The Lessons of the Current Ethiopian Soccer Tournaments


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5 Responses

  1. nahome says:

    just please cheek or


  2. TESFI says:

    Shame on the woyane gujile and their henchman Alamoudin. Ethiopians have never been known to sell their soul for material benefits, money or fame.

    This is not Ethiopia where the woyane thugs threaten people with their jobs or lives if they do not go out to the streets to show support for the woyane thugs. This is America, the land of the free, and Ethiopians have shown what their true feelings are towards the woyane thugs by standing together and showing their solidarity with the people BACK HOME.

    The heartless and cruel woyane spent millions of dollars to hire singers and to party at the expense of the Ethiopian pooor whom they are beating down, jailing , harassing and starving on a daily basis, only to find out that no body wants their party which has BLOOD MONEY written all over it.

  3. T.Goshu says:

    Yes, it is full of a huge and very critical lessons to those who are willing and courageous enough to learn. Let’s hope that those poor victims of the dirty alliance of TPLF and Al Moudi (MIDROC ) will come back to their real human common senses and side with the right course of history !!

  4. Hawa says:

    Al Amoudi go to Saudi Arabia and start a new tournment festival for our sisters there. Leave North America alone.

  5. Eyosias Mesfin says:

    Al Amoudi and Melese are agents of the coming World dictator anti Christ they do whatever he tells them to do divide,steal, kill,rape etc…I hope Melese repents before he dies, for his soul’s sake if he knows he has one. he will not feel comfortable in heaven though where there will always be peace and unity.

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