies like merara Gudenaa.

  20. Bilisa Oromo says:

    Many Mararas can be arrested or killed. But one thing is true. Free Oromia will be born from these sufferings of the Oromos.

  21. Tango PaPa says:

    There is no law in Ethiopia because of this innocent peoples are jailed while killers, lairs and thieves like tplf members are free.

  22. Fish says:

    The law is above all. Therefore it should be applied equally to every one who cross the red lines.

  23. Ethiopian says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why Merara is arrested, he violated the state emergency period!! Those of you who screaming nonsense with out doing anything for your country; shut the heal up and live your miserable diaspora life!! The current situation in Ethiopia is not an opportunity for you to spread lies and for your bigotry!!

  24. Funfact says:

    ማንም ከህግ በላይ የለም ፡፡ በየኢንባሲው እና በየ አውሮፓው እየዞረ ስለነበር እነሱ ያድኑት ፡፡በሀገራችን ህልውና ከመጡ ግን ለማንም ምህረት አይገባም ፡፡ ዲሞክራሲያችሁን ቀቅላችሁ ብሉት ፡፡

  25. kassa Berihun says:

    If you Look at this Merara ,He deserves MERARA MOT, for He is always the one who never seen to speak a single constructive poetical word to Hold his country together as one. He is not politician unless he is a simple reactionary or resistor. BULL SHIT. fuck the European Union ,who want to revenge their defeat during colonial target by inviting such persons. and destabilize our country which creates their country, a country of history from which most of their history is adopted. they don’t need to declare a war again while they have enough bullshits like this and G-7 , they named them Prof. they will do so if they get another bullshit ,even if he/she may not read and write.

  26. Ittu Aba Farda says:

    This is another gullible person who was used to enhance an image by desperate so called leaders of morbid political groupings here or scavenging at the dump sites in Asmara. The previous one was Obbo Bekele Gerba. Selfish individuals were busy taking pictures with him as a photo moment for their image enhancing schemes. They were all over the internet bragging about their encounter or meetings with him. It shows that they don’t care about the safety and well beings of others and all they care is about their image enhancement. It is evidence in abundance that these hideous individuals do not give a flying speck of rye for the people they claim to ‘liberate’. Demons!!! Totally demons!! Now this aging man is going to spend days, months and, Almighty Forbid, years in jail. Congratulation Berhanu1!!!

  27. Alulla says:

    Weggene hoy….selam gin ayishalachihum? Erre bakachu wedde hilinachu temelesu…! Endet yaalle gudd naw backachu! Zellalemawi Haggern enna Gizeyawi politkan eyeleyayen binasib yemishalen aymeslachum? I think the two concepts are unambigious!!

  28. workneh says:

    denkoro ,dedeb cry people long live TPLF

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