Teddy Afro and Amleset Muche dancing with Teddy’s New song, Tewodros (Video)


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9 Responses

  1. zeregabir says:

    Very nice combination and nice culture. Did you see Teddy kissing Amleset on her leaps?
    Not at all.
    Cultured couples.

  2. Sun son says:

    3 ዘፈኖቹ ብቻ ናቸው የሚያምሩት ፡፡

    ብዙ ተሽጧል ግን እነደተጠበቀው አልተገኘም ፡፡
    ትንሽ ቀባጥሯል ፡፡ በአጭሩ የማይመጥነው የወረደ ስራ !

  3. melat says:

    The most exaggerated person on this planet!
    He is a low IQ person! always he searches for political gap and strive to get fame!
    a shameful singer on this planet!
    I think the Eritrean lady sitting with him (his wife), the spy of Issayas should be deported !
    This Hate mongering man, i wonder when he is going to mature?

  4. shiromeda says:

    The EPRDF dirty politics gave him his popularity to raise to the top climax.The politics never think or evaluate the good & bad of its action, it always moves blindly without checking the surroundings. We see ugly political discourse for all spectrum of Ethiopian politician from Tigray online to Esat. we should need to pray for calmness and tolerance politics.

  5. Yared says:

    ሀገርን አሳልፎ ለባዕዶች መስጠት ስህተት ሳይሆን በሞት የሚያስቀጣ ክህደት ነው፡፡ ምንሊክ በዚህ ምድር የተፈጠረ የመጀመርያው ካሀዲ ንጉስ ነው፣ ሰሜን ኢትዮጵያን ቆርጦ ለአውረጳዊቷ ጣልያን አሳልፎ የሰጠ፡፡ ይህ በአብሲንያን የ3000 ዓመታት ሥርዓተ ባህል ያልታየ በምንሊክ የተፈፀመ ክህደት ነው፡፡ ምንሊክ በዘመናት መስዋእትነት የተገነባች ሀገር ቆርሶ ለባዕድ ያስረከበ፣ በኢትዮጵያ ለመጀመርያ ግዜ ዘረኝነትና አድልዎን የተከለ፣ ወራዳ ሰው ነው፡፡ የትግራይን መሬት ግማሹን ለጣልያን ገሚሱን ለአማራ የለጠፈ ወራዳና ፈሪ ያለአዋቂ ሰው ነው፡፡ የሀገሩን ግዛት አሳልፎ በመስጠት ያገኘውን የጦር መሳርያ በመጠቀም በደቡብና በኦሮሞ ሕዝቦችም ከፍተኛ ግፍ ፈጽሟል፡፡ ጀግና ቢሆን ንሮ ጣልያንን ተዋግቶ ያባርር ነበር እንጂ፣ ብረት ስላለው ወገኑን አይጨፈጭፍም ነበር፡፡ በሂወት ባይኖርም በታሪክ ቀንደኛው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝቦች ጠላትና ወራዳ ንጉስ ሁኖ መስፈር አለበት፡፡ አፄ ቴዎድሮስ ጨካኝ ቢኖሩም ዘረኛ ግን አልነበሩም፡፡ አፄ ሀይለስላሴም ጨቋኝና ምንሊክ የተከለውን ቆሻሻና ዘረኛ ሥርዓት ነው ያስቀጠሉት፡፡ ለ30-ዓመቱ የጀብሀ/ሻዕብያ ሀይለሥላሴ/ደርግ ደም መፋሰስ ፣ ለ17-ዓመታት የወያነ ደርግ ደም መፋሰስ፣ መሰረታዊ ምንጩ ምንሊክ ነው፡፡ ስለዚህ ቴዲ አፍሮም ይሁን ሌላ ጠባብ ጽንፈኛ ይህን ሀቅ መደበቅ ስለማይችሉ፣ በኢትዮጵያውያን አሁንም ለወደፊቱም ከባድ ቁጣ፣ ውግዘትና ተቃውሞ ይገጥማቸዋል!

  6. Yalew says:

    Ato Yared,

    I am sorry to say that are you an Ethiopian or else? I think you didn’t know Ethiopian history and please, you have to read and know some thing before rendering your opinion to the media.

  7. Tsion Merga says:

    what if the other singer release the same song with same content can he sell as it has been for Tedy! the answer is No! by defacto Tedy has two faces ugly and beauty, he has something to sell beyond music. It is not exactly politics as claim to be, the politics he is trying to sing for has died a quarter of century a go. The beautiful face of tedy is his sound and the instrument he use for the play. The ugly face of Tedy is always sing for the killers. I think in his last music (current music) he has tried to be careful as much as possible to not touch political sensitive areas. One can bring back life to the dead by dreaming but cant be practical. Ethiopia we know is Ethioipa 100+ years most of the things done eversince Minilk era to date is extra dirty in light of human right hence If killing own people is job to be praised please do it For Mengistu and the current regime the same. There was no country called Ethiopia before Minilk, it was Abysinia (Gonder, Wollo and Tigray) in which the fighet for power if praise Tewdros how do you dare to leave Yeju Oromo man, ras Ali 0f Yaju man(waldiya) or Eyasu of Tigray. Anyway, unfortunately I didnt buy your album but heard it by borrowing from friends. Generally, in current poltical enviroment there are things the goverment want to favour, undesirablly against its wish of general objective. Yechegarwu erguz yegabal newu negaru….”The current regime is very much trapped in between true federalism and those seek unitary goverment, unfornately neither able to play neutrality role. Tedy, please dont kill your time by praiing dead ideolgy and leaders. You better focuse on the future Ethiopia that we will leave side by side harmonously and peace fully. Agul gura …yazugn…liqaqung ayawatam ….

  8. Nuru says:

    If Tedy Afro loves Ethiopian past leaders, he had singed for Emperor Hailesla, then to Munlike and now for A step Tewedros. Accordingly before Tewedros Atse Yohans comes but due to borrow minded he jumped the sequence and ignored to men’s ion about Yohans and Alula Abanega who fought Italian invaders to last drop of blood . No one has good history more than the two ones mensione. But Teddy Afro is playing to reflect his borrow schouvinist outlook. What he should understand is he can not bring back the outdated poleic which is buried many kilometres down to eart surface . He is inviting people to be his enemies.

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